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WASHINGTON D.C. 10/17/2018



The below is attributable to Spokesperson Heather Nauert:‎


Secretary Michael R. Pompeo met today with Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu in Ankara. The two discussed a range of issues of bilateral importance including Syria, Iran, and counterterrorism. The Secretary welcomed the decision to return Pastor Andrew Brunson and reiterated the United States’ willingness to assist Turkey in its investigation of the Jamal Khashoggi case. The Secretary also discussed with Foreign Minister Cavusoglu the continued wrongful detention of Dr. Serkan Golge and other U.S. citizens as well as locally employed staff from U.S. Mission Turkey.

UPDATE 8/29/2018


COLDSPRING 8/25/2018


    Shepherd's Mayor, Earl "Downtown" Brown has invited The Sentinel to the Democrat Party headquarters in Coldspring for an opportunity to interview him regarding his bid for election as the C.E.O. of San Jacinto County.  Our schedules show an opportuninty early this next week for a likely meeting. 

LIVINGSTON 10/6/2018


September 1, 2018 rolled around without much fanfare.  It seems that to most in Polk County that it was just another day and unremarkable but to one mother from there, this day like every day, was filled with anguish, torment, emptiness, memories and a whole lot of unanswered questions. 

Rhonda Wills, who has since moved to Lufkin, is the mother of the young man, Carl Terrell Wills, that was gunned down and his body dumped and found under a bridge by a gator pond in rural Liberty County.   Carl was shot in the back and in the right side of his head and most agree that it was a Polk County Crime that was spilled over into Liberty County.  In that regard, this crime is similar to another unsolved murder of another Livingston youth named Natasha Atchley that is 25 years old and unsolved.

At 22, he was a young man and young father who had his whole life ahead of him.  Carl was handsome, popular and a prominent athlete in Livingston High School that graduated in 2008.  He had no problem attracting women and at the time of his death was dating a white girl much to the dismay of her family according to Carl’s friends and family.  Carl was not only handsome, he was fairly light skinned.  The initial police report on the finding of his body listed the victim as an Hispanic (H/M) Male. 

The Advocate editor, Vanesa Brashier did a story after a year and then again near the five year anniversary of Carl’s death.  KTRE channel 9 did a story on the three year mark and brought out the point that the Liberty County Sheriff’s Department investigator was still waiting on DNA test results from the DPS lab after three years.  Other than the mother, the victim and investigators, neither of those news outlets went so far as to name names and ask the difficult questions.  That opportunity, it appears, has fallen to The Sentinel. 

   The mother’s questions are normal.  Who killed my baby?  Why did they kill him?  How come there has not been an arrest?  What has the law found out?  Why did the woman that picked him up that day disappear?  Whose daughter is she really? 

   There are a few facts that remain undisputable.  Carl had been incarcerated in the Polk Co jail for nearly the whole month of August for unpaid traffic tickets and was released just days before his death.  Carl was dating a white woman named Megan Martin at the time of his death and she picked him up around 7 pm in the evening that fateful day.  Carl had eaten a bowl of Ramen noodles just prior to leaving on the date with Megan Martin.  She had picked him up several times in the past and was a bit older than Carl and had a child.  All of Megan Martin’s social media accounts were scrubbed from the internet when the family started looking for answers and she dropped out of sight.  Carl did not call his momma that Wednesday night Megan picked him up nor all day Thursday or even Thursday night.  It was Friday about 4 pm when the law made the dreaded knock on Rhonda Wills’ door with a most unenviable task to perform. 

   The autopsy report shows that the Ramen Noodles were still in Carl’s stomach, mostly undigested.  Other indicators prove that Carl had been dead for a while when his body was found.  Carl lived in Polk County but his body was found on Plantation Ranch road in Liberty County just south of Rye.  Other than the Chain O Lakes campground, there is not a lot of development in the area.  He was left under a bridge.  The man that found him was employed at the same place Carl Worked. 

