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SHEPHERD 11/15/2018


The Shepherd City Hall project has been completed to the point that the city services and administrative offices are running out of the new location.   The old building is being considered for the Constables to work out of but no official confirmation on that.  We just hope the new occupants will deal with the flag issue of them draping on the building when there is no wind.  It is an issue that has been the can kicked down the road for 5 administrations now that Earl Brown has surrendered the seat and Mr. Minton has been installed as the acting mayor. 

SHEPHERD 11/18/2018


The new building has taken shape and is well on the road to completion for a new eating establishment in Shepherd.  "Four Corners Cafe" is on the 'opening soon' sign saying breakfast and lunch hours will be their offering to the community. 


SHEPHERD 9/9/2018


A 17 year old hispanic male who was caught up in the dragnet of a recent drug bust in San Jacinto County has garnered the support of many in the Shepherd community.  "He is a good kid", one Shepherd parent put forth, "that never seemed to want to go home", he added.  

   With a reputation of being a good student, very respectful and never even a hint of drug activity in the Shepherd schools, Reymundo Casas spent a lot of his non school time with a local family who owns a business and is more than willing to vouch for the integrity of the young man. 

    "We never knew what his home life was like", they shared with a reliable Sentinel source, "we always dropped him off on the road and couldn't see back there where the house was"

       Placed on a 200K bond by JP Sewell, young Casas is currently in the San Jacinto County jail for what may end up being just a wrong place, wrong time situation.  A bond reduction hearing is going to be sought with a large contingent of Shepherd residents, students, parents and even some school personel have stated they will show up to support the young man at that time.  Some fund raisers have been planned but as one student's parents lamented, "There is no way we can raise enough money to meet the current bond amount". 

        "It boils down to what I.C.E. has to say", one SJC official shared.   According to the Sheriff's press release, several other youngters in the family were sent to live with relatives in Houston.   Reymundo was born in the US according to some close to the situation. 

Constable Jerry Everitt

SHEPHERD 8/22/2018


Long time Pct 2 Constable, Jerry Wayne Everitt passed away Wednesday at the age of 69 years old.  Jerry served as the Pct 2 Constable for three consecutive terms and then went on to serve as Chief Deputy under former Sheriff James Walters.  An avid hunter, Constable Eveitt's truck always had a dog box in the back just waiting for a chance to slip off and run his hounds on a fox hunt.  He was a big guy who loved his community and had deep and wide family roots in this part of East Texas. 

   Neal Funeral Home in Cleveland is handling the arrangements with the viewing today, funeral service tomorrow followed by his burial at the Farley Chapel Cemetary on Big Creek Rd just down the way from where he lived for years with his lovely bride of 46 years, Charlene Everitt.  Ms. Everitt served San Jacinto County as our SJC Treasurer for several terms. 

SHEPHERD 7/31/2018


Weaver Stripling, former SJC Commissioner for Pct 2 died at his home on Tuesday, July 31st.  He and Thomas Bonds had served together on the Court years ago.  Mr. Stripling was still active in politics and present at the last vote count for this years primary.  



After going to trial on the newest charge of Assault on a Public Servant and earning 5 years in TDCJ for it last year, Robert Howard Cook III plead out on multiple charges garnering himself quite a few years overall.  

    His case was the subject of a Sentinel investigation, both in the field and the Clerk's office that showed he had several offenses already, was out on bond for agg sexual assault of a child and then was arrested again for the same charge.  We wrote the story when Cook was given a low bond again by the JP PCT #1, Beth Sewell.   

      Asst Prosecutor Bomeo handled the trial that saw him convicted and then pushed the other cases through to completion.

SHEPHERD 8/16/2017


Mayor Earl Brown met with Mr. Scott Galaway, outreach specialist out of the Houston Office who represents the Texas Water Development Board. Funding options for our Water, Wastewater, Fire Hydrants and Sewer Plant Upgrade and expansion were discussed. This was a very positive meeting and Mayor Brown assures the Citizens of Shepherd that he will continue his relentless pursuit to fix our infrastructure including the streets

SHEPHERD 7/15/2017  10:30 am


A location just off the Loop in Shepherd is the scene of an investigation by virtue of being cordoned off with crime scene tape by DPS on the scene.  Emergency responders are out and working the scene.  More information as it develops.

10:45 AM - Unofficial sources confirm there was a body found of a young male during some Saturday morning yard work out behind a local structure.  Reliable sources indicate a missing persons report was filed a couple of days ago and there are indications this may be that young man who was reported missing.  No apparent trauma was seen during initial discovery but an inquest is underway. 

