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WACO 4/3/2019


     Big headlines and a lot of splashy comment so far removed from the truth of the matter has eminated from the McClennan County prosecutor's office in the last couple of days that it makes our head spin. 

     The new prosecutor has deposited himself right into the middle of a Catch 22.  If none of the bikers can be prosecuted because of a lack of evidence, it remains that LEO Snipers killed four men with no probable cause. 

      The Sentinel was the ONLY media outlet that questioned the shooting and the role of LEO snipers from day one.  When Veterans who were there assured me through a spokesperson that it was silenced rifle fire from above that was mowing men down, I took their word and began to ask the tough questions and seek real answers.   Waco PD LIED THROUGH THIER TEETH from the get go.  Oh that is right, the Supreme court ruled LEO's can lie through their teeth to people. Through open records laws, we were able to extract the proof documents despite their best effort to deny and delay. 

      My first outrage was all of the no probable cause warrants that were issued.  "Cookie Cutter" warrants is a great descriptive term.  The Sentinel pounced on that cancer immediatly and even had to fight it here locally with our own infamous, 'Gambling Raid' were a local district judge signed nearly as many warrants here with no probable cause.  Just like in McClennan County, San Jacinto County and most recently exposed in the Montgomery County Pct 4 Constable's office, when the judiciary VIOLATES The Constitution and our Constitutional rights as citizens, the cases crumble and end up dismissed.  What a nightmare of lawsuits and asset forfieture abyss the unconstitutional acitons create. 

       Waco took 4 years to right their wrong.  To WACO city;  Does your inverted city seal commemerate the fallen twin towers and the muslim agenda to destroy our nation?  The crap you put a lot of innocent people through and the abject violation of our Constitution makes me think maybe there is something to that claim.   The picture below was taken from inside the Don Carlos restaurant BEFORE any shooting began.    

WACO 8/29/2018


"You don't have to go to Russia for election tampering"

"McLennan County DA Able Reyna used local news media to spread a false narrative and then engaged in a cover-up of evidence to the contrary"  Assistant Attorney General Lance Kutnick has found Reyna in violation of the Texas Public Information Act on at least three occasions dating back 4 years according to documents sent to the Grand Jury Foreman. 

This according to a detailed complaint delivered to the McLennan County Grand Jury Foreman who has not responded.


Complete story with documents HERE

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WACO 8/17/2018


Multiple allegations of wrong doing have been leveled at the lame duck DA, Abelino Reyna whose illegal, unconstitutional and bad faith acts reported in The Sentinel regarding the Waco Twin Peaks shootout cost him at the ballot box. Reyna, it is proven, has violated the open records statutes with impunity but remains un prosecuted for it.  In an open display of his "I am the DA so I am above the law" attitude Reyna refused to release a public document he knew was public information simply because it proved him to be a liar.  Not only did he refuse to release the document, Reyna's years long pattern of making pointless OAG opinion requests, this time simply to delay the inevitable until after the elections that lamed his duck, has been repeatedly called down by the OAG but no prosecution.

    Reyna falsely stated in a political interview that one of his departing asst DA's was fired "for lying" when the documents prove she resigned and Reyna is the liar.   She had brought forth evidence and allegations of wrong doing by Reyna that he knew were damning.  When it comes to violating the open records laws to keep from giving the evidence that proves you have already violated other laws, it is like pulling teeth to get those documents simply because there is very little if any enforcement. 

     The city secretary in Houston was indicted and arrested for violating the same exact open records laws. Was she warned repeatedly?  Hands down, it is the same violation The Sentinel so often encounters in our quest for truth and exposes those violations to public scrutiny.  Despite that, it is a crime overlooked as far as prosecution by those charged with the duty and priviledge of defending our constitutional rights against such onslaught. 

      In another complaint filed against Reyna, it is proven that a man is jailed and being prosecuted for Criminal Trespass with no warning prior to his arrest.  Why?  It was a district judge's property he was on.   When he was located several miles away after immediatly leaving the property when notified to do so, the man was arrested without a warrant and then given warning to stay off the property.  He was placed in jail on a 400,000.00 dollar bond.    


Sec. 30.05. CRIMINAL TRESPASS. (a) A person commits an offense if the person enters or remains on or in property of another, including residential land, agricultural land, a recreational vehicle park, a building, or an aircraft or other vehicle, without effective consent and the person:

(1) had notice that the entry was forbidden; or

(2) received notice to depart but failed to do so.


Since it was a judge, the police followed instructions to violate the accused's probable cause protections and jailed him without due process.  Instead of putting the man on notice as the law demands, he bypasses those probable cause due process protections and the bond is exhorbant.  It is a common tactic in their effort. 


