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UPDATE 6/8/2019

'mcpr' deafeningly quiet about suspension.  shhhhh

UPDATE 6/7/2019


Precinct 4 Montgomery County Constable Kenneth “Rowdy” Hayden and four of his Deputy Constables have been notified that the Texas Commission on Law Enforcement (TCOLE), plans to issue a six month suspension of their Law Enforcement Licenses.

   This is a case The Sentinel first reported on regarding Hayden falsifying employment records.  Records he and the Mont Co DA fought us over obtaining.  The DA's refusal to do anything led to the information being forwarded to TCOLE Director, Kim Vickers with the evidentary documents. 

    The Golden Hammer Article goes into way more detail and a whole nother veiw of the matter.

UPDATE 3/7/2019


True to his word, Sgt Teller had the documents in the Sentinel inbox before lunch today.  The particulars of the case are not the story but the fact that Splendora PD made a good arrest with probable cause according to a nosey reporter just picking one to ask about.  A little lacking on the response time but a documented response and good police work according to our Probable Cause audit.  Thank you Sgt Teller. 

SPLENDORA 3/6/2019


Initially requesting a few more days to "work on your request" AFTER he had already held it for ten days, Splendora PD Sgt Teller claimed today that the County Attorney had advised him "Not to release any PIR's with a case pending."   He forgot to let me know . . . . . . . . .

    We called his BS on that based on prior dealings with the Montgomery County prosecutor's office.  It was only then that we were promised an answer by 5 pm tomorrow.   The very fact that there is a case pending on an accused and arrested man MAKES your articulation of probable cause PUBLIC INFO.  

      Are we going to find ANOTHER no probable cause stop/arrest in East Montgomery County?  Either way, we will report the outcome here.  We are going to contact the prosecutors office Thursday to see if they have an investigation open on the Pct 4 Constable deputy who falsified a probable cause statement already.  We will make sure they know that SGT Teller has thrown them under the bus.

UPDATE 2/26/2019


Round 2 with The Sentinel, another TKO

For the second time in less than a year, Montgomery County Pct 4 Constable, R0wdy Hayden had to be forced to hand over public records that serve as evidence of criminal behavior within his department.  Even when we finally received the  document package, Hayden still witheld the basic probable cause info from The Sentinel's "Probable Cause Audit". 

   A reply email to the records clerk explaining the art and purpose of redaction was necessary to force the Montgomery  County attorney off high center to make Hayden give us the probable cause document.  The attorney commented how broad my request for "document" made the search. 

   It was a blind request.  As with each of the three Montgomery county departments we audited, we did not know if it was a sworn affidavit with a warrant we were looking for or an incident report or a traffic ticket so we used the phrase, "probable cause document".  When we did finally get the probable cause document from the official source, the document we posted already proved to be exactly accurate. 

   Hayden pulled up shy of giving us any pictures or video to establish "Probable Cause", I would guess because his photos and video will match the photo taken at the Pct impound yard and show a front license plate plainly on the truck.   So either the deputy that jumped in this man's truck and drove it away from the scene of the arrest stopped and put a front license plate on the vehicle before impounding it at the Constable's impound yard or the arresting deputy lied in his probable cause narrative.  Either way it is a crime.  As the HPD Chief so eloquently stated recently, "It isn't sloppy police work, it is a crime" when he was made fully aware of his officer lying about probable cause that cost the Tuttle's their lives and five officers to be injured recently.  

   According to one source, when the arrested man asked,, "Hey, where is he going with my truck?", he was told, "Don't worry about it, you will never see it again."  When you break the chain of custody of evidence by not using a licensed and regulated tow service, you cloud the whole issue.  Why?  That would be my first question.  Maybe we should look a little deeper into this case.   The fact is, ALL of the complaints about no probable cause stops in east montgomery county received by The Sentinel have been against Rowdy Hayden's dept.   Maybe it is the recording of that officer's comments that are the reason Hayden is withholding the video.

