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Free speech is the soul of our nation and the foundation of all our other freedoms. If we can’t speak out against injustice and evil, those forces will prevail. Freedom of speech is the foundation of a free society. Without it, a tyrant can wreak havoc unopposed, while his opponents are silenced.  Pamela Geller


“But a constitution of government once changed from freedom can never be restored. Liberty, once lost, is lost forever.”—John Adams



A press release received at The Sentinel "From the Desk of Sheriff Greg Capers" claims that there is no truth to the "rumor" that "a suspect" used Bill Stone's phone after his death.

Here is a snip of the Walker County booking report received daily at The Sentinel.  Note that Bill Stone was booked in at 2:o5 am on May 8th.  According to his family member, Stone stated that he was arrested just after pulling out of his 'connections' place in Huntsville and arrested.   The same family member provided The Sentinel with this phone bill (below) that is the detail of the phone calls for phone number 832 401 7237 which they claim was a phone provided to Bill Stone by this elderly family member. 

Note that the last item before Stone's arrest is a text message from a blocked number at 12:28 am, a little more than an hour before he was booked in.  There is no more activity on the phone until 12 hours later and a call does not originate from the number until 2:10 pm.   According to Walker County jail records, Stone was released at 1:57 pm on May 8th and did not have a phone on his person at book in.  That proves that 13 minutes after Stone walked out of the jail, the phone was used again to originate a call. 

There is a copy of this same phone bill showing that the phone WAS used to originate a call a few weeks after Bill Stone's murder.   

 LIVINGSTON 9/21/2016


A story that appears on the front page of the Polk County Enterpirse but does not appear to be available on their online website outlines a motion prosecutor Joe Martin submitted at the last minute that has the effect of stalling any substantive action on the case pending against me.   I have decided to give the readers just a tidbit of the proof I have that Polk County DA, Bill Lee 'the kid' Hon is a liar and a criminal. 

    This photo above is a screen snip of one of the indictments against me.  Please take note of the earliest date of publication in count two, February 11.   That is the day I originally published the story headlined, "Anatomy of Corruption".  Along with that story, I published as a proof document, the "Declaration of Marriage" document that I obtained from the County Clerk's office for one dollar that anyone can walk in a view and/or purchase a copy of to this day.   I did not alter the form in any way before publishing it.

     Notice the indictment accuses me of publishing Rita Hon's address with intent to cause harm in mid February.   On or about February 13, I received a letter from Hon's attorney threatening to sue me for libel and slander if I didn't correct, clarify or remove the story within 30 days.   Now on to a snip of that threat to sue letter from Hon's attorney.

After receiving the threat to sue letter, I was able to confirm by interviewing Ms Hon's common law husband who resided in her prior residence with her for five years, that the first business day after he and Ms. Hon filed the common law marriage form, Lee Hon came and removed his mother from the premises and placed her in an assisted living facility.  That was in January.  The same day Hon removed his momma and within the hour, all of her bank accounts were closed except one and it was drawn down to a minimum amount according to her common law husband who had access to her online banking.  He alleges there was nearly a million dollars combined.   Ms Hon was later deemed unable to make her own decisions at the time she signed the marriage certificate in Hon's effort to undo that marriage.  

    She was apparently competent enough to sign banking documents that day but not competent enough to decide who she loved and wanted to spend the rest of her days with. 

    The voter rolls show that Ms. Hon's mail in ballot was requested and mailed to Lee Hon's address and then submitted and accepted in the election AFTER the date Hon proclaims she was incompetent to sign a legal document.  All that evidence is of record and despite the fact that her common law husband/caretaker asserts that she never requested the mail in ballot, no one seems to want to look into that.  Then the only witness that could prove she did not request the ballot, a precious lady by all accounts, died suddenly. 

     In his efforts to silence The Sentinel, Hon told the Rangers that Scheleana Hock secreted me out damning 'sensitive' information and that I published the address where his mother lived.  The charade of a 'trial' that Hon put the County Clerk thru and the statement Hon's own attorney provided in the threat to sue letter PROVE Hon is willing to lie on people and press false charges for political purpose.  THAT is the defintion of corruption.

COLDSPRING 9/13/2019


DISTRICT 18 11/6/2019


A recent ARTICLE that appeared in the Houston Chronicle validates the expose' articles The Sentinel did in the past regarding the dark money and corrupt practices of the EmPower Texans organization, CEO Michael Quinn Sullivan and the candidates they supported and ran in Texas and specifically the District 18 races.  Sentinel readers and local republican leadership will remember when we called out not only candiates but the local Republican Club leadership for their support of the dark money candidates and their corrupt practices over a local son with a great reputation.  

    This keeps our batting average at 1000 on our nose for the corrupt and willingness to out them publically DESPITE the consequences for me personally.  

LIVINGSTON 11/2/2019


A recent post on the Polk County Enterprise Facebook page has given some local communist sympathizer Gestapo Boot Lickers an opportunity to display their true colors for the community in the comments below the post.   If I had the time, I would take the list of names and compare it against the list of Hundreds of people who have had charges dismissed by Hon like I did Hon's campaign donor list.   That was interesting and it proved if you are Hon's buddy, you can commit crimes in Polk County and get by.  If you oppose him politically, he will come up with something to file on you based on evidence he does not have.  The public record speaks for itself.  To those on the comments list that blindly support Hon's tryanny.  You didn't stand up when he came after the bloggers, journalists and free speech.  You didn't stand up when he came after those who dared to oppose him politically.  You didn't stand up when he came after HUNDREDS of people with no evidence whom he later dismissed the charges on.  What are you going to do when he comes after you?  Bend over again?

LIVINGSTON 10/30/2019


The following story appeared on the front page of the Polk County Enterprise.  Typical of Bill Lee 'the kid' Hon to try and throw someone else under the bus for his own failures.  Mr. Hon.  THE BUCK STOPS WITH YOU.  That includes the victim money that goes through your office as well.   The comment in blue is from a Citizens guide for the Texas Criminal Justice system put out by the State Bar.


"After the law enforcement agency has completed its investigation, the case may be filed with the prosecuting attorney for review and, if appropriate, criminal prosecution. The prosecuting attorney considers such matters as the legality of the arrest, whether certain evidence essential to the case was legally obtained, and/or whether additional investigation is required. Depending on the facts and law involved, the prosecuting attorney may: accept the case for prosecution as filed; increase/reduce the charge filed; file additional/different charges; return the case for further investigation; or reject the case for prosecution."


By Valerie Reddell

James Curtis Primeau was released from the Polk County Jail on Sept. 23 — 801 days after he was arrested for continuous sexual abuse of a child under 14.

Defense attorney Jim Squyres was assigned to defend Primeau in the complex case.

“The nature of the charge was extremely serious,” Squyres said.

Primeau was unable to make bond so he could be released to await trial. “Mr. Primeau continued to assert his innocence despite the prolonged delay.”

Eventually, First Assistant District Attorney Beverly Armstrong became the lead prosecutor for the Primeau case.

“She’s outstanding, as well as one of the most ethical I know,” Squyres said.

When Armstrong reviewed the file, Squyres said she indicated to him that there was evidence that might not have been provided to the defense.
Reviewing those pieces of evidence at last prompted further questions, Squyres recalled.

When the evidence couldn’t be found in the Polk County District Attorney’s Office, Armstrong and Squyres visited the Onalaska Police Department, the agency that originated the investigation.

“We found a box of evidence there that had never been given to the DA’s office,” Squyres said. “There were interviews, journals and other items that seemed to support my client’s claim of innocence. The DA’s office may take a different position on that though.”

Armstrong and Squyres also learned why they had not received results of DNA testing despite the prolonged delay — Onalaska police had not collected a DNA sample from the alleged victim or the defendant.

At that point, Armstrong offered to release Primeau from jail on a personal recognizance bond.

“By that time, he had no place to go,” Squyres said. “He had lost his family and lost his home. If he accepted the PR bond, he would have been released to a homeless shelter.”

At the jail he had earned trustee status and was working in the kitchen.

“He achieved a degree of jailhouse fame for his cinnamon rolls,” Squyres said.

District Attorney Lee Hon said the lack of investigatorial expertise is not uncommon in smaller rural police departments.

“We would like for them to reach out for assistance,” Hon said. “Sometimes they do and sometimes they don’t.”

Both sides chose to proceed to trial and present the limited evidence to the jury.

On Sept. 23, everyone gathered at the Polk County Judicial Center to begin jury selection.

Or at least almost everyone involved in the case.

“That’s when we learned that the child’s mother had no intention of returning to Texas or participating in the trial,” Squyres said.

By the time the trial was set to begin, both sides had the DNA results, but now they had no victim testimony.

“They can’t prove their case beyond a reasonable doubt without her,” he added.

That morning 411th District Judge Kaycee Jones signed an order to dismiss all charges.

“I have no complaints against Beverly Armstrong. She did everything in her power to bring this case to resolution, and to make sure we had everything related to the case.

Onalaska Police Department did not get us the evidence we needed in a timely manner. Whatever their intent was — even if it was just very mismanaged — the effect was that it wrecked this man’s life.”

The dismissal was an emotional moment for Primeau as well as his attorney.

Over the two and a half years this case was pending, Squyres said he developed an attachment to his client.

“I still check in with him on occasion. He’s making steps forward with readjusting to the free world,” the attorney said.
Squyres said Primeau is looking ahead to build a career in the culinary arts field.

Hon added that lots of parents who find themselves involved in criminal cases involving sexual assault don’t want their child to go through the trauma of retelling the events in a courtroom in front of strangers.

During jury selection, Hon often reminds prospective jurors that most adults wouldn’t want to take the witness stand and describe things that happen in the privacy of their bedroom.

“The system ultimately worked, but it didn’t work perfectly. It’s somewhat unsatisfactory the way it ended,” Squyres said.

Hon said he doesn’t recall ever prosecuting a case without the child victim testifying. “It’s extremely rare,” Hon said.