Just another instance, like Twin Peaks, where the probable cause element of our system is overlooked and bypassed.   That 'cookie cutter' warrants conspiracy required the cooperative efforts of those in the McClendon County criminal justice system to make mass arrests without proving probable cause and then prosecute the innocent and confiscate their personal property.  The nearly instant repeat of this mass violation against our 'probable cause' protections took place in San Jacinto County in the infamous "Gambling Raid" that netted over 150 arrests in one fail swoop and much private property and cash confiscated.  Both 'cookie cutter' warrant instances showed the same exact result.  Many cases dropped because there is no evidence and much private property belonging to the charged, lost or destroyed that should not have been taken.   At least the SJC DA's office did the right thing and dismissed the charges when there was no evidence.  It took a ballot box to right the wrong in McClendon County because Abelino Reyna was one of the conspirators.  

     The simple fact is that without our 'Probable Cause' protections, we are in a police state.   It IS that simple.  Every single instance of violating those rights toward anyone is another step toward the statist big government agenda.  When they occur in mass, those events should sound the alarm in any patriot's mind but it seems like so many don't comprehend the danger these acts are to our freedom and liberty.   Our founders wrote those 'Probable Cause' protections in to protect us from tyrants like Abelino Reyna and the failure of the magistrate process in McClendon County. 

WACO 6/20/2018


An assistant prosecutor who prosecuted a policeman for choking a handcuffed victim was recently fired by lame duck McClendon County DA, Ablenoia Reyna on his way out.  


This quote is from a Waco Tribune Story linked to it.


"Dillon said she will meet soon with civil attorneys to discuss a possible whistleblower lawsuit against Reyna. Former Reyna assistants Greg Davis and Michael Jarrett and longtime office manager Julissa Contreras met with an FBI agent in August 2014 to discuss what they alleged was Reyna’s penchant for giving favorable treatment to his friends and financial supporters. Davis described the result as a two-tiered justice system."

     As is always the case, there are folks with integrity and character that populate the staff in all of our public offices who are willing to speak up (to me at least) and bring forward evidence of wrong doing.   It is those who make our work at The Sentinel United alliance possible.   Reyna, needs a scape goat to blame the failure of the effort against Jake Carrizal, the Bandido who was tried, instead of taking his own heat for a botched effort based on lies.  Fortunatly the voters knew that the buck for that one stopped with Reyna.  If the cookie cutter warrants aren't enough to arrest the magistrate who signed them with no probable cause, the DA's office's failure to determine that only a small portion of the people at Twin Peaks committed a crime that day, was a determined effort on their part to ignore, cover up and bear false witness.   Reyna allowed cameras in the courtroom thinking he had the next election in the bag.  That one back fired. 

used under fair use for political comment



Several documents ordered released to The Sentinel by OAG letter dated April 27, 2018 show that the three sniper rifles used in the death of four of the Cossak Bikers at the Twin Peaks in Waco, Texas were assigned to three of Waco's PD officers.   We will refrain from publishing the LEO's names at this point but ATF records prove the men were each issued a suppressor also. 

   The narrative long posted on the Waco public website denies that they had any snipers deployed but evidence documents obtained by The Sentinel prove there were at least two snipers firing from the roof of the Don Carlos that killed four of the Cossack Bikers.  That same evidence also proves the first Cossack shot by the Waco PD Snipers fired within seconds of the first punch thrown dropping Boyett instantly while he stood next to his son, Cody Ledbetter. 

    One eye witness (patron, not a biker) described that death as almost instantaneous when the shooting started.

    All the charges were dropped on Cody Ledbetter within weeks of The Sentinel publishing the proof that there were snipers and that Boyett was shot almost instantly by a sniper. 

    None of the stories that we have read pertaining to the recent indictments mention snipers or that 4 were killed by LEO's. 


POINTBLANK 4/30/2019


A letter from Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton's Open Records Division to the City of Waco and carbon copied to The Sentinel offices has ordered the city to forward some of the documents requested. The request was geared toward proving whether the city owned the rifles used in the Twin Peaks biker shooting or not.  Sentinel readers may recall (stories on Texas page under Waco) that two of the three 'counter sniper' rifles were accounted for by the manufacturer (Remington) but the only Colt gun used that day does NOT appear in the S/N data base according to Colt.   Waco has contstantly denied deploying snipers to the scene prior to the beginning of the altercation that led to the death of 9 bikers, 4 at the hands of LEO snipers. 

   The Sentinel's best effort to get to the bottom of the question raised by bikers via calls to
The Sentinel the day after the incident proved there were snipers and that they began firing within seconds of the first punch thrown.   Further investigation by The Sentinel and Waco Activist, R.S. Gates, proved that the snipers had been quietly no billed by the grand jury very soon after the shooting and during the time their presence was being denied by Waco PD.

   The corrupt DA, Able Reyna, was defeated by the ballot box full of informed votes and is on his lame duck way out.  Within a couple of weeks of our publication of proof that the snipers were pre deployed and did fire on bikers within seconds of the first punch, they dropped the case against Cody Ledbetter, whose father was gunned down instantly right next to him.  Now all but 24 of the 170 bikers are likely to have their charges dropped. 

   We at The Sentinel add a second notch to our 'corrupt DA removal by informed voter' belt.  SJC'S own Mark Price was the first.  Price filed bogus charges on The Sentinel and others when we began to expose his crimes with proof and he had me arrested.  The charges were dropped and he suffered his own felony charges at the hands of the OAG and was soundly defeated at the ballot box.   The Sentinel is still kickin and he and Reyna are gone.  A pattern is developing.