   In the heartbreaking and tear wrenching process of interviewing this mother of a slain child, there were several red flags that jumped out to The Sentinel.  Some of them Rhonda had questioned but the others never caused her any pause.  Yes she wondered why one of the most up and coming black LEO’s in Polk County and a local school mate and friend of Rhonda’s that stepped forward offering to help with the investigation was shunned and told that his help was not needed.  Considering the mistrust many in the black community have for law enforcement, it would seem that a black cop with a good reputation in Polk County who was raised there and had the trust of that community would have been a welcomed asset on the investigation team.       We have more red flag questions to ask.

Houston President ignores request
    Steve Watson <>
    ‎Oct‎ ‎8 at ‎8‎:‎21‎ ‎AM
    Good Morning,
    This email is for Derrick Johnson.  For several weeks and after several requests, messages and phone calls to the Houston Chapter President, Dr. James Douglas has shown that he has refused to answer an inquiry The Sentinel has been making of him regarding a quote attributed to him in the Houston media.  It was in relation to a story regarding the Onalaska ISD superintendent making a statement regarding the cognitive ability of black quarterbacks after Deshaun Watson, quarterback for the Texans, in his view, made a very bad play.  The issue is not whether Watson is or is not capable but whether the man had the right to voice his opinion.
    Dr. Douglas is quoted in the Houston Chronicle as saying:
    On Thursday, James Douglas, the president of Houston's NAACP chapter, said he felt the post was racist but wasn't completely shocked.
    "You would think a person in a position of leadership...would be more sensitive about what they say," Douglas said. "But I guess, given what's coming out of Washington D.C., people feel more emboldened and think they have a right to say whatever they want to say."
    My question to Dr. Douglas has been, is this an accurate quote and if it is, do you not realize that we are in America and yes we can say whatever we want to.  My final question to him is, "Are you African or American"?  
    Since Dr. Douglas has steadfastly refused to answer the questions despite his public trust and position, the questions fall to you as the leader of the organization.


    Do you endorse Dr. Douglas' statement and if so, do you understand what free speech is all about?  Does your organization which relies on our free speech rights in America embrace Dr. Douglas' attempt to squelch free speech in America?
    Please respond at your earliest opportunity.
    Respectfully Submitted,
    Steve Watson - publisher
Rosemary Covalt

Ms Covalt, you stand on your free speech rights to promote a lie in the community, a DIVISIVE lie yet deny a man the right to express his opinion on the ability of a professional athlete in what he thought was a private text message to a friend.   An opinion that according to long term academic studies of the cognitive ability of the different races of humans was based in absolute fact.  A man with 40 plus years of education that has seen more young athletes of every race and gender grow and develop into adults than most men do in a lifetime. 

WASHINGTON D.C. 10/4/2018


   According to the NFL Players Assoc spokesperson in Washington D.C., no one from or representing their organization spoke with or communicated to Onalaska's own community organizer (ie: socialist minister of propaganda) Rosemary Covalt, any desire that she or anyone else try to get the community to protest at the school district offices on their behalf a couple weeks ago or any other time.   When the spokesperson was made aware of the exact content of Covalt's text message memo to the community, the reply was to note the absolute absurdity of the very idea that their organization would step on anyone's free speech rights.   We set in motion the process to obtain written confirmation of the NFL Player's position on the matter and will publish that when it is received. 

   Do to a lack of reply from Covalt, I am going to use the reserved space for more news but hereby commit to publish whatever info she provides on the matter.

UPDATE  9/22/2018


Main stream media (ie: Channel 26 Fox affiliate in Houstong) failed to identify the 'spokesperson' for Onalaska that they have a long history of working with.  Rosemary Covalt, formerly of Houston, was featured twice in one clip as the voice and final say for the Onalaska Community over their free speech rights.   As pointed out below, someone is lying.  Either the NFL Players and The Texan's coach or Rosemary Covalt.  

      I call you you out again Ms. Covalt.  Provide the NFL communication you base your text message to me on (and I am sure many others) so I can chastise the NFL for their blatant hypocricy and call Watson and the head coach a liar, or admit YOU are a liar.  Am I the only one that noticed that despite a packed house at the meeting, not a single soul, including NFL is behind you?  In all fairness, I will give you as much space as you need to publish your 'info' on me so I can help you warn the community if you can provide that communication.  If you don't we will presume you to be The liar.