“Juries want to hear from the victim, particularly before they decide whether to lock someone up for a very long time,” Hon said.

“Some people will always consider him guilty — I believe he’s innocent, but it’s hard for anyone to redeem what they lost in the process,” he added. “He’ll never get those two and a half years back.”

“I wish him nothing but the best life can offer.”
In the next installment in this occasional series, we’ll hear from others who play important roles in the criminal justice system.

Sentinel Publisher comment:

So you see Mr. Criminal (and I do mean criminal) District Attorney Hon, you cannot put your failures in the lap of a podunk police department.

FACT:  This is just one of the HUNDREDS of cases dismissed for lack of evidence during your tenure.

FACT:  YOU and only YOU are responsible for your failure.

FACT:  In my 30 plus years of outing corrupt public officials, the most numerous complaint BY FAR has been about you filing bogus charges for retaliation and political purpose.  It is that simple.  You even beat out Lou Rogers.



Publisher note:

You can read the full story at the link in the headline but suffice it to say that even though Kansasians protested the illegal and unethical actions of the ADA to the point she stepped down, NOTHING is done to seek justice for the wrongfully convicted.  That is at least a step above Texas where Tommy Coleman not only wasn't prosecuted, he was hired by the Texas Commission on Judicial Conduct long enough to run interference for Kaycee Jones during the blood warrant case, then solicited for hire by Polk County's own DA, Bill Lee 'the kid' Hon for his skills at violating the Brady law.  


LAWRENCE, Kan. (AP) — A Kansas prosecutor is retiring amid calls for her to step down after a Missouri judge overturned the double murder conviction of a man whom she helped send to prison more than two decades ago.

The Douglas County, Kansas, district attorney's office said in a statement this week that Chief Assistant District Attorney Amy McGowan is transitioning her cases to other attorneys in preparation for her Nov. 1 retirement. The statement provided no other explanation.

McGowan didn't immediately return a message from The Associated Press left for her through the prosecutor's office.

McGowan had been the subject of recent protests by the KC Freedom Project after a judge found that, while working in the Jackson County, Missouri, prosecutor's office, she failed to disclose exculpatory evidence in Ricky Kidd's case. He was freed from prison in August after a judge found clear and convincing evidence that he was wrongfully convicted of the February 1996 deaths of George Bryant and Oscar Bridges in Kansas City, Missouri. Prosecutors subsequently decided not to retry him.

"She should be disbarred," Kidd told The Kansas City Star's Editorial Board in September.

McGowan also was accused of withholding evidence in the case against Richard Buchli II, a Kansas City attorney who spent about five years in prison in the 2000 death of his law partner before his conviction was overturned. Charges later were dismissed. And in 2013, the Kansas Supreme Court found McGowan made improper comments during closing arguments in five cases between 2007 and 2009. In one instance, the court vacated a sentence in a child-exploitation case.


OCTOBER 22, 2019


As I sit here this morning comtemplating the circumstances that surround my investigative journalism efforts, it would be easy for most folks to understand how I might find myself in the doldrums of the Trinity Triangle.  A place where is seems there is often an evil wind of corruption blowing among those we are supposed to trust the most.  It may seem to those who don't know me well that my sails are dormant with no direction and no thrust to move my efforts forward. 

   A call I got yesterday from a long time friend all the way from San Antonio just to see if I was still alive got me to thinking. 

    Granted, it is discouraging to work and work on a story, fight for open records, expose PROOF of crimes being committed by public officials and often, nothing done about it unless I step forward, sign a sworn complaint and hire an attorney to persue it. Sure we have had our victories and successes but for the most part, the most agregious crimes are purposely overlooked.  I say purposely because of a quote from the Texas OAG (Office of Attorney General) to the effect that there is no mandate in the law that their office "regulate, enforce or monitor public offices".   What a crock of Hooey.  True, there is no statute that I can find that says, "The Texas Office of Attorney General must regulate, enforce and monitor public offices" BUT according to the Texas Constitution, their only empowerment is to defend the laws and constitution of this Great State.  Any law that is not enforced becomes moot.  The allowed and overlooked CRIMINAL actions of the Polk County DA have proven that the INTENTIONAL lack of regulation, enforcement and monitoring of public offices has made the abuse of official capacity and official oppression laws MOOT in Deep East Texas.  Who pays the price for that?  We the people.

      It is in that vein that my longest term investigation and proof gathering efforts are about to be put on full display.  With documents, I will prove rampant criminal acts in the highest ranks of power in State law enforcement.  As with the local level stories The Sentinel investigates, I will state plainly that the vast majority of good and decent men and women who poplulate those ranks are beyond reproach but the small element that is corrupt seems to have free reign.  Why?  

     Kevin Burchfield, hang on brother because YOU are on my radar.  You and everyone that has allowed your criminal enterprise to flourish in the State of Texas. 


AUSTIN 10/10/2019


In a long standing effort to expose and deal with corruption within the ranks of the Polk County DA's office, specifically DA Hon and ADA Coleman, by quite a few people in the community, the truth finally surfaces.  Despite YEARS of complaints with evidence offered proving crimes committed by Bill Lee 'the kid' Hon and Tommy 'taunt toe' evidence witholding Coleman, the OAG has consistantly ignored the community's effort to seek justice for the crimes committed by these men who are charged with defending the laws and the constitution of our great state. 

    A group of concerned citizens have been meeting to address the blind eye of the state when it comes to Hon's antics.  The group consists of men and women, black, white, hispanic, democrat, republican, independent, inlaw, outlaw and lawman.  They all have a common goal and that is that Truth and Justice prevail in Polk County. 

    A recent press for action against the corrupt DA made to the OAG by one member of the group who is a retired federal agent was met by the claim that, "It is not in Texas law that we (OAG) regulate, enforce or monitor government offices."



The Texas Attorney General is charged in the Texas constitution to defend the laws and the writings within the constitution. Additionally, the Attorney General Texas must represent the state in litigation and approve bond issues present in the public.

SHEPHERD 10/10/2019


San Jacinto County Precinct 2 Constable, Roy Pippen, has apparently abandoned his public service post in favor of a full time private job.   According to Sentinel sources, Pippen took a job working security for the Houston Astros baseball team and has "not been seen" for nearly a year at the job he was elected to do.  Pippen has not been serving court papers or attending the Commissioner's Court meetings.  Pippen's deputy has been left holding the bag.   Those same sources claim that Pippen is not planning to run again but the fact remains that he is collecting a check but not doing the job.   We called for the resignation of former Tax Assessor Collector, Kelly Wineager under similar circumstances and call for Pippen's now.  

Matthew David Greenwood

UPDATE 10/2/2019


Kirk Buik was the name on the ID found on the body in the barrel last week.  Sources close to the investigation state that the body was NOT dismembered but rather bludgeoned to death and folded to fit into the barrel he was buried in. 

    As of this writing, Greenwood is charged with 'tampering with evidence'. 

SHEPHERD 9/26/2019


In a story that The Sentinel broke several weeks ago concerning the investigation into the disappearance of Kirk Buik, The Texas Rangers confirmed today that they have recovered a barrel containing a bludgeoned body that is suspected to be that of the missing man, Kirk Buik.   We reported weeks ago, based on sources, that cadaver dogs, ground penetrating radar were used and some evidence of the crime had been recovered at the scene in Cherry Creek.  We were lamblasted for it.  According to the Blue Bonnet News (an L.E.O. 'media partner'), the man The Sentinel named in that story, Matthew David Greenwood and another man, Jack Wayne Gonzales were arrested yesterday in connection with the crime.   According to our sources, the body in the barrel was buried on the same property within Cherry Creek.   We have posted a drive by video on you tube shot the day we broke the story in August about the grizzely evidence

HOUSTON 9/16/2019


Conservative Patriot and outspoken activist against corruption at city hall, Anthony Dolcefino has stepped into the fray and is running for the At Large position 4 in the Houston City Council race.   A staunch advocate for transparency in government, Dolcefino's campaign page outlines the young man's strategy for making a difference for the people of Houston.  Having attended the University of Texas in Austin, Dolcefino's conservative voice has been accentuated already by being 'surrounded' by the liberal causes so favorable to many there.

   With Houston long being a democrat stronghold and well aware of the principles and practices of many in city government, Anthony's father and Emmy Award winning journalist, Wayne Dolcefino made one comment regarding his son's ambitious effort in a recent Sentinel interview.  "I think he has a chance", the senior Dolcefino stated. 

LIBERTY 9/12/2019  7:00 PM


A young hispanic male inmate was found hanging in his cell just an hour or so ago in the Liberty County Jail facility in Liberty that is run by the Geo Group as a private contractor.  Having just finished a spate of 'retraining' after the recent escape of two inmates a few weeks ago, the Geo brass had all just cleared out and then this death was discovered.  The Sentinel will seek more information but all we have about this death now is the basic information. 

    The Liberty County Jail and its operation has been the subject of a Sentinel investigation for some months now.  According to the Texas Commission on Jail Standards website, this jail has been out of compliance with those standards since April of 2019 and they failed a recent 'reinspection' that noted even more violations than the April inspection.  The second paragraph says this:

     While reviewing inmate medical files, it was determined that jail staff are not completing the form in its entirety by notating a CCQ match response and/or notating comments when answering “Yes” to questions. Jail staff are not making/documenting notifications, including magistrate as required by CCP 16.22, when required by the Screening Form for Suicide and Medical/Mental/Developmental Impairments.

     Another notation on the failed reinspection form proves that the allegations received at The Sentinel via inmate mail and investigated by The Sentinel were true:

     All medical instructions of designated physicians shall be followed. While reviewing medical files, it was determined that an inmate was not receiving medication in accordance with a doctor's order.

     Liberty County is not alone in east Texas for thumbing their nose at the Texas Commission on Jail Standards.  The Polk County jail is and has been out of compliance for 6 months and has not expressed any intent to regain the compliant status.  The Commission Report calls them down for failure to follow the standards for observing inmates.  