WACO 6/5/2018


The Fox News story linked to this headline is about the document pictured Left submitted yesterday to The Sentinel by one close to the investigation.   Strait out of the Waco playbook, these illegal proceedures merely compliment those that have gone before. 

    What is the big deal?  If they can issue nearly 200 cookie cutter warrants, execute people deemed a threat without due process, use unreasonable bond and civil asset forfieture methods to steal a bunch of innocent peoples' property and no one cares, what the heck does it matter if the DA copies and pastes a cause number or two? 

    The voters had to take care of a corrupt DA at the ballot box because the system that allegedly polices itself has a blind eye to it.   As 'Lefty always said in his heavy Brooklyn accent, "Forget about it" if you think the system cares about lil ole this. 



In an article linked to the headline above, much is attributed to the Associated Press reporter, Emily Schmall who has been writing about the Waco Twin Peaks case as long as The Sentinel Alert has, May 18, 2015.  The quote below is from the story:


"Prosecutors have charged Walker in the death of Richard Kirschner, a Cossack. But police records previously reviewed by the AP show a Waco SWAT officer, Michael Bucher, shot Kirschner twice with his rifle. An autopsy report says there were three gunshot wounds. Walker's pistol was later recovered from a pile of weapons police reports and dashcam footage shows were tossed into the back of Bucher's vehicle by officers. The ATF wasn't able to positively identify any fingerprints on Walker's pistol."


    Richard 'Bear' Kirschner died from the sniper shot to his right thigh, period.  The left knee wound, as any can see on video, made a two inch round blood spot on his pants while the right thigh wound had drenched his entire pants leg and the ground underneath Bear within one minute of him being shot by the sniper.  What Emily Schmall is not mentioning in her article is that she has conversed with The Sentinel a few times and reviewed our evidentiary spread sheet that we provided to her to help clarify the forensic numbering system so you can make sense of the reports.  We proved their were snipers but no one wants to use that term when discusing the biker deaths EXCEPT The Sentinel.

MAY 15/2018


   Charges of murder have been leveled against a Bandido biker who was involved in the rioting at the Twin Peaks restaurant in Waco, Texas on May 17th, 2015.  The victim was Big 'Bear' Kirschner who was a Cossak biker and a Dart afficinado from the Dallas area.  The video shows Bear and two Bandido bikers fighting in the parking lot after shots rang out and bikers began dying.  Bear can be seen in the video backing the two up striking them with some hand held weapon until he is shot through the left buttock and right thigh by LEO sniper fire from the roof of the Don Carlos.  Bear can be seen hobbling to the base of the Twin Peaks sign where he laid and bled extensively from those wounds until he was moved to the hospital where he later died. 

    The spreadsheet above was compiled based on the autopsy report and photos and the forensics ballistic report that is part of the evidence discovery package.   The light brown color code shows all the shots fired by one of the Waco PD LEO sniper rifles.  It shows that the fatal wounds were inflicted by the sniper, not the Bandido.   The top line of entry shows that the .38 caliber pistol round the Bandido is accused of firing was removed from the left knee wound.  The autopsy report only notes muscle and bone damage from the knee wound.  The video show plaily that the massive bleeding was caused by the buttock and right thigh wound inflicted by the Waco PD sniper.  The manner of death was ruled Homocide.

    The corrupt DA Able Reyna quietly had the Grand Jury exonerate the officers who fired from sniper positions while totally denying they were deployed as snipers or fired before calls for help came in.   According to the AP reporters narrative, she was told by Waco PD that the bikers pistol round killed Big Bear.  That is just another lie formented by the Waco PD and lame duck Able Reyna. 

Above is a snip of the forensic ballistic report showing the rifles by serial number that were submitted for testing.  Below is a portion of the spead sheet built from data in the autopsy reports and ballistic reports showing Daniel Boyett's mortal wounds were inflicted by the two Bushmaster rifles.  The yellow is the so called, "Ghost Gun" .   Only one spent shell was recovered from it on the opposite side of the parking lot from where the bushmaster shells were scattered.  Bushmaster L372190 is designated as the rifle that fired the bullet removed from Boyett's head and neck and also the bullet removed from his left abdomen.  The trajectories preclude them being fired from the same spot but the Ghost Gun spent casing found in the back of a pickup off to Boyett's left side would have placed a gunman in a perfect position to take that shot and inflict the lower left side wound.  There was one other inconsistancy between the autopsy and ballistic reports that was even more glaring. 

UPDATE 3/13/2018

Due to high traffic and response to this story along with accusations of a typo, We have published the portion of the ballistic forensics report that lists all three serial numbers of the LEO sniper rifles.  The term 'ghost gun' does NOT indicate there was no serial number, just that Colt does NOT show the serial number in their public data base.  We searched the database with the serial number beginning Alpha Omega and then, Alpha 0zero.  Both came up with the same response from the Colt serial number search.

