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Freedom of speech

Popular Youtube activist, Justin Pulliam has been arrested by the Fort Bend County Sheriff and charged with "Interfering with Public Duty" and is currently being Held on 500 dollar bond.   

    With The Sentinel being a proven protector of our freedom of press and public information rights, my feelings toward much of what the 'auditor' community does is no big secret.  I do respect the effort to defend our constitutional protections but have nothing for the 'anonymity' and false un proven accusations hurled at our LEO'as facts ehen they are not.   The provocative tactics often used while filming  had the desired effect and more than a few have ended up as big lawsuit payoffs for the auditor.  

  David Earl Worden (News Now Houston) is their guru of that.  Sentinel readers will remember him doing a hit piece on San Jacinto County several years ago that led to him being outed and who he was proven by The Sentinel.  You might say, I DOX'ed him.  That will teach him to come say all manner of untrue things about our community and our local law enforcement.

    With that said, the "Interfering with Public Duty" is being used more and more to thwart the auditors from shadowing the lawmen so close.  

   Pulliam is charged with a 'verbal' interfering according to sources in the auditor community.  There is at least  a few other auditors headed to Fort Bend County now to "gather content for a story".   One source indicates that at least one of them may have his own warrant for arrest waiting for him there.


   I had linked to the you tube video above yesterday with intent to do a story hi lighting  a clip recently published of an  of an auditor interaction with the Polk Co Trooper, Kevin Burman.  Burman was accused of being a tyrant with no proof provided just for running a guys ID that was out with the intent to have an interaction with a cop so he could film it.  

    DPS Trooper Burman is a distinguished Vet and a highly respected Trooper with the Texas Highway Patrol.  Burman was selected, based on his excellent credentials and record with the military and DPS to serve on the Presidential Protection Team when President Bush visited our area.  I don't know nor have I ever met Kevin Burman but I do know people that know him and his record and reputation is public information tyhat speaks for itself.  Making false and misleading statements about him that you cannot prove just destroys your "auditor' credibility in my book.  

     Where our method at The Sentienel is to only persue a story when more than one complaint has come in from people that don't know each other about the same public servant and we can find evidence to support those allegations.  It is that criteria that keeps our batting average so high and perplexes some targets to the point they go to full hiding mode.  






ALERT: Eric Brandt Arrested for Protected Free Speech Expressive Activity Protesting Cops

Hi @Sue Kennedy, my objection is not to the exercising of rights. I do that all day long and am facing retaliation from a corrupt DA for publishing evidence of his crimes. My objection is to the foul mouthed anarchist viewpoint being exalted as anything other than what it is. A plat form for cop hating anarchists to spew their venom and try their foreign operative best to ferment division and anarchy in the greatest country on earth. Anyone who promotes the notion that all cops are crooks or support (give platform) to those that do is an enemy of this nation. It is that simple   2 weeks ago


(Crazy) Cop Harasses a Man And Gets Brutally Owned!!! "Youre a Nazi!!!" 1st amendment audit FAIL

what a crock of hooey this vid is. your double standard is showing. Being in uniform does NOT negate that officers freedom of movement and freedom of speech. You want to 'defend' yours while you deny him his. All you do with this video is provide a platform for you and your buddies anarchist views.

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Commented on Texas Pro-Gun Crusaders Take Extreme Open Carry Approach

I have said it before and I will say it again. I like CJ Grisham but if he wants my respect for a true cause, he would have to send his "license to carry" PERMIT back to the state of Texas and tell them he doesn't need their permission to carry a gun. Him and Holcomb (Texas Open Carry?) negate their credibility as open carry activists by seeking Texas's permission to carry a weapon. If the State PERMITS it, they can UNPERMIT it. Is that so hard to comprehend? Let me qualify by saying that MY Passion is probable cause protection and I am an open records hound. It was me that got the open records the day the Fat Bastard (steve ermis who arrested CJ) violated CJ's rights and illegally arrested and disarmed him on that hike. I saw the video and shot an OR request to the PD and got the documents that ended up proving there was no 'alarm' by the caller. An exact quote from the records I obtained and made available to CJ about the call to the PD was, "He isn't waving it around or anything, just walking with it". Ermis committed an aggravated assault against a law abiding vet and that pissed me off.

