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Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety.  BEN FRANKLIN


Mitch McConnell - face of a traitor


As Jesse Lee Peterson calls him, President Donald Trump may veto Patriot Act renewal;

"The FBI should not be allowed to use the PATRIOT Act to surveil Americans' online activity without a warrant. Internet search and browsing history is extremely revealing in nature and the Fourth Amendment requires a warrant to obtain this information," the organizations wrote in the letter, first reported by The Register.

If the bill passes the House, it will move to President Donald Trump's desk to be signed into law. Trump previously suggested that he might veto the entire Patriot Act renewal, but has yet to take a clear stance on the bill.

We expect this kind of crap from the demoncrat communist party but when the so called leader of the conservative senate betrays the trust of the American Patriots, he needs to go.  McConnell and Babin and any senator who supported this renewal of the Patriot Act needs to be voted out in favor a a real conservative at the first opportunity.


UPDATE 5/17/2020


The Kissinger Killing came to fruition today for the globalist community as our senate, allegedly by one vote, delivered America "down the river" where Henry Kissinger sold us so many years ago.  The final lethal injection to our Constitutional probable cause protections is One signature away from becoming final law.   The statists got it passed on a temporary basis by harping on fear (basic communist tactic) but now want it to be settled law.   The news story quoted below tells more:

"The proposal that fell just short of 60 votes would have prevented federal law enforcement from obtaining internet browsing information or search history without seeking a warrant.

“Should law-abiding Americans have to worry about their government looking over their shoulders from the moment they wake up in the morning and turn on their computers to when they go to bed at night?” said Democratic Sen. Ron Wyden of Oregon. “I believe the answer is no. But that’s exactly what the government has the power to do without our amendment.”"

When the whole knotted gun statue was allowed to stand on American soil, we slipped on that nefarious slope.   President Donald Trump, on this one choice to sign or not to sign, will seal his place in history as America's saving Grace or, being a Trojan Horse and our Last Trump.  It is that simple.  Every senator who voted  YES to this ammendment to prevent no probable cause searches is an American Hero.  The rest undermine our freedom. 




Senator Mitch McConnel, a Conservative In Name Only joins in Congressman Brian Babin's effort to void our probable cause protections as American citizens.   Babin's district 36 voters are apparently ok with Babin's communist effort (after all, the majority of Polk County voters have accepted and supported Lee Hon's efforts for years) but now Mitch McConnell is spearheading an effort that will set a precedent in law that NONE are safe from big brother's prying eyes.  McConnell has put forth an AMMENDMENT to the Patriot Act renewal (itself an anti American concept) that will forever destroy probable cause protections.  Is the so called Grand Ole Party just a Trojan Horse?  Are the parties, as some have said, "Two wings of the same bird of Prey".   With Babin's recent victory DESPITE his efforts on the TAPS act and McConnell's efforts here makes it seem like we are living in Troy.   The so called aternative media is promoting the notion that "The scoundrel's are on the run" yet the main "Good Guy" adds this ammendment to an already communistic law.  

   Any reader of The Sentinel knows that often when I bust up a crook in public service with the criminal justice system and expose the evidence, it is often evidence that proves probable cause violations on the part of the corrupt.   There is a lot of hoopla about 2nd ammendment but it is the open records laws and probable cause protections that keep tryanny at bay.  To pass this ammendment will turn up the crab pot flame another degree.  Are we boiling yet? 

POLK CO 5/15/2020


THREE Minutes is how long it takes the Polk County Grand Jury to indict or no bill each case that comes before it these days according to the Polk County District Attorney, Bill Lee 'the kid' Hon.   The FB exchange depicted in the screen snips below tell the story.

      Rushing to judgement is an old story in Texas.  Sentinel Readers may remember when we did the math on how long it took a McClendon County Grand Jury for each of the "Waco, Twin Peaks" biker indictments in May of 2015.  It figured out to a comparatively long 4 minutes each for those 125 or so grand jury actions.  We all know the outcome for that fiasco.  Virtually all of the cases were dismissed.  Lives were not only lost that day by an overstep of State Power, lives were ruined, homes lost, jobs lost, marriages ruined and vehicles flat out stolen by 'the system' with no probable cause.

   Then there was the infamous 'gambling raid' right here in our own SJC.  The district judge, a former Lee Hon ADA that had been recently elected signed 165 arrest warrants without the first probable cause affidavit.   She learned her lesson when The Sentinel filed an Ethics Commission complaint and she was given a 'Private Reprimand'.  She became a much better judge but her early actions reeked of the Bill Lee 'the kid' Hon training she got as his ADA that it is ok to short cut the process so you can rack up big numbers.  Once again, the SJC DA ended up dismissing the vast majority of those cases for a lack of evidence to right the wrongs perpetrated against people by the hasty magistrate actions.

    Hon is a slow learner.  We did an article a couple of years ago showing Hon's number of convictions vs dismissals over a four year period and it proved he has the highest number of dismissals for 'no evidence' of any District Attorney in this part of Texas. 

    There is a saying that DA's use about being able to get a ham sandwich indicted.  According to sources, former DA Joe Martin used that exact phrase when speaking to a friend about his getting the indictments against The Sentinel.  The saying needs to be modified in the light of Hon's braggart misstep.  He should say, "I can get a ham sandwich indicted faster than you can boil an egg".    Don't you grand jury members realize that when Hon brags on how quick you indict he is calling you a dumb ass?  When he makes the ham sandwich comment, he is saying you are corrupt?  Do those of you who commented on what a good job Hon did here really believe quick with no examination of facts is Criminal Justice?  Criminal INJUSTICE is more like it. 

     President Trump is battling the same nonsense in Washington D.C. of a corrupt criminal justice system that takes life altering actions against people WITH NO EVIDENCE.  Hon and his co harts in the corruption here could be the 'Mini Me' for the Swamp Monsters our President has had to deal with.  They love filing false charges, making arrests more for publicity than justice then produce no evidence when the chips are down and the case is examined in the light.  DC is suffering from the same desperate measures the corrupt engage in to hold on to power that we have going on here in lil ole Polk County Tx.  Shame on those who think a man's life is only worth three minutes of your time.


POLK CO 5/5/2020


Psalm 89:14 Justice and judgment are the habitation of thy throne: mercy and truth shall go before thy face.


This partial snip of a letter written to the 258th District Judge, The Honorable Travis Kitchens, by the newly appointed DA in Angelina County was penned and mailed in mid April of this year. 

