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How  Lee  Hon

This is a screen snip of one indictment against me that was handed down by the Polk County Grand Jury in mid April.  Note the date of stated publication being in Late February.


This is a second indictment for an even later publication date of April 11th.  These documents (public records on file) prove that in late April, someone testified before the grand jury that Ms. Rita Hon's residence was at the Mills Street Address as of February 25 and April 11th. 


This is a screen snip of the letter head including the date Bill Lee Hon's personal attorney wrote me a 'threat to sue' letter.  The snip above is to prove the date of the letter only.  The snip below is out of the body of the letter on page two.  Add the date on the letter to the statement made in this second paragraph of page two that property I referenced in my publication, though titled in Ms. Hon's name was "UNINHABITED".  ie: not her residence.   Now compare this date of letter saying it was not her residence to the indictments saying it was her residence weeks later when I published. Someone lied to the Grand Jury.

Now notice the two screen snips at left.  The top one is the first line of the mail in ballot roll for the last primary that I recently requested from the Polk Co Elections Administrator.  The top one has no bearing on the story other than to show the document header so you can see for yourself what data is in each column.  Then look at the second snip.  It is the request data for the mail in ballot for Ms. Rita Hon.  Note that the request letter was received 1/1/18.  The ballot was mailed to Lee Hon's address 1/29/18 and received back 2/9/18.  This proves that on January 1st of 2018, someone requested Rita Hon's ballot but had her mail forwarded to Lee Hon's mailing address.   The last snip at left is the Order Recusing Lee Hon and his office from my case.  Notice the date of the order recusing his office and then contrast that with the date it was filed.  Why the long delay between the order and the filing of the order?  What possible motive would Lee Hon have to conceal the order for nearly three months?

In the interest of the greatest possible clarity, let me construct a timeline based on facts of record of which there is no dispute.

January 1, 2018   Rita Hon mail in ballot requested and address changed to Lee Hon's residential address.

January 19, 2018  Rita Hon and Tony Bartunek file a declaration of their 5 year common law marriage.  Both signed the document in front of the County Clerk Deputy.

January 23, 2018  Lee Hon comes and removes Rita Hon from her home and moves her to an assisted living facility.  Hon calls and orders Bartunek to vacate the premises 'before dark'.  Hon calls the Polk County S.O. and orders Bartunek to be given a criminal trespass warning on Bartunek's own home of 5 years without any due process.

January 23, 2018 Corrupt Deputy Byron Dunaway carries out illegal eviction with no due process on behalf of Lee Hon and issues ticket CTW.  The ticket lists Bartunek's DL address on Mills St and the property he is trespassed from as the same address.  The Mills street home is VACATED.

February 11, 2018  Sentinel first publishes marriage certificate and CAD ownership roll to prove Bartunek's address does not match his registration as stated in my story.

February 13, 2018  Hon private attorney pens 'threat to sue' letter to inform Sentinel of our error and states with NO ambiguity that Rita Hon DOES NOT live at the Mills St. residence but rather that she has been residing in an assited living facility and that, in fact, the Mills street home is UNINHABITED.

April 20, 2018  Someone testifies before the grand jury that Rita Hon resided at the Mills Street address when The Sentinel published the marriage certificate in mid February even though she was moved and her husband illegally evicted January 23rd.  


In just 2018, Lee Hon annuled a marraige with no due process, evicted a man from his home without due process, presented false information to either the special prosecutor or the grand jury or both and witheld exculpatory evidence from them in order to obtain indictments against a long time hardcore journalist who has, was and will continue to expose his criminal actions.  It is that simple.

King Hon

LIVINGSTON 3/10/2018


Accuses innocent . . . . still in 2018

In his lust for total tyrannical control of Polk County, William Lee Hon has threatened folks that he accuses of being sources for The Sentinel.  Anyone he chose to add to the law suit against The Sentinel would give him opportunity to issue subponeas for their private phone and email records, etc.   Regardless of whether they actually provided The Sentinel with information, their privacy would be invaded by a tyrant with an axe to grind.  The Sentinel United Alliance recognizes the bully tactics for what they are but in the interest of protecting our actual sources and taking the wind out of his threats against who he perceives to be our sources, I and I alone made the decision to delete and retract the stories and issue an apology in the above published and signed statement.   We have met the conditions of his 'cease and desist' letter by removing the last of the stories. 

