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How does a pastor bring a man to the humility needed to recognize his being lost in sin when he teaches that all the person has to do to be like Christ is to figure out what Jesus would do and do that?   Who else thought he could be like the most high before meeting Him in the air and seeing him as He is?   Oh yeah, it was this guy:


Isaiah 14:14 

I will ascend above the heights of the clouds; I will be like the most High.

AUSTIN  4/20/2022


Director, Kim Vickers' office did confirm by direct email to The Sentinel that the surrender documents former Trinity Co Sheriff deputy, Chris Lima signed do state clearly with no ambiguity that the surrender of his TCOLE is permanent.  We have those documents available to our subscribers.


After much consideration, we have made the decision to establish the Patreon page back for the Sentinel and publish our proof documents there.  The Sentinel will remain ad free and the stories available but any evidence documents will ONLY be available to subscribers on the Patreon page.  Stay tuned for more info or just hit the give send o button in the left column if you want us to continue our work.

I am just not sweet enough when I shed light on the error of the ways of folks I care about and have cared about for years apparently.  You may not consider me a 'good fit' for your circle of yes men but,  If I love you enough to call you a freind (and i do), I love you enough to tell you the truth.  My words may wound you but God says . . . . 




Faithful are the wounds of a friend; but the kisses of an enemy are deceitful


watch out for those who surround you and constantly pet your fragile ego.


You know who you are and who they are.  Their noses are brown.  Your failure to return my calls shows it is your small minded ego that is suffering.  You can't handle the truth apparently.  What it is that you are afraid of?  The Truth?  

   Smiling and being cordial is the absolute LOWEST Rung on the ladder of love.  You got that down pat.  

    Deep, intense self sacrifice for the benefit of others is the HIGHEST rung on the ladder of love.   That is how Jesus proved His love.  I doubt he smiled at the money changers, the guy whose doves He loosed, the ones he called Satan, Viper and dead men's bones.  Going to the cross was WAY more loving than any smile.  Forgiving those who mortally wounded Him before He died, that was love.


When Saul met Jesus in the Way, he went directly to the religious leaders and refuted their false teaching right to their face in the midst of the synagogue.  We don't know exactly how Paul Died but we do know that his love of the bretheren was self sacrificing to his death.


If someone shares a Word for you from The Lord  and you want to deny the Source simply because it does not fit your realm of experience or understanding, you should study this passage and know the Truth:


 He that hath my commandments, and keepeth them, he it is that loveth me: and he that loveth me shall be loved of my Father, and I will love him, and will manifest myself to him.

Notice that there is no 'might' or 'can' or 'is able to' but Jesus says He WILL manifest Himself to the believer who truly loves Him.  Something missing in your life?


John 14:20   'Will' in the Greek is a good word study.

Here is the Strongs for 'will manifest'

  1. 1) to manifest, exhibit to view
    2) to show one's self, come to view, appear, be manifest
    3) to indicate, disclose, declare, make known

You want to poo poo the message He had me bring to you  simply because it angers you.  You want to tell people that I made it up when we both know it strikes right at the marrow of the problem. A problem you aknowledged broke your heart before the witnesses in the room.  You preach constantly that we are in the last days but deny the source and method that brought the message to me for you.  Read it again:  

16 But this is that which was spoken by the prophet Joel;

17 And it shall come to pass in the last days, saith God, I will pour out of my Spirit upon all flesh: and your sons and your daughters shall prophesy, and your young men shall see visions, and your old men shall dream dreams:



We then, as workers together with him, beseech you also that ye receive not the grace of God in vain.

(For he saith, I have heard thee in a time accepted, and in the day of salvation have I succoured thee: behold, now is the accepted time; behold, now is the day of salvation.)

