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Hon's Follies (and crimes)

Polk County 6/7/2020


    A massive pull of ads from the Polk County Today website authored by Willie Openshaw after Openshaw published his racist comments has spurred the Polk County ADA Coleman to ride in as Openshaw's "Jim Dandy to the Rescue". 

    Long known as a biased "news" source for Polk County that would not publish anything negative about local law enforcement actions, has lost their revenue source. 

     ADA Coleman considers this public response to Openshaw's public statements to be violating Openshaw's First Ammendment rights.  What a double standard load of Hooey from Coleman.  Even though Coleman is black and the racist comments Openshaw made were a broad brush stroke against the black community, Coleman's corruption runs so deep that he sides with corruption over truth.  

    Already exposed for his crimes committed in Williamson County and here in Polk County, the absolute hypocrisy of Coleman 'standing up' for free speech when he has done everything in his power to silence any opposition is blaring. 

   Mr. Coleman, you have done some ignorant things but this takes the cake.  Free speech protections are to keep the government from silencing dialogue, not our citizens from espressing their displeasure by pulling support from a cheerleader for the corrupt.  You and I both know you have done everything in your power to illegally silence The Sentinel.  I can't wait until my case is over so I can publish that evidence.  You are an embarassment to Polk County and prove here that you are bought and paid for.  The corrupt in Polk Co Own you. 

    How about my free speech?  Openshaw has ALWAYS censored my comments submitted to his website calling down corruption.   Those comments never fit his agenda.

POLK COUNTY 7/12/2020


Documents prove that in March of 2015, a group of concerned citizens from Onalaska and Pointblank, Texas, got together and submitted evidence of criminal wrong doing on the part of the Onalaska police chief, Ron Gilbert and at least one of his deviant officers involving allegations of homosexual conduct with a minor.  This being just one of a myriad of complaints on different Onalsaka policemen received at The Sentinel since we began publishing in 2014, time has lent more credibility to these particular allegations for several reasons. 

  • The initial submission of the information and allegations to multiple agencies is documented.
  • The credibility of the long time child advocate who interviewed the minor victim and his mother.
  • The long list of OPD officers that have been complained on to The Sentinel.
  • Documented actions and inactions of these officers, OPD and other agencies in the years since this particular allegation surfaced.
  • The front page of the Enterprise

We cannot yet prove that either officer that ended up being terminated behind these older allegations actually did what is alleged in the letter but what we can prove is that both were immediately fired for ‘inappropriate behavior’ and ‘unlawful conduct’ by the City of Onalaska but not prosecuted.  “We red flagged his file” was the City’s response to the incident as they let these officers keep their TCOLE Certifications and, as the Black Wizard of Oz puts it, “Ease on down, ease on down, ease on down daat roohode”.  The chief soon parted from the OPD and moved on down the road too.  Not to steal too many movie phrases, but the fired cop who was fired in 2015 and who is the subject of those allegations can today, right now, say, “I’m back”.  He has been rehired.

As the photo below shows, the evidence of these sexual assault of a minor allegations were given to ALL of the appropriate agencies.  The child advocate investigated the case for several weeks before officially submitting the report of her findings dated March 30, 2015.  (see photo of letter below) Onalaska is a small town. 

Current Corrigan reserve officer, (possibly FBI recruit according to the Corrigan mayor) Christopher Lima, then and current resident of Onalaska was DA Lee Hon’s Investigator at that time all of this non prosecution was going on.  By the time the child advocate’s investigation was done and the report was officially submitted to all those agencies, Hon’s investigator Lima had found reason and quickly sold his house below value and moved to Leon County hiring on there.  It seemed odd at the time because TCOLE records prove Lima had devoted his most recent LEO studies to “Texas District and County Attorneys Assoc” courses immediately prior to his departure from same and he made more money working for the DA.

The house sale Lima quickly entered into was a bail out sale.  A take up the note deal.  After he stayed away nearly a year and the non prosecution on the case continued, Lima came back to Polk Co and started trying to illegally evict the lady that bought the house, paid up the arrearage and paid the notes as agreed.  First DA Hon filed false forgery charges on the woman Lima legally sold the house to that were ultimately proven false.   There she was fighting for her house and then, thanks to Hon’s corruption, defending herself on false criminal charges at the same time.  Hon claimed that she signed Lima’s name to the contract and filed false criminal charges for his buddy.  The sale was conducted by a licensed Realtor and on a TREC contract form. No charges were brought against Lima for filing a false police report or Hon for his false prosecution.

