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Candidate after candidate, race after race proved the voters in Polk and SJC are tired of the lying attack ads, lying candidates and dark money politics.  The overwhelming choices were for men and women of proven integrity and character, traits that far out distanced how they voted in a primary 10 years ago.  The message (hopefully) came through loud and clear.  Fritz Faulkner walked away with the win in a three way race with over 50 % of the vote.  Ernest Bailes stomped all over Emily 'lying ad' Cook even in her home town. (We are collecting all the lying ads we can from her and her dark cartel to ship back.  Mail to 50 W Oak Tree Dr, Pointblank, Texas 77364 and The Sentinel will deliver them.) 

   JP 4 Greg Magee is the embodiment of the truth that it is not about the party, it is about the man.  He showed Runnels that actually working hard for the community carries more weight with us than saying you will then standing there lying on TV (live stream) that you don't know where your opponent is, he just didn't show.   We knew better than that when you said it.  The list goes on.  All of the SJC precinct offices were held by the proven incumbents.  Dawn Wright had a land slide victory over her challenger to keep the County Clerk position.  

   Betty Davis walked away with some numbers that shows we appreciate her willingness to return and serve again.   Truth be known, she never stopped helping the Tax Office anytime they called.  That is just who she is and how she was trained.

    Polk County Judge Murphy kept her office despite the best nefarious effort of her challenger.  

    In the case of candidates that The Sentinel challenged who were running unopposed, Polk County DA, William Lee Hon had a nearly 30 percent undervote.  Ronnie Vincent had nearly the same. 

SHEPHERD 3/6/2018  has pegged Texas Right to Life PAC for the fraud that it is.  As the graphs will show on the page, it is a front for 'dark money'.   As these IRS documents prove, when you pay someone 44,000.00 dollars as a 'fund raising consultant' and only spend 1500 dollars on fund raisers, there is deceitfulness afoot.   When you spend 4 times as much on false ads as you take in on donations, that cries hidden agenda.   Texas Right to Life PAC targeted HD 18 State Rep Ernest Bailes with false political ads and even put some lying signs up at the polling place in Shepherd today.  The Sentinel did collect those signs as evidence to use against the dark money PAC in a criminal complaint for their intentional effort to sway local elections with slander and lies and out of district money.  Our own mini russian meddling scandal right here in SJC.  Same method of operation.  False ads, fake news and misrepresenting who they actually are.  We will be seeking a special prosecutor to address the violations. 


What does a story out of Amarillo have to do with SJC?  The same dark money that is supporting Emily Cook by sending out bald face lying mailers by the dozens, attacking a proven conservative in Ernest Bailes is using the same tactics there.  The reporter lays it out plain in case anyone still pays attention to that junk mail.  Isn't it interesting, as one SJC political observer noted, the same, "come and take it"  logo on our own lyin cheatin ad junkmail supplier at the county level.  I would say the ballot box came and took it Steven. 


A long time true conservative organization that has been there from the time Texas was a Democratic stronghold (1974) endorses Bailes and reveals the truth about his opponent.  A.R.T. correctly points out that the pro life organization that Emily Cook works for is the ONLY pro life organization in Texas that did not endorse Bailes.  When you add to that all the lying and misleading ads put out by Cook and her parent organization, it is not rocket science here.

AUSTIN 2/10/2018



The truth shines like a bright light when the dark cartel dark money organization led by 'liar flier' expert Michael Queen Sullivan and his coharts in the 'Texans for Fiscal Responsibility" and "Empower Texans" organizations try to hide that light.  As fronts for their personal political agendas, these organizations support their former lobbyist, Emily Cook in a bid to unseat a proven true conservative in Ernest Bailes who not only embraces fiscal conservatism but as the people in this district know, walks in moral conservatism as well. 

   It is a long standing truth that behind every good man is a good woman.  Courtney "mamma bear" Bailes showed the voters her grit in the 2016 elections and definately fits the bill of being a good woman that stands by her man.   The Sentinel United Alliance predict a sweeping victory for Ernest Bailes this election and in the not to distant future that the voters of Texas will call this young man to even greater service.



October 24, 2016 9:50 am

UPDATE 10/31/2016


Outlaw Anthony 'Oscar Meyer' Weiner was jailed on the Republican Party Chairman's Court of Public Opinion warrant that was issued just days ago.   An alert SJC citizen caught Mr. Weiner buttering his bun and brought him right to the jail where 10 Star General Public locked him up.   Wiener immediatly retreated to the corner crying, "keep her away from me". 

UPDATE 10/29/2016


According to Sentinel sources, a 'drag' net has been let out to catch another co conspirator to share Hillary Clinton's jail cell.  The Court of Public Opinion indictment is sealed until such time as the arrest is made.  It appears that his crimes were exposed via a digital leak.  More news when the 'Weiner Warrant' is served.

UPDATE 10/27/2016


A couple days after our photo and story was published, a presumably democrat voter who was perturbed at the free speech display on private property by a legal tennant morphed into a visit by a Channel 13 News crew to assess the "voter intimidation" tactics employed by our SJC County Republican Chair.  A short snippet of the actual interview was broadcast but much left unsaid.  Dwayne Wright's contention is that our free speech rights out "Trump" her being offended by it.  "It is not free speech unless it offends someone"  Wright said, "other than that, it is just talk."  See the 13 news cast HERE

UPDATE 10/25/2016


In a personal visit, a two demensional Trump visited with Dwayne Wright to welcome him aboard the national Trump team.  The men took time to take care of a chore that needs doing and put Hillary behind bars.

COLDSPRING 10/19/2016


Sentinel sources related that San Jacinto County Republican Party Chairman, Dwayne Wright, has been tapped to help the National Repulican party in the effort to get Donald Trump elected president this November.  Wright's efforts during the last election cycles gained him statewide notice but high ranking party officials told The Sentinel that Wright has been selected to promote the conservative cause on behalf of the Trump campaign in Texas.


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