11:00 AM - CONFIRMED - Official sources state that an inquest to determine identification and cause of death has been ordered.

7/16/2017  Facebook sources indicate the deceased was reported missing, off of his 'meds', a white male about 28 years old and a resident of Shepherd.

SHEPHERD 7/1/2017


Mayor Brown met with Union Pacific representatives Todd Harris and Richard Zientek out of the Spring Office. Others pictured were, Joe Williamson, EDC President and Property Owner Tim Hill. A site visit followed. The main topics of discussion were the removal of overgrown vegetation that is causing some concern.  Another topic of discussion was extending Railroad Ave to the Highway 59/69 feeder Road or "plan b" to add an additional crossover to the South of Shepherd. This topic has been addressed many times in the past but Mayor Brown took the bull by the horns and is addressing it once again. The Railroad guys as well as property own Mr. Tim Hill were very attentive to the City's concerns and very willing to assist in any way possible. Mr. Harris laid out the difficulties and challenges that lay ahead but is also willing to work with Shepherd.


Roy Pippen, Earnest Bailes, Donny Marrs, Dwayne Wright
McAnallys and Wrights
State Bound Team
Judge Candidate Fritz Faulkner
Deputies and Sheriff Capers, Mayor 'Downtown' Brown, Shepherd Chief and VFD Volunteers
Judge Candidate Robert Reynolds, Pct 1 Commissioner Laddie McAnally
Mayor Brown and Neal Adams

SHEPHERD 6/4/2017


PCT 2 Constable Roy Pippen, under an interlocal agreement between SJC and the City of Shepherd, has hired former SJC Sheriff Detective, Neal Adams to be the City's deputy for law and code enforcement within the City limits.  Deputy Adams  comes to the Constable's office with a wealth of experience and is looking forward to serving in his new capacity.  "I think a lot of Roy Pippen and look forward to working in his Dept" was Adams' summation of the event. 

UPDATE 5/19/2017


Claiming "The Community" does not want FM 2666 named the, "Josey Scott Memorial Highway" to highlight 'Hit and Run' awareness, John Jr. is out on the lying limb again earning his nickname, 'Lyin Lovett'.  A cross section questioning of residents on the road did not reveal a single land owner that was opposed to the legislation Earnest Bailes has put forward.  If anyone on Big Creek Rd is opposed to it, we would like to hear from you and will report that fact.  The illegal letter placed in mailboxes has been reported to be, "classic Lovett verbage".   That claim is based on Lyin Lovett making the same false claims to two state agencies that, "The Community" called on him to file those false reports with TCEQ and TDLR yet, even when ordered by the Attorney General to produce "The Community" requests, Lyin Lovett could not do so. 

SHEPHERD 5/18/2017


District 18 State Representative, Earnest Bailes put forward legislation to name FM 2666, “Josey Scott Memorial Highway” and has been successful in getting the house to approve and move the bill to the senate for final action.   It is at this level that the proposal is meeting resistance based on claims by someone of influence in Austin that, “The community does not want this road named for Josey”.  That someone wrote a letter to that effect, did not sign it or use an envelope or stamps, yet placed a copy in most every mailbox on FM 2666 EXCEPT for the Bailes or relatives of the Bailes.  That crime is a federal offense.  The Sentinel is seeking a copy of the letter to see the exact wording and will publish that here soon.  The notion that the community is against the highway memorial naming just rings hollow.  The Josey Lynn Scott page on The Sentinel remains one of the highest viewed pages to this day nearly three years after her death.  Other than this illegally placed letter, no one has voiced any opposition to the memorial naming to The Sentinel or any Sentinel source.  All of the feedback has been positive in support of Bailes’ efforts to commemorate her death and promote hit and run awareness.  There are indicators that John Lovett is behind the move.  Just as in the TDLR and TCEQ ‘swat’ attempt on the Marrs, there is a false claim of “community” input that proved to be non-existent.  Just as in the Marrs case, there were blatant violations of the law committed and influence in Austin used to perpetrate the lie.  The fact that the incident has occurred in the aftermath of John Lovett and Josey’s parents having a personal falling out over other issues lends another aspect to the suspicion that Lovett is involved in this latest criminal act. 

SHEPHERD 5/24/2017


A Big Creek resident has provided The Sentinel with the photo of the illegal letter that was placed in many mailboxes on FM 2666 with information on how to oppose the proposed legislation.  This witness also provided a statement that the perpetrator of the incident was seen doing the deed late at night and using a utilitly vehicle to do so.  A vehicle similar to the one Judge Lovett claimed was stolen when his bunk house burned down recently from a suspicious fire.  That would indicate someone who lived in the area hopped on their side by side and took off down Big Creek after 10 PM under cover of darkness and placed the items in the various mailboxes. 