     Once again we point out that Conroe PD had the documents we requested available to us almost immediatly.   *****  Five stars for them.   Splendora PD is going to take some follow up apparently because they still have not contacted The Sentinel again after their original return email.  Only Rowdy Hayden sought an OAG opinion on this most basic request.  Once again, his purpose was to hide incriminating evidence against his department and  once again The Sentinel extracted the documents despite Hayden's best effort. 



Once again, the Pct 4 constable's refusal to release the basic information requested by The Sentinel is called out in legalease as a waste of the OAG's time and a stall tactic at best. 

     Splendora PD answered the probable cause audit request with a letter seeking more time but so far, has not provided the information or even a cost estimate if it is over 40 dollars.

        Conroe PD not only answered the request immediatly, they have provided us with a reasonable cost for the basic information we requested, including document and video.  We expect payment and delivery to be made this week. 

Screen snip of arrest report where the deputy constable claims the driver has no front license plate as probable cause for the stop.  The picture at right was taken at the impound yard where the truck was taken and secured and according to court records, being sued for seizure. 

Photo of front of truck with license plate plainly showing.  It is redacted.

NEW CANEY 1/28/2019


Several articles  of interest that have surfaced during our research of the PCT 4, "East Montgomery County" JP court and constable's office have revealed several troubling articles regarding a lawsuit against Hayden for breaking and entering without a warrant, filming the violation for 'cop tv'[ that ran in the Houston Chronicle.  Judge Metts and Constable Hayden made the paper for the most bizzare example of lawlessness in a court this reporter has seen.  That is saying something considering the recent Polk County filings against County Clerk Schelena Hock by the corrupt DA William Lee Hon.  The Golden Hammer article outlines the details of that case in a well written and evidenced article. 

   A confidential source has contacted The Sentinel regarding our 'Probable Cause Audit' and assured us they will provide proof that there was no probable cause for the stop that led to the arrest we selected as one of three to audit.  We will publish that proof as soon as it becomes available for publication.  We were assured that the reason Rowdy Hayden is fighting the release of these most basic arrest documents is because he knows that the release is going to prove he and his department have violated the very laws and constitution they swore an oath to uphold one more time.  It is also alleged by the source that civil asset forfeiture revenue is the driving impetus for Hayden's latest lawlessness. 

NEW CANEY 1/26/2019


In a move reminiscent of the first time The Sentinel requested open records from the Montgomery County Pct 4 Constable, Kenneth 'Rowdy' Hayden has retreated behind the Montgomery County Attorney to request an opinion from AG Ken Paxton.  Hayden's effort to stop or delay the  release of the most basic information on an arrest, the probable cause for the stop and video proof of that probable cause, may be an indicator of something to hide like the last open records round and round proved to be.  

    Sentinel readers will remember our first request was met with the same delaying tactic but the inevitible release proved Constable Hayden was falsifying employment records and hiding and supporting the criminal acts of one of his deputies.  The Sentinel extracted the information from Hayden like extracting a rotten tooth and published the proof.  Our readers will also remember that it was about 30 days later that TCOLE dropped in his office to audit his files.  We have sought updated files on that audit without results other than it is a continuing investigation but other sources report the events in more detail. 

     As stated in the beginning of this story below, The Sentinel has received multiple complaints of 'no probable cause' stops in East Montgomery County.  Complaints of being profiled or targeted for stops were made.   All three were on deputies that worked for Constable Hayden.  The complaints were received during the original Sentinel Investigation into Hayden's agency that began in late December of 2o17.  The stall tactics via the OAG request for opinion delayed the inevitable release until several months later but our research efforts during that investigation laid the groundwork for this probable cause audit. 

    If past behaviour is any indicator, there is some reason they do NOT want The Sentinel to have the most basic information about an arrest.  An arrest they have displayed photos and a narrative of all over FB for political PR but now that a journalist is asking for specifics, it is none of our business.    We will see about that.

UPDATE 1/23/2019


Monday there was an acknowledgement from Conroe PD and today the records are available.  Yesterday, Splendora PD responded acknowledging the request even though it was submitted via a web page comment form instead of email, asking for just a couple of days to compile the records for The Sentinel Probable Cause Audit.  Montgomery County Pct 4 Constable has not replied or acknowledged the request as of this morning.