ONALASKA 9/20/2018


According to a text message to The Sentinel offices by former LULAC representative, Ms. Rosemary Covalt of Onalaska, "NFL PLAYERS" have requested that the community show up in protest to a school board meeting and demand the firing of the Supt for exercising his free speech rights in a public forum.   My text reply was, "So let me understand this, Collin Kapernik has free speech rights but Lynn Redden doesn't?"  Ms. Covalt replied that the text being sent to me was a mistake and it wouldn't happen again.  

   A little back story on Ms. Covalt is that she is the Onalaska resident who challenged me on the Vincent Embezzlement story, relaying accusations for others that The Sentinel is 'fake news'.  It was her prodding that prompted the story that there were three reasons I dropped the topic from The Sentinel.  1) I was convinced there was a legit investigation going on.  2) No new news on it. 3) Other irons in the fire. 

    Once the indictment and arrest was made, Ms. Covalt contacted me again with 'information' and made a quick deposit to the, "Defend the 1st Amendment" fund via a check mailed in.  Then she began weaving a tale of the deepest corruption that even culminated in murders.  When I began asking for proof beyond the fact that there was a body found of a Polk Co young man in a neighboring county, she said she could deliver.  It remains an unsolved murder but Ms. Covalt knew who did it. 

    Let me just say that her statements implicated two men, state officials, that she figured I would most like to prove guilty of the crimes.  I pressed for the proof.  Ms. Covalt provided me with a most interesting trial transcript but mostly it was a display of all her credentials and an effort to get me to publish based on her credibilty.  After all, she was a former L.U.L.A.C. representative from Houston and knew Sylvester Turner and Sheilia Jackson Lee.  She had a letter of commendation from a former Harris Co Sheriff for her work.  After all this and a gift of a white erase board, our conversation turned back to me needing evidence before I can write her story.  Several attempts by Ms. Covalt kept hittting that hard headed dead end until she broke and demanded her contribution back.  I told Ms. Covalt, "that account is not accessible to me."

     Her last texts were of the, "I have inside information on you".  "You are not who you say you are."  nature combined with threats to, "warn the community" about me.   Being me, I asked her twice via text, "what info"?  Nothing for weeks then I get this NFL Player claim she is making. 

    In weaving her story about the state officials, she claimed at the last that on a certain day, one of those state officials was going to be harmed due to a black/hispanic uprising.  I say at the last because it was right before she demanded her donation back.  That was mostly verbal exchanges in person and I don't record private citizens clandestinly.  I can, however, produce the email to law enforcement that I penned to warn them of her statements and other concerns I had with comments and claims she made.

     Ms. Covalt, Can you produce any evidence of said, NFL Player communications with you requesting the protests?  Can you produce a name and number of an official source that represents the NFL Players to confirm your claim?  Watson himself was interviewed and said he was focused on the team not this incident.   The coach said he wasn't going to waste any time responding to Redden's comments.    Both of them exercising their free speech rights.  Is this just another uprising that doesn't exist?


Steve Watson

UPDATE 10/4/2018 


Repeated phone calls to the NAACP headquarters in Houston with multiple messages left proves by his non response that the African-Communist leader doesn't think he is accountable for his words.  He thinks the ISD Superintendent should own up to his words, (which he did) but Douglas thinks ignoring The Sentinel will make it go away.  As we all know and I love to say, IGNORE Is the root of IGNORANCE.  Dr. Douglas, you are a sham.  You promote notions that are alien to the founding of this great nation.  I call for your resignation.

Steve Watson

UPDATE 9/30/2018


NAACP President, Dr. James Douglas has thus far failed to return our calls or answer our questions despite one recorded call and one specific message left with his secretary.  There was no doubt left as to what our questions are or how to contact us. 

HOUSTON 9/20/2018


In a statement he made in an excerpt from this Houston Chronicle story, National Association  for the Advancement of Colored People President, James Douglas commented on a story brewing in Onalaska about a man stating his opinion about the performance of professional athletes in an online sports discussion board.   The quote reads as follows:

"On Thursday, James Douglas, the president of Houston's NAACP chapter, said he felt the post was racist but wasn't completely shocked.

