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"The liberties of people never were, or never will be secure, when the transactions of their rulers may be concealed from them." --Patrick Henry


"Nearly all men can stand adversity, but if you want to test a man's character, give him power" ~Abraham Lincoln


COLDSPRING 12/10/2018


Pct 4 Commissioner, Mark Nettuo led the effort to plow through the grant process and brought it to completion recently to obtain a solid waste baler for the Pct 3 colleciton site.  Commissioners Court voted in late August to go for the 20k grant to purchase the machine and appointed Nettuno as the SJC representative to persue the funding.  Commissioner Nettuno has had prior successes with the D.E.T.C.O.G. grant process and once again, saw the process through to completion.  This Baler will contribute to the overall success of SJC's recycling efforts to keep reusable products out of the land fill.    

      Based on solid numbers from the existing efforts already underway by the SJC solid waste efforts headed up by Pct 2 Commissioner, Donny Marrs, this baler will not only save a great deal of space in the land fill, it will produce income via sales of the cardboard to the J&L Recycling center in Shepherd Texas.  "Donny Marrs has done a great job with the solid waste responsibilities he took on", Nettuno stated, "but having this machine will save even more handling and transportation expenses incurred taking the recycle material to another site just to bale it."

   In kind work still remains to prepare the site for the baler install but the grant was awarded and the project is well on its way to completion. 

    After watching our Commissioners Court in action thru the budget process and fielding the complaints from some elected officals over the tightening up of the budget, we may investigate if the baler brand name indicates the manufacturer has a familial relationship with any of the men. ;-)

Pennsylvania State Attorney



"Kane was charged with multiple offenses related to her position as attorney general, including a felony perjury charge, and an array of misdemeanors that included official oppression, obstruction, and related conspiracy charges."   The link to the story including that quote is in the headline.  Part of the narrative about her conviction was because she leaked Grand Jury proceeding details for political purpose.  I can't help but note here that I heard about the Grand Jury proceedings leading to my personal indictments by the Polk County Grand Jury and pending arrest well before the indictments were released and the arrests warrants were issued.  It would appear that the information was leaked illegally.  

POINTBLANK 12/8/2018


Thank you Sentinel Readers.  Even though it is obvious to any who take time to notice that there are powers that be whom HATE my willingness to confront the establishment, call out corruption and then publish the evidence, Sentinel readership has grown with a steady and strong word of mouth effort.  With well over half of our readership accessing the page via a direct link on their computer, graphs show that we do enjoy a healthy percentage of search engine hits on a daily basis.  Just the fact that we do not pollute the space with paid ads and on most days and have less than one percent of our readership directed to our site by social media means the growth speaks for itself.  People are hungry for real news that doesn't bow to advertisers or powerful people.  From calling out a corrupt dog catcher (see below), a podunk mayor for stealing FEMA funds all the way to President Trump for trying to decide who is press and who is not, The Sentinel has always put the public's interest and informed voters at the heart of our efforts.  We appreciate our readers and all of the reliable sources that have made our success possible.   Steve Watson


"To oppose corruption in government is the highest obligation of patriotism."

G. Edward Griffin

Editor note -  I have X'd out the name of the FORMER dog catcher as it is not relevant. 




  • Chief Joe M. Schultea, Jr. <>

‎Jan‎ ‎5‎, ‎2017 at ‎3‎:‎30‎ ‎PM

I was made aware of this situation this morning and action is underway.


Sergeant Dan Todd will be in touch with you in order for you to come to the office and give a sworn statement to support your complaint.