SHEPHERD 5/10/2017


Mayor Earl Brown met with engineers from Goodwin Lasiter.   Their services will be paid for with a search grant provided by the USDA.  They will provide a scope of work that will be submitted with an application to the USDA for possible funding.  This includes upgrades to the water and sewer, upgrades to the sewer plant, streets and additional fire hydrants.  This is a huge project and Mayor Brown will keep you informed of progress as it happens.

*Pictured:  Mayor Earl Brown,  Engineer Pat Oates, Engineer Kevin Gee and Public Works Director Ray Rash discussing areas on the water and sewer line map that will benefit from the possible upgrades for the City of Shepherd.


SHEPHERD 4/16/2017


A “Silent Hero Award” was presented to Mayor Brown from the House of Hope in Livingston. Ms. Jacquelyn Stanford stated that the House of Hope’s purpose is to let the community know what is going on and show how they can help those that are already putting themselves out there. The award was presented to Mayor Brown because of his work in the community, his commitment to help others including giving information to people who are not sure of how to live or are going through hard times, and his ability to put other’s needs before his own. Thank you Mayor Brown for what you do!

SHEPHERD 3/5/2017


Through the efforts of ESD board member, Tammy Russell and the S.I.S.D. Board, Shepherd VFD is planning to house some fire trucks on the former TXDOT property SISD purchased across from the Shepherd Elementary School.  The move will make sure that there are Fire Trucks on both sides of the tracks that bisect Shepherd, Texas.  In the past, there has been more than one incident when a fire truck had to set at the Rail Road crossing waiting on a train to clear the crossing.

SHEPHERD 4/2/2017


What appears to be hundreds of drums of used motor oil and oil filters has been discovered on a tract of land in southeast San Jacinto County.  Efforts to bring the oil spill site under corrective measures are underway.  Two Walker County environmental officers, SJC Environmental officer Dale Everitt, DA Trapp, the county judge and Pct 2 commissiner Donny Marrs have worked together to start the ball rolling for clean up.  Classifying it as an 'historic spill' project as opposed to a currently occuring situation, "We won't need to call the emergency response team out", said one TCEQ spokesperson.  TCEQ was on site early Thursday morning to work with the local officials in a major clean up effort.  Questions asked and research done by the men involved revealed that the site was an authorized private storage facility under T.C.E.Q. regulation as late as 2011.  Personal knowledge of the site being utilized as storage since the early 90's explains why multiple complaints were not acted on.  The private storage facility was legal.  We do not know if TCEQ regulations still allow for the licensing of a storage site in a recorded platted subdivision or not but the close by lots are inhabited.  Without doubt, it will be a high dollar clean up.  One neighbor commented that the day earlier in the week when he saw the property owner and Commissioner Marrs examining the spill and walking the lot, "I told my momma, something is going to get done now", sharing their experience of multiple reports with no action over the many years the facility was legal. 

UPDATE 2/15/2017

Still no official word on the case unfolding in Shepherd this morning but Sentinel sources indicate 401 Post Oak is the location being investigated in this incident.

SHEPHERD 2/14/2017


In a bizarre set of circumstances, the Martin Dr. vicinity of Shepherd, Texas was the scene of much law enforcement activity late yesterday evening that resulted in the SJC Sheriff’s Dept calling in the Montgomery County Bomb Squad to deal with a pipe bomb found at or near a residence there.  Details are sketchy as of yet and nothing is confirmed by official sources but witnesses claim that a nude woman ran from a residence on or near Martin Dr. and was knocking on doors in the Ragsdale Springs area for help.  Her alleged captor was taken into custody according to Sentinel sources and is being detained.  Those same sources indicate that a pipe bomb was found and detonated by the bomb squad.  Authorities were seeking a warrant to forcibly enter a locked portion of the house where the woman was allegedly being held.  The Sentinel is seeking more information and will bring it forward when available. 

