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Hi Anonymous,  The only news on the Linda Vincent case is that she was arrested, tried and given very strict probation and restitution requirements she must fill to stay out of jail.  There is a fairly comprehensive article on the standing of the case HERE that only missed the newsworthy fact that it was a Sentinel investigation and publishing that finally forced the issue into the courts.  Every effort was made by Lee Hon and the Texas Rangers to ignore my evidence and stall justice in this matter.  The Sentinel had to step on toes and make some enemies to get this crime prosecuted.  One thing that I have learned personally from the case is that there are a good percentage of folks in Polk County who either love the status quo and want to keep wallowing in the corruption or are afraid of it.  Two people in Polk County have made contributions to The Sentinel efrort.  TWO.


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  • Anonymous (Tuesday, October 29 19 09:58 pm EDT)

    The voting booth is just around the corner, here is a link to our state Rep and Texas state Senator, both of whom got an "F". TURF (Texans United for Reform and Freedom) is an organization I’ve followed for over 10 years now and I’ve always known them to tell the truth.
    For the last 4 decades all of Texas gasoline and road tax has been put in the general fund so that any state politician can get their hands on it and the do. three years ago they done a razzle-dazzle to make it look different but don't be fooled, it's the same. If all of our gasoline and road tax was used for "Roads" then the state of Texas wouldn't need to sell our freeways to a foreign entity named Cintra that is a company in Spain, yes I said Spain. Our state Rep Mr. Ernest Bailes and our state Senator Robert Nichols got an "F" because they have both been on Cintra's payroll for years, we vote for them and they get their orders from a company located in Spain. Robert Nichols has continually voted to allow Cintra to “Toll us into Perpetuatity” because he seems to not care about when their bill is paid. This is big money in buying politicians because it has a big pay-off and draws crooks like flies to fresh Cow patties.

    Anyway here's the link to the report card
    and here's the link for TURF, they are an excellent source of real intel for Texas voters and I hope you'll all give them a look.
    "Those who refuse to engage in politics are doomed to be ruled by their inferiors" --- Plato 460 BC

  • rosemary covalt (Monday, October 14 19 10:47 pm EDT)


    It's Justice and not Just Us!

  • Victor Heddins (Saturday, August 10 19 05:35 pm EDT)

    The San Jacinto Times just ran a story stating that James W. Ham's murder of the postal worker Mrs Marie Youngblood on May 17 2013 will be thrown out of court because someone lost all the evidence. Knowing what you do about the irregularities in the evidence room in San Jacinto county, could this be the Good-Old-Boy News Paper in San Jacinto county getting ahead of the curve to save the halfway house Sheriff's office we have in Coldspring?

  • Anonymous (Thursday, August 01 19 04:39 pm EDT)

    Is there any news on the Linda Vincent case?

  • robert white (Saturday, July 13 19 04:28 pm EDT)

    I am family and you are correct the killers know what happened....what I meant was so many people are posting there opinions and telling the family this happened and this happened but they don't know their just spreading rumors ....the cops haven't even release nothing to us yet....they are still investigating we would appreciate them keeping there theories to there self and tell the detective thank you

  • robert white (Sunday, July 07 19 10:13 pm EDT)

    I can confirm Bull stone was killed.
    .and yes one person has been questioned...but nobody knows what happened is still under investigation...there are so many rumors.....

  • Victor Heddins (Tuesday, June 11 19 11:16 pm EDT)

    "HOLIDAY VILLAGES 8/30/2018

    Personally, I'm against gambling, I've worked in Louisiana long enough to see the human suffering of people hooked up behind "Gambling Fever" and it's ugly. I would never proffer from another person's suffering.
    With that out of the way I see a great deal of hypocrisy from the state of Texas and the IRS because it's only legal if they get their taste.

    "Lottery Tickets are a safe investment for people who don't understand math, you can't lose if you don't buy a ticket" ---- Me

  • Victor Heddins (Friday, May 24 19 04:20 pm EDT)

    We got some national attention

    maybe we should form a new gig, FFAW (Freedom From Atheist in Wisconsin).

  • Anonymous (Wednesday, November 21 18 01:19 pm EST)

    To the last post that was dated 11/18/18 you have honestly no clue on what is going on you have only heard one side of the story! The "Mother that has stolen yet another weekend" has been working two job to make ends meet, because the father with 5 kids, and a wife cant pay child support. You need to read the papers first before you start posting stuff. Why don't you give the full story, about your son and how big of a piece of crap he is before you down a single mother that does everything to make sure that her daughter has everything. Why dont you make a article about how your son's wife treats her step daughter. Why don't you make a post about how your son treats his daughter. Or about how his attorney is a family friend? Why didnt the father work two jobs to pay the back child support. Why did the father cheat on the single mother? Why did the father lie about his hourly pay to cheat his daughter out of a good life? Please give the full story before you start blasting about something that you have absolutely no clue about. Why dont you let your son handle his own business?

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  • 3 seconds ago
    AOC CONFESSES HER 'DEPTH' OF DEPRAVITY. " “And there is no bottom to the barrel of vitriol that will be used and weaponized to stifle those who want to advance rights for all people in the United States.” EXACTLY AOC. President Trump has done more to advance the cause of all people and you haven't reached the bottom of your barrel of vitriol. And as for the 'broken playbook' comment, what a silly woman led astray. The "playbook" is Christianity. The same Christianity that freed the slaves sold by their own 'people' into it. The Same Christianity that fights abortion, a democrat stronghold that alone DECIMATES a large portion of the very people you claim to stand for. The Same Christianity that feeds the starving muslim kids because it needs doing and no one else is, even knowing they will be raised to hate the very Hand (our God) of God that is feeding them. It is the same Playbook that has catapulted our nation to the Blessed place we are where men can live FREE. You want to destroy all that with your lies and confusion you prosper. John 8:44 Ye are of your father the devil, and the lusts of your father ye will do. He was a murderer from the beginning, and abode not in the truth, because there is no truth in him. When he speaketh a lie, he speaketh of his own: for he is a liar, and the father of it. Just so you know, AOC, we do recognize you. I would also add that the "people of color" is a con. We are all people of color unless you are an albino. Steve Watson 

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