Thank you,

Chief Schultea



Joe M. Schultea, Jr., Chief Deputy
Email -
Office - 936-653-4367 - Mobile - 832-309-6585

Website -


-----Original Message-----
From: "Steve Watson" <>
Sent: Thursday, January 5, 2017 12:03pm
To: "Jr. Chief Joe M. Schultea" <>
Subject: XXXX

Hi Chief,


Your dog catcher is reflecting badly on your department.  When I went to the scene of the abandoned dog and was on the county right of way to take pictures as he showed up to remove the dog, XXXX demanded to know what I wanted and who I was and forbid me to take any pictures.  When I stood on my rights as a citizen and journalist and let him know that he could not forbid me taking pictures of a public servant executing his public duty from a public r.o.w., he turned to threats.  Several times XXXX threatened me with, “If you take my picture, it will be bad for you” and “You don’t want to make me mad.”   My reply was for him to go ahead and get mad.  I also replied to his threats against me if I took his picture with, “Go get the dog, I’ll get my pictures and we can go from there.”  When he threw up the inmate as un photographable, I let him know quick that I respected that inmate’s privacy and had no intention of taking his picture, just XXX’s with the dog.  After multiple threats against me and realizing that I will stand my ground, XXXX got in his truck and left without getting the dog that has probably been nearly a week without food.  He is crooked.  He lies.  He threatens.  He has failed to turn in the call slips you mentioned did not exist in your last email.  The complainant has been to the S.O. numerous times.  Horn is failing to file the call slips to cover for his kin.  I filled my part of the bargain Chief.  No blindsides.  Consider this email a formal complaint against XXXX for terroristic threat or better yet, official oppression or abuse of official capacity.  I do expect action on this.


Steve Watson

50 W Oak Tree Dr.

Pointblank, Texas 77364

DALLAS 12/7/2018


"Darl Easton has engaged in a campaign of defamation against those who question his appointment of one who embraces Political Islam to the second-highest position in the party. He has done this in order to deter members from speaking their conscience in this debate. The tactics used within the Party are identical to those used by the leftist media and the hard-left members of the Democrat Party. They do not debate the issue of the incompatibility of Political Islam. They merely use ad hominem attacks of “racist,” “bigot,” and “Islamophobe,” in order to silence dissent."

LIVINGSTON 12/7/2017


Over a dozen 9mm rounds from a handgun were fired into a vehicle in Livingston recently that injured the occupants.  No official source has confirmed the details or released any names but quick response by the Livingston PD aprehended the gunman. 

LIVINGSTON 12/5/2017


    As previously reported back in August, an on duty DPS Trooper in his cruiser was involved in an auto/pedestrian accident that resulted in the death of a Livingston woman on 59 southbound just a mile north of the Trinity River.  According to the DPS report, tests show that the deceased was under the influence of Methamphetamine and cocaine.  Eye witnesses state that she was walking in the fast lane with her back to traffic.  The report also noted that she was wearing dark clothing in the dark and that each of these elements did contribute to the accident. 

    The transparent report indicates that the Trooper was exceeding the posted speed limit and aknowledged the distractions cruiser equipment can be.   The report stated that those factors "May" have contributed to the accident.

    The investigation is still underway.

CLEVELAND 12/5/2018


One of the controversial License Plate Readers is deployed just north of Cleveland capturing every southbound license plate on US Hiway 59 in Liberty County.  Just outside the Cleveland city limits, the reader is not part of Cleveland PD's efforts according to a PD spokesperson but is rather a Liberty County Sheriff's dept and Texas DPS 'Joint Task Force' effort toward combating crime.  The machines have the ability to instantly alert law enforcement if a tag designated as, 'stolen' or 'active warrant' is captured.  The practice of capturing license plate data has been upheld as legal and a legitimate tool in the law enforcement aresenal but the controversy arises when the agencies keep the data for extended periods of time.  Keeping the data allows for surveilance of travel patterns of private citizens without probable cause or a warrant.  The ACLU has challenged the long time retention of data because it leads to opportunity to abuse the system for personal or political purpose.  The Sentinel has reached out to the alleged owner/operator of the machine seeking written policy on retention time of the data.  We hope to hear back soon.

NEW OAG Letter confirms CPS Case

WORLD WIDE WEB 10/28/2017


Former probation officer, Keith Black, Corrigan detective, Christopher Lima and SJC Pct 3 constable deputy, (Former SJC sheriff deputy) Nathan Deweese have teamed up (conspired) together and continue their campaign of negative and false information attacks against The Sentinel and me personally.  Due to the nature of the false allegations they are collectively making, these corrupt lawmen, each of whom have been the subject of expose' Sentinel article(s), have and continue to physically endanger my family and myself.  We have compiled evidence that we have been collecting for several years.

