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Constable Sam Houston

SHEPHERD 10/10/2020


   After a pack of up to 5 dogs were reported to have attacked a man walking down the street and then a 5 year old boy playing in his yard in Lake Run A Muck subdivision in Shepherd, Tx, friends and relatives were outraged at the failures of the SJC animal control unit overseen by Pct 3 Constable Sam Houston.  The little boy was hospitalized with severe wounds to his neck and body and the man was also hospitalized having been attacked about the head and groin area by the vicious dogs.

   Multiple sources state that Sam Houston, when confronted, tried to blame his department's failures on the San Jacinto County Budget process and in the lap of County Judge Fritz Faulkner.  Further outrage was expressed to The Sentinel by family when calls to Sam Houston about killing the dogs to protect the neighborhood were met with threats of criminal prosecution and Houston's claims that to kill the maurauding dogs would be "inhumane".

    "Sam Houston does not believe any dog should be put down", San Jacinto County Judge Fritz Faulkner stated when informed of the situation and interviewed by The Sentinel, "but that is Sam Houston's personal opinion, NOT San Jacinto County's position" he clarified.  

      One father from the neighborhood where the weekend attacks occurred made it to the Monday night regular meeting of the Shepherd City Council late as folks were leaving to demand the council's action and express his outrage and intent to "kill the dogs" if he could find them.  

       "Dennis Peyton is outside the Shepherd City limits", Mayor Mitton had already clarified during the meeting when family of one of the victims and friends spoke up.  "We don't have any jurisdiction there." Mitton stated as he and all the council expressed their concern.   

       Local news reports state that the dogs were captured by Houston's animal control unit and then two "escaped" again.  




After dating his O.R. request response letter to The Sentinel for the day BEFORE we published the story below in which he then references our story, Capt Sparta makes several other claims that just don't ring true. 

    Our request asked for 'any document' related to the stop which Sparta blanketly denied having since, "no arrest were made" yet he was able to glean the victim's name and phone number from somewhere to call her the day our story was published.  In that call, Sparta assured her that they would rather handle the complaint there in his office rather than on "social media".   Here is Merriam Webster's definition for 'Social': a : marked by or passed in pleasant companionship with friends or associates  

    That doesn't describe The Sentinel Alert - Town Crier publication in the least.  It does describe the posts your deputy Deweese made on his friends social media site depicted below. 

     The Sentinel is a hard-core investigative journalist news site.  As the graph depictes in the attached photo, nearly two thirds of our readers have a 'favorites' direct link to our web site.  The majority of the remaining readership searches for us on search engines with the phrase, "Sentinel" to find us.  We don't advertise or even pass out cards so it is all word of mouth and relevant news that has built our following.  You can see that it is a minimal amount of our readership that is routed to us via 'social media'.  You may wish The Sentinel was 'social' in nature but alas, we are not. 

     On another note regarding your lying answer letter, our research shows that LEO body cams come with an extra battery, can be charged in the car and are advertised to be able to record for 12 hours straight without recharging.   My sources say that dash cams are hardwired into the patrol unit's electrical system.  Are you or your deputy tampering with evidence Capt Sparta?

capt sparta and constable sam houston

SJC PCT 3 5/17/2018


Allegations of a non consent search and unwarranted stop were made to The Sentinel Alert by a 50+ year old woman, a tourist, who was driving alone and in the vicinity of Shell Oilfield Road searching for the 'Hunter's Camp' that is located there.  She alleges that there was no reason to stop her and that Pct 3 Constable Deputy, Nathan Deweese, performed a non consent search of her vehicle by threatening her with arrest if she did not let him search.  According to the lone female, there was no citation issued.  Her allegations were accompanied by a video clip she provided that does show Nathan Deweese rifling through her car. 

    As is our method of investigation, The Sentinel filed an open records request with Constable Sam Houston after reviewing the video and a lengthy interview with the woman in order to get some answers.  In another blatant expression of his, "above the law" mentality so often displayed by this corrupt constable, he has ignored the request.  To his detriment, most will surmise that he and his department have something to hide.  It NEVER fails that when elected officials ignore or resist open records requests and we take the issue higher up, there is evidence of wrong doing that they are trying to suppress.

    Constable Houston, in a spirit of fairness, we give you until Monday next to reply to the request before we advise the OAG of your violation of the law.


    Just for the record, Keith Black and Nathan Deweese, I count it GLORY that corrupt men like you both count me as an enemy.  On advice of counsel, I will refrain from commenting on the lawsuit you filed against me Black but I will address the lies in your opening statment.  The only part you got right was that the judge has been recused from the case and rightfully so after the illegal and unconstitutional actions he took against me and then later vacated.

