WASH D.C. 8/13/2022


who's the PPP of them all?

Partisan Political Propagandist is the only term that fits the Lenny and Squiggy of the FBI now despite their weak protestations.  If the "Boy that cried wolf" analogy ever fit a situation, this is it.  Merrick Garland and Christopher Wray need to take a good long look in the mirror if they want to know who is undermining the reputation and integrity of the FBI. You have cried 'wolf' on President Trump so many times that have PROVEN FALSE that even if you could produce evidence of your accusations now, NO ONE IS GOING TO BELIEVE YOU.  Talk about shooting your own self in the foot.   The sad commentary is that the wolf really is at the door AND IT IS YOU!!!!

   When you guys want to point a finger at the nut job who attacked an FBI location recently blaming conservatives for his criminal acts, there are three fingers pointing back at yourselves for pushing him past his limit.  Remember, it is YOU TWO that have lost Hunter Biden's lap top and the evidence against the Biden crime family it contains.  It is you PPPs that turn a blind eye to actual democrat crimes and make up crimes against conservatives.

    I know a wonderful youngster working full time and paying their own way through college who is studying Criminal Justice.  This youngster's dream and driving ambition is to join the FBI when they graduate.  Please don't destroy their dreams Merrick.  


    Frederick Douglas, a black patriot, said it best when he noted that we have the ballot box, the jury box and when those are violated, the cartridge box.  

    You PPP's have turned a blind eye to the corruption of the ballot box.  You are yourself corrupting the Jury Box and are trying your best to take away our cartridge boxes because you know that the patriots in America, black and white, are not going to let you turn our Representative Republic into a mob rule democracy.  Anyone who has bought into the leftist propaganda that the USA is a democracy is part of the problem.  THAT INCLUDES FOX NEWS!!!!!!!

COLDSPRING 8/11/2022


Once again, County Judge Fritz Faulkner has submitted a proposed budget that lowers the tax rate for San Jacinto County despite rumors eminating from political foes.  The proposed tax rate Judge Faulkner put forward will lower the tax rate from .57 t0 .52 but still generate the income necessary to meet our county's obligations.

    The tax rate is the only factor in the equation that the judge and commissioners can effect as the multiplier used with the appraised value to arrive at the tax bill for each property owner.

   Stringent limits are in play by the state that limit the amount that the tax rate can be raised or lowered without triggering  a roll back.

    Needless to say, the increase in values that have been applied to the real property in SJC by our C.A.D. are going to make the tax bills higher but to say that Judge Faulkner and the Commissioners "raised our taxes" is a bald face lie.  Just one of many lies we will suffer through going into election season.  

   Hats off to Sheriff Capers for having negotiated a contract with Liberty County to house their inmates for profit this coming year.  He didn't quite double the rate per inmate but did come close.  That income will help offset the 300K plus money in the proposed budget for new cars and will go along way toward giving all of our county employees a well deserved raise.  It is not easy to live in one of the poorest counties in the State but the lifestyle here makes it worth the effort.  As the budget officer for SJC, Judge Faulkner has a record that few can rival.  


"Give, Send Go link in the left margin and support our efforts.



The proven corrupt but capable Ranger, Ryan Clendenon was transferred to Lufkin after the outrage of his corrupt antics in Polk County came to light.  Clendennon's ability to cover up the crimes of a corrupt DA  and commissioner are on full display for our neighbors to the north.  

   Clendennon's arrogant response to the stalwart Rosemary Covalt calling him down was, "What are you going to do Ms. Covalt, write another letter??  

   She said yes, wrote the letter and he was sent packing.  A leopard never changes his spots as the below video will show.  .

DPS Director, SteveMcCraw's abject failure to discipline a rogue ranger is coming back to bite him in the butt much like letting Ron Duff off the hook when he violated the ethics and destroyed the reputation of the Texas Rangers in East Texas.  Merrick Garland had to learn those tactics somewhere.

    The Sentinel sounded the alarm about Hon way back in 2015.  It took seven years for the voters to hear me.   We have been sounding the alarm about Clendenon for several years and on Janet Casels for over a year.  "Can you hear me now?"   Casels has proven that she is willing to file bogus charges on and imprison an innocent man for daring to expose her crimes in print (East Texas Reporter)  yet let corrupt elected officials go scot free even with proof documents handed to her.  

      Are 'we the people' dumbasses?  Are we afraid?  Are we just as corrupt as long as we are in the clique with the powerful?  

     How are we going to save the nation if we can't even save our county?  Angelina, you have to stand up against this kind of corruption or sit down and shut the hell up.  It is an uphill battle because the Lufkin Daily News is in bed with the corrupt politicians much like our Polk County Enterprise is in Polk County.  I don't know of a Rosemary Covalt or a Roy Grant in Angelina county that will dare to stand up to the likes of Clendennon.  You guys sure don't have a Sentinel Alert nor are any of you willing to contribute to our effort so we can expand up there so you guys may as well bend over for them and then sit down and shut up.


FOX NEWS 8/10/2022


Dan Crenshaw is on Fox News this moring calling the USA a 'Democracy".  Democracy is all about mob rule.  That is what the demoncrat mob wants.  The USA is a Representative Republic, a Constitutional Republic.  Dan, why do you use the word based on democrat to identify the greatest nation on earth?  Are you a demoncrat in patriot clothes?  It appears that way to me with your past stance on the T.A.P.S. act.  Just shut the hell up if you can't get it strait that we are a Representative REPUBLIC where every voice is heard.  

WASHINTON D.C. 8/9/2022


Confident that there will be NO repercussions for their illegal acts, Leenny and Squiggy embrace the Hon tactics of using a compromised magistrate to obtain a shady warrant, confiscating everything in hopes of finding something along with a total absence of any justification for those illegal acts.

    Granted, the local FBI office manned by lenny jr and squiggy jr have failed to take solid evidence of Hon's crimes hand delivered to them and do a damn thing with it, Hon got his a$$ kicked at the ballot box.  

    Lenny's next step will be to get President Trump indicted/arrested on a bogus charge that he will never be able to prove but will hold it over President Trump's head in the run up to elections.   It won't work Lenny.

   Just like the voters in this district don't have a stomach for weaponizing the judicial system against political opponents for political purpose, the American people have no stomach for it either.  Not only will President Trump be re-elected, every Trump endorsed candidate will be swept into office between now and then.

    Corrigan has become the epicenter of corruption in East Texas and now it is burning.  HELLO

    The, "I was just doing my job" defense will NOT work for any agent, administrator or even just a beat cop who ignores the constitution and his/her duty to protect and defend that document from the enemies of this nation.  There will be no quarter given excuses.

   One of the most obvious symptoms of the deep state corruption is when the public buildings have a camera on every corner, at every door and the agents have a camera hanging on their chest but if a citizen shows up with a camera, they freak smooth out and want to violate rights.  THAT is the canary in the coal mine of our freedoms and rights.  Pay attention.

WE HAVE HAD A BELLY FULL  It is time to throw off a despotic regeime.



Bruce Reinhart, a former lawyer who represented Epstein employees signed the warrant according to the Miami Herald story. 





Merrick Garland and Christopher Wray need to go to jail with hillary and hunter and their china dolls.

On August, 6, 2022 at 6:50 PM, Walker County Sheriffs Office was dispatched to a burglary of a residence on
the 80 block of Tejas Drive.
Upon Deputies arrival to the residence, the victim advised they were not at the residence when they received a
text message from a neighbor saying there was a suspicious vehicle parked behind the house. When the owners
of the residence arrived they walked through the residence and noticed several items missing along with a trailer
they had parked on the property.
Due to the neighbor knowing that vehicle did not belong at the residence they drove by the house and observed
two individuals walk in to the house and then drive off to a residence located on the 40 block of Kickapoo
Deputies were given details of the suspicious vehicle and the two individuals that were seen at the victim’s
residence. Contact was made at 40 block of Kickapoo, were the suspect confessed to have taken items from the
property. Suspect also confessed to have removed the trailer that was on the property and take it to Papa Keiths
Gas Station.
39 year old, Crystal Perdue and 31 year old, Justin Collins were taken into custody and transported to the
Walker County Jail. Perdue is currently at the Walker County Jail for Burglary of Habitation (F2), Possession
of Control Substance (F3), Theft of Property (SJF), Fraud use/Possession of Identifying Info (SJF) with a bond
total of $15,000. Collins is currently at the Walker County Jail for Burglary of Habitation (F2), Resist Arrest
Search or Transport (MA), Theft of Property (SJF), Fraud use/Possession of Identifying Info (SJF), pending
This is a great example of neighbors helping neighbors and being a good eye witness. Sheriff McRae
would like to remind everyone to contact your local law enforcement office if you see any suspicious

8/7/2022 EAST TEXAS


The Texas Jail Commission has found a couple of East Texas Jails to be non compliant according to the article linked to the headline but are by no means the only complaints made.  Recent complaints made to The Sentinel include forcing Jewish inmates to eat pork or starve in Liberty or pay money to get their mail in Angelina County.  

    Apparently what has become a wide spread practice in Texas Jails is hiring a third party private contractor to open and scan all inmate mail into a computer system that is then made available to the inmate via a 'kiosk' at the jail and a deduction made from their commisary balance for each letter read.

    When you consider that many people in jail at the county level are accused and not convicted, it seems to be a violation of that inmate's privacy to archive their mail in a computer that is accessible to many and subject to being hacked .  Having one guard read the mail and check for contraband is one thing but actually archiving the mail and not delivering the original to the inmate would seem to be a federal crime in my book.  

    Say a child wrote and drew a picture for their daddy.  Instead of getting the original that he can keep under his pillow and look at over and over, he is limited to a screen view with no ability to print and then paying a quarter everytime he wants to look at it IF AND WHEN it is his turn at the kiosk.  

    It just seems like more of the Hon philosephy of letting the process be the punishment whether the prosecutor can ever make his case in court or not.





WASH D.C. 8/7/2022


Democrat prosecutors have been ordered to release tapes from the Jan 6th patriot protest that occurred on US Capitol gorunds.  It is obvious why the demoncrats did not want to release the tapes because they proove that the 'insurrection' narrative is a total falsehood.  Anyone who still buys the demoncrat line will swallow anything.   Ashli Babbit was murdered.  



8/4/2022 WASH DC


Ted Cruz called out a paranoid FBI over the newest clamour over any patriots that dare to display any symbol of past victories over tryanny in the history of our great nation.   Labeling us Militia Violent Extremest, anyone who embraces the past victories in the fight for freedom against tyranny is now an MVE.  What a crock and the FBI better figure out who they work for and what their mission is.   I guess the Liberty Bell Icon that has long graced The Sentinel pages lands me in good company.  


COLDSPRING 7/27/2022




A revealing and plain language ARTICLE POSTED HERE lays out the chronic problem that plagues the FBI on a national level.  That same article vindicates The Sentinel's protestations of corruption in East Texas.  Lenny and Squiggy are the 'affectionate terms applied to the agents in Lufkin by local law men who can't stand the corruption.  Turning a blind eye to crime even after irrefutable evidence has been tied up with a bow and delivered to you shows one hard truth.  You don't know because you dont want to know and it facilitates the federal philosephy Steve McCraw brought from the FBI to DPS in Texas and demonstrated in Uvalde.  "If you don't do anything, you can't get in trouble for anything". 



AUSTIN 7/28/2022



AG Paxton Joins Coalition to Stop Biden Administration from Regulating Non-Functional Firearm Parts 


AUSTIN – Attorney General Ken Paxton joined an Arizona-led 17-state complaint against the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF), the Department of Justice, and the Acting Director of ATF, to fight the Biden administration’s unconstitutional rulemaking that would regulate firearm parts manufacturers. The rulemaking seeks, among other things, to regulate unfinished, non-functional parts as if they were complete firearms. This threatens the centuries-long American tradition of private firearms manufacturing. Also joining the lawsuit as private parties are Morehouse Enterprises, Gun Owners of America, and the Gun Owners Foundation. 


“The Final Rule will make it exceedingly harder (if not impossible) for the citizens of the plaintiff States to manufacture their own firearms, conflicting with (and in effect preempting) the more permissive laws of the plaintiff States, thereby undermining the States’ ability to enforce their own legal codes with respect to items and activities that the federal government may not constitutionally regulate,” the complaint states. “Similarly, the Final Rule erects significant barriers to (and thus infringes) the lawful acquisition of protected ‘arms’ within the States, the keeping and bearing of which contributes to ‘the security of a free State,’ including the plaintiff States.” 