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Dallas,Tx.-“Comply with my orders or I will remove you!-TYRANT FOUND

NNP, there is a difference in being a journalist and coming across as a smart mouth disrespectful punk that provides a platform for the anti cop, anti law and order trolls to spew their anti American nonsense. When you get mouthy, you take away from the legitimate ends of your efforts. Your mentor, NNH, set the low standard for accusing people of all manner of evil that he could not prove. For instance, this officer approaches you and ya'll label him a tyrant. What a load of hooey. The motive of your heart is made obvious by all the listings of how to send you money. Let me temper this critique with a positive. I appreciate that your videos are not laced with vulgar profanities like NNH was famous for. Even he tempered that once I confronted him about making his videos unwatchable in any family living room in this country. Think on this a minute. When you ridicule your 'opponent', you diminish your 'victory'. If your opponent is not worthy of respect, what have you accomplished when you defeat him? Call out the wrongs and injustice but lay off of the personal attacks. Just my two cents.

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Commented on The correct way to handle an unlawful traffic stop 1st Amendment

I was just about to comment how well you handled this stop with professionalism and courtesy until you drove off and dropped the F Bomb. A very small minded effort over all and that one act negated all the journalistic creds. Journalists don't invade peoples living rooms with vulgarities.




Right as you are about the law, your rude and belligerent behavior makes you wrong.


ALERT: Eric Brandt Arrested for Protected Free Speech Expressive Activity Protesting Cops

Thin blue line, you are a sick puppy and the reason there has to be a pushback. I wrote a 'you might be a redneck' joke for Jeff Foxworthy. It goes, "you might be a redneck if you think the guy polishing your knob is the only qu=eer in the truck" so now you paint the whole staff and all the inmates as homosexuals. It seems like most of this whole "auditor" movement constantly gets reduced to conversation about sexual deviants. This guy would have had a good video if he had not reduced it to a conversation about deviants. Then his trolls jump on the band wagon. What is the point? And blue line, if you need to find me, my info is published on my website. Your threats are empty.

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Commented on ALERT: Eric Brandt Arrested for Protected Free Speech Expressive Activity Protesting Cops

Justin, why do you give this clown and all his anarchist trolls a platform? You whittle away at your credibility as a journalist every time you do this. The vulgar language and 'bareback' promotion of sexual deviants does nothing for your credibility. He is a cop hater and that is the end of the story. You know that I will call down corruption in a heartbeat. I am facing prison time right now for doing just that and my freedom of speech and freedom of the press is under assault but because I say boldly and based on 30 plus years of ferreting out corrupt cops that 90 plus percent are good guys, you ignore my plight in favor of this clown. Not well done. Steve Watson.


The Feelings Police are at it again. Profiling is met with Rejection. 1st Amendment

At the 20 minute mark, this cop lies his a$$ off. There was no trespassing complaint so therefore NO PROBABLE CAUSE to ID this man. You commentary F bombs ruin any journalistic credibility of this video. F Bombs don't make you tuff, they make you look like you have no depth of vocabulary. I had to shut it down because of YOUR language as the 'journalist'. NOT well done.

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I am the journalist who exposed Earl David Worden's true identity and his registration as a sex offender when he did a hit piece on my home town sheriff's dept. I also proved he had one address on his DPS registration and a different living address. He did send his co hart to find my office and house and get video of my vehicle. But then I post all my info on my web site.

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Police intimidation fail and cop sucker running her mouth

You just proved you run your mouth without doing your homework. Bootlicker? The Sentinel has taken out more corrupt cops, judges, constables, DA's with evidence than you can shake a stick at. The difference in you and I is that I get the evidence then open my mouth (publish) while you run your head and accuse people with NO proof. You are an antagonist. that is all.

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Police intimidation fail and cop sucker running her mouth

lol @MR. GOOD CITIZEN. You want to dish it out and can't take it? You were vulgar and critical BEFORE the woman ever spoke to you. Like I said, no journalistic value.

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Commented on Trump Just Tore Up The UN Small Arms Treaty

Until we cut the knotted barrel off of the gun statue on UN grounds and turn it into a snub nose .38 to represent law and order, all this is just a bunch of showmanship.

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Commented on Police intimidation fail and cop sucker running her mouth

You ruin any journalistic content that may have been there with your vulgar/rude mouth. I've was long told and now see that people who have to resort to the foul language do it because they have nothing to offer to the discussion. You want to exercise your 1st amendment rights but crucify and curse someone's mother/sister/daughter for exercising theirs. You are a hypocrite.

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What was the point? Demonstrating antagonism and the art of dropping F bombs? Absolutely NO journalistic credibility here. Cussing a cop in uniform on duty is about as tough as slapping a man with hand cuffs on.

2 months ago


New - Federal Security Gets Clowned Then Lashes Out - Las Vegas Federal Court House part 1

yall come across as a couple of vulgar mouthed punks. No journalist credibility here AT ALL.

2 months ago


Commented on a private video

a bunch of unproven allegations and anti law enforcement propaganda is all this is. A blanket character assassination of a lot of really good people. You've drank the 'auditor kool aid'. The only method of exposing the small percentage of corruption in our criminal justice system is to get the proof, THEN open your mouth.