     At a recent candidate forum sponsored by the Polk Co Republican Club, the three announced sheriff candidates were asked about the state of the jail and the spate of inmate deaths there by Polk Co. civil rights activist, Rosemary Covalt.  Both Cain and Nettles had a proactive, do something about it answer while Byron Lyons, the current administrator of the jail brushed the deaths off with, "They are going to happen".  What Byron Lyons failed to mention is that the Antuawn Bogany death and the ensuing trial exposed the fact via video/audio recordings obtained by a Sentinel Open Records request, that prove the jail supervisor did NOT have Lyons number handy to get permission to send Bogany to the hospital and when he did find the number and call, there was no answer.  Just like the Polk County DA, Willy Hon, Hammack has refused to accept or return any call from The Sentinel.  


CORRECTION:  Hon did finally give the evidence to the defense in the criminal trial in 2016.  It took a district judge order to force his hand.    My source claimed intimate knowledge of the case but was wrong in stating Hon defied that order.  My apology for my error.   The push by the former defendant in this current civil case is because the chain of evidence requires that it come directly from the DA to the court so the evidence given in the criminal case cannot be used in the civil case.  I did search the district clerk file. The hearing set for Sept 9th was reset to allow room for a conflicting jury trial and as of yesterday has not been reset.

LIVINGSTON 9/21/2019


Hon has recently ignored the 129th district court judge's order to hand over evidence in a civil case arising from his failed Polk Co prosecution attempt.  A Sentinel story last week outlining the "Contempt of Court" actions to be pursued against "the kid" in Harris County, Hon made an unethical effort to circumvent a recent 129th district judge order to deliver the evidence by applying for a "Motion for Protection" in the 411th court in Polk County.  Even though a visiting judge had been assigned to that case, Hon took the motion to his former employee in a desperate bid to keep from revealing the truth about his Grand Jury antics.  District Judge, Kaycee Jones DENIED Hon's motion and ordered Hon to hand over the evidence citing legal precedent case law AND the visiting judges original order.  

     According to other district clerk files, Polk County's DA has a penchant for ignoring recussal actions and proceeding illegally when , as the appeals court so succinctly stated in the overturn of the McCarty case, his actions are "Calculated to harm the defendants rights"



.631 Tax rate was adopted in commisioners court today as the budget was ironed out and approved by a majority vote.  County employees got a raise and other increases were met but the overall tax rate was lowered. 

     The Texas Forest Service recommended that the county adopt a burn ban in light of the drought conditions in the county and the Judge and commissioners followed that expert advice and did declare a burn ban for SJC effective today. 

ANGLETON 9/1/2019


Gary Lee Harling Jr was arrested in Montgomery Co on a warrant out of Angleton for the death of an 8 mos old child.  Mistakenly identified as an "Angleton Man" in the Brazosport Facts Newspaper, the arrest records and a "MyLife" post all state Harling lives in Livignston, Texas.  Harling had been arrested on unrelated charges by Livingston PD in the past.  Touting himself as an MMA figher, Harling suffered a loss in all of his bouts.  His FB page tells more. 

UPDATE 9/4/2019


Adamant in her refusal to comment in a second phone call, SJC Auditor Wooley did wonder about the motive of whomever leaked the county business to The Sentinel. That sent The Sentinel on a fact finding mission for the history of the issue that is facing our courthouse mail system and has been for years. According to people with intimate knowledge of past events and practices, there is absolutely no wrong doing on the part of Asst. Auditor, Denise Maddox. With the current haphazard system, misplaced and mis-delivered mail in the courthouse is and has been an ongoing problem that has needed to be addressed for years. Horror stories of vital documents being 'lost in the shuffle' that have effected court cases and other county business in negative ways are plentiful. "So many people just address an envelope to San Jacinto County", one former mail handler stated, "with no clue on the envelope as to who is the intended recipient." Over the years, everyone from the indigent health care workers to custodians have been responsible for sorting and boxing the mail. That requires knowledge of every department to understand who is the intended recipient based often on who the mail is from. "The different county offices have much time sensitive mail" one observer noted, "and junk mail just like the rest of us" they added explaining why the uninformed might look at a video and get the wrong impression.

     By state law, the county auditor has a unique independence and authority in that there are no secrets held from them.  The auditor is entitled to see whatever they need to see to retain their oversight role of county business accuracy.  One person long affiliated with SJC stated, "Denise Maddox may not be the most engaging personality on the SJC payroll but her Character and Integrity are beyond reproach".  

     The one fact that became abundantly clear during The Sentinel research was this.  The problem has been ongoing and known about for years and has not yet been adequately addressed by the responsble party, Commissioner's Court.

COLDSPRING 8/28/2019


Denise Maddox is captured on courthouse video going through various public official's mail in the basement mail room according to reliable sources within our county government.   More than one elected official is up in arms about the allegations and some claim there is video footage of several seperate incidents that include Ms. Maddox discarding mail addressed to others.  "The mail was not in locked boxes so it is kind of a gray area" one investigator shared on condition of anonymity.  "Either way though, it is unethical and immoral at the very least", they added.   The incident will be addressed next week with some seeking the firing of the assistant auditor at a minimum.  We have reached out to Auditor Kimberely Wooley for comment.  Her email reply only wanted to know where I got the information.

LIVINGSTON 8/30/2019


     About 30 people attended the hearing on the County Clerk's effort to keep her private phone messages private from the prying eyes of the politically motivated District Attorney, William Lee Hon.  At one point in the arguments, Hon admitted the text messages may well be private but until he gets to see them, he won't know that.   Hon also attempted to make his case by presuming the records to be 'public records' already, kind of like the 'assumed close' salesman's tactic on a used car deal.  He was citing parts of the Texas 552. statutes dealing with production obligations for "Public records" that the Clerk maintains for the public under color of office.

   There was a narrow focus on the two items before Honorable Michael Miller that was well maintianed.  Motion for Protection and Motion to compel.  McGee argued to protect Ms. Hock's private phone messages.  Hon argued to compel their production. 

    My first impression of Judge Miller was, "has he ever read the 552. statutes?" but as the hearing progressed it soon became obvious his targeted, "not clear on" questions were bringing the absolute core issues to the front and had both attorneys digging and explaining their position. 

     It was during this exchange that the judge made clear that these open records requests were extremely narrow calling the three requests, "targeted requests".    Hon admitted they were by saying of the incident, "Look what this Idiot Lima sent that popped up on a blog the next day."  All of Hon's effort and county expenditure has been to determine who Ms. Hock sent the graphic to that was eventually shared with me and that I published.  

      Hon mentioning, "a blog" gave McGee the opening and opportunity to clarify to the judge, "It is no secret that the blog Mr. Hon mentioned is The Sentinel Alert and owner Steve Watson whom DA Hon is prosecuting on criminal charges".    The judge quickly turned the focus back onto the matters before the court at which point, Attny McGee pointed out that DA Hon opened the topic of "The Blog".  

      The topic of a prior and possibly the earliest motion of the defense to "Disqualify" DA Hon from prosecuting because he is the County's attorney obligated to defend Ms. Hock and also that Hon is a fact witness was touched on but not resolved or directly addressed by the court in order to maintain the narrow focus.   Hon argued that he was entitled to prosecute his own county clerk by pointing out he was currently prosecuting a local constable for wrong doing.

       Hon stated in court that he couldn't find any case in the last few years where he gave Ms. Hock legal advice on an open records request issue although The Sentinel has published the official email from Hon on his letter head to Ms. Hock instructing her to forward any open records requests received in her office from Steve Watson to his office.   He gave her legal advice in that correspondence.  Ms Hock complied and submitted the O.R. Request to him.  Bill Lee 'the kid' Hon is just a damn liar.  He can't help himself.  Just like the call to the Rangers Hon made claiming Ms. Hock released 'sensitive documents' from her office to me in the past when the truth The Rangers found was that I walked in and bought a copy of a public record from her deputy for a dollar.   Or how about his lies to the special prosecutor/Grand Jury used to indict me and his lies to The Rangers claiming I published his momma's address when he knew that she had moved almost a month before I published my story but witheld that exculpatory evidence? 


     This guy needs to go out in cuffs for his crimes.  It is that simple.  The longer Hon is allowed to stand there flat footed and lie to District Judges, Ignore District Judge orders and withold exculpatory evidence, the more legitimate cases he has prosecuted that are now clouded by him even touching them.  Especially when he hires Tommy Coleman, infamous for his Morton murder evidence witholding, as his right hand man.  And to think that Senator Babin endorses them both for Federal prosecutor positions.  What a joke this clown has made of the prosecutor's office in Polk county.   That is a shame because he has some ADA's that do a great job and are highly respected in the community. 

      Odd but true is the fact that the one thing that tells me more about Hon than all of his illegal, immoral an unethical antics is this:  Wearing suits with padded shoulders.  Every time he raised his arm, it looked like half his upper arm was coming out of his side about six inches below the 'artifical shoulder horizon' that padding afforded when he stood still.  The padding was designed to add about six inches to his shoulder width giving the impression that he had manly broad shoulders.  Just another lie. 

COLDSPRING 8/21/2019


The absolute refusal by SJC investigators to collect what may end up being the key evidence to solve the crime speaks volumes about the intent to let this murder ride off into the sunset unsolved.   Around the first of July, The Sentinel forwarded pertinent and time sensitive evidence to the S.O. that we thought they would want to follow up on and here it is August 21st and the S.O. has NOT made the first attempt to collect the evidence offered.   I gave them a portion of the documents in an email but according to the detective that I spoke with, they cannot peruse the documents unless the 'owner' of the documents gives them permission.  Keep in mind, the owner is the one who provided them to me with express permission for me to share them with investigators.  The S.O. NEVER contacted me.  When I finally called in, the detective said he needs a signed permission form to view the documents but has NOT, as of yesterday, made any effort to obtain that signature.  The owner, an SJC resident, is willing to sign, just unable to travel at this time. 