    We contacted Remington Bushmaster requesting information as to the sale of the two other firearms.  Nothing has been forthcoming.


WACO 3/12/2018


One of the automatic weapons used by so called, "counter snipers" at the Waco Twin Peaks biker shooting incident is apparently a 'ghost gun'.  The serial number used to identify the weapon in the forensic ballistic reports does NOT exhist per Colt Firearms serial number search.  Both of the two Remington sniper rifles were in the serial number data base of Remington Bushmaster firearms.

WACO 3/16/2018


DPS Criminal Intelligence division was questioned regarding some 'missing files' in the evidence package DPS turned over to Waco PD after interviewing a majority of the bikers detained and/or arrested after the Twin Peaks biker shooting in 2015.  The screen snip at left is the official internal report from Waco PD noting the failure to deliver and the screen snip below is out of the DPS files that were delivered showing the missing files are . . . . . . . well,  gone.  Instead of the audio file being added, the entire file and name was eliminated from this list.



In the video below, Bandido attorney confirms that the police did have 'counter' snipers at Twin Peaks in Waco and that two of them shot and killed Cossack bikers.  The video is almost an hour long and is interesting but the sniper confirmation remark is just after the 40:00 minute mark.  This video took a lot of digging to find and must be suppressed due to the low number of views.  On the one hand, The Sentinel feels like we wasted a lot of time now sorting out the evidence to prove there were snipers but on the other hand, we have a lot more than just that and feel vindicated that our disecting of the evidence is proven to be correct.   Interesting comments about the city attorney just after the 49:00 mark.  Then the defense attorney advances the idea that the counter snipers 'saved lives'.  How better for the information that there were law enforcement snipers in position ahead of time just waiting to deem someone a threat so they could execute them with no due process to be presented to the public than with the narrative that the propertly trained execution of citizens by LEO, "SAVES LIVES" by the defense attorney?  Why is she withdrawing now?  Why did she spend 52K out of her own pocket to defend him?

Jennifer Richie

UPDATE 2/23/2018 9:00 am


A city spokesperson (not city attorney) called The Sentinel just as we finished the update below.  According to the young lady, the city had rethought their position after my 'clarification' from two days ago and had indeed found some responsive documents to my request.  Instead of releasing the documents, The Waco City website regarding OR's now designates my request for 'proof of purchase' as sent to the OAG.  Our office has not received any letter or carbon copy of a letter to the OAG yet.  The change in designation was made today as we had just gotten a screen snip of the Waco page showing "no responsive documents" and immediatly after the call, that designation had been changed to show a referral to the OAG on both requests now instead of just the assignment of rifle request. 

   It is not our (Sentinel United Alliance) intent to defend any biker or sway any trial or influence the jury pool.  Video shows plainly that one Cossack biker who was gunned down by a sniper was beating down two Bandido supporters that had engaged him with a baton.  That video also shows another Cossack had just shot one Bandido killing him and was aiming and firing at others at the moment he was shot from the sniper position.  Was he defending himself or committing a homocide?  If they weren't dead, that would be a question for the jury. 

   What we will not allow, no matter how much effort it takes or heat is brought to bear, is for Waco to go into the trial of any of the bikers based on the false narrative that there were no LEO snipers, that they only responded after the call of 'shots fired' came in nor with tampered evidence of scattering the sniper rounds casings in another spot from where they were actually fired. 

    If we can make the determination that there were snipers based on the forensice ballistic reports, autopsy reports/photos and the videos, so can he and his experts.  If the snipers had made themselves visible instead of being secreted away and their existance denied, there is a good chance no one would have died that day at Twin Peaks.

UPDATE 2/23/2018  8:30 am


Jennifer Richie pretended not to know anything about the request as to assignment of the rifles on May 17, 2015 but the official city web site for tracking open records requests shows that the request was sent to the city attorney and that she forwarded it to the OAG. 

  I already know that the city owns the three rifles, two of which were deployed in sniper positions, but it is going to be like pulling teeth to get them to admit it.  The Sentinel is mailing our argument to the OAG this morning in an attempt to force the admission of ownership.

WACO 2/21/2018


Jennifer Richie, Waco's city attorney since 2012 and for the duration of the Twin Peaks biker shooting event scrambled and squirmed under direct questioning of The Sentinel today. 

  An unsatisfactory reply to an OR request that asked for

"The proof of purchase and/or receipt and ownership of rifles"

  by serial number was met with a lot of hem hawing.     Ms. Ritchie and the asst attorney that actually handled the OR request returned a call to The Sentinel today informing me they no longer had the actual purchase receipt for the rifle and therefore had no responsive documents.   My immediate contention was that I was not asking for just the purchase receipt.  "Proof of purchase" can be the canceled check, Purchase Order, receipt or council minutes that aknowledge the purchase.  "Receipt" could be a signed shipping ticket, signed purchase order etc and the last of my request phrase said, "and ownership".  When I said, "You mean to tell me that Waco does not do an audit or inventory on a regular basis to determine if their property is where it belongs?", Ms. Richie made it obvious that she wanted to get off the phone.   Before I let her go, I asked about my other request submitted the same day that asked what officer was assigned each rifle by serial number for the month of May and specifically May 17, 2015.   "Where is the answer to that one?" I asked.  She had no answer.

