SENTINEL                  ALERT


DISTRICT 18 10/25/2021


POLK CO  10/24/2021


Soon to be Former DA, Li "The Spinster" Hon published a misleading and open ended statement regarding his intention to not run for the position of Polk Co DA after this term ends in 2022.  The statement created quite a stir among Polk Co Residents  and a celebratory attitude that we have nipped in the bud at every opportunity.  

    Multiple callers to The Sentinel assuming his honestyand even congratulating us on our steady opposition to Hon's illegal and un ethical antics were met with a dose of reality.  "Read it again", I told them, He didn't say he was not running again, just not for DA."  A power hungry narcissist can't help himself.  Hon will run for, in my opinion, the 258th District Judgeship in the next election cycle.  Hon must step down as DA to be eligible for the primary in that race or the State Rep race.  Some have speculated that Hon will run for State rep to "Expand his horizons" to a state level race.  

    Having studied Hon's antics for years, I doubt that because the State Rep position is a position of  Service to the people and doesn't allow opportunity or the power to ruin a person's life who would dare to oppose him politically like DA or District Judge does.   Hon will not let go of the power to inflict harm on others easily.

    If, after the filing date deadline of December 13th, 2021, Hon has not signed up to run for higher office, then the celebratory attitude of many Polk Countians will be warranted.  Unil then, stating Hon is out of there at the end of this term is just gossip.

    Let me state plainly for the record, Mr. Hon, like I did for your corrupt co hart, Former Commissioner, Bob Willis:  When you sign up to run for any other office, The Sentinel will get in the trenchwith you in opposition to your corrupt ways Mr. Hon and rehash every crime we have already published proof of and new documents we already have to prove your corruption to anywho have any reading comprehension.  

     It is my belief that you have miscalculated by not realizing that your continued presence and power as DA and weilding the power that position affords you is the only thing that kept your subjects in line.  When you sign up to run, the oppressed will realize that unless they vote to put you in another office, YOU ARE DONE HERE!!

     I base my estimate on the fact that in the last election, you had a near 30 percent under vote unlike the most popular candidates.  That is to say that despite the fact that you were un opposed in that election, a third of the voters who bothered to go to the polls made a point NOT to vote for you.   Did you bother to ask yourself why?

   There is a light at the end of the Polk Co corruption tunnel but step one is preventing you from ever holding public office again.

Steve Watson- publisher





POLK CO 10/22/2021








OtPOLK CO 10/15/2021


Polk and SJ County Ranger, Ryan Clendenen was recently transferred out of this district amid a pile of written and verbal complaints made against him by several citizens.  We are not saying that the complaints are the reason Clendennan was transferred but just that they were there.  

  I personally consider DPS to be the premier law enforcement agency on the face of the planet but not every one lives it. Their recent actions on the Texas southern border prove they still have the safety of Texas and Texans foremeost in thier mind.  


I had already nick named him ,"Ryan 'the broom' Clendennen because of his penchant for ignoring Li Hon and Chris Lima's crimes but his mis treatment  and adolescent behavior toward Ms Covalt is what prompted me to call for him to move on down the road.   

    Ranger Clendennon is pictured above the day he responded to a bomb threat at the SJC Courthouse , a story The Sentinel broke.  In keeping with the standard allocation of Texas Ranger Personnel, One bomb threat, one Ranger.  

   The Sentinel spoke with the Ranger after the Commissioner Court meeting that was being held and he inquired, "Just exactly where do you work Mr. Watson?"

   I told him that I expose corruption in public servants and that, "I don't care who you are or even who you think you are, if you are corrupt, I will be on you like white on rice".  "I am a Texas Ranger" was his reply.


LIVINGSTON 10/18/2021


A reliable source has reported that Livingston PD officerAdam Willaford has tendered a resignation effective next week.  We have not confirmed the story but have sought confirmation.  I am not the only one who has inquired but to my knowledge, none have been answered nor has my call been returned.

   When you add to that the fact that a little short female advocate can make grown men in positions of power, cower behind closed doors, "he just stepped out" lies and quickly closed blinds just because they don't want to give the answers to her questions, we have to wonder how many of our public servants know that the Truth, even if it sin't pretty is the ONLY solid ground.  All else is sinking sand. 








POLK CO 10/20/2021


City of Livingston cannot answer the simple question of has Adam Willaford tendered his resignation with the PD or  not.  Nor can they return a call apparently.  You put the girls at the desk in a bad spot Mr. Wright.  They can lie or they can tell us they don't iknow why you don't answer.  





Lee Hon, Polk County District Attorney just couldn't help himself. Out of the hundred of cases heard in the 258th this month, Politician Hon didn't resist the temptation to send his reliable buddy, Willie Openshaw a lying Press Release attacking Judge Travis Kitchens. We all know who the father of lies is.

On the surface, the article attempts to make Judge Kitchens look bad but I've learned that if that online propaganda site puts anything out, one had better dig a little deeper because the truth is always there and usually not in favor of the one-sided narrative that Openshaw routinely dishes out on behalf of Li Hon.
Like when in the Binnion case when the truth came out that DA Hon never asked for a Jury Trial and let the Probation Department recommend the sentencing to Judge Kitchens.  By the way on a side note, in that case, District Attorney Lee Hon filed a notice of appeal from the order of deferred adjudication as an appeal of an illegal sentence. 
The 9th District Court of Appeals dismissed Mr. Hon's appeal because deferred adjudication is not a sentence. So all that nonsense Li Hon tried to attack Judge Kitchens with was just hogwash, especially considering Mr. Hon as, District Attorney, has 46 Plea Bargained Sexual Assault or Indecency with/of Child cases since 2010.   Hello Pot...
Back to the latest attempt to spin a press release. 
Of course, the propaganda article by Openshaw wants you to believe that an 18 year old is so dangerous that he needed a 200,000 Bond.  If that's the case, then I have to ask Mr. Hon. Why did you let Gonzales' Co-Defendant already plea bargain for probation?  
It could be argued that a high bond is nothing more than punishment before a conviction.  WE call it, "letting the process be the punishment".   We could also argue that the Excessive Bail Clause of the Eighth Amendment to the United States Constitution prohibits excessive bail set in pre-trial detention.
One things for sure, Li. Hon is a master at spinning 'naughty' yarns...and Openshaw helps him tangle it all up for much for advertising dollars.
I use the world Spinster in all of it's connotations.  Old tactics and tired tactics and tactics that never entered that state of matrimony as the Bride of Christ.  It is that simple.











10/9/2017 TEXAS

PILOTS FORCE CANCELLATION OF HUNDREDS OF FLIGHTS OVER MANDATE.  Air traffic controllers walk out.  Msm blackout.


ONE WORLD RELIGION 'builds temple"


Anotjher Biblical prophecy fulfilled.



10/14/2021 TRINITY


   Open records sought by The Sentinel that will prove how non transparent Woody Wallace is  will be fought tooth and nail at taxpayer expense.

     A law firm was hired and appeal made to the OAG Open Records division claiming exemption from the public records statutes.

     We are still studying the law firm's reply but it appears that the lawyer admits Wallace deleted the documents and based on that deletion,then claims the documents don't exist so are not subject to the open records laws.  I am no attorney but that seems to be the jist of it.  

  But then I have screen shots that prove the documents do exist.  

     Why not just admit you destroyed public documents (in this case, evidence of a crime) and can't produce them.  Oh that's right, your attorney already admitted that for you.  Or you could just save us time and money and run on the demoncrat ticket next election.  TYou have proven you believe in censorship, publishing propaganda and Fake News. No matter what else you do or don't do Woody, just PALEEEZE spare us the transparency BS.



10/8/2021 WASH DC


At least we can hope they will stay steady on the course of routing out the greatest threat our country and it's Representative Republic has ever faced.

   The 'soft coup' was so obvious for years, we ask them, "What was your "DUH" moment?  Was it when the polls closed and in the wee hours when Biden began to pull ahead with statistically impossible 'purity' of the vote with NONE for Trump?


    Was it when Biden abandoned our citizens and allies behind enemy lines?  Was it whenhe armed the terrorists with state of the art equipment?  Was it when woke bs became more important in the Pentagon that tactics and strategy?

Ken Paxton joins coalition to stop FB exploitation of children.  


It isn't just children though.  facebook is a dopamine stimulant just like any other drug.  Don'tn believe me, take it away suddenly.  We wrote on the topic in the story about Li Hon putting his selfies online  and how the likes generate dopamine releases that wear off and then the 'selfie fix and ensuing likes are needed again. 

   The most marxist angle FB promotes is no due process.  There is no recourse when you are censored or banned.  Their power is in putting you in jail and then ignoring you.





The alleged attorney general continues to ignore Dr. Anthony Fauci and Joe Biden's crimes in his effort to turn every political opponent into a "domestic terrorist'  It used to be a Racist label they sought but have had to give that a rest since we the poeple know our country is a land of opportunity for anyone.  Recent correspondence received at The Sentinel opffice proves a black constituent lamblasted a black electeed official with a complaint for his racist antics while in office.

Voters cant say they were not warned about the danger of The Patriot act.  If it had been combined with the TAPS Act that would have wipedout our Probable Cause Protections, A free America would be past tense only.  Can we say 'last gasp of freedom. 


How to recognize the enemies of a free america.






WASH DC 10/6/2021


Garland needs to be brought up on charges for this and for not bringing criminal charges against Joe Biden for aiding and abetting the enemy and facilitating an invasion on our southern border.


What these limp wristed liberals need to understand in PLAIN LANGUAGE is that their 'soft coup' is not going to get them anywhere but defeated as a foe.  If you won't enforce the law Mr. Garland, we will.  It is that simple.  It is after all, the public trust that empowers you.  Violate our trust and you have NO POWER.





