Chris Lima mug shot

1/25/2023 POLK CO


According to reliable sources in the criminal justice system, Child Protective Services has opened another investigation on Christopher Lima after he used a minor child to help him facilitate a theft from the Onalaska Dollar store for which he was arrested.  It is by far not the first CPS  investigation of Lima over the years.  






ONALASKA 1/13/2023



THEFT Charges were leveled against former DA investigator and lawman, Chris Lima yesterday.  We presumed it was for a hot check but sources indicate the arrest was made because Lima attempted to get a minor to leave the Onalaska dollar store with a basket full of goods.

  Lima, Sentinel readers will remember, was ousted from the law enforcement community by the persistant efforts of several community activists, honest cops and The Sentinel publishing evidence of his crimes. 

    Lima had been on probation for the charge of "Conspiracy to posess a controlled substance' stemming from a Ranger investigation of his drug peddling activities while on duty, in unifom and in one of Woddy Wallace's patrol vehicles.   That probationary period was likely over with at the time of this charge but we will verify.

     Lima was Lee Hon's golden boy and Hon covered up his crimes including illegally redacting 400 pages of complaints sought through open records until the scrutiny became too great.  There are several men in prison behind Lima's testimony that claim he planted drugs on them.  The exact nature of the complaints that led to Sentinel scrutiny were that Lima was buying, selling, using and planting drugs on people.   This ended up being one Sentinel investigation that proved, where there is smoke, there is fire.

    Anyone in prison behind this guys testimony deserves a new trial.  It is that simple.

    Woody Wallace and Lee Hon constantly sang Lima's praises till a community effort put the kabosh on him.  

      Lima still maintains his lying FB page trying to portray himself in a positive light.  

AUSTIN  1/24/2023



This link is for anyone who thinks the idea of our government staging a false flag operation for a political end game is out of the question.  Operation Northwoods was stopped by JFK and you see what it got him.

The Sentinel raised objections to DPS Director, Steve McGraw some time back well before the Uvalde massacre based on him bringing the FBI philosephy of, "If you don't do anything, you can't get in trouble for anything' to Texas DPS.  Those objections were based on him and his 'public integrity unit' turning a blind eye to the crimes of Lee Hon and Tommy Coleman even when several community activists tied the evidence up with a bow and brought it right to them.  The same evidence was taken directly to the Lufkin office of the FBI and they did squat about it either.

    My comments that there was no other explanation about 300 plus cops standing in the halls of the Uvalde school with their thumb up their butts while kids were being killed proved they had a stand down order were ignored.  Then it came to light that is EXACTLY what happened.

   My contention that McGraw was apparently woriking with he gun control element (demoncrats) to make sure the body count was high enough to enrage the population so that they would finally support gun control legislation was proven valid because  some progress toward that goal was made.

    NOW that we see that one of the highest ranking "Counter Intelligence" officers with the FBI (WHO TRAINED McGraw) assigned to investigate 'russian collusion' by Trump is actually a Russian asset himself, does my contention seem so far fetched now?

     McGraw has to go.  It is that simple.  Pay attention Abbott.  We need a law and order conservative candidate for governor next term. Will it be you?




The Diversity, Inclusion, Equity party has its sights set on strangling the life right out of the United States.  We are already the most diverse nation on earth.  The American dream Includes all people.  Equality of opportunity, not equity of outcome, is all we promise.  The VA schools that witheld the national merit awards so as not to, 'hurt the feelings' of the ones who did not earn that recognition is the symptom of the demise of our education system and our nation.  There is a big difference in 'Inclusion' and 'delusion'.

UPDATE 1/23/2023


Compelling evidence that SJCCAD chief appraiser, Sherri Schell used several of ther field appraisers on county time to physically  move one of her employees belongings from one home to another over a two day period just adds to the list of illegal and unethical actions she has taken to the detriment of the SJC tax payers.  


COLDSPRING 1/20/2023


In a blatant violation of the open records laws, the SJC CAD board attorney, Joe Longoria of the Perdue, Brandon, Fielder, Collins and Mott law firm has witheld legally requested records just because those payroll records will prove yet another penal code violation of the CAD paying an employee that was not at work.  