       To add insult to injury, an associate of Stone's who confesses that he was 'slinging' a little himself and brought the investigators a lead indicating Stone may have been killed in another location and moved to where the body was found alledges they not only have not attempted to collect that DNA evidence but instead, the investigator began to question him about any association between 'that sentinel guy' and Bill Stone. 

        "Your name came up" is an exact quote from the person who has turned to The Sentinel to try to get the evidence he alledges is there to be collected.  I don't know this guy or have any relationship with him but if his allegations are true, it would explain why no bullet was found in the room where the body was found even though the wound was a through and through shot from a small caliber weapon according to a family member. 

      Other people close to Stone allege that his truck was not parked where he "always parked" but was left in a position that would have afforded room for another vehicle to be pulled in beside it. 

       It is my sincere HOPE that I have to eat crow on this story.  The sooner the better but all indicators are that less than a robust effort is underway to solve this murder.   

LIVINGSTON 8/19/2019


Special Prosecutor, Willam Lee Hon was appointed to prosecute a Liberty County Commissioner after he was indicted on crimes.  The conviction Hon obtained was overturned at the appeals court level for Hon's unethical practice.  The Court stated:


 “We conclude the evidence in this case was legally sufficient to support the jury’s finding that McCarty knowingly or intentionally misused government personnel and property under the statute,” the opinion read. “We further determine the indictment was sufficient to put McCarty on notice and allow him adequately to prepare a defense. Nevertheless, the trial court erred by failing to submit accomplice-witness instructions for Bolt and Murphy, and we conclude this resulted in harm ‘calculated to injure the rights of the defendant.’”


The Chronicle story goes on to explain that the witnesses Hon brought against McCarty were in a position to have been prosecuted themselves but Hon failed to inform the jury of that fact.   The court stated that Hon "calculated to injure the rights of the defendant".  If I had to sum up all the compliants on Bill Lee 'the kid' Hon from all sectors over the years, in one expression, the court said it best.  So now we know without doubt that The State of Texas is FULLY aware of Hon's lack of integrity and still does nothing about his crimes. 



UPDATE 8/18/2019


Very troubling allegations have risen from the recent death of Corrigan PD officer, Joe Marvin Robertson. 

Allegations of a 'shake down' racket in Corrigan that has been ongoing that Officer Robertson was threatening to expose led to his murder.  One source claims Robertson chose his church to meet with someone after his arrest thinking it would be a 'safe space'.    Another souce claims that Cleveland PD officer is saying the church video shows Robertson inflicting his fatal wound himself.  Several troubling facts.  Robertson had faced and fought more serious charges just a year ago.  Robertson had established a pattern for exposing corruption in police departments via his facebook page.  Robertson had communicated with The Sentinel on police corruption in another department in the past.  Black men have a low probability of committing suicide by gun in texas.  Less than a third of the rate of white men.

CLEVELAND 8/12/2019


Joe Marvin Robertson, a former SJC Deputy was found dead in the church he pastored in Cleveland and it is alleged to be a suicide.  As the journalist who broke the story of Robertson's arrest while he was working for SJC Sheriff, I did take the time to interview him at that time.  He was upset about the bogus nature of the charges that were being perpetrated against him right when Robertson filed to run for Liberty County Clerk.  We did run a story at the time about the incident and it did seem to be a set up of taking an old case that was nothing to start with and then the city making it resurface during election season.  If you read Joe Robertson's FB page, you will see he had a heart for fighting injustice in the law enforcement community, had a lot of friends and plenty to live for.   Joe did pastor a local church in Cleveland and it was the scene of his death.  His attorney would not let him give me the evidence of the wrong doing by Cleveland PD over the old charges but apparently they went away because he was able to keep his TCOLE and hire on at Corrigan.   Joe is shown in the Chris Lima fb post in a story below about the city hiring former District Judge, E McClendon.    Robertson is the second cop who worked with Lima who, sources allege was being investigated, and died by gunshot wound.

     My impression of Joe was that he was a believer and had integrity.  He was willing to face the racism head on that would punish him for being 'uppity' enough to run for County Clerk.   There is power in knowing and not telling.  There is danger in knowing and others being afraid you might tell. 

      The Sentinel calls for a complete and thorough investigation into this questionable death. 


Katherine McCarty

LIBERTY 8/17/2019


In the U.S. there are two peices of information in the criminal justice system that are public without any question.  That is who you arrested and why you arrested them yet Liberty County Attorney's office, a room full of attorneys, doesnt' seem to grasp that simple constitutional protection.  Either Wes Hinch and his staff are ignorant of the law OR they are actively attacking our probable cause protections and open records laws.  It is that simple. 

    A 'Probable Cause Audit' conducted by The Sentinel several months ago revealed that the Montgomery County Pct 4 Constable Rowdy Hayden and his crew were violating the law by making no probable cause stops and then lying on the reports.  When we asked for the probable cause documents on three similar arrests made by three Montgomery County police agencies, two complied and Hayden went to the OAG seeking an opinion.  The Sentinel won that battle and Hayden was forced to hand over the documents proving the crimes committed by his agency.  The same DA who processed his stall tactic also turned a blind eye to the criminal acts of Hayden's agency. 

    Fast forward to Liberty County where The Sentinel requested probable cause documents on a bogus arrest/charges and the Liberty County Asst Attorney, Katherine McCarty is seeking an opinion to see if they are required to provide those documents.  What a crock of hooey that OAG opinion request is.  They know we are entitled to the info but choose to stall for the same reason Hayden did.   They are not the first DA to try to cover the crimes of their law enforcement personnel and won't be the last I am sure.  When we get these documents, we will be able to prove a pattern and a conspiracy between multiple agencies to railroad an individual and break the law to do it.  


   It won't work young lady.  You will give me the documents I requested.

Steve Watson - Publisher

Jonathan Salcido

SHEPHERD 8/12/2019


Jonathan Salcido and Reuben Salcido were shot near Shepherd in a confrontation with Miguel Silva.  Jonathan Sacido died at the scene.  Reuben was life flighted to Houston and is expected to survive.  No official release has been made. 


COLDSPRING 8/13/2019


According to official sources, Miguel Silva was NOT booked into the SJC jail after being questioned by detectives.

UPDATE 8/12/2019


According to official sources, Miguel Silva did surrender himself to the SJC Sheriff this morning as he stated he would.  Rumors are running rampant and most are not true.


SHEPHERD 8/11/2019


In what appears to be another drug deal gone bad, one young man is dead, his brother was lifeflighted and the shooter is on the run.  We are witholding names of the victims here until next of kin is notified but according to Sentinel Sources, one brother stepped in front of the other to shield him and took the bullet intended for his brother.  As of our source time, Miguel Silva is being sought as the suspect in the shooting of the two local brothers.   Our Patreon page has the names now for our members. 

I can go on and on Ken, talking about the "first republican" DA that covered up his pedophile county judge buddy's computer crimes then filed false charges on people for political purpose.  Or how about the sheriff candidate Royce Wells and his sex crimes, the judge cadidate Steve Roberts who published more lies about his opponent than any liar in my recent memory.  And how about our first republican Constable Sam Houston?  I have twenty plus text messages where he was trying to coerce a beautiful young woman into meeting with him or loose her kids and introduce you to his "Captian Sparta".  Sparta is a man convicted of Agg Sexual Assault of a Child when he was 17, a record that is sealed and not held against him in gaining his TCOLE license.   So please Ken, for your sake and ours, give the RINO crap and the painting red BS a rest.   It doesn't play here.   Steve Watson - Publisher.



   In a 'Motion to Show Cause' hearing scheduled for Sept 9 in the 129th District Court in Houston, Texas, the allegations that Polk Co DA, William Lee Hon has criminally withheld evidence will be examined. 

     In a civil case stemming from a prior criminal action Hon took against the plaintiff in this lawsuit, it is alleged that Hon allowed perjured testimony to be brought to the grand jury while he was seeking an indictment, which he did obtain. 

    The case presents an interesting legal question regarding the secrecy of the grand jury vs. the rights of the accused to obtain evidence.  Hon is expected to continue witholding the evidence that it is alleged would prove he brought perjured testimony to the grand jury.  

 LIVINGSTON 8/6/2019


The ongoing saga of the multiple Polk County Jail deaths took an interesting twist Wednesday, Aug 8 when the proposed resolution was rejected by  Judge Kaycee Jones and reset for a later hearing.  OAG representaive Cloudt had made the verbal offer to the family a month or so ago of 15 days in jail, losing his jailer license for life and no gun permit for 5 years as punishment for the jailer witholding medical care causeing the death of Antoine Bogany. 

     After much pressure by The L.U.L.A.C. representaive, Rosemary Covalt,  who was appointed as an advocate for the victim, The State of Texas finally produced the video evidence long requested by the family to view.   Several things came to light from the video.

      Antoine Bogany died in agony left to wallow on the floor in his death throes.  EMS personel on hand AND the majority of the jailers there wanted to get him to the hospital.  The person tasked with making the decision had NO MEDICAL TRAINING.  It was orders from the top that kept the jailer from incurring a hosptial bill without getting specific permission from the chief deputy, Byron Lyons to transport the inmate to the ER.  Byron Lyons was NOT available to his own staff because not only was Lyons phone number not readily available, when they did finally get it and call, Lyons was NOT available but only the opportunity to leave a voice mail.   

     The Sentinel investigation into this and other jail deaths shows a direct link to the administration of the jail being at fault yet only the low man on the totem pole is called to task for the incident.  Judge Jones called the evidence file submitted to her recently for perusal before making her decision as lacking.  