AUSTIN 7/25/2022


5th circuit US Court of Appeals  vacates lower courts injunction against Texas Law banning mask mandates on Texas school children.  "It is long past time for Texas educators to put aside their political agenda and focus on the crucial task of educating our Texas Children" Paxton said of the victory.



No one will convince me that Uvalde was NOT a false flag event.  The failure to stop the shooter from getting guns despite his history, failure to stop him from entering the building and simply  leaving him standing when they had multiple opportunities to take the shooter out prove to me it was an orchestrated event with a gun control agenda from the get go.  Convince me I am wrong.






"It all falls back into the lap of DPS Director, Steven McCraw.  You are either blind, deaf and dumb or you are corrupt too?  Which is it?  Neither answer is good.

    Neither you nor any of your Rangers ever did a thing about Hon filing a false report with a peace officer.  Why?  That inpentrable blue line?  Owed a favor?  Didn't want to expose the fact that the District Attorney Hon is a criminal? Hon knows where your skeletons are?

   I am beginning to believe the long held assertion that you, Mr. McCraw, brought the federal bureaucracy philosephy of, "If you don't do anything, you can't get in trouble for anything" to Texas DPS.  That is a shame.   Step up and do your job or resign.  We have had a belly full. 

   Surely you remember me.  I an the investigative reporter that uncovered your ex trooper, Doug Page, Trinity Co Judge, for stealing county money to buy a John Deere Gator.  Yes he admitted it, Gave the Gator back and returned the money but you didn't do a damn thing about his crime.  In fact, When I asked you, Director McCraw, if it was true that Page was fired from DPS for falsifying time sheets (stealing money) and that he was declared ineligible for rehire, it was YOU who feigned the inability to find one single scrap of paper in all of Texas that would clarify if he was fired and declared ineligible for rehire or not.  What a Crock of hooey.  That proved you were either a liar or inept.  Once again, Director McCraw, Which is it?  Neither answer is good. "


LaRisa Clack (Monday, July 25 22 01:18 pm EDT)

You seriously need to stop with the bs. I am definitely not defending Lee Hon I honestly could care less about any county drama or politics so why you have decided me sending a message defending a prior co worker on something you said that i did not feel was right about her accident as me now defending Lee so you and her can text each other as u always do and slander me I have no clue. I could careless about any county drama or politics and my first initial message had nothing to do with Lee at all. I would truly appreciate it if you would not turn my comment to being something I did not mean nor say since u say you post the facts. Posting the facts would definitely not be changing what I said into meaning I'm defending Lee on anything as u stated. You can ask anyone that knows me I am a very upfront and honest person. I can not stand drama nor will I allow anyone to say things about me that are untrue or things I did not say just to try and gets viewers for a website I will defend myself in every aspect. So once again I would appreciate my name staying off your drama board. Thanks.​..


Dear Ms. Clack,

Thanks for a good belly laugh this morning.  Your last comment bold and underlined reminds me of the people who approach 1st Amendment Auditors, put their big nose right in the camera and demand they not be filmed.  My comment board is a PUBLIC FORUM.  By posting there, it means you are wanting me to release the comment.  email me in private and tell me off the record if you don't want your public comment posted.  

    Once again you perpetrate the slanderous lie that 'She' and I are texting back and forth and conspiring against you.  What a load of hooey.  

     One final point and i am bored with your protestations.   The story you objected to was about the nefarious nature and conduct of Lee Hon, not Ms. Adams.  It was her misfortune to have been used by Hon to perpetrate his lawlessness.  The allegations I made about payroll were supported by official Polk County payroll documents and the allegations I made about Hon using Adams to prosecute political opponents are based on official public records also obtained via the open records laws of the great State of Texas.  

     I have never delved into or even asked anyone why you were fired from the Clerk's office.  I could request those termination documents but it just doesn't interest me or my readers.  I don't know about you or even most of the readers but when someone starts telling me how honest they are and how much they hate drama yet flood my message board with a bunch of drama BS and lies, I take their claims with a grain of salt.  Just sayin.


POLK COUNTY 7/25/2022


Dear Ms. Clack,  If there was any doubt as to your true colors, the last comment you posted on my comment page cleared all of that up.  I am not going to post hardly any of it because you devolved into  personal attacks and sladerous accusations but offered NOT the first shred of proof.  Granted, I can't speak to most of the allegations you made about the inner workings of the Clerk's office but I will address what I do know and can prove.  You said this:

     But since you and her want to get together and now try and run me down on your site due to a personal comment  (personal?  you posted it in a public forum) I sent you I will add a little more insight. I know when I was employed with the county I witness alot of occasions her texting you giving you insite on people/situations within the county to publish on your page including the situation where they were asking for her phone records because it was said she had sent you information. Because unfortunately some people thrive on drama and if you will ask around the county offices so many will tell you the same. I refuse to go into details about it because I'm not the type of person to try and destroy a person as I could my outlook on it is karma is a bitch.

       First off, I didn't know you practiced buddism.  Karma is a buddist precept that equates to wishing revenge on your foes which is antithetical to Christianity.  News flash.  Buddah died and he is still dead.  


You said one thing in this comment that is true.  "it was said she had sent you information"   That was exactly the allegation Lee Hon made to the Texas Rangers when he initiated that Ranger investigation of me.  Actually, Hon called it 'sensitive county information' in his complaint.  His  false allegations not only led to my arrest, it led to the confiscation of my computer and all of my external hard drives and any document with Hon or his mother's address on them.  I still have the warrant inventory showing what they took.  They only took one document out of my office and it was the marriage certificate that I got from the clerk's records and paid a dollar for.  With the judge signing anything Hon wanted and Verizon willing to cooperate with LEO, I can only presume they got my phone records too.  After three years of effort, The Rangers never found anything on my devices to indicate any communication between Ms. Hock and myself or any time I ever searched for or filed Hon's address.  If they had, Hon's case would have been proven and it wasn't.  

     As far as you witnessing Ms. Hock text messaging me, THAT is a lie from the pit of hell.  Ms Hock has never texted me or called me even though my phone number is and has been published for years.  If you have an attorney, I will gladly give them access to my phone records for the last 60 days you falsely accuse me again of collaborating with her.  When the Rangers were investigating me for Hon, did you tell them the same lies you made in this comment that you witnessed Ms. Hock sending me text messages?   If so, they know you are a liar too.

    Here are the facts and my offer to shut this Sentinel down if you can prove one malicious lie.  1)  The first and only time I have ever met or spoken to Ms. Hock in person was the day of court when Hon was trying to get her personal phone records.  2) The graphic I published that pissed hon and his golden boy, Lima off was NOT sent to me by Ms. Hock.  3)  Ms. Hock and I do NOT have any direct communication.  You know yourself that if I called the Clerk's office, I was directed to you.  Once Hon falsely accused Ms. Hock of secreting me out information, she was especially careful to avoid any direct contact with me as you well know while still protecting my right to gain public information from her office.  Ms. Hock, as you know and relayed to me, insisted that any time I requested info, it HAD to be in writing so there was a record of it.   

     In the thirty plus years that I have been outing corruption in public officials, I have NEVER had the first complaint on any district or county clerk in either of our counties or any surrounding counties.  My experience is that every one of them are transparent and responsive and demand the same of their deputies.  You are the only one I know of that ever got fired.  

    On to your lesson for today young grasshopper.  When you come against the Truth with a lie, you lost already.  Don't feel too bad though because Lord knows that there are plenty before you that had to learn that the hard way too.  In the interest of time and space, I won't post the list.  Lesson two, when you are in a hole, quit digging.  Everytime you open your mouth, you just give me another reason and opportunity to slice and dice with the Sword of Truth and it cuts deep darling.  

     It won't be long before I need the space on my front page and will either archive this interchange or just outright delete it but you do what you feel is right.

   To me the most important part of our dialogue is the karma issue.  I would hate to see you or any other lost in a false belief system.  Budah, Mohamed, hare krishna, Josespeh Smith, Charles Russell, Ellen White etc, etc etc all died and are still dead.  There is only One that is The Way, The Truth and The Life.  Your inference is that karma would repay me for your percieved wrongs I have committed.  Newsflash, Buddah can't touch this, it is spoken for.  Not only has God blessed my life immeasurably (Three sons, two daugheters and a passel of grand kids) He walks with me and He talks with me and He tells me I am His own.  So you and buddah take your best shot but I just believe that He has a little more of this rocky road for me to go down.  If not, Glory to God, that is ok too.  


Steve Watson



POLK COUNTY 7/24/2022


Larisa Clack, former chief deputy clerk for Polk County jumped up to defend Lee Hon in a comment on our Comments page and brught up memories of long forgotten emails between us.  Here are two snips below that show two things.  1) When I communicated with the county clerk's office, it was ALWAYS with Larissa Clack and 2) That Larissa Clack is the one that denied me the public records that will prove Lee Hon cast his mothers vote ILLEGALLY.  A Federal Crime.

    At the time, I had published the marriage certificate that Rita Hon signed and we know she signed it because she signed it in front of the clerk when it was being filed.  While researching the Escapee's numbers of voters on the voting roll, I noticed that Rita Hon's ballot had been requested to be mailed to Lee Hon's address.  Irony is I would not have recognized his address if he had not filed the false charges on me.

    My first step was to ask Rita's husband if she had requested her ballot be sent to Lee Hon.  He said no.

   My next step was to request a copy of the carrier envelope signature on Rita's ballot.  I did not ask to see the ballot or even inquire who she voted for, I just wanted the signature on the outside of the envelope to see if it matched Rita Hon's known signature.  The second snip is the email from Larisa Clack as a refusal to give me the envelope signature.   


    How deep does the conspiracy to protect Lee Hon go Ms. Clack?  











LIVINGSTON 7/23/3033


LaRisa Clack (Sunday, July 17 22 09:31 pm EDT)

I am not being ugly but before u post stuff u seriously need to find out more information vs throwing people in the dirt. You have absolutely no clue what the money for Jessica was for and your most definitely wrong on ur assuming where the money came from so before you run your mouth about stuff all I'm asking is too find out the facts first. It is unfair to people how u run their name in the ground before finding out the facts. So do more research before you try and slander people to me that would be the correct way to do things. I am not trying to side w anyone but what's right is right and what's wrong is wrong and thats what i defend. She is not getting special treatment from anyone in the county bcz of her injury. Unfortunately she is like any other single parent and is not able to work due to her injuries and worried about how she will take care of her kids and everything that goes along w that. Sorry for my comment but me knowing what she is going thru and you slandering her name about untrue accusations before knowing the truth is a total low blow. You would not be ok with anyone doing that to you and she has done nothing to you besides work for a person you despise which is no reason to slander her name. She has alot going on in her life right now so the right thing for you to do was be respectful not keep slandering her name over something u clearly don't know before finding out the fact just because she works for Lee. Thanks for listening but why not keep the issues you and Lee have between the two of you and not slander others just because they work in his office.


Dear Ms. Clack,

First of all, THANKS for reading The Sentinel.  It is folks like you that keep our Livingston readership neck in neck with Houston.   Ms. Clack, you know me better than that.  My story is fact based and the income and pay is based on open records that I requested and received from the Polk Co. HR department.  There is no way around that simple fact.

   Second, I don't despise anyone.  Life is way too short for all that.  I do despise dishonesty and corruption in anyone who holds the public trust and have been clear about that since the first day The Sentinel was published 8 years ago and in my letters to the Editor before that.

     All due respect ma'am but your criticism rings hollow.  You and I both know that when it came to open records from the Polk Co Clerk's office, YOU were the deputy I always dealt with.  The Sentinel still has all of those emails if you need to refresh your memory.  Where was your righteous indignation when Lee Hon lied and tried to put me in prison 70 years for publishing a public record marriage certificate that YOU KNEW was a public record and any citizen could buy a copy of for a dollar?  You may well have been the clerk that witnessed Mrs Rita Hon's signature and filed that public document.  Where was your indignation then?  Where was your indignation when Hon falsely accused your loyal and supportive boss and friend to you, of secreting me out 'sensitive county documents' and lied to the Texas Rangers making those claims?   Where you ok with that since Hon did it?  How about when Hon began publishing and spreading the false information that I was a convicted felon?  That didn't offend your sensibilities?