     An open records request submitted sept 29th and battled at the OAG was won by The Sentinel and the law firm was ordered to surrender the records yet those payroll records were with held from the package received today at The Sentinel offices.  

    In our 30 plus years, we have learned that the corrupt tend to with hold records that will prove their crimes.

   At this point, not only do we continue to call for the firing of the corrupt Chief Apprasier, Sherri Schell, we call for the firing of the attorney, Joe Longoria if he has no more respect for the laws of the Great State of Texas than this.  He may think he is protecting his client but fails to recognize that he works for the citizens of San Jacinto County, not the board.


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You don't know what you've got till it's gone.

Rob Freyer

COLDSPRING 1/`1/14/2023


A relative new hire for the SJC District Attorney's office, Robert Freyer, settles in to work  here amid controversy swirling in Montgomery County.  Sentinel sources insist that Freyer was told by Bret Ligon, Mont Co DA, to, "find another job" after allegations Freyer showed up on a crime scene in Montgomery County, "drunk as cooter brown".   

   The Sentinel obtained Freyer's personell file from Ligon and did not find any reference to the alleged drunken caper so we called Freyer directly for an interview.  

   "What are you doing getting my personell file" Freyer demanded of me in an irritated tone when I posed my direct question to him regarding his tenure in Montgomery County and reason for leaving.  Freyer denied the drunken caper but his tone regarding my success in obtaining his personnel file told me all I needed to know about this guy.

    "Well if you didn't like that, Mr. Freyer, how bout this?"   "I am going to request your personnel file where you are now, . . TODAY, just to show you that I can and I will."

    "Efforts to verify the allegations with the DA or members of the staff in the Montgomery Co. DA's office were met with, "We can neither confirm nor deny those allegations".

     Mr. Freyer undoubtedly has a great deal of trial experience coming from such an active office and SJC DA, Todd Dillion has expressed to The sentinel that he considers Mr. Freyer to be a valuable addition to his staff.  Others in the Criminal Justice system are not so sure.  "He passes Mr. Dillon notes on what to do like he is in charge and leads him around" is the main complaint.    One worker shared an arrogant comment Freyer made regarding his intent to do all he can to see one of our sitting District Judges removed from the bench.  

    We have not been able to verify the drunken caper allegation yet but one thing we did confirm through those open records is that Freyer took a 50 percent pay cut to come to SJC.  He went from near 144k a year as chief prosecutor in Montgomery co to70k as ADA and has to drive further.  Makes me wonder who is being honest here.  My sources in Montgomery County or Mr. Freyer?  We are still seeking other open records to try and narrow it down.  

    Even though we asked for them specifically, there is no application/resume' or letters of reference or background check info   in either personell file we have obtained.

   Research on the Texas State Bar website indicate there are no public disciplinary actions on file against Freyer but goes on to state, "Sanctions that indicate a judgment is on appeal are still in effect but are not final and subject to change. To request a copy of a disciplinary judgment that is not available online or for more information about a specific disciplinary sanction listed above, please contact the Office of the chief Disciplinary Counsel at (877) 953-5535."


    We will be there Tuesday and bring our findings to the Sentinel readers but in the meantime Mr. Freyer, there are three things you should know about SJC.  We don't want to be lied to.  We don't want to be lied on and we damn sure don't want you using your position for political purpose.  It is that simple.



Lee Hon ad on booking report page

POLK CO MOVER AND SHAKER commented, "WEll it looks like Lee Hon may have his first two clients".



LIVINGSTON 1/14/2023


Anthony Bartunek, the former  5 year live in step father of William Lee Hon was arrested on multiple child porn charges and is in the Polk County jail.  No bond has been set as of this morning  

   Sentinel readers will remember The Sentinel publishing the marriage certificate of Anthony Bartunek and Hon's mother along with Bartuneks prior arrest that prompted Hon to file 7 felony charges on me and try to put me in prison for 70 years.  An ordeal that cost me 10k out of pocket for daring to warn the public about Hon's corruption.   It appears to this reporter that Lee Hon's umbrella of protection was folded up wet and put away.  We are seeking records to prove just how much Lee Hon illegally with held from disclosure to protect Chris Lima. Those illegally redacted records included quite a few CPS complaints and investigations.  Since then, including this theft charge, Lima has proven that he is a danger to children.  