The Sentinel Readers who have followed the case Hon has perpetrated against me know that my attorney has asked me not to publish any of the evidence in my case I have proving that Lee Hon and Tommy Coleman are criminals that have conspired together and with others to violate the law, my rights and any sense of Truth and Justice in Polk County.   What has come to light is the fact that I am not the first person Hon and Coleman have committed those crimes against.  There is a list. 

   Hon has fought against letting my case ever get to open court because HE KNOWS what I have as evidence to prove his crimes.   A week after I surrendered to the bogus warrants, the Texas Ranger, Joshua Ray came and got my computer and external hard drives.  In order to get the Rangers on the case, Lee Hon lied on me and the Polk County Clerks claiming they secreted out sensitive documents to me in violation of the law.  It only took the Rangers a couple of days to figure out the document I published was a public record marriage document that I walked in, looked up and bought for a dollar.   In fact, The Rangers took that document and ONLY that document out of my files because the warrant called for any document with Hon's or his Mother's name on it.  I went a few days later to the clerks office, paid another dollar and got another copy of the same public record.

    The Rangers called a few weeks ago and are returning my computer and hard drives to me from, "that ordeal" The Ranger stated. 

    After he got my computer and realized there was no evidence on it to support his prosecution of me, a desperate Bill Lee 'the kid' Hon prosecuted the Polk County Clerk trying to get her private phone records but failed.  Then he tried to have a competent and unbiased judge removed from the case as his next stall tactic.   At the end of that hearing, DA Pro Tem, Joe Martin turned and offered to bring me a boquet of flowers then promply retired. 

    My vetting of Joe Martin after he was appointed and got the indictments against me showed him to be much more intelligent that Lee Hon and a competent prosecutor.   Why he took the case and sought the indictments only to refuse to prosecute me is a matter of much speculation.  "I wonder what Lee Hon has on Martin", has been a common comment made to me. 

    As it stands, someone will have to make a decision to either appoint another special prosecutor and lets get this case to court or dismiss it but no matter the path it takes, when it is done, I will publish the evidence I have proving Hon and Coleman are criminals. I will prove they have a network of co-conspirators in Polk County that help them perpetrate their crimes against the people.  I am NOT the only victim.

   I have one question for Tommy Coleman.  Are you feeling kind of stupid yet for posting the below graphic on your FB page the day The Rangers got my computer with a warrant?  Do you still think it is a game or that I am playing?  

POLK CO 3/24/2020


A Polk County case spanning more than a decade reads like an indictment of a few Polk County officials and Bill Lee 'the kid' Hon with 'count' after 'count' of documented proof of crimes committed by those few who are or were in power.  It is a case that not only spans over a decade, it involves one of Hon's self stated favorite targets for his wrath, a registered sex offender. 

     Wayne Dolcefino took on one aspect of the case as a private investigator for hire simply to explore why this bogus warrant pictured above was (and remains) in effect.  The case proved too hot to handle for Dolcefino.  Why, we don't know.  Was it because he and the attorney representing this man are and remain close friends?  Is that why evidence that could support a rightful State Bar complaint on this attorney who simply calls Hon, "Lee" in his official corresspondence is being withheld by Dolcefino from Dolcefino's client? 

       Or is it because two of this man's relatives have been killed in the Polk County jail already and another relative and witness for the defendant was the victim of an unsolved murder after refusing to change his testimony regarding this case, according to his family.    Carl Will's murder was a Polk Co crime with his body dumped in Liberty Co.  That is scary stuff Mr. Dolcefino but what is even scarier is letting this corruption fester anymore.  Time to lance this boil on the butt of humanity. 

      With all the polygraph tests passed by the defendant and all terms of probation met and completed, a conspiracy of several (can we say R.I.C.O.) Polk Co. officials to prevent the defendant's rightful release and discharge from probation is DOCUMENTED along with the steadfast refusal to lift this bogus warrant.  In a phone call from Wayne Dolcefino to Lee Hon, Hon denies any knowledge of the warrant despite the fact that we have letters between Hon and the defendant's attorney, PRIOR to the phone call, discussing the warrant with proof provided to Hon that the warrant was bogus to start with. 

   The defendant did NOT move and fail to register his address despite the the corrupt probation officer White's sworn statement.  When that tack failed, the corrupt probation officer changed the charge to failure to register a vehicle the defendant was "seen driving". 

POLK CO 3/13/2020


From Brian Babin attacking our probable cause protections to corrupt officials filing false and frivilous charges against those who oppose them politically, Polk County seems to be a refuge for those who hate our freedoms.  Strike three for Lee Hon came down the pike last week as the DA files a third criminal complaint against The Sentinel for publishing the truth and proof documents.  Strike one was filing 7 felony counts against me for publishing a public record marriage certificate that I paid a dollar for in the clerk's office and a copy of a ticket written to the man who gave me the ticket to publish.  Strike Two was filing a felony stalking charge for daring to show up to a public political meeting of The Republican Club at a public restaurant, interviewing several and taking photos to use with the story I wrote.  Strike Three is Hon filing a criminal complaint against me last week for me daring to publish a text message from his phone, a public record evidence document, PROVING he has a history of conspiring WITH OTHERS to file false charges for political purpose.   Can we spell R.I.C.O.?

    Apparently Hon thinks I need to go to prison for daring to publish the text message that PROVES he has conspired to file bogus charges for political purpose but that he should get a pass for his CONSTANT CRIMINAL BEHAVIOUR. 

EAST TEXAS 3/12/2020


According to TCOLE public records just received in Sentinel Office, there is no law enforcement agency that has taken Michael Lansing Flynt's TCOLE certification to hang on their wall as even a reserve officer.  The documents prove that since SJC Sheriff fired Flynt, no other agency has been willing to take on the liability of having him associated with their department.  

   A quick perusal of the election finance documents Flynt filed revealed that Lou and Elaine Rogers did support Flynt with money as well as signing affidavits for him. 

POLK CO 3/9/2020


Truth DEMANDS Scrutiny and the "LEE HON/LIMA" lawsuit against Polk County Clerk, Schelana Hock, fell flat on its face under the bright light of day.  Hatched and nurtured from a place of darkness that would lead a corrupt prosecutor to file a bogus lawsuit on a county official all in the name of a personal political vendetta has been exposed for what it was.  The Texas Attorney General has thrown the mess out and concluded it has no merit.  It took a coalition of support from the community including the L.U.L.A.C. rep, N.A.A.C.P. rep, this reporter, Polk Co Enterprise, Polk Co. G.O.P. and many others standing with the clerk to make sure her voice was heard but not before it cost the taxpayers of Polk County a boat load of money and it aint over.  

