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POLK CO 11/6/2023


After the statute of limitations for a civil suit have passed, hon's chick a dee sings like a canary in his coal mine. A long exchange on fb messenger contained the following narrative from Bethany Evans.  

After understanding your role in the death of Lee’s mother, I have no sympathy toward you in any regard for any legal means he may have used to retaliate toward you. You would no doubt have felt like or done the same if the roles were switched. Any human with the capability of feeling empathy can step back from how that scene played out, and understand the sense of injustice that led to the ongoing turmoil. He is not the person you have portrayed, not even a little bit. "


Please, let me 'set the scene' as you call it Bethany.  I do, understand the process and the purpose of setting up a scene from my many plays performed in during high school and college.  One thing I learned is that no matter how elaborate, the 'scene' still amounts to a 'false front'.  

      What is so disconcerting to the corrupt is that S.H.S.U. also taught us how to take 'the scene' apart, piece by piece.  Usually from the top down.  

   I do anquish over the precious woman's death Bethany.  It was me that published the evidence on Hon that made his mother the only person in the world that could testify to the truth and put Lee Hon in federal prison.  I knew the story would put her in danger.  Seven days I prayed about it before I published.   I do know His voice when I hear it.  A few days after I published, Mrs Rita Hon was dead.   

   It would only be a slight exageration to state that Lee Hon had his mother cremated before dark.  It is no exageration to state that Ms. Hon's husband and caretaker was asking for an autopsy but was not even aknowleged.  So there is your 'scene' Bethany.  Pray tell us your version Bethany so we can see what Hon is thinking.  One thing I am sure of, Hon didn't want to answer any questions about the near million dollars his mom had in the bank that they withdrew just before she died.  He really didn't want to answer any questions about his mom's mail in ballot that was mailed to him.  

    We will spare the readers the 'scene' when my mother was discovered severely beaten and left for dead in her apt just days after Hon had me arrested on all those bogus charges.  A beating neither Liberty Co. S.O. nor Cleveland P.D. ever bothered to investigate.  Didn't take the first photo.  Didn't look for any finger prints.  Just ignored the incident.  

     I haven't yet read the fb messenger posts you sent near midnight last night Beth.  Just getting rolling this morning.  Going to be an interesting day.  I have been studying the photos someone sent with help from some experts.  We should be able to publish the photos and share our findings soon.

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