Giving no offence in any thing, that the ministry be not blamed:

But in all things approving ourselves as the ministers of God, in much patience, in afflictions, in necessities, in distresses,

In stripes, in imprisonments, in tumults, in labours, in watchings, in fastings;

By pureness, by knowledge, by long suffering, by kindness, by the Holy Ghost, by love unfeigned,

By the word of truth, by the power of God, by the armour of righteousness on the right hand and on the left,

By honour and dishonour, by evil report and good report: as deceivers, and yet true;

As unknown, and yet well known; as dying, and, behold, we live; as chastened, and not killed;

10 As sorrowful, yet alway rejoicing; as poor, yet making many rich; as having nothing, and yet possessing all things.

It is in oour brokeness that we are made WHOLE


In a faith that seems to contradict the knowledge of man on every front, Christianity proclaims the impossible and then proves it is the absolute truth.    Take the headline for instance.  How could breaking something possibly be the way to make it whole?  That one ranks right up there with some of the best contratictions to man's knowledge The Lord proves over and over.  To Live, you must die.  To be strong, you must be weak.  To receive, you must give and one of my favorites, to be forgiven, you must forgive..  

TRINITY 3/16/2022


All the documents ordered released were received at The Sentinel offices in this mornings mail.  These are the ones where the attorney needed  a time stalling "clarification" of what I meant by "K-9 Officer".

    In our investigaiton of the K-9 officer alleged to have been terminated but not prosecuted for crimes, we ran across a case much more disturbing where a criminal cop was "kicked down the road" instead of being prosecuted.  We are seeking proof documents.  





DNA evidence sits dormant in a detective drawer that does lead to the killer.  WHY?


GiveSendGo - LET TRUTH AND JUSTICE PREVAIL: The #1 Free Christian Fundraising Site.

This Sentinel mission has operated for nearly 15 years and been publishing full time for 8 years now.   Our mission has always been to vet political candidates and educate the voters with the infomation we discover.   It has grown into exposing corruption and the corrupt in the criminal justice system between election seasons as well.  

    It is not an easy or always popular calling butThe efforts have been exceedingly rewarding and now we offer the opportunity for one and all to share in the effort through contribution.  The Sentinel operation does not have any debt load, premises are paid for and equipment paid for. 

   Our constant costs are Internet, Electric, open records. transportation and of course legal fees.

We thank those who have supported our effort with great counsel, money or equipment but especially thank you for the prayers of protection and provision. 

    God said if He ordains it, the provision will be there.  He has never failed us yet.


    Let us never waiver from seeking Truth and Justice, Amen.



The 'BUILD A JESUS' portion of this sermon speaks to wwjd.  around 7:00 mark.


In a recent decision on an open records request for the deleted comments on Woody Wallace's Trinity County Sheriff fakebook page,the OAG just accepts the claim from Trinity Co's attorney that the page is private and no county resources are used to maintain it DESPITE several videos Woody published in uniform, on duty in a county vehicle issuing orders to the public along with traffic advisories.   One of the most telling was the video woody published on the Trinity Co Sheriff fakebook page where he and a few deputies had chased down a young male in the woods that had run from them.  "You ever gonna run from me again boy?", Woody is heard saying from behind his mirror shades before he turns to the camera and says before the man has in day in court, "he is going to prison for a long time".   Who filmed that Woody?  Was he on the clock, in uniform or did you subject a private citizen volunteer to do your posting that day and subject them to a very dangerous situation?  Neither answer is good.  

    Face it Trinity County.  You have a liar for a sheriff.  He claims to be transparent then fights simple answers to simple questions as if it is NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS.

    He takes his lead from Li Hon and is supporting the most corrupt DA in east Texas for the bench.  It is that simple.




The devil's divide and conquer tactic is on full display in the USA.  Marxist coolaborators are making a full court press.  Parents Must Have No Role in Kids’ Education, 1619 Project’s Marxist Founder Says | DailyJolt


Righteousness keepeth him that is upright in the way: but wickedness overthroweth the sinner.

There is that maketh himself rich, yet hath nothing: there is that maketh himself poor, yet hath great riches.

The ransom of a man's life are his riches: but the poor heareth not rebuke.






When I see the phrase, "the way", I want to capitalize it even in the middle of a sentence because Jesus said, He is, 'the way'.   

   The core of my arguement for the indwelling teaching over the wwJd fad.

    It boils down to "follow" as in the King James Bible and "imitate' as in most other versions.

    "follow" means to "go after".  

    Imitate means to "mimic" or even worse "mock"

     It is a way deep root word for 'burlesque' or putting on a show.

     To "go after" you must be 'in The Way" . 

