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The recent arrest of an ex firechief and wife routed out by the Shepherd VFD's own  own investigation leading  to the theft and embezzlement charges, brings the Brandi Wright case(s) up again because of un answered questions.  Which Brandi Wright?  One a VFD member, one an EMT?  One happily married, one cheating?  One involved in missing PEVFD  funds, one not?    One trustworthy, one not? One a school marm, one not?   What is the deal?  Please come forward and identify yourselves as to which one is which or are both the same?  Even the ESD can not sort it out matter of factly.  Calvary preacher is no help to my publication because he is  afraid of lawsuits.  DA hasn't responded to my inquirey on the Calvary case status.  So I ask, will the real Brandi Wright please identify who is who?  We want to know.  

We did all we could to get the case in court by contacting the above referenced attorney and waiving our right to "notice" to cease and desist along with our address for service but nothing.  

Hmmmmmm.  This is indeed a mystery and we are deserving of some answers.  Thought I would just go right to the horse's mouth.  I usually go for the tallest hog in the trough but DA got nothing to say apparently.  



 So Ms Thompson, you have been officially sliced and diced.  You can go now but just as that Charlie Daniels song says,  "come on back if you ever want to try again". . . . . hmm the creative juices are flowing now.


The devil came down to Coldspring

She was looking for a school to steal

She was in a bind and way behind

Not walking in God’s will


When she came across a preacher

Trying to build a school and failing not

The devil jumped up on her ministry stump

And said, “preacher, let me tell you what”

I guess you didn’t know it, but I’m a school builder too

And if you care to trust me there, I’ll build this school  for you.

Now you build a pretty good school man but give this girl her due

I’ll bet my skills against your schills cause I think I am better than you.

The preacher said, “My name is brother Mike” and I’ll be fair

And let you there because that is just what I do

The devil opened up her bag and said,

“Ill start this show”

Ink flew from her pen’s tip as she let everyone know

“I own this school and gonna take it down the road”

She stole the records and preacher’s trust

Then made another load.

Fire on the mountain, run boy run

Devils in the house

Of the Risen Son.

Chicken in the file cabinet

Pickin out those

Records showing what each kid knows

Then the crew joined in looking at desks

And said, “let’s just take the rest”


Preacher came along and said,

Well you are pretty bad ole mistaken one

But sit down in that chair right there

And let me tell you about The Son.


He’s the one that took your sin

Bad as it might be

Took it all upon Himself

When He was nailed to that tree

Calvary will get past your worst

And your world will see

our faithful servants will forgive your sin

then gather around me.

People that I know and trust

will step in and fill your gap

just because they plainly see

you sitting in the devils lap.


What God is in 

will continue to grow

I just hope someday you see

What you did was to HIM, it wasn't even me.


used for political comment and education THE NEW DEMONCRAT PLATFORM 

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