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Replied to a comment on Cleveland,Tx.-“We need your I.D. For our REPORT!”-Police Audit

Before you go jacking around with San Jacinto County, I would ask Dave NNH how that worked out for him.


"THIS VIDEO WAS REMOVED" San Jose PD Audit (I know your name "JESUS" Why did you call the PD JESUS)

Education my a$$. You come across as the "douche bag", not the officer. If you were what you say you are, you would know that F.O.I.A. is for federal records only. You will need to rely on the state public record statutes to gain the video, not a FOIA request.



Commented on a private video

You run your head TOO much. My compliments to that officer on the sidewalk. Patience of Job. We did a probable cause audit on Conroe PD just a month ago and they were transparent. Very few complaints on Conroe PD. It is that simple. I do commend you for not using vulgar language.




As with any law enforcement agency, there will always be an element of corruption in the organization. To condemn the rank and file patriots who serve our country as a lump sum is either your un education showing or an anti American agenda. It is that simple.



Commented on Come and Take It Open Carry Texas Line in the Sand Sept 2014

No profanity, did not denigrate the officers who were doing their job and have the 1st amendment right to approach and ask anyone anything in public. Presented factual and accurate information to them. Well done.



Commented on Police Harass Innocent Man, Violate His Rights and FAIL Miserably

Your vulgarity negates any contribution to the Truth and Justice narrative.

3 months ago


Commented on 1st amendment audit SOLVAY ANAHEIM, CA

How about a little education for you, some of your viewers and commenters on this video: Robert Harper, anyone, including cops, have the right to walk up to anyone in public and ask them who they are and why they are here. A lot of men and women have died to defend that right. It is called free speech.


Commented on Warning to Whites: You Are Hated by People of Color/Children of Satan

The difference in us and Europe is that American Patriots, whatever color they are, hold three boxes sacred. Ballot Box, Jury Box and then if all else fails, the ammo box. we will not be subdued or silenced.



"Anonymous" = "I can dish it out but I can't take it"

5 months ago


Replied to a comment on New Chicago Police - Lies Retaliation & Perjury Oh My - Indy Blue News Threatened with Assault

@Linda N lol the troll. I have been called worse things. If you did your homework, you would know that I have taken out more corrupt lawmen and public servants than you are years old. I do it with facts and evidence and without resorting to vulgar language. is my website. Right now I am tangling with a corrupt DA who has filed 7 felony counts on me. 6 are for retaliation. The fact is, I am facing 70 years in prison for my willingness to confront corruption head on and put my life on the line to do it. You picked the wrong one to accuse of boot licking. The whole reason I searched this video out was because an auditor I know told me about it. The shame is, this guy had the tyrants dead to rights then ruined his whole effort with his punk mouth. The big difference in you and I and him and I is that I support law and order as opposed to chaos. There are anarchists among us that think wearing the blue makes you automatically a criminal. NOTHING could be farther from the truth. The corrupt are the minority. My 30 year track record proves that.


New Chicago Police - Lies Retaliation & Perjury Oh My - Indy Blue News Threatened with Assault

You lose all your ground with the f bombs and the punk vulgar language. Not to mention that no American dad is going to play this video in his living room. It doesn't take a tough guy to cuss a cop in uniform. You come across as a mealy mouthed punk and you lose all of your credibility with your attitude. The only way you can fight corruption is to be right and be right all the time at every turn.


Replied to a comment on Bump Stock Ban: Everything You Need to Know

If you are asking me, I am going to vote for the most conservative Christian with the most Godly spouse behind them in their bid. Their position as pro life will be the first criteria in my selection, which eliminates the democrat platform immediately, with defending The Constitution from ALL enemies, foreign and domestic rounding it out. My vote will be for the staunchest proponent of National Sovereignty and individual liberty over the globalist statist agenda of censorship and control by official oppression.