    While the OAG was at it, they examined the bogus charges that soon to be defeated Pct 1 Commissioner Bob Willis lodged against his opponent, Tim Martin just before elections and chunked them in the waste bin of corrupt filings as well.  Both Hon and Willis need to suffer repercussions for those corrupt acts or they will just continue.  

     One Ray of sunshine out of the whole ordeal is this.  All of Bill Lee 'the kid' Hon's clan members showed their true colors during this election.  From Darwin Barringer stumping for Bob Willis and against Willis' opponent with documents there is no doubt Lee Hon provided Barringer, to them all gathering on Scott Hughes page to them all using the same tired tactic again and again, we have proof who the corrupt are now.  

PoOLK CO 3/4/2020


   Legendary Loudmouth Lima puts his big foot in it again.  So enamored with the fact that Willis was leading a 3 way race at early vote, the easy access to that information and a 'post' button on a smart phone proves irresistable to a smart mouth and that Lima is no math whiz.   Bob Willis is worried this morning.  He can see that 2/3 rds of the voters in his pct voted against him last night.  The opposition vote was a really even split between two reputable people that snagged almost a third of the vote each proving the majority of voters in Pct 1 DO NOT want Bob Willis in office anymore.   A brief interview with Ms. Guylene at a Polk Co official party GOP function reaffirmed the feedback I had gotten from the community INCLUDING her opponent Tim Martin, that Ms Guylene is good poeple with a long family history of service to the Polk County Community.



Bought with a price, political consultant Crystal Laramore proves she is corrupt and willing to represent the corrupt.  For The Sentinel to call her a 'fake news whore' got me some feedback that the language was too strong but she PROVED exactly what I said about her once again.  Laramore has a history of publishing false political ads and stories that contain a false narrative in her bid to help the courrpt wrest power from the public servants who love our respective counties.  Right out of the Lee Hon playbook of "publish it last minute so they cant respond" used to work but with the advent of instant info on the internet, those tired tactics backfire more often than not. 

   Take Mike Flynt for instance.  He has made all kind of accusations that he has been openly challenged to prove and the silence is deafening because we all know he could if he actually had any proof. 


Right on schedule, the san jac "pack" backed candidate for SJC Sheriff puts out a glossy lying political ad. It is the same lie (unless it is proven) Flynt has used in his gossip campaign from the get go including back when he worked for SJC. Flynt is still calling Capers "corrupt" all these years later and I am still challenging him to prove it.

   I mean, be for real. One of Flynts ads blames Capers because the Natasha Atchley case remains unsolved. Only Flynt's big time supporter, Lou E. 'louie' Rogers out did that lie when he put out an old email as new pointing the finger at a 5 year old (the night of the murder) judge candidate's son as the guilty party a few years ago. The sad thing is people still believe that BS.

    His other attacks only show that our poor county is having trouble coping financially with the spread of the big city this way. Is it Capers fault or our tight wad commissioners' court? I know for years for every sheriff in my lifetime finances have been tight and having to constantly be training new deputies the richer counties steal from us has been their common complaint.

    The pictures of Flynt with his signs down and his complaining about it only educate the voting public that people are taking his signs down and make them wonder why. Reminds me of the last two times 'louie' ran and his signs got taken down and X'd out and he got a whopping 7 percent of the vote.  Next time you get campaign advice, get it from a winner.

   No Mike, you and I both know you can't prove any corruption on Capers part. You've been talking about it a lot and Now even printing it real glossy like but still haven't proven it. That is why you resort to the lying ads. You and I also know you weren't falsely charged in SJC, you were charged with the wrong crime because all the evidence wasn't in yet. You know . . . the evidence files that prove you did commit criminal offenses but that Humble PD ILLEGALLY let you get by with the crimes if you would just leave and not tell on them.

   Here is the question we must ask ourselves as we vote for our next sheriff. Does a leopard change his spots? Only with a dose of Jesus. Has Flynt proven any of his allegations to you? He hasn't me and I am kinda like the go to guy with evidence of corruption in these parts. I have offered to flynt and to his money man that has paid me twice on Flynt's behalf and makes the same gossipy accusations, "BRING ME PROOF AND I WILL PUBLISH IT.. It is that simple.

The Tie that Binds

411th DISTRICT 2/27/2020


Serious allegations of provable criminal activity on the part of 411th judge candidate, John Wells have sufaced along with the documented proof that makes the case against him and publisher /agent, Crystal Laramore.  Identical ads appeared on several internet web sites both promoting the candidacy of John Wells and injuring the incumbent candidate, 411th District Judge, Kaycee Jones.  

    One of the bogus ads plays off of the shady ethics compliant Wells made against Judge Jones recently timed to be impossible to respond to before elections that has resulted in a state bar complaint being filed against Wells already.

    Laramore, in her best effort to be relevant this election, has been busy weaving her fake news web posing as an actual news publisher while she is acting as agent for the candidate.  Just below is a highlighted snip of the John Wells campaign finance report.  Please note the matching DBA filing with the CFR filing below.

   These nefarious ads appeared on the San Jacinto County News page and the Polk County Election Watch page.   The SJC News page lists its associated web site as, a defunct domain owned by Crystal Laramore.  

    Polk County Election Watch took the ads down when notified of the criminal violations of Misrepresentation and failure to disclose.   

    Even if you exclude the PCEW page, the fact is Crystal Laramore is advocating against 411th District Judge Kaycee Jones while working for John Wells through her Marina Bay Marketing without disclosure and with the intent to misrepresent her identity and role. This looks to me like TWO violations by John Wells and Crystal Laramore of Texas Election Code shown just below. 

  Crystal Laramore acting as an agent of the John Wells Campaign violates this code by hiding her paid affiliation (see CFR) as the Campaign Social Media by using Polk County Election Watch and San Jacinto County News Facebook pages to injure Judge Jones in the 411 election. 


This election effects all of the counties in the 411 Judicial District.  These Election Code violations, now that they are publicaly displayed and PROVEN, should be keeping Laramore/Wells awake at night.  There is a lot on the line in this investigation.  We are going to find out exactly how deep the political corruption runs in our Beautiful East Texas.  A few bad actors that can be purged or the TRUE meaning of "Justice is Blind" . . . . . . . . if you know the right person.