Steve Watson

LIVINGSTON 3/14/2018


The image at left is of a hand delivered open records request from Polk Co. DA Lee Hon that was submitted to the Polk County Clerk on February 28th.   On a hunch, we delivered a F.O.I A. request to the Clerks for any open records requests received at their office in the last 90 days.  We got this tidbit as a return on our request amongst more routine requests she had received. 

   Ms Hock's reply was included in that there were no doucuments to give.   Like I have stated in prior story, NONE Of the clerks are my source.  We have not corresponded in any format.   Other than checking vote totals last election, I have never spoken with County Clerk Hock.  When I submitted my open records request, I was contacted by the chief deputy in response to a voice mail I left for the Clerk to let her know the F.O.I.A. request was on its way.  She verified the receipt and then sent me the responsive documents today. 

   Hon's abusive response to a public record document being published on our news site is criminal in my view.  It is a just a small symptom of a larger problem the folks in Polk Co have.  If he can waste county rescources investigating a political opponent (and yes I do oppose him politically) and threaten others with abuse for the alleged 'crime' of giving information to news media, Polk county has much bigger problems. 

     A little old lady from the Onalaska FBC called our office today shook to the core because it doesn't look like anything is being done about the alleged embezzlement from her church, not even an investigation.  "I know plenty but I am afraid to say anthing"  she shared.  

UPDATE 3/4/2018


Attacks Incumbent Polk County Clerk with accusations - per Sentinel sources

Mr. DA William Lee Hon.  The Sentinel has only spoken to the County Clerk once last election season to my recollection.  Neither her nor anyone in her office was the provider of the document that you hate that I published other than the clerk who printed the public document at my request and collected my dollar.  The Polk County Clerk is another lady elected official that I have never received the first complaint about.   None of her deputies have ever been the subject of a complaint either.  In the grand scheme,  none of that matters though.

   Mr. Hon, when you have to attack the truth and treat it as a 'leak', it speaks more about your lack of integrity and character than I can ever say. <>

Thu, Apr 19, 2018 at 1:43 PM

Since  Chris Lima was one of Hons' hitmen he needs

exposure also. There is no excuse for his behavior in

his position and part of the overall situation here.

The overall situation being that the people that are

aware and involved in these actions do nothing and

say nothing, they just watch it daily, in one form or

another. Nobody will stand up to them. I have a long

shot idea. I may just dig out the bill of sale on

that AR and get it run by the police. If it's clean

good. If not, I will have to sacrifice it for evidence

against Mr Chris Lima. I would hate to lose it but it

can be replaced.

I know it's a bit of a reach but it's a maybe. I'll

even do maybes for any of the bunch.


From    :[]

Sent    : 4/19/2018 6:16:50 PM

To      :

Cc      :

Subject : RE: Re: Chris Lima


Was the AR new in the box or used?  Why did you call

Lima Hon' s "hitman"?  I know you have been battling

them a long time and sling it all out there at once

but when you overwhelm with so much it tends to make

it seem like noise.  My method frustrates you because

it is slow but i have learned a bit over the years.

  When I get home to my computer i will prove I am

communicating with the right folks to get something

done.  Don't take that gun to local Leo to run.  It

might tip them off.  After I prove it, let me give

him the s/n to run.  I won't give your info to anyone

unless they make a case with it.  He may be dealing

firearms w/o a license.  Since you bought one, they

may want you to buy another.  Think about it




Lima accuses The Sentinel of spreading falsehoods about him.  Documents received via open records request prove allegations of gun threats and gun shots fired were made but ignored to the point of Polk Co S.O. requiring the complainant to sign a non prosecution form at the scene.  A jury trial has been requested by Lima after a not guilty plea on three City of Onalaska counts of Disorderly conduct.   Fighting.  Vulgar language.  Vulgar gesture.   As related in the original story, the allegations of shots fired were in County jurisdiction.   There was also a woman charged by the City in the incident that an eye witness said was fighting with Lima in the parking lot.  There were no assault charges filed on Lima because She was landing all the punches on him according to witness testimony.  Everyman has his day in court so lets see what a jury of his peers thinks about the evidence.  As always, we will leave this one alone till results day.  Nor will we publish any evidence before trial that may be used at trial. 