Since then Lima has repeatedly ignored court orders resulting from the buyer’s successful civil suit against him that stated Lima must follow through with the sale and sign the closing papers.  He has also ignored subsequent court orders to pay his Pedigo debt that was attached as a lien on the house before he sold it.  No enforcement.  Lima constantly harassed the woman and her children with intimidation tactics of driving by and cursing them in addition to the false forgery complaint he made.  There is photographic evidence.  The Sentinel has obtained documents from the DA via open records proving multiple complaints against Lima by the woman for his actions were ignored by the DA, just like the allegations against the two Onalaska officers were ignored by the selfsame alleged prosecutor.  This happened despite the fact that public records existed then and exist now proving more than one woman has applied for restraining orders against Lima.  His own wife filed for one claiming abuse of her and the children.  The ISD filed a complaint involving one of his children.  Once again Polk Co. S.O. investigated and determined the complaint had no merit.  CPS filed a case but Hon illegally redacted the open records well beyond child identity and medical info.  Hon illegally redacted proof documents completely where nothing but the page number was visible in response to The Sentinel open records request.  The date and nature of the offence charged should be public.

There are other records The Sentinel has obtained during our investigation.  One is a text message from a young female complaining about Lima harassing her according to the grandmother, who submitted the evidence to me.  It raises the root problem when it says, “somehow he found out” AFTER she complained to The Rangers on him and he started harassing her even firing gunshots in front of her house.  Did the Ranger put that kind of info out to someone he is supposed to be investigating?  That would be a good question.

  Gunplay is the exact nature of another complaint against Lima that Hon made every effort to ignore.  A complaint that included allegations of unlawful restraint of a woman and assault in addition to gunplay.  We have documented and published the complaint of Lima fighting with a woman in the parking lot of an Onalaska bar just after telling the owner in front of witnesses when he told Lima to leave, “You don’t own sh^t, I own this m*&^fing town”.  Once again, not only were the crimes ignored by DA Hon, the Polk Co S.O. made one of the victims sign a non-prosecution form at the scene!  Why do they even have those forms with them?  Many of Lima’s former employers and current Corrigan PD conspire to keep him out of trouble.  Can we say R.I.C.O.? 

A sad element of this story is that the young man who was allegedly victimized by Onalaska PD when he was a minor sits in jail today on indecency with a child charges.  When the initial allegations of the boy molesting a girl 4 years younger than him were brought to the Onalaska PD, not only did PD not file on him or start a case, the chief and officer took to ‘mentoring’ the boy with his mother’s permission.  They picked him up at least one weekend for a ‘ridealong’ and kept him overnight.  It was on one of these excursions where the boy’s mother stated in an interview with the child advocate that the officer began exposing himself to him.  When the allegations surfaced, they were swept under the rug and the officers fired.   No more investigation and no prosecution.  Chief Gilbert got the hell out of town and had serious medical issues soon after.

Since 2015, The Sentinel has fielded complaints by multiple women that OPD officers have stalked them.  In every case, with not enough proof to publish the story, I referred them to the DA’s office and the Ranger with an admonition NOT to mention my name.  Before long, I am fielding complaints from them that nothing is being done.  The most telling incidents, in my view has been a more than one time comment from women whom I gave that referral to the effect of, “What good will that do, they have their zipper down too.”

If any find it hard to believe that a Texas Ranger would engage in such inappropriate behavior as ignoring a complaint about a fellow law enforcement officer stalking a woman or a child, all we have to do is look back at the reason Ranger Duff was eventually removed from Polk County and allowed to resign quietly.  Running round with his zipper down.  I wrote the story then as a foretelling that for the DPS to NOT prosecute Ranger Duff for his illegal acts violating the public trust would have the effect of undermining that trust and tarnish the reputation of the premier law enforcement agency on the face of the earth.  Now I am writing that is exactly what has happened.  And that is not fair to the 95+ percent of decent and honest men and women who love our nation, its people and law order enough to put their lives on the line for us every day. 