NEW CANEY 2/26/2020


411 pages of an official TCOLE investigation into the fraudulent practices of MC Pct 4 Constable Kenneth "Rowdy" Hayden permanetly answers the question posted on The Sentinel a couple months ago about who was the liar in the whole mess.  It is Rowdy Hayden, Barry Welch, Warwick et al within the ranks of Hayden's office.  This is just one snip out of the lengthly file that we obtained recently but have not had a chance to read completely.   Not the brightest bulbs in the box, three were filmed on scene in the tragic killing of Joshua Johnson by Trevor Potter yet forged training documents saying they were in a TCOLE required course in Fort Bend County.  Montgomery County DA Ligon recused himself early on in the case but still took time to fight me on open records I requested during that time period.  Records that prove criminal acts on the part of Hayden's office for falsifying employment records.  Ligon fought me to keep me from getting records that proved criminal acts yet requried me to file a formal notorized complaint before his office would take action. 

bob willis lying ad

POLK CO 2/22/2020 


It still seems to be escaping Bob Willis that MORAL Conservatism is the most prominent plank in the Conservative platform.  Without moral conservatism, you are NOT a conservative.  So when Bob CONTINUES to print and distribute campaigan propaganda that is full of lies, he removes himself from the realm of being a conservative.  This ad released after the Polk County GOP exec committee issued and published a "Statement of Condemnation" against Willis because of his illegal and unethical antics, Bob's response was to issue ANOTHER lying political propaganda ad. 

   POINT ONE-  There is NO SUCH THING as a "Code of Ethics of the Texas GOP".  It does not exist.  Was does exist is the Texas GOP mission statment:

    We are committed to advancing limited government, lower taxes, less spending and individual liberty. Our specific goals are to grow the Republican Party by reaching new voters, advance the Platform, which is grounded in conservative principle, and to keep Texas prosperous and free.

     Do you see that 'grounded in conservative principle' Mr. Willis?  Moral conservatism is the backbone of being a conservative.  That means No LYING, No Slander, No filing false criminal charges for political purpose like you guys have been doing for years.  The 'Fair Campaign Practices Act' is a code of political ethics that you have violated with impunity and then point and holler and accuse others of doing EXACTLY what you do.

   POINT TWO- It was YOU who defamed your character by taking the illegal (yes filing a false criminal complaint is a crime) and unethical steps you did to try and steal an election with LIES.  All the party did was call you out for your own actions.

   POINT THREE- The 'Club' is the source of the problems.  Over the years, their leadership (tommy coleman, lee hon) had been successful in wresting the power away from the local party by controlling the money.  It was the same thing in SJC a few years ago.  The money folks would gather and 'club' it up and pick their candidates to support based on cronyism, moneyism, nepotism and good ole boyism and forgo the main platform plank of the Republican Party, MORAL CONSERVATIAM.   Former constable Lou Rogers was our club's  "Lee Hon".  They were used to the tactic of running last minute ads full of lies timed to prevent the opposition from having time to respond.  Then came the advent of social media and instant press.  The Genesis of The Sentinel, in fact, was when a local judge told me, "Steve, don't pick a fight with someone who buys ink by the barrel" when I took on a local publisher for printing a lying ad he knew was a lying ad.  My comment in reply was, "Judge, by the time the ink is dry, it is old news" and went home and started The Sentinel.  So you see Bob Willis, You can tell and print your lying propaganda ad in the last issue before elections but just as quick, we can dispute and refute your lies with The Truth.  You are a Liar and a Crook.  It is that simple.

POLK COUNTY 2/22/2020


Polk Co Pct 1 Constable, Scott Hughes endorses communist Brian Babin, Corrupt Bob Willis and has the crooks Chis Lima and Benny Fogleman rooting him on in his uninformed error.   It is troubling when a local lawman endorses a man who is willing to and has signed away our probable cause protections, a man who is willing to file false criminal charges on his opponent just for political advantage and accepts the 'following' of the likes of Lima and Fogleman.  It is a tight knit circle with Bill Lee 'the kid' Hon in the lead seat.  If you listen to the wind, you can hear Hon saying, "ok guys, reach to the right and stroke your buddy's ego while the one to your left strokes yours".  

    Then the 'Sex in the Woods' author and propagator, Crystal Laramour of days gone by is up to her no good lying tactics that she has always engaged in.  We ran her lying butt out of San Jacinto County for publishing provable lies in her rags, The Dam Good Times and (now defunct).  Crystal Laramour is nothing but a fake news whore.  Always has been and always will be.  She supported ALL of the corrupt we had to purge from San Jacinto County that used the same tactics the Hon circle uses.   Crystal's latest scam, Wheelchairs for Warriors needs to be investigated.   Follow the money. 



LIBERTY 2/20/2020


Accurately pointing out that three different Liberty County elected officials are facing criminal charges in three different counties, Liberty County DA candidate, Jennifer Bergman is committing to forming a Public Integrity Unit if elected.  Liberty County has been notorious for corruption all of my life.  The tom foolery that will come to light if my own 35 year old case there ever gets exposed to the light of day will itself prove my point.

    It seems that there is an epidemic in east Texas of a few corrupt lawmen having their crimes covered up by higher up corrupt lawmen.  The Michael Flynt case regarding Flynt's firing and subsequent 'cover up' at Humble PD will be the poster boy for the movement against the long standing but nefarious practice.  We the people have had a belly full.  Bill Lee 'the kid' Hon, the current Polk Co DA is so blatant in his criminal acts that they are common knowledge, facts of record and he continues to act as if there are no issues in his office.

   We the poeple have to speak up at the polls.  That is where the power lies. 

(sing to tune of yankee doodle dandy)






Perusal of the complete file recently obtained on the criminal and other complaints made against Michael Lansing Flynt have brought several facts to light that are proveable with this public record.  What jumps out the most is that Poor Mike is always the victim.  From claiming Sexual Discrimination because he was passed over for a promotion to his signs being 'stolen', he plays a perpetual victim.  The truth is the supervisors reports speak to Flynt constantly provoking rank enough to get a reprimand so he can claim discrimination.  One supervisor even noticed his pattern of always using words common to lawsuits such as 'harrass' and 'retaliation' and 'punished' and 'discrimination'.   Another supervisor remarks that the whole problem with the deterioation of the moral among the troops is that Flynt is ALWAYS the common denomonator.  Flynt is so lawsuit hungry, even after he had been fired from Humble PD for his crimes, Flynt tried to shake Humble down over the information that he was a predator being leaked out.   Let me publish that letter.  It is the letter that was being replied to by Delbert Dawes that is published just below it.

The whole time Flynt was working for SJCounty, he spent his time prepping for a lawsuit here.   Just below is an excerpt from the Humble PD Internal Affairs investigation. 