   When I pointed out that there was no doubt in anyone's mind that I wanted proof of whether the city owned the rifles used to kill several Cossacks that day or not and that she and I both know the city has documentation to answer that question, Ms. Richie promplty hung up.   

    I find often that public servants or wanna be public servants that have something to hide don't like talking to me.  Roberts never answered the email about whether that was his car illegally parked at the town hall (it was) or his misquote of Faulkner.  McCoppin never answered about the inventory of artifacts.  Emily Cook never answered about the deceitfully worded ads, she just changed the wording on the next.  Wade Runnels never answered about the illegal signs nor the deceipt he propagated about his opponent "just not showing up" for the forum.  I am the easiest man there is to find in San Jacinto County.  Just as Ms. Richie knows, I answer my phone.  

Wayne Campbell stepping off curb at 4:13 second mark

Wayne Campbell falling back shot in face and shoulder at 4:17 mark



Wayne Campbell in his final fallen position still at 4:17 mark



twin peaks and don carlos WACO

UPDATE 2/21/2018


The three photos above combined with the photo at left prove that there were snipers on the roof of the Don Carlos or an elevated platform beyond the roof in the same direction.  Campbell's body fell at and remained at the number 5 location on the plotted photo left.  He stepped off the curb, was facing Don Carlos side lot and the trajectory of the wound speaks for itself.  The ballistic report proves the bullet was fired from a swat style select fire weapon.  The brass was found and marked as evidence scattered in the parking lot so far out of the frame of the photo to the left that you cannot see it in this cropped photo. 

POINTBLANK 1/30/2018



The screen snip at left is from a LEO helicopter photo of the crime scene the day it occurred.  Noted on the photo by The Sentinel are the locations of each of the bodies of the deceased shooting victims 1-9.  Only one was moved to the hospital before he died and only one was moved to a seperate location away from the crime scene but never transported to the hospital.  The number '1' denotes where 'Bear' laid and bled for 15 minutes beside the Twin Peaks sign post before being taken to the ambulance by his friends and taken to the hospital.  The red 9a block in the main group denotes where one was shot and killed at the 1:19 minute mark in the video linked below and the orange 9 at the back door of the Don Carlos shows where his body was moved to by those doing CPR trying to save his life.  The rest lay where they were shot. 

   Over 16,000 files of the Twin Peaks evidence were made available to The Sentinel with only one request, that we get the truth out there.  There is at least one full length DPS Video that has been published on youtube and several short snips of much longer Twin Peaks restaurant videos also but what The Sentinel was given contains all that and more.  We have all the autopsy reports and photos, all the forensic ballistic reports, crime scene photos/videos and much much more.  DPS intelligence report written before May 17th and discussing the upcoming event are included.  Despite nearly a month with the files in hand and a constant study and spread sheet building effort, we still have not been able to review the majority of files.  Enough has been disected and cross examined and verified to determine that the WACO PD's narrative is not completely true. 

   With that said, I thank God that men and women in law enforcement are called and willing to walk into their day on days like May 17th, 2015 turned out to be.  The ones who responded to the call immediatly and stepped up to protect the general public in a busy shopping center from the collateral damage of a biker warfare zone.   Thank you. 

   But legitimate questions remain about matters above the paygrade of the rank and file patrolman and those answers are being sought.


Evidence of sniper shots confirmed by autopsy and ballistic reports;

The Bucher video linked below shows 'Bear' shot in the left buttock at the 1:05 minute mark.  The trajectory of the bullet points back in the direction of the roof of the Don Carlos restaurant.  It was a .223 caliber bullet.  The official trajectory of the bullet in the autopsy report is shown above.   This is not the only one that points to a sniper position.




Evidence that the 'cookier cutter' warrant is unconstitutional for this very reason.

screen snip of: Richard 'Bear' Kershner autopsy report

Rhynne was shot but still standing in this freeze frame shot of the Bucher Video.  He is just under the 'P' in OPEN and has thrown his arms up in a reaction much as JFK did when he was shot in the head.  Rhynne is facing the direction of the corner of the Don Carlos restaurant and its side parking lot where this officer was stationed.   The building is to the right of this police car and to Rhynne's left side.  The trajectory of this .223 caliber bullet is through the left side of Rhynne's neck and out the center of his upper back.  The autopsy photos prove the bullet came from the direction of Don Carlos roof.  Please Do NOT follow the link if the photos will offend you in any way.  This is not even the most compelling evidence of the sniper trajectory.  We will publish the most convincing evidence in the near future.   The trajectory of the next one we will publish is troubling but just a repeat of the other two proof shots we have documented.  What is most troubling is the timing of the next fatal shot that we can document.



This is the full four hour DPS video that was shot by a hidden camera on public property.  WARNING GRAPHIC CONTENT

The shooting starts at the 12:24 minute mark just past the half way point.