My compliments to the young lady who retained her composure and left all the wrong on them. She comes across as pro rights instead of anti cop like so many of the '1st Amendment auditors' do allowing anarchists to spew. As far as I am concerned, if you curse and insult an officer while he is in uniform, it is about the same level as a cop that would handcuff and man then slap him around. You come across as a punk. In this video, you blaklabel post numbers, names, addresses of the judge and cop and encourage 'comments' directed to them personally. I am facing 70 years in prison right now for publishing a marriage certificate (a public record that I paid one dollar for at the clerks office that they did not redact anything) that had the DA's mom's address on it and then publishing a ticket her husband got when the DA illegally evicted the man (his step father) from his own home. Both documents were published as evidence to prove allegations of criminal behavior in that DA and the S.O. personnel my story revealed. They put out the warrant on my oldest son's birthday, which I got wind of immediately and surrendered to my constable in my county. They waited six months and set the arraignment date on my oldest daughter's bday (yesterday). It has cost ten percent of a 30K bond and 2K paid in lawyer fees so far (much more due for 7 felony counts) and only News Now Houston and Concerned Citizen are even interested in the case. It is our first amendment rights on trial in Polk County, not me. I am just a voice that tyranny hates. After thirty plus years of doing what I do, I can tell you without any hesitation, that the vast majority of our criminal justice system workers are great people and honest servants. I can say that because I know it is the honest lawmen, lawyers, judges, Clerks, deputies, commissioners and such that bring me the information I use to find the evidence to expose the crimes of the tyrant. My track record speaks for itself on that success but I am no super sleuth. God just stirs the hearts of honest men and women to reveal that corruption. He just uses me as a vessel to fade the heat and take the info and find the proof. It is that simple. It is always the voice they hate the most that they try the hardest to silence. Does it have anything to do with me snooping around a couple of cold cases, murdered youngsters just out of high school that remain 'unsolved'? Teens and crimes from Polk county but dumped on the county next door in the form of a dead body. I say if you really care about the first amendment, at least step up and help pay for my attorney thru the bank account listed on my page that I have no access to or you help me keep the lights on here with the donation button also on my page. I guess you could call this a call to all you '1st Amendment junkies' to either put up or shut up. Steve Watson Sentinel Alert



Commented on Cop thought we flipped checkpoint

Great improvement. Two posts to me and no cussing and only a slight personal attack. If you search, 'news now ohio', the only return is a link to your youtube channel. As far as I can find, it is your only presence on the web. You have quite a few vids up too and granted I haven't watched them all. If you search, 'Sentinel Alert-Town Crier' on the other hand, you are directed to my web site by the top return and about a dozen more right below it. My youtube channel is not my 'presence' on the web but rather a video platform (free to me) where I can post and link to video's that are relevant to stories that are posted on my web site. For you to pretend as if not having contact details on my youtube channel in anyway gives me anonymity or makes me a hypocrite is a stretch. Not to mention, I posted the link on my first post to you. My personal info is and has always been at the bottom of the left column. People have used my mail to send me information on corruption quite a few times. People call me with information or email me. I have been sued over some of my work and had criminal charges filed against me by the corrupt public officials I go against. None of them have to ask how to find me or get in touch because I Post my info for the whole world to see. You admit in one of your posts that you don't want for people to be able to find you unless you want them to. In taking that approach, you undermine your own credibility. Like I said, accountability is a two way street. You know, NNO (don't know your name) if you delete all my comments and your replies, that is fine with me. When I watch you next few videos and see that you heard me, that is my goal here. You are not the first auditor I have chided about vulgar language contrasted with the actual journalistic standards and may not be the last. Others heard me. Will you? Steve

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Commented on Cop thought we flipped checkpoint

Ok N.N.O., we can go there. My experience in life is that people who resort to a personal attacks are out of ammo. Granted my youtube experience is limited but I did make a good faith effort to find your contact information on your youtube channel. In fact, after reading your last post, I went for a second time to your channel home page and about page and could not find your contact info. If I am wrong on that, I stand corrected but it I don’t see it posted. Please, feel free to post it here. Name, address, phone number, email address. That would settle the question and help build the credibility of your work because you could answer for the things you say then. The Sentinel Alert is all about accountability in our public servants but that is a two way street. Not only is your language offensive, your written expressions seems to be the same. It is not just a question of morals but business. You want your work to be displayed in people’s living rooms in front of their family and you alienate a large portion of your audience with your language. It certainly doesn’t add anything to the video or contribute toward your stated mission to preserve liberty. Disrespecting a public servant doesn’t make you a man. Talking down to a cop doesn’t lift you up. I believe most psychologists would consider it, “arrested adolescence” if it continues. I hear you in the tape squelching your girl’s free speech. That is an anti-American precept also. You admitted you think all cops are bad. You reject my statement that it is only a small percentage. Since I know that nearly all of the cases/stories that I have taken on and investigated over the years were based on leads provided by honest people in the very ranks of our public servants, I can assure you with an established public record to back it, that it is a low percentage of corrupt cops and elected officials. Some resign when caught, some are prosecuted and some voted out. The hammer does fall on the corrupt. It is in the news daily. Your position and effort undermines our system of law and order and tears at the fabric of our nation. It pains me to think of you and your trolls influencing the youth of our nation with those false and broad brush precepts. I wonder how many foreign agents with vpn’s there are using your site to promote anarchy. I notice that the anarchist comments are the ones with the most replies and thumbs up. Thanks to that effort, we have had to bury more good cops here at home than soldiers in the combat zones this year. Do you really think all those comments are American Patriots whose son and daughters fill out the ranks of our military and law enforcement? Did you vote for Obama? I will show my age here but you could borrow a line from that old Shake and Bake commercial where the mom fries chicken in the oven and the daughter says, “And I helped”. If you want to dig it deeper, knock your lights out. Your other option is to take some constructive criticism and improve your work. You are, after all, a free moral agent and the buck stops with you on the decisions you make. Steve Watson