A recent story on the 'Patriot Press' online publication operated out of Florida reinforces the Sentinel findings with a pot calling the kettle black story. 




In a diatribe on record, John Wells II (father of judge candidate) delivered a blistering rebuke of the exec comm agenda item opening discussion regarding issuing a statement of condemnation regarding Bob Willis' recent campaign tactics.   After The Chair made it plain that the proposal concerned the unethical and fraudulent practices of the sitting commissioner, Bob Willis, Wells stated that issuing the statement of condemnation would be airing our dirty laundry in the community.  Instead, Wells proposed that the local party send the complaints up the ladder to district and state GOP chairmen and air that 'dirty laundry" in Austin instead.  "We are a bottom up organization, not top down" was the immediate reaction of several in attendance both at the table and in the audience.  "Our organization starts with the Precinct Chairs", County Chairman Fred Grube made plain. 

     Wells continued in his stance by threatening the exec committee that if the committee took the statement of condemnation action that they could be sued both as a group and as individuals.  Then Wells demanded a written roll call on the vote so that he could get the names of any committee member who dared vote for the statement of condemnation being issued.  Wells made a motion to kill the measure on the spot.  It was seconded.  Shortly after a period of discussion on Wells motion, a motion to table his motion was made, seconded and voted in by a majority tabling Wells' motion.

       The hanging threat of a lawsuit was proven valid a short time later as the board continued to discuss the Statement of Condemnation.  When challenged by a Willis supporter that Willis' position wasn't represented at the meeting, Chairman Grube quickly deflated that argument pointing out that he had included Willis' official statement in the package that Grube distributed prior to the meeting.  In fact, Chairman Grube read the entire statement in his presentation along with pointing out that Willis had been personally invited to attend the meeting in writing but declined to appear and answer the complaint.  In his statement read, Willis stated, "Up to this point, I have refrained from publicly presenting the information I have, which includes the names of multiple members of the Polk County Republican Party Executive Committee, who are are actively attempting to admonish me for my use of perfectly legal, ethical, and fair campaign practices"     

   "He (Willis) is threatening to sue us", one member stated and was quickley agreed with by another and the crowd's reaction.   The cronyism on display between John Wells' threat combined with Willis' public statement lends credibility to the allegation made to The Sentinel by one close to the Polk County election process that John Wells' developed his 'tempest in a teacup' stategy agains incumbant Judge Kaycee Jones in concert with Bob Willis.  Both tactics have the same earmarks.  False charges that ring hollow, political timing just before election with no time to respond and fits the same Hon Political Playbook tactics Hon and his cronies have used for years.  

     One thing that struck this reporter was the diversity of citizens attending the meeting.  The opportunity for the community to push back against the long standing unethical and often illegal tactics the corrupt employ apparently has a bi partisan appeal.   Many staunch Republicans and a few Self proclaimed Democrats and Independents were in attendance.   One vocally noted that Wells was trying to squelch the Statement of Condemnation process simply becuase he knows his own son may be the subject of one in the near future.  The Sentinel has confirmed that a Texas State Bar complaint has been filed against the Judge candidate, John Wells III for his recent politicaly timed stunt. 

    Chairman Fred Grube did lead the discussion on the merits of the Condemnation process.  "If we don't do it, who will", Grube asked.  Nearly all present conceded that sending the matter 'up the chain' as Wells proposed would have absolutely no effect on curbing the fraudulent campaign practices at the local level.  A majority voted to issue the Statement of Condemnation.



POLK CO 2/17/2020


The recent fraudulent statements and false criminal complaint utilized by Pct 1 Commissioner Bob Willis right out of Lee Hon's political playbook have garnered him an agenda posting for the GOP exec committee meeting tonight where they will consider issuing a Statement of Condemnation against Willis for his campaign practices.   Also on the agenda is an action item to once again attempt to force ADA Coleman to release some documents to the GOP that he is illegally withholding and has been for some months now.



POLK CO 2/12/2020


Is the only way to describe the recent complaint filed against Judge Kaycee Jones by her political opponent, John Wells, just before the elections.  The Judicial Ethics complaint is politically timed and it rings hollow when all the facts are made known.   What the main stream media presented made it sound like Judge Jones' comments were made in open court during the man's trial and nothing could be further from the truth.  The setting and context of the comment was at a status hearing where both judges were present and they jockey different cases between themselves in order to move the dockett along.  When this particular case came up, Judge Jones' comment was to clarify that she could not hear that case even on a plea deal because the defendant had stolen her car the year before.  Not only was the defendant's criminal history already available to Judge Kitchens,  the long delay between the comment andWells filing the complaint followed by the fact that Wells NEVER filed a motion to recuse Kitchens proves Wells did not consider the event damaging to his client.   The timing is purely political.    I find this incident comparable to Bob Willis filing a false criminal complaint against his opponent, Tim Martin with similar timing.  If you are wondering where these guys come up with these ideas, let the Sentinel share some documents with you for an answer you already know.  The below text message exchange is between Lee Hon and John Wells where they are conspiring how to cook up some criminal charges on a political opponent.  It is tiring to endure the same crap election after election.

SJC 2/16/2020


The snippet at left is just a tid bit of the evidence file obtained by The Sentinel in our search for the rest of the story.  I have read much of the file but not all and have a list of facts that I can report KNOWING I have the documents in my files to prove each statement.  Michael Lansing Flynt is a LIAR.  He lied to my face in multiple interviews.  He lied on his application for employment with the SJC Sheriff's Dept.  Flynt admits in a sworn statement of having an illicit affair with a fellow city employee during his time with the Humble PD.  Irrefutable proof exists that Flynt illegally accessed more than one government data base to compile a file on the husband of the clerk he was cheating on his wife with when that clerk wanted to end the affair.  The clerk passed her polygraphs with a wide margin indicating truthfulness and states Flynt threatened to arrest her husband and make her life a "living hell" if she did not meet with him and continue the relationship. 

    We will continue to examine the evidence and bring more forward at this critical time for the future of SJC but it will require time for redaction and scanning of multiple documents.

    As a student of 'non verbal communication' in college courses, there are several signs that people are lying.  Blinking at the instant the lie is uttered, covering mouth, wiping the nose and other gestures.  Flynt does not display those signs when lying.  He is comfortable in his lies.  In a recent interview where I asked Flynt about the affair with the court clerk, he stated to me, "So what if I fu#@ed a whore down there".  "The allegations are false but so what if I did".  That was before I obtained the file and have Flynt's written admission that he DID have an affair with her for almost 5 years. 