Critics of the forensic audit of Maricopa County, Arizona—including local election officials and many reporters—who are crowing that the audit confirms that President Joe Biden won the election in Arizona, either don’t understand the purpose of an audit or are trying to deliberately obscure the most worrying findings in the audit.

In fact, by concentrating on only one finding—that the hand recount essentially matched the machine count from last November—they are missing the forest for the trees. That is shown by misleading headlines such as that in The Washington Post: “Ariz. Ballot Report Affirms Biden Win and Lack of Fraud.”

No one doubts that the vote tabulation shows that Biden won the state. The fact, however, that the hand recount essentially matched the machine count from last November comes as no surprise to anyone with experience in election administration.

As a former county election official in two different states, I was involved in multiple recounts. Recounts almost always only show slight differences from the original ballot tabulation. The fact that the hand recount in Maricopa County matched the machine recount simply means that the computer scanners used to scan and tabulate paper ballots were working properly.


However, the key point all of the critics of the audit are missing is that a recount simply recounts the ballots that were cast—a recount does not investigate, examine, or review the legitimacy of those ballots.

A recount does not verify or check whether ballots were cast by registered voters who are actually deceased; who do not actually live where they claim to live; who cast multiple votes because they are registered more than once; or who are not entitled to vote even though they are registered because they are not U.S. citizens or are felons who have not yet had their right to vote restored.

A simple example illustrates this problem. If a homeowners’ association has an election and the new president wins with 51 out of 100 votes, a recount will no doubt confirm that she received 51 votes. But it will not reveal whether 10 of her 51 votes were cast by individuals who falsely claimed to live in the neighborhood when they actually live elsewhere.

Volume III of the Maricopa audit lists some disturbing findings. That includes 23,344 “mail-in ballots voted from a prior address”; 9,041 “more ballots returned by voter than received”; 5,295 “voters that potentially voted in multiple counties”; 2,592 “more duplicates than original ballots”; and 2,382 “in-person voters who had moved out of Maricopa County.”

Numerous other problems are listed, such as voters whose ballots were counted despite the fact that they registered to vote after the state deadline for registration had already passed.

These are serious potential problems that should be investigated by election officials with the involvement of law enforcement. For example, the individual voter files of the 5,295 “voters that potentially voted in multiple counties” should be pulled, and each voter should be investigated to determine if they have multiple registrations and, in fact, illegally cast more than one vote in the 2020 election.

As long as the USA is a soverign nation, the new world order is at bay.  The devil is on the doorstep.  If we don't defend our borders now, there will be none.  Those old laws will go the way of the wire cutter law in Texas.  On the books but not enforced and becomes moot.


"I'm too busy to get my gun and go the Rio Grande but dang sure wish somebody would"


Is that the mind set of Texas now?  


 A package sent certified mail awaits The Sentinel from the attny that contacted us seeking clarification.  We will pick it up later today and bring the results to our readers

It was only a paper copy of the email they sent seeking clarification on my request.  I was assured that my email response was received and that I did NOT have to respond via certified mail.  After watching Hon/?Coleman use the certified mail system to commit fraud on the open records request that, if answered sources assure, will prove financial fraud against Polk Co by Li Hon,   Instead, Hon used a back dated letter and the US mail certified system to make it appear The Sentinel missed a ten day deadline allowing him to 'consider the request withdrawn'.  When the Trinity co law firm made sure to include the language of the open records statutes about the ten day limit and "considering the request withdrawn', it makes me suspicious of intent.  





TRINITY 9/14/2021


We have received a multitude of complaints against the Trinity County Sheriff along with proof documents stating that Woody Wallace, who maintains an official "Trinity County Sheriff facebook page, has been posting a lot of self agrandizing propaganda stories claiming he is transparent but turns right around and deletes any public comment on his public page that does not fit the narrative and image Woody wants to portray.


    We submitted and Open records request for a true and correct copy of all of the deleted comments that we have proof were posted and then deleted by Wallace, just related to the arrest of Christopher Lima since Saturday.


    From my understanding, it is legal for Woody to take the public record comments off of the page but that action makes the document no longer directly available to the public access and makes those documents subject to the open records laws of Texas.   IF Woody does not have the comments filed and retrievable in order to answer my open records request for those public records, that is a whole nothermatter.



redacted screen snip of prob cause aff. This narrative is taking place as the law is interviewing the drug dealer caught on tape making a 'dead drop' to Lima.


440,000 plus Pennsylvania mail in ballots 'missing'   


Anumber far greater than the 80 K votes Biden "won" by.  The evidence of a fraudulent election keep stacking up.  The deep state effort to finish us off is in high gear because they know what they did and that we have had a belly full.  




Some close to the heartbeat of Washington DC claim that there is noise about a soon coming false flag event, "that will kill thousands" headed down the pike in the effort to finish bringing America to her knees.  According to that source, it will be used as a final press for nationwide 'door to door' gun grabbing much like in New Orleans after Katrina.   Further, the rumblings predict Biden will make criminals of people that refuse to take the covid vaccine.

    When you put these rumblings up along side the headlines where traitor Joe Biden is warning that we have to get out of Afghanastan or else suffer a terrorist attack and the breaking news that Biden's CIA director is having secret meetings with our enemy, the taliban, it is not too much more needed to bring another false flag down on us.  After all, Biden is bringing in as many jihadi's as he can as fast as he can while leaving American citizens behind enemy lines.  With years of barack obama importing as many fellow muslims as possible and now Joe's best efforts to do the same, American patriots need to stand up at the ballot box and jury box or sit down and shut up.  It is that simple.  islam is not a religion of peace, it is just a crummy culture that is INCOMPATIBLE with Freedom and Liberty.  Any who claim to be a 'moderate' muslim are only showing they are an heretic to the actual teachings of islam.  It is that simple.  

    We have learned that the capitol riot was orchestrated, not by President Trump but by the FBI and we see the DOJ ignoring the murder of Ashli Babbit.  Is it that much of a stretch to see the writing on the walls?  But then, what should we expect?  What do we deserve?

     As a nation, we have embraced and promoted the ancient demonic practice of infanticide on a grand scale even using taxpayer money to engage in the practice. If there is any 'systemic racism' in America, it is the govt support of abortion because not only did the founder of Planned Parenthood admit it was created as a way to control the black population growth, statistically speaking, the same blacks who scream, "Black Lives Matter" file into the abortion clinics in staggering numbers.  Fact is, the most dangerous place for a black child is in the womb of a black woman.  Add to that the fact that,  As a people, we as a nation have accepted and promoted the abomination that is the homosexual, transgender dysphoria movement as an 'alternate' lifestyle.  Fatherhood and the family unit has become the enemy of the state.

    The Bible is plain about what is coming down the pike but, we don't have to usher it in post haste.  God tells us plainly that if we turn from our wicked ways, seek His Face that He will heal our land.  Instead of sitting by and watching America brought to her knees, we need to all get on our knees and be heard as one voice and be of one mind, the Mind of Christ.  There is no other way.  Without His blessing and power, all the bullets in the world will not save us.  The enemy occupies the highest offices in this land.  

general WOKE MILLY gives weak speech.


"I wouldn't follow him to the sh%^er" is the position of all of the veteran's we have questioned on the matter.  "He is a traitor in a US military uniform" 

 Of9/11/2021 WASHINTON DC


From importing thousands of jihadi Muslims to dispersing thousands of covid positive foreign nationals into the heartland to his CONSTANT attacks on our Constitution, Biden has cemented his place in history as an enemy of our nation, our Liberty and Freedom. his purported plans to sign the UN small arms treaty will be a declaration of war against the United States of America.  


9/9/2021 CORRIGAN


On request of the victim of the retaliatory charges in Corrigan, the city attorney made a motion for dismissal of the bogus ticket for disorderly conduct against Brandon white. The prior document the city issued appeared to show White paid the bogus ticket and in effect, pled guilty to the charge.  All of that nonsense was cleared up by a motion to dismiss that was granted and provided to Brandon White.


sparta mug shot



Hanging bogus charges over political adversaries is getting so old but seems to still be the modus operandus for Polk and Angelina county.  The continued imprisonmnet of the Jan 6 protestors at the capitol with NO DUE PROCESS has encouraged our east Texas pockets of corruption to follow  suit.  If you, as DA, have a case, make it.  The BS of hanging charges for YEARS then dismissing those charges "In the interest of justice" (translation- We don't have any evidence, never did have any evidence but used the process to punish our adversary)  has to stop.  We have had a belly full.

     The ultimate INSULT is when a TCOLE certified officer committs a crime, is arrested and taken to jail and then the corrupt ADA falls all over himself to let that criminal go before the ink is dry on the book in documents, saying only that he "met the terms".  Such was the case after a recent arrest of SJC Pct 3 constable deputy, Capt Peter Joseph Sparta on a domestic violence charge. 

    Despite eye witness accounts of the assault, the responding deputy investigating and then arresting Sparta and the Jail booking him in, Montgomery Co. ADA Bill Delmore wuickley  filed a motion to dismiss the charges "In the Interest of Justice" checking the 'Other' box and then stating the 'terms were met".    

       What terms?  He is a cop and you are a cop and cops don't prosecute each other?  

    Sentinel Readers will remember that Sparta was the subject of an expose' article about his arrest and conviction at as a teenager for attempting aggravated sexual assault of a child.  Those court records were sealed because of Sparta's age and when I notified and provided TCOLE with the evidence of that case, TCOLE Director, Kim Vickers warned me that I could be sued for publishing the documents because they were sealed by the Judge.  "Sue me" was my reply.  

     Now Sparta's crimes are ignored by the ADA in Montgomery Co.  