    No Ms. Clack, we all remember you back stabbing and two facing Ms Hock after all she did for you and using lies to denigrate her.  Now with you denigrating The Sentinel, Lord knows that I count myself in good company.  

    I have told you and your kind plenty of times before but will do it, "one more time Cincinati".  1)  You can't destroy my credibility, only I can do that.  2) If you or anyone else can prove one malicious lie that The Sentinel has ever published, I will shut this, what you and yours find to be an "irritable blog syndrome" down and not look back.  

   Facts beyond dispute.  1) Jessica Adams has received special treatment from Lee Hon.  2)  Jessica  Adams did sign 4 criminal complaints on Hon's political foe even though she never witnessed nor was involved in the incidents she complained about. 3)  Jessica Adams was injured in an off time accident and did receive pay from the District Attorney's 'special fund' above and beyond, comptime, vacation and sick pay out of monies that he and he alone controls.  4) at the time I wrote the story, Jessica had not been seen at work for months.  5)  I requested through open records the legally available information regarding Jessica Adam's arrest for the drunken brawl she perpetrated against Ms. Leggett and Hon ILLEGALLY ignored the Open Records request.

     Ms. Clack, for something to be 'slander', it HAS to be a lie.  So who is the liar here?



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AUSTIN 7/21/2022


America hating enemy, George Soros matches Willie Nelson's political contribution to the communist, Beto O'Rouark's campaign.  Granted Willie's was a photo but a photo is worth a thousand words or a million dollars in politics.   Soros donated 1 million.  The article is linked to the headline.  If this isn't enough proof that Beto hates our country and our freedom, nothing will.  Anyone who votes Beto needs to be outed as the communist they are.


Paxton Joins Coalition to Stop Regulation Ceding U.S. Power 

to the World Health Organization 


AUSTIN – Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton joined an Oklahoma-led petition for rulemaking asking the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) to repeal regulations that unlawfully delegate emergency-declaration authority to the World Health Organization.  


The petition outlines three reasons for repealing the regulation. First, giving this authority to groups outside the U.S. is unlawful and dangerous. Second, circumstances have drastically changed since the Coronavirus pandemic. And third, HHS should repeal regulations it openly admits it does not need. Read petition HERE




LIVINGSTON 7/21/2022


A confessed criminal who used to be a cop for Lee Hon and other Polk Co agencies is in court today because of yet another TRO being sought against him.  The Sentinel began sounding the alarm about this guy for several years before the Texas Rangers finally put the cuffs on him and the courts slapped his wrists.  

    The absolute irony is an article published in the Leon County paper welcoming "Deputy Lima" where Lima dinigrates anyone that would raise a hand to a woman as a low life.  POOF  now you are one.




LIVINGSTON 7/19/2022


A lawsuit filed in Polk County names the mayor, chief of police, city attorney and an officer with the LIVPD in a civil lawsuit seeking damages based on the refusal of an officer to write a report concerning a theft complaint made by a local.




UVALDE 7/20/2022 


Just as The Sentinel was the first to publish (6/1/2022) about the rumblings of a recall on Pedro Arrendondo from the Uvalde City Council that culminated in his resignation, We are the first to publish that Pedro Arrendondo WILL BE FIRED SATURDAY.

    The Uvalde ISD School Board will finaly take that overdue action.  The only questions that remain are, 1) Will Gov Abbott and AG Ken Paxton allow Pedro to keep his TCOLE Cerfification, in effect just kicking the coward can down the road to another community or will they strip Pedro of that Certification?

    The other question is why won't they publish the text messages that were obtained from Pedro's phone  related to the massacre?  Will those messages expose more culpability than the state can handle?  



Text messages of ISD Chief were obtained by a group of hackers.  "Text messages NEVER go away" was the only comment we could get.  An interview with the shooters boss proved he did not make much money working very limited hours because he had trouble communicating with people.  


Facebook is clamping down on any mention of Uvalde much like they did about Fauci and 'Gain of function' research a couple years ago.  


UVALDE 6/14/2022


Uvalde County Judge Mitchell was candid and responsive to The Sentinel inquiry as to the party affiliation of the ISD police chief  that has come under fire for his abject failure in the recent tragedy that unfolded there.  "We want to be known as a place to come float the Rio Frio", the judge stated, "not be known for this tragedy".  Judge Mitchell did speculate that the police chief most likley voted in the democrat primary but could not confirm.  "I have been in politics 40 years here and I ran on the democrat ticket", he stated while assurig he was a conservative.   'You run democrat in South Texas or don't run but the last cemocrat president our county supported was LBJ".   

    A conversation with the city secretary assured that like all city elections in Texas, they are held on a non partisan basis.  

    We have sought confirmation of the text messages and their content but so far, our one source is all we have to go on.  




Pedro Arrendondo has resigned his position on the Uvalde City Council.  No definitive action by DPS or Governor Abbott regarding the hacked text messages.  


UVALDE 6/1/2022


UVALDE ISD police chief, Pedro Arrendondo was elected to city council before and sworn in during a secret ceremony after the Uvalde School shooting and there are many people calling for a recall on him.

UPDATE 6/13/2022


A private outfit has obtained all of the text messages off of the Uvalde ISD police chiefs phone and those messages are being made available to 'the power people' in order that they might take action.  "It isn't pretty" is the most that The Sentinel could get out of our source regarding the content of the messages other than an assurance that the chief best resign his city council position and get out of town because if and when the texts are made public, he may be in danger.  

 According to our source, we can expect some soon coming action from our state officials in the highest positions.

In the mean time and closer to home, Dayton City Manager, Steve Floyd  has cancelled the annual gun show with the backing of the mayor and city council according to the Dayton News.  




The satanist pagan infanticidest marxist anti American communist that co founded the BLM movement dove off into the dumbass deepend with the article posted HERE.  The snip at left highlights one of the dumbest statements ever made in print. 

   As the bastard child of Barrack Obama, BLM is anti American by DNA genetics.  Maybe she just can't help herself but what an ignorant hateful racist woman.

     NEWSFLASH DUMBASS, it was the republican party that freed the slaves.

    NEWSFLASH DUMBASS  It was the demoncrats that formed the KKK and instituted planned parenthood specifically to target black babies for abortion.

     NEWSFLASH DUMBASS, It was the Republican party that secured black Americans the right to vote.   The very first republican elected in my county was a black man.

     Please, learn your history before you run your ignorant head.  If black lives matter to you, stop the black on black violence plaguing our DEMOCRAT led cities.  Have you figured out yet that defunding the police was detrimental to black lives?

    Are you too stupid to know that the record lowest unemployment for blacks, hispanics, women was under a Republican president?  Don't you know that the man who appointed conservative justices to over turn Roe V Wade and stop the wholesale slaughter of black babies in the black womb was a Republican?  You are a thief, a liar and opportunist who has done NOTHING to help the black communities.  Records prove that the only persons you have helped is yourself and immediate family.

  I believe in free speech but you need to engage your brain before you flap your jaws anymore ms/mr Garza


POLK CO 7/16/2022


Jessica D. Adams first demonstrated her 'special' stature in the DA's office when she assaulted a woman in a burger joint parking lot and was arrested and booked for drunk and disorderly conduct.  Hon jumped through her hoop and dismissed the charges before the ink was dry.  The woman Adams assaulted was still being prosecuted last we checked.

   Then Adams demonstrated she is special to the DA when she signed FOUR complaints on Brandon White so Hon could prosecute White because he hammered Hon just prior to elections even though she was not present, did not witness any of the events and had no involvment with White in the Corrigan incidents he is facing criminal charges for.  How neat.

    The latest straw is straining the camel's back (or is it her toe) as Adams was injured in a personal time accident that had nothing to do with her work for the DA yet she has received pay out of a special fund for months even though she has not been seen at work since April.

     In researching information for this story, people that know Hon and the ins and outs of the DA's office and about many of Hon's exploits have labled the payments as hush money.  All we can prove so far is that it is special money for special people.  


ONALASKA 7/13/2022


Multiple complaints ranging from open meetings violations to questionable financial practices have surfaced in the ongoing Sentinel investigation into the CPWSC principles and practices.  Some blaring violations that have been made in the past include having meetings without posting notice or an agenda and allowing non employee's to access the personal information files of the customers.  Walking quorums have been another concern of locals who are members of the non profit.  "Everybody is a volunteer", stated one witness to the open meetings violations indicating that there is no incentive for personal gain but long time readers will remember whenopen records proved the former director of a different water supply corp was using the organization's credit card to fund jaunts to distant locations and other expenses keeping the non profit in the red.  Not long after his forced departure, the non profit went into the black and has stayed there even until this day.

   An indepth interview with a current board member and long time resident of Canyon Park confirms that a major turnaround is underway.  "The first thing I did was have everyone complete the online course on open records and open meetings", the board member assured.  "I hope everyone comes to the board meetings", he added before the conversation was through.

     Every allegation that had been raised to The Sentinel was confirmed to have been a problem that is having to be addressed now.  "We are still trying to sort out all of the records and redo our filing system", he shared, "but it is going to take some time".  

      When The Sentinel raised some of the most aggregious allegations concerning the former office manager, Patty Kasse, this board member did acknowledge that there are some issues that need to be addressed and assured that a forensic audit is definatly in the works.  

    Patty Kasse, who had hired a family member to work the office with her both abruptly quit when the new board members came in declaring they were going to find out everything that has gone on and get to the bottom of the problems.  Allegations against Ms Kasse range from playing funny with the money to actually filing fraudulent deeds to transfer CPWSC property to herself that she then sold rank at the top of the list but are by no means the only ones.  

    The Sentinel has with drawn our open records request at this time because this board member was open and upfront with The Sentinel and admitted that the documents I requested just don't exist yet.  My purpose in requesting them was to prove that the legally required Tariff did not exist.  "We have been intouch with the Rural Water attorneys and are drafting the Tariff now", he stated, "and hope to have it posted online in the next few days."  

    This board member shared about some of the difficulties the new board has encountered because Patty Kasse refused to turn over her passwords to the programs and files that belong to the CPWSC.  He and others in the organization have been taking courses and attending learning seminars to help them bring CPWSC into full compliance with the laws and regulations pertaining to the water supply industry.  

    The Sentinel has reachedout to Patty Kasse but did not receive a reply.  If the allegations of the fraudulent deed transfer are proven true, those alone could result in a conviction and jail time.

     The Sentinel will continue to follow the progress with the CPWSC in hope to report soon that the organization has been brought into full compliance.








A national publication touched on a persistent problem here in Deep East Texas that The Sentinel has been and will continue to battle for the good of the community.  Crooked DA's.  Thank God so many are men and women of integrity and seek truth and justice ONLY on a daily basis.  But then there are those scoundrels that file false charges for political purpose and don't file legitimate charges for the same political purpose.  Take Merrick Garland for instance.  The article linked to the headline deals with the death row cases that have been overturned and that is important but a simple felony charge can destroy a man's life all because a corrupt prosecutor had something to hide.  Muckrakers seem to be a common focus of those corrupt false charges if you study the pattern that has emerged.  

    Hon took his best shot at me for exposing his crimes.  The Truth shoved those charges back where his sun don't shine but what about those men who don't have what it takes to withstand such an onslaught?  

     So far, The Sentinel has taken on several corrupt DA's and won all three times.  Truth demands scrutiny and none of them have been able to withstand the scrutiny.  The sad truth is in every case, it has taken a ballot box to remove them because our criminal justice system does a really rotten job of policing itself.  In Texas, the DA is the only one that can order an investigation in the county and even if they ordered an investigation on themselves, they also have the option to keep all the evidence in their posession.  That makes the jury box is useless when it comes to corrupt prosecutors.  

This data is alarming — and may be only the tip of the iceberg of prosecutor misconduct in these high-stakes cases, as many county justice systems are not incentivized to report or investigate unethical conduct, Dunham noted.

"People are becoming increasingly aware that prosecutorial misconduct is a serious and systemic problem, but I don't think any of us appreciated how big a problem it actually is," Dunham said. "5.6% is stunning, but we know it's an understatement of how serious the problem is."






AUSTIN 7/6/2022


FORMER legendary country singer, Willie Nelson has betrayed the bulk of his Texas fan base by cuddling with Beto O'Roark (and his son) in a recent public appearance.  "Shut up and sing" has been the general consensus of Texans to this point trying to ignore Nelson's liberal leanings but now a substantial portion of his fan base is just saying "Goodbye".

