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The recent acquisition of public records from the Livingston PD regarding the felony Stalking complaint Bill Lee Hon filed on me with the Livingston PD for going to the republican club meeting sent me down my political memory lane.

    The first women to accuse me of stalking were Marcella Shaw and Terry Peden.  Anyone remember them?  Marcella Shaw was the homewrecker second wife of Bill Shaw, then republican party chairman.   Terry Peden was an operative.  Those women called me, “The Courthouse Stalker” in their discussion board gossip and told lies about me till some of their fellow San Jac PAC members began to openly threaten me.  It seems they considered me going into a public place, looking up public records and taking photos in public to be a felony crime especially when I used said evidence to prove their man’s crimes.

     Then there was the year Royce Wells tried to run for Sheriff of SJC.  Does anyone remember him?  He didn’t appreciate us repeatedly uncovering and then publishing evidentiary documents proving he is a criminal. (documents I still have) It was his daughter, Ms. Vandver Wright that published on Shepherd social media that I was stalking her family and that her daughter was afraid that I was going to crawl in her window and kidnap her.  One night when he was still commissioner, Wells tried to have me arrested for being at a high school football game when my kid’s team was playing.  How interesting was it that I, not long after, uncovered the documents proving both Royce and Ruby Wells were allowed to resign from jobs in lieu of criminal charges for sex crimes being filed.  Him at the city of Houston, her at the Shepherd ISD.  You won’t hear a peep out of either one of them publically because they both know I still have those documents.

     Then came along Lou Rogers’ wife, Elaine.  There was a publicly advertised meeting to be held in the Roger’s restaurant of the San Jac PAC.  An organization we had already proven were violating election finance laws.  I positioned myself in the state hwy row across the street from ‘Elaines’ and down in front of the then gift shop to observe and photograph who all was taking part in the public meeting.  Lou’s wife strutted across the street with a couple of men and told me I had to leave and that she was going to file stalking charges on me.  Does anyone remember them?

    And then the most absurd up to that point was Mary Olga ‘Molga’ Lovett.  When the residency question came up on John Lovett Jr in his bid for SJC judge, we at The Sentinel snagged a photo of their house in Bellaire off of a public H.A.R. (Houston Area Realtors) web site that was taken from the street view and published it in one of our election publications along with the tax records proving John Lovett still had his homestead in Houston.  Based on that, The Lying ‘Lovettess’, Mary Olga accused me of trespassing and looking in the windows of her home that I still have never been to, naming her own child as the witness who saw me.  The rest of her personal attacks against me speak for themselves and were of the same nature every corrupt politician (or their woman) whose crimes I expose uses to attack me hoping to ruin my credibility.  Does anyone remember them now that their political careers have fallen by the wayside of The Sentinel's scrutiny too? 

   Then comes Bill Lee Hon and his bogus ‘Felony Stalking’ complaint filed with Livingston PD.  Once again the accuser is someone whose crimes I have dug up and published HARD irrefutable evidence of on The Sentinel Alert website.  Once again my ‘crime’ was daring to go to a public event at a public place and take photos to use in my publication, The Sentinel Alert.  Once again, instead of a phone call or any communication to me (ie: man to man), Bill Lee Hon decided to take a play out of the play book of ‘Lying Bit@hes From Elections Past’ and use it.  :-)  Will anyone remember him?  I don’t know but according to the document I received from Livingston PD and the letter of refusal of records I requested directly from Hon’s office, it is an ongoing investigation.  Just another case of abuse of official capacity that has been overlooked by the powers that be.  The same ones who swore an oath to uphold the constitution.   That makes The State of Texas complicIt in his continual criminal acts.  <-----  That is a period.

I took this photo in D.C. at the T.E.A. Party Rally as I walked by
bond photo week 2

May 12th 2018




Needless to say it has been hectic around here.  Trying to regather files for both my defense and stories we were working and preparing for.  Time has been of the essence lately. 

   The stories taken down reflect my decision that heeds and exceeds the advice of counsel to remove the contested articles.

   We have received no less than two OAG opinion letters in the interim since the indictments.  Both were favorable and order release of most of documents that we actually asked for.   Two open records requests went out yesterday.  We have interviewed several involved and gotten some documented evidence and are seeking more on a major story that is being persued in SJC.  

   Surely my faithful readers find hope in the fact that the advocate pulled out the old 'registered sex offender' attack just like when we went after her boys, Wells and Lovett.  