    Sure they busted Sparta back to dog catcher but the fact is, we have had several complaints of Sparta still making traffic stops and searching cars with no probable cause.   







It is past time for America, so called moderate Muslims and we the people to recognize that Islam has no place on our shores or in the world for that matter.  Just as freedom of speech has limits when it endangers others lives, so does freedom of religion.  Islam is NOT compatible with freedom and liberty.  Born of sun and moon God worship, it now worships. And serves the God of this world who is the father of lies.

  All of the jihadis Biden is importing from Afghanistan believe the crap illustrated by the comments at left.  What Biden has unleashed on those he left behind is nothing compared to what he is unleashing on our shores.  To hell with  impeachment, him and Harris, and their minions need to be removed no matter what it takes.  

 The concerted effort of msm to discredit any election audit but then fight it tooth and nail tells me all I need to know about election integrity.  

    There is Hope.  Texas outlawed infanticide.  Larry Elder is looking good in California.  Now we need to overturn roe vs wade and make it plain that homosexual transgender dysphoria is NOT the face of America, God would heal our land.  



Abbott added, “The law does, however, make it harder for fraudulent votes to be cast.”

“One area that makes it harder to cheat concerns mail-in ballots,” the governor added. “This is an area where both Democrats and Republicans agree has been the easiest way to cheat in the election process. The law that I’m about to sign fixes that problem,” he noted.

Abbott also said the law also address the problem of ballot harvesting.

The new law “makes ballot harvesting a third degree felony,” Abbot stated.


UPDATE 9/10/2021


"Thank you Sheriff Lyons" was the message relayed through The Sentinel today by a criminal justice worker who wishes to remain anonymous.  "They were back at the door screening the jurors when they entered", they said.  



"THANK YOU SHERIFF LYONS" was the comment relayed through The Sentinel by a worker in the Polk Co Criminal Justice system after the Sheriff's dept resumed screening for covid at the justice center on jury pool day.  


411th District Judge, John Wells refuses to follow suit with the other judges and revert back to Zoom hearings in response to the current wave of corona infections plaguing Polk Co.  The schools have been closed due to the surge in infections.  The Polk Co S.O. is no longer screening people entering the judicial center for temperature or even with the simple question, "Have you been exposed to covid in the last two weeks.  

   Several who work in the courthouse have expressed concern about Wells' refusal to Zoom.  "He has two jury trials coming up and insists on cramming all of those unscreened people into the courtroom together"

9/3/2021 HOUSTON 



Pro second Amendment activists met in Houston for an armed walk in the city and got no resistance from HPD.  "They were there and watching but did not approach a single participant", one organizer stated to The Sentinel.  

A stark contrast to the past practices of some in the Law Enforcement community.  

   Long time Sentinel readers will remember when officer Steve Ermis illegally disarmed and assaulted C.J. Grisham while he was on a merit badge hike with his teenage son while legally carrying a rifle and licensed pistol.  Ermis assaulted the man and put a pistol to his head in front of his teenage son then arrested Grisham with no probable cause. 

   When I saw that video, it pissed me off and I immediately fired off an open records request via email to that PD and the records clerk answered that day BEFORE she was instructed not to release the report.  

   The incident report stated plainly that the caller said of Grisham and his gun, "He is not waving it around or anything, just walking with it".

    Grisham was active duty military and his son going for Eagle scout merit badge and Steve Eris dubbed "The Fat Bastard" by the Sentinel tried his best to convince this teen age boy that we live in a communist state.  That was unacceptable.  

  Out of that incident was born a strong pushback against corrupt LEO'S like Ermis stomping on our constitutional rights.  

   The Sentinel provide Grisham and his attorney with the open record that won his case for him.  That corrupt DA reduced it to a walking the wrong way on the r.o.w. charge or some similar BS charge to get Grisham to plea.

   Grisham and Terry Holcomb started TEXAS OPEN CARRY  and OPEN CARRY TEXAS.  I don't know which is which.  The irony is neither of them communicate with me these days because I told them both who held license by the state to carry a pistol, 'If you ask the state for permission to carry a gun, you are part of the problem."+




Aftermuch planning, budgeting and elbow grease, The City of Shepherd sewage treatment facility has been brought up to higher standards and old problems eliminated.  

    Years of mis management and wrong practices by prior administrations  had left the facility in a state of disrepair and limited functionality that needed to be addressed.  

    The Sentinel had investigated the plant years ago after several failed inspections by the TCEQ.  We went on site, found the gate unlocked and got quite a few pictures showing build up of sludge and trash scattered everywhere that we used in an old story.  

      Mayor Mitton and the council have taken on the project and have much to show for their efforts.  Jamie White, public works director for the city illustrated some of the improvements made since he took on the project.  White spoke of problems with undersize pipe work feeding the pump system, wrong routing and a multitude of unnecessary 90's in the outflow side that only served to restrict the flow.

   white went on to express that even with the vast amount of improvement, there were still plans to upgrade and increase the capacity to keep up with the growth of our community.  "The effluent discharge is clear now", White said.



Texas Supreme Court Sides with Paxton Regarding Ban on Mask Mandates


AUSTIN – Attorney General Ken Paxton commends the Texas Supreme Court’s decision to grant the emergency motion for temporary relief in the case of Abbott v. San Antonio, keeping the decision to enforce mask mandates with the governor, not local government entities. The court said that the status quo has been gubernatorial oversight in decisions regarding the public during the pandemic, and this decision keeps with the status quo.


“The Texas Supreme Court has sided with the law, and the decision to enforce mask mandates lies with the governor’s legislatively-granted authority,” Attorney General Paxton said. “Mask mandates across our state are illegal, and judges must abide by the law. Further non-compliance will result in more lawsuits.”



A same ole same ole troll attempts to discredit The Sentinel withan adolescent insult comment that ends up exposing the corrupt practice of Corrigan City operations.  The link below is a recorded phone call with the Corrigan City Court that proves the ticket was 'dismissed' yet the paperwork does make it appear as if Brandon White paid the ticket.   Hmmmm  maybe a phone call is in order.


The way this paperwork appears, it makes me wonder if the auditor is going to think the books are short at the end of the year because it does look like the ticket was paid. When I first saw it, that was my immediate response to Brandonthat I would make sure it was dismissed. If not, it could be construed that Brandon paid the ticket and in effect, plead guilty to the charge. The audio recording of the court clerk was a wise move.

CORRIGAN 8/27/2021



Several attempts to contact the City of Corrigan during business hours has proven futile.  Our attempt to confirm the ticket was dismissed was met with unanswered calls and voice mails left asking for a return call that have been ignored.   They may have a B.O.L.O for my phone number and the average citizen may be able to get through but calling from my published phone number only gets a dead end.  Makes me wonder is the PD Chief taught the new mayor how to hide in the closet from questions that deserve an answer.  As for the anonymous troll, go listen to the linked you tube above and answer, "who is the idiot now?"





PAAALLLEEEEEESE FOX NEWS, STOPcalling biden a fool or stupid.  He and obama are an enemy of this nation and its people.  The plan to overthrow America and bring her to her knees is RIGHT ON TRACK!!!!!!!!! 






CORRIGAN 8/24/21


Li Hon's playbook  left the City of Corrigan hi and dry when some first ammendment activists exercised their free speechrights in Corrigan with no fear of arrest or  charges levied against them.  That is all Li Hon has is the threat to prosecute.  When someone is willing to tell him and his trainee's, "Bring it" when they make that threat,  the tyrants fold just like the scared little boys they are inside.  

    Chief Gibson and his bully Constitutional right denying, anti American tactics were shot down when the City Judge in Corrigan dismissed the bogus ticket issued to Brandon White for daring to use an F bomb on a sign to protest corruption.  

    'CASE CLOSED' is what the above document says that was received in The Sentinel offices today.  

    Granted, any who read my site and specifically the page titled, "auditor comments" knows that I am no fan of foul language.  It is especially not socially acceptable to display the language on a route where busses full of school kids will be going by BUT, as one man said, "If it doesn't offend someone, it is not free speech, it is just noise"

I don't have to agree with A1's choice of language, tactics or manners to recognize his free speech rights and know that just like mine, they are worth standing up for.  If we don't push back on the tyranny, it will take over.  Our nation is suffering greatly because of people like Chief Gibson who thinks his edict over rules the supreme Court because, "This is my town".  Wrong Gibby.  It belongs to we the people.  Time for you to step down.

CORRIGAN 8/11/2021


A simple open records request for the call log from Corrigan's PD dispatch, long established as indisputably a public record, was denied to Brandon White claiming that releasing it to him would interfere with an investigation or prosecution of a crime.  What a crock of HOOEY right out of Li Hon's work book of ''Tyrant Tactics".  What is the matter Corrigan?  Will releasing the call log prove NO one, much less three people called and complained about the language on White's sign you ticketed him for despite established law on freedom of speech?   

   An old man, an army ranger veteran told me when Hon filed the bogus charges on me for publishing public records, "You only catch flak when you are right over the target".  Is Brandon White getting too close to the proof?  We will see.  In the mean time, Brandon White released the following statement addressed to the City of Corrigan and their PD.



As the top of the food chain (excluding the Sheriff) within Corrigan city limits I demand that you cease hostilities with me at once. I have now thrice been arrested in your city under false pretenses, and/or false witness, and/or possibly just plain old idiocracy. As a member of the rePUBLIC of Texas I demand, and it is my right as a free people to attend your public meeting being held August 16, 2021. According to your police department I am trespassed from all public property owned by the city most of which I have never stepped foot on let alone been asked to leave in accordance with Texas state law. You may review 30.05 here:

As public property is only entrusted to those that serve the public and not given to them i believe it fails to meet the qualifications "of another" as it states in the law. During my last interaction with your police department I was informed of the existence of another yet to be signed warrant for my alleged interference with a traffic stop of which this video exist:
Again on this issue I ask that you reign in the LEO's under your control.