UPDATE 12/16/2015


Once again, they aknowledge that 4 deaths were consistant with the calibre of the LEO's rifles at the scene.  12 shots total have been aknowledged in a prior article.  None of the Bikers has been charged in the death of another. 


UPDATE 11/1/2015


In what appears to be a ploy to sway public opinion, a short video clip of the Waco Biker Shooting was made available to the public recently.  Initial claims were that it was unauthorized and one story even relayed threats of prosecution against whoever released it made by Waco officials and then there were copies of the same video released claiming that Waco PD released it.  In it, a biker is shown shooting a pistol on the patio.   Waco officials are in posession of all the videos in the area including, more than likely, helicopter footage.  Early reports showed that Waco PD police chief admitted four of the bikers were killed by LEO gunfire but has since backtracked to the 'unknown' status as they sit on all of the ballistic information.  Even LEO statements aknowledge 'suppressed' fire and swat engagment on the scene.


WACO 10/25/2015


In a telling effort of deceit and distraction, McLennan County DA, Able Renya, was cited by the Attorney General’s office for intentionally violating the open records laws of the State of Texas.  In Open Records opinion, OR2015-17737 issued by Attorney General Ken Paxton, he sided with a Sentinel associate in the Waco area who has been seeking answers on the Biker shooting since it occurred on May 17th of this year.  R.S. Gates, a TCOLE certified retired deputy sheriff, has become an activist for transparency in Government and has made his best effort to gain some answers in this case that has garnered national attention.  Nine men were killed in the Twin Peaks restaurant parking lot when gun fire erupted despite the heavy police presence.  Witnesses on the scene who were also arrested are military veterans and several stated that the gunfire was “distant” and “large caliber” based on their own combat experience.  That fact combined with the steadfast refusal of Waco area law enforcement to answer questions has only generated more.  The fact remains that not a single one of the arrested men has been indicted or charged in the death of another person nor has the local judiciary been willing to release the ballistic autopsy findings now 5 months later.  The autopsy findings that have been released prove the men all died from center body mass or head shots, typical in sniper and LEO training.  In an operation that utilized the local ‘propaganda’ press, Waco law enforcement put out the narrative that all the bikers were ‘criminals’ when the vast majority had never been arrested or convicted of any crime.  The narrative that violence was ‘expected’ was hyped in the local area before the event even though there was no history of such for these type meetings to base that claim on.  The execution of these men occurred on May 17th and on May 18th, The Sentinel published a story stating that biker’s on the scene claimed all but one of the men was killed by police.  After The Sentinel contacted R.S. Gates on the 18th, he immediately began submitting open records requests seeking answers on our behalf.  The first result of his efforts showed that 5 of the bikers were immediately ‘un arrested’ with no explanation.  Mr. Gates latest efforts were to determine if the allegations that early bond reductions were based on a judiciary offer to reduce the bond amount if the arrested individual would sign a waiver preventing them from suing McLennan County in the future.  The DA denied that happened in print but has steadfastly resisted, to the point of violating the very laws he is charged with defending, in order to keep from giving documents that would answer the question.  Waco area law enforcement has closed ranks around the incident that involved Waco PD, McLennan County Sheriff’s Dept. and even some Texas DPS Troopers.  That exclusion and closed mouth attempt to keep the public from getting answers resulted in the Feds swooping in with a subpoena to extract a left over bullet from a biker’s arm that survived the shooting but was later killed in a traffic accident in another state.  Other results of the case are federal scrutiny on the ‘cookie cutter’ warrants issued by a local magistrate that appear to violate our Due Process laws.  The almost ‘incestualized’ relationship of the DA, Judge and Grand Jury Forman has raised its own set of questions.  In an article The Sentinel found this morning, the Dallas paper puts forth the claim that the bikers are more believable than county officials.  The email attached here is redacted to protect Sentinel sources and show that R.S. Gates has garnered a well-deserved reputation as, ‘The Minister of Irritatance’ to the corrupt in the Waco area that do not believe in transparency of Government.  Our own COCISD Superintendent , a Waco transplant, seems to harbor the same elitist sentiment to hide the wrong doing of law enforcement.  McLennan County is not alone in the ‘cookie cutter’ warrants department nor the steadfast refusal of their Sheriff’s Dept. to be open with the public.  Our own Chief Deputy Joe Schultea and District Judge Kaycee Jones have steadfastly refused the Sentinel request for probable cause documents on the mass arrest warrants issued on the gambling raid.  Documents that don’t exist cannot be produced.  Our own cookie cutter warrant issue has San Jacinto County out on a limb. 


Failure of the due process system should "Scare every American"


A biker that survived the melee was later killed in a traffic accident in Nebraska.  Feds moved in and collected a bullet left in his arm from the biker (duck) shoot in Waco May 17th.  In the wake of many combat veteran bikers identifying the gun fire as, "distant" and "suppressed" as opposed to close range smalls arms fire combined with Waco's definat stance of excluding non Waco related invetigators or any scrutiny, the 'cookie cutter' warrants, massive property forfeiture efforts and now bullet evidence has come under closer examination.



