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"How bout that Fiddle?

    The first issue of 'The Honky Tonk Talk' was published back in      and was a narrative of the Crosby Fair and Rodeo having a concert headlining  legendary country singer, Gene Watson.   I did have opportunity to interview Gene Watson after his performance for a few minutes but the interview with the fiddle player, Brandon, who played with the opening act, Pat Green band was much more extensive.  

   Even with Pat Green's terrific performance and obvious God gifted talent, Brandon's flawless efforts stood out right beside Green's and still do today.  

       Oh and the fantastic crawfish gumbo being served that day ended up being what my story was about but much happened since then.

    As the eyes and ears of an interested party that sponsored the trip to Crosby, I did report back exactly what I saw and heard.

    Pat Green was a showman, had a great voice and sense of humor and what a good fiddle player.  





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