Hello, Stephen Watson - 
I found your Sentinel Alert website searching for Livingston, Texas.
I wish to make you aware of a fascinating cyclist who will be traveling through Porter, Cleveland, Livingston, Corrigan, Lufkin and Nacogdoches Feb 22 thru Feb 28, 2017.  Perhaps your readers might have an interest in his journey?
Bill Pierce, an author and cycling enthusiast (RAGBRAI 34 years, 1985 11-month 15K European ride) will be riding into town. He would like to casually meet with some local folks for research on the local area for his upcoming book: "Riding Into Springtime" to be published later this year. 
His three and one-half month cycling journey began Monday, February 6th in Matamoros, Mexico, and now travels north to Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada at about the same rate of Spring's northward journey - 20 miles per day. Fully one-third of the ride is in Texas!
Would you have interest, or know anyone who would have the interest in meeting with Bill while he is in town?  Bill, a 69-year-old former Newspaper Reporter-Computer Network Engineer-English teacher-Cyclist has an encyclopedic knowledge of people, places, and things - BUT DOES NOT have the depth and knowledge of those interesting stories and places which only residents possessYou know - the stories of local yore - perhaps passed generation to generation.  Or just local geographical insights, history and strange things about a place where you have to live there to know. And one question which is different for everyone: "What does springtime mean to you?"
To find out more take a look at the website:  If you can think of someone who might just have the interest in meeting with Bill while he is in town - it might be fun to be a part of Bill's journey -  "Riding Into Springtime."  Or at least get on the list for a signed complimentary copy of the book.
Thanks for your time.  Let me know your thoughts, or drop him an email at or - just call or text him on his cell at 716-545-0416.  If he can't pick up -  leave a voice message and he'll get back to you soon.
Kindest regards,

OUR RD, SHEPHERD, TX 12/14/2016


PCT 2  11/18/2016


In an investigation and cooperative effort between several public officials beginning with SJC Environmental officer, Dale Everitt, a major pollution offender was shut down today by a personal visit from San Jacinto County Chief Deputy Joe Schultea.  Several weeks ago, a vague lead was received noting that someone was burning tires during the night near Highway 59 south of Shepherd.  Investigative efforts by several county officials and personal inquiries made of residents in the area led authorities to a location on ‘Our Rd’ just off of 59 South of the Shepherd city limits.  The property in question was littered with evidence of recent tire burning activity along with an estimate in excess of three thousand tires being stored there.  TCEQ had visited the property this morning responding to the complaints and Chief Schultea followed up to reinforce that SJC was serious about environmental crimes.  “He said he won’t be burning anymore tires” was Chief Schultea’s summation of the visit.  Hats off to the cooperative actions of multiple county officials in this effort.

SHEPHERD 10/20/2016


Commissioner and Mrs. Marrs held thier annual "Appreciation Dinner" in the Shepherd Community Center last Thursday and as the clock attests, there was an overflow crowd BEFORE the first morsel was served.  With many tables set aside for the employees of San Jacinto county, The Marrs' invited any and all to attend to give them opportunity to express their appreciation for one and all without using any words other than something like, "cornbread or roll?" or "gravy with your dressing?"  Good food is a universal language and judging from the crowd that numbered over 300, a lot of people undersood exactly what Commissioner and Patricial Marrs were saying.  Thank you.  Many elected officials and a whole bunch of county employees made the trek to Shepherd for the annual event with a great deal of anticipation.  A sense of community spirit permeated the place along with all the smells of some good grub.  Sheriff Capers, Chief Schultea

and many of their crew were there.  Pct 2 Constable Pippen wouldn't miss it and Kelly Selmer and some of her girls made it.  The newly elected mayor of Shepherd, Earl "downtown" Brown participated along with several of the City employees.  Plenty of Pct worker uniforms dotted the room and just plain ole citizens filled all the available gaps.  John Wells III, the write in candidate for the 411 district judge spot was there and visited with as many as possible.  With Ham and Turkey and all the trimmings on the menu, anyone who tried to be polite and at least try a bite of everything needed two plates and a two wheel dolly to get back to their car.  Donny and an apron clad Patricia took time to say a personal thank you to so many during the event.   Never one to let food get in the way, The Sentinel took time to interview Mayor elect, Earl Brown while he ate.  "We are going to do things differently", he summed up, "and look for the positive."  John Wells III also looked forward with his comments sticking to what he was going to do and not looking back at his opponents tenure.  "The people need to know that they can expect integrity from the bench" was his answer to, "Why are your running?"

Michael Coker mug shot

UPDATE 10/17/2016


In response to questions posed by The Sentinel, Humble ISD did confirm that Michael Coker was employed by their ISD Police department on a provisional basis but did not make it out of training before his past caught up with him.  "He passed two forms of background check", an Humble ISD official explained, "including running his finger prints."  Hired June 26, 2016 according to their records, it is noted that he was placed on administrative leave on July 12th when it came to light that Michael was being investigated somewhere else.  "He never got a paycheck here" the administrator assured The Sentinel, "and he resigned on July 25th".  Hats off to the Humble ISD for thier extensive efforts to protect their students from a man who will lie, steal and sexually harass those under his authority.  The booking report on his arrest in SJC shows that Michael had moved to Porter, Texas soon after his resignation here. 