Commented on Cop thought we flipped checkpoint

Okay then nno, let me splain it for you. Bush league equals 'unprofessional'. Journalism has standards and you violated many of them. You are using your channel to ferment a hatred of police when we are a nation of law and order. There are some crooked cops no doubt but it is a small percentage. You use a broad brush of accusations that you cannot prove. As for your 'seasoned professional' comment about me, you open your mouth without doing your homework or you would know that is exactly what I am. is my news site. I have been gathering evidence and having proof before I ever open my mouth about corrupt lawmen, politicians, preachers, teachers, judges, DA's, fire marshals and even a mayor or two for 30 plus years. My record of removal of corruption is un surpassed in east Texas. It is that simple. If you prefer to have no law and order, you are an anarchist. Your site gives anarchists unfettered access to spew their anti American rhetoric to a large audience. A professional journalist also puts their real name and contact information out there for the world to see. Anonymity is for cowards.


Commented on Cop thought we flipped checkpoint

The 'F' Bombs will always keep you in the bush league.



Commented on How to Refuse a DUI Checkpoint

done with respect for the officer. well done. you kept your credibility and made a valid point



Commented on Crazy Cops threaten to Arrest my Family for Filming!

Our Bible say to call no man a fool.  You make that difficult.  We are a nation of laws that INCLUDE answering a charge made against you.  Whether it is a citizen or an officer that files the charge, in a civilized society, we answer those charges.  Try to stop on time when the car in front of you has no brake lights and tell me that defective legally required lighting is not a crime or has no victim.  I wrecked a truck flipping it in the ditch once because the driver in front of me had no brake lights and I had to avoid hitting him.  Clute PD is a good agency.  Not perfect but good guys and gals.  I was raised in Lake Jackson and lived there many years and never experienced any tyranny there.  Go Home


Commented on Sarita,Tx-Border Patrol Checkpoint

You are such a liar.  Your window was up when you said you were a citizen the first time.  You are a convicted felon, not a law abiding citizen.  You are a registered sex offender in Texas.  Your name is Earl David Worden.


Replied to a comment on Brownsville,Tx.- FBI Bldg/Staff/Agents (REFUSE TO ACCEPT COMPLAINT)

Isn't it true that the reason you despise LEO's is because you are a convicted felon and registered sex offender in Texas?  And why do you keep attributing homosexual traits to men you don't know?  Is that Freudian wishful thinking?

2 years ago


Commented on Brownsville,Tx.- FBI Bldg/Staff/Agents (REFUSE TO ACCEPT COMPLAINT) COLDSPRING 4/11/2017'WHITE RANGER' IDENTIFIEDThe limp wristed lisping fake news journalist who visited SJC some weeks ago, threatened our sheriff and made false accusations about many here has been identified as the result of a Sentinel Investigation.  A direct challenge to identifiy himself so as to lend a hint of credibility to his work has gone unanswered so The Sentinel set out to solve the mystery.  His Name is;EARL DAVID WORDEN, 4511 19TH ST, BACLIFF, TX, 77518       BUT other arrest records give a League city addressAccording to his DPS Sex Offender Registry entry, he is on probation for sexual assault  He has been arrested in Brazoria County for; Assault Bodily Injury and had a restraining order issued against him.  From another web site';[1] Worden has made this into an art. He is very knowledgeable on the law, but he is also somewhat disingenuous, calling himself a “good citizen” and making a big deal that he is not “armed.” Worden cannot legally be armed; he is a convicted felon and a registered sex offender. While that doesn’t affect his right to film, when officers know who he is and his background, it explains some of their disdain for him.



