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Civil asset forfieture moneys have been brought to the forefront in Trinity County by a bogus arrest and perp walk by "the walking woody, Sheriff Woodrow Wallace.   "  According to Sentinel sources, the auditor dared ask Woodrow Wallace in commissioner's court about 12K of proceeds from such sales and was soon after, perp walked accross the town square in cuffs on a bogus arrest.  Just happened to be noon time too.  

     A couple of inquiries to Trinity Co officials have gone unanswered as if they were never received.  

      An investigative effort by Sentinel sources has revealed that Woodrow Wallace owns or has interest in several auctionhouses.  

     Further investigation into legally required documentation of civil asset forfieture has failed to make  the case for seized packs of baby diapers being used in a criminal way to make them subjet to seizure.  

ONALASKA 2/26/2021


The article linked to this headline involves the recent culmination of a federal investigation The Sentinel reported on over a year ago.  The Fed's efforts brought the roosters home to roost.  We shared the past article about a false front airplane registry scheme based in a town with no airport yet enough planes registered here that every home could have one.  1000 registered.  Made me wonder where was the nearest airport.  Then it made me wonder why the city of Livingston owns an airport and has a 'gate contract' with the adjoining development.  So it boils down to 1000 foreign nationals have US Tail Numbers and a select group can land and taxi right to their own house and private hanger with no scrutiny.  I don't know why I wonder things like that.  

    The recent arrest of some involved by the Feds put Polk County's lead law enforcement officer on the "Duh" map again.   Are you still turning a blind eye Bill Lee?  Like you did in the Linda Vincent case and the 'Willgo' real estate operation out of the Pct office?  Like you continue to do about the documented crimes Christopher Lima has committed? 

      Since we have learned over the last few years that there is no Ranger investigation unless the DA says there is a Ranger investigation, why are you so quick to authorize an investigation on a black jailer assaulting a white inmate Bill Lee but have yet to open any investigation on Lima?  Are you a racist?     


POLK CO 1/5/2022


In what seems to be their comfort zone (picking on girls and telling lies) the bogus fakebook page today reported that the Polk Co Clerk violated the law because of a simple comment she made on a social media site.  

   The punks can't help themselves when it comes to lying or picking on girls.  An elections administrator, IF Polk Co had one, would be appointed by Commissioner's court. They haven't so they don't.  

   Despite the fact that these on going violations of the Tyler Evans circle jerks, have resulted in two seperate criminal charges filed against tyler evans in two different counties by (you got it) two different girls, Hon/Coleman  will NOT investigate the "who" of it because THEY ALREADY KNOW WHO THEY ARE!!! They won't investigate for the same reason they wont answer open records requests about payroll and Lima complaints.  They don't want to give up evidence of their illegal activities.

Not only did they tell some bald face lies this am, they stooped so low(oh that is right, God did curse snakes to already be on their belly) they picked on a girl that is not even able to step up and defend herself.  That spells PUNK in my dictionary.  

   Long time Sentinel Readers will remember that this is NOT the first time Lee Hon has lied on Polk Co Clerk, Ms. Hock.  Hon lied to the Texas Rangers to initiate and investigation into her office accusing Ms. Hock of secreting me out sensitive documents  just before Hon filed the 8even bogus felony counts on me.  The so called 'secreted document' was a marriage certificate I went into the records, looked up and paid a dollar for.  To the rangers credit, when they found out it was a public record I paid a dollar for three days into their investigation, they dropped it like a hot potato.  What they did NOT do is file any action against Li Hon for giving a false report to a police officer.  Hon should already be in jail.  The fact he isn't is an indictment on the criminal justice system.  Hon and his ilk are the reason people have had a belly full of corruption in Polk County and across this nation.  DOJ  DO YOU HEAR ME NOW?  It is what you know and when you knew it.    