UPDATE 10/16/2016


Ex Shepherd mayor, Michael Coker was arrested and booked into the San Jacinto County Jail last week after he surrendered himself to face the charges against him.  Judge Harris 'Red' Blanchette issued a PR bond on Coker and he was booked in and out of the jail in short order and was never issued his orange jump suit according to sources. 

SHEPHERD 9/24/2016


Former mayor, Michael Coker (No known relation to the Coker family that has served our District Courts for 3 generations)had a true bill returned by the SJC Grand Jury the 16th of this month on a 'Theft of Firearm' charge according to several reliable Sentinel sources.  An AR-15 style assault rifle that had been purchased by Sheperd Police Dept (Chris Simmons) prior to the city disbanding that department shortly after forming it, came up missing during Michael Coker's limited time in the seat of power in Shepherd Texas.  Michael  was being investigated by The Sentinel for some fraudulent F.E.M.A. funds he was claiming a storm related culvert purchase and a sexual harrassment case toward one of his female clerks.  We were aware of but did not write about the missing automatic weapon to keep from compromising the law enforcement investigation.  Coker resigned under pressure, the city withdrew the fraudulent culvert money request and the clerk's husband gave him a fat lip.  After his resignation, The Sentinel did request his employment file from Houston PD where Michael worked for many years and did get an eyefull in the results.  He was reprimanded several times and almost fired once for giving a false report.  Michael lied on a report claiming a hit and run driver had struck his patrol car when it was him who had damaged the car by his own fault.  Sentinel sources indicate that he is working or was working for Humble ISD police department.  Confirmation of his exact status with them is being sought. 



Crawling in the window of a home in this part of Texas can be bad for your health as one intruder learned the hollowpoint way.  According to sources, one man was killed  by a homeowner in Lake Tejas Tuesday.  Sam Baker is the name of the deceased given by an un official source.  More information is being sought.  Those sources say warning shots were fired and the dead man kept trying to break on in. 


SHEPHERD 6/21/2016


The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (commission) has taken a keen interest in events leading up to and those just after a city employee firing some months ago.  With many allegations of improper procedure used to fire an employee, the commission has investigated and found some answers and is seeking others.  Some of the basics allegations are that the clerk was fired with no formal process based on hearsay evidence and no vote of the council.  In confidence, at least one city employee has expressed concern that the same could happen to them while confirming that there was no vote of the city council before the firing. 

SHEPHERD 5/10/2016


In what can only be called a little thing that goes a long way, Judge John Lovett asked TxDoT to address the multiple layers of asphalt paving that had turned the RR crossing in Shepherd into a set of speed bumps that were wreaking havoc on smaller vehicles and their front ends.  The result of three layers of paving since the concrete portion of the RR crossing had been poured created a build up that amounted ot almost 5 inches of abrupt surface elevation change that was rivaling the Pointblank speedbumps for front end destruction.  TxDoT brought out a crew and ground the paving down until the crossing is as smooth as silk now.  "I didn't know if he would even care", one citizen shared that had complained, "because he drives a big truck". 

Honky Tonk Tree Guitar

SHEPHERD 10/14/2016


In a major outpouring of support, Shepherd, SJC and area residents and businesses rallied together to raise nearly 65K dollars to help a local family in need.  Little Ms. Shrader was on the hearts and minds and in the prayers of many who stepped  up to help the cause.  Even the Honky Tonk Tree guitar did a part in the hands of an excellent autioneer.  With just a homemade cooker, a beat up old guitar and a beautiful hand made quilt, he parted over 6K dollars from the participants with the first three items.  A music lover and a great lady who loves the little girl with all her heart and soul paid over 4K for the Honky Tonk Tree guitar, giving it a new home.  Thanks to Mr. Milford for showing up to verify the authenticity of all of the signatures and confirm that the guitar was the original.  According to Sentinel sources, he has an unopened cd and release poster that he offered to provide just to sweeten the mix some.  Thanks to all the donors and bidders of course but let us be careful to remember the family, friends and neighbors who organized such an awesome event.  The outpouring of support began immediatly and made a huge dent Saturday but there is a long row to hoe out front that we all need to fertilize with fervent prayer.  Even some of yall that aren't too convinced that God is real, it wouldn't hurt nothing to bend knee for this baby 'just in case' He is. 