     Doing the soundtrack for the homosexual agenda movie, "Broke Back Mountain" did hurt Nelson but with a 'live and let live' attitude in Texas, Nelson's career was not wiped out but this communist cuddling caper has finished Nelson off in the eyes of most Texans.

   "You Lost Me Willie!" was the most common theme and statement of the many comments associated with the communist cuddle story shared so widely on facebook.  

  "I just lost all respect for Willie now that I saw him support Beto" said Crystal Lopez.  "I used to love Willie but I wouldn't pay a single dollar to watch him now" added Maxine Kelley.  The list goes on and on and on and on.  

   Many people don't know that Willie Nelson, as a young man, was a Sunday School teacher in his local church.  The "Country Gentleman", Larry Butler hired Nelson for his first gig and he got started on his star's rise in the country music world.  It wasn't long before the church elders gave Nelson the ultimatem to choose between the Honky Tonk and his Sunday School class.  Nelson chose the music and began growing his hair out into the effeminate braids that are his trademark today.  

    We are all created as free moral agents and to each his own but it appears as if the new trade mark for Willie Nelson's 'shooting star' will be "FLAME OUT".



This flag was being flown in front of the PD.  The flag in front of city hall is maintained with care because, "We have a couple of veterans who work here who make sure of that"

The offending flag was the one being flown infront of the PD only and it has been recently replaced.   The Sentinel was assured that the lighting at night time was in good repair now.



UVALDE 6/17/2022


Along with being plainly tattered and abused, the US Flag flying in front of Uvalde PD is left flying at night with NO LIGHTS on it.  

Flag Code: It is the universal custom to display the flag only from sunrise to sunset on buildings and on stationary flagstaffs in the open. However, when a patriotic effect is desired, the flag may be displayed 24 hours a day if properly illuminated during hours of darkness.”

The general anti American attitude displayed by many in the demoncrat party is plainly demonstrated by the unethical acts of this simple activity.

   If the demoncrat party embraces infanticide at the rate of 650 thousand abortions a year, (AND THEY DO) does anybody think 19 lil kids matter to them in the grand scheme of things when it comes to passing anti 2nd amendment laws?  

    Demoncrat policies and current activities have enabled 47 MILLION invaders to take up positions within our borders.  Now if they can take our guns, POOF, the US is no longer sovereign

    To resolve this impasse, there are two actions that will be vital to us if we are to survive as a free people.

1)  DEMAND the release on bond of the Jan 6th arestees being held in the DC gulag.  They are spitting and defecating on our constitution by holding these people with no due process.

2)  Swarm the UN and cut the damn knotted barrel off of the statue and convert it to a snub nose 38 in support of law and order in this nation of laws.





ANGELINA CO 7/3/2022


EXPLOSIVE new evidence has surfaced in the ongoing story in Angelina County regarding the prosecution on false charges of David Stua. Billing himself as the, "East Texas Reporter", Stua had gone after a multitude of public records that he contends will prove corruption at the hands of the DA and a couple of judges in the county. How odd that none answered the open records request but all were instrumental in Jailing Stua on what now is PROVEN to be false charges.

The screen snip at left BY ITSELF proves that Angelina Community College PD Chief and the man who is over the law enforcement academy at Angelina College is a DAMN LIAR!!!!! Here is your question Doug Conn. Did you lie on your probable cause affidavit you wrote accusing Stua of sex crimes on the Angelina College campus that led to him being arrested, idicted and jailed or did you lie on this report that you submitted to a state agency?

In case you didn't know it, neither answer is good. I am going to answer the question for the readers. You lied on the probable cause affidavit that led to Stua's arrest, indictment and incarceration.

How do I know that? Because, despite the best efforts of DA Cassells to keep me from getting the video that Stua live streamed that fateful day, we did get it from another source. We have the entire video un edited in our posession. WE have the probable cause affidavit you wrote unedited in our posession. You lied Conn man.

How many have you taught your unethical ways since you have been over the academy at the Angelina College? We do know Lima spent considerable time training there and he was a criminal with a badge. We know Willaford and Albert Richards did too. How about Chris Simmons? Did you train him too? TCOLE request is submitted.

Now for you Mrs. Cassells. As I stated above, we have the full unedited copy of Stua's video you claim as evidence of his child sex crimes. The same child sex crimes you have been willing to dismiss WITH PREJUDICE in favor of a perjury and burglary charge (bogus also) just to keep him in jail and silenced. HOW DARE YOU file false charges on a man just because he wrote some things you didn't like and was looking into and seeking evidence of crimes you committed. You need to resign. You want to fight me to keep me from getting the video requested under open records? You best get it to me TODAY to prove your charges because unless it is an entirely different video than what we obtained in full and unedited, YOU ARE A CRIMINAL!!!!!

Don't worry about the FBI arresting you though even if you are committing this crime rigjht under the nose of the Lufkin office because the FBI put out a memo some years ago blaming the muckrakers among us (investigative journalists) for the disconnect between the citizenry and law enforcement for daring to expose corruption. The FBI doesn't blame the corrupt public official (like you), they blame the muckraker like Stua and me and White and Daubin and Reddell and . . . . .

What they don't understand is that we the people are not that stupid. We know it is the corruption in the criminal justice system that is to blame for the disconnect.

We the people love law and order. We are a nation of laws but we want it honest and YOU and CONN are NOT HONEST.

Please resign so we don't have to hammer you through the entire next election cycle because it will be my single focus until every voter in Angelina County knows how corrupt you and Conn are.

Steve Watson






AG Paxton Demands Biden Withdraw Guidance Tying School Lunch Programs to Radical Sex and Gender Agenda 



– Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton joined a Tennessee-led multistate letter to President Biden urging him to withdraw new guidance from the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) regarding “sex discrimination” for schools and programs that receive federal nutritional assistance. This new guidance relies on an unsupportable expansion of the U.S. Supreme Court decision in Bostock v. Clayton County, 140 S. Ct. 1731 (2020), which interpreted the statutory definition of “sex” in Title VII to include sexual orientation and gender identity. If followed, the guidance would wrongly extend Bostock into the Title IX context—which extension the Supreme Court expressly disclaimed—and impose new and unlawful regulations on state agencies and operators receiving financial assistance through USDA. 


“The Biden Administration is attempting to force every state and local entity to adopt its sexual orientation and gender identity agenda—or suffer massive financial consequences,” said Attorney General Paxton. “Bostock was wrong from the start, and any unlawful expansion of it into new areas is doubly wrong. I won’t let Biden’s Department of Agriculture bully Texas into adopting its radical agenda or use kids and school lunch programs as his pawns.”  Read more HERE



“To provide security, the Constitution entrusts most military matters to the national government,” the brief reads. “But to preserve liberty, the States retain control over the militia. States train the militia, appoint its officers, and (except when called into federal service) use it to address their own emergencies. This system of federalism strikes a balance to provide both security and liberty.”   Read Amicus Brief HERE



Satan is a liar and the father of lies.  There is NO TRUTH in him our bible tells us.  There has been NO TRUTH in Pedro Arrendondo since day one.  The ONLY explanation for Pedro's inaction is that he intended to force the body count to be high enough to ENRAGE the American people so that even some conservatives would be ready to pass gun control measures.  It worked and There is NO OTHER explanation.  The door wasn't locked.  They had arms and armor.  Cops were willing to enter.  Pedro disarmed and detained a cop whose wife was shot and bleeding to death in the room.  A mother was able to make entry, save her kids and get out safely.   




HOUSTON 6/21/2022


The recent GOP convention in Houston proved to be where Dan Crenshaw's career as an alleged conservative came crashing down around him.  Any reader of The Sentinel will remember us calling Crenshaw, Brian Babin and Mitch McConnell out over a year ago for their communist support of the T.A.P.S. Act that would have done away with our probable cause protections in the USA.  We had already labeled Mitch McConnell a traiter for how he did President Trump, not to mention being married to and sleeping with a woman with CCP connections.  Of course, in an age of tolerance and diversity, Sleeping with a Chinese spy named Fang Fang gets you appointed to the Homeland Security Committee.  Just ask Eric Swalwell.

   At least Dr. Brian Babin, our own east Texas traitor, had enough sense to retire quietly when this term is up.   He was contacted and called out by The Sentinel for him having endorsed Lima and Hon in prior statments.  That told me all I needed to know about his judgement on character.  Babin's support of TAPS left no doubt he needs to move on.  

UPDATE 6/22/2022


According to a quite reliable source, Sheriff Lyons Dept did recall the coin medalion Dickens was presenting as a badge in his community.  So far, there have not been any charges filed on dickens for the crimes he committed but he has been reprimanded in person according to that source.


ONALASKA 6/19/2022


The now infamous "Dirty White Boy" neighborhood watch dude for Twin Harbors (Curtis Dickens) is wearing a shirt warning folks, "Do not Trust Whitey" on the front and labeling himself 'Whitey" on the back as he responds to 'the scene'.   The 'scene' was on THPOA property where someone had installed a cheap temporary banner that said, 'Twin Harbors', setting it in a place that had the effect of being unsightly and  blocking the view of the lake for some property owners who complained. 

    According to sources, the cheap banner was placed on THPOA property without THPOA board approval and was being removed from THPOA property by THPOA board and ARA (Architecural Review Authority)  members in response to the complaint when Barbara Dickens called the law.  

    The untrustworthy Dirty White Boy tried to enforce his and her desires on the situation with implied authority derived from his sidearm and a 'badge' with the Polk County Sheriff's office emblem on it hanging around his neck.  What 'whitey' displayed as a badge was actually a challenge coin size medallion awarded for finishing the recent 'Citizen Academy' put on by Polk County Sheriff, Byron Lyons with admirable goals.  

   In that 'academy', a couple dozen or so citizens of Polk County attended a classes held at the Sheriff's dept for twelve weeks.  The class goals were to help the citizens understand the role of law enforcement within the community and different aspects of the criminal justice system.

    None of our efforts produced any literature or cirriculum material but we are certain and have confirmed that the completion of the 12 week course DOES NOT infer any law enforcement powers on the graduates.   Nor was the coin intended to convey to the public that it was a badge or that the 'wearer' has any law enforcement powers.  

   The local 'Dirty White Boy' seems to think it does or at least he wants others to think it does because he went to the extra effort to mount his completion coin in a leather badge holder to wear around his neck displaying the Sheriff Dept Seal.

    Sentinel readers will remember an interview of the Dickens that was conducted in our office a couple months or so ago after we started receiving multiple complaints about them harassing people in the neighborhood.  The first information out of Dickens mouth at that interview was that he had a weapons permit to carry, "annywhere I want to" and bragging that the and her were both black belts in martial arts.  "She is a 9th degree black belt", the dirty white boy claimed.    

       We have had multiple complaints about Barbara and Curtis Dickens wasting LEO rescources that are already limited with their vindictive and frivilous calls.  Already strained rescources are not there to satisfy and stroke a wish he had what it took to be a cop's ego.   

   My concern is that the rescources are wasted by Dickens, the admirable goals of the course will be tarnished by Dickens and the obvious violations of the law by Dickens that don't seem to have gotten the attention of real Law Enforcement yet.

False Alarm or Report (Texas Penal Code 42.06 - Class A Misd.); Terroristic Threat (TPC 22.07 - Class B Misd.); Impersonating a Security Officer (Texas Occupations Code sec. 1702.3875 - I haven't found the offense level yet); and Impersonating a Public Servant (TPC 37.11 - 3rd-degree felony)

Citing a statute in the Texas Family Code 261.201 (a) pertaining to withholding the report about child abuse and who made the report of child abuse, DA Cassels is attempting to block The Sentinel from obtaining the video made by David Stua that he published in the public forum as a news story on his East Texas Reporter FB page.  The statute Cassels cited goes on to exempt a video or audio recording the investigating agency makes of a witness they interview along with any work files they create.
The video we are requesting does not fit any of that criterion for exemption.  The video was shot in public-on-public property and published in a public forum.  In addition, the video was entered into evidence in an examination hearing held back in 2019.
We did agree to redacting the face and voice of the young man who was a minor then but is no longer, but Cassels seems intent on blocking the release of the video.  We have maintained from our first story that the live streamed video will prove the sex crime charges were bogus from the beginning.   The fact that all the sex crime charges were dismissed and most with prejudice seems to bolster our assertion.