UPDATE 1/17/2023


The principle said go ask Livingston PD and declined to give any information on what has been done to assure the future safety of students.  The injured student is wearing a cast on the injured arm.  

LIVINGSTON 1/12/2023


Injuries resulted from the careless actions of a teacher on the Livingston Jr. High campus yesterday as a student walked across a parking lot toward the building.  According to our source, the student was struck by a teacher backing up and required medical attention.  We are seeking more information but preliminary sources indicate the girl was taken to the nurse who called her parents to come get her.  Unoffiicial sources claim she suffered a broken or sprained wrist and required stitches.  We have asked the school for a statement.




Immediatly after retreating behind the FBI facade of calling anyone who disagrees with you a, "terrorist", Crenshaw Showed the same roots that let him endorse the failed TAPS act.  An act that wouldhave obliterated our probable cause protections. The Sentinel warned our readers years ago about Crenshaw and his rino running buddy, Mitch McConnel who also endorsed the TAPS act.

      Thank God for the real conservatives who blocked his effort to get the chairmanship.



  COLDSPRING 12/8/2021


UKRAINE 12/6/2023


ZELENSKI has outlawed church and media all in one fail swoop.  Any congressman or senator running around with the Ukrainian 'colors' hanging out their pocket needs to look for a job and damn sure don't send the bastard anymore money.  


Joe Longoria, the PBF,C&M attorney representing the SJC CAD Board lost another round in their efforts to shield public documents from the public's view.  Such a basic rebuke from the OAG it just proves the tired old tactic used to delay the inevitible.  If the records we get prove that an employee was being paid for days we know they missed, mission accomplished.  If they prove the opposite, same mission accomplished.  We got to the truth of the matter.

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reader submitted photo - thankyou



An officer with the Onalaska PD failed to appear for hearing today based on personal reasons after the last reset was for  no prosecutor prepared to make the case.  TAMMY HEETH filed felony criminal charges on a woman shortly after that parent filed a written complaint with the elementary school for the officers aggressive actions. during car rider line issues.  That was about two years ago.


  In a case of blatant hypocricy, The officer making the felony allegations was allowed to do her own investigation and and write her own police report for the school official to sign.  

    Before the altercation that the felony charges resulted from, The defendant claims that when her and officer Heeth met in the Brookshire Bros aisles, Heeth rammed her cart into Lambert and confronted her about the complaint causing a scene in the store.

     Heeth filed felony charges based on the claims that Lambert hit her with her car while while doing the car drop off routine.  Lambert claims the contact was intentional on Heeth's part and culminating with Heeth trying to pull her out of her car by the hair.

    In an unrelated incident pictured at left, Heeth can be seen pepperspraying a handcuffed suspect right in the eyes.     

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12/29/2022  UPDATE

San Jacinto County Sheriff, SJC DA and Texas Rangers and Onalaska P.D have joined forces investigating the recent murder and expect charges to be filed by today.  At this point, suspect is at large.  

12/28/2022  NOON PCT ONE SJC


An 18 year old female college student was murdered in San Jacinto County this morning.  Details are being witheld until the parents are notified.

   According to Sentinel sources, the youngster attended A&M.

Rumors are swirling but there was definately a death.  According to offiical sources, The Rangers have been notified and are on their way to the scene to take part in the investigation.  


   More information has come forward but no offiical press release.  We will wait for that statement before any further details are published.   As of four am this morning, investigators were still on the scene.  