UPDATE 5/6/2016


According to sources close to a Shepherd fund raiser, The Honky Tonk Tree guitar has been donated to their cause and will be auctioned off to raise money for a very sick little girl. 



A guitar that was ‘created’ in 2001 to commemorate the release of ‘The Honky Tonk Tree’ album featuring Bobby Boyd, Willie Nelson, Cory Morrow and Pat Green has come back to it’s roots in San Jacinto County.  The guitar is autographed by all four artists on the album and includes Roy Head’s signature as well.  The Album was produced by local investor and long time friend of Willie Nelson, Doug Milford of Shepherd, Texas.  He is also the creator of the Honky Tonk Tree Guitar and widely credited with catapulting Pat Green’s Career into orbit by choosing to include the young man on this album.  In the upper left corner of the photo is this Honky Tonk Tree guitar hanging on the wall as half of a matching set with the Willie Nelson, 'Farm Aid' guitar hanging near the butt of the rifle.   Producer Milford donated the Honky Tonk Tree guitar for one of the fund raisers in the past and a lady bought it for 5000 dollars and gifted a musician friend with it.  From there it goes on like the story of the sisterhood of the traveling pants only it was the Brotherhood of the Traveling Guitar instead.  The guitar was eventually pawned while the owner was in jail with no proof of authenticity of the signatures.  It languished there beyond the loan period and was put up for sale.  A young man who recognized the guitar from his teenage years purchased the guitar and brought it back to San Jacinto County.  When he owed his dad some money he gifted the old man with the guitar and his debt was forgiven.   Then the old man gave it to his granddaughter.  Now it is sitting dormant again.  I wonder where it will travel to next?

'LIBERTY' District prior to formation of Polk or SJCounty

UPDATE  1/25/2015


An opportunity to protest the passage of an I.C.E. Detention facility project contract in our community that has ignored the 'we the people' concept of local government was mostly ignored by the locals.  Besides the musicians, militia representatives from several states, a half dozen veterans, news reporters and event organizers, law enforcement was just about the only others that were present.  Mostly ignored is the right phrase even though physical presence was not a factor because the page views on The Sentinel doubled then tripled day two after we posted the story announcing the event.  Signatures on the petition have outpaced the attendence and some have requested that The Sentinel continue to offer THE PETITION on line to be down loaded and mailed in.  50 W Oak Tree Dr., Pointblank, Texas 77364 is The Sentinel mailing address. 

Allegations of efforts to influence the locals not to attend being made by a rougue element of public servants threatening the possibility of a "bloodbath" have surfaced and will be investigated by The Sentinel.  Considering the high profile 'mlitia event' that is ongoing in Burns, Oregon, that influence would have to enter the equation as a factor.  This event was never intended to be an armed protest but just a combined voice of the people with a little country music mixed in.  When it was over, all of the militia men returned the 'lost marbles' they had found during the day to their rightful owner.   Johnny Horton Jr. accepted them gracefully and was pleased to get them back before the long road trip to return home.  Chief Shultea dropped by and met the musicians and Roy Head promply surrendered.  Charlie Painter performed anyway for just the militia and vets that showed up.  Militia leadership from several states attended and were fascinated by the fact that San Jacinto was formed to commemerate the victory for Texas Independence.  This map shows that in the area named, 'Liberty' flows the 'Trinity'.  This part of Texas is truely named for the precept that there is No King but Jesus.  As the Victory at San Jacinto drove out the last vestiges of monarchy and dictatorship from the shores of this great nation, our forefathers left these names as monuments to the path we must tread to live, "free indeed".   That is to battle the larger foe and press for victory no matter the odds.  Despite the apparent results of his effort, event organizer Doug Milford stated, "It was a success".   He noted that, "we did get their attention" referencing the powers that be.  


SHEPHERD, TX 1/20/2015


With the recent signing of the agreement between Shepherd City council and the Emerald Corp to assure annexation of, and city services to the proposed project property should Emerald land the federal contract to build the unit, a group of local citizens and Militia patriots have decried the move as an over reach by the local city government.  Complaints ranging from hiding Senator Whitmire’s letter from the council, the secretive nature of the effort and even the unanswered questions surrounding the city charter that have been raised have led to a large group of the public setting aside distractions to work together in an effort to stop the project in its tracks.    A PETITION calling for the resignation of Shepherd Mayor Pro Tempore, Sherry Roberts, is being circulated.   Follow the link to download and print a copy of the petition.  Headline musical talent has committed to the effort this week to gather enough signatures to do something about the wishes of the majority being ignored.   A table will be manned in the Centennial Park and Gardens behind Shepherd Auto Parts (by the caboose) from noon until 7:00 pm Thursday and Friday this week in an effort to gather signatures against the I.C.E. Project.  Saturday will be the last day for signatures up until 10 pm.  Roy Head, Charlie Painter and Johnny Horton Jr among others will be performing Saturday beginning at noon in an effort to draw the people out to sign up and let The City know that they feel their voices have been ignored.  “Can you hear me now?” is going to be the theme of their effort according to event organizers. 