LUFKIN 6/10/2022


The facebook live stream video that is the basis for all the charges against Stua was taken down quickley and has been hidden by the Prosecutors all this time because it proves the man did NOT commit the crime that he was initially charged with.  Prosecutor Joe Martin and then Janet Cassels have refused to release the video claiming execption due to the 'investigation' value.  The incident occurred in plain view of the College campus police as it was live streamed  yet it took a week for them to dream up some charges to file on Stua.  Anything to shut his muckraker corruption exposing, "Eastexas Reporter" facebook page down.  Stua had turned in open records requests to Cassel's law firm and Judge Ball that would prove corruption if answered.  Both remain unanswered to this day and both of those people were involved in putting unconstitutional bond conditions on David Stua.  Enter The Sentinel.  That was the first story I wrote calling for both to recuse themselves so that justice might be served.  

   Instead they doubled down on Stua stacking multiple charges on the original.

   In a nut shell, Stua was in the Angelina College library and used the word, "circumcision" out loud and was repremanded by the librarian who called the law on him.  Stua's response was to print up a mocking Certificate that stated, "I, David Stua, believe in Circumcision" and displaying a copy of it under the glass on the counter in the library.  

    As an afterthought, Stua aporoached several people on the campus and  said, "I believe in circumcision, want to see"?  When they gave him a go to hell look, Stua would display the mock certificate for them to see.  

   Definately in bad taste and obviously attention seeking but does it warrant four years in prison?  

     What makes this case corrupt is that Martin got the man indicted on the charge of soliciting a minor to perform a sex act because one young man Stua approached and asked, "want to see?", was a high school student taking college courses and was the basis of the charges.   From that initial bogus charge, Cassels picked up the case and ran with it stacking several more sex charges on top as that is the favorite or the corrupt.  

    Cassels and Ball took the opportunity to apply unconstitutional bond conditions that were more extreme that those applied to a local man convicted of Agg Sexual Assault of a Child. Even though Stua had to work and pay for the ankle monitor, he was forbidden from having a camera which had the effect of making having a phone a violation.  What do you know, Stua was violated for having a phone with a camera in it and thrown in jail.  While he was incarcerated the first time, a 'friend' gathered up Stua's valuables and took them home.  When Stua made bond, he went to collect his belongings and the 'friend' refused and called the law and Stua was arrested for trespassing.

   His attorney wrote a letter about Stua's phone and that was the basis of the perjury charges.

    The recent resolution was that the DA Cassels agreed to drop 9 charges related to the sex crimes against a minor and settled for a plea deal conviction on perjury and trespassing.  

     What does that tell us?  Riddle me this Ms. Cassels.

1) Are you loosing a child sexual predator on the community?  OR

2) Did you file bogus charges with no evidence for purely political purpose to hide yours and the judges corruption?







EAST TEXAS 6/3/2022


or to be P.C.   "POSTER PERSON"

Long time Sentinel readers will remember the text at left that was between myself and the 501 3c specialist FBI agent sent to investigate the Linda Vincent embezzlement case.  During that investigation and prosecution, Agent Carroll (retired) and I did have several exchanges including this one written in the back seat of the Constable's patrol unit immediatly after my surrender.

    The comment, "It is my turn now" was no boast of my ability but rather of the absolute certanity in my Heart of God's promises and calling on my life to the jail ministry.  Agent Carroll's 'Amen' was based on our serveral exchanges before he retired and discussions of the calling on my life.  

    Enough time has passed that all can see the absolute truth of my comment as it has come to pass EXACTLY as I asked The Lord to do.

    That should be enough to make any prosecutor set up and take notice that corruption will not be tolerated but alas, Ms. Cassels apparently didn't get the message.

     Why would she be so dead set on shutting the local muckracker and investigative journalist, Daid Stua up?  Could it be because he asked for open records that would prove her and her husbands private law firm representing the health district in Angelina Co  got their annual salary raised from 5K per year to 80K per year along with all the side charges amounting to nearly a quarter million dollars?  Why, Ms Casals, have you TO THIS DAY not answered that open records request?  Is it easier to just keep piling charges on Stua until he finally caves?  

    How can you offer a plea deal on dismissing all the heinous sex crime charges if he will plead to the perjury charge and agree to conditions that he never seek anymore open records?  Is it because shutting his efforts down at exposing your corruption IS YOUR GOAL? 

    And you Judge White.  How can you set unconstitutional bond conditions on a man whose open records request YOU STILL HAVE NOT ANSWERED?  More of the same corrupt motive?   

    Former Administrative law Judge, Olen Underwood missed the mark when he failed to recuse  you for your corrupt bias and ulterior motives in this case.   

     Are you trying to set a new record of keeping a man in solitary confinement with no due process?   For over a year now, he hasn't seen the sun.  Have you guys ever even met The Son?   

    The Sentinel did call Ms. Cassels and request to speak to her.  The secretary did confirm she was there and went to transfer my call to her desk but came back with the ole, "she is in a meeting' line and Ms. Cassels has NOT returned my call.  Hon never took or returned my calls either.  Hmmmm  Poster Person material here.

    One of the most outrageous aspects of this story is the so called attorney these two saw fit to appoint Mr. Stua.  I am no lawyer but from where I sit and from what I have read, Charanza appears to be working for the prosecution.   Here is a more indepth letter to Stua's attorney with some compelling questions.;


Mr. Charanza
I am a journalist gathering information for a story. Were you aware that Mr. Stua has been illegally trespassed from at least two different county buildings? We have been able to identify procedural and judicial misconduct in Angelina county in the case against Mr. Stua. 
In your letter to Mr. Stua you state "You (Mr. Stua) are not in a position to dictate terms of a plea agreement." How do you come to this conclusion? Is it not his right to say what he will and will not accept? It is called an agreement, meaning two or more parties agree on terms. Are you saying he is not one of those parties? 
You also state "I will not allow you to review my work before I file the motion with the court." This makes us believe Mr. Stua is not your client and makes us wonder who is exactly. Court appointed does not mean state defense attorney. It means the state pays you to give your client the same loyal and zealous defense you should give to all your clients. 
Parsing the text of paragraph three it seems you are pushing for him to represent himself. We wonder why you would push for this? Most of your peers in the legal community we spoke with say "pro se" is just another word for inmate.
In paragraph four you tell him to stop trying to help with his legal defense and again it makes us wonder who you believe to be your client. Has your liberty or freedom ever been at stake? We understand you are a Marine and believe you took a usque ad mortem oath to protect and defend the Constitution, yet your client has been jailed over a year as a result of unconstitutional bond conditions.
You mention Janet Cassels a few times in this letter and we are wondering if you have tried having her removed? Before she was D.A. she worked with her husband as legal council for the county health district, one of the entities that had Mr. Stua illegally trespassed. You also mentioned that Mr. Stua could be sitting in jail for 2-3 years waiting on a trial he has already been waiting four years for.
You state Mr. Stua was "out of line in {his} conduct on the Angelina College campus." Do you believe his actions on December 6th to be unlawful? Or do you believe that jokes in poor taste should be punished? The First Amendment to the Constitution is to protect speech others find offensive otherwise it would not be needed.
You state "Most people will think that you are talking about showing your penis. This is perverted thinking" and go on to say this is why the D.A. believes he needs to be on some form of supervision because "most people will think.... That is perverted thinking" so you are suggesting because most people will think pervertedly, the thing that makes them think that way should be punished even though you know and state that Mr. Stua meant it as a joke? Do you advocate for the arrest and punishment of comedians or music artist too?
You also state that he made two videos of himself naked in public yet there are no charges for those videos because it is known he was not naked. It is concerning to us that you suggest your client needs to be on a sexual supervision type thing yet state that the sexual charges would be dropped. All other charges stem from that initial charge yet the D.A. has such a strong case for the sexual charges that she is willing to drop them for perjury and trespassing charges. This makes no sense to us but then again we are not legal scholars and again ask for your comment.
In your last paragraph you talk about "rules of society", "norms", and restricting Mr. Stua's freedoms until he can comply with them yet say nothing of the laws you and the courts are supposed to support and defend. While we would hesitate to question an officer of the courts integrity, let alone a Marines, these concerns do come close to making us do just that.
Taking all this in we conclude that not only do we believe you are acting on behalf of the state and not your client but that you want Mr. Stua to represent himself so ineffectiveness of council can not be grounds for an appeal as it seems it would be if you stayed in the "driver seat" of the defense. So I guess we do question the integrity of all the actors in this case including yourself. Again we ask for your comments.
Thank you,



ONALASKA 6/7/2022


Several calls to The Sentinel from property owners questioning some of the practices of a local water supply have initiated a Sentinel investigation.  Long time readers will remember the investigation years ago into  a water supply corp that led to the ousting of the head honcho and reorganization that brought them out of the red and into the black.  




TRINITY 6/6/2022


Continious allegations of wrong doing by the Trinity County Sheriff, Woody Wallace have resulted in more than one source of scrutiny.   We have published several stories related to violations of the law and ethics by Woodrow Wallace from open records violations to theft of asset forfieture dollars.  According to sources, Someone was listening.


LIVINGSTON 5/27/2022


Polk County Grand Jury is willing to repeatedly indict people for exercising their Constitutional rights quicker than a ham sandwich but refused to indict a serial abuser with medical records proving STRANGULATION of a woman by a man who has been accused on several occassions.  I have to wonder if it is all in how the DA or ADA presents the evidence.  The Grand Jury only knows what they are told.  Did Kari present the medical records today?  Or did she just present the report from the deputy that left out all of the information the abused woman relayed to him and her medial record that PROVES she was strangled and suffered physical harm from it?  Did she present the pictures of prior injuries, bruises, busted lip, a cigarette burn taken by a medical professional?  Did she play any of the tape recorded calls of prior ex's relating the same exact abuse perpetrated against them by him?   Or did she just nibble on her ham sandwich and let you guys, with such an important task, stumble along with only what she wanted you to know?


Don't answer that grand jury members or you could be fined and jailed.



AUSTIN 5/25/2022


Attorney General Ken Paxton ordered Hon to release the resignation paperwork requested by The Sentinel back in March.  He received the letter today ordering him to release the records.  Now lets see if he complies with the order.



POLK CO 5/23/2022


The four auditors that have already surrendered or been arrested were indicted by the most recently convened Grand Jury in Polk County.  Ishmael Rincon, Matt Rankin, Brandon White and Melanie McCrory were named for and accused of "Organized Crime." Despite our best effort, The Sentinel has not been able to spot a single crime related in any of the probable cause affidavits much less more than one crime that could be 'organized'.  Wearing a pistol in a holster while walking from car to residence.  LEGAL.  Driving around town and keeping an eye peeled for cops to audit.  LEGAL.  Filming public officials in public during the performance of their public duty.  LEGAL  Refusing to ID when an officer approaches your legally and already  parked car demanding ID but cannot articulate a crime you have committed, are suspected of committing or are about to commit?  LEGAL.  Circling the block multiple times to see if a local cop will step into it (ie: attempt to violate rights) and give you fodder for your youtube channel?  LEGAL.  Standing up for by exercising our constitutional rights.  LEGAL.  Being armed while doing all of the above?  LEGAL

    Once again, by witholding exculpatory evidence and outright lying to the Grand Jury, Hon makes a farse of the Grand Jury system in Polk County.  Did he show the Grand Jury the video of officer Simmons approaching the parked car with no back up and proclaiming that he wasn't worried about the guns, he just wanted to know who was driving?  I bet not or they wouldn't have included the obvious false statemnet about the officer being afraid for his life.

    Hon is a liar.  He is corrupt.  His retaliatory political blased prosecution is showing again.




ONALASKA 5/22/2022



The April 27th arrest of Stephanie Walker Vincent has raised eyebrows in the community of Onalaska, not because of the alleged theft so much as the veiled attempt to hide Mrs. Vincent's true last name by booking her under her maiden name.  "Hon is behind that", one community member claimed, "just so people won't associate her with the Linda Vincent embezzlement from before."

     Married to Commissioner Ronnie Vincent and Linda Vincent's son, Justin Vincent, Stephanie 'Walker' Vincent was arrested on theft charges stemming from a customer complaining of the theft.

    We do not have a copy of Stephanie Vincent's Drivers License but have plenty of evidence that she goes by the last name of Vincent.  If her DL does reflect the married name of Vincent, the name hiding on the arrest book in report is a violation of ethics, if not an outright violation of the law.

    We had hoped to let Ronnie Vincent fade into the sunset with his defeat at the polls but the persistant and nagging allegations that Comm Vincent is letting his son, Justin, use the Polk County credit card to make purchases to use in his private construction business will NOT GO AWAY!!!!!   The Sentinel has requested detailed reports on the County Credit Card expenditures to either prove the allegations or put them to rest.  