12/15/2022 DEER PARK


Old accusations come home to roost
Earl David Worden, the 'News Now Houston" auditor guru  of the movement was sentenced to 20 years in prison after a jury trial in Harris County on charges from old accusations.  
Worden was doing his thing anonymously and raking in the dough until he decided to do a hit piece on SJC.  The Sentinel investigated his identity, revealed his identity on his youtube channel and took him to task for the lies he had perpetrated against our community.
    In that process, The Sentinel discovered that Worden was convicted and served time for aggravated sexual assault using a gun.  We also proved that his sex offender registry address and the address he was living at were different.   Nothing was done.
    Worden went on to inspire many in the field of 1st Amendment 'audting'  Any channel that goes by the moniker, "News Now ___________"   is a Worden inspired channel.  There is no doubt that the 'news now' organization has grown nationwide and many have based their style on Worden's approach.  Worden coined the phrase, "gathering content for a story" and the ubiquitious, "good citizen" given as a name.  Worden has proven to be anything but however no one can deny the effect the overall auditor movement has had on bringing awareness of our constitutional rights and the limits of the long arm of the law.  







Former President Donald Trump's headlines this morning would, at first glance lead one to believe he is up to his old tricks.

    I would be speaking of the time we lanblasted him for his infamous red flag comment, "Take the guns first and  then give them their day in court." 

   After that, Trump's effort to put forth the notion he and only he would be able to decide who was a journalist and who wasn't.  bombed like a lead balloon.  There has been an explosion of citizen journalists spring up just to prove him wrong on that one.

I just never did buy the story that Trump was 'silenced' by social media when all he did is build something that someone else could 'pull the plug' on.  Mistake number one. Such an elementary mistake makes me wonder if it was planned.    For a mere $19.99 a month he could have all the space he needed to get his message out.  If he owned his own site, who is going to pull the plug?  

    What history will prove is that Donald Trump did what he says he did.  He is the best president we have had in my lifetime  Is he king?  Hell no.  The McCloud blood running in his veins screams, "No King but Jesus"Even George Washington knew that so quit trying.

    The monarchy that was attempted to be impose themselves on our fledgling nation was quoted in an article some few years before her deatth saying she was willing to take the USA back under the monarchy since "it hasn't turned out well".    

  Now Charles is in charge.   

     The USA has faced enemies before and are now.  Donald Trump was a democrat before he was a republican.  They say, scratch a liberal  and find a facist.  I say scratch a politician and find a narcicist.  We need a cistoscopy.  Can Trump overcome his trumpocentristic (eg0) tendancies for a successful run?   


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Everywhere I look, God equates fear to 'unbelief'.


Rev 21:8

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AUSTIN UPDATE 10/27/2022


The Sentinel has been calling for McCraws resignation since long before the Uvalde massacre just because he is dishonest and a slacker.  McCraw's abject failure to address the criminal activity of aoon to be FORMER da Hon was enough to prove that McCraw is also a man of no integrity.  Thank God the St Louis police did not follow Texas' lead at their recent school shooting and instead charged right in and killed the perpetrator.  



A CNN exclusive report confirms Sentinel proclamation and names DPS Capt Joel Betancort as officer giving stand by order to DPS at the Uvalde massacre.  His orders, it is reported to The Sentinel, came straight from the D.O.S. (Dept of Officer Safety)  

   Parents of victims join Sentinel long time call for McCraw's resignation.  A call we made BEFORE the massacre where McCraws training efforts took a toll.

     Truth demands scrutiny and I want to know if McCraw or any of his leadership was in communication with gun control agenda activists.  (Democrats) There is no other reason for the failure other than waiting for the body count to be as high as possible.


TEXAS  10/12/2022


When you watch the video and plainly see DPS guys with white hats and white shirts standing around while kids are dying, there is NO OTHER explanation than they had received or were themselves giving a 

STAND DOWN' Order.  

   Just consider the evidence.   "VIDEO"

When the DPS Director, Steve McCraw has long demonstrated his ex FBIphilosephy of, "if you don't do nothing, you can't get in trouble for nothing' that he has incorporated into his long time leadership of a once highly respected law enforcement agency, it is no surprise what he has done to decimate that reputation.  Just look at what the leadership that trained him has done to the FBI.      It wasn't cowardice, that led to the death of all those babies, it was tke gun control agenda.  It is that simple.

