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This is one of several texts Keith 'loser' Black sent to my son in an effort to enrage him to the point of causing a confrontation BEFORE black ever filed the lawsuit against me for defaming his character.  Like the female genetalia he is, Black had his pistol out and cocked it when my son walked into the room to confront him.  I owe Keith Black an a$$ whupping and he needs to go to prison for his crimes.  It is that simple.

Driver's side lug nuts broken off found by tire tech at Lowe's tires in Cleveland. The other two were loosened he said and about to come off. Thank God for that check coming in the day before for the tires we needed prompted the first thing visit.
Keith Black self professed 'criminologist' who has instead proven that he is a PUNK.
Bullet hole from a shot fired thru my son's kitchen window that would have blown my daughter in law's brains out in front of my grand daughter except for, Praise the Lord, a 5lb bag of sugar on the pantry shelf. S.O. report and investigation on file.
Lima's response to The Sentinel publishing the first stories about his criminal acts


NEW - Documents just received in the form of a carbon copy of the letter from the OAG Open Records division to Tommy Coleman, Asst DA Polk Co, prove that there are documents regarding a child abuse case against Lima.  They are part of the package that the Polk Co S.O. turned over to the OAG for a ruling on my open records request.  It has been quite a while since I submitted it and remains to be seen if Coleman will release the portion of the documents as ordered by the OAG this time.

Bullet dent in our car window frame from the day John John was shot at. Incident report filed. Nothing done even though trajectory proves both kitchen window shot and this shot came from the same place.

You know what Christopher Lima, you are a walking contradiction.  You post this fb post at right and then a couple of days later, one of your buddies in blue called me 'anonymously' with such scandalous claims about your current living situation and the property you live on that it was an obvious attempt to get me to figure out where you live and drive by your house and see for myself so you and your corrupt coharts could file another stalking complaint on me.  I strung him along making him think I would do exactly that but as you and he now know, . . . . . NOT.

   As is The Sentinel style, now let us weild the Truth.   The truth of the matter is that it is you that was brought to court again just the other day by a woman seeking an injuction against you for harrassing her in her neighborhood.  She is the same woman who has sought the THIRD restraining order against you for harrassment, two of which were granted already.  The signed orders have not been delivered yet for your hearing this week but I did hear the judge grant the injunction against you then admonish you that you best not committ any more "Shenanigans" in her neighborhood and that he best not see you in his court again on this matter.

    It was you who left the courtroom with your crimes exposed yet again.  Granted it was heard as a 'civil' matter but what you have done is criminal by any standard and it is a repetive action on your part.


     You need to understand that I have not snagged a single one of your fb rants.  Every one of them was sent to me by concerned Sentinel readers.  The first one I got, I tried to verify for myself and found out that you have me blocked from your fb page.  There is nothing personal in my effort against you.  I merely respond to the requests of my readers who need help and can't get it because you are being protected by a corrupt element and your crimes ignored.  

    I have one reader who has known you for many years who claims matter of factly in writing that you are the 'hitman' for the small but corrupt element of the Polk Co criminal justice system.  I can't prove you are a hitman but I can prove one long time Polk County resident who knows you says you are.

   On the other hand,I can prove that since I started exposing the crimes of corrupt lawmen and politicians that I have been shot at, two of my children have been shot at, twice lug nuts have been broken on our vehicles and most recently that my brake line was cut.  So you go ahead and live in your professed 'fear' of the unknown and I will face the onslaught against me with the Truth and with a fear of God and God only. 


“Arizona is positioned to lead the nation in protecting our citizens’ civil right to free, fair and secure elections.

“Integrity in our elections doesn’t benefit one political party over another; election integrity benefits every single voter regardless of political party, race, gender or income. Period.

“The Department of Justice’s recent decision to publicly target Arizona lawmakers for excercising our constitutional authority over elections is an abhorrent abuse of power and a starkly accurate representation of the disgusting politicization that has occurred within this federal institution.

“Let us, as Arizona lawmakers, be very clear with the Biden Administration and its minions: The Constitution of the United States expressley authorizes our legislative oversight and control of elections. Stay the hell out of our way.”

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