    Long time Sentinel Readers will remember the ordeal of bringing Linda Vincent to justice if you call an afternoon in jail and probation for a crime that would have put any of us in prison for years, justice, took its toll on The Sentinel.  Everyone from Vincent's kids to Lee Hon's sister, Laura Hon attacked me unmercifully while I had to bite my tongue because I knew the FBI 5013C specialist was conducting a legitimate investigation.  It was only when the hammer fell (if you can call an afternoon in jail and probation a 'hammer fall') that the Vincent Clan stopped with the attacks.  



AUSTIN/SJC 5/16/2022


Texas Governor Greg Abbott has appointed ROBERT HILL TRAPP as presiding  Judge in the 2nd Judicial Administrative  Region of Texas.

The Honorable Olen Underwood has performed those duties for many years and will be some big boots to fill but Robert Hill Trapp is the right man for the job.  According to The Governor's website linked to the headline above, the change will become effective May 21, 2022.  That will leave Judge Trapp's ADA Todd Dillon,  who ran unopposed in the primary and has no democrat opponenet in the General Election to go ahead and step into the SJC  District Attorney position by appointment of The Governor to finish The Honorable Judge Trapp's unexpired term as SJC District Attorney.

AUSTIN 5/16/2022



Coleman's efforts to block open records has long been a subject of proof documents published on The Sentinel.  It is past him now and the blame falls squarely at the feet of the OAG and the so called, "public integrity" unit of the Texas Rangers and their local rep, Brad Weatherford for not doing anything.  Coleman, as proven with USPS documents, has written a letter giving ten days to answer and not even mailed the ten day notice until the ten days were past.  What a PUNK he is and still is and still getting by with it.  The documents the lady requested regarding the strangulation case were fought by Coleman and he NEVER notified the woman that he had opposed the release.  The notice is required by law so that the requestor has opportunity to make their case as to why the doucments should be released.  Coleman has figured out that it is easier to win when the opponent doesnt show up.  PUNK .  The so called 'public integrity unit that overlooks his crimes is JUST AS GUILTY!!!!!!!

    It all falls back into the lap of DPS Director, Steven McCraw.  You are either blind, deaf and dumb or you are corrupt too?  Which is it?  Neither answer is good.

    Neither you nor any of your Rangers ever did a thing about Hon filing a false report with a peace officer.  Why?  That inpentrable blue line?  Owed a favor?  Didn't want to expose the fact that the District Attorney Hon is a criminal? Hon knows where you skeletons are?

   I am beginning to believe the long held assertion that you, Mr. McCraw, brought the federal bureaucracy philosephy of, "If you don't do anything, you can't get in trouble for anything" to Texas DPS.  That is a shame.   Step up and do your job or resign.  We have had a belly full. 

   Surely you remember me.  I an the investigative reporter that uncovered your ex trooper, Doug Page, Trinity Co Judge, for stealing county money to buy a John Deere Gator.  Yes he admitted it, Gave the Gator back and returned the money but you didn't do a damn thing about his crime.  In fact, When I asked you, Director McCraw, if it was true that Page was fired from DPS for falsifying time sheets (stealing money) and that he was declared ineligible for rehire, it was YOU who feigned the inability to find one single scrap of paper in all of Texas that would clarify if he was fired and declared ineligible for rehire or not.  What a Crock of hooey.  That proved you were either a liar or inept.  Once again, Director McCraw, Which is it?  Neither answer is good.  

   Now on to the present.  Your Ranger Eric Lopez made a call to a victim of assault, a case he was on then removed, instructing a victim not to call him or DPS anymore.  Unethical and illegal from my understanding.  Let me publish her letter to you in full here:


Dear DPS Director, Steven McCraw,

Police play an important role in the community by maintaining public order and safety and allowing a free society to thrive.  To achieve these goals, the law gives police the authority to deter, stop and investigate crimes.  Police who faithfully execute their duties help keep the community safe, gain the trust and confidenc of their constituents, and prevent and solve crimes.  But when police abuse their powers, they cause significant harm to individuals, society, and freedoms.  In addition to individual harm, acts of ppolice misconductt risk societal harm by threatening the administration of justice and eroding the trust between police institution and citizens.  

  Please see attached,.   I did not appreciate the call from Eric Lopez telling me who my point of contact is (Sheriff and DA) and not to call DPS or contact Rangers.  I know the chain of command and will keep going until you do your job!  I have been living in fear for 4 months now due to your inaction.  That fear includes fear from deputies who deceive, omit and refuse to help a strangulation victim.

   This is unacceptable.  Please see attached so you can NEVER deny knowing.  It is unethical to knowingly mislead and discourage a victim from seeking safety and justice, Eric Lopez.




As a long time advocate for criminal justice reform, I want to directly address the statement of one who advocated for the election of the corrupt Lee Hon to the bench in the last election as she chided an advocate for our constitutional rights with the statement, "You are going to find out that inslting our law enforcement officers in East Texas is not popular".  


  Ms. Evans.  YOU are going to find out that corruption in law enforcement is not popular in East Texas.


LIVINGSTON 5/12/2022


The alert distributed recently by HAR (Houston Association of Realtors) has put a spot light on a case that The Sentinel has been investigating for over a month now.  We began our investigation after a call from a lady realtor (Angel as pseudonym) who was strangled and injured by  the man she suspects is behind these threatening phone calls.  Not that he is making the calls but has hired the person who is.  "He told me that he was going to hire someone to kill me", Angel said of her estranged husband.

    There are a string of battered women and even a dead woman in this man's path and nothing has been done to stop him.  He has been accused of multiple cases of strangulation assault against women but the cases keep being thrown out.  There were a few in Williamson County when Tommy Coleman was ADA there.   Williamson county has REFUSED to let go of the public records that would determine if Coleman was the ADA assigned to do the grand jury presentation where the predator was no billed.  According to Angel, the predator bragged that it cost him 50K to get the cases thrown out in Williamson County.    The perpetrator moved to Polk County a year ago, the complaints against him for strangulation assault have gone no where here either.  The most recent assault that we KNOW the man committed was dismissed by Polk County S.O. deputy citing in his report that "no evidence of physical assault other that a few red marks" were present on her neck immediatly after the assault.  

   Medical records from an immediate exam after the assault note that there were extensive strangulation injuries to her neck.  When Angel attempted to have those medical reports added to the complaint at Polk Co. S.O., she was refused.  When Angel attempted to get the records she requested fromWilliamson County that they sent to  the Polk Co. S.O. instead, she recorded the  records clerk as stating, "Tommy Coleman told me not to give you any of the records."  This happened IMMEDIATLY prior to Tommy Coleman jumping ship and going to Jefferson Co.

    The Sentinel has confirmed that several local female realtors have received phone calls of the nature outlined in the H.A.R. alert and that they have followed up by filing reports with the Polk County S.O.  We have provided proof  that at least one Livingston area female realtor was assaulted and strangled by a predator.  We have confirmed through official sources that Ranger Eric Lopez was on the case but that he "is no longer assigned to it.  "The case remains with the Sheriff's Dept"

    We have asked but have not found out if Ranger Lopez was removed from the case by the Polk County DA or higher ups in Austin.  After the DA ignoring the lady realtor's (Angel's) pleas for help and their abject failure to seek a protective  order against her husband, Angel wrote and submitted her own application for a protective order to Judge John Wells.  He sat on it for a week or better and ignored The Sentinel inquiry as the status of the application.  Our latest update on that is that it has been signed.  

    One of the most disturbing aspects of this story is that the predator who has been accused multiple times of strangling his wives/girfriends seems to be untouchable.  The dead woman did leave a sworn  depostion and wondered how he could keep finding her when she would leave and try to hide from him.  "That's easy" one of 5 wives said, "his brother is a special agent and has access to all of the state's law enforcement information sources.


Another woman was assaulted by her husband in Polk County and he literally knocked her teeth out with his elbow in front of their children.  He was friends with the deputy that made the call.  There she was, bleeding and spitting teeth out of her mouth and no arrest was made.  It has been yover a year and still no arrest, no prosecution.  

     Is Polk County DA trying to artifically manipulate the domestic violence statistics that the law requires him to compile and submit to the state and Feds?  Do women just have less rights in Polk County?  I asked the question before but will again.  Why do deputies even carry a blank 'non prosecution' forms like the one presented to the victim at Pontoons a couple years ago when a male LEO was cited for disorderly conduct for fighting with a woman?  Any cop will tell you that domestic violence calls are the most dangerous.  Some statistics compiled and displayed just below prove that a DA that doesn't prosecute strangulation crimes is literally playing Russian Roulette with our Law Enforcement Officers' lives!  That is unacceptable.  The ENTIRE ARTICLE IS HERE.

SHEPHERD 5/5/2022


Over 2 lbs of meth were taken off the street by a couple of SJC Sheriff deputies following a basic traffic stop.  A combination of a phony dealer tag, good observation skills and a system implemented for just such actions payed off big time.  Training Sgt Rodney Nash and deputy Samantha Crenshaw made the stop and followed a 'policing plan' implemented by Sheriff Capers that led to the bust. 



or, 1st amendment auditors vs law enforcement officers.

As America's 'Rift' Valley widens and widens, no one wants to get to the core problem being confusion as to what constitutes privacy and the right of anonymity.  

    If you want privacy, go in, shut your door, pull the shades and build a damn fence.  

   If you are going to cause a disturbance in public and run your head, you have no right to anonyminty.  There is a difference.  It is that simple.

   On the opposite tack,what L.E.O's need to understand Considering that the law is codified and written and understood that in order to ID someone, there must be R.A.S. of a crime, yada yada ya, no matter what state.  When that officer runs my DL, they are announcing to the world of literate folks that read or hear that So and So is committing, has just committed or is expected to commit a crime.  It is called 'Scannerville" and the public record.  The log is public record.  So now, the public records states that at this day and time, so and so was suspected of committing a crime, being about to committ a crime suspected of committing a crime when in fact, the cop is just fishing for warrants with no probable cause but forces their call in to be placed in the public record that IN FACT, so and so is committing, about to committ or suspected of committing a crime.  No officer has that right without provable probable cause.  It is that simple.   

    It is so simple to see like a tree for the forest that is it EXACTLY where our liberty is attacked.  

   When idgets like Crenshaw, Babin and McConnell want to sign away our probable cause protections with the TAPS Act, we are on a slippery slope.   It is the weight of the law and order system including its corruption  pushing down the slipperty slope to "papers please" and the resistance to that tyranny pushing back.  

    Threat Assesment Prevention and Safety Act brings the conclusion that anyone willing to trade liberty for safety deserves neither liberty or safety quote to life right before our eyes.  Think about it.  If the more the public record shows you have been stopped and ID'd, the greater "threat" the algorhythm will assess you to be.   

   This is story proven true if recent sources are correct in stating that William Lee Hon and Tommy L. Coleman are being considered for federal prosecutor positions.  All we can figure is that the D.O.J. must have filed all of the complaints of CRIMINAL violations the pair commited were labled as RESUME' and treated as such.

    "Expert in witholding exculpatory evidence" check

     "Able to lie on the spot"   check

     "Can ignore court orders, lie about it and do it anyway"  check.

     "HATES free speech and a free press"  check

      "is ok with not prosecuting criminals you endorse"   check

I think it was Babin that went whole hog priasing Lima in writing before Lima's arrest.

   As we see the practice of arresting people for daring to call 911 or even worse, being blamed because SOMEONE ELSE called 911, Babin's methods are coming home to roost.



BEAUMONT 4/4/2022


The Sentinel was able to confirm via phone interview with a spokesperson in the Jefferson County DA's office that yes indeed, as per Sentinel sources, Tommy L. Coleman has gone to work in Jefferson County.  "Today is his first day" is an exact quote proving our sources reliable one more time even though Coleman has not yet been listed on the office website.

    We have submitted an open records request for his resume' and any background check info that was obtained by DA Wortham to see if he made any effort to vett Coleman before hiring him.  We will share those results with our readers in a couple of weeks if DA Wortham follows the open records laws of the Great State of Texas.

And he said unto him, Why callest thou me goodthere is none good but one, that is, God: but if thou wilt enter into life, keep the commandments.

You know those pesky moral absolutes?  No lying, bearing false witness and things like that?  Now tell us again what a good guy you are.  