   The shooter was long time on LEO radar.  Every concept of red flag or gun control or gun safety or gun whatever philosephy was ignored or violated by the very people that put it all forth to enable him to do the deed they needed done for the overall gun control agenda.  It almost worked.



Once again, Sam Houston's unethical campaign practices puts him in a bid light as a cheater and schemer.  If he and Trinity Co Sheriff, Woody Wallace stopped by anywhere near as many places in uniform (wearing badge and gun) telling folks they need to vote for the corrupt, Lee Hon as I got complaints about, can you just imagine what a political advantage, if not forced to resign, it will be able to 'drop by' still wearing a badge and a gun telling you that you should vote for him?  Thus the purpose of the automatic resignation law for just such an event.  






Pct 3 constable, "Makes himself a Candidate" 


As one of his first campaign efforts going for the county wide LEO job of SJC, former constable Sam Houston did put forth an idea for a plan in Commissioners Court this morning to establish a permitting system for people to own certain animals HERE.   Go to 1 hr :25 minute mark for beginning.  If the plan were put in place and he was elected sheriff, it would be just in time to keep his dog catchin, kid assaulting, wife beating buddie busy coming out to everyones house checking their permits for pets.  Judge Faulkner shuts down the effort Houston made to go around existing law to implement this permit plan   at 1hr 30 min mark, Commisisoner Marrs lays it out plain.  

CROOKED SAM HOUSTON SIGN readers submitted thankyou International 'no way' symbol added for clarity

Various signs around San Jacinto county have been reported to The Sentinel.  Signs beyond the PCT 3 area that Houston resides in.  This sign is in Pct Four and Houston has made himself a candidate in a county wide race.

     When someone is on your clock (we will call him 'sam's high ham' for the time being) goes around looking for a and finding the campaign manager of a possible future opponent as sheriff, You have made yourself a candidate.  When your agent (sam's high ham, rubuffs that campaign manager to warn him against trying to run his candidate against sam I am, you have made yourself a candidate.  

   We all remember your penchant for illegal campaign signs over the years constable.  We remember the state Hwy Dept and then the Forest Service having to force you to remove your illegal signs because other people couldn't put theirs there..  You have repeatedly sought unfair advantage over opponents in otherways too just like you are with this crooked stunt.  

The Sentinel calls for the signs to be removed or for you to resign as the law requires.


 pct 3 constable resigns

By telling people he was running for Sheriff of San Jacinto County, former Constable Sam Houston has officially resigned his position as Constable of Pct 3, SJC according to The Constitution of this Great State.  Several witnesses have confirmed that Sam Houston has told them personally that he is going to run for Sheriff of SJC and his agent is campaigning for him in the 2024 election and Houston is already putting up political signs as reported by many Stentinel readers.

Art 16 - Sec 65

Sec. 65. AUTOMATIC RESIGNATION ON BECOMING CANDIDATE FOR ANOTHER OFFICE. (a) This section applies to the following offices: District Clerks; County Clerks; County Judges; Judges of the County Courts at Law, County Criminal Courts, County Probate Courts and County Domestic Relations Courts; County Treasurers; Criminal District Attorneys; County Surveyors; County Commissioners; Justices of the Peace; Sheriffs; Assessors and Collectors of Taxes; District Attorneys; County Attorneys; Public Weighers; and Constables.

(b) If any of the officers named herein shall announce their candidacy, or shall in fact become a candidate, in any General, Special or Primary Election, for any office of profit or trust under the laws of this State or the United States other than the office then held, at any time when the unexpired term of the office then held shall exceed one year and 30 days, such announcement or such candidacy shall constitute an automatic resignation of the office then held, and the vacancy thereby created shall be filled pursuant to law in the same manner as other vacancies for such office are filled.




tHE ARTICLE LINKED HERE was published early today .  






These mottos were inspired by the actions and inaction of William Lee Hon


Be the first to order Hon one for Christmas as a going away gift.  Discounts are available.