"You would think a person in a position of leadership...would be more sensitive about what they say," Douglas said. "But I guess, given what's coming out of Washington D.C., people feel more emboldened and think they have a right to say whatever they want to say."


HELLO Mr. Douglas.  This is still America.  We do have a right to say whatever we want to.  Whether you agree with it or not doesn’t matter.  The most basic character of free speech is that it does offend someone.  “Other than that, it is just noise” one Trump campaign official told me personally. 

   Now that you dropped the ball, Mr. Douglas, can I point out that since you label anyone who cherishes and exercises their free speech rights as, “they”, do we Americans have a right to wonder if our black civil rights leaders are for the American ideal and will step up to defend our freedoms?  Or do we need to be vigilant about them trying to import some of that African form of government that is the embodiment of tyranny and oppression and stifles free speech?  Are you an African Mr. Douglas, or an American?  We need to know. 

According to a document posted on line, the jury decision found a man guilty of illegally carrying a weapon who has never been convicted of a felony.  It is based on a 2014 law that any American knows won't stand federal scrutiny.  A more indepth article is HERE.  A deep valley county jury made the finding, I guess thinking they are in the old country under some dictatorship.

For background information, our Texas Page and the Waco side bar have much pertinent information.    The state put out a false narrative from start to finish and here is the Waco Twin Peaks effort moving forward.

AND THE BEAT GOES ON - Triple Crown Queen Shelia Jackson Lee doing her part for the team.    A professed friend and associate according to Onalaska's own Rosemary Covalt, Both women display their socialist agenda by exercising Saul Alinsky's 'Rules for Radicals' in their political tactics quest for power.  Our very own, "community organizers".   What is in the envelope Ms. Lee?

POINTBLANK 9/17/2018


A steady growth in readership for The Sentinel Alert has passed a new milestone this month.  Our page analytics  shows that for the first time, we have passed a quarter million page views in one year.  Our total for last year was 242K page views but we are at 271,428 page views as of today since Jan 1, 2o18.   Thank you Sentinel Readers.

COLDSPRING 9/14/2018


Former SJC Deputy Mike Flynt's lawyer filed a 60 plus page 'Whistleblower' lawsuit against San Jacinto County, SJC Sheriff and Greg Capers personally.  The suit was filed about 4:30 PM Friday afternoon. 

Flynt was terminated and arrested on a warrant signed by 411th District Judge, Kaycee Jones for alleged falsifications on his employment application with the S.O. and bond was set on Flynt for 60 Thousand dollars.  

     When the termination of Mike Flynt and his arrest were made public by the Sheriff's Dept public information officer via a press release, The Sentinel did publish that document and did a follow up interview with Mike Flynt.   All of the Sheriff Dept 'media partners' also published the document. 

      Now that Mike Flynt has filed his answer to those charges, The Sentinel has chosen to publish that document as well.  The document is 68 pages long and may take a few minutes to load completley but can be seen at the top of the page HERE     If it does not load, you may need to install or update Adobe Flash.



WHAT do we do?? 

WHY does it matter???

WHEN did we arrive???

WHERE are we headed???

These questions and other have been posed to our operation often of late.  They are questions that we will undertake to answer in the near future if circumstances allow.  Page analyitics show another uptick in views from Bryan, the place of my birth, just like those that preceeded the last investigation of The Sentinel by the Texas Rangers out of the Bryan, Texas DPS office.  What is even more interesting is a five fold increase in views from Ashburn, Va, a part of the Washington D.C. metroplex in one day.  The analytics have shown a steady presence of Ashburn for a few views a day for over a month now.  According to Wikipedia, 70 percent of the world's internet traffice passes through Ashburn, Va. and the N.S.A. is located there.

9/11/2018 AUSTIN


A letter received from the DPS Counsel's office in response to a Sentinel open records request states that a diligent search has been made but they do not have a single document responsive to my request that shows their agency ever received or responded to a request for an investigation in the alleged aggravated assault committed by Lima on April 21st.  This letter refutes the claim that Chief Lyons "turned it over" to The Rangers.

