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LIVINGSTON 12/5/2021


According to a reliable Sentinel source, Li Hon requested that Polk Co Sheriff, Byron Lyons endorse him.  According to the Fly on The Wall, Sheriff Lyons replied, "I will endorse you just like you endorsed me".  

We will see if that pesky fly is right again.  Just for grins, I post this comment box below for ANYBODY that wants to endorse Li Hon or Tom Tom Coleman to say so below so I can publish it here first.  ANYONE!!!!


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12/3/2021 L:IVINGSTON



At the top of this story box is the meme we spoke of.  That was his first volley.  Lets back track through time a little and explore hon/coleman's fruitless efforts to battle the Truth with  lies.


coleman letter hon header


We have offered to shut down The Sentinel if any of those mouthy liars can prove that Publisher, Stephen C. Watson Sr has EVER published a malicious lie.  Amid all of the FAKE NEWS on the Takebook Tyler Evans page, we have extended that offer to state if anyone can prove that said publisher (Me) has ever been convicted of or sentenced for a crime, we will shut the publication down.  The offer has stood for YEARS and not the first attempt to do so because, even in their capacity as DA and ADA, they both KNOW that they dan't do it.  Instead, they resort to lies and fake news to accomplish what they never will.  I an I alone have the ability to destroy my credibility and I won't do that.

   If I ever did decide to destroy my credibility, I could just follow the HON/COLEMAN WILLIE/TYLER OPENSHAW EVANS example.    They have been quite effective in destroying their credibility.  Let me splain something.  A Lie is like a used kleenex.  It can cover up a rock in a heartbeat.  The problem is, a used kleenex cant take the light of day or any storm conditions.  They dissolve and leave that Rock of Truth setting there staring you in the face.


Notice that the letter to 1 and 1, my web host is dated April of 2018.  The judgement that Hon/Coleman refer in the letter to my web host as Exhibit B is dated April of 2017,  That judgement was granted.  The problem is, less than thirty days later, the judgement was vacated and eventually over turned.  By the time Hon and Coleman went to get the judgement out of the file to send in to the web host as part of the scam, The order vacating and the overturn of the judgement were already of record and a part of the same file.  Hon Coleman ignored that exculpatory evidence document and only got copies of the document that would help convince my web host that I was guilty when the evidence that proved I was NOT guilty was right there in the same file and they BOTH knew it yet withheld that exculpatory evidence.  Do you need more?  Ok, lets keep looking. 



LIVINGSTON ``/`7/2021


"coleman announces'

Polk County's own honnite ADA announced his run for the office on the local propaganda website they have used for years.  Tommy Coleman, infamous for his involvement in the Morton case out of Williamson County for withholding exculpatory evidence in at least two cases there has come to Polk County and practiced his dark art to perfection.  He uses it on political foes and the people here.  Coleman calls himself a conservative in his announcement but nothing could be further from the truth.  Coleman has fought free speech/ press and and due process all the way through his tenure here.  He has lied repeatedly and borne false witness against innocent men.  You cannot be a conservative unless you practice Moral conservatism.  It is that simple

     As is our style, The Sentinel is going to publish the proof documents to prove that Coleman and Hon both bear false witness, out right lie and with hold exculpatory evidence as a normal tactic in their corrupt partnership.  Everytime Coleman touts his 'experience' remember that.   Coleman can say what he wants to about Williamson county, sue the Polk County Enterprise even but what he can not do is stop me from publishing the documents that prove he and Hon have, as a matter of course, with held exculpatory evidence in Polk County.  Not only can I prove that, I can show where they threaten people with prosecution if they don't do exactly what Hon/Coleman wants them to do.    Oh and did I mention them lying thru their teeth?  We can prove that too.  

     If Polk County comes any where near electing Coleman or Hon for office, that will tell me all I need to know.  