COLDSPRING 11/15/2018


Judy Eaton was introduced as Judge Faulkner's new Emergency Manager Coordinator this morning at commissioner's court.  She is pictured center flanked by the new court that now includes David Brandon elected to fill the unexpired term of Thomas Bonds.  L-R  Donny Marrs, Pct 2.  Laddie McAnally, Pct 1.  Judy Eaton, EMC.  Mark Nettuno, Pct 4 and Judge Pro-Temp.  David Brandon, Pct 3. 

CONROE 11/15/2018


March 4th is the date set for the next hearing for former SJC Judge John R. Lovett trial on charges out of San Jacinto County.  The case was granted a change of venue and a visiting judge.  It will be held in Montgomery County. 





No dockett setting on the Linda Vincent cases according to the Polk County district clerk records.  Several have enquired lately. is a way anyone can check the docket settings and never have to leave the farm. 

UPDATE 11/12/2018


As revealed in a prior news story done by KTRE Channel 9 linked below, it took three years, according to Liberty County Sheriff Dept personnel, for the DPS lab to return the DNA test results for tissue found under Carl Will's fingernails.  At this point, the only information investigators will release is that it is female DNA.  Keep in mind, a woman picked him up who the family claims was named Megan Martin and that the food he ate just prior to her arrival was still in his gut undigested according to the autopsy report.  That seems to prove that he was killed within hours of leaving his mom's home.  Family members claim that Megan told their family she was related to a high ranking official.  LEO's deny that being the case and every investigative reporter we have spoken with says they know for a fact that she was NOT related to that official.  We do know that the girl's social media accts were scrubbed from the internet and the mom cannot get any information about the woman from investigators.  When the mother leaned on a high ranking state official to look into the matter, he returned to her with one simple comment.  "The Rangers claim she (Megan Martin) was never a suspect". 


LIVINGSTON 10/6/2018


September 1, 2018 rolled around without much fanfare.  It seems that to most in Polk County that it was just another day and unremarkable but to one mother from there, this day like every day, was filled with anguish, torment, emptiness, memories and a whole lot of unanswered questions. 

Rhonda Wills, who has since moved to Lufkin, is the mother of the young man, Carl Terrell Wills, that was gunned down and his body dumped and found under a bridge by a gator pond in rural Liberty County.   Carl was shot in the back and in the right side of his head and most agree that it was a Polk County Crime that was spilled over into Liberty County.  In that regard, this crime is similar to another unsolved murder of another Livingston youth named Natasha Atchley that is 25 years old and unsolved.

At 22, he was a young man and young father who had his whole life ahead of him.  Carl was handsome, popular and a prominent athlete in Livingston High School that graduated in 2008.  He had no problem attracting women and at the time of his death was dating a white girl much to the dismay of her family according to Carl’s friends and family.  Carl was not only handsome, he was fairly light skinned.  The initial police report on the finding of his body listed the victim as an Hispanic (H/M) Male. 

The Advocate editor, Vanesa Brashier did a story after a year and then again near the five year anniversary of Carl’s death.  KTRE channel 9 did a story on the three year mark and brought out the point that the Liberty County Sheriff’s Department investigator was still waiting on DNA test results from the DPS lab after three years.  Other than the mother, the victim and investigators, neither of those news outlets went so far as to name names and ask the difficult questions.  That opportunity, it appears, has fallen to The Sentinel. 

   The mother’s questions are normal.  Who killed my baby?  Why did they kill him?  How come there has not been an arrest?  What has the law found out?  Why did the woman that picked him up that day disappear?  Whose daughter is she really? 

   There are a few facts that remain undisputable.  Carl had been incarcerated in the Polk Co jail for nearly the whole month of August for unpaid traffic tickets and was released just days before his death.  Carl was dating a white woman named Megan Martin at the time of his death and she picked him up around 7 pm in the evening that fateful day.  Carl had eaten a bowl of Ramen noodles just prior to leaving on the date with Megan Martin.  She had picked him up several times in the past and was a bit older than Carl and had a child.  All of Megan Martin’s social media accounts were scrubbed from the internet when the family started looking for answers and she dropped out of sight.  Carl did not call his momma that Wednesday night Megan picked him up nor all day Thursday or even Thursday night.  It was Friday about 4 pm when the law made the dreaded knock on Rhonda Wills’ door with a most unenviable task to perform. 