Replied to a comment on Coldspring,Tx.-San Jacinto County Sheriff Dept

Dave has a lisp and a limp wrist and all his trolls (you included) seem to have an anal fixation.  What are we supposed to think?   A simple perusal of my website will prove that I actually do what Dave thinks he does and have been for years.  The difference is that I have the proof when I open my mouth and there is no doubt who I am or where I live when I do it.  One corrupt probation officer I outed for his crimes is suing me for 100 K right now.  This sheriff and I have sparked several times and I have openly disagreed with some of his policies but the simple fact remains that since he has been in office, his internal affairs dept has fired several deputies and flat arrested and prosecuted at least one deputy for tampering with evidence and fired one jail nurse.  Anytime I have brought evidence to them, they acted on it.   I am all for outing corruption.  I work toward that goal daily.  The difference is that from my 30 years of effort, I KNOW that more than 95 percent of our LEO's are great guys and gals just trying to make a living.  It boils down to this.  If the perception Dave tries to effect against our county is true, I haven't been doing my job and that is just not the case.  Dave and his minion trolls serve two purposes for the enemies of our nation that want to destroy the fabric of law and order.  Just read the comments on this video and multiply by a hundred.  You all treat LEO's like the enemy and as if they are all criminals.  Hog wash.  Next, you give sensitive info to any enemy that cares to study your videos.  One final point dumbnuts, you accuse me of being a boot licker yet haven't done your homework.  The provable facts are that I have been directly responsible for the removal of more corrupt officials than you can shake a stick at but you troll me with perverted (what you think about) accusations and lies.  That makes you a FAKE NEWS TROLL.



Replied to a comment on NNH Gets "Who's the Boss" treatment.

Easy to call me a liar Robert.  It is another thing to prove it.  People that troll others with false accusations and lies are the hack jobs.  I can't speak for all of them but the videos that NNH and CC produced in San Jacinto County are pure hogwash.   By coming to my hometown and trolling decent people in our community with what I KNOW are lies because I live here has only had the effect of making me look at all of yalls other videos in a new light.  It has served as a reminder that these guys who you incessantly troll and attribute all manner of evil too are our sons and daughters, brothers and sisters, moms and dads, friends and neighbors.  Just as your right to film has been upheld numerous times, LEO right to ask has also, yet you attribute that action as a criminal offense.  I saw NNH  boldly label (with large white letters on the screen) one undercover guy whom he has never met as a c**ksucker for all virtual eternity and I guarantee, if the LEO was vetted, you would find he has a wife and two kids and mortgage and never even had a homosexual desire much less committed the act.   When you do such behind anonymity, you are a FAKE NEWS TROLL, period, end of story.  Refute me with provable facts and I will publish them at

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Replied to a comment on Huntsville,Tx-Wynne Prison Unit-Texas Dept of Corrections

You are wrong there.  95 percent are good cops.

2 years ago


Replied to a comment on Huntsville,Tx-Wynne Prison Unit-Texas Dept of Corrections

and he labeled him right.  The Walker co sheriff, Clint McRae is top of the line and gets more votes than any other official in Walker County.

2 years ago


Replied to a comment on Huntsville Penitentiary Revisit W/News Now Houston-Clueless Lady Doesn't Know Rights

With the lisp and limp wrist David has going on and all the homosexual accusations he makes against men he doesn't know, I don't think he wants any.

2 years ago


Replied to a comment on Auditor Bushwhacks Trooper Scene

The first amendment does not give you the right to violate a wreck scene after you were told once to get out of it.  Contact you?  How?  When I write a story and publish it, you can easily call me, email me, text me or drive up to my door and knock on it because I have never been anonymous.  Here is your opportunity to provide your real name and contact information.  What is your name, phone number and address?  It is easy to call my site 'fake news' as that is all the rage now but when you look in my archives and see how many arrests, indictments and resignations follow my investigations, it negates your claim.  If you can prove one fake item on my site, I will shut it down today.

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Replied to a comment on Sarita,Tx-Border Patrol Checkpoint

Still waiting on you to "bring" the Texas Rangers.  Didn't let you mouth overload your ability did you?

2 years ago


Commented on 1a Audit San Jacinto SD and courthouse. Prequel to NNH audit

What an arrested adolescent display you and your big bro, NNH put on in San Jacinto County.  Both of you filmed in front of the Public Safety building catching cop cars coming in or leaving and accuse them of doing surveillance on you.  What a crock.  You were never out of camera range in your 1 block radius of the courthouse.  Tell me, will you follow this link and let me know if this is you that I have a photo of?



Replied to a comment on Sarita,Tx-Border Patrol Checkpoint

Three things. I laid worry on the altar years ago. Texas Rangers don't get "brought", they just show up usually just one. Talk is still cheap.



Commented on Sarita,Tx-Border Patrol Checkpoint

At 8:20 mark, you said that you don't violate the law.  How soon you forget the violations of the law you committed in San Jacinto County a couple of weeks ago, threatening our sheriff and bearing false witness against many here.  Is that a lisp and a limp wrist you got going on there David?