       The most recent Polk Co Jail death of an elderly white woman who was also denied medical care seemed to be a Deja Vu as Judge Jones interviewed a current Polk County jail inmate about her situation.  Also an elderly female incarcerated for stealing dog food, she answered Judge Jones' inquirey as to her medical conditions with, "Yes ma'am I have heart problems, high blood pressure and I am diabetic."    Judge Jones asked, "Have you received any medical attention from the jail?"  "No ma'am, they haven't given me anything".  "Do you have concerns about your medical condition?" Judge Jones asked as a follow up.  "Yes ma'am I do" was the inmate's response.  

      As the last video arraignment before the Bogany case came before her bench, Judge Jones and the rest of us couldn't help but notice that Polk Co DA, William Hon sauntered into the court room as an observer to be there during the hearing about the Bogany death.  Instead of taking his rightful place before her bench, Hon had hired a tall and imposing black woman attorney to fade the heat that needs to be laid at Hon's feet for this death.  Lee Hon, Kenneth Hammack and Byron Lyons are all willing to shirk their responsibility for the actions and lack of action that led to Bogany's death and let the jailer, who was only following orders, bear the brunt of the punishment for the negligent death.  Not well done Mr. Hon.  You prove once again that you have no integrity, no morals and absolutely no conscience when it comes to your wrong doing.  

     For some of the folks who seem bent on making this a racial issue, let me point out that the jailer being blamed was white but the administrator who was unavailable to his staff was black, the advocate is hispanic and the only reporters writing about the incident are white.  It is NOT about race but about incompetence and injustice that cannot be tolerated. 





In another effort right out of the left's play book, Brian Babin went on Fox this morning touting his communist manifesto (HB 838) as the answer to so called 'gun violence'.  His voice and thoughts chimed right in with Robert O'Roark, Cory Booker and the rest of the progressive left (communist) agenda to do away with our freedom and probable cause protections.  Avoiding direct questions about the content of his bill, Babin closed with the BALD FACE LIE, "America wants this" as he held up a handwritten reference to his bill.  The troubling part is that Babin claims 100 fellow Congressmen are co sponsoring the bill now.   You don't have to read too far into the text of the bill to run across this statist language:


(2) BEHAVIORAL THREAT ASSESSMENT AND MANAGEMENT.—The term ‘‘behavioral threat assessment and management’’ means the systematic and  evidence-based process of

   (A) identifying individuals who are exhibiting patterns of concerning behavior that indicate an interest, motive, intention, or capability of carrying out an act of violence;

   (B) investigating and gathering information from multiple sources to assess whether an individual described in subparagraph (A) poses a threat, based on articulable facts; and 

    (C) the subsequent management of such a threat, if necessary.


Since the FBI recently stated that people who uncover  "illegal, harmful, or unconstitutional activities by government officials or leading  political figures" are a threat to national security, that would place any investigative reporter on Babin's list.   When you get to (B), I have no doubt that the crooked cops The Sentinel exposes and has exposed for years with proof documents would

cooperate with Babin's task force if it will help silence our free speech.  


The ABSOLUTE HYPOCRICY Mr. Babin is this.  I have identified, published evidence and screamed from the roof tops about Christopher Lima, a cop in your district "exhibiting patterns of concerning behavior that indicate an interest, motive, intention or capability of carrying out an act of violence" and you ignore that.   Lima has been accused multiple times by multiple people of committing acts of violence but you have stedfastly ignored the complaints. 

    Your bill goes even further into indoctinating our public school kids into the police state agenda.  Coldsprings own experience with Roosevelt Joseph as ISD police chief prove that our children are being taught that they have no constitutional protections.  Now you, Mr. Babin, want to wipe them out for the rest of us.  Not well done. 


DISTRICT 36 8/2/2019


District 36 Congressman Brian Babin joins forces with Florida's own communist raised Senator, Marco Rubio and a Florida democrat to eviscerate our Constitutional 'Probable Cause' protections.  They seek to accomplish this with an illegal and unconstitutional profiling bill that would seek to violate due process and punish people for crimes they might commit. 

     The T.A.P.S. act introduced in Congress by Babin and The Senate by Rubio is just profiling by another name.  Babin touts the 'threat assesment' capabilities of law enforcement while turning a blind eye to incidents like the Waco Twin Peaks shooting where every probable cause protection and police policy and training on riot control were violated and a few pre positioned hidden snipers determined some men were a threat and executed them.  Babin's effort has taken the play of citizen assessment right out of the COMMUNIST CHINESE citizen ranking efforts.

    Babin has shown his true colors before in endorsing Polk Co ADA Tommy Coleman and DA Bill Lee 'The Kid' Hon for Federal Prosecutor positions with full knowledge of Coleman's involvment in the Michael Morton Case and Lee Hon's repeated violations of the law and our Constitution. 

     Babin demonstrates his bias in the fact that he will attend Polk County Republican 'CLUB' events led by these two men but will not even respond to the Polk County Republican Party where the legitimate political process is embraced. 

     Babin has also promoted his endorsement of Corrigan Detective and future police chief, Christopher Lima despite hundreds of pages of documents alleging Lima's abuse of his own family members and members of the public.   The only way that these criminals in positions of public service can continue to violate the law and our Constitution with impunity and immunity is to have the protection of a 'higher up'.  Are you the 'higher up' who keeps the heat off of these criminals Mr. Babin?  You want to overlook the provable and already committed crimes of these 'lawmen' yet give them the power to do a 'threat assessment' of citizens allowing them to be profiled and punished with no probable cause?  You sir are a threat to our nation.  You need to be voted out next election.



The recent arrest of a Polk County Constable only serves to highlight the double standard of local law enforcement when it comes to the illegal antics of elected officials.   The Rangers and FBI have the proof that Polk Co DA filed multiple false police reports with The Rangers, abused his official capacity on several occassions and they know that Hon's momma was NOT even living at the Mills Street address when The Sentinel published the public record document pertaining to her marriage.  They all have documented IRREFUTABLE EVIDENCE of Hon's crimes yet that is ok. 

      Former Ranger Ron Duff was not prosecuted or fired for his misconduct several years ago which broke up a marriage and has left a permanent stain on the reputaion of that renowed agency.  Multiple souces claim the reason is that Hon dated and then married a juror on a murder trial he was prosecuting.  Is that true Lee Hon?  The Sentinel readers want to know.   Did you date a juror and then have to overlook Ron Duff's crime?  Ron Duff violated everything that The Texas Rangers stand for but was reassigned and allowed to retire quietly on comp time.

   Lets fast forward to today.  60 days has elapsed since a detailed complaint was filed with the IG of DPS with accompanying documents but no investigation went as far as even questioning the complainant.   Another complaint was filed by a local activist nearly a year ago with a file folder of evidence documents and that Ranger lied to her repeatedly and today, cannot produce the file.  What can we learn from this?  DO NOT give your original evidence files to The Rangers or FBI because it will be 'lost' on purpose when it does not match their narrative and needs.  

      The American Patriots have had a belly full of the very people we elect to defend and protect our laws and Constitution from all enemies violating those very laws with impunity and apparent IMMUNITY.

     The FBI wants to label investigative journalists like me as a threat to national security for exposing the crimes of public officials instead of the criminal public offiicals.    They need to understand that there are three boxes we the people hold dear.  The Ballot Box, The Jury Box and as a last resort, the Ammo Box.  American Patriots will live free or die.  It is that simple.


"Mr. Grant, our office emailed you a response letter on June 6 letting you know we had received your case and assigned it a number: OIG2019-0392.  An investigator will contact you when your case comes up in the queue.  Thank you for your patience." 


POLK CO 8/3/2019






"The FBI said another factor driving the intensity of this threat is “the uncovering of real conspiracies or cover-ups involving illegal, harmful, or unconstitutional activities by government officials or leading political figures.” The FBI does not specify which political leaders or which cover-ups it was referring to.


So according to the new FBI Domestic Terrorism alert, people like me that uncover "illegal, harmful, or unconstitutional activities by government officials or leading  political figures" are to blame for any negative public sentiment against government instead of the crooked and corrupt 'public servant' that is exposed by our efforts.    

     The DOJ has expressed this sentiment locally by ignoring the evidence provided to them of criminal acts of say the Polk Co DA.  Written off as, "not big enough" to warrant their attention, they along with local and state agencies allowed the documented and provable crimes of William Lee Hon and Tommy Coleman go unprosecuted.  Not only that, when they took the one light at the end of the tunnel (Agent Michael Carroll)  off the case and then 'lost' the evidence file The Sentinel and others have submitted, the DOJ said plainly, "Your rights as a citizen do NOT matter".  "What we cannot have is a podunk wish he was a journalist tearing down the system we have created where NO ONE bucks the authority of that system".  

    There is no way around the fact that this statment by the FBI is tantamont to relegating True Patriotism to the realm of 'Domestic Terrorism.'  It is that simple. 

UPDATE 8/2/2019


The Polk County Environmental Officer, Deryl Oates talked a good game but has NOT kept his word to The Sentinel.  In the brief conversation outlined below, Officer Oates committed to providing proof documents that he had done his job and filed a case on this criminal pollution  but he failed to do so.  The Sentinel followed our verbal request over the phone with a written and binding Open Records Request because we have learned that the Polk Co DA will block open records if he is involved.  We are not sure if Deryl Oates has ignored our request or if he submitted our request to the DA who has ignored the request.  I would guess that it is the latter because our vetting of Deryl Oates indicates that he is a pretty stand up guy and fair.  We can understand why the DA would block the release because it will prove once again that he is biased in his prosections, willing to prosecute a man with a parts truck in his yard with a felony while allowing large property owners to slide with a devastating source of pollution almost on the banks of Kickapoo Creek.  Stay tuned to see how this turns out. 

LIVINGSTON 7/18/2019


In a brief but pointwd interview, Polk County Environmental Officer, Deryl Oates aknowledged the presence of the dump out in the Wells Landing area north of Onalaska and adjacent to Kickapoo Creek.  "That is the one that burned a couple of years ago", Officer Oates relayed to The Sentinel.  "I have a case filed on it", Oates assured.  "I have put up cameras before but they got stolen", he lamented. 