H.R. 'Bubba' Wright joins forces with Keith Black and the fake Evans profile to lamblast The Sentinel with false claims and tired old lies he has been telling for years.  As a long time boot licker of whoever is in power, Bubba still puts a smile on my face and evokes a belly laugh from me, despite his malicious behaviour, everytime I look at this picture of him that he posted on FB or some other  internet site some years ago.  When I published it the first time, he accused me of taking pictures through his window much like Mary Olga Lovett Warren did during the battle to remove herex husband from office in SJC.  If you can blow this picture of bubba up and see the background, it tells much about him and his priorities.  Please Sentinel Readers, enjoy the humor of this shot.

Long time Sentinel readers will remember when bubba ran for SJC Judge on the campaign promise that during the drought when the lake dropped to record low levels that he wouldmake TRA fill the lake back up because it belonged to San Jacinto County.  We called him down for stolen valor for using the handle 'Semper Fi' as a screen name because he never served in the military.  He is a scared little boyinside who wishes he had what it takes to be a Marine or as this picture shows, a Texas Ranger.  

    Bubba surfaces every so often during the political discourse and jumps on me when he thinks someone has me down for the count.  One of his quickest reversals was a few years ago when Trinity Co Sheriff, 'Woody' Wallace took me to task on his facebook page attacking me for my registration as a sex offender and lying saying I was convicted.  Bubba jumped on board  before I replied to Woody Wallace and missed the fact that within an hour of my replybeing published, Woody Wallace called me wanting to know what we had to do to get me to take my reply down.  

    He and I have had a sort of truce since then.

So bubba, knock your lights out and maybe you can be a moderator too some day.

Just a few tid bits of Bubba's old posts about me to to me are posted below.  

AG Paxton Commends Court’s Decision to Uphold Texas’ Ban on Live-Dismemberment Abortions


AUSTIN – Attorney General Paxton applauded the decision of the United States Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit to uphold a Texas law prohibiting live-dismemberment abortions. In a 9-5 decision, the court reversed the district court’s judgment that prevented Texas from forbidding this type of violent second-trimester abortion in which a doctor rips an unborn child apart with forceps while the child is still alive in her mother’s womb. These abortions are carried out on unborn babies as old as 22 weeks, and Texas put on evidence at trial that they may feel pain while being dismembered.


“Texas is a national leader in protecting and fostering respect for human life, including unborn life. I will defend the state’s lawful authority to protect the dignity of unborn children by prohibiting these barbaric dismemberment abortions,” Attorney General Paxton said. “During the trial, we demonstrated that this law is constitutional and consistent with acceptable medical ethics.”



General Paxton came to the aid of SJC when the freedom from religion foundation threatened to sue us for having crosses in the windows of our courthouse.  

Hey Willie Tyler Openshaw Evans, I have published a few proof documents pertaining to the checkered history of your moderator, FORMER probation officer, Keith Black.  I have some more to publish as time permits.  


As for your invitation to go ahead and publish my "political season' douments now, I will politely decline.  They are tooooo good to waste on your smear campaign.  I have told you and all the people who sling those old tired stories out there everytime I get right over the target that I am the ONLY one who can destroy my credibility and I won't do that.  I have said before and will again, If YOU or any other can prove ONE malicious lie that I have ever published, I will shut The Sentinel down my self.  I have made errors that I have corrected but have never published a malicious lie.  The things I do write about, like your moderator, Former probation officer Keith Black Perving on his clients and getting fired for it, I can only write about when they do that stupid stuff and I find out about it and get my hands on the proof.  If you want Black's entire file, just let me know.  It is in PDF.

    Did I mention that I have his Harris Co file too before his employment was terminated there?  

As for your 'mystery woman, tell my first ex, Bonnie Jean Beasley, hey for me.  Before you get your fake profile a$$ out on a limb with her, you should know she perjured herself on the stand everytime she testified and that she joined forces with the corrupt FORMER constable, Louie 'Lou' Rogers before I got his badge.  He took the same charge your spouting about, had his fake profile 'Carolyn Taylor" print a bunch of fliers and post them all over town.  That was back before social media and internet but still just as fake and malicious as you are.  He still lost the election so you knock your lights out with her on your side.  

The more you write, the more I count it Glory.


John 8:44

Ye are of your father the devil, and the lusts of your father ye will do. He was a murderer from the beginning, and abode not in the truth, because there is no truth in him. When he speaketh a lie, he speaketh of his own: for he is a liar, and the father of it.
Blessed are ye, when men shall revile you, and persecute you, and shall say all manner of evil against you falsely, for my sake. 12 Rejoice, and be exceeding glad: for great is your reward in heaven: 

SO KEITH BLACK,  Mr. Moderator on the W/T Li Hon boot licking page, I have posted severaltrue and correct documents  out of your personal file from when you were a CSO for the district courts here.  The ones I have posted already PROVE you are a liar, a scum bag and a perfect fit with the ones you lick on.  Those documents prove you should have been arrested for your crimes.  This next document is the one that in my opinion, illustrates the depth of depravity of your soul AND that you deserve a beat down and a lengthly prison sentence.  The ones that covered for you are now outed for all the world to see.  This document should invoke anger in any person who serves the God of second chances.  I know there were two CSO's that served the same courts who tried to have my probation revoked with false allegations.  One was fired for it, the other left.  Anyway, here is the most damning document against your integrity and character in my view.  It is people like you that keep me going no matter the cost to me personally.

KEITH BLACK, HERE you go again with fake news.  Your latest comment on the W/T page only proves you read my site too.  I have NEVER indicated that I want you to step down as moderator for W/T.  In fact, you two are a perfect fit.  The longer you are there and I keep publishing documents out of your personel file, the less credibilty (if he has any left) Willie Tyler will have come election time.  The Sentinel has a long track record of sending the most informed voters possible to the polls and we will continue in that tradition despite your best efforts. These next documents published below not only indict you, they indict the administrator of the probation dept and the two judges who participated in the atrocity.  Just for the record, you should have gone to jail for impersonating a Harris County CSO and Milner should have been fired fror NOT prosecuting you.   Ms Milner fought me tooth and nail to keep me from getting your file but as you and all of our respective counties can see, I won that battle.  It is not too late to fire her because the evidence is staring our current  district judges in the face now.  See below for a few more tid bit documents.


Keith Black has been selected to moderate the infamous tyler evans propaganda page.  Black's favorite pastime is telling lies about me and then trying to convince social media that he sued me for defamation and got a judgement against me.  At left is the document with cause number so any person can go and look at the original file to see for them selves that my document is true and correct and his claims are bogus. 

For a little back story, The Sentinel outed Black for perving on his probationers when he was working for the probation dept under Kaycee Jones and Ernie McClendon.  Un beknownst to Black, the day he got fired, I requested and then fought for and won his personel file through open records BEFORE I ever published the first story.  Black had no idea I already had the documents proving that he was terminated from the probation dept and declared ineligible for rehire because of multiple complaints from probationers about his perveted actions.  The complaints ranged from taking off his shoe and rubbing their foot under the desk.   He would tell the probationer they need to do what he says if they want everything to go well for them to bringing his girlfriend into his office and locking the door.  Then there was him dropping in on probationers for visits that were not on his calander with the office.  Surprise visits are one thing but not telling the front office what you were doing is another.   Impersonating a Harris County CSO and dropping in on one of their probationers wearing a Harris Co jacket should have gotten him arrested. Then there is more but lets move on. 

     The irony is that the story wasn't even bout Black.  It was about the Judges firing him for his perving, declaring him ineligible for rehire and then a daylater  later, giving black a document saying he 'resigned or retired' so he could go to work for COCISD as a teacher.  It was no time before I was getting complaints on him from parents.  

    My story chastized McClendon and Jones for doing that and putting our students in danger from a man they KNEW was a pervert.  Black took it personal and sued.

   He did get a judgementfrom McClendon who didn't appreciate my journalism efforts and the story exposing his wrong doing.   As you can see from the document attached, McClendon was forced to vacate his unconstitutional order days later and was recused from my case.  When the new hearing was held, my attorney brought out the personel file Black;'s legal team had no idea my attorney  had and he kicked both their butts up between their ears. My attorney was able to prove everything I wrote about Black was documented by the probation department's own personel file.   The judge overturned the case and found in my favor.  It is all in the file for any one hiinterested in the truth.  I could have sued Black and won but there are too many other Sentinel Projects to focus on.

I can't wait for political season because then the main difference between W/T's propaganda press and The Sentinel will be made manifest again.  I WILL PUBLISH THE DOCUMENTS to back up my claims with PROOF.  I find it interesting your latest smear effort to associate me with yet another person I have never met is in regards to DWI's because you must have gotten wind of my latest OR requests.  Like I said though, I have the documents already.  

Lol Willie Tyler Openshaw Evans. 

There you go running your lying lips again.  You have been hanging around (boot licking) Li Hon tooooo long.  For the record, I have never met Brandon White . . . . . . .  but hope too soon.  As a man who is willing to stand up for our Constitutional rights against corrupt power and even go to jail for it,we have a lot in common.


If you spotted Brandon and I together outside the judicial center, your eyes lie too.  Now I did meet Concerned Citizen there a year or two ago and laid hands on all of the corners of the Justice  building and prayed for Truth and Justice to prevail in the retalitory case Li hon brought against me.  We all saw that prayer answered in fine form. 