The only hope this nation has for law and order to prevail and to regain the respect it deserves is for us to excise the pockets of abusive corruption now and as we find them.  When the top Law man, The Polk Co. DA is one of the biggest criminals in Polk County, he needs to go.  It is that simple. Hon could have prosecuted former Ranger Duff for taking advantage of the vulnerable mother of a too young murder victim on a case they were both investigating.  According to those who claim to be in the know, Hon didn’t prosecute Duff because He had his zipper down too.  Has had for years and that is a big part of what is leading to his soon coming downfall.  Some say he goes ahead and ‘droops his drawers’ too on occasion and I can’t speak to that but I do know that one of the most embarrassing episodes of my life was when he filed stalking charges on me under the ‘scorned lover’ laws. 

As an old, opinionated and pig headed investigative journalist, I have long defined corruption as, “filing false criminal charges for political purpose or NOT filing legitimate charges for political purpose”.   It is exactly what the Soros funded DA’s in the country are doing right now.   Trying to squash our First Amendment Rights.  

The few minutes we have been able to get Hon on the stand under oath and on the record, he made a comment to the judge, kinda whiney like he was telling his momma and nodding toward me when he said, “He keeps saying I am corrupt”.  You are right Mr. Hon.  I do because you are.  The district clerk’s files documents case after case where you put your prosecutorial boot on the neck of innocent people.  A lot of them are women.  You remember those cases, some where you put them in jail for months and even years then drop the charges on court day.  You have tried to oppress me and my new found friends but I don’t let people do that.   Lord knows I live week to week and all we have to battle you with is the Truth but Thank the Lord, the Truth is all powerful.  Let me be clear, it isn’t just me.  Without the fearless and selfless contributions to the criminal justice reform effort by we the people, all of us, there would be nothing I could do alone.  I commend those in our community who have come forward and stood their ground.  A committed group with both men and strong women in it.   It makes me wonder, Mr.Prosecutor, if you are feeling the collective ‘we the people’ knee on your neck yet?

Steve Watson

LIVINGSTON 7/18/2020


Polk County ADA Tommy ‘Adolph’ Coleman finally displays his and Hon’s statist campaign agenda with a recent quote attributed to Coleman in the Polk County Today ‘Boot Licker Times’ saying:

   “I would love to see a Texas legislator file a bill similar to what Indiana State Representative, Jim Lucas filed which would require journalists to be licensed by the state. The measure would require journalists, defined as anyone writing or broadcasting news for a newspaper, magazine, website or television or radio station, to be registered, fingerprinted and vetted by a state entity.”

THAT, Dear Readers, is as “Statist” as it gets.  You got is just bass ackwards Coleman.  The Press vets the public servants, not the other way around.  You should be jailed and prosecuted for sedition.

Not only is neither Coleman nor Hon defending our Constitution as they swore an oath to do, they both attack and undermine that sacred document on a daily basis.

Below is and excerpt from this ARTICLE about the Lucas bill that either Coleman failed to read or knew the truth about but hoped you didn’t. 

INDIANAPOLIS -- Indiana state Rep. Jim Lucas says the idea of the government licensing journalists is “reprehensible.” That’s why he had a bill drafted to do it.

The Seymour Republican had the draft bill – officially Preliminary Draft No. 4377 – written up during the last legislative session to make a point about what he sees as similarly misguided legislation currently requiring a license to carry a handgun.

“Everybody should be appalled,” Lucas said. “I’m highlighting the licensing of a constitutional right. Society has become accustomed to that exact very thing. But if we allow the licensing of one constitutional right – even one – that means the floodgates are open for something like this to happen.”

I would say Coleman ‘mischaracterized’ the Lucas bill and twisted it to serve his anti-American agenda.  THAT, my friends, is the definition of FAKE NEWS. 

Hon and Coleman have both violated the law, civil rights and every standard of ethics in their evil agenda to silence me and silence The Sentinel Alert – Town Crier.  I have to wonder if quoting and being quoted of such a statist agenda as controlling the media might not have been the product some climatic ‘circular’ reasoning among Coleman, Hon and whoever wrote the Polk County Today boot licking propaganda piece.  When you do it all the time, Willie, it is a fetish.