UPDATE 9/6/2018


On the 11th business day after The Sentinel submitted the open records request noted below, Asst DA Coleman penned a letter requesting an open records opinion from the OAG regarding the evidence we are seeking.  In that letter, Coleman seeks to withold entire documents because they may contain an officer's address, a birth date, a DL number, motor vehicle info, Social Security number and such.  We are fully aware that those personal identifiers are not public and addressed that point in the request with the language limiting our request to, "information available by public information laws".  That one line excludes the personal identifiers that are commonly known to be unavailable under the open records laws.  Coleman knows that, I know that so it seems that the OAG needs to give Coleman a crash course on how to REDACT that information from an other wise public document.  Take an incident report for instance.  Coleman needs to redact the DL number, the address of the officer if the crime occured at his home and his birthdate and release the rest of the document.  Coleman makes the asinine (and time wasting ie: stalling) argument to the OAG that the entire document needs to be witheld because of two lines of entry in the form.  He knows better.  The most ludicrous objection of all that Coleman makes in his effort to thwart the public's right to know is that the entire Lima  file (404 pages) is of, "no legitimate concern to the public."  The subject of the open records request was the April 21st incident regarding the allegations listed below plus any complaints filed against Lima for the last 10 years and/or any 'non prosecution' forms signed by anyone in favor or not prosecuting Lima for the last ten years.  In respect for Byron Lyons getting all the documents to the DA quickly and for the work load on the DA's office, I have changed the below headline from "Violates Law" to "Stall"




Fully aware that the Texas Office of Attorney General will write all kind of letters ordering the release of records requested but apparently has no teeth they are willing to use on enforcement, Polk County officials have decided to stall on the open records requests from The Sentinel United Alliance when delivery of the records could prove more corruption.      

    In April of this year, Corrigan Detective, Chris Lima was cited for three counts of disorderly conduct by the Onalaska PD.  Lima was scheduled for trial in August but pled out to Public Intoxication before his trial date.   The Onalaska PD incident reports from that night included a narrative alleging not only that Chris Lima held a gun to a man's head and actually fired off some shots at his home in County jurisdiction but that the Polk County S.O. Sargent not only dismissed the allegations against Lima but requried the alleged victim of his alleged gun play antics to sign a 'non prosection' form before letting him leave the scene. 

    The Sentinel submitted an open records request for those specific documents August 20th and that request has been illegally and totally ignored.  According to Chief Lyons, that request was turned over to Asst DA Tommy Coleman and the investigation of the incident was turned over to the Texas Rangers.  We will follow up on that claim with DPS. 

     The Sentinel has reached out to the alleged victim for comment but has not heard back.  Chris Lima claims he had proof to show he was not guilty that would come out at his jury trial but then he pled to Public Intoxication instead.  It seems that Polk County does not want to release the non prosecution forms if they exist.

UPDATE 9/4/2018


Byron Lyons, Polk Co S.O. Chief Deputy stated for the record that the videos were purged after 90 days because they were not part of an investigation.  The only problem with that is our first open records request was well within the 90 days.  "Tommy Coleman handles all of our open records requests", Lyons noted.  Our readers may remember that open records request was the one Coleman went to the OAG twice to try and block.  When the OAG ordered him to release the documents for the second time, Coleman sold me 14 blank pages at a dollar a page and then failed to release the dashcam or body cam.  Coleman effectively stalled the release until after the 'purge date' passed.  The collusion to effect an illegal eviction, make a stop with no probable cause and then cover up the crimes committed by Polk Co law enforcement is as obvious as the big ole nose on my face. 

Occupations Code Sec. 1701.660. RECORDINGS AS EVIDENCE. (a) Except as provided by Subsection (b), a recording created with a body worn camera and documenting an incident that involves the use of deadly force by a peace officer or that is otherwise related to an administrative or criminal investigation of an officer may not be deleted, destroyed, or released to the public until all criminal matters have been finally adjudicated and all related administrative investigations have concluded.



Probable Cause for the traffic stop on Bartunek, it appears, has come down to believing him or the former Polk County Detective, Byron Dunaways' incident report with no video to back it up.   Although plainly requested in my first open records request by language that said, "any recording" pertaining to preparing or delivering the Criminal Trespass Warning to Anthony Bartunek, other investigators seeking proof thought that they (sic) might "play dumb" and that is why no video was released.  Surely any department the size of Polk Co S.O. has that video technology.  The Sentinel did a follow up open records request specifically for the dash cam and body cam footage and received this official reply.