   The autopsy report shows that the Ramen Noodles were still in Carl’s stomach, mostly undigested.  Other indicators prove that Carl had been dead for a while when his body was found.  Carl lived in Polk County but his body was found on Plantation Ranch road in Liberty County just south of Rye.  Other than the Chain O Lakes campground, there is not a lot of development in the area.  He was left under a bridge.  The man that found him was employed at the same place Carl Worked. 

   In the heartbreaking and tear wrenching process of interviewing this mother of a slain child, there were several red flags that jumped out to The Sentinel.  Some of them Rhonda had questioned but the others never caused her any pause.  Yes she wondered why one of the most up and coming black LEO’s in Polk County and a local school mate and friend of Rhonda’s that stepped forward offering to help with the investigation was shunned and told that his help was not needed.  Considering the mistrust many in the black community have for law enforcement, it would seem that a black cop with a good reputation in Polk County who was raised there and had the trust of that community would have been a welcomed asset on the investigation team.       We have more red flag questions to ask.

According to a document posted on line, the jury decision found a man guilty of illegally carrying a weapon who has never been convicted of a felony.  It is based on a 2014 law that any American knows won't stand federal scrutiny.  A more indepth article is HERE.  A deep valley county jury made the finding, I guess thinking they are in the old country under some dictatorship.

For background information, our Texas Page and the Waco side bar have much pertinent information.    The state put out a false narrative from start to finish and here is the Waco Twin Peaks effort moving forward.

COLDSPRING 9/14/2018


Former SJC Deputy Mike Flynt's lawyer filed a 60 plus page 'Whistleblower' lawsuit against San Jacinto County, SJC Sheriff and Greg Capers personally.  The suit was filed about 4:30 PM Friday afternoon. 

Flynt was terminated and arrested on a warrant signed by 411th District Judge, Kaycee Jones for alleged falsifications on his employment application with the S.O. and bond was set on Flynt for 60 Thousand dollars.  

     When the termination of Mike Flynt and his arrest were made public by the Sheriff's Dept public information officer via a press release, The Sentinel did publish that document and did a follow up interview with Mike Flynt.   All of the Sheriff Dept 'media partners' also published the document. 

      Now that Mike Flynt has filed his answer to those charges, The Sentinel has chosen to publish that document as well.  The document is 68 pages long and may take a few minutes to load completley but can be seen at the top of the page HERE     If it does not load, you may need to install or update Adobe Flash.



WHAT do we do?? 

WHY does it matter???

WHEN did we arrive???

WHERE are we headed???

These questions and other have been posed to our operation often of late.  They are questions that we will undertake to answer in the near future if circumstances allow.  Page analyitics show another uptick in views from Bryan, the place of my birth, just like those that preceeded the last investigation of The Sentinel by the Texas Rangers out of the Bryan, Texas DPS office.  What is even more interesting is a five fold increase in views from Ashburn, Va, a part of the Washington D.C. metroplex in one day.  The analytics have shown a steady presence of Ashburn for a few views a day for over a month now.  According to Wikipedia, 70 percent of the world's internet traffice passes through Ashburn, Va. and the N.S.A. is located there.

9/11/2018 AUSTIN


A letter received from the DPS Counsel's office in response to a Sentinel open records request states that a diligent search has been made but they do not have a single document responsive to my request that shows their agency ever received or responded to a request for an investigation in the alleged aggravated assault committed by Lima on April 21st.  This letter refutes the claim that Chief Lyons "turned it over" to The Rangers.

