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WHEREAS; Shelia Jackson Lee has dutifully supported every effort to reduce the ratio of black population growth by actively supporting Planned Parent'hood' in its successful effort to abort black babies at a much higher rate than other races but she goes to church;

WHEREAS; Shelia Jackson Lee still has ignored this court's inquiry's in the past pertaining to questionalbe activities;

WHERAS; Shelia Jackson Lee's new bill would pile on MORE law enforcement scrutiny and inflict more no probable cause detentions, searches and arrests on her own people who are crying enough already;

WHEREAS; Shelia Jackson Lee aka 'turn coat' supported Obama's efforts that alienated our staunchest allies and declared our country to no longer be a Christian nation but she goes to church;

WHEREAS; Shelia Jackson Lee, aka 'triple crown', supports purging our military of the patriotic conservative people by 'vetting' them to assure they share her own leftist views;

WHEREAS; Shelia Jackson Lee, aka 'gun grabber', has trampled on the Constitution, violated the laws of the land and is stealing the rights of a free people, her own people, by putting her name on gun control bills;

WHEREAS; Shelia Jackson Lee, aka "pass the envelope please" was instrumental in promoting the false narrative against Kavanaugh;

WHEREAS; Shelia Jackson Lee, supported Barry Soetoro who invited a Black Lives Matter pimp of underage girls into the Whitehouse while sending a letter pressing our schools to let sexual deviants into our children's restrooms, We declare Shelia Jackson Lee an ENEMY OF THE GREAT STATE OF TEXAS and due all rightful punishment for her crimes. 

We The People, The Court of Public Opinion, TRUE BILL THIS INDICTMENT and hereby issue this Warrant for Shelia Jackson Lee's arrest, to be brought to justice for her crimes.  This document authorizes any citizen and patriot to execute a citizen’s arrest AT THE BALLOT BOX and bring her to the Court of Public Opinion to answer the charges.  If she refuses to come as pig and insists on being pork, leave her sorry SELF AGGRANDIZING SELF there and just bring 'her ear'.

Steve C. Watson

General Public,

Court of Public Opinion;


HOUSTON 1/9/2021


Shelia Jackson Lee and Al Green waste no time trying to incite war in the Great State of Texas with un constitutional gun grab efforts.  Starting at the 3:30 minute mark of this VIDEO, Jarret outlines several bills put forth by Lee and Green.

    One of the pure communist aspects of Lee's logic is that just an allegation of improperly stored ammo (ammo another part of the bill would required being licensed) warrants a search of your home by a goon squad.  


     Welcome to my recognition of the fact that Houston is my largest audience.  As a Conservative and Independent investigative journalist, my anti abortion, anti homosexual & gender dysphoria agenda, anti marxism and communism in any form including antifa, islam and blm views will automatically put me at odds with many in leadership from there but if you are reading from Houston, thanks for you consistant presence. 

     As the journalist who labled blm as "The bastard Child of Barrak Obama" from their inception, it isn't rocket science to figure these things out.  The bible is plain that satan is the "father of lies" and says of satan, there "is no Truth in him".  Fear is satan's playground.  When lies and violence are used to invoke fear, you are serving satan's purpose and using his playbook.   When root organizers admit on a televised interview that they call on the dark spirits, . . . duh.

     The democrat party endorses and the black community largely practice infanticide, a most ancient pagan ritual.  That is enough for me.   If you are part of that movement, you are an enemy of God.  

     We only have One Hope as a nation and His Name is Jesus Christ.  All of the others have died and are still dead.  It is that simple.  Andrew Napalitano said it best regarding the two parties.  "Two wings of the same bird of prey".   It was The Sentinel and only The Sentinel that I know of who sounded the alarm when the national republican party turned over the stars on the elephant logo making them baphomet stars.

      As the journalist who asked, "Is President Trump a Trojan Horse?" when he made the comment about, "take their guns first, then give them their day in court", I ask the question again plainly because President Trump did not use his power and right to name a special prosecutor on the vote fraud when billy bob barr failed to do so.  Have we (Conservatives) been played and handed right to the one worlder elites on the 'right' wing of "that bird of prey"?    Was it a mistake for Trump to base his whole 'voice' on a platform that someone else could pull the plug on was it a plan?  For 19.99 a month, Trump could control his own page and still be able to communicate.    In conventional warfare, when you interupt communication with headquarters, you throw the field into disarray.     

     As the journalist who called out Mitch McConnell, Brian Babin and Dan Crenshaw as traitors for sponsoring or supporting the TAPS act that would have obliterated our probable cause protections, I feel vindicated when they showed their colors and abdicated their duty to investigate the voter fraud and question the election results.  Instead the courts turns a deaf ear frustrating the majority, the patriots who love this country and do not want communists camala and her minions anywhere near the reins of power.  

   Now Christianity is under full attack in America.    I am heartened by the fact that it is the anti God faction that wants to change America to suit their pattern because that enforces and manifests the fact that God built the America we love and cherish for the Liberty that we find in Her.   We have Liberty in Jesus and the darkness of the baby killing perveted deviants who oppose our Liberty is an old and DEFEATED foe.  

     If your faith has been vested in Donald Trump or any party, it is misplaced because as quick as a wink, the commies have taken him away from you.  The demoncrats are the ones assaulting our liberty and the republicans are the ones failing to stand up for it and handing us off to the socialists with their monopolistic strategy.  After all, propaganda can not allow free discussion.  




This is still the baphomet banner leading the 'republican charge' up San Juan Hill.  

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