We don't know our path but can always trust The Son to be The Way and us in Him and Him in The Father as we travel that path.  

    One thing I have learned is that what a man actually is will come to light as the days and years actually pass.   That public record has a tenacious capacity for seperating fact from fiction.  That is why many try to hide the truth  because they fear it.  Fear is satan's playground.  It is that simple.





TRINITY 11/24/2021


A simple open records request aimed at determining if the allegations that a recent but former deputy at Trinity County S.O. was fired for dealing drugs out of his patrol vehicle was met with a lawyer and some stupid questions.

   My open records request was simple.  Here it is word for word.

Good Morning,
Under the open records laws of the great state of Texas, I, Stephen C. Watson hereby request true and correct copy of any document that will verify the name and employment of any "K9" or dog officer or drug interdiction  officer employed by the Trinity County Sheriffs Department in the last two years.
The request is specifically seeking the name of any K9 officer that was employed by Trinity County and then un employed by Trinity County during said time period.
Please return any document to this email address.
Respectfully submitted,
Steve Watson
50 W Oak Tree Dr
Pointblank, Texas 77364
936 730 5717

When we received the complaint and allegations at The Sentinel that the last K9 officer at Trinity County S.O. was fired but not prosecuted  because he was caught dealing drugs out of his patrol car, we gave them some merit for two reasons.  The credibility of the source and the fact that the officer it is alleged was promoted to take the fired K9 officer's place was arrested before too long  by the Texas Rangers for the EXACT same thing, dealing drugs in uniform and out the window of a marked patrol vehicle.

 It is most likely why the same attorney is using the same tactics to keep us from getting the deleted comments on the Trinity Co S.O. facebook site.


We were met with the STUPIDIST letter ever from the attorney Judge Page and the Commissioners hired to HIDE THE FACTS from the voters.

 The attorney asked for clarification and wanted to know or wanted me to define what I meant by "K9 officer and 'drug interdiction officer'


I replied that I would get a brown paper sack and a ccrayon to answer that one.  I did answer them email but I am not spending certified mail money on it.  they sent email, postal and certified mail.  If I fail to answer all three they think they can consider my request withdrawn.


That tells me that more than likely, the allegations are true.  Based on my 30 years of hard core investigative journalism, If they were not true, the smoke screen would not be up. It is that simple.  We took the step of requesting the TCOLE on every officer that worked for Trinity Co SO in the last two years.  We will narrow it down and then seek the appropriate employment records.  


You can run but you can't hide  You can bad mouth me and spread all the lies you want but my readers already know more than likley the allegations are true or I wouldn't be persuing the answers in the first place.  






 A package sent certified mail awaits The Sentinel from the attny that contacted us seeking clarification.  We will pick it up later today and bring the results to our readers

It was only a paper copy of the email they sent seeking clarification on my request.  I was assured that my email response was received and that I did NOT have to respond via certified mail.  After watching Hon/?Coleman use the certified mail system to commit fraud on the open records request that, if answered sources assure, will prove financial fraud against Polk Co by Li Hon,   Instead, Hon used a back dated letter and the US mail certified system to make it appear The Sentinel missed a ten day deadline allowing him to 'consider the request withdrawn'.  When the Trinity co law firm made sure to include the language of the open records statutes about the ten day limit and "considering the request withdrawn', it makes me suspicious of intent.  





TRINITY 9/14/2021


We have received a multitude of complaints against the Trinity County Sheriff along with proof documents stating that Woody Wallace, who maintains an official "Trinity County Sheriff facebook page, has been posting a lot of self agrandizing propaganda stories claiming he is transparent but turns right around and deletes any public comment on his public page that does not fit the narrative and image Woody wants to portray.


    We submitted and Open records request for a true and correct copy of all of the deleted comments that we have proof were posted and then deleted by Wallace, just related to the arrest of Christopher Lima since Saturday.


    From my understanding, it is legal for Woody to take the public record comments off of the page but that action makes the document no longer directly available to the public access and makes those documents subject to the open records laws of Texas.   IF Woody does not have the comments filed and retrievable in order to answer my open records request for those public records, that is a whole nothermatter.



portion of probable cause affidavit

It isn't like all of the proof documents The Sentinel obtained on Royce Wells were AFTER he worked for Woody, it was all PUBLIC RECORD before Woody hired him that would have shown up with a most basic legitimate background search.  How much quicker the City of Houston may have given Woody Wallace the info as opposed to the fight they put up to keep me from getting it.  Woody didn't get the info because he didn't WANT the info.  