UPDATE 9/6/2018


On the 11th business day after The Sentinel submitted the open records request noted below, Asst DA Coleman penned a letter requesting an open records opinion from the OAG regarding the evidence we are seeking.  In that letter, Coleman seeks to withold entire documents because they may contain an officer's address, a birth date, a DL number, motor vehicle info, Social Security number and such.  We are fully aware that those personal identifiers are not public and addressed that point in the request with the language limiting our request to, "information available by public information laws".  That one line excludes the personal identifiers that are commonly known to be unavailable under the open records laws.  Coleman knows that, I know that so it seems that the OAG needs to give Coleman a crash course on how to REDACT that information from an other wise public document.  Take an incident report for instance.  Coleman needs to redact the DL number, the address of the officer if the crime occured at his home and his birthdate and release the rest of the document.  Coleman makes the asinine (and time wasting ie: stalling) argument to the OAG that the entire document needs to be witheld because of two lines of entry in the form.  He knows better.  The most ludicrous objection of all that Coleman makes in his effort to thwart the public's right to know is that the entire Lima  file (404 pages) is of, "no legitimate concern to the public."  The subject of the open records request was the April 21st incident regarding the allegations listed below plus any complaints filed against Lima for the last 10 years and/or any 'non prosecution' forms signed by anyone in favor or not prosecuting Lima for the last ten years.  In respect for Byron Lyons getting all the documents to the DA quickly and for the work load on the DA's office, I have changed the below headline from "Violates Law" to "Stall"




Fully aware that the Texas Office of Attorney General will write all kind of letters ordering the release of records requested but apparently has no teeth they are willing to use on enforcement, Polk County officials have decided to stall on the open records requests from The Sentinel United Alliance when delivery of the records could prove more corruption.      

    In April of this year, Corrigan Detective, Chris Lima was cited for three counts of disorderly conduct by the Onalaska PD.  Lima was scheduled for trial in August but pled out to Public Intoxication before his trial date.   The Onalaska PD incident reports from that night included a narrative alleging not only that Chris Lima held a gun to a man's head and actually fired off some shots at his home in County jurisdiction but that the Polk County S.O. Sargent not only dismissed the allegations against Lima but requried the alleged victim of his alleged gun play antics to sign a 'non prosection' form before letting him leave the scene. 

    The Sentinel submitted an open records request for those specific documents August 20th and that request has been illegally and totally ignored.  According to Chief Lyons, that request was turned over to Asst DA Tommy Coleman and the investigation of the incident was turned over to the Texas Rangers.  We will follow up on that claim with DPS. 

     The Sentinel has reached out to the alleged victim for comment but has not heard back.  Chris Lima claims he had proof to show he was not guilty that would come out at his jury trial but then he pled to Public Intoxication instead.  It seems that Polk County does not want to release the non prosecution forms if they exist.

UPDATE 9/4/2018


Byron Lyons, Polk Co S.O. Chief Deputy stated for the record that the videos were purged after 90 days because they were not part of an investigation.  The only problem with that is our first open records request was well within the 90 days.  "Tommy Coleman handles all of our open records requests", Lyons noted.  Our readers may remember that open records request was the one Coleman went to the OAG twice to try and block.  When the OAG ordered him to release the documents for the second time, Coleman sold me 14 blank pages at a dollar a page and then failed to release the dashcam or body cam.  Coleman effectively stalled the release until after the 'purge date' passed.  The collusion to effect an illegal eviction, make a stop with no probable cause and then cover up the crimes committed by Polk Co law enforcement is as obvious as the big ole nose on my face. 

Occupations Code Sec. 1701.660. RECORDINGS AS EVIDENCE. (a) Except as provided by Subsection (b), a recording created with a body worn camera and documenting an incident that involves the use of deadly force by a peace officer or that is otherwise related to an administrative or criminal investigation of an officer may not be deleted, destroyed, or released to the public until all criminal matters have been finally adjudicated and all related administrative investigations have concluded.



Probable Cause for the traffic stop on Bartunek, it appears, has come down to believing him or the former Polk County Detective, Byron Dunaways' incident report with no video to back it up.   Although plainly requested in my first open records request by language that said, "any recording" pertaining to preparing or delivering the Criminal Trespass Warning to Anthony Bartunek, other investigators seeking proof thought that they (sic) might "play dumb" and that is why no video was released.  Surely any department the size of Polk Co S.O. has that video technology.  The Sentinel did a follow up open records request specifically for the dash cam and body cam footage and received this official reply.


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