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  • Bridwell (Wednesday, November 14 18 10:48 am EST)

    You should investigate Holiday Lake Estates Civic Club

  • Lacy Elizabeth (Saturday, November 03 18 01:21 am EDT)

    You might want to check into who was really running the show during those hurricanes that were referred to in your article "Brady endorses Brandon'

  • bob (Tuesday, October 09 18 02:43 pm EDT)

    re: rosemary covalt seems like she has the big spoon! has anyone checked on here green card status? she wants to stir the pot, what is good for the goose is good for the gander.

  • John (Tuesday, September 25 18 06:48 am EDT)

    Roadworks Dividy road. Dear sir just a line about roadworks on Dividy road near to Twigg st there has been nobody working there at all on Monday the traffic situation to say the least was abysmal, with the traffic along Leek road already holding up the traffic down Dividy road the council should make certain that the roadworks are at least worked on every day. J.K.Smith

  • Russell Crawley (Thursday, September 20 18 10:03 pm EDT)

    Steven the disabled vet needs to file a complaint with TCEQ 409 898 3838.

  • Mike groh (Saturday, September 15 18 11:25 am EDT)

    Officer Michael Lancing Flynt files lawsuit against San Jacinto county and sheriff Capers

Hi Mr. Birdwell,

The Gamblin bust we did in Holiday Villages shows our ability but out there, the offended residents not only did most of the leg work (pictures, flyers) and research, they donated time and vital equipment to The Sentinel effort.   When they first brought the allegation, I told them what I would have to have to publish and they produced it.  We have investigated a couple of other incidents and even one common to three different private subdivisions in two counties that the authorities seem to want to turn a blind eye to.  It takes gas, oil, tires, tags, insurance and such to be able to drop and go.  Then ink, paper, sd cards, batteries, computers, internet, phone and a trusty camera to even make a dent in what it takes to put out The Sentinel Publication.  We won't even mention costs associated with the open records requests.  We can add electric bill, internet, web host fees to the list too.  We do have a few supporters who help with the basic internet, phone and such but the get up and go money usually comes out of my pocket so my research follows my interests for the most part.


Hi Ms. Elizabeth, 

I read your comment and wondered what you are referring to.  It is like the anonymous letter I got two weeks ago making claims about a road that doesn't exist by the name they gave and I am supposed to drop my stuff, scratch my head, spend my time and figure out what they are talking about.  I did just that and found some evidence I think but at least I can reply to your comment.  The anonymous letter does not give me even that opportunity so that is over unless they call or write.  I said all that to say this; I need a lead to go on.  You are much too vague. 



Hi Mr. Groh,  I got a call on your facebook page about the lawsuit and took a look.  I believe the 'Bufford Pusser' comparison is a little over the top.  SJC is a wonderful place to live and be from.  As in any community, their are problems but we are no where near having a 'Walking Tall' event by any means. 



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