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ALERT: US 59 Southbound has a lane closure for construction between Lufkin and Diboll. Singe lane of traffic is open for travel. Prepare for delays. Stay alert and reduce speed through this work zone. Follow all Lufkin District alerts and updates at Twitter @TxDOTLufkin. For statewide closures and road conditions, visit



LUFKIN – An open house and public hearing is scheduled in the Lufkin District on Dec. 13, 2018 from 4 pm – 7 pm at the Ellen Trout Zoo Education Center, Jaguar Room, 402 Zoo Circle in Lufkin.

The purpose of the event is to gather public input on the proposed upgrade to US 59 (future I-69) in Redland. Updated maps will be on display for public viewing from 4 pm - 5:45 pm with the public hearing scheduled to begin at 6 pm. The event will be a come and go format and TxDOT officials will be available to answer questions and speak one-on-one with the public. The formal hearing will include a presentation and a comment period.

An open house for this future construction project was held on June 27, 2017 and since then, district officials have further developed the schematic design and environmental study.

“We took the comments and feedback from the public that we received at the last open house to further develop and enhance the schematic design on this project,” said Rhonda Oaks, public information officer. “We urge the public to stop by and view the latest designs and hear the presentation at the public hearing. We welcome all comments and suggestions.”

The proposed project will include the construction of frontage roads and the reconstruction of US 59 main lanes in order to meet interstate standards for future potential designation as I-69. The project is designed to  improve safety, enhance mobility and provide a more efficient hurricane evacuation route.

Proposed construction is tentatively scheduled to begin summer 2022 and should be completed in summer 2025. For more information, visit For special accommodations, call (936) 633-4395 or email

Sept. 7, 2018

LUFKIN Work on US 59 South between Lufkin and Diboll will continue next week and the speed limit will again be lowered from Whitehouse Drive in Lufkin to the city of Diboll.

Crews are scheduled to remobilize and begin working nights by mid-week. The speed limit will be lowered to 50 miles-per-hour beginning Monday. The work schedule will alternate between night and day hours until completion and will include north and southbound lanes. Motorists should expect lane closures and possible delays as the project progresses.

The $8.3 million project includes resurfacing US 59 South from FM 3482/Whitehouse Drive to 1.1 mile north of FM 1818 near Diboll. It includes planing the existing pavement, applying a hot mix level up course and a final permeable friction course that will repel water and reduce surface noise.

Moore Brothers Construction, Lufkin, is contractor for the project that began June 26 and is scheduled to be completed by early summer, 2019, weather permitting.

Motorists should reduce speed to the posted speed limit and obey all traffic control devices. The lower speed limit is enforceable once signs are set. It is illegal to drive around a TxDOT barricade, cones or barrels. Stay alert to moving equipment and workers near the lanes of traffic as this project progresses.

For more information, contact or (936) 633-4395.

LUFKIN – Texas Transportation Commissioners last week approved more than $1 billion in construction projects throughout the state, with $834,966 approved for the Lufkin District in Nacogdoches and Polk counties.

A $574,813 construction project was approved for various locations on US 259 and US 59 in Nacogdoches and Polk counties to upgrade safety lighting. Vaca Underground Utilities Inc., Houston, will serve as contractor for the project. No timeline for completion has been set.

A project that will improve traffic and pedestrian signals on FM 1275 (University Drive) at East College Street in Nacogdoches and install advance intersection warning signals at US 59 and US 287 in Corrigan was also approved. Striping Technology, LP, Tyler, will serve as contractor for the $260,153 project. No timeline for completion has been set.

As these projects begin, motorists are urged to stay alert to workers and moving equipment located in and near the work zones. Reduce speed and obey all traffic control devices. Traffic fines double when workers are present.

For more information on statewide projects and closures, visit For more information on projects in the Lufkin District, contact or (936) 633-4395.



April 2, 2018

LUFKIN – Texas Transportation Commissioners on Thursday approved more than $258 million in new construction projects including more than $11.1 million approved for the Lufkin District in Shelby, Angelina and Polk counties.

Shelby County was approved for $9.5 million construction project on US 96 from US 84 to 1.4 miles north of SH 87. Work will include leveling the roadway with a hot mix application, applying a sealcoat and a final surface to repel water and reduce road noise. Moore Brother Construction Company, Lufkin, will serve as contractor on the project that is designed to rehabilitate the roadway and enhance safety.