    Woody, your remarks concerning the lack of prosecution of Wells and the LIES saying he was never investigated sound almost verbatim to a comment contained in one of the emails from Chris Lima to me.  Never disciplined, never fired, yada yada ya.  EXACTLY!!!  eVEN THOUGH the information was out there and public record, you didn't have the info because you didn't want the info Woody.  It is that simple.




A little Woody Wallace memory lane here.  Sentinel readers will remember when Wallace posted the story at left on his official Trinity County Facebook page.  Oh how time tends to show lies and liars for what they are and where they are headed and who their father is.

   Not only did we get the documents to prove Wells is a sexual predator, we long had documents proving he is a thief we used to show the voters where to send him when he ran for sheriff.

   There is no civil liable action against me by the Wells', either of them because they both know I have their files.  Sentinel readers know my reply is always, "sue me" because i Know I have the documents before I open my mouth.  How does that crow taste Woody?

    I do have a few more questions.  from when you were a deputy constable in Trinity co.  We will save them for a little later but I can't just keep ignoring the accusations if I am to maintain my credibility as a corruption uncovering news hound.

    You just happen to be the poster boy for why law agencies need to leave the social media alone.   As this graphic proves, just because you delete something that proves who you are doesn't mean it ever goes away.  

     I think you have inspired me to reopen the Sentinel Vault website to make all your records aand others available.  

UPDATE 9/14/2021
    The Sentinel has requested the probable cause affidavit on the Lima arrest from the DPS OGC.  that document will give more info on the particulars that led to Lima's arrest.

   A reliable Sentinel Source, a commissioned peace officer has stated that according to his info that the case involves a prescription and opiods.  The 'conspiracy' aspect of the charge indicates that Lima never did possess the controlled substance but planned to.  We will see if the OGC DPS follows the law on open records and produces the PC Affidavit in a timely manner.

Community speaks out about Lima's past corruption

(The former wording to identify those men  as 'boot licking bastards' came from a place in me that I don't like much.  It was from a root of anger at all the hurt they hurled at my family.  Go after me all you want but leave my kids alone.  When I wrote that, the knowledge of what my sons had suffered at your lying mouthy claims propelled those words from me before I could put them in check.  I apologize to my readers and those men.  Now on to bigger and better things.

At least two people who are in TDCJ today based on Chris Lima's testimony who claimed from the beginning that Lima planted the dope on them have gained credibility especially when you consider that they claim they were at the Riverside boat ramp when it happened.  

willie tyler openshaw evans are silent on their comrade being busted for a dope deal.  hmmmm.  There went any credibility that might have been left.  Poor thing come election season.  You both may as well spit in the wind as stump for Lee Hon.



Hi Sheriff Wallace,

-  I hope you guys will take another look at any drug arrests your former 'golden boy' made especially if the person arrested is claiming Lima Planted the dope on them.  No matter what else is said, YOU HIRED HIM even knowing he had over 400 pages of complaints against him just from working at Polk Co. S.O.  You cant say you didn't know.  We know you have had complaints about him harrassing at least one woman since you hired him.  Forgive me if the almost tears about how tough it is to arrest him don't move me much.  My suspicion is you got a lead that you didn't want to smear any stink on you. Aside from planting dope, the most common complaint I get on Lima is doing dope, selling dope an hitting on girls and women.  Him using facebook to promote himself as a 'lawman' is the reason I oppose any law enforcement agency using social media, INCLUDING YOU.  Plant a little dope or let a CI sell them dope, make a bust, splash it on facebook, rinse and repeat.  So many people from New Caney complain on Rowdy Hayden for that exact practice.  You should cease and desist the fb live feeds post haste.  The one you posted with you running lights and sirens on the way to a wreck at high speed and the video proves you are looking at the camera instead of out the windshield . . . . . . . I mean think about it.  Can we say distracted driving?