   To explain the picture with this story.  Keith Black lives in Kotzebue Alaska and has been a regular viewer of my page for months now.  He never missed a day and was usually 2 or 3 views a day.  SINCE we ran the 'Hon Henchman" story exposing his connection as moderator and neighbor to Dumas, he has not viewed the page a single time in the last week and a half.

ONALASKA 11/15/2021


Onalaska PD officer ? resource officer?) Tammy Heeth has been being investigated since allegations of her assaulting an Elementary School mother in front of the school with her young daughters in the car.  

  Several  interesting issues have come up regarding the calls into the 911 systen that indicate some record tampering by ommission.  More to be seen.

   The story that prompts this headline is that Heeth's  personel file proves that the big name lawman Heeth got to give her a recomendation or 'endorsement' on her application was none other than William Jerry.  Jerry was fired from Polk Co Sheriff's Department for abusing people in the jail.  

    Sheriff Byron Lyons upheld the firing on Jerry's appeal.

         A local advocate with a long proven record of standing up for minority women and children has taken an interest in this case and the lives that surround it.  "It is not about color or race", Advocate Covalt stated and continued, "Just because we are L.U.L.A.C. "doessn't limit our need for Truth and Justice to a skin tone."  Without justice, it is "Just Us", Ms. Rose added.

        Both Heeth and the mother are white so there is not a racial card to play.  "It isn't about color, it is about corruption," Ms. Covalt emphasized again.  

      To those that doubt the ubiquity of Superfly eyes and ears, we have heard the story from the night of Ms. Parish's graduation where a lot of our first responders gather to let their hair down and party some.  More power too you guys and gals and thank you for your service to our communities.  After the beer flowed a little, Heeth, itis alleged, was overheard by one good servant (we have many) saying, "I would have tazed the bitch but her kids were in the car".  

     No servant's heart there if the allegations are true.  There is a bit of a list of folks that were there that could be questioned if necessary.  


TRINITY 11/11/2021


Trinity County Judge, Steven D. Page, as chief custodian of the Trinity County records opted to hide behind some asinine stall tactics instead of giving a simple reply to a simple question.  Our effort to get any document that would give the name of any K9 officer or drug interdiction officer employed by the Trinity Co Sheriff's office in the last two years was met with the above "request for clarification" letter from the attorney Page hired to stall the public from reading their own records.  







The "super" pest is buzzing around some big stories in the tri county area.  

Long time Sentinel readers will remember the stir that 'Superflyonthewall' created in the early days of the political message boards and online politics as an anonymous  handle we used.  The corrupt politicians who suffered the fate of having their crimes outed in public with proof  documents posted by The Fly found out that  It was an effective method then that still works today.  The only problem was that there was so much obsession with who 'The Fly" was that no one would discuss the issues at hand.  It was that situation that led me to finally put my name, physical address and phone number on The Sentinel and fade the heat (hate) so we could get to the issues.  Now all the corrupt can talk about is who they claim I am and fight to keep me from getting the records that prove who they are. 


So we here at The Sentinel hereby proclaim, "The Fly" -is ressurected and designate him to be the official anti corruption tip line for East Texas.  

       The first story  'The reborn Fly' is digging into is an allegation that Trinity County Sheriff Woody Wallace had a corrupt K9 officer who was removed from employment and Lima hired promoted to take his place.  The allegations are that the K9 officer was peddling confiscated drugs out of his  police vehicle.  Is there any truth to this Sheriff Wallace?  When he got a little heat on him, did you cut him loose?   In light of the facts surrounding the recent arrest of Lima and the allegations against him, it lends our source much more credibility.  Is it True Trinity County?  No prosecution and you ALL just kicked that problem down the road to another community and promoted Lima to fill the void?  The Fly wants to know. 

    Is that why you folks in Trinity County are paying an attorney tokeep me from seeing the public records of comments posted to the Trinity County Sheriff FB (oh excuse me, the META) page?  

    YOu guys are the ones paying a sheriff to claim how transparent he is then pay money to cloak him?  



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