LIVINGSTON 8/29/2020


Sentinel sources confirm that a detailed Texas Bar complaint against DA Hon was filed a couple of months ago by a local civil rights activist using clippings from Polk County Enterprise stories.  That complaint was forwarded to Lee Hon along with the clippings.  Shortly after that, the effort to silence the oldest paper in the area was pressed by Hon against The Enterprise.   Most folks are satisfied with a correction or clarification but Hon pressed until the paper folded and pushed the editor/reporter out.



LIVINGSTON 8/22/2020


Even though the Polk County Enterprise is still being published, DA Hon has pressured them via threats of legal action to force the resignation of Valerie Reddell because she dared to write a true story about ADA Coleman and his penchant for withholding exculpatory evidence.  When The Sentinel heard about DA Hon's initial pressure play against Ms. Reddell, we advised The Enterpirse not to back down or they would be eating his crap from now until we put his butt in prison for his crimes.  They didn't listen and instead of standing behind their editor and against Hon's corruption, the Polk County Enterprise folded like an origami vagina.   Their weather page may still be worth reading.

LIVINGSTON 8/31/2020


Tommy Coleman filed a civil lawsuit angainst Valerie Reddell concerning a story she wrote indicating that Coleman participated in the prosecution of Michael Morton in Williamson County.  An infamous case that showcased a prosecutor's office, not only withholding exculpatory evidence in the orginal prosection, but continuing the effort during coleman's tenure there to block the 'Innocence Project' effort (which eventually freed the man) by CONTINUING to withhold and fighting to withold that same exculpatory evidence years later.  One ARTICLE written just before the exoneration of Michael Morton summed up the prosecutor's (including Coleman) efforts this way.

 "A calculated suppression of truth may have wrongfully imprisoned Michael Morton nearly 25 years ago and a new wave of suppression perpetrated in the last decade may have helped keep him there. And in doing so, a killer may not have only gone free, but been free to kill again."

"The last decade" includes Tommy Coleman's tenure at the Williamson County Prosecutor's office.  A seperate ARTICLE quoted Coleman with this snide remark toward the innocent man's defense during a court hearing.

"Coleman has a history of mocking exculpatory evidence that indicates innocence. Grits reported that during one court hearing in the Morton case, Coleman was overheard mocking Morton’s attorney, John Raley, saying in a demeaning tone: “Ewwww! Bloody bandana! Bloody bandana!” It was that bloody bandana, which Bradley and his office fought so hard not have DNA tested, that ultimately not only established Morton’s innocence but identified the real killer.

Coleman, who was hired by Bradley in 2008, has political ambitions of his own. Earlier this year he explored the notion of running for the County Attorney’s position, but when he discovered there was no real support among the local power brokers for his candidacy, he stepped aside and joined forces with another candidate, Hal Hawkes, who, incidentally, also happens to be under investigation by the State Bar. As the old saying goes, birds of a feather flock together,” including buzzards."


The same ARTICLE also illustrates another entirely seperate case that Coleman withheld exculpatory evidence on with this comment:

 This time the misconduct charges involve Assistant District Attorney Tommy Coleman who withheld exculpatory evidence in a 2010 theft case.

 When Bode learned about the withheld evidence, she questioned ADA Coleman about it, to which he replied: “It’s too late now, your guy already pled.” Bode’s said her client probably would have been acquitted had the evidence been timely disclosed.


In Keeping with the M.O. of these criminal prosecutors, Coleman has filed the lawsuit to intimidate and cost the targeted news hound money in an effort to silence her.  It was The Sentinel that broke this story years ago when Coleman was running for Polk Co Party Chairman.   IF and when we ever get my case to court, I will make you both prove that you are still witholding exculpatory evidence as a matter of course.  Once a dog, always a dog.  

For Lee 'the liar' Hon to pen that piece pretending like Coleman is innocent of wrong doing is just another BALD FACE LIE.  Hon has no choice.  His whole empire is built on lies and abuse of official capacity. 



EAST TEXAS 8/29/2020




POLK CO 10/16/2020


In a move much like that of disgraced Anthony Weiner, the Polk Co DA publishes a half naked selfie with a mirrored 'booty' shot on social media.  The one thing that is not completely clear is whether Lee 'da weiner' Hon is trying to impress the young girls or his fellow male gym groupies so we did a little research on the psychology of this behavior and this is what we found.   There are links to the articles we quoted.    Interesting read but nothing we didn't already know about Hon.