"A justice of the peace approved scores of arrest affidavits without making any individual determination of probable cause, the AP reported"








UPDATE 8/14/2015


In a recent release of autopsy documents, Waco still can't figure out that law enforcement killed all or all but one of the bikers in the so called, 'gang war'.  Despite the fact that LEO's have all the guns and all the casings available for testing, they cannot make the determination of which gun killed which biker.  Sentinel Alert story published the day after the massacre called it for what it is, a law enforcement turkey shoot.  The autopsy reveals all died from gunshot wounds.  Most were qualified as a preferred 'kill shot' method from sniper training.  The head and torso.  The public record fact remains that not a single biker has been charged for the death of another.  WACO still will not admit the aggregious violation of basic human rights that this massacre is. 



In and ongoing investigation that The Sentinel and a Waco associate began immediatly based on allegations by bikers that law enforcement killed all but one of the bikers that day, it appears that the Original Sentinel Story published the day after the shooting has more merit now than main stream media would give initially.   The linked story outlines much of what was pointed out day one by The Sentinel. 




Documents recently obtained by a Sentinel United Alliance associate in Waco shows that Waco Police have released 5 of the bikers arrested.  No explanation is included with this action.  Probable cause documents are also obtained.  Other Open Records request are in place.   Sources close to the event claim that Trinity County will be the site a soon coming gathering to pursue a permanent settlement of differences over the TEXAS rocker between the rival gangs.  Law enforcment sources have indicated that several have been questioned in Trinity County by the FBI over the upcoming meet. 


UPDATE An Associated Press article posted today had this quote in it. 

"Police said the shootout started with a parking dispute and someone running over a gang member's foot, and that an uninvited biker group also appeared.

Preliminary autopsy results indicated that all of the dead were shot, some in the head, neck or chest. Police have acknowledged firing on armed bikers, but it is not clear how many of the dead were shot by gang members and how many were shot by officers."

According to Sentinel sources and contrary to many reports, the 'TEXAS' territorial rocker seems to be the core issue leading to opposition between the different groups.  


5/18/2015 WACO


Sources close to the event are alleging to The Sentinel that 8 of the 9 bikers killed at twin peaks were slain by police officers and not other bikers.  This excerpt from a local news source quotes the police spokesperson acknowledging that police were involved in the fire fight. 

“12:20 p.m. update: Police say several tactical officers and Department of Public Safety troopers had been near the Twin Peaks restaurant in Waco monitoring activity before the shootout started.

“We were well seen,” Swanton said.

After the fighting surged into the parking lot, 18 Waco police officers and four DPS troopers were involved in the shooting, Swanton said.

The nine victims killed in a shootout Sunday at the restaurant belong to two bike gangs, police said.”

Other, more recent news report releases acknowledge that as many as three or four of the bikers were killed by police.  A CNN report contained these quotes;

"Our officers took fire and responded appropriately, returning fire," the sergeant said, adding that it was "most likely" that three or four of the 18 Waco officers on-site opened fire.

He refuted a report from a law enforcement source that four of the nine fatalities were felled by police bullets, saying that without autopsies completed it's simply too early to tell. But Swanton defended their actions, including their staying at the scene for hours afterward in case other biker gang members came to pick up their brothers' fight.

The sergeant said of his fellow officers, "They absolutely saved lives."

A CBS report from May 16 reported;

"Authorities later recovered more than 100 weapons."


Political attempts to use this shooting as ‘ammo’ against Texas Open Carry laws going into effect have surfaced already.  An associate of the Sentinel United Alliance in the Waco area is investigating these allegations.  More information as the facts become available.




Every day that passes with un answered questions only creates suspicion and a ground swell of realization that the police state executed innocent men with out due process. 



UPDATE 6/24/2015


Our Sentinel United Alliance affiliate in McClennan county reports and documents an intense effort by the Waco PD to hide the information being sought.  Documents PUBLISHED HERE


UPDATE 6/12/2015


By Lisa Maria Garza

DALLAS (Reuters) - Three Waco police officers fired a total of 12 shots during a deadly battle last month at a restaurant in the central Texas city between rival motorcycle gangs that left nine people dead and 18 others injured, police said.

It was still unknown if any of those shots hit any of the dead or wounded in the fight that took place on a patio of the Twin Peaks restaurant among more than 100 bikers. The fight also spilled out into two parking lots, police said.

An additional 32 shell casings have been recovered from the scene that were fired from revolvers that did not belong to the 16 uniformed law enforcement officers at the restaurant, Waco Police Chief Brent Stroman told a news conference.

"We did not fire indiscriminately into the crowd," Stroman said.




When you condsider that the local LEO's have all the unreleased video and not a single biker has been charged in the death of another human being, it lends credibility to the allegations made by the bikers on day one that LEO's are responsible for every death but one.  Waco PD is violating standard open records precedents in their bid to hide information from the public.  WHY?




