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LAS VEGAS 11/9/2018


Producers Choice Awards was the honor shown the local band, "Satisfied Drive" and their producer at the event recently held in Las Vegas, USA.  More details linked to the headline.


COLDSPRING 12/12/2018


A long overdue THANK YOU is the purpose and intent of this article.  I am using all the pictures below just to illustrate the passion one man has to keep the memories  and stories of bravery, sacrafice, committment and loyalty exhibited by our veterans alive in the minds of our community.  One man has the drive to make sure the young people never forget the sacrifices of so many men and women of every race and walk of life that paid the price for our freedom.  Dale Everitt is the Veteran's Service Officer for San Jacinto County but he is much more than that.

  The normal duties of helping our vets with the red tape and VA and pension issues fill his days along with the all too often duty of making arrangements for a vet who has died forgotten and alone somewhere.  I have seen him go into his own pocket to help on more than one occassion just because it needed doing.  What I want the people of SJC to know about is the treasure trove of memories Dale Everitt has put up on the walls in the basement of the courthouse.  It was a project he had started and was well underway when the basement flooded and set him back.  He had to endure the ripping out and rebuilding of the entire downstairs but as soon as that was done, Mr. Everitt started rebuilding the Hall of Heros one more time. 

     Here are a few of the items that adorn our basement walls.

This pictorial essay is just a snippit of the treasures Dale Everitt has put on display for the benefit of the community.  From the front entry hall all the way to the Elevator, you can't miss an opportunity to read up on not only our national history but quite a bit of the local history too.  From District Judges to Senators, Movie stars to farm boys, our Veteran's Service Officer keeps the memory fresh.  You can't help but understand that it takes all the peoples of our nation to keep us free.  The call of duty is color blind and oblivious to your social status.  Dale Everitts display proves that God stirs the hearts of every kind of person to defend the freedom that isn't free.   It is my hope that this community will take a minute to tell Dale Everitt thanks for all he does making sure our vets know we care.  

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