Science confirms what we already know – people who post gym pics on Facebook are massive narcissists  


And here is the narrative from an article on 'Psychology Today' examining the type person who would post a picture such as Anthony 'laptop' Weiner and our own Polk Co DA, Lee 'da muscle man' Hon.


In this study, the authors examined self-objectification, along with three personality traits, known as the “Dark Triad”: narcissism, psychopathy, and Machiavellianism. They’re called “dark” because they have an almost evil connotation and are associated with a callous and manipulative way of interacting with other people.


Narcissism: Extreme self-centeredness and a grandiose view of oneself. Narcissists have an excessive need to be admired by others and have a sense of entitlement. They’re likely to agree with statements like: “I’m more capable than most people,” and “I will usually show off if I get the chance.”

Psychopathy: Impulsivity and lack of empathy. Those high in psychopathy are likely to agree with statements like: “Payback needs to be quick and nasty."


Machiavellianism: Manipulating without regard for others’ needs. Those high on this trait tend to have little concern about morals.

Self-objectification: A tendency to view one's body as an object based on its sexual worth. Those high in self-objectification tend to see themselves in terms of their physical appearance and base their self-worth on their appearance.

Another ARTICLE covered the topic of posting gym selfies from another angle stating that those who do, have deep psychological problems.  The article stated in part that:

"The study suggests that people will experience social inclusion from the likes and comments they receive on their status updates, and this validation encourages them to continue with similar status updates in order to keep feeling that quick, yet short lived, burst of dopamine. This creates a circular pattern. Feel insecure, post gym selfie, get likes, feel secure, feeling wares off, feel insecure, post new gym selfie, get likes... etc."

So here is my contribution to the article.  This photo was taken by a female friend as I came in from work.  There are no selfies in my photo gallery except for the bond photos I have had to submit every week for going on three years waiting on Hon to find a prosecutor and attempt to prove his bogus charges against me.  Many have shared with The Sentinel that Hon is callous and manipulative, extremely self centered, that his 'paybacks' are quick and nasty and that he has little concern about Morals.   THANK YOU LEE HON for proving it to the world.

UPDATE 2/21/2020


Texas Attorney General has requested one more document to go along with the complaint filed by The Sentinel for Lee Hon's criminal acts.  That document was provided today.

POINTBLANK 12/3/2020


Current Polk County DA, Lee Hon hides public information again.  He must think he is playing 'Post Office' games with all his kissy poo friends or something.  Coleman alluded to that frame of mind on the date the rangers searched and seized my computer shortly after my indictments when he posted, "It is all fun and games until someone gets indicted" in a meme on his social media page.  We aren't playing games here guys.  You put my freedom on the line, now maybe yours is there.  By all rights, both of you should have gone to jail already.  


Here is the opening paragraph of the Texas public information statute in the Govt Code chapter 552.  It states 

Sec. 552.001. POLICY; CONSTRUCTION. (a) Under the fundamental philosophy of the American constitutional form of representative government that adheres to the principle that government is the servant and not the master of the people, it is the policy of this state that each person is entitled, unless otherwise expressly provided by law, at all times to complete information about the affairs of government and the official acts of public officials and employees. The people, in delegating authority, do not give their public servants the right to decide what is good for the people to know and what is not good for them to know. The people insist on remaining informed so that they may retain control over the instruments they have created. The provisions of this chapter shall be liberally construed to implement this policy.

(b) This chapter shall be liberally construed in favor of granting a request for information.