Replied to a comment on Coldspring,Tx.-San Jacinto County Sheriff Dept

Tim, he never got more than a block from the courthouse in our county seat.  It is the hub of all activity.  Shift change and the lunch hour equals official cars and people moving around the courthouse square area.  Do your homework before you open your mouth.



UPDATE 3/1/2017 MYSTERY BLOGGER JR. INVITES HIT JOB It seems our own local mystery blogger paved the way for the big guy (News Now Houston) to come to town with his own little video of our sheriff's dept.  Youtuber,  'Concerned Citizen Where Is The Constitution' calls himself 'auditor' and violates a hazardous waste accident site in another tape after being told at the 1:08 minute mark to get out of the area.  Apparently a current resident of SJC, he not only collaborated on NNH's hit piece, he has emulated his mentor and filmed then broadcast the very evidence that proves he committed a crime by ignoring those instructions.   Instead of working the accident like all of us taxpayers pay him to do, The DPS Trooper had to run him out of the scene for the second time.  MYSTERY BLOGGER ATTACKS TOURISM, THREATENS SHERIFF In a blatant effort to boost his views, a youtuber fake news specialist violated several of God’s commands and the law in San Jacinto County.  'News Now Houston' blogger, “David” came to town, shot a lot of video of many of our historic landmarks that draw our visitors before attacking our tourism trade with false accusations and innuendo.  While shooting typical daily traffic within a block of the courthouse, he counted off every official vehicle he could find moving as surveilling him in some clandestine effort to violate his rights.  At one point in this video, he zoomed in across from the SW back corner of the jail across the state hiway to the donut shop and attributed those vehicles to his ‘surveillance’ count.  The entire content of the video was aimed at and specifically identified as being related to our tourism industry.  In his effort to warn people against travelling here, “David” crossed the line when he coerced the sheriff with threats of being trolled by “David’s” audience if he didn’t comply immediately.  Watching his ego roll him across the line of the law reminded me of the first time I hauled a tanker load and “came to a stop”.  About three seconds later, that wave hit the front bulkhead and there I was ten feet farther out into the intersection and across the stop bar even though I knew better and didn’t want to be.


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Those guys are already shorthanded.  We have to rely on volunteers very heavily in this poor and rural area.  For you to troll the lady fire fighter as if she did some wrong is unacceptable behavior.  Inviting that hack, "News Now Houston" to do hit piece on our county attacking our tourism industry is not appreciated either.



Replied to a comment on Coldspring,Tx.-San Jacinto County Sheriff Dept

from the legal dictionary: Coercion The intimidation of a victim to compel the individual to do some act against his or her will by the use of psychological pressure, physical force, or threats. The crime of intentionally and unlawfully restraining another's freedom by threatening to commit a crime, ** accusing the victim of a crime,**  disclosing any secret that would seriously impair the victim's reputation in the community, or by performing or refusing to perform an official action lawfully requested by the victim, or by causing an official to do so. coercion noun blackmail, command, compulsion, constraint, control, dictation, duress, exaction, exigency, force, forcing, illegal compulsion, impelling, insistence, intimidation, moral compulsion, necessity, negative compulsion, oppression, oppressive exaction, pressure, prevailing, prohibition, repression, strong arm tactics, threat, undue influence, unlawful compulsion Associated concepts: coercive conduct, duress, extortion, coercion of employees Now listen again to your effort to compel our sheriff to drop an investigation you allege he was conducting, THREATEN to retaliate against him if he didn't then command him to get on his radio and implement your instructions if he wanted to avoid your public persecution.  That is illegal in the State of Texas sir no matter how big your ego is.  feeling the pucker yet Mr. News Now Houston?

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Replied to a comment on Coldspring,Tx.-San Jacinto County Sheriff Dept

I assure you that the SJC Sheriff is not the least bit worried about Mr. News Now Houston or his trolls.


