UPDATE 3/1/2022


A brief visit to Liberty County by the mother of Carl Wills today netted a little new information on the unsolved murder case of her young son.   Ms. Wills found out that the DNA evidence has already been forwarded to the "Ancestory" DNA data bank for comparison.  "We don't know exactly how long it will take but it has been submitted", The Liberty County Sheriff's spokesperson stated.  

     District Attorney Bergman has already taken the steps to get the investigation moving forward and took time outof a very busy day to visit with Ms. Wills in the halls of justice.  "I know Carl was killed in Polk County and they just dumped my baby's body in your jurisdiction but I need justice for my son.", Ms. Wills implored the DA.  With the knowing and understanding  touch of a hand to Ms. Wills shoulder, one mother to another and a simple nod spoke volumes between the two women.  






 Carl Wills, was just 22 years of age at the time of his murder.

And that is how long DNA has been sitting almost  11 years.

"I am not going to let these people get away with taking Carl's life. I have to keep fighting for justice for my son. I can't stop and I won't stop," Wills said. The Chronicle story quoted her.

The effort to find Carl's killer(s) seems stalled.  Here are a few things The Sentinel has learned during our investigation of events surrounding Carl's death.

It took three years for the DNA tests to be done on the flesh under Carl's nails.  DPS cites "backlog".

The only info Liberty Co is willing to share is that it was a "White woman" skin under Carl's nails.   That matches the eye witness accounts of who picked up Carl that night he was killed.  It was a 'white woman'.  The best the heretofore effort can get anywhere near "official" is that, "She never was a suspect".

This followed the immediate removal of all of her social media.  

WE read just yesterday of yet another Ancestry DNA match solving a 40 year old murder case.  

    At least after ten years, let the family have the evidence so they can do their own investigation.  If not, the automatic question is, "What are you hiding:"?



A mother's plea 


Sheriff Bobby Rader

Liberty County DA

Liberty County Judge

Liberty, Texas


Good Morning,

Under the open records act, FOIA, public records statutes and specifically under any judicial rules that apply, I, Rhonda Wills, hereby request true and correct copies of any and all evidentiary documents, photos, memos, reports, statements, letters, emails, audio and/or video recordings or any communication or evidence including forensic evidence that relates to the death and investigation of the death of my son, Carl Wills, that is available to me by law. 

This includes but is not limited to any ‘interagency’ communication or assignment involving any Polk County law enforcement official that represented Polk County in any capacity during this investigation.

We understand and agree to only the most basic and undisputed legal redaction of personal identifiers.

Please contact me at the below address/phone to let me know when the records are available to be picked up.

Respectfully Submitted,


Rhonda Wills 



That was the open records request that remains unanswered to this day.

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