     The Sentinel Alert team has chosen to respond to multiple complaints of, "No Probable Cause" stops being made in East Montgomery County in violation of the US Constitution and state law in a new and more revealing manner.  Our past history shows that when we get more than one complaint from people that don't know each other about the same type of illegal behaviour in an elected official or public servant, we focus on that individual by gathering and publishing that evidence.  We do have an ear and we hear the constructive criticism that The Sentinel is mostly about the negative stories. 

   After much thought, we have opted to conduct a transparency audit and post all of the results from three different agencies whom have arrested three different men on the same day who are similarly situated.  Even though the arrest records displayed are published and public information, we have opted to obscure their id for this project.  This story is not about these men's personal story, it is about our constitutional rights and to prove the long held and often stated Sentinel observation that the majority of people in our criminal justice system are great people and do the right thing. 

    The very limited open records request submitted to the three Montgomer County Agencies is basic in its nature and should be easy to comply with.   All three were submitted by Monday morning.   We hope the agencies score 1000 but will publish the correspondence as it come in for each department on the "Montgmery County Audits Page" 




The following email was submitted to The City of Conroe for a Conroe PD arrest, An email was also submitted directly to Pct 4 Constable Rowdy Hayden for an arrest by one of his deputies.  We had to submit the request for Splendora PD via a web based inquiry form that The City of Splendora maintiains under a 'Contact Us' page that leaves us with no copy of our request.  The request was worded as follows:

Good Morning,

As part of a transparency project, Sentinel Alert has selected your agency as part of a multi Montgomery County agency "Probable Cause" audit.  I have selected three adjacent arrest listings on The Montgomery County Police Reporter page from three Montgomery County agencies made under similar circumstances on similar charges.  Please review the below Open Records Request and respond at your earliest opportunity.

Under the open records laws and public records statutes and any judicial rules that may apply, I Steve Watson, hereby request true and correct copies of any ‘probable cause’ statement or that portion of any document statement of what lead to the stop and/or arrest of the suspect listed below.  We further request any dash cam or body cam video from the stops.  The legally required stop/arrest time, date and location information necessary to request a video by law is listed below in the attached screen snip from the Montgomery County Reporter publication.

Please notify us by email when the information is ready to pick up along with any cost estimate.

Respectfully Submitted,

Steve Watson

50 W Oak Tree Dr

Pointblank, Texas 77364

936 730 5717

Just below are the three Montgomery County Police Reporter listings that are adjacent to each other on that website. 

MONDAY 1/14/2019  10:08 AM



Good morning,


Thank you for your Open Records Request.  We have initiated the processing.  It has been forwarded to the Police department. You will receive a response from that department which can be reached at (936) 522-3200 should you need more information.


Thank you,



  Mayor & Council


Soco M. Gorjon

City Secretary

City of Conroe

300 W. Davis

Conroe TX 77301

Ph 936-522-3011

Fx 936-522-3009



“To protect and serve the citizens of Conroe

and exceed their expectations.”       

SPLENDORA 1/22/2019


An afternoon email from the Splendora PD shows that the agency PIO has received the request and shows intent to deliver records within a few days. 


CONROE 1/22/2019


A snail mail letter was delivered to The Sentinel Offices yesterday afternoon indicating a nearly immediate reply.


“Arizona is positioned to lead the nation in protecting our citizens’ civil right to free, fair and secure elections.

“Integrity in our elections doesn’t benefit one political party over another; election integrity benefits every single voter regardless of political party, race, gender or income. Period.

“The Department of Justice’s recent decision to publicly target Arizona lawmakers for excercising our constitutional authority over elections is an abhorrent abuse of power and a starkly accurate representation of the disgusting politicization that has occurred within this federal institution.

“Let us, as Arizona lawmakers, be very clear with the Biden Administration and its minions: The Constitution of the United States expressley authorizes our legislative oversight and control of elections. Stay the hell out of our way.”

used for political comment and education 

Publisher - Stephen C. Watson

Office - 50 W Oak Tree Drive

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