COLDSPRING 10/15/2022


The Star Trek invisibility cloak must have decended on crime in SJC.  When theft, burglary and fraud are ignored by the SJC Criminal Justice system, we are all in trouble.

   To defy the parental request for school records because you don't think he needs his records is absolute blasphemy.against parental rights.  Parental rights are sacred and ordained by God.  

   Beam me up Scottie


You say you love  in one message and would never do anything to hurt him then this witholdng his records.   LIAR  Like I said from the get go.  Who do you know Brandi?


§ 99.10 What rights exist for a parent or eligible student to inspect and review education records?

(a) Except as limited under § 99.12, a parent or eligible student must be given the opportunity to inspect and review the student's education records. This provision applies to -

(1) Any educational agency or institution; and

(2) Any State educational agency (SEA) and its components.

(i) For the purposes of subpart B of this part, an SEA and its components constitute an educational agency or institution.

(ii) An SEA and its components are subject to subpart B of this part if the SEA maintains education records on students who are or have been in attendance at any school of an educational agency or institution subject to the Act and this part.

(b) The educational agency or institution, or SEA or its component, shall comply with a request for access to records within a reasonable period of time, but not more than 45 days after it has received the request.

(c) The educational agency or institution, or SEA or its component shall respond to reasonable requests for explanations and interpretations of the records.

(d) If circumstances effectively prevent the parent or eligible student from exercising the right to inspect and review the student's education records, the educational agency or institution, or SEA or its component, shall -

(1) Provide the parent or eligible student with a copy of the records requested; or

(2) Make other arrangements for the parent or eligible student to inspect and review the requested records.

(e) The educational agency or institution, or SEA or its component shall not destroy any education records if there is an outstanding request to inspect and review the records under this section.

(f) While an education agency or institution is not required to give an eligible student access to treatment records under paragraph (b)(4) of the definition of Education records in § 99.3, the student may have those records reviewed by a physician or other appropriate professional of the student's choice.



USA 10/9/2022


Long time Sentinel readers will remember the article I did way back when the 'rona' started spreading like wild fire about Fauci and 'Gain of function'.  My article was at least 6 months before the phrase, 'gain of function' became a household saying.  My article was based on two peer reviewed medical journal articles Fauci wrote in the late 70's about his involvement with the HIV virus and its 'gain of function' to the point that it gained the ability to enter a human cell.  In the article, we pointed out that the same mechinism that attached to the HIV to allow it to enter the human cell was the same mechinism that through 'gain of function', now allows the roana to enter a human cell.

   Almost immediatly, the two medical journal articles were scrubbed from the internet.  

     Having been heavily ridiculed for refusing to take the rona vaccine, I feel vindicated now.  Much like all the evidence of voter fraud that is coming forward and will one day prove that we as a nation did NOT vote for communism.  

    The Sentinel has outed many corrupt people over the years.  I challenge any reader to point out one that I was wrong about.  

     Biden is the greatest danger to our nation.  Fauci is right there with him.  I have been warning about both for some time.  

     As for the southern border, I propose that anyone caught trafficking fentanyl in candy form be executed on the spot.  Any lawmakers bold enough to put that legislation forward?



It is past time for the US Military to put a boot in the a$$ of the mexican cartels.  Promoting the invasion of America is bad enough even though Joe Biden invited them but this BS of sending poison candy into the coutry right as halloween, the lefts high holy day, is beyond the pale.


It is time for a military response to a military assault against our nation.  Too bad so sad that Joe Biden has made himself a target in his all out effort to sell us out to our enemies.


Biden has sold most of our STRATEGIC petroleum reserve, opens the gates for our enemies and sold us down the river.  Bidens need to be tried for treason and hung at sunrise when convicted.  It is that simple.  If the DOJ and military leaders cannot see thier way clear to protect our nation from these domestic enemies, they need to be thrown off as well.  

A look at Mexico’s Immigration Laws - Who Knew? (

COLDSPRING 10/10/2022


The San Jacinto County Central Appraisal District has called a special meeting of its Board of Directors for Oct 13 at 6 PM.