Repeated self inflicted 'lead balloon' injuries to his reputation insure more and more liklihood that a qualified candidate will step up and run against Woody Wallace in the next telection.  From having hired the deputy who is now serving 65 years in prison for his sex crimes to hanging Royce Wells shingle in his department AFTER proof of his sex crimes were published to this latest 'recruiter' being fired from SJC probation dept for his perverted acts against probationers, Woody seems bound and determined to do it his way.   

    Although rumors persist alleging that Woody Wallace is a sexual predator,none have come forward with an actual complaint out of fear they claim.   What we can prove is that Woody surrounds himself with men that we CAN PROVE engage in that type activity.

   Lee Hon is the primary example.  Documents published during the campaign for District Judge not only prove that Lee Hon used his power and postion to try and pressure a gorgeous woman into meeting him to 'do something', those same documents proved that Hon would later file criminal charges when she dared say no.   

    The Golden boy Lima has ressurected his personal fb page claiming he is a Trinity County Deputy for Woody DESPITE being up on criminal charges in Walker county stemming from evidence that Lima was engaging in drug dealing in uniform, on duty and in a woody wallace patrol vehicle.  The Sentinel also has a copy of a text message from an underage female saying Lima has been stalking her and when she went to the Rangers, Lima found out the next day and came by her house shooting his gun.   I guess we could republish the applications for TRO's (plural, 3 total we have)  against Lima for abusing women and children but that is old news by now. Kind of lends some credence to the story linked above that the Rangers went out of their way to protect Lima.

   It has long been my contention that pot will never be legalized in Texas because there is too much corrupt money to make at the local level.  

    The next pervert that woody attached himself to is SJC Constable Sam Houston.  We have published the text messages from Houston trying to coerce an attractive young female to meet with him 'one on one' or risk losing her kids and going to jail.  She didn't meet him and went to jail.  Sam Houston hired Peter Sparta as his captain KNOWING Sparta had been convicted of attempted Agg Sexual Assault of a child when he was 17.  The court records are sealed but we published evidence of the conviction and I can again.  Woody couldn't wait to connect himself with Houston this last election while stumping for the fellow pervert, Lee Hon.  What do I mean by pervert?  Any lawman that will use his badge and authority to coerce someone (I would say "a female" but then there is Keith Blacks efforts on a young male probationer alleged) into giving sexual favors is a PERVERT, PREDATOR AND A PUNK.  It is that simple.

   I personally am convinced that Keith Black and his fake profile page he 'moderates' is the lead balloon that took Hon out.  Some disagree and attribute that 'honor' to Coleman based on the Morton Case and his antics in Williamson County.  Whoever is right, I am really glad to see the pervert criminal, Keith Black stumping for Woody Wallace this far ahead of the next election cycle when Wallace, aka,  The 'walking woody' will have to defend his record.  We have made no secret that the people of Trinity County are pleading for our help to oust this criminal with a badge.  There should be no doubt in anyone's mind that I am willing to get in the trench with'woody' Wallace next election.  My only question is, "Who has the courage and experience to run against him?




Either Sheriff Wallace is lying to me the OAG and by extension, the public, or he is lying to his FB page readers.  I would ask, which is it but it seems to be both and NEITHER answer is good.  My conclusion is that either Wallace and an ex deputy are working together to get me out on a limb with a false story or Wallace is trying to get me to run a false story about someone he is afraid might run against him.  




UPDATE 3/20/2022


What can only be described as throwing a former deputy 'under the bus', Trinity Co. Sheriff Woody Wallace answered our open records request with two names.  The open records request was for "any K-9 officer hired or fired in the last two years."  After a protracted effort to block the information release by the high dollar attorney, Sheriff Wallace delivered two names.  

    When Sheriff first began to be opaque with the information, The Sentinel went on and asked TCOLE for the files on every officer hired or terminated from Trinity County in the last two years.  We received that file in short order.  

     One particular deputy was hired in 2013 according to the TCOLE records so the only possible way his name could fit the "hired or fired in last two years"  was if he had been fired.  

    The problem with Sheriff Wallace's assertion by delivery of these records is that The Sentinel has obtained official records from another source proving the man resigned and was not fired.  We only asked for "FIRED" deputies.   More records have been sought.

<TRINITY 3/19/2022


The recordswere requested based on the documents Trinity Co. Sheriff fought against but was ordered to release about K9 officer fired before Lima for dealing drugs.  The list had two names despite Wallace's claims on a Brandon White Video that there were no officers fired.    Sentinel readers will remember this request as the one the high dollar lawyer needed clarification on the term 'K=9' officer.  It appears Trinity Co Sheriff only wanted to stall enough to get past the elections.  The requests are in.  

    Along the way a couple of other really interesting stories surfaced.  

POLK COUNTY 3/17/2022


The 'underlying' charge for the 'Organized Crime'  enhancement is 'Retaliation/Obstruction according to this bond condition paperwork.  

TRINITY  CO 3/11/2022   


On a recorded video, Sheriff Wallace stated that an inmate in the Angelina County Jail was "naked" on the college campus in Angelina County.  The inmate was not naked and was never even alleged to have been naked and sheriff Wallace knows he was not naked on the campus but stated as fact that he was naked.  

    The Sentinel has open record requested a copy of the letter the inmate wrote to Sheriff Wallace as an effort to seek correction on Wallace's statement.  Wallace's response was to call the Angelina County Sheriff causing the inmate to be brought before the Warden.  

      The inmate did contact The Sentinel requesting that I withdraw the open records request.  We respectfully declined to withdraw it.

    If normal Trinity County proceedure is followed, I will receive a letter from the high dollar law firm (at tax payer expense) saying they are seeking an OAG opinion and they will spend a bunch of tax payer money trying to protect the Liar, Wallace from being exposed for yet another lie.





"Who needs slappin here"?

Mr(s) Goodwin, Your first history lesson is the etomology of the word Liberal.  Its original roots are grounded in LIBERTY as opposed to statism.  research a little.

   second lesson.  Unreasonable bond is unconstitutional.  Try reading it some times.  Facinating document.  

   Third lesson in recent history is that Practicing the Liberty stealing, unconstitutional and therefore, CORRUPT practice of using  high bonds to punish first offenders without due process will get your butt beat at the ballot box.  Any questions on that?

   Now on to the "provoke" comment.  It is true that Polk Co LEO of some sort or another have arrested or cited Brandon White several times now.  Each of those times was behind Mr. White exercising his constitutional rights.  Each of those times, his phone was kept as 'evidence' yet no search warrant for the contents yet.  If LEO can get a warrant, they can download the contents.

Once he tried the door on a cop car because he could see weapons loose in there.  It was unlocked so he closed it and went in to notify them the car was unlocked with weapons in reach.   He was arrested and is on bond for that.  Lee Hon changed the charges from burglary to interference and reset the case when it came to court.  Brandon let it out he had video proving he was innocent.  

     My understanding is that Brandon has video of another cop car at Angelina College parking lot since then  with an AR 15 and a 12 guage tactical shotgun laying in the seat of an unlocked unit while a LEO course was being taught.  I don't know if he let them know or not.  Should he?  

   You see Mr(s) Goodwin, Judge Kitchens hopefully averted Polk County being sued for unconstitutional bond violations.  Could you imagine the ramifications of some nut finding guns in a a cop car and using them to go in an kill a bunch of folks?   

    What is provoking the LEO's to arrest Mr. White?  Him excercising his constitutional rights or him exercising his constitutional rights even after they tell him he can't?    Either of those would warrant them a slap.  

    Now on to the anti American, liberty opposing cancel culture 'woke' republicans in name only boot lickers  like you.   You wouldn't know conservatism if it kicked you in the butt.  


Steve Watson




Brandon White appeared via zoom before the 258th district court this morning and had the 105K bail recommended by John Wells reduced to 8500.00 dollars.  The unconstitutional bail far exceeded the norm for a non violent accusation on a man with no criminal history other than the bogus charges Lee Hon has stacked on White for his journalism efforts.  

   Attorney Seth Evans put the prosecutor in check several times by objecting to her 'conclusions' that were not in evidence.  Judge Kitchens corrected the violation of the defendant's rights to line up with the US Constitution. 

    Sentinel sources say Judge Wells is already seeking support in SJC for his next run for the 411th bench in two years.  

   A couple of suggestions Judge Wells.  STOP letting Hon use the unconstitutionally high bail bonds to punish people that have not had their day in court.  EMBRACE the precept of innocent until proven guilty by a perponderance of the evidence.  NOTICE that the Hon signs DO NOT have a District Court number on them so can be reused to run against you.  Prove to the people a great distinction between you and Hon's corrupt ways.  




MELANIE, "The Blue Line watcher has reached out via text about setting up a jail phone account for her to call me.  


SAN ANTONIO 2/17/2022


Three of the auditors who were present at the apartment of Melanie McCrory when Livingston PD stopped in to ID a man for carrying a pistol have presented themselves to a Law enforcement agency in the San Antonio area. Their intent was to see if there were warrants on them.  Only two were arrested.  The man wearing the pistol, 'Matt' and the spanish speaking driver of the car that was stopped were arrested.  A third had no warrant.  He had only been at the apartment.

     Questions persist on the 911 call.  All of the witnesses we have interviewed including Melanie McCrory  insist that Melanie never made a 911 call.  A civil rights attorney states that the wording of the probable cause affidavit does not state that Melanie made the call but rather that she 'initiated' the call.  He argued that could mean that she caused someone else to make the call and even allowing the man to wear his pistol and enter her apartment could be construed as, 'initiating' the call no matter who actually made the call.  


   As we ponder the circumstances and recoil from a call claiming the CFR documents we provided Brandon White about Tommy Coleman's campaign finance violations and the article he wrote were the impetus for the arrests, we wonder what really was.  As I pointed out to the caller, CFR violations are run of the mill and any campaign is going to point out violations in them even when they prove the most conservative news agency reporter, Brietbart, is supporting Travis Kitchens.  OMG, Judge Kitchens was a day late on filing.  Lol, That day late posting is responsible for making the brietbart connection, "newsworthy".

   It is my contention that the information Brandon White has that is dangerous to Lee Hon is the proof that it is in fact, Chris Lima who is running the 'Tyler Evans' page.  That fact coming to light would damage Lee Hon and Woody Wallace.  Brandon has the source but has not revealed it to many to protect that source.  A source that has already, according to public court records, been the victim of assault by Chris Lima.

    Brandon made that fact plain in an article and did share the information with me.  What propelled his arrest, in my view, was the cryptic message posted on FB that multiple people read a few days ago stating that they were the one with the proof of who ;'Tyler Evans' really is and would be posting it soon.  BOOM, Brandon gets arrested, cryptic messge is dropped.  

   Politics is about the timing and Hon has proved that he will make arrests based on politics and/or a dinner date.  It is about the timing.  

     No grand jury until the last of the month.  No making bond until a bond reduction hearing.  By the time Brandon gets out and can publish the proof, the election is over.




After re reading the PC affidavit and my emails with Livingston PD, I can not say they attributed the actual call, physically making the 911 call to Melanie.  The PD is apparently willing to let my stumble along believing that they positively identified Melanie as the actual caller.  


UPDATE 2/16/2022


According to an official source, the source of the 911 call attributed to Melanie McCrory has been "positively identified" in response to a Sentinel question.   Livingston PD did make the probable cause affidavit available to me in a timely manner and even answered my direct question about the positive identity of the caller which is not required by law.  

TEXAS 2/11/2022


Recent arrest of Melani McCrory and Brandon White along with extremely high bond amounts have sent a shiver through the ranks of the Auditor Community in Texas.    Statements leading to the speculation that there are other warrants for other auditors that were at the scene can be heard on the video of the arrest encounter at Ms. McCrory's apartment.  

    Having interviewed several of the auditors on quite a few occassions, it is clear that the prospect of showing up in Polk Co to protest the arrests may be met with a warrant of your own has dampened the enthusiam of most. Several have commented on being placed on a 'Terrorist' watch list in the last week.  

    Accordingto the Probable Cause Affidavit obtained via open records, Ms. McCrory is charged with and accused of having made the 911 call that initiated the confrontation at her apartment.  All there that The Sentinel has interviewed  deny the accusation but I cant see the Livingston PD, after multiple interactions with them, claiming to have an audio file that they don't have.  Both Parish and Wright will tell you that we have sparked and disagreed but I have never caught the PD in a lie.  Mum to my questions yes, but a lie, no.  

