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258th District Judge Race

     What a whirlwind that I have been in the last few weeks.  Regardless of the events unfolding on the legal front attacking the 1st Amendment by attacking The Sentinel, there is a vital election for our community coming up for a run-off in the 258th district judge bench that E.L. McClendon is retiring from.   Shelley Bush Sitton, a qualified and experienced litigator, was eliminated in the primary race despite the depth of her experience and great reputation in her community.   She easily took Polk county where her and Wells are from and Travis Kitchens took Trinity County, his home.   It was the San Jacinto County voters that put John Wells in the race to battle it out in the primary run off this week. 

     The Sentinel, as always, has vetted the candidates to a great extent and is willing, despite some’s best efforts arrayed against me, to share my findings from that vetting process.  My effort to vet John Wells began when he first signed up to run as a write in candidate against the incumbent, 411th District Judge, Kaycee Jones two years ago.  Jones, I felt, had violated her public trust with the blood warrant incident and the 160+ ‘cookie cutter’ gambling raid arrest warrants she signed without the first probable cause affidavit.  A testament to her error is how many cases were eventually dismissed.  With an open and hopeful mindset, I decided to interview the write in candidate. 

     My first effort to meet John Wells was when I researched his bar information, got his office address on record and went to Livingston to do a cold call Sentinel interview before the election.  It was my intent, as always, to help the most informed voters possible go to the polls.  When I arrived at the address in Livingston, Texas, it was then clear that the address listed with the State of Texas was fraudulent.  The house he listed as his office was vacant.  It is the same still vacant house Wells references in his ad below that would lead the low information voter to believe his office is in view of the courthouse. 

     My next step was to go into several attorney offices near the courthouse and inquire where Wells’ office was.  No one knew.  Finally I called Wells and he told me he doesn’t have an office that he practices out of but practices out of his home only.  I asked Wells why he had a fraudulent address on his bar filing then, listing it as the location of his law practice.  Wells stammered a bit then said he would get that corrected.  Then I asked if he was any relation to our own infamous and corrupt Royce G. Wells.  John Wells replied, “not that I know of”.  Unimpressed with Wells’ integrity by then, The Sentinel stayed out of that race and Jones, a former Polk County Asst prosecutor, won by a land slide. 

     When Wells signed up to run for the 258th  bench this election, we checked the bar info again and found out now that it has a PO Box address listed and Wells still doesn’t have a public office or public access practice.  After reviewing the public records that list the cases he has taken, it is easy to understand why he doesn’t need a public access office.  Those records prove that Wells has no experience in probate, business or real estate law and not much in family law.  He has no experience as a prosecutor that we can find either.  95% of his cases are appointments by the court for vice cases for indigent clients.      

     The sentinel did reach out to Wells via text message to his private cell phone giving him opportunity to provide documentation to prove his ad true or at least tell us where we could find said documentation.  He has failed to respond to The Sentinel inquiry.

     Just below is a political ad for Wells' current District Judge race.   In it he claims to have 'Probate' experience.

     Below there are several screen snips of an ad that ran in the Polk County Enterprise recently.  It was researched, compiled and paid for by Polk County voters and attorneys who know Wells best and who soundly rejected him in the primary. 

     Ms. Sitton was the winning candidate in Polk County despite San Jacinto County voters alone, propelling Wells into the runoff.  Ms. Sitton has publically endorsed the Trinity County resident and long-time attorney, Travis Kitchens for the 258th Bench.  We will let the ads speak for themselves here.

     All that remained for The Sentinel to explore was why SJC came out for Wells so strongly in the primary despite his lack of experience and honesty.  Several interviews and some research show that it was the leadership and followers of the SJC ‘Republican Club’ that led the unknown Wells’ to victory here.  The same group who supported the lying ad guru’s, Steven Roberts, Emily Cook and Keith Strahan over more qualified and honest candidates by helping to perpetrate their deceitful efforts against the voters of San Jacinto County.  As any can see by the Polk County Ad, any who support freshman attorney Wells, who is willing to lie to the voters about his experience in published ads, is either ignorant of the truth or pursuing a personal political agenda.

     With one former asst. Polk Co prosecutor on the 411th bench already, and in light of her illegal and un constitutional antics committed from the bench and the prosecutor’s office, can we afford to elect another candidate openly endorsed by the Polk County prosecutor now? 

     Wells has run for both District Judge benches and initiated a run for the Polk County DA's office this last primary which he changed his mind and withdrew from.  Before Wells withdrew and put his name in the 258th race, he did hire and give a $2500.00 payment to a campaign manager and file a campaign finance report that is filed with the S.O.S.   The manager created and published a "John Wells for DA" website as contracted to do that remains published to this day.  We have not been able to locate a campaign expenditure report for the DA race he initiated that reflects that payment.  Please Mr. Wells, if you can provide us a copy of any legally required report reflecting that campaign expenditure of yours, provide us a copy and we will promptly publish it here.

     In our research into Wells SJC support base that led back to the ‘republican club’, it was also revealed by reliable sources that at least one prominent and wealthy member of that group has given financial support to the progressive socialist democrat SJC judge candidate, Earl ‘downtown’ Brown when the 'real republican' made his own bid against Faulkner.  Brown has stated to a Sentinel source that he was told that there was a group of ‘real republican’ club members that are planning and helping finance a, “Republicans for Earl Brown” campaign against Faulkner, a true conservative, for the General Election in November.

     It is the socialist mentality that the little people cannot question or criticize the people in power.  It is the progressive socialist communists (even if your name is Trump) that want to control the media and destroy our rights.  There is a lot on the line in this race as the ad states. 

     To those prominent ‘republican club’ leaders and supporters, some being influential elected officials in SJC right now, (you and we all know who you and your father are) here is The Sentinel Challenge.  Please use the comment box below to explain your support of the least qualified and obviously dishonest candidate for a vital elected position in our district.   Also, John Wells, please use the comment box to answer the questions we submitted to you in writing requesting proof of the claims you make in your political ad for this Judge race.  You were admonished that time is of the essence but much like your most prominent Polk County supporter, you have not responded to our inquiry.  The people deserve an answer. 


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