Included in the posted agenda is an Executive session to discuss several topics including personnel matters.

  The Sentinel did request payroll and employment documents to determine if rumors of resignations were true but ten business days will not have elapsed until October 14th.  




Jerimiah Jefferson
Quan Henderson

UPDATE 10/4/2022 3 PM


A presumed relative of Jerimiah Jefferson did reach out to The Sentinel on FB with instructions that if I had any questions about the incident that I was to direct them to her . . . . so I did.  Here is her reply:

o answer your question,,, Not sure if the assailant brought any or not or what was stolen,. Proof states that Jeremiah was home at the time the young lady states the assault happened which the detectives have. Also she stated the guy was in a black car, Jeremiah has a red focus. And two, the boy she stated assaulted her has braces on his Braces on his teeth, Jeremiah does not.. Thanks for the concern, and it hurts my heart that the young lady was assaulted, but not by the hands of Jeremiah Jefferson.



UPDATE 10/4/2022


According to posts made on FB, the Jefferson's claim the young lady who was assaulted was selling weed, not a TV and that they have video of their son, Jerimiah at home during the time of the assault.  The PCSO spokesperson did mention, "new evidence" coming to light at the time he declined to give The Sentinel a Comment.  We did reach out to the accused assailants but have not gotten any response..




UPDATE 10/3/2022

According to a PCSO spokesperson, this assault investigation is underway but no information can be released yet.  The spokespeson did confirm that no arrests have been made at this time but did state there was evidence that has come to light.  



LIVINGSTON 9/30/2022


A 16 year old woman was brutally assaulted after offering a color TV for sale on FB Market Place according to her statements to The Sentinel.  

   Two local boys (can't call a punk that hits women a man) are named as the assailants.  According to the young woman, whe was attacked with a baseball bat and left in the street for dead.  More on this story later this afternoon.

UPDATE 10/2/2022

Jerimiah Jefferson and Quan Henderson were named by the victim as the assailants who attacked her and left her for dead.  The Sentinel has reached out to the accused assailants and to the Polk Co S.O. for more information.  

    I do remember writing the story when Jerimiah Jefferson  boke his neck playing football in 8th grade and the immense amount of community support.  Now this story. . . . . . .


Multiple women who have claimed in the past that their assaults were ignored by the criminal justice system in Polk County have called The Sentinel demanding follow up on this case.  The victim has claimed she is being blamed and nothing has been done to the assailants.  As of 6pm Sunday, neither are listed as being in Polk Co jail.   Nor has PCSO responded to our questions.






Copies of complaints submitted to and  received at Corrigan PD have been provided to The Sentinel for proof. 

CORRIGAN 9/30/2022


Recent allegations made to The Sentinel that there was a major 'Shakeup" at Corrigan PD involving terminations and resignations of multiple officers led to phone calls and a couple of stories regarding the claims.  

   Open records returned to The Sentinel this morning tell the tale.  No more and no less than two officiers have submitted resignation letters since early August.  Both left to persue what they considered a better job, both gave good notice and both commended Chief Gibson for his leadership and giving them the opportunity.  One was a 5 year veteran and one only 7 months.  

   Neither officer had any disciplines or reprimands or complaints on file.  One even offered to stay on a bit longer if the department needed him to.

     The Sentinel persued the lead because our source was an elderly  lifelong Corrigan resident who was concerned and asked the questions.  Questions answered.  Thanks for being a Sentinel reader and trusting us to follow up.

   We want to thank Corrigan PD for their promt reply to our request.  


COLDSPRING 9/28/2022


Reports sent to The Sentinel indicate that a figure central to the controversy engulfing the current administration there has resigned.  Questionalble separate real estate transactions between board member Steven Roberts and CAD Chief Appraiser, Sherri Schell that both involved CAD employee McCombs have raised questions. 

   It took a bit to confirm that the Michelle McCombs listed as an employee of the CAD and the Nichole McCombs named in the deeds were infact, the same person.  Now reports have surfaced that she may have resigned.  We will seek confirmation and documents related to the incident.  