Johnny Horton Jr - Dale Everitt

SHEPHERD, TX  1/17/2015


Johnny Horton Jr is pictured here holding his plaque of induction into the Country Music "Lenged of Legends" Hall of Fame and Dale Everitt, our own Veteran's Service Officer is holding Johnny Horton Sr's (Deceased) plaque denoting his induction.  The Father and Son were both inducted at the same time last year.  Johnny Horton Sr died in a tragic auto accident in November of 1960.  "I can show you where I was in Colspring when I got the news" Dale Everitt shared.  He had many hit songs including, North To Alaska that was used in a John Wayne movie of the same name in the late 50's. 

SHEPHERD 1/12/2015


Ms. Tammy Russell of Shepherd was approved to take the place of the outgoing Brian May to serve our community in a positon on the Emergency Service District Board.  Ms. Russell is a long time resident of Pct. 2 and has worked for our Texas Forest Service for years.  She was the unanimous choice of Commissioner's Court pending the expected letter of resignation and acceptance by the board from Mr. May.  Brian May has served the board quite effectively in his two year tenure.  A recent promotion to Fire Chief in the Humble Fire Department, a little more family coming along and a move just outside the Pct. 2 boundaries were the impetus for May’s decision to submit his resignation.  “We hate to lose him”, Commissioner Marrs lamented, “but understand and support his decision”.  He went on to list the many accomplishments of the young man illustrating what an asset Mr. May and his family are to our community.  “We do thank him for his service” was the final word on the topic from Pct 2’s elected representative. 


SHEPHERD 1/7/2015


According to discussion and information available at the Shepherd City Council meeting last night, a shallow well for a water bottling and transport to Houston is in the works. 

SHEPHERD 1/7/2015


In a Special Called Meeting of the Shepherd City Council, discussion of future action items ran the gambit of the ICE facility, water and sewer service upgrades, zoning, raising taxes, school and youth league parking and even the ADA requirement on having a PA system installed so the deaf can hear the meetings better.  Mr. Oates, the engineer with Lassiter and Strong, was the first to address the council on the prospect of upgrading the current system.  Noting that some ‘spikes’ in flow exceeded the rated capacity of the current system already, Mr. Oates spoke on the necessity of adding a duplicate system right beside the old one.  “You can’t just add on to the current set up” he stated.  He also touched on adding a temporary storage basin to handle over flow and upgrading the sewer line infrastructure in the city.  Most of the spikes were attributed to rain fall that was able to enter the system via existing leaks and breeches within the city system.  Mr. Oates was tasked with compiling some ball park cost estimates to return with and present to the council in a future meeting.  “Even if we don’t get the ICE facility”, Mayor Pro Tem Roberts stated, “We still have to address the need for future expansion.”  Last minute notice to The Sentinel for the special meeting led to a small crowd but there were a few in attendance.  State Rep Candidate, Van Brookshire and County Judge John Lovett were both in attendance along with SISD Superintendent and the Youth League president. Constable Roy Pippen participated in discussion on code enforcement and local law enforcement.  The property obtained by SISD from TxDot is currently leased for a pipeline construction equipment site.   The different aspects of SISD use that will begin in the 2017 school year will range from Transportation to ROTC drilling grounds and possible cooperative use with the City Ball parks and the Youth league on a rear portion of it.  Judge Lovett brought up the current traffic hazard that is the Shepherd ISD Elementary School pick up line in the afternoons.  The youth league president added to the discussion regarding ball park traffic safety and future plans.  With a 50 percent growth of membership during his tenure, the parking and traffic portion of the Youth League growth is being addressed by the men. 

SHEPHERD 11/17/2015


The City of Shepherd, Texas has passed a resolution, “under cover of darkness” according to some sources, that endorses a federal I.C.E. 24 hour holding facility being constructed in the north east quadrant of the Shepherd City limits.  In a ‘Special Called Business Meeting’ on October 26th, City council under the leadership of . . . FINISH READING HERE


10/26/2015 SHEPHERD



UPDATE 11/16/2015

The 10/26 headline is linked to documents obtained from the City of Shepherd  and below is a letter to Mayor Pro Tem and below it, the Tarkington ISD resolution against supporting the project in their jurisdiction.