Angelina County was approved for a $1 million construction project on FM 841 at Biloxi Creek to replace the bridge and construct new bridge approaches. Stateline Construction, LLC, Texarkana, will serve as contractor for the project.

Polk County was approved for a $562,884 construction project on US 59 from 1.9 miles north of SL 393 north to just north of SL 393. The project will include an asphalt overlay in the northbound lanes. Smith & Company, Conroe, will serve as contractor for the project.

As these projects begin, motorists are urged to be alert to workers and equipment near the lane of traffic. Obey all traffic control devices and be prepared for possible detours through the work. Motorists should move into other available lanes to avoid the work zone. If other lanes are not available, drivers are required to reduce speed 20 miles per hour below the speed limit.

For more information, contact or (936) 633-4395.


Bridge work to begin on Tuesday


March 19, 2018

LUFKIN – Northbound traffic will be confined to a single lane as work is scheduled to begin Tuesday on the Neches River Relief Bridge on US 59, south of Diboll.

LC Jordan & Son, Lufkin, will serve as contractor for the preventive maintenance work that is designed to repair the northbound approach slab at the bridge. The work will also include intermittent night work. The project is expected to be completed by the end of the month, weather permitting.

Motorists should be prepared for possible delays as traffic patterns alternate from lane to lane as work progresses. Stay alert and reduce speed. This is an active TxDOT work zone and motorists should reduce speed 20 miles per hour below the posted speed limit when workers are present. Motorists should stay alert and obey all signage and message boards near the work area.

For additional information regarding statewide closures, visit For more information on this and other Lufkin District projects, contact or (936) 633-4395.



March 12, 2018

LUFKIN – Two pre-construction meetings were held recently, signaling new construction projects beginning in San Augustine and Nacogdoches counties.

Work has begun on FM 711 in San Augustine County that will include the reconstruction and widening of pavement to 24-foot from the Shelby County line to US 96. Crews are preparing right of ways and extending culverts.

Drewery Construction, Nacogdoches, will serve as contractor for the $5.2 million project that will restore about 11.3 miles of FM 711. Funding for this project is designated as Category 1- Preventative Maintenance and Rehabilitation. No timeline for completion has been set.

Work is also scheduled to begin next week on FM 95 in Nacogdoches County for replacing the bridge and approaches at Terrapin Creek.

Longview Bridge and Road, Longview, will serve as contractor for the $1.1 million project. No timeline for completion has been set.

As these construction projects begin, motorists are urged to reduce speed in work areas and stay alert to workers and moving equipment. Texas law requires that motorists must vacate the lane closest to the road work, if another lane is available for traveling in the same direction, or reduce speed 20 mph below the posted speed limit when another lane is not available. Traffic fines double when workers are present.

For more information regarding projects and closures statewide, visit For more information about projects in the Lufkin District, contact or (936) 633-4395.




Dec. 12, 2017

LUFKIN – What seems like a harmless act of mischief and is many times committed by juveniles can mean an arrest and fines when it comes to defacing a road sign.

According to the Texas Penal Code, it is against the law to damage a traffic control device, including a road sign, railroad sign or crossing, traffic control signal or any other device owned by the state to direct the movement of transportation.

“Signs have been damaged recently in parts of the Lufkin District and we want to ask the public that if they see something happening that appears to be someone shooting a sign or defacing state property, to call law enforcement,” said Rhonda Oaks, public spokesperson for the Lufkin District. “Defacing or destroying signs puts motorists in danger and the damage can cause disruption or impairment of public communication and transportation.”

Defacing state property and/or traffic control devices can carry stiff penalties, depending on the amount and type of damage.

A person commits a Class C misdemeanor if the damage is less than $100; a Class B misdemeanor if the damage is between $100 and $750; a Class A misdemeanor if the loss is greater than $750 but less than $2,500.

A person commits a state jail felony if the loss is more than $2,500 but less than $30,000 and if the damage is caused by a firearm or explosive weapon; if the damage includes the loss of property such as a habitation, fence, or the loss of farm or exotic animals.

For more information, contact or (936) 633-4395.




Nov. 30, 2017

LUFKIN – Newly configured left turn only lanes on SL 287/North Medford Drive in Lufkin will be reopened to motorists Friday.