   That is not to make light of my circumstances in the least.  A major legal battle and possible prison time looming over any man is daunting but a man without even the money for bond, much less attorney, it would appear hopeless.  As for me, I will press forward because that is the only way I know to get there.   



   The Sentinel Alert owner/publisher, Steve Watson recently surrendered himself to his local SJC Pct 4 Constable after learning from Polk County public record documents that he had been indicted by a Polk County Grand Jury on a half dozen counts of "Retaliation" and one count of "Posession of information with intent to distribute".  A midnight raid on his home by two SJC deputies with an officer from an outside agency in tow to execute the arrest warrant and take Watson to the Polk Co jail did not find him at home.  Preparations had been under way since the day prior to secure his bonds and arrange to surrender himself at the SJC jail.   That process was completed and Watson is out of jail on the grand jury imposed 30K bond.  

    "I will refrain from comment about the charges against me on advice of counsel", Watson stated, "but hope the readers recognize that it is not about me but about our 1st Ammendment rights".  "I am just a voice that tryanny hates", he concluded.

    On May 1st, A week after he surrendered, two Texas Rangers executed a search warrant on The Sentinel office and Watson's home.  Two computers and two external hard drives and wifi modem were listed as confiscated along with a public record document that Watson aquired from the Polk County Clerk's office by walking in, requesting a copy and paying his dollar for it. 

   The language of the warrant, signed by 258th District Judge E.L. McClendon stated, "any electronic devices . . . . . whereby the suspected person may have accessed the internet website known as to post documents or communications  . . . . . . . . .  evidence of Stephen Watson's internet search and browsing activity and communications . . . ."

   According to Watson, The two Texas Rangers were thorough and professional.  "Even though I was in the field on an investigation when they arrived, they called to inform me of the warrant and respected my property.  More importantly, they respected the 82 year old honorably discharged disabled veteran living with me that I care for."  "They just had a job to do", Watson nodded.

   "With this many charges", Watson's attorney stated, "There are substantial expenses associated with preparing and presenting this defense." 

     "Any donations will be greatly appreciated", Watson said.  "Paying the Attorney and the bond loan is my priority but as it stands, my Sentinel Alert operation is totally dependant on using other people's computers or going to the library until such time as the tower is returned to us", he added.  "Any one who would be willing to loan or donate a factory reset or new computer to our operation would be appreciated."   "There are several important projects we are still working on".



Thankyou.  If this is your idea of old or slow, you should see what I have been working on.  


  Preperations to open a dedicated account for Attorney, bond and legal fees defending the 1st ammendment in this case are under way.  It will take two signers to disperse the funds.  One is committed, the other being sought. 

   By request and prodding of a couple of supporters, we did plow through the learning curve today to figure out how to put a pay pal button for donations on The Sentinel Alert website.  Any money submitted via that button with go directly to The Sentinel Alert - Town Crier pay pal account.  Until all the priority expenses listed are paid in full, that method of donation will be devoted to those expenses. 





THANKS to the people who have signed up on our Patreon page.  The link button below will take you there.  It is a way to support our efforts for as little as one dollar a month.   Steve Watson


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    AOC CONFESSES HER 'DEPTH' OF DEPRAVITY. " “And there is no bottom to the barrel of vitriol that will be used and weaponized to stifle those who want to advance rights for all people in the United States.” EXACTLY AOC. President Trump has done more to advance the cause of all people and you haven't reached the bottom of your barrel of vitriol. And as for the 'broken playbook' comment, what a silly woman led astray. The "playbook" is Christianity. The same Christianity that freed the slaves sold by their own 'people' into it. The Same Christianity that fights abortion, a democrat stronghold that alone DECIMATES a large portion of the very people you claim to stand for. The Same Christianity that feeds the starving muslim kids because it needs doing and no one else is, even knowing they will be raised to hate the very Hand (our God) of God that is feeding them. It is the same Playbook that has catapulted our nation to the Blessed place we are where men can live FREE. You want to destroy all that with your lies and confusion you prosper. John 8:44 Ye are of your father the devil, and the lusts of your father ye will do. He was a murderer from the beginning, and abode not in the truth, because there is no truth in him. When he speaketh a lie, he speaketh of his own: for he is a liar, and the father of it. Just so you know, AOC, we do recognize you. I would also add that the "people of color" is a con. We are all people of color unless you are an albino. Steve Watson 

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