     As for my 'sources', you and all The Sentiel readers know that my source is your own personel file from when you were employed by the probation dept before your TERMINATION for your criminal acts.  We can publish that all again if you want but I would just rather let the visiting judge study the file he has and make his decision based on those documents compared to the articles that I wrote.  It has been nearly a month since the last hearing and no word yet.  According to my sources, he studied the file to a great extent before the hearing he presided over and did not give a decision that day or since.   It was reported to The Sentinel that even after a whole day on that one case, your star attorney, Mary Olga Lovett with all her prowess and power as a global attorney, left the courtroom and did NOT look like a happy camper.  So much for your slam dunk. 

    And now for your mealy mouthed 'wont face me' comment.  I will face you anytime you don't run when you see me out in the real world.  The only mark you are leaving on SJC REGARDLESS of the decision the judge eventually makes, is of an ex public servant that violated our trust and was outed for it. 

    It is only fitting that you 'birds of a feather' flock together.  Capt Sparta was convicted of sexually assaulting a child before he was 18 so the record is sealed but I have it.  Nathan Deweese was indicted, charged and arrested for an abusive crime against a woman from his past.   The most recent story speaks to his ongoing criminal acts against women.  Constable Houston, as his page shows, is guilty of, among other things, abusing his authority to try and coerce a beautiful young woman to meet up with him one on one if she didn't want to lose her kids or see her baby daddy go to jail.   Praise God you and your klan count me as an enemy. 

   As for the 'let you breathe' comment, that is not my decision.  It hasn't been a mistake I made.  The longer you have breath, the more asinine and ignorant comments you make.   Ever heard the old adage, give them enough rope and they will hang themselves?  You are small potatoes in the grand scheme of things.  I know you and your coharts are hoping that the corruption battle that is in my sights today will take The Sentinel down.  I could be wrong, I have been wrong before but I believe Sparta ignoring my open records request the day after my arrest was because he figured I was down for the count.  Don't hold your breath on that one.  I serve a God that brings down the mighty with the weak and confounds the wise with the simple.  That way there is no doubt about the source of the power that actually accomplishes the feat.  You have my address and phone number.  I can't say it any plainer than that.


Steve Watson


This is not the first time allegations against Sam Houston and his Capt Sparta and Deputy Deweese harrassing female motorists with threats and illegal searches have been made to The Sentinel.  There are two basic differences this time.  1) we have video proof of the search. 2) no allegations of stolen money this time.

CLEVELAND 1/7/2018


SJC Pct 3 Constable Sam Houston was spotted by a Sentinel Investigator illegally parking in the fire lane in front of the Cleveland Walmart.  A blatant violation of the law that he has sworn to uphold, Houston just piles another example of his elitist 'above the law' mentality that he has become known for.  From his abuse of official capacity for harrassing a young woman to meet with him one on one to hiring a convicted sex offender as a deputy, Houston was just as blatant in this crime today.  Granted there is a clause in the law for emergency vehicles to park there but unless needing a 30 pack of Busch Beer is an emergency, Houston is just another criminal with a gun and badge.  Houston carried out a bag of dog food and as the photo shows below, Houston's companion has a 30 pack of beer.   It wasn't too long ago that SJC Judge John Lovett was caught breaking the same law at the same spot.  Can we say birds of a feather?  The common denominator is that both men profess a staunch alliance to that fraternal order that teaches they are 'perfect' and better than the 'profane' ie: all the rest of us.

A recent fb post by Constable Sam Houston
Peter Sparta - Sam Houston

UPDATE 10/23/2017


No correspondence yet from TCOLE on the requested records.  According to Sentinel sources, Deputy DeWeese has quit the Pct 3 Constable's office.  

UPDATE 9/28/2017


With Peter Joseph Sparta's conviciton for attempted aggravated sexual assault of a child occuring before he was an adult, those criminal records are judicially sealed and cannot be used to deny Sparta a law enforcement commission in the State of Texas.  "I don't know how you got those records", T.C.O.L.E. Director Kim Vickers stated, "but you could be sued over them" was the conclusion of the director.  "We can't use them to deny his commission and never would have even known they were there without your email", Vickers said summarizing the situation.  The Sentinel then asked Director Vickers about a misdomeanor theft conviction on Sparta when he was 17 and an adult by state law.  "That conviction fell off of his record after ten years", Dirctor Vickers stated, "and will not show up on a pre employment criminal history check."  "I put my best investigator on this case and I understand your concern but we cannot not pull his T.C.O.L.E. license over either of those incidents." 

UPDATE 9/26/2017


An early morning call at the direction of Kim Vickers, Director of TCOLE, in response to a late Friday afternoon email to his office assured The Sentinel that an investigator had been assigned to follow up on the evidence delivered to them.