TRINITY 9/21/2021


A definite pattern of finding demented and criminal men working in law enforcement under the license of Trinity County Sheriff,  Woodrow Wallace has  developed over the last few years of the thirty that  The Sentinel has been outing corruption.

    The first one we picked up on is doing 65 years in TDCJ now after conviction for   abusing women andkids.  I will leave his name out of the story because he is doing his time and paying his due but Woody hired him.

   The next is Royce G. Wells, former commissioner and candidate for sheriff of San Jacinto County.  The Sentinel United Alliance battled him as commissioner because we discovered proof of his corruption in the Commissioner's office and published it.  When we began to dig deeper, every effort to get open records from the City of Houston was met with "you have the wrong department", or '"we have no records responsive to your request in this office".  When the task was handed off to me after 4 months of frustration, My open records request went directly to the Mayor and let him know that I would leave it to him to determine who in the city should respond to the request.  The mayor sicked two city attorneys on me to fight the request but we prevailed at the OAG open records division and got nearly a thousand pages of documents.  

    In the midst of them were 17 pages that tell the story about Royce G. Wells being a sexual predator and preying on the women working under him in the City Works Dept.  From sworn testimony about him physically forcing the women (yes that is plural) to perform sex acts on him to the allegation that he kept a cot in his closet at the office just for that purpose, the documents tell the sordid tale of a man who pointed and hollered at me a lot but had the most to hide. Those pesky public records at work again.

    The sad part is that the city of Houston allowed him to retire quietly instead of prosecuting him.  Wells let his 20 year TCOLE expire in Harris co then he came up to east Texas, took a couple of courses in Angelina County then guess who opted to grant Wells a commission with his law enforcement agency?  Woody Wallace.  When The Sentinel confronted Wallace about it, he feigned ignorance of Wells' character flaws, attacked me on his official FB page but cut him loose.  Sentinel readers will remember thatSentinel slice and dice job on Wallace and will recognize that we don't hear much from the Wells.  Ruby or Royce.  Ruby has her own little troubling 'public record' package. 

   Fast forward to Christopher Lima.   A man that has a reputation and a track record of complaints, charges filed and restraining orders sought by three different women and granted on one.  Not only does Woody Wallace hire Lima in the face of all of the evidence published before, Wallace quickly promotes him to Sargent.  

     It is just a continuation of the long pattern of protection Li Hon has umbrellaed the golden boy with during his tenure as DA.  Everything from failure to investigate complaints to having the deputies carry with them and present on the spot "non prosecution" forms to victims of Lima's troubling antics.  

    I brought Li Hon into this story much the same as I brought Roosevelt Joseph into the stories of our black youth being arrested right out of high school on drug charges because Roosevelt Joseph let the black youth get by with smoking dope at school and dealing on campus in Coldspring.  I can publish the documents proving he only arrested white kids again but this story isn’t about race or Joseph.  It is about teaching the next generation that there are no consequences for their wrongdoing.  Whether they be blue, black or white youths, that is the crime in all this.

    Chris Lima had a lot of potential.  Not just in Law Enforcement but politics and we discussed that point during one of the several conversations we have had and emails we have exchanged.  Lima’s circumstances are due to his poor choices that are a direct result of the toxic training environment Li Hon weaves in Polk Co. A web of retaliation, character assignation and bogus charges to force people to do what they otherwise wouldn’t.  This episode has all the earmarks.

  If he has any unction to change, I hope Lima is in rehab when he gets to court and has realized that he is so deep that the only way he can look is UP and the truth is the only solid ground.   Or he can let the system chew him a little then spit him out and keep on keeping on because when you get right down to it, It is all a bunch of the same ole same ole.

     If they wanted to really bust Chris, they would have stopped him on the road so they could impound his vehicle and Lima would not have gotten a call warning him of the arrest.  There would have been a search warrant for his home too.  But none of that happened because and only because, the powers that be didn’t want it to happen that way.  It is that simple.  I hope for Lima’s family’s sake, he turns the corner and as the bible says, “Turn right”.

Honorable Travis Kitchens being sworn in as 258th District Judge by Trinity County Attorney Joe Warner Bell with Judge Kitchens' 92 year old mother holding the bible. Reader submitted photo - THANKYOU


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