You remember him.  He is the one who stood up to John Cabiness's tyrannical edict that there were no camera's allowed in the building and PROVED that, in fact they were.  You should thank him W/T  because he is the only reason you were able to bring your camera in the day you took a picture in the courtroom and were rebuked by the judge for your illegal actions.  Building yes, courtroom, NO.  Learn to respect the law.

If you want to try and battle me w lies now, bring it.  I can always use another notch in my belt. I am trying to think of one corrupt public servant that I have gone after who battledthe Truth with lies that didn't fall by the wayside of my path.  I can't, can you?  Hon has been tough but his support base is crumbling when he has to depend on the likes of you to prop his lies up with your propaganda press. 


Steve Watson - Publisher  


ex mayor and chief Gibson

CORRIGAN 8/17/2021


Bill Safford was appointed Mayor Pro Tem in last night's city council meeting according to some who attended.  The reason for her resignation is not known yet but we are certain that Johanna Gibson, the self professed, "Jane Fonda" of East Texas is no longer in that office.  Her husband is the police chief of Corrigan and the subject of the next story.  They were both vicious and hateful to The Sentinel when we began seeking records on one of their officers, Chris Lima who is now with the Trinity Co. S.O.  Chief Gibson is the one who ran interference for lima after him being cited for disorderly conduct in Onalaska for fighting a woman in the parking lot of Pontoons then allegedly telling the owner when he told Lima to leave, "You don't own sh^t, I own this Mo^&&* FU(*^ Town". 



The ex mayor and closeted police chief turned thier hatefulness on me just for sending in this open records request.


May 13, 2018
Mayor Johnna Gibson
City of Corrigan
Corrigan, Texas
Good Morning,

Under the open records act, freedom of information statutes and public records laws, I Stephen C. Watson, hereby request true and correct copies of any City of Corrigan (hereafter called ‘City’) documents, recordings, video or other media containing minutes or recordings of the city council meetings where payments, payroll, reimbursements or any financial transaction to or for Chief Gibson or his department in which Johanna Gibson voted as either Mayor or Councilwoman.  This request includes but is not limited to, handwritten minutes, typed minutes, audio recordings, video recordings or any media used to keep said record. 
Please submit copies to me via email if possible to:

Or mail to:
Steve Watson
50 W Oak Tree Dr.
Pointblank, Texas 77364
936 730 5717
Respectfully Submitted,
Steve Watson

CORRIGAN 8/18/2021


A half a dozen committted Constitutional rights activists apparently sent fear through Corrigan PD's chief of police as they marched toward the Police Dept with cameras at the ready today.  As chronicled in The Sentinel, his dept has already stepped in it by making multiple arrests of these activists just for daring to film on or cross over city property despite precedent setting law upholding the legality of the activists' actions.

    I say 'committed' activists because one has been arrested and had to post bond three times in Corrigan on charges that will never stand up in court.  

    According to several on the scene today, the group was spotted by one patrol officer who was preparing to leave in his cruiser that then pulled over and made a phone call.  When the group of patriots got to the door of the PD, it was locked.  One claimsthey have video shot through the glass of Chief Gibson scrambling away to hide from the group.  This is during business hours but the door was locked.

     The group then began walking toward city hall, according to my source and they found that door was locked too.  One citizen in the City Hall parking lot was interviewed who was simply there to pay his water bill and didn't understand why the door was locked during business hours.

       Corrigan PD Chief delighted in refusing my open records request in the past and threatening to call the Rangers on me back when Hon's bogus and retalitory charges were still hanging over my head.   He was a smart mouth punk then and now he needs to come out of the closet. Go figure

     What these activists have proven is that even the bullies who have badges are really scared little boys inside.  These little 'b' bullies are just a punk with a gun and a badge and don't know how to act when someone with no power, no money, no clout and especially, NO FEAR OF THEM, dares to stand up to their tyranny and rebuke it with the truth.  Chief Gibson proved today that he will hide in the closet.  How embarassing for the good honest cops that way outnumber thePUNKS like Gibson.  As the corrupt da's like to say when they get to court and can't make their case, "in the interest of justice", Chief Gibson, it is WAY PAST TIME for you to step down too.

photoshopped image to make political statement













The widespread practice and tactic of corrupt DA;s trumping up, stacking and multiplying criminal charges on people just to have more bargaining power when it comes to plea bargaining has to STOP!  Sentinel readers will remember the article about how many hundreds of cases Li Hon dismissed when it came to proving his case in court and he couldn't.  THAT is criminal.  Sex charges are the favorite because it completely taints the jury pool with just one 'probaganda press' article about the person arrested.  

     What does it say about a prosecutor when they make a charge for a heinous sex crime against a man then double down on those charges multiplying them three fold and then offer to drop all the sex charges in exchange for a guilty plea to some way lesser crime?  It says the prosecutor is either corrupt and a liar to start with or is not the least bit concerned about the safety of the public.  In my view, if you have a case against a man and get an indictment, step up and make the case, get your conviction if you can.  In other words, DO YOUR JOB!!   Instead, the corrupt like to drag it out and let a man languish in jail for years so that the process punishes the man even when they know that they can't and never could make the case.  If we want to see true criminal justice reform, this corrupt practice has to stop.  My thougts are that if the DA has to drop a case for no evidence after making a man sit in jail for months or years, That corrupt DA needs to serve the time he was trying to put on an innocent man.  WE THE PEOPLE have had a belly full of the BS.  STOP IT!!

CONROE 8/13/ 2021


A group of constitutional rights activists were cuffed and 'detained' by Conroe PD Friday for daring to film on and cross over property owned by the city of Conroe.  After time to study the situation and conversation with the group, the decision was made to release the people and move forward.





As the littlest guy in my school of over 2000 students at Brazoswood High school, I had to learn about bullies, the hard knocks way.  Sure I beefed up after growing up and roughnecking but I didn't bust a hundred pounds until the end of my freshman year of high school.  One thing I learned is that the big musclebound boys like 'ahhnold' never have to back it up and end up as grown men who are really scared little boys inside.  Ahhnold is scared of death.  I have news for you ahhnold.  "If you are scared of dying, you are already DEAD".  There are over 300 'fear not"s in the Bible.  If that fear of death makes you willing to give up Liberty, you are a communist PUNK.  It is that Simple.

“Fear Nots”


God admonishes us SPECIFICALLY not to fear the one that can physically kill but only Fear Him who can destroy body and soul.  How clear does it need to be?  If you don’t know The Lord Jesus Christ as your personal savior, You are “already dead”

   Now for the Good News.  Jesus is still on His Throne and is still raising the dead in “Newness of Life”   Evertytime the preacher gives breath to the Logos and someone hearsHis altar call and steps out on faith declaring Their kinship with Christ, it is the Spiritual equalivalent of when CHrist called Lazarus forth from the grave.  And Lord knows, as lost sinners, we are/were not only dead but starting to stink already. 

     As a sinner saved by Grace, Jesus can and will take that rot out of our lives if we will live in God’s own Truths that from a worldly view, seem to be “contradictions”. There are a few.

1.  In order to live, we must die. 

2.  In order to be strong, we must be weak

3.  In order to be free, we become a bond servant. (This is the one the self professed ‘terminator’ missed. With his freedom denying comment.

4.  In order to receive, we must give. That especially applies to forgiveness but is the Truth overall.




Steve Watson




in a day and age when criminal justice reform is in the fast lane, the leadership at Corrigan PD are having a hard time letting go of the 'old days' of Li Hon's leadership as top cop for Polk County where retaliation, fraudulent charges and harrassment of those who question or oppose him are targeted for 'punishment by the process'.  Much evidence The Sentinel has published proves that arrest, bond, lawyer expense and character assination are the tools of the corrupt few in law enforcement who engage in those tired and corrupt practices.  

  The rank and file of Corrigan PD are not only opposed to the recent actions of their leadership but are embarrased to be associated with those who are promoting and engaging in  the Li Hon play book tactics being used against Brandon White.  

     A precedent setting case linked  here 'Turner vs Driver will give any interested reader some background on the progress that has been made by concerned citizens, activists and patriots toward protecting our rights as citizens from the over reach of the corruptwho posess tyranical tendencies.  That case made it plain that photography, especially from a public right of way, is legal but Corrigan PD says no.  Another precedent setting case that proved using the Fbomb in a statement or on a sign at a protest  in the public space IS protected by our first amendment, 'Free Speech' protections but once again, Corrigan PD says no.  All it took, according to the PD spokesperson on this video was a call from a citizen who was "offended" by seeing the word on a sign to wipe out the precedent setting case and all of Brandon Whites 1st Amendment protections.  MULTIPLE arrests of Brandon White on flimsy and questionable charges that will never stand up in court have costs him bond money and much ridicule at the hands of Li Hon's personal  propaganda publisherof the boot licker times.  If Hon follows his normal practice, the charges will either be thrown out or dismissed but never the less, the target of the corrupt practice will have been thouroughly punished by the process.  We all remember the Preaumeaux inmate that spent over 800 days in jail on charges that were dropped for lack of evidence.  Sentinel readers will remember the in depth study The Sentinel did on the hundreds of cases that Hon dismissed in a four year period after punishing those folks by putting them through the process.  When it came to proving his case, he couldn't do it.  The Sentinel was the victim of the same corrupt method at Li Hon's hands.  The last place a county needs an inept liar and tyrant is in the DA's office.  


Dear Sentinel readers,


Thanks for hanging in there during my down time.  I did catch the Rona and have endured much during the last thirty days.  It didn’t kill me so it must have made m stronger.  One good thing has been much time to reflect on my priorities in life.  I just wanted to take this  opportunity to thank you and let you know that I wlll be moving forward a  little at a time from here until back in the saddle.  Look for a new and improved Sentinel from here.  Thanks, Steve Watson  Publisher

LIVINGSTON 6/12/2021


FAKE NEWS is the only way to describe the Houston affiliate, Fox 26, Polk Co Enterprise and Polk Co Today after they demonstrate twice now that they are 'In the bag' for the Hon campaign.  