Commented on Coldspring,Tx.-San Jacinto County Sheriff Dept

Mr. News Now Houston, From the perspective of a patriot and journalist, I am familiar with your video efforts around the country.  When researching your production, the oldest video you have posted was one that I had viewed when it came out.  I have viewed most of them over time and dismissed them as not affecting me personally but now you have perpetuated your anarchist deceit in my home town.  Specifically, I am speaking to the video of San Jacinto County that you recently published.  I take issue with you on several points.  In my investigative efforts over the years, with the Grace of God, I have located an escaped cop killer, kidnapped baby, a few corrupt public servants, birth parents and lots of heirs on real estate matters but I can’t find you.  Who are you?  Where is your office?  What is your phone number or even an email address?  1) Your failure to give contact information automatically negates any merit for your effort. 2) Your false narrative of, “Gathering content for a story” that has yet to be written speaks for itself 3)  Your hypocrisy of treating as criminals, those who ask questions on a public sidewalk when you stand on your public rights is preposterous. 4) Your seditious content is alarming the community to endanger our L.E.O.’s for doing their duty. Now let me tell you a little about San Jacinto County.  Unknown to most, less than a year ago a family was vacationing at a campground near the Lake Livingston Dam.  Like you, they were untraceable using Wal Mart gift cards to pay instead of a credit card.  Like you they were quite interested in photography and began to take photos of sensitive areas that aroused suspicion.  Long story short, that initial call from a sharp eyed employee of the facility exposed a terrorist effort to gather information on the Dam and the Veteran’s organization building across the street.  Quick response from Law Enforcement brought in the FBI and multi county cooperation sees that such a vital infrastructure target is constantly being monitored for suspicious activity.  In the last week or so, our guys arrested one man in our county that had a pipe bomb ready to go.  Thank the Lord for the Montgomery County bomb disposal guys for their controlled detonation of that device before it harmed anyone and their willingness to put their shoes on in the morning and walk into their day.  Only days later, a fugitive charged with setting off a pipe bomb in a neighboring community was captured when he ventured into San Jacinto County because of alert LEO efforts.  An interview with one man who used to serve as our sheriff revealed that a muslim training camp was uprooted from a very rural section of our county years ago along with a plot to poison Lake Livingston from the north end of the lake.  How preposterous that you film by the Sheriff’s Department during shift change and attribute traffic there to a surveillance effort on you.  Then you zoom in across two blocks and a state hiway to show two marked units in front of the donut shop and call that surveillance of you.  And then the oldest café in town 1 block from the sheriff’s dept and there were people with badges coming in and out and that is surveillance on you?  Be real Mr. News Now Houston.  The ole barn looking building you filmed happens to be the heartbeat of all of our emergency services other than law enforcement.  It looks busy for a reason but you weren’t it.  Do you remember the, “Loose Lips Sinks Ships” effort when we were under attack from hostile efforts against us in the past?  If I were an enemy agent that wanted to get free surveillance on sensitive targets in many communities in East Texas, I would favorite bookmark your site.  Now on to the real issue here.  It is a character flaw that makes itself known in the first video’s you ever produced and has been a constant theme throughout.  Narcissistic, self-aggrandizement on full display.  This SJC video illustrates them plainly so I will use it specifically.  When you approached our Sheriff, your first rattle out of the hat was, “Do you know who I am?” as if it mattered.  The most telling was your effort to instruct our sheriff to get on his radio right then and instruct his men to quit doing surveillance on you under implied threat of embarrassment or legal action if he did not do as told.  Boy did he pop you like a pimple. In my view, you filmed your own criminal action right there.  You are going to tell our duly elected Sheriff how to deploy his units and what cases to investigate and what action to take?  Like I said, “Who are you?”.   Has a foreign agent found just the right nut to do his field work for him while he sits at home raking in the rubles?  Your effort shows intent to undermine the public perception of law enforcement based on a false presentation and depiction of them.  You are a provocateur with no accountability for what you say or do.  You leave no rescource for someone to call for correction, clarification or retraction.  That alone makes you ‘Fake News’ of the highest order.  Just so you personally know even if you delete my comment, if you do delete it, you prove exactly ‘who are you’.  Not that it matters who I am but here it is.  I publish the website that is located in San Jacinto County.  A quick perusal will show that I have taken issue with un ethical or illegal acts of public servants.  No one in our community can claim immunity from our efforts anymore than I can claim immunity for what I write or publish.  You cast aspersions against people that are not true.  You exposed an inmate to public scrutiny that has a right to privacy under law and the most sacred institution of a presumption of innocence until proven guilty that you violated with impunity.  I personally, consider you a hostile agent bent on undermining the concept of law and order in our society.  If you have evidence, bring it forward and act on it.  The vast majority are honest public servants want the crooks out as much as the rest of us.  Our efforts at The Sentinel would be fruitless without that factor in the equation.  Like I said before, your early work didn’t affect me personally but now you are in my territory affecting me and my family.  You are affecting the second largest industry in our county which is tourism.  We do enjoy a brisk tourist trade for such poor and rural county simply because it is safe to vacation here.  Book a cruise to Somalia lately?  I didn’t think so.

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What a joke.  What a vulgar loudmouth.  The bible speaks of false accusers.  These police showed remarkable restraint because you should have been jailed for inciting a riot, sedition and being a 'chimo' youself.  "he looks like a chomo" is a direct quote you made.  Ahh, I just heard your muslim name.  Takes one to know one.  You holler and point with absolutely no knowledge of preceding events and slander reputable men.  You are of satan, your father and he is a liar.

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