   In a gesture of transparency, the Polk Co Environmental Officer agreed to provide The Sentinel with documentation of his actions on this case.   Oates was aware of the new pile started a little ways away from the burned dump. 

POLK COUNTY 7/14/2019


A recorded and platted subdivision in Polk County has had a dump site for those property owners willing to illegally dump there for years with impunity and common knowledge.  The dumps are located in a r.o.w. dedicated to public use by the original developer.  One was burned out a year or so ago causing the dumpers to move down the hill to start a new one even closer into the immediate drainage basin of Kickapoo Creek.  Both lie within a few miles, as the fish swims, of Lake Livingston.  There are the remnants of a no dumping sign still nailed to a tree threatening fines for dumping but no enforcement or clean up effort has been made to date.   Other property owners have been arrested and charged with felonies for 'trashy yards' that they own or rent but this dump on a road bed  just goes on and on.  The surrounding property owner here is a wealthy land owner who has the assets to clean the mess up but just doesn't.  The area is well within the jurisdiction of Polk Co Environmental officer, Deryl Oates and the S.O.  The Sentinel readers are asking, Officer Oates, "Why the Double Standard"?

   The Sentinel has worked closely with the Environmental officer in SJC to bring such dumps to his attention and he got TCEQ to handle the problem.  We will see how Polk County responds.  The no dumping sign, the fence put up that has been torn down and the fire that was put out indicate there is knowledge of the dump in official hands. 

    For the rest of the story, including the land owners name and exact location of the dump, follow THE LINK and consider becoming a 1 dollar a month Patron to The Sentinel if you appreciate our efforts.   Thank you to those who have pledged to support our work.  You are appreciated.



At left is the TCOLE report obtained by open records.  Notice service end date.

SAN JACINTO CO 7/31/2019


A DPS Trooper assigned to the SJC area has been removed from his position and had his TCOLE license suspended or revoked according to reliable Sentinel sources.   The nature of his alleged wrong doing has not been released yet but the effect has been the dismissal of numerous cases that this trooper had involvement with.   For the Troopers name, follow this Link for Sentinel Patrons



A letter from an inmate confirms that not only is property in possession at the time of arrest is being stolen but also property brought in by the family of inmates is also subject to theft.  The letter confims one jailer was fired for theft.  High dollar prescription glasses have been 'replaced' with Dollar Store readers when the family brought them in for the inmate and they came up missing. 



Multiple complaints of property being stolen from inmates after booking into the jail that they don't realize until their release may have been verified by a recent termination at the facility.   With the recent scrutiny, sources say, the complaints came to light and the action was taken. 



No official release but Sentinel sources state that an inmate being held in segregation was found dead by hanging recently.  



Sheriff Rand Henderson stated, “Job well done by the Deputies who quickly and safely arrested this dangerous criminal and put an end to his dangerous conduct! Deputies did an amazing job capturing this individual who chose to prey on woman during the holidays. He will now face the consequences of his actions through the criminal justice system”.


So our question is this.  MONTGOMERY COUNTY POLICE REPORTER.  Why do you constantly 'cover' the arrest and jailing of the individuals from the Police P.O.V. but never cover the dismissals, dropped charges, no probable cause stops and actual crimes commited by policemen?   If no update of outcome how come you don't even have the decency to drop the stories about private citizens once someone is cleared of the charges? How about the questionable deaths?  Been a spate of them lately. 


UPDATE 7/21/2019


At left is the probable cause afidavit narrative released by the SJC S.O. and DA's office.

COLDSPRING 7/16/2019


In a timely and complete answer, San Jacinto County District Attorney's office and SJC Sheriff's office answered at least two different open records requests made on this case including one to The Sentinel.  The release of the documents requested was complete and as an extra measure of transparency, the two agencies agreed to allow The Sentinel to review the officer's body cam footage of the arrest.   "I won't give you a copy", ADA Dillon stated, "Because it is evidence in an open investigation". 

    Evans not only uploaded his live stream video the night of the arrest but has since done a live stream interview with "P and P News", a fellow youtuber.   In the last week Evans has done one more live stream solo commentary from a friends front porch at midnight. 

     In the first two videos, Evans mentions The Sentinel by name.  Based on those comments, we feel obligated to shine a little light on this whole ordeal.

    Long time Sentinel readers will remember that the first "Audit" of SJC was done by News Now Houston and slammed our community with many false allegations.  News Now Houston's owner, Earl David Worden, with Clint Evans in tow, shot some video in Coldspring and attributed every official vehicle he could spot at the SO, The Courthouse, The ESD offices and Paradise Grill and the doughnut shop as "surveilling them".  It was that effort that earned Earl David Worden being 'outed' by The Sentinel for who he really is.  Both men wanted to hide behind their anonymity, slam our beautiful community as tyrant filled with abusive lawmen and attack our 2nd largest industry, tourism.  It took a week and a one second slip up of Worden's in a video he did for me to gain the information of exactly who he was and bring it to light on his own youtube channel.  All of my comments to the auditor community over the last two years are chronicled HERE.

      The sad fact is, nothing has changed in the 1st amendment auditor community.  They are still fermenting lies and chaos.  They are still telling lies on honest men and still using their platform to dupe the gullible in to sending them money. 







There has been no official statement released or Open Records request reply from SJC Sheriff on the case of You Tube Activist Clint Evans recent arrest case but a long time reliable source is allegeing that body cam video "he has seen" shows Evans inflicting his own injuries during the arrest scuffle.   The Sentinel has not seen the video but did consider it substantial enough to call and interview Evans about the allegations.        "That is a bunch of crap", Evans stated emphatically.  He felt that the cruiser that pulled up to throw light on the scene was too close for that dash cam to pick up anything.  As far as body cam footage goes, Evans did clarify that he did move his head "about 20 degrees" at one point in order to facilitate removal and protection of his glasses. 

     The Sentinel has requested opportunity to view the probable cause documents and video. 


AUSTIN 7/15/2019


A LETTER recieved in The Sentinel offices today addressed all of the complaints that were made regarding the non compliance issues at the Liberty County Jail of late.   Director Wood dispatched an investigator who has completed and submitted his report and answered our questions.    Just follow the 'LETTER' link in the first line to view it. 

creek in background drains into Kickapoo Creek within 2000 feet

COLDSPRING 7/11/2019


robert white  (Sunday, July 07 19 10:13 pm EDT)

I can confirm Bill Stone was killed.
and yes one person has been questioned...but nobody knows what happened is still under investigation...there are so many rumors....

Hi Mr. White,  I don't know who you are or if you are family or a criminal justice worker privey to the case but there are plenty of undisputable facts.

    The Sentinel submitted open records request early on but have not even gotten an official confirmation of the victim's name but, confident in our sources, we put his name and the circumstances out there that the public would know who was killed and that a murder took place in our midst.   We held back his name for 3 days to make sure all kin was notified.

    There are a couple of other facts including that at least one person of interest has been questioned.  You are wrong on one point when you say, "nobody knows what happened".  The killer(s) know what happened.

    It was a Sentinel source that brought forward the facts surrounding the person of interest being questioned and we shared that info with the local and neighboring county LEO's who were effected by it.  We cannot prove that the detectives did not already have the info but can prove that we submitted the name and circumstances for investigation prior to the person being interviewed.  

    We can also state as a matter of fact and public record that William 'Bill' Stone was arrested in Huntsville last May 8th at 2 am on a serious Drug Charge and was out on bond and facing trial when he was murdered.  We receive the Walker County arrest reports daily and by back tracking, The Sentinel found his name is listed May 8th.  Combined with the 1 am phone call and text to a Huntsville number would lead any reasonable person (detective or not) to surmise there is at least one other person of interest to be questioned.   

     Other leads and information have been submitted to The Sentinel.  We have forwarded the information alleged to the Sheriff while protecting our source.   Steve Watson


robert white (Saturday, July 13 19 04:28 pm EDT)

"I am family and you are correct the killers know what happened....what I meant was so many people are posting there opinions and telling the family this happened and this happened but they don't know their just spreading rumors ....the cops haven't even release nothing to us yet....they are still investigating we would appreciate them keeping there theories to there self and tell the detective thank you"


We are all sorry for your loss and seeing the many expressions of sorrow on social media illustrates the community aspect of our lives but there is a killer in our midst.  Who?  Folks are still talking about the Natasha Atchley murder a quarter century later.  Still asking, "Who"?  The Sentinel has contributed everything I can to that investigation including names of people with information and knowledge of events surrounding it.   There are quite a few unsolved murders in our area that all seem to show some of the same tell tale signs for years. 




Although no official confirmation of even the identity of the victim has been received at The Sentinel despite our request for such, sources close to the investigation have confirmed that at least one person of interest has been questioned relating to the recent death of William 'Bill' Stone.   Those same sources indicate that at least one other possible motive and person of interest is being looked into.  Both have a Walker County connection.   Bill Stone was laid to rest Tuesday with a funeral service held at FBC Coldspring two blocks from the scene of the crime. 

Joe Schultea file photo



Long time TCOLE certified police officer Joe Schultea has retired from the SJC Sheriff's Dept amid the controversy over remarks he posted on the Harris County S.O. facebook page about their participation in the Houston gay pride parade.  According to other news sources, SJC Sheriff, Greg Caper's comments about Schultea's retirement had to do with his departments 'anti discriminatory' policy.

     Long time friends from their days at Harris County S.O., the men have brought many changes to the SJC Sheriff's dept ranging from communications to tactics. 

     Schultea was the Police Cheif at Patton Villiage when he and I met.  One of his officers gave me a ticket on the main lanes.  It was my exposing the fact that Patton Village did not have any jurisdiction up on the main lanes of Hiway 59 and that the city was passing out fraudulent city limit maps, even to their police chief that opened his eyes to the fraud being perpetrated against the citizens of Texas.   A few weeks later, the Texas Rangers and Montgomery County DA raided the offices and arrested 7 city officials.  The irony is, it was Montgomery County documents recorded in the clerks's office that I used to prove the fraud.  No one will ever convince me that the county was not fully aware that Patton Village did NOT have jurisdiction over the main lanes for 2 decades and turned a blind eye to it. 

