The use of deception by police when interviewing suspects is being outlawed in Springfield.  A long past due reform that needs to be nationwide is gaining traction.  The story linked to the headline has more details but this quote if from a former DA who helped to promote the passage of this legislation.

“I’ll never be accused of being soft on crime, but I’m more interested in seeking the truth than a conviction,” Durkin said. “I believe in fair play. We should never tolerate, under any circumstance, the use of deception to seek a statement or an admission by any defendant, let alone a juvenile.”           

       Fear is satan's playground.  It is that simple.  Our Bible tells us that he is a liar from the beginning and is the father of lies.  How can you square using satanic tactics in a system seeking Truth and Justice?  The lie has no place in the prosecution side of the criminal justice system.   Any who think otherwise and effecting it otherwise are serving satan's purpose.

       When The Sentinel published the evidence proving that retired COCISD Police Chief, Rosevelt Joseph, with his office right next to the principal, was tampering with evidence, witholding public records and only arresting white kids for drugs, even if it was just a Midol, it became apparent where the attack on our civil liberties was coming from.  Convince the white kids in school they had no probable cause protections or "principal/student" confidentiality by constant violation of those inalienable rights while convincing the black students that there was no consequence for their drug crimes.  The records we won from the COCISD prove it.

        Some Sentinel Readers will remember when it was.  We had a black Superintendent, black principal, black police chief and all black ISD police force in a community that is 80 percent white.   Those readers will remember how I busted up his little private drug dog (minority owned) firm he hired whose pooches would "sit" on command.   After my stories, the ISD brought in real L.E.O. drug dogs from Montgomery County to do the sniff downs from then on.   First thing you know, some black boys were arrested for dealing drugs.   

        Josesph was as corrupt as they come but made it to retirement despite my best effort.  My research shows he had deep connections but one most interesting comment Joseph made during The Sentinel investigation was, "If I go down, everybody goes down".  

        Nobody ever 'went down'. . . . . . . or did they?


Two movements that appear to oppose one another actually have some identical practices and anti American, anti civilized society procedures.  What are those common characteristics?

1) They both tout an exclusive mantra in the very movements name.  Black Lives Matter is about black lives and Blue Lives Matter is about  blue lives.

2) BOTH communities have an unwritten rule about outing each other for criminal acts.  In the black community, if you report or identify the perpetrator of a black crime, you are retaliated against.  In the blue community, if you report or identify the perpetrator of a blue crime, you are retaliated against.

3)  Brutality and violence are each's answer to the other and "outsiders"


In a civilized society, reporting criminal offenses is the mark of integrity and character.  Fear is satan's playground and both communities rely on fear to hold onto power.  Those days need to be over for all of our sakes because #OUR LIVES MATTER.

POINTBLANK 11/28/2020


1) Probable Cause protections to be cherished and enforced.  Any officer who violates our probable cause protections subject to discipline and then removal for 2nd proven offense.

2) Any DA whose staff withholds exculpatory evidence from the accused to be disbarred, no appeal.  If withholding exculpatory evidence results in false conviction, DA to serve automatic prison term.

3) Form a citizen review board that reflects the community to review evidence of wrong doing by public officials.  Give the committee some teeth such as power to have DA present their evidence to a grand jury when found.  Power to bring in outside agency to investigate when DA won’t or is the subject of the evidence. 

4) Bail system reformed for non violent crimes so that money is NOT what makes the difference BUT, failure to appear without sufficient cause triggers automatic warrant and fine.  FTA negates future opportunity for bail. 

5)  Limits on qualified immunity.  False reports on LEO or by LEO gets same fine.

6)  Speedy trial enforced.  Either make the case or drop it.

7)  More severe penalty for abusing official capacity.

8)  Punishable crime to withhold info from investigators because of “code of silence”, both blue and black code of silence need to be obliterated for law and order, truth and justice to prevail.

9)  No bail for violent crimes. 

10)  Build network for agencies to communicate in real time.

11) Educate grand juries with mandatory class so that DA’s can’t get a ham sandwich indicted.  In the process, the grand jury needs to be forced to specifically request exculpatory evidence on each and every case.  Failure to produce any such evidence in DA’s possession at this point subjects DA to disciplinary action outlined above. 

12)  Create a way for the majority of honest cops to be able to report abuse in the ranks for investigation without endangering themselves or their livelihood.  Something more direct than investigative journalists in the community. 

13)  ENFORCE public records requests abuses by statute instead of requestor having to hire attorney.  Current system of enforcement has NO TEETH and the corrupt like DA Hon have no incentive to abide by the laws.  Fine and jail time for violating a most sacred right of the people.

14)  STOP the political propaganda ‘official’ FB pages of LEO agencies.  They have no business on ‘social media’ Do their job and let the journalists do their part.  EVERY one that does it deletes negative comments by the public.  THAT is illegal.  If it is an ‘official’ FB page, every comment is a public record and is either left on display or archived to be able to retrieve but NOT DELETED!  Deleting public records just because you don’t like what they say is communism 101. 

15)  STOP policing for profit, ie: Civil Asset Forfeiture until conviction.  NO MORE take their stuff and make the accused fight the battle for their money/possessions at the same time they are having to defend themselves.  Arrest and indictment can invoke a lien on money or property used in the crime but only on conviction can it be confiscated.

16)  Any DA who rushes cases before the grand jury spending only a few minutes on each and not fully examining the evidence to be removed from office when proven. 

17)  STOP the war on Drugs, the war on poverty and any other intangible enemy warfare that is only a guise for wasting taxpayer money.

18)  Prevent anonymous presence on the internet.  Make people responsible for their free speech. 

19)  Any cop who is proven to be a gang member and involved in criminal weapon or drug offenses to be given life upon conviction. 

20) Give TCOLE the power to drop in to any Texas Police agency and drug test top 5.  If any drugs found, test the whole department and take punitive action.


Let everyone know what you are thinking.  

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