    Official court records PROVE the criminal DA Lee Hon outright lied in his political press release.   Hon is planning a run for the 258th District Judgeship against The Honorable Travis Kitchens.  ANY statement Hon makes about Judge Kitchens should be checked against the facts because Hon loves to throw rocks and then hide his hand.  Hon's favorite is duping others into throwing his rocks for him.  We call it being, "Ivory Heckered".

    These reporter's initial failure was believing anything Hon says to start with but failure to check the facts leave all three with egg on their face.    The Sentinel has obtained proof documents of Hon's lies.


P.O. Box 57

407 N. Washington, Livingston, Texas 77351 

Telephone: (936) 327-7071 Telecopy: (936) 398-6948


June 10, 2021


Willie Openshaw Polk County Today VIA E-mail:

Emily Wooten Polk County Enterprise VIA E-mail:

Ivory Hecker Fox 26 News VIA E-mail: 




The State of Texas v. Eli Binnion; In the 258th Judicial District Court of Polk County, Texas


Dear Mr. Openshaw, Ms. Wooten, and Ms. Hecker,

    I was Mr. Eli Binnion’s attorney in the above cases, which were finalized on June 3, 2021 at a sentencing hearing. I am issuing this statement to provide information that I believe will correct or clarify the public’s understanding of what in fact occurred at my client’s sentencing, including misrepresentations made to the media by the Polk County District Attorney.

     Actual court transcripts can demonstrate the points I will make here. At the time of the incident in these cases, Mr. Binnion was 19 years old and the victim was 14. He has been jailed in Polk County since then and pled guilty to the charge on March 14, 2019. At that time, the State—in writing—waived their right to a jury trial in this case.  This is significant because if the State had truly wished to prevent Mr. Binnion from receiving deferred adjudication, the State could have legally barred such an option by refusing to waive their right to a jury trial. The State understood this and waived. 

      On June 3, 2021, Judge Travis Kitchens presided over the sentencing hearing, where the State was legally entitled to call any number of witnesses (including the victim or the victim’s family) that the State wanted Judge Kitchens to consider in rendering a sentence. Probation Officer Mary Beth Barker was the only witness that the State elected to call to testify for Mr. Binnion’s sentencing. 

     Ms. Barker, the State’s only witness, made recommendations to the Court regarding terms and conditions of deferred adjudication. Polk County District Attorney, Lee Hon was present at the hearing and, as reflected in transcripts, at no time prior to the Judge pronouncing his ruling did the State ever recommend prison time—for 15 years or any other number— or oppose deferred adjudication. Only after the ruling was final, did Assistant District Attorney, Rachel Ellsworth state for the record that the State was opposed to deferred adjudication.

       Ms. Ellsworth further advised the victim’s family was notified of the hearing and did not wish to participate. First Assistant District Attorney, Beverly Armstrong stated to the Court that the victim and family were no longer responding to their office. No Judge could ever legally bar a victim from being heard at a sentencing hearing and any suggestion that such occurred in this case is unequivocally FALSE. The State and the Defense were given the opportunity to present any witnesses they deemed appropriate.

      While Judge Kitchens has only been elected since 2019, District Attorney Lee Hon and his office have handled cases such as this since 2007. Since 2016 alone, some very brief research confirms at least 19 cases wherein a defendant charged with a sex-related offense received deferred adjudication from different judges over the years, including Former Judge Kacee Jones, and Former Judge Ernie McClendon. The Polk County District Attorney’s Office, led by LEE HON was at the helm of them all. In at least 17 of those cases, the POLK COUNTY DISTRICT ATTORNEY recommended Deferred Adjudication Probation to the Court as the desired sentence.

     I make this point to say, in sum, that the sentence assessed Mr. Binnion, is by no means a “light sentence” and should not be construed as such. In addition, it has been my experience that in these types of cases, deferred adjudication is not uncommon, particularly when one considers the emotional toll that a public trial will have on any victim and especially, young and minor victims.

      Mr. Binnion’s movements, decisions, and activities will be supervised and scrutinized closely by the judicial system for the next ten (10) years. Put another way—Mr. Binnion’s supervision will not end until he is 32 years old. Mr. Binnion’s probation in this case cannot be shortened for any reason and there are many terms and conditions recommended by probation, and Ordered by Judge Kitchens, with which he must comply for the next ten years. Some, but not all of those conditions include:

1. Lifetime registration as a sex offender;

2. Polygraph examinations on a regular basis;

3. Psychological examinations;

4. No internet access or usage without prior approval;

5. No contact with the victim or victim’s family;

6. Restrictions on where Mr. Binnion can reside;

7. Reporting to a probation officer twice a month; and,

8. $5,000.00 fine.

9. Serve an additional term of 180 days in the Polk County Jail.

(in addition to the 35 months he has been incarcerated awaiting disposition of the case.) Any misstep or mistake by Mr. Binnon on the terms of probation can result in his arrest and being brought back to Court for a hearing by a judge—not a jury—for a potential prison sentence of up to 20 years.

     Should you have any questions, I will be more than happy to sit down with either of you so as to clear up any confusion that may exist. Your cooperation and courtesies in this matter are greatly appreciated.

     If you require further information, please do not hesitate to contact me.




Michael L. Davis

Law Offices of Michael L. Davis

UPDATE 4/26/2021


The below narrative is the probable cause affidavit filed by OPD's Tammy Heeth.  The law firm representing the City of Onalaska is seeking an OAG opinion on witholding the body cam video because it is part of the investigation.  The fact that they want to withold it confirms the video evidence does exist.

UPDATE 4/22/2021


    The Onalaska ISD administration did confirm that the mom did come into the office and make a verbal complaint against the traffic control officer Heeth as claimed by the mother but no written document was made by the school or exists.  Also it has been confirmed that neither camera on that side of the school captured the event on tape.  "Our cameras are focused on the parking lot and the indicent occurred just outside their view."  

     There has been no reply by the city of Onalaska to The Sentinel request for open records and video but a non official source states that OPD officer Heeth is claiming that the mom struck her with her vehicle.  

ONALASKA 4/1/2021


Eight year veteran of the Onalaska PD effected the elementary school arrest of a disabled mom delivering her children to school on April Fools day.  OPD officer, Tammy Heeth, no stranger to controversy and "anger issue" complaints from the past, attempted to pull this mother out of her car window by the hair of the head according to the arrested mom.  

     School administrators confirm to The Sentinel that in the days prior to her arrest, the mom had taken the time to park and go into the school office to file a complaint about the traffic control person from an incident that occurred between them that very morning.   The mom alleged that she was singled out and made to go around back to drop her kids when the cars in front of her and behind her were allowed to continue dropping kids in the normal place.  

       According to the mom, some days later, she and her children were confronted by Heeth in the Onalaska Brookshire Bros store and had a verbal altercation.  

       On the morning of April first, the mom was in line to drop her kids when she claims that Heeth, once again wearing a traffic vest only and no OPD uniform, jumped in front of her vehicle banging the hood then worked her way around the vehicle to the open drivers window grabbing the mom by the hair and attempting to pull her out the window to effect an arrest.  The mom was arrested, her elementary school kids traumatized and she was charged with 'Aggravated Assault on a Peace Officer' and taken to the Polk County Jail.  

ONALASKA 2/26/2021


The article linked to this headline involves the recent culmination of a federal investigation The Sentinel reported on over a year ago.  The Fed's efforts brought the roosters home to roost.  We shared the past article about a false front airplane registry scheme based in a town with no airport yet enough planes registered here that every home could have one.

    The recent arrest of some involved by the Feds put Polk County's lead law enforcement officer on the "Duh" map again.   Are you still turning a blind eye Bill Lee?  Like you did in the Linda Vincent case and the 'Willgo' real estate operation out of the Pct office?  Like you continue to do about the documented crimes Christopher Lima has committed? 

      Since we have learned over the last few years that there is no Ranger investigation unless the DA says there is a Ranger investigation, why are you so quick to authorize an investigation on a black jailer assaulting a white inmate Bill Lee but have yet to open any investigation on Lima?  Are you a racist?     


Trial by fire would be the only way to describe what the newly elected sheriff of Polk County has endured since taking office.  From the deviant jailer to the abusive treatment of an inmate, Sheriff Lyons has taken appropriate action and been transparent with The Sentinel in a dramatic break from Hammack's opaque and non responsive policies.  


ONALASKA 2/12/2021

LOCAL ACTIVIST SCORES VICTORY . . . . . . . with no teeth in it.

The city of Onalaska was called down by the Texas Attorney General Open Records division, aka 'toothless' (when it comes to enforcement) after responding to Rosemary Covalt's O.R. request with a projected bill in excess of four thousand dollars.  Ms. Covalt appealed to the Texas O.A.G. for help and she recently received a c.c. letter addressed to the city from the O.A.G. ordering them to produce some records.  


POLK CO 1/15/2021


   David Ray Miller, a former Polk Co Jailer was arrested and charged with Official Oppression this week.  It is alleged that he was engaging in a sexual relationship with an inmate in custody.  

    Official Oppression is the most often complaint recieved at The Sentinel and most overlooked crime in Polk county.  Even the DA, Bill Lee 'the retaliator' Hon, is a regular offender and violator of this very statute.  As a 'Retaliator' who some say suffers from the 'zipper down' syndrome himself, it will be interesting to watch him prosecute a man for the very crime Hon has committed frequently during his tenure.  