    My long and involved study of the auditor movment as chronicled on my "Auditor Comments' page leads me to a conclusion.  Although there are true desires by many to stand on our constitutional rights by exercising them, the underlying theme of provoking an officer of the law to do something he can be sued for and collecting on said suit seems to be a constant motive.

   I remember early on when the auditor movement first came onto the scene, even some of my longest time readers commented that they were doing what I do.  "No", I said, "they look to provoke a cop into doing something they can sue for, I take complaints and look for specific evidence of wrong doing and publish that when I find it".  

    One of my most prominent expose' articles was outing the king of audit lawsuits, New Now Houston when he did a hit piece on our SJC community and sheriff's dept.  You might say that I took away his anonymity by discovering and then posting his true identity.  My constant counsel to those who want to be credible is to not hide behind anonymity.  That is why no matter how nasty the fake profiles get and the lies they spout run round the world in minutes, my credibility is maintained by the fact that you can pick up a phone, email or knock on my door and communicate with the real me.  

   When Lee Hon filed the false charges on me for exercising my free speech, I put out a call to arms to protect free speech and free press but who helped me?  Not my church, not a sole in the auditor community.  Just me and The Lord and a good lawyer and a few veterans behind me stood on the Truth and sought justice and prevailed. 

   Having had quite a few converstaions with Melanie McCrory and Brandon White over the last few months, both will assure you that my admonition is and has always been that all it takes is one lie and you are done.  The Sentinel was sought out by them which gave me opportunity to not only counsel them on journalististic ethics but to also warn them of the consequences of sparring with the most powerful people in the county.  "You better be right and be able to prove it".   


UPDATE 2/10/2022


John Well recommended 100 K bail, not set it yet,  ALSO They 

Big surprise, it was John Wells that set the unconstitutional excessive bail amount on Ms. Melanie.   Not only are the charges bogus, the bail is excessive and intended to prevent her from making bail.  Are you next?  This is just a taste of the tryanny Hon/Coleman have in store for Polk Co if either are elected.  For Wells to be foolish enough to join in means that he has been in their camp all along.   NONE Of the JP's  signed it and the one on duty this week had NO information about it.  That means they went to Wells first.   That eliminates him from being able to preside over the case because he took on the magistrate duties.  Not Smart John.  Now watch.  It has to go in Judge Kitchens court.  He will probably reduce bail to a reasonable amount and Hon will attack him for being soft on crime because he defends the constitution by abiding by it.  What a mess they stirred up now.



Brandon published story about Coleman failing to report campaign expenses and Brandon has the documents to prove Coleman's illegal act.  Now his girl is in jail and they are looking for him.  Imagine that.   

If there is a real journalist at the Enterprise, you have Colemans CFR documents in your email now so lets see if you write a story about Coleman's illegal campaign acts or if the lawsuit he has been holding over your head is going to silence you.  Let me make a prediction.  Not only will Emily Wooten not write a story about the CFR's PROVING he didn't list the ads he ran in her paper so she has proof coming and going.  I will go further and predict she covers this arrest story in a light favorable to the Coleman campaign.  Any takers?




100K bond set on arrest. 

According to a verbal relay, Ms McCrorys's bond has been set at 100k and she has not made bail.

WE don't seem to be able to get a single reply from a single official source.  


link in headline for youtube video

Some kind of conspiracy charges seem to be the impetus for the arrest of Melanie McCrory after a failed effort by Liv PD to force ID.  As a tenant in a government subsidized  apartment complex where several auditors from Texas gathered before staging an event to exercise their first and second amendment rights at the chili cookoff, Livingston PD came out and arrested the woman this morning on a charge of, "Engaging in Organized Criminal Activity" according to the Polk Co jailer who answered the phone . 

    Lt Drake is hiding behind his voice mail and won't give an answer.  The cops on the scene claimed they had a warrant for 'conspiracy' but did not present it up front before arresting Ms. Trimble.  

    There were a few men in attendance at the rally to exercise thier Constitutional rights and there is a claim that warrants exist for the men too but as it stands, only the girl has been arrested.   The auditor who refused to give ID since caarrying a side arm is not a crime in Texas, stood his ground and the PD left.  Then they come back after the men are gone and arrest the girl.  And they wonder why there is a disconnect.  Is it illegal to gather together and exercise constitutional rights of free speech, free press and to keep and bear arms?  Only in Polk County.  With one of the auditors obviously opposed to Hon/Coleman and vocally so, this has all of the earmarks of yet another retalitory charge.

   A lot of this story may pivot on whether or not the apartment complex is federally owned or private owned and just accepting federal housing subsidy.  Stay tuned as this story develops.  


The folks in this tri county area are not the first to have to deal with a public official who hates free speech with a passion.  Under fire for his deletion of comments and blocking citizens on the Trinity County Sheriff FB page, Wallace claims to be a "constitutional sheriff when interviewed by a 1st amendment auditor but is anything but.  The same exact violation of constitutional rights Wallace has committed has already been addressed in the fourth circuit Court of Appeals.  Read it and weep Wally.  Wallace, the censorhip proves, is right in goose step with Hon/Coleman in Polk County when it comes to shutting down free speech.  Coleman went so far as to pen an article about 'licensing journalists' above and beyond filing false criminal charges or civil lawsuit on folks that dare to publish any criticism of them.  Ask me, or Brandon White, or Tim Martin or Valerie Reddell.  

    The Sentinel United Alliance has decided to bring a similar lawsuit against Wallace in this area.  Any who feel led to donate to the legal fees and court costs

 please do so.  Thanks for the pledges so far.



I’d like to address you, the voters about a recent allegation made by Sheriff Woody Wallace in regards to a case that came before Judge Travis Kitchen’s 258th Court.


Sheriff Wallace ranted about an “outrage”. What is an “outrage” is the violation of inmate rights as he oversaw a recent “breakfast” that provided a political candidate an opportunity to use County resources in which inmates were forced to work the event. Sheriff Wallace’s actions are tantamount to slave labor and as such, a complaint was filed with the Judicial Ethics in Austin against the candidate that “sponsored” the event.   then posted the proof on social media



Sheriff Wallace seems to have forgotten to stay in his lane as Law Enforcement. He is not a Judge nor District Attorney. It does not surprise me that his narcissistic tendencies have increased his ego into thinking he is the “Judge, Jury and Executioner”. Power corrupts and we have watched time and time again as his racist behaviors embarrass Trinity County. Calling grown men, “boys” and endangering motorists as he is on a high speed chase busy filming himself driving. In Court, it is called “Distracted Driving”.


It is clear Woody Wallace is an old school racist who thinks violating citizens rights is perfectly fine because, “by God, I am the law’.  It’s the mentality of the days of Jim Crow and the reason why our Country is divided by race. He is the poster child of the Democrat Party as an example of those “racist Southern boys”.  Woody's PROVEN censorship of comments on his page PROVE he is a communist and needs to run on the democrat ticket in an effort for full disclosure.  Conservatives don't lie about other people.  Punks do that.


The most recent temper tantrum was because Judge Kitchens told Benny Shiro that he needs to have people in jail ready to go to trial. Of course, Benny Shiro doesn’t want to do the job he was elected to which is to manage the District Attorney’s office and their backlogged cases. Instead, he wants Judge Travis Kitchens to be his personal scheduler.


It is not the responsibility of a Judge to manage the DA’s case loads. It is the responsibility of a Judge to ensure that fair play happens in Court.


Woody Wallace followers on his fake book page are already sending death threats to the man Woody named as an opponent and made the death threat gesture to.




In another fake news lying post, Tyler didn't take long to respond to the story below denying that I have any, "Long Time Sentinel Readers".  We have been publishing non stop since Oct of 2014.  My email inbox and page analytics prove one more time that you are an ill informed liar that licks boots for living.  


Let me post a little of the Deja Vu in the two pictures below.


In this nostalgic old photo of former constable Lou Rogers, he saw me coming down the road taking my son to school and made this threatening gesture to me like he was drawing his pistol, not realizing I was filming him.  The next deja vu is Rogers constantly harping on me claiming I am a convicted child molestor and never able to prove it.  His constant lies got him SOUNDLY defeated.  


Now this is woody making the same threatening gesture toward Brandon White.  Woodrow says "Bam; and 'gotcha'.  You can watch it in the video he published.  Would we call this a Freudian slip or just plain ole Narciscistic Immunity syndrome?  It is contagious.  How else does a man think he can use inmate labor to put on a political event?  





Part of an article by Marshall Allen



God didn’t direct the writers of the Bible to avoid controversy. I love how Luke describes his mission in the first few verses of his Gospel: “I myself have carefully investigated everything from the beginning” he wrote, “so that you may know the certainty of the things you have been taught.”

Luke’s goal was to tell the truth about Jesus, which upset many people. Luke didn’t airbrush the early Christians. He named names. Luke told the story of Judas betraying Jesus. He exposed Peter denying Jesus three times. He verified the facts and then told the truth. If it was good enough for Luke, it’s good enough for me.

The biblical mandate is to tell the truth. But some conservative Christians don’t seem to understand that. I started out in the Christian media and had run-ins with editors because of my interest in reporting about Christian leaders, even if it made them look bad. Administrators recently censored student journalists at Liberty University, a conservative Christian institution, for, in their view, making the school look bad. But God calls us to publish the truth, not propaganda.

The biblical prophets were the moral conscience of God’s people. Today, in a nonreligious sense, journalists are the moral conscience of the wider culture. We live in a fallen world, so there’s no shortage of material.

It takes some sinners a while to repent, and some never do. That means the influential people we expose might criticize us or call us names. They might even think we’re godless. But journalists are called to keep digging until we find the truth — and then proclaim it. end of article


Truth be known, I have been chastized for not being meek as a journalist by my own pastor and elders.  We see it different.  

Meekness  Meekness toward God is that disposition of spirit in which we acceptHis dealings with us as good, and therefore without disputing orresisting. In the OT, the meek are those wholly relying on God ratherthan their own strength to defend them against injustice. Thus,meekness toward evil people means knowing God is permitting theinjuries they inflict, that He is using them to purify His elect, andthat He will deliver His elect in His time

I am an old coot now and have had my share of bumps and bruises.  When Li Hon filed the seven bogus felony counts against me, I took it as an opportunity to live my faith in front of my friends and my sons and told them so from the beginning.  what a blessing and faith builder answered prayer is.  My kids and my friends will all tell you that all I ever asked was that they pray for Truth and Justice to prevail.  

I know that I added a few, "Please Lord, snare my enemy in the trap they set for me." prayers. 

15 The heathen are sunk down in the pit that they made: in the net which they hid is their own foot taken.

16 The Lord is known by the judgment which he executeth: the wicked is snared in the work of his own hands. Higgaion. Selah.

Press Release
State Representative Ernest Bailes Files HB 1090 Alleviating Property Tax Burden
AUSTIN, TX - State Representative Ernest Bailes filed House Bill 1090, lowering the number of
previous years allowed to be appraised if property was mistakenly omitted from an appraisal roll.
Currently, chief appraisers may go up to five years on the appraisal roll if they find taxable property
was erroneously omitted from a previous appraisal. When this happens, back taxes, penalty and
interest are added. HB 1090 changes the number of years considered from five to three.
"It is a top priority of mine to alleviate undue burdens on Texas taxpayers in every way possible,"
said Bailes. "Although we made improvements to the property tax system in the 86th, I look
forward to exploring every possible option."
According to the Texas Tax Code, appraisal districts must reappraise all property in its jurisdiction
at least once every three years, rationalizing the need to change this allowance from five to three


Press Release
State Representative Ernest Bailes Files HB 1090 Alleviating Property Tax Burden
AUSTIN, TX - State Representative Ernest Bailes filed House Bill 1090, lowering the number of
previous years allowed to be appraised if property was mistakenly omitted from an appraisal roll.
Currently, chief appraisers may go up to five years on the appraisal roll if they find taxable property
was erroneously omitted from a previous appraisal. When this happens, back taxes, penalty and
interest are added. HB 1090 changes the number of years considered from five to three.
"It is a top priority of mine to alleviate undue burdens on Texas taxpayers in every way possible,"
said Bailes. "Although we made improvements to the property tax system in the 86th, I look
forward to exploring every possible option."
According to the Texas Tax Code, appraisal districts must reappraise all property in its jurisdiction
at least once every three years, rationalizing the need to change this allowance from five to three


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