   With full knowledge of his background, Republican party darling, Pct 3 Constable, Sam Houston gave a badge and gun to a man who was, as a teenager, CONVICTED of Agg Sexual Assault of a Child (attempted) according to the documents obtained by a Sentinel Investigator.  Those documents (below) list the felony offense that occurred in Harris County along with the conviction and time served, age and gender of his victim. 

    A story that has been a matter of investigation by The Sentinel since rumors first surfaced, it was only after an open records request for county records gave us the exact legal name of the convicted sex offender, Peter Joseph Sparta, that a simple yahoo search yielded the lower set of page snips about the criminal history of Sam Houston's "Captain Sparta".   The thing that proves Houston knew the whole time was the manufactured lie that it was Sparta's twin brother that was convicted of the sexual assault that Houston has propagated to too many people to back up from now. 

     These violations of the public trust by Sam Houston are enough to call for his resignation but further investigation has revealed that Houston is allowing Sparta to moonlight in Harris County and San Jacinto County behind his Pct 3 badge and gun.  Holding only reserve status, according to official county documents, it is a crime for Houston to allow Sparta that moonlighting priviledge other than funeral escorts.  That lucrative opportunity to make 50 dollars an hour is reserved, by law, for real LEO's. 

     Houston has proven his criminal character over and over in this county.  It is time for him to be prosecuted for his crimes.



The link in the headline is to a battery of images of actual email messages given to The Sentinel as evidence while we were investigating the crimes Sam Houston has committed behind his badge and gun.  This evidence has remained in The Sentinel files for a couple of years because the young lady (to remain unnamed) would not come forward in person to file charges against Houston. 

   It is reported to The Sentinel that Houston and his gang made warrantless entry into her home late at night among the other violations of the law he committed as outlined in the text messages. 

  The young and quite attractive mother of two ended up revoked and back in jail not long after these threats were made by Constable Houston.  We, after much soul searching, decided to come forward with this evidence to the public despite the lack of formal charges after

   Houston recently hired a deputy who himself was charged and prosecuted for harrassing a young lady in a north texas jurisdiction.   The Sentinel did make the documents available to every law enforcement agency two years ago, the prosecutors office and known to judges in our county.  Houston has proven he has a penchant for holding himself above the law. 

   Check out the handle of Houston's gun illustrated in this campaign photo of his.  There is that pesky fraternal order again protecting criminals in positions of power and no one gives a damn about it.  All I can do is sound the alarm.  Pct Three, if you elect this man again, it is on your shoulders.   

UPDATE 8/23/2017


Ex SJC Deputy, Nathan Deweese has been hired as a deputy constable by Pct 3 Constable, Sam Houston.

UPDATE 4/15/2016



April 14, 2016

San Jacinto County Sheriff’s Deputy Resigns under Investigation

In response to false rumors and allegations floating around the internet, the San Jacinto County Sheriff’s Office makes the following statement regarding an alleged incident with one of its Deputy Sheriff personnel.

On April 5, 2016, Sheriff Greg Capers was contacted by a North Texas Police Department regarding their investigation into a harassment allegation against SJCSO Deputy N. Deweese. The Sheriff was advised that a charge of Harassment, a Class B Misdemeanor, had been filed against Deweese in their jurisdiction. Deweese reported to the Sheriff’s Office and tendered his resignation, citing personal reasons. In accordance with arrangements made by the law enforcement agency, he then posted an ‘out of county’ non-arrest bond in the amount of $1000.00. Deweese then left the Sheriff’s Office to attend to his personal business.

Deputy Deweese served San Jacinto County with pride and dedication. His situation was based on a personal relationship and had no reflection on his duty or work in San Jacinto County.

The Sheriff’s Office will not have any additional information on this situation.



With scant information in to The Sentinel and no confirmation or additional information released by our SJC Sheriff's Department yet, it is reported that one of their own was arrested on a charge of harassment.  Preliminary sources indicate the arrest was effected by the SJC Sheriff’s Department against Deputy Nathan Deweese who had tendered his resignation which was effective April 5th.

sign on forest land
sign on hiway r.o.w.
sign gone

UPDATE 2/22/2016 7 p.m.


In what should have been a lesson learned 4 years ago, Pct 3 Constable Houston had to have it hammered home this time around.  With a track record of verifiable actions that prove his attitude is that he is above the law, pressure from his constituents, Federal and State law enforcement and a keyboard and camera proved that the law is above him.  Constable Houston removed his illegal sign from Federal and State property just before it was officially confiscated.  According to Sentinel Sources within his precinct, Houston’s sign was removed from its illegal location and moved to the fence by the neighboring store where all of the other candidate’s signs were legally placed. 