Work is complete and barricades will be removed Friday afternoon, opening the redesigned lanes to the public. The left turn only lanes were previously crossovers and were redesigned to enhance the safety of the roadway and will benefit the traveling public.

The left turn only lanes are located in front of the Ellen Trout Zoo/George H. Henderson Exposition Center at MLK Drive and at Holmes Smokehouse. Both crossovers were modified to left turn only lanes. The left turn only movement is for westbound traffic. Eastbound traffic will not be allowed to cross, but will be directed to the U-turn bridge at BU 59 North. The crossover in front of Brookshire Brothers Corporate Office was removed.

“The reconfiguration of what were once crossovers to left turn only lanes will greatly enhance the safety on this side of the loop,” said Rhonda Oaks, district spokesperson. “It will create a secure and more controlled access for north and southbound traffic and those who are entering or leaving the zoo or exposition center.”

Work on this project was done by the Angelina County Maintenance Department. The city is scheduled to install signs that will direct and inform motorists of the proper routes for turnaround.

For more information, contact or (936) 633-4395.



Nov. 17, 2017

LUFKIN – A pre-construction meeting was held at the Nacogdoches Area Office Thursday signaling the beginning of a new construction project on SH 21, east of Chireno.

Drewery Construction, Nacogdoches, will serve as contractor for the $5.2 million construction project. Two bridge structures will be replaced with one new bridge. Once the new bridge is constructed, the two smaller bridges will be removed.

During construction, the speed limit through the project area will be reduced to 60 miles per hour. Crews will set barricades on Monday and are scheduled to begin work on Nov. 27. The two existing bridges are on schedule to be removed in December, 2018 with completion of the project set for February 2019, weather permitting.

As this project begins, motorists traveling the project area should reduce speed and stay alert to workers and moving equipment. Obey all traffic control devices and signage and remember traffic fines double when workers are present. All work schedules are subject to change in inclement weather.

For more information regarding closures and projects statewide, visit For more information on this and other Lufkin District projects, contact or (936) 633-4395.



Oct. 30, 2017

LUFKIN – A new school zone in Angelina County was activated in Angelina County on Monday, signaling to drivers of a lower speed limit when lights are flashing.

Hudson ISD was approved for an additional school zone in early summer by the Texas Transportation Commission. Crews worked to install the flashing lights and signs that were activated on Monday.

The additional school zone is located on SH 94 and extends .2 miles on each side of FM 3258, west in Hudson ISD. Bonner Elementary School is located just west of SH 94 on FM 3258. While flashers are activated, the speed limit will be 35 miles per hour. When flashers are not activated, the speed limit will be 55 mph.

“The district expressed several months ago the desire for an additional school zone in hopes of slowing traffic on SH 94 and to assist those vehicles delivering students to Bonner Elementary,” said Rhonda Oaks, Lufkin District spokesperson. “Now that is activated, we want to remind motorists that it is enforceable when lights are flashing.”

The fine for speeding in a school zone when lights are activated is $200 and $20 per mile over the posted speed limit plus additional court costs. In addition, the use of a cell phone within an active school zone is prohibited by law.

Motorists are urged to stay alert on SH 94 and reduce speed near the new school zone, as well as all school zones. Watch for pedestrian traffic in and near a school zone and be prepared for some delays in peak travel hours.

For more information, contact or (936) 633-4395.



Oct. 30, 2017

LUFKIN – Approaching deer season accompanied by cooler weather causes more deer to be on the move. TxDOT wants to remind drivers of the dangers of deer on the roadways and how quickly they can run in front of a moving vehicle.

Motorists are urged to be attentive, especially just after sunset and the hours just before sunrise. These times are when the most deer versus vehicle collisions occur. Pay attention to road signs that indicate a heavy wildlife population in the area and reduce speed where deer have been known to cross. These areas are generally in unpopulated areas and near agricultural or forestlands.

“We have already seen several deer hits this year,” said Rhonda Oaks, spokesperson for the Lufkin District. “Because wildlife is so much more active this time of year, we urge motorists to stay alert, especially during the dusk and pre-dawn hours when they are known to move around more.”