6/4/2015 WACO


Amid allegations swirling that McLennan County LEO’s were responsible for all but one of the shooting fatalities at the Waco Twin Peaks restaurant May 17th of this year, The Sentinel is still being told by the PD spokesperson that they have not had time to make that determination yet.  The May 18th story The Sentinel published (below) outlined the allegations that have not been answered yet.  Questions asked about the ‘unarrested’ group of 5 that are named in an email from the PD to a judge were met with a “we have a right to unarrest people”.   After a couple weeks of a minimum number of the arrested making the million dollar bond, around 50 have been bonded out now.  According to a source close to the action, a simple signature on a waiver promising not to sue them has been offered as a “get out of jail free” card.    One story quoted a biker as having said, “They treated us like we were guilty unless we proved our innocence instead of innocent until proven guilty”.  At least one of the arrested has hired a notable law firm in Dallas and has filed suit already, naming the DA , charging that the defendant’s 1st and 4th amendment rights were violated.  An Austin attorney that is not even representing a biker has filed a petition for them all to be released.  McLennan County is just north of Bell county which was the location of the illegal arrest and unconstitutional disarmament of Sgt Grishom a couple of years ago when Temple PD, with no probable cause, rudely and illegally disarmed the Sgt while he and his son were outside Temple city limits on a ten mile merit badge hike.  Officer Ermis, Texas’ own version of the ‘Fat Bastard’, took the man’s guns at gunpoint in front of his son, outside his jurisdiction and with no probable cause.  Many know that all the weapon violations were dropped and the charges reduced to walking the wrong way down the road and then to interfering with public duties.  Ermis’s actions and the ensuing turmoil vaulted the open carry issue to a forefront and we the people pushed back forcing new legislation.  Key to the case were the probable cause documents obtained by The Sentinel through immediate open records request.  The clerk provided me documents that no one else was able to obtain initially, proving there was no probable cause.  Due to instructions that were put in place right after my answer was mailed, we have documented evidence that the proof of his innocence was withheld from subsequent open records requestors.  There are no teeth in the open records laws.  The truth is; if you blatantly violate those statutes, the only punishment is the fact that you violated the law and it is a matter of public record.  If our open records laws are not honored, it is the government saying we are subject to them.  If the open records laws are honored, and it is strictly an honor code, it is the government acknowledging that they are subject to us as citizens.  It is imperative that the McLennan County law enforcement honor our open records request for autopsy results and specifically ballistic data.  If the reports show the allegations true combined with the law enforcement media hype prior to the annual uneventful event, “expecting violence”, we have a major push back in order in the State of Texas.   If it turns out the State of Texas has declared itself, judge, jury and executioner without any due process, we have followed Barrak Obama into the abyss.  We may be singing our own version of, “Who let the Drones Out” by summer. 

5/18/2015 WACO


Sources close to the event are alleging that 8 of the 9 bikers killed at twin peaks were slain by police officers and not other bikers.  This excerpt from a local news source quotes the police spokesperson acknowledging that police were involved in the fire fight. 

“12:20 p.m. update: Police say several tactical officers and Department of Public Safety troopers had been near the Twin Peaks restaurant in Waco monitoring activity before the shootout started.

“We were well seen,” Swanton said.

After the fighting surged into the parking lot, 18 Waco police officers and four DPS troopers were involved in the shooting, Swanton said.

The nine victims killed in a shootout Sunday at the restaurant belong to two bike gangs, police said.”

Political attempts to use this shooting as ‘ammo’ against Texas Open Carry laws going into effect have surfaced already.  An associate of the Sentinel United Alliance in the Waco area is investigating these allegations.  More information as the facts become available.

NOTE; email redacted to protect Sentinel Sources

NOTE; this is a transcript of the original email above in larger print to make it more readable - Editor


Hi Scott,


It was great to hear from you the other day.  Been crazy here trying not to get washed away.  I have a little news from your neck of the woods about the biker shootout.  Hope you can help.  I have a good source who rode with a bunch of those guys and has contacts everywhere.  Two of his friends were killed in the shoot out.  He is one of my supporters in my efforts and has been quite reliable in the past.  I know he has FBI connections and can call XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX on his phone and socializes with them. Everything he has brought me in the past has panned out.  He called tonight and told me that 8 of the 9 bikers were killed by cops guns, not each other.  He said his phone has been burning up with those guys calling him.  They are angry and want the truth out.  I told him if anyone could help do that there, it was you.  Could be too hot to handle for most folks.





"Defense attorneys have been critical of how the cases have been processed, accusing District Attorney Abel Reyna of writing "fill-in-the-blank" arrest affidavits. A police officer testified a justice of the peace approved the affidavits without making any individual determination of probable cause."

The Sentinel broke the story the day after the biker massacre (May 18th) that all but one of the bikers was killed by police and sniper fire.  That amounts to an execution without due process.  Now, it appears, the judiciary and law enforcement were in cahoots to completely deny any due process rights to whom they had determined were, 'dirt bags'.  2/3's of the bikers have been proven to have no criminal record at all.  Even bikers have a right to carry a gun on their vehicle and defend themselves from assault.  Another story HERE


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