     When Flynt was confronted with the evidence by the Humble Chief of Police and offered an opportunity to resign in lieu of criminal charges being filed, Flynt promplty resigned.   Flynt's crimes are not the only criminal action in this case.  The Humble C.O.P., City Manager and City Attorney are all complicant in a cover up of multiple felony crimes.  They need to go to jail for endangering the people of San Jacinto County.   It is a wide practice that mirrors the exact M.O. of Lee Hon covering up the crimes of Christopher Lima in Polk County.  

POLK CO PCT ONE 2/13/2020


Bob Willis was recorded making a political speech recently where he falseley accused his political opponent, the GOP chairman and the CAD of nefarious actions regarding value reductions on their properties while failing to mention his own significant reduction in value.  The image at left shows that Willis' own homestead value has been reduced nearly 25 percent in the last few years and the image below shows Willis' taxes reduced by over a third.

UPDATE 2/11/2020


   An ongoing investigation into the theft of library funds is not complete according to a Sentinel source close to the community.  Although the investigation has focused on library funds, it may well expand to include Helen Marie Johnson's association with the EDC (Economic Development Committee) as treasurer as well as other events and goings on she seemed to gravitate toward as keeper of the purse. 

   Multiple complaints and allegations made to The Sentinel in the past include the disappearance of artifacts that were donated to the library by citizens of the community. 

UPDATE 2/6/2020


According to our source, the librarian, Ms. Helen Marie Johnson has been terminated.  The paperwork may show a 'resignation' but a choice between quitting or being fired is a Termination.  It is that simple.

SHEPHERD 2/2/2020


According to reliable Sentinel sources, the City of Shepherd is conducting an audit to determine the extent of embezzeled funds alleged to have been taken by the current Librarian.  There has been no public statement and my source is not a city official but we are confident that the funds have been pilfered.  The matter will be handled in executive session to decide the course of action moving forward.

UPDATE 2/10/2020


Right on schedule, soon to be former Pct 1 commissioner Bob Willis stooped to the last chapter of Hon's political playbook titled, "Desperate Measures" to stop what he must consider a serious challenge to his tenure as a public official.  A VIDEO released today by challenger, Tim Martin on his political face book page lays out the documented evidence proving Willis filed a criminal complaint against opposition candidate, Tim Martin that he knew was bogus in an attempt to cost Martin money, smear his name and stop Martin's efforts to put an end to the crony corruption that so permeates DA Hon and Bob Willis' relationship.  Willis hasn't gotten the message that those days are over in Polk County.   What a great thing that several good people have signed up to run against Willis. 


POLK COUNTY 2/6/2020


    Long time incumbent commissioner in Pct 1, Bob Willis has been caught on video telling lies about his political opponent, The Republican Party Chairman and the Appraisal District in an attempt to keep his office.  Nothing less should be expected from a man who has been willing to steal county tax payer money and supplies by operating a private business out of his county office for years in collussion with his high dollar 'secretary' and business partner.   See video HERE

    Willis, who is a long time crony of the corrupt DA, Bill Lee 'the kid' Hon violated the law openly and with impunity right under the nose of the prosecutor, sheriff and his chief deputy Byron Lyons for YEARS.  According to Hon's campaign finance records, that 'immunity' was bought and paid for with large campaign contributions.

     Willis' efforts with lies warrant another nick name for the puppet master.  Gepetto Hon and Pinocchio Willis.   It will be interesting to see if Bob Willis uses any more tactics out of his hero Hon's political play book. 

Logan Pickett and public defender



The recent assault on a family member charges leveled against the corrupt Liberty County DA, Logan Pickett, were initally met with a Public Defender in the Harris County Court system according to a YOUTUBE  video at the 1:20 minute mark.  On 'Dragnet' it always said, "You will be appointed an attorney IF YOU CANNOT AFFORD ONE.  Pickett prompty paid the 1000 dollar bond to get out of jail according to the video but let the taxpayers foot his legal bill? 

    The Sentinel has questioned Pickett's tenure for over a year based on his corruption regarding filing and persuing false charges against citizens with no evidence and turning a blind eye to inmate abuse and property thefts occuring in the GEO contract jail facility.   The abuse of his wife has been alleged for many years according to an online source as noted below.

Tim Martin with his Plan

LIVINGSTON 1/25/2020


Mix and ask was the main theme of a recent Polk County GOP event held at the Party headquarters in Livingston, Texas.  Quite a few candidates for the various offices did make a showing, mingling with the crowd and answering questions if asked.  Pct 1 Commissioner Candidate, Tim Martin, not only answered any question asked, he had a plan printed out that he put in the hands of likely voters. 

    Both of the 411 Judge candidates were there, the incumbent Hon. Kaycee Jones and her opponent, John Wells.  Incumbent Sheriff Ken Hammack and his chief deputy, Sheriff Candidate Bryon Lyons were there and Sheriff candidate Paul Cain. 

   RJ Boatman, who is challenging communist incumbent Brian Babin was there in full force with his literature and staff and willing to discuss exactly why he was running against Babin.  Babin's endorsement of Hon's corrupt activities and his support of the TAPS act has alienated much of his conservative support in this district.  Both Hon and Babin have shown a distinct disdain for our probable cause protections.   Mr. Boatman had all the right answers as far as this reporter is concerned.

   Polk County GOP party chairman stood still for a moment for me to get a picture of him and Pct 4 Constable Candiate Evans, a retired DPS Trooper with an excellent reputation and record of service. 

     The event was crowded, the refreshments were excellent and Hon left when he heard that I was on my way to attend the event.  Will he file a stalking complaint on me this time?  Only his dare guesser knows for sure.

    Hats off to the organizational efforts promoting Conservative values to GOP Chairman Fred Grube and Lianne Russell Mueck for their efforts to provide access to the candidates so the voters can ask questions and get answers. 


RJ Boatman, Ms. Marrs, John Wells
GOP Chair Fred Grube, Pct 4 Constable Candidate Darwon Evans
State Rep James White, Judge Kaycee Jones
Bob Willis and Bill Lee the kid

LIVINGSTON 1/22/2020


Incumbant Pct 1 Polk Co Commissioner, Bob Willis  was  involved in the corrupt practice of operating a private business along with his secretary and foreman right out of his county office.   A corrupt and blatant private business operation that was overlooked by the corrupt DA, Bill Lee 'the kid' Hon.   Willis failed to return The Sentinel phone call when we inquired about the operation of 'WillGo' realestate business out of the precinct office but promply moved it when we began to look into it.  Documents in the Polk Co Deed Records prove it existed and was a lively enterprise.   There is a pattern of the corrupt officials in Polk Co refusing to return Sentinel phone calls.  Bill Lee 'the kid' Hon has never accepted nor returned a Sentinel phone call.  The girl answering said Hon was in but then comes back with "he stepped out of the office". 