UPDATE 8/22/2018


After a lengthy verbal battle ensued on Lima's fb page late into the night in which Lima professed that "that blog in San Jacinto County" was just a puppet for the Polk County G.O.P. Public Information officer and that said P.I.O. fed news about anyone that crossed him to The Sentinel, evidence came to light that Lima had 'ratted' on his fellow L.E.O.'s in Polk County via emails sent to The Sentinel last January.  The evidence was in the form of a series of emails Lima initiated with The Sentinel at that time offering us 'evidence' on high ranking public officials in Polk Co, in particular a former boss of his.  When The Sentinel got wind of the fb rant, we attempted to view it for ourself and found we were blocked from his fb page.  A group of Polk County readers did provide the transcript, confront and challenge The Sentinel to address Lima's claims that The Sentinel had a puppet master.  We responded by releasing the emails that prove Lima is lying.  His email, despite his claims and the false accusations against the men we released the emails to, WAS NOT HACKED.  The emails are original and still intact in The Sentinel Alert email account.  We are considering publishing them here in the interest of full disclosure.

ONALASKA 8/21/2018


Three counts on a disorderly conduct charge leveled against Christopher Lima were reduced to a charge of Public Intoxication which, according to Lima, he pled "no contest' to.  Lima had initially demanded a jury trial and in communication with The Sentinel, claimed he had all the evidence he needed to prove he was not guilty of the charges.  Lima was once employed by the Onalaska PD Dept but is now a detective with the Corrigan PD.


"No one in that crowd seemed embarrassed that this man had been shoved into the pool for holding up a quite innocuous sign, intended to provoke thought. For those in this sudden mob,  he had it coming. He was on the wrong side. No one appeared to think that free speech was being violated, or still worse, that if it was, it should matter. The object of all this scorn deserved to be shut up, to have his sign taken away"



MEDIA RELEASE Sheriff’s Office Conducts Raid on Gambling Location in Point Blank Texas On Tuesday, August 14, 2018, members of the San Jacinto County Sheriff’s Office executed Search and Arrest Warrants on the “Point Blank Icehouse”, located 10200 State Highway 190, Point Blank, TX. Sheriff Greg Capers authorized an investigation into ongoing criminal activity reported at that location, consisting of Money Laundering and Illegal Gambling. Arrested during the raid are: • Alex Mendoza w/m 30 of Conroe, TX • Frank Malone   w/m 55 of Point Blank, TX • Joe Melvin       w/m 55 of Point Blank, TX
Asset Forfeiture resulted in approximately $60,000 in cash and property.  This case is ongoing with additional charges pending.


POINTBLANK 8/14/2018


A raid took place at the fairly newly opened P.B.I. Tavern in Pointblank today.  One deputy was heading into the establishmnent with some large bolt cutters when we were there.  Several vehicles were hauled off.   Several arrests were also made.

    We have reached out for a statement to the SJC Sheriff's dept and will follow up when that infomation is received.   One source confirms that the gaming machines were confiscated. 

The warrants were signed by Judge McClendon and were for gambling charges. 

NEW CANEY 8/8/2018


Montgomery County Pct. 4 Constable, Rowdy Hayden and his Chief Deputy Welch are, according to a, 'Golden Hammer' article, under investigation for the allegations of falsifying employment documents within his department.  The T.C.O.L.E. invesgtigation resulted in the Agency coming in and looking at his files a couple of days last June.  This on site search of Hayden's records occured just 35 days after The Sentinel published records obtained by open records that proved the employment process was compromised by his department and records were being falsified.  The headline is linked to The Sentinel page with those stories and the Golden Hammer article link is there too.  


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This money is from Sentinel Readers so we give a public accounting


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hair color, nose length and headline changed to make local political comment under fair use.





a hoot on several levels



“Press freedom also has its limits,” he added darkly, suggesting journalists should be able to “feel what you are allowed to do, what you need to do” and not shine a light on politicians’ personal issues.











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