 (a) A public servant acting under color of his
office or employment commits an offense if he:

(1) intentionally subjects another to mistreatment or to arrest, detention, search, seizure, dispossession, assessment, or lien that he knows is unlawful;

(2) intentionally denies or impedes another in the exercise or enjoyment of any right, privilege, power, or immunity, knowing his conduct is unlawful; or

(3) intentionally subjects another to sexual harassment

    You see, the definition of 'Official Oppression' does include pressing an employee for sexual favors as well as an inmate.  It includes lying to the Texas Rangers calling a public record document, 'sensitive documents' when Hon falsely accused the clerks of secreting some out to The Sentinel.  Even State Rep, James White, when confronted about not doing anything about the corrupt DA in his district claimed, "He (Hon) had a reputation for retaliation before I was ever elected"


Press Release
State Representative Ernest Bailes Files HB 1090 Alleviating Property Tax Burden
AUSTIN, TX - State Representative Ernest Bailes filed House Bill 1090, lowering the number of
previous years allowed to be appraised if property was mistakenly omitted from an appraisal roll.
Currently, chief appraisers may go up to five years on the appraisal roll if they find taxable property
was erroneously omitted from a previous appraisal. When this happens, back taxes, penalty and
interest are added. HB 1090 changes the number of years considered from five to three.
"It is a top priority of mine to alleviate undue burdens on Texas taxpayers in every way possible,"
said Bailes. "Although we made improvements to the property tax system in the 86th, I look
forward to exploring every possible option."
According to the Texas Tax Code, appraisal districts must reappraise all property in its jurisdiction
at least once every three years, rationalizing the need to change this allowance from five to three



"NO MORE Open Records Requests is part of bond conditions."???????????????  

Former Angelina County District Attorney, Joe Martin, left an open can of worms in the back of his bottom drawer when he jumped ship right after elections.  

   The DA elect, Ms. Janet Cassels who was appointed to finish the rest of Martin's unexpired term after winning the election, must have been cleaning out his 'uh oh' drawers because the first thing she did was distance herself from the 'special prosecutor' status Martin held on the bogus case Lee Hon had him bring against me.    Having bragged to more than one constituent that he could, "get a ham sandwich indicted", Martin found out that to carry a crooks water makes you a crook too and I am not afraid to prove just that.   A former employee of Hon's, Martin just assumed it would be like all the rest.  Indict them, arrest them, jail them and ruin their lives. That way you teach them and theirs to never cross you again.   

    Making the process the punishment even when there is no evidence has worked for Hon for so many years, Martin thought one more for the road wouldn't matter.   Or was it two?   

     A complex and fascinating Angelina County case The Sentinel has been investigating for over a year now was left in Martin's low level drawer.  A lot of similarities between this case, my case and several more in this part of Texas that establish a distinct and 'by the play book' pattern of prosecutorial misconduct among the corrupt few when it comes to indicting those pesky investigative journalists that don't care who you are or even who you think you are.   

      A controversial and dogged muckraker from Angelina County who published The East Texas Reporter and did provocative livestreams on FB named David Stua found his ham sandwich A$$ indicted in Angelina County and charged with a sexual crime against a 'child'.  The so called 'crime' was videod and livestreamed to FB.   The so called child was a college student on a college campus whose hard work and gifted abilities had him enrolled in college courses when he was under 17 and still in high school.  

     We have not seen the video but it amounted to Stua approaching various people and saying, "I believe in circumcision.  You want to see?" and then filming their reaction when he produced a paper, "Certificate of Circumscison" to show them.

      Stua had been admonished in the College library not to use the word, "Circumcision" out loud prior to him having the idea to do the interviews that landed him in legal trouble.    In fact, the library called the law on Stua for using the word circumcision.  Stua would have to admit that he was warned that it was a bad idea to do the certificate of circumcision interviews when he voiced the idea to a fellow muckracker from near Waco.  Not because he thought it was illegal but because it was distasteful.  Stua did the interviews and the long arm of the law hammered down when he asked two teen males that question on video.

      One man's ceiling is another man's floor on what is socially acceptable but when it comes to the law, those preferences are out the window.  The very judge who imposed the civil rights denying abusive bond conditions just happened to be one of the elected officials Stua was and had investigated.  There were open records requests pending for phone records that one claimed his phone, "erased them every day' and another just flat refused to answer.  What in the allegations of wrong doing against Stua warrants an ankle monitor, no smart phone, no computer, no internet and no travel outside the county?  Asking someone that rude and smart aleck question?  NO MORE OPEN RECORDS REQUESTS is part of bond conditions for that?  BLATANT CORRUPTION HERE

     It has all the earmarks of shutting a vocal political liability down so he can't ask questions, communicate or publish stories or documents, not protecting the public.   FIRST of all, the judge should have recused himself because of the ongoing conflict between him and the Muckraker.  Then maybe his personal political goals (not being exposed for wrong doing) would not have caused this blatant abuse of power.  

     What most overlook is that for these kind of abuses to flourish, it takes cooperation of more than one.  Can we say R.I.C.O. ?


Press Release
State Representative Ernest Bailes Files HB 1090 Alleviating Property Tax Burden
AUSTIN, TX - State Representative Ernest Bailes filed House Bill 1090, lowering the number of
previous years allowed to be appraised if property was mistakenly omitted from an appraisal roll.
Currently, chief appraisers may go up to five years on the appraisal roll if they find taxable property
was erroneously omitted from a previous appraisal. When this happens, back taxes, penalty and
interest are added. HB 1090 changes the number of years considered from five to three.
"It is a top priority of mine to alleviate undue burdens on Texas taxpayers in every way possible,"
said Bailes. "Although we made improvements to the property tax system in the 86th, I look
forward to exploring every possible option."
According to the Texas Tax Code, appraisal districts must reappraise all property in its jurisdiction
at least once every three years, rationalizing the need to change this allowance from five to three


Big City BOYS Logistics truck driver's big story devolves into a lying pile of hooey under the light of the Truth shining on his allegations.  I just wonder if Corrigan PD will embrace him now that he is denigrating The Sentinel as a lying rag under the philosephy that 'the enemy of my enemy is my friend'.  According to sources, Mayor Gibson came to the city council meeting and apologized for her behavior and left the meeting leaving the outcome in the hands of the city attorney, Tatum.  AD Hollowell did not do his homework before making allegations against me.  He is not the first to call The Sentinel a liar.  He won't be the last.  Any reader knows that stupid people saying stupid things doesn't make me angry because it is an opportunity to slice and dice them one more time Cincinati.  Calling me 'antifa' is as far removed from the truth as you can get but I expect no less from a muslim convert that hates America.


After a long conversation with AD Hollowell, it came to light that the 'racism' he alleges in the heart of the mayor's father and PD Chief is the problem in Corrigan and his main concern.  The Sentinel counseled Hollowell to focus on the corruption aspect that he can prove instead of the tangent of racism he feels prompted the confrontation but that counsel fell on deaf ears.  Hollowell hung up on me after saying he was going to Malcolm X's right hand man (his cousin he claims) and bring a march on Corrigan to battle the systemic racism he feels is the root of all the problems in America.  A devout Muslim, Hollowell took time to quote the bible regarding taking up our Cross and seems to ignore the fact that is was muslims that sold his black ancestors into slavery to begin with.    Hollowell did mention his white ancestors as his mixed race heritage is evident but feels the remaining portion of his DNA deserves reparations.  According to Hollowell's own mouth, he did a stretch in prison on a conspiracy charge.  Any black whose name came up in the conversation who did not adhere to Hollowell's view and position was, according to him, a "house nigger", a phrase he used multiple times during the interview.  

CORRIGAN 9/17/2020


    Corrigan Mayor Gibson makes her debut as 'Jane Fonda' for public consumption.  A 'family affair' unfolded on the shoulder of Hiway 59 in Corrigan as PD Chief Gibson, Mayor and wife, Joanna Gibson and business owner who is father of the mayor all confronted and harrassed a man stopped for speeding.  

      The blatant abuse of official capacity was put on full display and was streamed live on FB by the driver, A.D. Hollowell out of Indiana.  

   The Sentinel has published proof of the corruption in Corrigan before and specifically the illegal acts of Chief Gibson before and forwarded the evidence to the FBI, Texas Rangers and the Polk Co DA, Lee Hon but NOTHING has been done about the abuse of power so far.   The rumors are flying on FB that The Rangers are involved.  Hollowell claims his video keeps being removed by FB.  Yall forgive me if I don't hold my breath about anything being done about this blatant Polk County corruption.  Ho Hum.

    The Sentinel has reached out to A.D. Hollowell and gotten a reply.  We will follow up on this story with more details.

UPDATE 7/21/2020


According to a City of Shepherd spokesperson, the emebezzlement case against the former Librarian, Helen Marie Johnson has been turned over to the SJC DA's office.  We will seek more info as to the exact status of the case and report those findings.

UPDATE 2/11/2020


   An ongoing investigation into the theft of library funds is not complete according to a Sentinel source close to the community.  Although the investigation has focused on library funds, it may well expand to include Helen Marie Johnson's association with the EDC (Economic Development Committee) as treasurer as well as other events and goings on she seemed to gravitate toward as keeper of the purse. 

   Multiple complaints and allegations made to The Sentinel in the past include the disappearance of artifacts that were donated to the library by citizens of the community. 

UPDATE 2/6/2020


According to our source, the librarian, Ms. Helen Marie Johnson has been terminated.  The paperwork may show a 'resignation' but a choice between quitting or being fired is a Termination.  It is that simple.

SHEPHERD 2/2/2020


According to reliable Sentinel sources, the City of Shepherd is conducting an audit to determine the extent of embezzeled funds alleged to have been taken by the current Librarian.  There has been no public statement and my source is not a city official but we are confident that the funds have been pilfered.  The matter will be handled in executive session to decide the course of action moving forward.