Open Record Request TIMELINE


  • 10/22/2020 - Sentinel submits O.R. request for unaltered version of DA payroll records via email at 6:15 am.  
  • 10/26/2020 – Date Tommy Coleman puts on letter of notification of payment required for those open records.
  • 11/5/2020 - Lee Hon mails certified notification of bond payment required letter to Steve Watson no return receipt. (NOTE 9 business days have elapsed since Coleman dated the '10' day letter and when Lee Hon mailed it.)
  • 11/9/2020 – Certified letter received at Sentinel office.  Post marked 11/5/2020
  • 11/13/2020 – Marine courier makes appearance at Hon’s office to pay for open records.  Hons office refused to accept payment. 
  • 11/13/2020 – Seven Felony counts dismissed against Sentinel
  • 11/13/2020 – Certified letter containing postal money order mailed to Lee Hon with return receipt requested.  Return receipt law requires a signature, printed name and DATE Rec’d.
  • 11/16/2020 - Certified Mail Return Receipt that was self addressed to Sentinel address post marked and leaves N Houston mail facility on return trip to me.  (Important date; proves the Sentinel paymet letter was received by Hon well BEFORE the date stamped on the envelope (17th) by his office because the 16th is the date it was post marked in Houston on its way back to me already.  Hon got the letter by the 15th and may have gotten it the afternoon of the 14th.)
  • 11/17/2020 – Sentinel certified mail envelope with the postal money order inside is stamped ‘Received’ by Polk Co DA’s office.
  • 11/18/2020 – Sentinel receives return receipt with no signature, no printed name and NO DATE it was received by Lee Hon. 
  • 12/2/2020 – Sentinel receives certified mail from Lee Hon no signature or date req’d from me with the torn off face of my original envelope to him inside along with the uncashed postal money order.  The only other content is a copy of Hon’s original letter dated Oct 26 stating cost requirements for the records with the following sentence highlighted in yellow.  “Your request will be considered automatically withdrawn if you do not notify us in writing within ten (10) business days of the date of this letter.”


This is the same letter dated the 26th that wasn’t mailed by Hon until Nov 5th.  (9) Nine business days after it was ‘dated’, notifying me I had ten days.  What a crock of Hoey Polk County has for a DA.


552.221 (e) A request is considered to have been withdrawn if the requestor fails to inspect or duplicate the public information in the offices of the governmental body on or before the 60th day after the date the information is made available or fails to pay the postage and any other applicable charges accrued under Subchapter F on or before the 60th day after the date the requestor is informed of the charges.


(d) If by the 61st day after the date a governmental body sends a written request for clarification or discussion under Subsection (b) or an officer for public information or agent sends a written request for additional information under Subsection (c) the governmental body, officer for public information, or agent, as applicable, does not receive a written response from the requestor, the underlying request for public information is considered to have been withdrawn by the requestor.




Sec. 552.263. BOND FOR PAYMENT OF COSTS OR CASH PREPAYMENT FOR PREPARATION OF COPY OF PUBLIC INFORMATION. (a) An officer for public information or the officer's agent may require a deposit or bond for payment of anticipated costs for the preparation of a copy of public information if:

(1) the officer for public information or the officer's agent has provided the requestor with the written itemized statement required under Section 552.2615 detailing the estimated charge for providing the copy; and

(2) the charge for providing the copy of the public information specifically requested by the requestor is estimated by the governmental body to exceed:

(A) $100, if the governmental body has more than 15 full-time employees; or

(B) $50, if the governmental body has fewer than 16 full-time employees. 

(The itemized bill was for $41.20 dollars so it does not meet the requirement amount where Hon can demand payment in advance but he did anyway. That is fraud.)

(f) A requestor who fails to make a deposit or post a bond required under Subsection (a) before the 10th business day after the date the deposit or bond is required is considered to have withdrawn the request for the copy of the public information that precipitated the requirement of the deposit or bond.

This is where Hon plays fast and loose with the law. First he requires bond or prepayment when he does NOT have the right to. Then Hon dates the letter the 26th but waits to mail it to me until november 5th after 9 of the ten business days have already elapsed. By the time I get the letter on November 9th and am notified of the illegal bond payment he is requiring, we are past the 10 business days already. THAT IS FRAUD ON LEE HON AND TOMMY COLEMAN'S PART AND THEY USED THE USPS TO COMMIT THAT FRAUD.

This is the envelope Hon sent the notice of payment required letter in. It was discarded but retrieved from my floorboard somewhat the worse for wear


Below is the return receipt I requested that was illegally left blank as to recipient signature, printed name  and date.  My express intent by requesting AND PAYING FOR a return receipt is to have that exact information.  

Just a normal run of the mill illegal response from DA Hon when it comes to giving up records that may prove his crimes.  What ARE YOU HIDING???


Below is the reverse side proving this return receipt was leaving the Houston Post Office facility on its way back to me well before Hon marked the public record document received in his office as 'Received'.  Hon is using the US mail to committ a fraudulent act and tamper with a time sensitive government documents at the same time and then using fraudulent time line as 'evidence' to prevent The Sentinel from getting documents it is alleged by a most reliable source, will prove criminal behavior.   