Willis' crew was also seen transporting people to the polls in a limo when Lee Hon was running last time. 


SHEPHERD, 1/9/2020


Ray Atchley, former Pct 2 deputy constable under the tenure of Roy Pippen was appointed to the office of Constable by San Jacinto County Commissioner's Court.  He will finish the last year of Roy Pippens term before running for re-election.  Pippen took a full time job with the Astros program according to Sentinel sources.


UPDATE 6/8/2019

'mcpr' deafeningly quiet about suspension.  shhhhh

UPDATE 6/7/2019


Precinct 4 Montgomery County Constable Kenneth “Rowdy” Hayden and four of his Deputy Constables have been notified that the Texas Commission on Law Enforcement (TCOLE), plans to issue a six month suspension of their Law Enforcement Licenses.

   This is a case The Sentinel first reported on regarding Hayden falsifying employment records.  Records he and the Mont Co DA fought us over obtaining.  The DA's refusal to do anything led to the information being forwarded to TCOLE Director, Kim Vickers with the evidentary documents. 

    The Golden Hammer Article goes into way more detail and a whole nother veiw of the matter.



Despite the slump of viewers the last 6 months due to my own neglect of the website while working a new job and battling the puissant, Bill Lee 'the kid' Hon, The Sentinel Alert passed the Millionth page view in December of 2019.  As the story below shows, speaking out against the powers that be or challenging them politically is fraught with hazards to your health, safety, career, reputation and pocketbook.  My personal out of pocket costs have exceeded over 8 thousand to bring the crimes of Lee Hon to light.  We are looking forward to the readership increase when my trial is over and the muzzel is removed so that all the evidence can be published.   The days of retalitory and politically based criminal charges need to end.     Steve Watson - publisher

COLDSPRING 2/30/2019


Former SJC Deputy Sheriff and Current SJC Sheriff Candidate, Mike Flynt walked out of the SJC Courthouse yesterday with all the charges brought against him by current sheriff, Greg Capers DISMISSED with the prosecutor citing NO Evidence.   The SJC Prosecutor recused himself bringing in a visiting judge and special prosecutor. 

LIVINGSTON 12/16/2019


An ill conceived plan to recuse a judge failed miserably under the watchful eye of The Honorable Jeff Walker of Fort Worth, Texas yesterday in the Polk County Judicial Center courtroom.   The motion to recuse the judge was filed by the special prosecutor, Joe Martin based on the fact that Lee Hon campaigned for John Wells, the incumbant judge's opponent in the last election cycle.  Martin filing the motion made The State the movant.  Martin called three witnesses.  Tim Martin, the PIO for the Polk County Republican Party, Lianne Mueck, a local PI and campaign worker and Polk Co DA, Bill Lee 'the kid' Hon.

    My attorney subpoenaed John Wells and called for all of the witnesses to be removed from the courtroom during the hearing.  Prosecutor Martin's attempt to keep 'the kid' in the room was thwarted by the Judge's ruling so none of the witnesses could hear any other witnesses' testimony.   Exit Lee Hon, enter Lee Hon's investigator.   I personally saw Hon's investigator go in and out of the courtroom several times after witness testimony.  Maybe I will request video surveillance footage to see if he was speaking with Hon and undermining the Judge's intent at protecting the integrity of the testimony.  Or maybe the Ranger's public integrity unit should follow up on it. 

    The first two witnesses the prosecutor called testified to the truth.  Neither Mueck or Martin has the ability to log into my website and post stories.  Both were initially contacted by me with questions regarding political stories I was working on.  Neither provided me the marriage certificate that I published.  Mueck testified that she wanted to know how I got her number as she keeps it private but that I did not reveal that information so as to protect my source.  Martin asked other questions to which my attorney objected as irrelevant and exposed as a fishing expedition to get infomation they failed to obtain in Hon's failed lawsuit against Polk Co Clerk, Schelana Hock.  The judge sustained all of those objections and stated plainly that there was nothing in the State's motion pertaining to those issues.

    Hon testified and came across as a liar and a real wimp.  He testified that when I attended the Republican Club meeting to take pictures to go along with the interviews I did and story I wrote about it the next day that it alarmed him and others for me to be there and especially when I exited and came back in after just a moment.   Mr Hon, my battery died in my camera and I had to go get my spare out of the car.  When you filed the stalking complaint against me under the scorned lover laws (how embarassing), two reputable witnesses came forward and made written statements to Livingston PD that they heard you at the check out counter state, "I am glad he is here.  It will go against him in the punishment phase".  So which is it Liar Lee?  You were glad I was there or I scare you?     You testified that I "smirked" at you across the room right before testifying that I have definately threatened you.  So my lopsided smile (remnant of a stroke in 93 that affected the left side of my body including my face) makes you feel threatened? 

      John Wells was the last witness.  His truthful testimony revealed that he has never felt like the judge has had a bias against him because of his political efforts to win an election pretty much proved the Lee Hon tail is wagging the dog in this witch hunt. 


411TH DISTRICT 12/16/2019


Local attorney and former judicial candidate John Wells has signed up to run against the incumbent 411th District Judge,  Kaycee Jones.  Wells was defeated in his bid for the 258th bench in 2018 despite DA Hon's "vigourous" campaign efforts on Well's behalf including financial support.  Wells was also defeated in his prior bid against Judge Jones and one one run at the county court at law position.   The difference in this race and according to Wells' recent testimony in the hearing where Hon was attempting to have the Honorable Travis Kitchens removed from my own case, Wells has distanced himself from Hon and has not accepted any financial support or sought the endoresement of Bill Lee 'the kid' Hon.   Wells' testimony was truthful and undermined Hon's claim that Judge Kitchens was biased. 

COLDSPRING 12/9/2019


John R. Lovett Jr appeared for court without an attorney and blamed his failure to follow the judge's plain language orders from the prior hearing to deliver the discovery documents and sit for a deposition on him having a 'job interview'.  When challenged to produce any evidence of said interview, Lovett could not.  The judge expressed her three choices.  1) Have Lovett arrested and jailed for his failure to obey the court orders.  2) Have a constable escort Lovett to the deposition and collect the discovery documents.  3)  Go ahead and have the trial.  Her Honor selected the third option and Lovett was defeated in his bid to keep from paying for the damage he caused in the wreck.   Now the collection process begins.