      Schultea and I sparked over a lack of transparency in the SJC Sheriff's dept but the fact remains, he comes from a long line of Law Enforcement officers and served for 42 years himself. 





UPDATE 6/25/2019


The body of Bill Stone was discovered in a small building near his mother's home by a family member.  No official press release as of yet but others have named him on social media and it has been three days so The Sentinel will confirm that Bill Stone is the victim.  The S.O. is waiting on the M.E. ruling as to homicide or suicide but reliable Sentinel sources indicate a very strong possibility of foul play.  Also close relatives say Bill would never have taken his own life.  Some initial observations point to foul play. 

UPDATE  12:30 pm

Out of town PIO called on drive in.  He confirms that yes there was a killing Coldspring.  No info yet waiting ruling from M.E. on cause of death.  We will continue to withold name and location so as not to interfere in investigation. 

COLDSPRING 6/23/2019  9 am


Despite and early morning request to the Sheriff's dept P.I.O., no official statement has been forthcoming .  The Sentinel is notifying the public that there was a killing in the City of Coldspring last night.  Very reliable Sentinel sources have confirmed the death and provided other details but until we hear from our PIO, we will not release the name of the victim.  Suffice it to say, foul play is suspected.  

UPDATE 6/10/2019


LIBERTY 6/17/2019


An open records request sent to the administrator of the Liberty County Jail facility and the County Judge has been IGNORED.  Ignore is the root of ignorance.  The request was written with the intention of getting to the bottom of the problems plaguing the contracted private jail facility.  We are sitting on letters from a half dozen inmates that paint a grim picture of the condtions in the jail.  The jail had an inmate die AFTER our O.R. request was submitted.   We submitted our complaint for the violation of state open records law that has been committed by the judge and jail admin to the OAG today.   To my delight as a records hound, the process no longer requires me to write a letter, print it out and mail it in snail mail.  Now I can submit my open records violation complaints the same way I submit my open records requests, from my arm chair.  Life is good.


EAST TEXAS 6/16/2019


A news story out of New York proves that there is corruption and false charges leveled against the innocent just to make corrupt police officers appear to be more effective and as a 'Super Cop'.  (NOTE it was only 8 cops out of a force of thousands) What a travesty it is to all of the honest men and women who don the badge on a daily basis that are honest and trustworthy.  The sad news is that the practice is spreading and has infected a few East Texas LEO's. 

    A recent 'Probable Cause Audit' conducted by The Sentinel exposed this exact practice in East Montgomery County Pct 4 Constable Rowdy Hayden's office.  Although Hayden fought to keep the records from becoming public, The Sentinel did prevail in the effort and obtained the records by ruling from the OAG.  To his credit, Montgomery County DA dropped the false drug charges based on The Sentinel proving that Hayden's deputy LIED through his teeth about the reason for the stop and filed drug charges for drugs the man did NOT possess.   To the DA's injury of reputation, he did NOT file any charges on the deputy for falsifying a police report.   The whole scenario lends credence to the complaints to The Sentinel by many in the New Caney/Porter area that Hayden and his deputies are profiling people and making stops with no probable cause. 

     Within weeks of having the false charges dismissed and getting out of jail, the same man was chased and run to ground right after passing a license plate reader deployed on US 59 just south of Cleveland.  Once again he landed in jail on drug charges.  Drugs he claimed from the get go that he did NOT have.  The first narrative put forth by one of Montgomery county constable deputies (as evidenced in the MCPR story and photos) was that he recieved a call on his personal cell phone from a driver stating the man had thrown 'something' in the ditch during the chase and Hayden's deputy back tracked and said he found acanvas bag containing 6 oz of meth and a scale in the ditch.   MCPR has pictures of the meth where it was 'found' in the ditch and then displayed on the hood of the patrol vehicle.  Engle doesn't say, "allegedly" threw the drugs in the ditch but states it as a fact.  The photos show plastic bags in the pouch.  Those retain finger prints really well.  Was the evidence fingerprinted?  If the suspects prints were on the baggies, why are the drug charges dropped?  If they weren't fingerprinted, why not?

     When it came to the first hearing regarding this man's future, the narrative changed to the arresting officer claiming that the female passenger ran into the woods after the stop and had the meth on her.  The rub is that they were on a motorcycle, he had no backpack and she was wearing a bikini.  We are ESPECIALLY suspect of a police agency that we have PROVEN has lied on this same man before claiming and charging him for drugs he did not possess. 

    When The Sentinel made a call to the Liberty County criminal justice system and spoke with the official who testified to the new story (a matter of record) with a simple inquiry as to which narrative they were going to stick with, the drug charges were quickly dropped and the passenger was released.  Now all that remains to be seen is IF IF IF the Liberty County DA will file charges for at least one officer filing a false police report. 

LIVINGSTON 6/12/2019


No resolution in the sentencing phase of the case surrounding the death of PCSO jail inmate, Antwaun Bogany has been reached as of yet.  According to someone close to the investigation, the best offer to settle was to reduce the State Jail felony charge of injury to the disabled with criminal negligence to a misdemeaner with 15 days in jail and suspension of the jailer's license as full punishment.  Texas Penal Code 42.o9 requires harsher punishment for someone who lets a dog die for lack of medical treatment.

      Back in 2015, the Polk County Jail was out of compliance with the state's jail standards and an inmate died.  Two months ago, Polk County Jail was cited again for being out of compliance with the state's jail standards and an inmate died in custody. 

      Liberty county jail was cited for being out of compliance with the state's standards in April and is still out of compliance.  Liberty County had an inmate die a few weeks ago and has another inmate who is epileptic but denied his medication.  According to sources in the jail, the inmate had three hard seizures in a short time and was bleeding from his mouth when staff came and took him out of the tank and put him in a cell by himself.  He was later returned to the tank and STILL NO MEDS.   

      What is painfully apparent in East Texas is that bottom line budget numbers outweigh the responsiblilty of these county jails to see to the medical needs of people in custody. 

UPDATE 6/8/2019

'mcpr' deafeningly quiet about suspension.  shhhhh

UPDATE 6/7/2019


Precinct 4 Montgomery County Constable Kenneth “Rowdy” Hayden and four of his Deputy Constables have been notified that the Texas Commission on Law Enforcement (TCOLE), plans to issue a six month suspension of their Law Enforcement Licenses.

   This is a case The Sentinel first reported on regarding Hayden falsifying employment records.  Records he and the Mont Co DA fought us over obtaining.  The DA's refusal to do anything led to the information being forwarded to TCOLE Director, Kim Vickers with the evidentary documents. 

    The Golden Hammer Article goes into way more detail and a whole nother veiw of the matter.

UPDATE 6/5/2019


In a prompt reply to a Sentinel Open Records Request, Sheriff Capers PIO provided the legally available information related to yesterday's dispatch of a deputy to the SJC Appraisal District.  The report shows an irate tax payer made the threat, "What I am going to do is going to end up on the news", prompting the call for a deputy.  In the report, it was noted that other employees of the Appraisal District have been threatened multiple times during the ARB hearings by other people.  A quick look at the appraisal district records of the house that belongs to the alleged terrorist prove that the 40 year old house was nearly doubled in value back in 2017 despite the fact that it was homesteaded and no additional improvements have been made. 

COLDSPING 6/4/2019


According to reliable but unofficial sources, SJC Sheriff's Dept dispatched a deputy to the San Jacinto County Appraisal District regarding a disturbance.  We have sought an official statement and confirmation but thus far, no reply.  A Sentinel reader submitted a link to a web site touting itself as an appraisal district watchdog at that was created in February of this year according to ICANN whois.  Other than the creation date and expiration date in Feb of 2020, there is no other information available.  A quick persual of the site shows it is a whistleblower site aimed at exposing corruption within the SJC Appraisal District.


CONROE 6/1/2019


The Montgomery County DA's Public Integrity unit has responded to the email at left with the one above.  Included with the email is an 18 point list of must do's and time limits before they will look at the evidence they already have most of and blame me for not investigating the crimes committed by Kenneth Hayden and his deputies if I don't meet their requirements.  The absolute irony is that most of the evidence are documents they already have because they fought (and lost) my open records request seeking them in the first place.  We are working on compiling the evidence and will meet the deadline but just call out the absolute absurdity of them pretending they don't have much of it already.




    A young middle aged man died over the weekend who was incarcerated in the Liberty County Jail.  According to official sources, the inmate was life flighted before he died and the Texas Rangers were called in immediatly to conduct the investigation.  Unofficial sources in the jail claim the man suffered a seizure before being transferred.  He is NOT the inmate referenced in the prior story who is epileptic that has been denied his medication. 

    Polk County jail also suffered the death of a female inmate last Thursday morning when she was found unresponsive according to several media sources who reported the death.  The Rangers also are conducting that investigation.  

AUSTIN 5/25/2019


The screen shot of The Sentinel Alert analytics page for the last seven days proves that the most powerful law enforcement agent in the State of Texas is FULLY AWARE of the goings on in Rowdy Hayden's office.  These 300 plus page views from Austin IMMEDIATLY after a reader did send word that they personally forwarded a link to the Tampering with evidence story to the Attorney General show a ten fold increase over the normal readership from there.  Our target audience is East Texas.  We garner a lot of views from Ashburn Va, Chicago Il and Los Angeles on a regular basis. France is our highest European audience but this snip of the Austin views since the story broke makes the ensuing silence from any investigative or journalism outlet DEAFENING.  They know and are not willing to acknowledge it.   How long will the lawlessness of Rowdy Hayden be tolerated?  The Sentinel has proven with hard documented evidence that Hayden's crew has violated the law blatantly, Over and Over again the last two years.   Apparently that doesn't fit the narrative of the main stream media outlets or the priorities of the OAG.  But by all means mr attorney general, don't let those tow truck drivers gouge us during a storm.