SHEPHERD 11/16/2015

The residence of Robert Howard Cook II, out on bond for the charge of agg sexual assault of a child was rocked by an explosion and fire when a truck that was being worked on exploded into flames that were 20' high at one point.  No confirmation of cause has been obtained but Sentinel sources indicate using ether to start the engine was the root cause.  More information should be available soon.


Ex-Mayor Michael Coker
New culvert at Coker's residence
city culverts in Ragsdale Springs

SHEPHERD 9/4/2015


In an increasing cloud of suspicion and unanswered questions surrounding him, recently elected Shepherd mayor, Michael Coker resigned quietly last Tuesday according to Sentinel sources.  Those sources say that an inappropriate ‘sexting’ relationship with a married woman was the straw that broke the camel’s back, “or at least busted his lip” as one source indicates.  The Sentinel had submitted an open records request some weeks ago pertaining to DETCOG funds and purchasing behind allegations that Ex-Mayor Coker had bought the culverts before the spring floods and then applied for DETCOG funds on them after we were declared a disaster area.  That request has remained unanswered.  One of the only culverts installed was installed at Coker’s private residence.  Recent calls had instigated a Sentinel investigation into the alleged misuse of city funds to have himself an expensive custom bbq pit built.  None of those allegations have been answered yet and may never be.   It was reported to The Sentinel that Coker made verbal threats that I had almost gotten myself shot when taking the pictures of the culvert at his house.  It was days later that a shot did come through my son’s kitchen window and our vehicle wheel and lug nuts were tampered with.  There are several corrupt that are under investigation that could be responsible for the incidents but it is just an illustration of the lengths some of the corrupt will go to in hiding their crimes.

SHEPHERD 4/17/2015


A home at 3000 FM 223 just north of Shepherd was the scene of a home invastion according to the SJC Sheriff's Dept Press Release.  The hoodlum made his get away in a stolen 'Onstar' equipped vehicle.  After he was tracked, with close cooperation from the Harris County Sheriff's Dept, the perpetrator was taken into custody.

UPDATE 3/19/2015



UPDATE 3/17/2015

According to persons close to the principles in this shooting, it was between the ex boyfriend and current boyfriend of Christine Averdieck, a long time Shepherd resident.  The shooting scene was in the front yard of her parent's home on Whitfield Ln just off of Manuel Rd.  It was confirmed by law enforcement that one was pronounced dead on the scene by JP Harris 'Red' Blanchett and the other was hospitalized.  According to unconfirmed reports, the ex boyfriend, Bruno, was killed by a 9mm pistol shot thru his chest from side to side and the new boyfriend, Joseph West of Coldspring was wounded in the shoulder by a .22 pistol.  Bruno Jaimes, 24, a long time Shepherd resident, according to aquaintences from his school days, was allegedly involved in shooting a classmate in the knee  years ago.  


SHEPHERD 3/16/2015


One man shot in the side thru and thru his chest and the other man shot in the back according to unconfirmed reports, at a residence off of Whitfield Ln.  According to those reports, the two men were having an argument over a woman when shots were fired.    The men shot each other and one was transported by ambulance while the other was pronounced dead at the scene.

Bruno Jaimes
Scene of double shooting
Truck taken into evidence impound

UPDATE: A GREAT SUCCESSFUL EFFORT.  From the muddin' fun to the auction, a great outpouring of support from the community.  The Sentinel hasn't gotten any official numbers but the estimates from attendees prove that the early numbers were an accurate indicator of the success of the efforts put forth.  Thanks to all who participated, donated, organized and worked. 


NEW CANEY 2/28/2015

OVER 500 PARTICIPANTS SHOW UP To the Josey Lynn Scott fundraiser fun day as of 3:30 pm.  Muddin, music and making merry was the easily agreed theme for this fundraiser scheduled soon after her tragic death.   As friends and family gather, expressing their support by engaging in some of Josey's favorite activities, the fellowship has already led to 'winching' activities and other fun.  More news later as folks are still rolling in.

Josey Lynn Scott on left
Larry Wayne Duncan booking photo

Josey Lynn Scott, 19, of Shepherd, Texas was struck and killed 2/10/2015 while jogging on Big Creek Rd, FM 2666.  Neal Funeral Home is handling the arrangements.  The service was held Sunday.  continue reading

LARRY WAYNE DUNCAN has been charged in the death of Josey Lynn Scott.  He is currently held in the SJC Jail on 750K bond

continue reading


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