 LIVINGSTON 9/21/2016


A story that appears on the front page of the Polk County Enterpirse but does not appear to be available on their online website outlines a motion prosecutor Joe Martin submitted at the last minute that has the effect of stalling any substantive action on the case pending against me.   I have decided to give the readers just a tidbit of the proof I have that Polk County DA, Bill Lee 'the kid' Hon is a liar and a criminal. 

    This photo above is a screen snip of one of the indictments against me.  Please take note of the earliest date of publication in count two, February 11.   That is the day I originally published the story headlined, "Anatomy of Corruption".  Along with that story, I published as a proof document, the "Declaration of Marriage" document that I obtained from the County Clerk's office for one dollar that anyone can walk in a view and/or purchase a copy of to this day.   I did not alter the form in any way before publishing it.

     Notice the indictment accuses me of publishing Rita Hon's address with intent to cause harm in mid February.   On or about February 13, I received a letter from Hon's attorney threatening to sue me for libel and slander if I didn't correct, clarify or remove the story within 30 days.   Now on to a snip of that threat to sue letter from Hon's attorney.

After receiving the threat to sue letter, I was able to confirm by interviewing Ms Hon's common law husband who resided in her prior residence with her for five years, that the first business day after he and Ms. Hon filed the common law marriage form, Lee Hon came and removed his mother from the premises and placed her in an assisted living facility.  That was in January.  The same day Hon removed his momma and within the hour, all of her bank accounts were closed except one and it was drawn down to a minimum amount according to her common law husband who had access to her online banking.  He alleges there was nearly a million dollars combined.   Ms Hon was later deemed unable to make her own decisions at the time she signed the marriage certificate in Hon's effort to undo that marriage.  

    She was apparently competent enough to sign banking documents that day but not competent enough to decide who she loved and wanted to spend the rest of her days with. 

    The voter rolls show that Ms. Hon's mail in ballot was requested and mailed to Lee Hon's address and then submitted and accepted in the election AFTER the date Hon proclaims she was incompetent to sign a legal document.  All that evidence is of record and despite the fact that her common law husband/caretaker asserts that she never requested the mail in ballot, no one seems to want to look into that.  Then the only witness that could prove she did not request the ballot, a precious lady by all accounts, died suddenly. 

     In his efforts to silence The Sentinel, Hon told the Rangers that Scheleana Hock secreted me out damning 'sensitive' information and that I published the address where his mother lived.  The charade of a 'trial' that Hon put the County Clerk thru and the statement Hon's own attorney provided in the threat to sue letter PROVE Hon is willing to lie on people and press false charges for political purpose.  THAT is the defintion of corruption.

LIVINGSTON 8/30/2019


     About 30 people attended the hearing on the County Clerk's effort to keep her private phone messages private from the prying eyes of the politically motivated District Attorney, William Lee Hon.  At one point in the arguments, Hon admitted the text messages may well be private but until he gets to see them, he won't know that.   Hon also attempted to make his case by presuming the records to be 'public records' already, kind of like the 'assumed close' salesman's tactic on a used car deal.  He was citing parts of the Texas 552. statutes dealing with production obligations for "Public records" that the Clerk maintains for the public under color of office.

   There was a narrow focus on the two items before Honorable Michael Miller that was well maintianed.  Motion for Protection and Motion to compel.  McGee argued to protect Ms. Hock's private phone messages.  Hon argued to compel their production. 

    My first impression of Judge Miller was, "has he ever read the 552. statutes?" but as the hearing progressed it soon became obvious his targeted, "not clear on" questions were bringing the absolute core issues to the front and had both attorneys digging and explaining their position. 

     It was during this exchange that the judge made clear that these open records requests were extremely narrow calling the three requests, "targeted requests".    Hon admitted they were by saying of the incident, "Look what this Idiot Lima sent that popped up on a blog the next day."  All of Hon's effort and county expenditure has been to determine who Ms. Hock sent the graphic to that was eventually shared with me and that I published.  

      Hon mentioning, "a blog" gave McGee the opening and opportunity to clarify to the judge, "It is no secret that the blog Mr. Hon mentioned is The Sentinel Alert and owner Steve Watson whom DA Hon is prosecuting on criminal charges".    The judge quickly turned the focus back onto the matters before the court at which point, Attny McGee pointed out that DA Hon opened the topic of "The Blog".  

      The topic of a prior and possibly the earliest motion of the defense to "Disqualify" DA Hon from prosecuting because he is the County's attorney obligated to defend Ms. Hock and also that Hon is a fact witness was touched on but not resolved or directly addressed by the court in order to maintain the narrow focus.   Hon argued that he was entitled to prosecute his own county clerk by pointing out he was currently prosecuting a local constable for wrong doing.

       Hon stated in court that he couldn't find any case in the last few years where he gave Ms. Hock legal advice on an open records request issue although The Sentinel has published the official email from Hon on his letter head to Ms. Hock instructing her to forward any open records requests received in her office from Steve Watson to his office.   He gave her legal advice in that correspondence.  Ms Hock complied and submitted the O.R. Request to him.  Bill Lee 'the kid' Hon is just a damn liar.  He can't help himself.  Just like the call to the Rangers Hon made claiming Ms. Hock released 'sensitive documents' from her office to me in the past when the truth The Rangers found was that I walked in and bought a copy of a public record from her deputy for a dollar.   Or how about his lies to the special prosecutor/Grand Jury used to indict me and his lies to The Rangers claiming I published his momma's address when he knew that she had moved almost a month before I published my story but witheld that exculpatory evidence? 


     This guy needs to go out in cuffs for his crimes.  It is that simple.  The longer Hon is allowed to stand there flat footed and lie to District Judges, Ignore District Judge orders and withold exculpatory evidence, the more legitimate cases he has prosecuted that are now clouded by him even touching them.  Especially when he hires Tommy Coleman, infamous for his Morton murder evidence witholding, as his right hand man.  And to think that Senator Babin endorses them both for Federal prosecutor positions.  What a joke this clown has made of the prosecutor's office in Polk county.   That is a shame because he has some ADA's that do a great job and are highly respected in the community. 

      Odd but true is the fact that the one thing that tells me more about Hon than all of his illegal, immoral an unethical antics is this:  Wearing suits with padded shoulders.  Every time he raised his arm, it looked like half his upper arm was coming out of his side about six inches below the 'artifical shoulder horizon' that padding afforded when he stood still.  The padding was designed to add about six inches to his shoulder width giving the impression that he had manly broad shoulders.  Just another lie. 

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