UPDATE 2/22/2016 noonish


In what can only be seen as a thumb in the eye of his constituents, Constable Houston has removed the illegal sign from the Forest Service land and put it farther out toward the road where it is definately in the state highway R.O.W.   Our guess is that he is falling back on his permission from four years ago from "so and so" at TxDoT to justify this blatant violation. 

UPDATE PCT 3 2/18/2016


In a ‘deja vous’ effort to get some answers, The Sentinel contacted the Pct 3 constable with a simple question.  “Did you not know the laws regarding political sign placement or do you just not care?  In Houston’s original campaign, he began placing signs out on our roadways before the legal time allowed by the election laws.  His response on the record back then was that “so and so” at TxDot told me it would be ok.  Much to my no surprise, he did the exact same thing when I enquired about this sign.  He threw about 4 or 5 forest service employees under the bus by name with no hesitation as having given him permission to violate the law.  One of them that I know and care about, I let know.  The rest will have to figure it out.  Then he assured me that the Republican Party Chairman had ok’d the sign placement.  Houston never denied knowing the sign was illegal.  At one point, his defense was, “Everybody breaks the law everyday”.   Not knowing if that was an admission on himself or an accusation against me, I paused to ponder the point before replying, “No Sir”.  His next step was to assert that his forest service blameees told him the sign was not on the forest because it was not nailed to a tree.  A little reminder of the obvious that the state highway r.o.w. was just as illegal nipped that tack in the bud.  Then there was the accusation I was only picking on him about signs for personal reasons.  He offered to contact his local forest service buddies to reaffirm their permission before he would remove the sign.  At this point, we discussed the fact that game wardens, nor forest service rangers can give anyone permission to violate the statutes or laws of this state or nation.   The next tactic was to blame it on my anger.  I assured the constable that it was not anger because it was not personal but only the principle that mattered to me.  At this point, I admitted to becoming somewhat cynical because I expose corruption after corruption and so few care.  Houston bowed up with, “You call this corruption?”  My reply was, if you are telling me you can violate the law or another LEO can give you permission to violate the law, that is the definition of corruption. 

WEBSTERS Dictionary

CORRUPTION; dishonest or illegal behavior especially by powerful people (such as government officials or police officers)

With both of us agreeing it was time to go eat dinner, I requested the constable call the tallest hog in the trough in forest service law enforcement (like I did) then call and give me a statement after you think it over.  “I am not giving you a statement” was his terse reply.  “You just did for about 20 minutes” I reminded the constable.  Today we will see what happens.  I want to make one thing clear.  It was not me that brought the issue up.  It is your Pct 3 constituents that pressed me to do so.  The ones that love the beauty of our national forests and don’t care to see illegal political sign clutter at their turn off of the main road to get home in our beautiful timberlands.  They are calling you down.  I am just their spokesperson.  An exact quote from them was, “Who does he think he is?"  Constable is running unopposed this election, he was quick to point out.  Earlier in the conversation when he accused me of picking on just him, my reply was, "If you read my website, you would know that is not true."  "I don't read your stuff", Houston retorted.  I assured him that was fine and his perogative but I did have 800 pages viewed just yesterday.  It is true that it may be a little thing, a little trangression of the law but if you are not willing to defend the laws of this great state, will you stand up to defend the constitution at crunch time?  It is a sign of elitism when you think the laws don't apply to you.  We (your constituents and I) are here to prove that they do.

Steve Watson



"We reomove illegal campaign signs all the time".

SJC FM 2025 AND FM 945 2/2/2016 


But why not?  It is a great corner.  The intersection of two state highway right of ways and federal forest land PRECLUDE the possibility or eliminate any question of what side of the line the sign is on because it doesn't matter.  The sign is illegally placed.



Pct 3 Constable Sam Houston demonstrated his disdain for the 'little laws' once again as he illegally parked with full display of his name and office being sought from within the the 100' stand back line from the door of the polling place. 


“Arizona is positioned to lead the nation in protecting our citizens’ civil right to free, fair and secure elections.

“Integrity in our elections doesn’t benefit one political party over another; election integrity benefits every single voter regardless of political party, race, gender or income. Period.

“The Department of Justice’s recent decision to publicly target Arizona lawmakers for excercising our constitutional authority over elections is an abhorrent abuse of power and a starkly accurate representation of the disgusting politicization that has occurred within this federal institution.

“Let us, as Arizona lawmakers, be very clear with the Biden Administration and its minions: The Constitution of the United States expressley authorizes our legislative oversight and control of elections. Stay the hell out of our way.”

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