    As for the lawsuit Chris, knock your lights out.  Sissy might give you the bulk rate.   In the mean time, we don't wanna hear you tooting your horn.  We want to see you honor the public trust you have and that includes how you treat your family and our community.   A real man is going to honor his word, be a father figure and thank The Lord for the blessings of a beautiful wife and family.  We got a lot of cops that do just that everyday.  That requires that you Humble yourself.  You know that picture is cropped but just what is showing proves your a dumbass without me saying a word.  We do serve a God of second chances. 

fair use for political statement hair color nose length, headline changed from original

CHRIS LIMA . . et al . . . .

You and your buddy are barking up the wrong tree.  Where I got that text message is none of your business.  If you don't want to suffer the consequences of your words, quit running your head.  I will explain it one more time.  Around every corrupt public official whether hired or elected, there are honest people of integrity that dont like what they see and want it stopped.  Their position and fear of retaliation keep them from being able to openly reveal the goings on.  Not so with me.  Go ahead and continue your attacks on my character, integrity and even my freedom and I am going to keep obtaining and publishing evidence of your crimes till one of us says U.N.C.L.E. .  Just ask 'Ducky' what that acronym stands for.   It is that simple.

LIVINGSTON 10/23/2018


Corrigan detective, Christopher Lima made this mealy mouthed post and then hid it quickly but not quick enough.  Although The Sentinel is banned from Lima's fb page and don't tweet, this shows that our sources are closer than he likes to think.  In it he is lamblasting the Republican Party and the individual republican's efforts that are highlighted in the Sentinel article and photos below, not to mention a few lies along the way.  I have the photos of cars wrapped around the block and filling the back parking lot.  I have the photos of wall to wall people that love Polk County and its people.  I checked on totals, both door registry and how many plates were used.  You LIMA, are a liar.  That brings me to another topic.

    There are several claims you made according to the mother of the unsolved murder victim, Carl Wills, two of which I have proven with public records are lies.  They relate to the adjacent property and the general area where his two day dead body was found dumped like a dog.   A man that had just spent '30 days in the hole' at the Polk Co Jail.   There are a few questions I have for you on those two and some other claims she says you made that no one on the case has answered.  Were you the Polk County LEO assigned to the Liberty County case?  Who is the woman that picked up Carl?  Carl's momma wants to know. 

    Is it true that yet another motion has been made for a Temp Restraining Order against you by a woman in Polk county?   Public record says so. 

    Comment page is always open and you can have your say and you know my number and addresses.   We want to know. 

Set in Stone

LIVINGSTON 8/23/2018


The most powerful law enforcement officer in Polk County has filed a Felony Criminal Stalking complaint on The Sentinel for daring to show up, photograph and interview several folks at a public meeting in a public venue that was attended by Senator Nichols, a Senator Ted Cruz representative, a District Judge, a District Judge elect, a Polk County Commissioner, the Republican party Chairman, his Public Information officer and a score of active Polk County Republicans.   'Tyrant' District Attorney, William Lee Hon filed the complaint with Livingston PD on August 9th according to Lt Matt Parish who is investigating the complaint based on Sec 42.o72 of the Texas Penal Code.

     The Sentinel published photos and a story August 6th that is posted HERE after interviews that were done in this public venue and over the phone. 

    "Once we complete the investigation", Lt Parish said, "we will turn it over to the District Attorney and I am sure a special prosecutor will take a look at it."


“Arizona is positioned to lead the nation in protecting our citizens’ civil right to free, fair and secure elections.

“Integrity in our elections doesn’t benefit one political party over another; election integrity benefits every single voter regardless of political party, race, gender or income. Period.

“The Department of Justice’s recent decision to publicly target Arizona lawmakers for excercising our constitutional authority over elections is an abhorrent abuse of power and a starkly accurate representation of the disgusting politicization that has occurred within this federal institution.

“Let us, as Arizona lawmakers, be very clear with the Biden Administration and its minions: The Constitution of the United States expressley authorizes our legislative oversight and control of elections. Stay the hell out of our way.”

used for political comment and education 

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