In a snappy ALL CAPS reply submitted by a man we don't know, Montgomery County Police Reporter repeats information already published in The Sentinel story then attacks our credibility with a veiled accusation.  He insinuates that The Sentinel is hiding something.  If MCPR wants a wider shot of the scene, we deliver.  All that wide view does is to raise a few more questions that maybe MCPR can get answers to.  1.Who is the guy in all black that is beside the deputy within 7 seconds of him discharging his service weapon?  My sources indicate he is drug task force so that raises my next question.  2.  Is he telling the deputy to reposition the body?  If we look back at the previous photo included with the original story below, there is a shadow of a man creeping into the lower right corner of the screen snip.  That brings up question 3.  Is it the same guy?  The deputy looks toward the shadow and nods just before he circles around and kicks the gun closer to the body and spins the handle toward the dead man.  It is immediatly AFTER this brief conversation depicted in this 'WIDE ANGLE' shot that the deputy moves the body stretching the arms out toward the weapons as the man in black exits stage right.  Any more questions or accusations MCPR?  I have plenty of answers and questions.    Steve Watson - publisher


PS MCPR dude.  Remember, the focus of my story is the Tampering with evidence, NOT the shooting.   Thanks for verifying my suspicion that there were other policemen there that DID witness/solicit? the tampering with evidence.   The only possible conclusions there are that MC Constable withheld evidence from the grand jury or the grand jury is in cahoots with the criminal act.  NEITHER action is acceptable. 

KINGWOOD 5/21/2019


In the immediate aftermath of a tragic shooting that occurred in Kingwood in Oct of 2017 and claimed the life of a father, husband and convicted felon, an East Montgomery County Pct 4 Constable deputy Tampered with evidence to 'reset' the scene.  Out of his jurisdiction and in HPD's, it ended up being a Harris County Grand Jury that aquitted Rowdy Hayden's deputy of this ME ruled 'homocide'.  Hayden's own 'internal affairs' investigation cleared him almost instantly according to their propaganda machine MCPR. 

     The Sentinel is not going to comment on the shooting at this point but evidence has surfaced that PROVES without doubt that Rowdy Hayden's deputy and his department tampered with evidence to make the scene match their narratives.  (note the plural, narratives)  That is the reason we are not using the deputy's name.

       In the above screen snip of a video, the deputy is seen kicking the suspects gun closer to the body and turning the handle to be closer to the dead man.  In the second photo BELOW, the deputy is pulling the victim's arms out from under his body and stretching it toward the gun. 


This screen snip shows that Hayden's deputy has already pulled the right hand out toward the spent tazer and is pulling the man's left hand out toward the gun that he had thrown away from himself before the deputy unholstered his service weapon and shot the man.  Further tampering of evidence occured according to an eye witness that The Sentinel has interviewed who filmed

the entire incident with his cell phone from twenty feet away.    His phone was taken from him at the scene and when the witness got it back, the video was deleted. 

     That creates the delimia of did the grand jury IGNORE the proof that the deputy tampered with evidence or did they never see the evidence?  Neither answer is ACCEPTABLE.   

    According to Sentinel sources close to the investigation, this same video was provided to them but only the dash cam (facing the other way) and body cam footage were presented to the Grand Jury.  The excuse for failing to use this evidence according to him was that they could not open the file.   We are hoping to get more answers and confirmation for The Sentinel readers in the near future.  One thing we can and will prove is that rank on the scene allowed the tampering and may have suggested it.  If the past has been any indicator, there will be a full court press by Constable Hayden's office to STOP The Sentinel from getting any open records.


“This bill seems to remove the authority which TSLAC has had for 110 years to preserve and make available the historical record of the legislative branch of Texas government,” Wendy Woodland, communications director for the Texas Library Association, told The Texas Monitor. “I don’t know what is driving this, or going on behind the scenes, but we remain very concerned about the impact this will have on transparency and accountability.”


Judge Phillip A. Grant

CONROE 4/30/2019


     Former County Judge, John R. Lovett Jr was found not guilty today by a Mongomery County jury based on a 'Directed Verdict'.  Once the State rested their case, Judge Phil Grant took the decision away from the jury and directed them to bring back a 'Not Guilty' verdict because, according to the judge, there was no evidence for them to weigh or to convict Lovett on.  In the legal definition of 'directed verdict' in a criminal case, there is an interesting factor.  The following is from a legal site. 

A judge may order a directed verdict as to an entire case or only to certain issues. In a criminal trial, when considering a motion for a directed verdict in a criminal case, the trial court is concerned with the existence or nonexistence of evidence, not its weight.


Judge Grant, by his action today, states there is no evidence.  That will open the door for a lawsuit against San Jacinto County.

   According to Lovett, none of the witnesses offered any real 'damaging' testimony.  The remaining charge Lovett was most recently arrested on has NOT resulted in an indictment yet according to Lovett.  

    Judge Grant was a prosecutor for Harris County, Williamson County (Under John Bradley) and most recently, Montgomery County prosecutor's office before being appointed and elected as the 9th District Court Judge.

CONROE 4/29/2019


SJC County Clerk, Dawn Wright was one witness to take the stand today in the beginnings of the trial of former county judge, John Lovett on various charges.  The questioning today was in regards to the after hours entry of the clerk's office and using the stamp without authorization.  One of the clerks who was on duty that day also testified.  The state projects a few days for trial and has called former judge's secretary, Silvia Haro as a witness.  There were other subpoena's issued by The State.  More after tomorrow's court day.

UPDATE 4/8/2019


John R. Lovett Jr was arrested last Thursday on charges of 'Impersonating a public official' and taken to the Montgomery County Jail.  He made bond Friday.  As reported below back in February by The Sentinel, The Office of Attorney General in cooperation with the San Jacinto County Sheriff's dept did conduct a search warrant at Lovett's home in Shepherd and seize the evidence this newest charge is based on.  

     There is a more indepth story on the Conroe Courier web site that only has one factual error.  Their reporter stated that Lovett was alleged to have entered the San Jacinto County County Clerk's office with a pass key and used her time stamp to, "approve a commissioner's court agenda".  There is no legal requirement for the agenda to be time stamped or 'approved' by the clerk.  It is a good practice but the only legal requirement is that the agenda be publically posted on time.  The County Clerk in SJC is not charged with preparing or approving the agenda.  

    The troubling aspect of the case is that Lovett, who was a concealed weapon permit holder, used the expired badge to bypass the Montgomery County Courthouse security the day he was in court on the prior breaking and entering charges he was facing and may well have carried his weapon into the courtroom.  Those were the charges that forced his removal from office.

SHEPHERD 2/26/2019


    Allegations of using his 'County Judge' badge to gain privileged entry in several locations after he was removed from office as the SJC County Judge have resulted in postponement of the scheduled hearing for John Lovett Jr to allow for additional investigation time and possibility of additional charges being filed.  .  

    Although The Sentinel has not received any official confirmation,  reliable sources state that a recent search warrant was executed at his current residence just outside Shepherd, Texas and that some evidence was seized. 


   Multiple calls and requests for answers to pertinent facts surrounding their own cases by several people go unanswered based on a simple lack of respect for his constituents.   "Well who are you" is a pat answer.  "What interest do you have" is another.  Hayden's office does not seem to understand the concept of public information or innocent until proven guilty.  Barry Welch and Lt Warwick are constantly complained on to The Sentinel for their lack or response to public requests for action and/or information. 

    In that vein and since Hayden's office miserably failed our last probable cause audit, we are preparing another one.  This time, the audit will be on three agencies on seperate cases that ended up with one of the department's officers killing a suspect.  Let us see how Pct 4 ranks this time.  Will they be open and forthcoming or retreat behind an OAG opinion again.  Either way, we will extract the information.  Stay tuned to The Sentinel. 



Two of the three agencies uphold the Constitution - One violates oath.




    Noting, "Lack of Evidence", the Montgomery County DA's office, in order to seek truth and justice, was forced to move for a dismissal of charges on a case that Pct 4 Constable Hayden started with a lie and built on more lies.  The irony is that the case ended up exposing the Truth about "Rowdy's Rules" of conduct within his department.

    Unlike most cases The Sentinel looks into where there are mutiple complaints about one person that is compromising the integrity of the department or agency with their illegal antics, we have yet to have the same officer named.  Each and every complaint is about a different officer within the Pct 4 Constable's office including rank. 

    Sentinel readers will remember last year when we exposed the falsifying of employment records that led to the TCOLE audit, we never named the young deputy.  The reason is, the records were falsified by the department, not the applicant who became a deputy. 

     There have been multiple complaints about no probable cause stops, profiling and even targeting individuals for traffic stops with false allegations as this case was.    

    When you consider that citizen complaints are often met with being ignored or if you press, attempts to intimidate, where is the public service in that?  "You will have to come down in person and ID yourself  and sign it and then we will investigate you before we ever investigate him." would be pretty standard fare according to trustworthy Sentinel sources.  Or the perpetual stall tactic of, "Officer so and so is the only one allowed to do that and he's not here". 

     When every single open records request, even the most basic with long settled opinions published, is met with Constable Hayden wasting the county attorney and OAG's time just to stall, something is being hidden.  By extracting those documents anyway, The Sentinel has PROVEN beyond any reasonable doubt that Montgomery County Pct 4 Constable Kenneth "Rowdy" Hayden is perpetrating, overlooking and then defending criminal acts within his department.    The evidence proves Hayden is either highly incompetent and unaware of his surroundings or the source of the corruption.  Neither answer is good for the citizens of East Texas and especially East Montgomery County.

THANKS to the people who have signed up on our Patreon page.  The link button below will take you there.  It is a way to support our efforts for as little as one dollar a month.   Steve Watson


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