   Coleman posted a smart aleck meme on his fb the day the fraudulent indictments came down on me to the effect of, "It is all fun and games until someone gets indicted".   I say it is all fun and games until someone announces their plan to run.  


ONALASKA 11/15/2021


Onalaska PD officer ? resource officer?) Tammy Heeth has been being investigated since allegations of her assaulting an Elementary School mother in front of the school with her young daughters in the car.  

  Several  interesting issues have come up regarding the calls into the 911 systen that indicate some record tampering by ommission.  More to be seen.

   The story that prompts this headline is that Heeth's  personel file proves that the big name lawman Heeh got to give her a recomendation or 'endorsement' on her application was none other than William Jerry.  Jerry was fired from Polk Co Sheriff's Department for abusing people in the jail.  

    Sheriff Byron Lyons upheld the firing on Jerry's appeal.

         A local advocate with a long proven record of standing up for minority women and children has taken an interest in this case and the lives that surround it.  "It is not about color or race", Advocate Covalt stated and continued, "Just because we are L.U.L.A.C. "doessn't limit our need for Truth and Justice to a skin tone."  Without justice, it is "Just Us", Ms. Rose added.

        Both Heeth and the mother are white so there is not a racial card to play.  "It isn't about color, it is about corruption," Ms. Covalt emphasized again.  

      To those that doubt the ubiquity of Superfly eyes and ears, we have heard the story from the night of Ms. Parish's graduation where a lot of our first responders gather to let their hair down and party some.  More power too you guys and gals and thank you for your service to our communities.  After the beer flowed a little, Heeth, itis alleged, was overheard by one good servant (we have many) saying, "I would have tazed the bitch but her kids were in the car".  

     No servant's heart there if the allegations are true.  There is a bit of a list of folks that were there that could be questioned if necessary.  They know who they are. If any other would confirm or deny that it happened, my number is posted.  We want to know.


TRINITY 11/11/2021


Trinity County Judge, Steven D. Page, as chief custodian of the Trinity County records opted to hide behind some asinine stall tactics instead of giving a simple reply to a simple question.  Our effort to get any document that would give the name of any K9 officer or drug interdiction officer employed by the Trinity Co Sheriff's office in the last two years was met with the above "request for clarification" letter from the attorney Page hired to stall the public from reading their own records.  







The "super" pest is buzzing around some big stories in the tri county area.  

Long time Sentinel readers will remember the stir that 'Superflyonthewall' created in the early days of the political message boards and online politics as an anonymous  handle we used.  The corrupt politicians who suffered the fate of having their crimes outed in public with proof  documents posted by The Fly found out that  It was an effective method then that still works today.  The only problem was that there was so much obsession with who 'The Fly" was that no one would discuss the issues at hand.  It was that situation that led me to finally put my name, physical address and phone number on The Sentinel and fade the heat (hate) so we could get to the issues.  Now all the corrupt can talk about is who they claim I am and fight to keep me from getting the records that prove who they are. 


So we here at The Sentinel hereby proclaim, "The Fly" -is ressurected and designate him to be the official anti corruption tip line for East Texas.  

       The first story  'The reborn Fly' is digging into is an allegation that Trinity County Sheriff Woody Wallace had a corrupt K9 officer who was removed from employment and Lima hired promoted to take his place.  The allegations are that the K9 officer was peddling confiscated drugs out of his  police vehicle.  Is there any truth to this Sheriff Wallace?  When he got a little heat on him, did you cut him loose?   In light of the facts surrounding the recent arrest of Lima and the allegations against him, it lends our source much more credibility.  Is it True Trinity County?  No prosecution and you ALL just kicked that problem down the road to another community and promoted Lima to fill the void?  The Fly wants to know. 

    Is that why you folks in Trinity County are paying an attorney tokeep me from seeing the public records of comments posted to the Trinity County Sheriff FB (oh excuse me, the META) page?  

    YOu guys are the ones paying a sheriff to claim how transparent he is then pay money to cloak him?  



call 936 730 5717





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