Safety tips to remember that could help motorists avoid a deer versus vehicle accident include:

  • Deer seldom run alone. If you see one deer, others could be nearby. Reduce speed if you see a deer near the roadway.
  • When driving at night, use high beam headlights when there is no oncoming traffic. The high beams will better illuminate the eyes of the deer.
  • Slow down and blow your horn with one long blast to frighten the deer.
  • Brake firmly when you notice a deer in or near your path, but stay in your lane. Many serious crashes occur when drivers swerve to avoid hitting a deer.
  • Always wear your seat belt.
  • If your vehicle strikes a deer, do not touch the animal. A frightened and wounded deer can hurt you or further injure itself. Move your car off the road, if possible, and call 911.

For more information, contact or (936) 633-4395.



Oct. 19, 2017

LUFKIN – With upcoming weekend events scheduled at Ellen Trout Zoo, TxDOT wants the public to be aware of changes at the SL 287 crossovers in the area that are under construction.

Motorists traveling eastbound on SL 287 will not be able to cross over into the zoo from MLK Drive. Motorists will also be unable to cross at two other nearby locations. One crossover between The George H. Henderson Exposition Center and Brookshire Brothers corporate offices has been permanently removed, while others are under construction, including the one at MLK Drive.

Eastbound traffic needing to enter the zoo or access the parking lot at the George H. Henderson Exposition Center will be required to exit SL 287 at the North Timberland Drive/US 59 North overpass and make the U-turn back westbound for safe access to the zoo and parking areas.

Westbound traffic needing to park on the eastbound side of SL 287 will be required to access the crossover at Sayers Street or access the Kurth Drive exit to turn back eastbound.

“The changes at these crossovers will enhance safety for all motorists wanting to park at the expo center for Zoo Boo,” said Rhonda Oaks, public information spokesperson for the Lufkin District. “In addition, we are strongly urging motorists to slow down and watch closely for pedestrian traffic who park in nearby parking lots and walk over to the zoo. We want everyone to have a good time, but also a safe evening.”

Barricades will be in place as well as safety cones throughout the area. Motorists are asked to respect the work zone and stay alert.

For more information, contact or (936) 633-4395.


Oct. 6, 2017

LUFKIN – Work is scheduled to begin Tuesday on FM 1878/Starr Avenue in Nacogdoches that will require a lane closure on University Drive.

Weather permitting, Drewery Construction, contractor for the $1.7 million LaNana Creek Bridge replacement, will begin placing beams on Tuesday. An outside southbound lane of University Drive will be closed during this work, which is scheduled to continue through Wednesday.

This construction project includes the replacement of the old LaNana Creek Bridge with a new 160-foot bridge that will have four 11-foot lanes, 5-foot shoulders and 5-foot sidewalks on both sides of the bridge in order to accommodate foot and bike traffic. Included will be the placement of about 200-foot of new pavement at each end of the bridge.

“This closure on University Drive is necessary in the construction process in order to safely set the beams for the new bridge,” said Rhonda Oaks, public information officer for the Lufkin District. “We anticipate the roadway will be confined to one southbound lane both Tuesday and Wednesday. We encourage drivers to reduce their speed and expect delays during peak travel hours.”

The project is on schedule to be completed in early 2018. Detours remain in place through Austin Street/FM 2609. FM 1878/Starr Avenue remains closed to through traffic between BU 59 and FM 1275.

The entrance to Pecan Park is not closed, but the existing walking trail beneath the LaNana Creek Bridge is detoured around Wilson Drive and is delineated for easy identification.

For more information, contact or (936) 633-4395.




Right-of-way clearing prior to later construction project


Sept. 25, 2017

LUFKIN – A pre-construction meeting was held last week signaling the beginning of a project on US 69 in southern Angelina County between Huntington and Zavalla.

The project consists of clearing the right-of-way on US 69 from FM 844, just south of the city of Huntington, to FM 1270, south of the city of Zavalla. The project consists of clearing for 10.8 miles.

R&M, Inc., Wellborn, TX, will serve as contractor for the $890,456 project, which should be complete in about 12 months, weather permitting. This project is designed in preparation for a later construction project that will widen the roadway from two to four lanes.

As this work begins, motorists are asked to remain alert and cautious around workers and moving equipment. This work should be performed off the roadway, but drivers could experience temporary delays as work progresses.

Reduce speed, and remember that all traffic fines double when workers are present. For updates on ongoing projects and road closures around the state, visit

For more information, contact or (936) 633-4395.

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