UPDATE 1/10/2021


Deaf ears meet The Sentinel effort for truth in this matter.  Who is lying, I want to know.




Almost two years ago to the day, my efforts were to investigate allegations about the Escapee's voting influence in the Polk County elections (no wrong doing found) so I requested the absentee ballot list.  On that list, I saw where someone had requested Rita Hon's mail in ballot on January 1st of 2018 but instead of mailing it to the address on her records, the ballot was requested to be mailed to Polk County DA,  William Lee Hon's residential mailing address.  This intrigued me because the ballot was requested more than three weeks BEFORE Rita Hon was removed from her home and put into an assisted living facility by her son, Lee Hon.  That record shows that Rita Hon's ballot was mailed to Lee Hon's address on Jan 29th and returned signed February 9th.   The irony is I would not have recognized the address as Lee Hon's if it werent for the criminal charges he filed on me about it.  What was even more interesting in light of the fact that all her other legal mail was going to her then residence address.  I am talking about banking, tax, appraisal notices etc so I open records requested a copy of the ballot request letter and a copy of just the signature on the Ballot.  My thinking was that I would compare those signatures to the marriage certificate that we know Rita Hon signed infront of the County Clerk deputy the day she and her husband filed it.  Here was the answer I received;






At least we know that whoever requested the ballot by mail, signed the carrier envelope when the ballot was returned to the clerk.   We know that the date the ballot was requested, Rita Hon was still living with her common law husband of 5 years at the same address where all of her other legal mail went. the partner who stated Rita Hon did NOT request the ballot.  He was her sole caretaker January 1st.

  As it stands, we have an excellent source who claims that a Texas Rangers did compare Rita Hon's signature on the marriage certificate with the signature on the outside of the 'Carrier' envelope and it did not appear to match her known signature.  According to this same source, a district judge did sign a warrant to open the ballot and the signature on the ballot did not appear to match Rita Hon's known signature on the marriage certificate either.  At this point, our Sentinel source claims the evidence was taken to the Grimes County DA , Andria Bender, who did not bring the case before the Grimes County grand jury.  We have submitted requests for information to find out if the case was presented to the DA in Grimes county and squashed by her.  We are awaiting that reply.  We still have Rita Hon's signature on the marriage certificate and will post it side by side with the 'Carrier' signature or the ballot request form.  With no ads cluttering us all up, I do have the space to provide that service free of charge.

LIVINGSTON 12/23/2020


(and the crimes that go with it)


This document and others obtained by The Sentinel prove that the Polk County District Attorney and his lead asst, Tommy Coleman have engaged in unethical and illegal violations pertaining to the open records laws of the Great State of Texas. 

      More than one Polk County elected official has shared with The Sentinel that they were instructed by Lee Hon that all open records had to go through his office.  The above email from the Polk County Auditor, whose dept head under the open recors laws are the District Judges, shows this edict from Hon being followed by the auditor.  Granted the email above was returned to the requestor promptly, the requestor visited the DA's office after MORE than ten days had elapsed and no reply or notice of seeking an OAG opinion by the DA had been forwarded to the requestor.  The DA nor his right hand job holder would see the person whey they showed up to his office to get his overdue records.  Coleman penned a letter the next day containing this arrogant law breaking reply on Hon's letterhead.


    "I am not required nor am I inclined to engage in a back and forth discussion and or debate with you about this matter particularly in light of the fact that I am currently in the middle of a trial"


In the sentence before the above sample of the ubiquitous arrogance of Hon and Coleman, Tommy plainly violated the law and every ethic when he penned this lie. 


  "Please note that the said request is being processed in accordance with Chapter 552 of the Texas Government Code."


    What another crock of hooey from Hon.   When Coleman penned that lie, it was already past the ten day limit required under Texas law.  At least this time, Hon/Coleman did not use the US mail to perpetrate their fraudulent act.   Because of Coleman's smugness in the untouchable, or should I say, 'wont touchable' status his office enjoys with the Texas Attorney General, Coleman kept on with this arrogant comment.


  "If you feel that your request has not been properly handled the applicable law provides a remedy that you may consider."




used for political comment and education 

Publisher - Stephen C. Watson

Office - 50 W Oak Tree Drive

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