POLK CO TEXAS 7/4/2020


Where oh where can they be?  Even more pertinent, where does the evidence keep going?  That is the question being posed to The Sentinel by others who have collected, tied with a ribbon and delivered evidence documents to every agency from DA Hon up to and including the FBI.  I cant speak directly to their efforts but I can speak to mine. 

      The attached snip above is of a return email notice that surprised me after having communicated with and provided evidence and evidence sources for the investigation The Sentinel started into the criminal embezzlement case against Linda Vincent.  Agent Carrol and I never met but he did meet in person with more than a few in this community.  We did communicate over several months as the Vincent case unfolded.   Now you guys know why I just bit my tongue when many in the community were calling me fake news over the Vincent story. 

   Agent Carroll was a 501 (c) 3 specialist transferred in from Washington DC for this case but he became interested in Hon's criminal activity after The Sentinel provided the agent with proof documents.   Here is the first email I received from Agent Carroll.  He was already familiar with my work. 


Carroll, Michael A. (DL) (FBI) <>

To:Steve Watson

Sat, Mar 17, 2018 at 11:09 AM

Mr. Watson,

Thank you for introducing yourself. I appreciate both your initiative in reaching out and the spirit by which you're seeking truth and justice. In my pre-Bureau career, I served in the not-for-profit sector, managing charitable concerns which were dedicated to elevating the good. As a law enforcement officer, I wield the sword for the purpose of quelling evil. In my mind and heart, I have served the same calling, the same mission in life. Both careers are merely two sides of the same coin.

That said, I am under no illusion that I will change the world. Our society rests at the base of a leaky dike. My role is to forestall the dam break. But, I am only one man; I have only so many fingers and toes to plug all the holes!  Only through the concerted effort of good citizens - - whether they be journalists, judges, or janitors - - can we sway the tide of injustice in our day. 

I admire your reporting, which is only as sound as your sources, of course, but you're mining truth and striking public nerves in the process. That's a good thing, and I hope and pray that you bear much fruit. I, on the other hand, do not have such a luxury. Allegations of corruption must satisfy very stringent standards to warrant an investigation. It seems counterintuitive that bad behavior and unethical conduct are not enough to bring down the hammer. One must be patient and persistent to make any headway at all.

Like the folks you interview, I too am disinclined to share sensitive findings with state and local officers. I most certainly do not share my sources, but I generally do not know who to trust, save the noble citizens who, despite their fears and frustrations, are willing to tell their story. Each story adds fuel to my fire, encouraging me to press on. Whether the evidence compels DOJ to authorize an active investigation is not my decision. My job is to look and listen, sneak amongst the shadows, and sniff out the truth. Sounds like you to a T! 

Thank you for all that you're doing. Perhaps we'll have a chance for a face-to-face chat in the days ahead. I would welcome it.


Special Agent Michael A. Carroll

Federal Bureau of Investigation 

Dallas Field Office / Lufkin Resident Agency

415 S. First Street, Suite 401

Lufkin, Texas 75901


Agents retire and life moves on but where did the file of evidence documents I provided go?  We can not get any answer.  Others have given evidence files that have disappeared at EVERY LEVEL of law enforcement  Evidence documents of the criminal acts of Lee Hon and Tommy Coleman have been provided by multiple sources over many years and all the Ranger can manage to find is a queer cop in Onalaska it appears doesnt like women? 

ONALASKA 7/2/2020


The 'Surprise' arrest of Onalaska PD Lt. Moore is only a surprise to the multiple complainants who were rebuffed by the Chief of Police of Onalaska when they came to complain about Moore's conduct on the streets of Onalaska.  One case The Sentinel has been looking into involved Moore leaving a pregnant woman standing on the side of the road after having her car towed when she was able to produce proof of insurance that Moore refused to examine.  It was a picture of the insurance card her husband texted to her and he said he was on the way with the original only moments away.  Moore threatened that if anybody showed up on the scene to interfere with his investigation, he would arrest them.  When the couple complained the next day, the ticket was dropped but the chief REFUSED to accept a complaint against Moore.  

        The LULAC Rep for Polk County has complained to The Sentinel multiple times that the Onalaska Police Chief, Polk Co DA and especially Livingston PD ignore citizen efforts to file complaints on officers and have been for years.  "They just ignore us", she said "and dont want the proof documents" Covalt stated.  Being hispanic, Ms Covalt attributes it to racism.  Same with the NAACP Rep for Polk County who also complains of being ignored when they make legitimate complaints.   Hopefully this case will prove to them both what I have been saying all along, it isn't about color, it is about corruption.

      The pregnant woman in this story and her husband are white and their complaint was ignored too.  The majority of people who have complained to The Sentinel of this treatment are white. The small percentage of corrupt cops overall is a testament to the vast majority of men and women with integrity that serve but more than a few that The Sentinel has had complaints on have one thing in common . . . . . Work or worked for Onalaska PD under a DA who remains "unaware" of their crimes. 

      My only conclusion on the Moore stop of the pregnant woman is that since Moore lives with his husband in a homosexual marriage according to local residents, then perhaps his bias against an obviously hetrosexual woman was showing. 

     The problem remains when there is a chronic 'no complaint' corruption in the LEO leadership in Polk County.  The snip below is from and email The Sentinel received from former Onalaska PD officer, Christopher Lima a couple of years ago.

Not only did we provide Lima with access to the documents we got via open records, we took his advice and asked for public records regarding any complaints filed against him from prior employors.  DA Hon fought the release of the Polk Co S.O. documents but The Sentinel prevailed at the OAG open records division and received a package of 400 pages of complaints against Lima.  NOT A SINGLE criminal charge or even a disciplinary write up was included.  Hon illegally redacted quite a few pages from the Onalaska ISD and Child Protective Services complaint.  One 'investigation' into the child abuse complaint the Onalaska ISD filed by a Polk Co deputy claimed the complaint had no merit and no action was taken.   One woman who had filed multiple complaints against Lima for stalking and harassing her and her children was criminally charged with forgery by Hon at Lima's request.  She beat the charges proving them false and still no discipline from Hon against Lima for his crimes.   It doesnt stop there.  Corrigan mayor joins in the deceit being perpetrated against the people to protect Lima. 

TCOLE logs showing no break in Lima's shingle hanging in Corrigan.

As you can see from the last two photo snips, the mayor of corrigan is complicent with covering for Lima.   Corrigan still sponsors his gun and badge.


Like his boss, John Bradley, says the Watchdog, the same prosecutor openly mocked requests for DNA testing that ultimately exonerated Mr. Morton: "During one of the Michael Morton hearings in September of this year, Coleman was overheard by several people mocking Morton's attorney, John Raley, who had argued for the relevance of a key piece of evidence which played a pivotal role in exonerating Morton.  In a demeaning tone, Coleman said, "Ewwww!  Bloody bandana! Bloody bandana!" in a cynical attempt to discredit the evidence.



By: Houston Criminal Lawyer John Floyd and Paralegal Billy Sinclair

We have become convinced that the only way the Williamson County District Attorney’s office will operate in a lawful and ethical manner is for the State Bar to assign an ombudsman to oversee its day-to-day handling of criminal prosecutions. The behavior of this office in the Michael Morton case has already triggered four investigations, including one by the State Bar. Grits For Breakfast recently carried yet another report, which was first reported by Wilco Watchdog, concerning allegations of prosecutorial misconduct. This time the misconduct charges involve Assistant District Attorney Tommy Coleman who withheld exculpatory evidence in a 2010 theft case.


"If we don't get what we want, we will burn this system down and replace it"


Shut up and listen dumb ass.   It isn't about color.  It is about statism vs liberty.  That conflict is colorless.   President Trump has already given you police reform and remarkable legistation has already been presented and the demoncrats are blocking it.  You are going to have to get off of the mind control plantation and see for yourself and change course or fall victim to the manipulation of the dumb asses among us promoting marxism and reap their reward.  It is coming soon.  The Patriots of America, black, white, red and yellow, have had enough of your anarchist Bull Shit and are ready to put a boot in your ignorant asses.  It is that simple.  If you neither condone or condemn the rioting and looting, you alread have a fence picket up your a$$.   Blacks arming themselves is not violence.  All the black patriots are armed, I assure you.  Using the arms to loot and steal and abuse the lone victims in the name of anarchy is violence.  Just spend the weekend in Chicago if you don't understand that.  You either support law and order or you are part of the anarchy and chaos being fermented against us by our enemies.  You are either a manipulated dumb ass or intentional enemy of this nation.  Neither choice is good for you.

AMERICA 5/16/2020


"HIJACKED" is the word used by conservative Christian black Americans regarding the recent 'trans'fer of the BLM movement fighting police brutality morphing into endorsing the deviant lifestyle of the "Trans" movement.  What the lady in the video linked HERE is not comprehending is that the BLM movement was started, not to oppose police brutality but to fundamentally transform the USA.  It is a leftist organization from the get go with a leftist agenda.  The proof is plain now. 


“Arizona is positioned to lead the nation in protecting our citizens’ civil right to free, fair and secure elections.

“Integrity in our elections doesn’t benefit one political party over another; election integrity benefits every single voter regardless of political party, race, gender or income. Period.

“The Department of Justice’s recent decision to publicly target Arizona lawmakers for excercising our constitutional authority over elections is an abhorrent abuse of power and a starkly accurate representation of the disgusting politicization that has occurred within this federal institution.

“Let us, as Arizona lawmakers, be very clear with the Biden Administration and its minions: The Constitution of the United States expressley authorizes our legislative oversight and control of elections. Stay the hell out of our way.”

used for political comment and education 

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