    We have confirmed that Ms. McCombs has not been showing up for work.  The Sentinel did request documents pertaining to McCombs payroll and hours turned in for payroll so that we can compare and contrast them to her reported presence  or lack there of at the office.  


COLDSPRING 8/17/2022


Brandi Denea Wright was the principal of a local Christian Academy in Coldspring.  I say 'WAS' because she and some family and friends recently loaded up most all of the school desks, tables, supplies and personal files of all of the minor students past and present that were in the posession of that church and its long standing  Christian school ministry.  This group then took off with them just days before the scheduled opening of the school for the coming school year.

     As of this morning, a trailer load of the school's supplies could be seen parked under Brandi's carport on Stewart  Street just outside Coldspring.  

    According to multiple sources, including Brandi Wright, the pastor did call the law when he and his wife found Brandi and her gang in the church taking the supplies.  In the few minutes it took the law to respond, The Brandi gang had left the church property and taken  the supplies they had already loaded, out to her house where the law confronted her on behalf of the pastor.  

    According to official law enforcement sources and Brandi Denea Wright herself, she produced a document showing her name listed as the principal administrator and  'owner' of the Christian Academy as a 501c3 non profit organization.

    Based on that presentaion at the scene, Brandi Denea Wright nor any of her moving gang were arrested or charged at that time. Several folks connected with the church and in the community expressed some anger at that but from law enforcement point of view, two factors were at play.  Brandi displayed a document that would indicate that there was no probable cause to arrest her.   Combine that with the legal doctine of, "Ecclesiastical Abstension" that keeps the state's nose out of church matters and church discipline, The Sentinel counts us fortrunate to have sheriff deputies and a DA who guard our probable cause protections and 1st amendment rights and are careful not to overstep.  It was quite an unusual situation to say the least and time to investigate is on the law's side.

    The Sentinel did call and interview Ms. Brandi Denea Wright about the incident.  She was quite willing to talk and we covered a lot of ground.  

    "I organized that school from the beginning and I own it", Brandi Denea Wright claimed. "I got all but about 25 percent of my stuff and I am going back to get the rest of it."

   When I questioned her about the incorportation papers she assured The Sentinel that she does indeed have the incorporation papers showing her as the owner of the local Christian academy.  The Sentinel responded to her that our only  goal was to get to the truth and asked her if she was willing to provide us with that document so we could, "put the matter to rest".   "I am willing", Brandi Denea Wright claimed while at the same time questioning what matter needed to be put to rest?  When I explained that it was a rather unconventional situtation and my readers would want to know the truth, Brandi retreated to "My Attorney" will have to ok it for me to give you the document."

   My argument was that if she indeed had legitimate non profit incorporation papers that I would be able to get them as a public record but it would be quicker if she would just email them to me because I was already writing the story and wanted to be accurate.  She mentioned her attorney again so I asked the attorney's name so I could follow up with her attorney directly and Brandi refused to disclose that information.


    As we spoke, we covered several more topics.  As is a Sentinel tactic for raising boys in to men and when interviewing someone who has been alleged to have violated their public trust, I asked several questions that I already knew the answer to just to see if she would lie to me.

    One of those questions was, "Are you a faithful member of the church and attend the services regularly?  "Yes" was her immediate reply but she quickly added, 'well not as much lately".   Then I asked her if she was in charge of the bank account for the Academy and did she deplete it?"  Brandi answered that she was only one of two signers and did not control the bank account for the Academy.  

    Then, taking her at her word that she was the 'owner' of the business, I asked what kind of  arrangement did she have with the church to conduct her business on their property?

    "Oh i have a lease but it isnt written, it is just a verbal agreement".

   The Texas Statute of Frauds requires that any lease over a year be in writing to be enforcable in court.

    From her conversation we can summarize that Brandi Wright claims she owns the Academy as her own business and has for years.  She claims she operated said business within the church premises with a lease but did not have control of her Academy bank account (The church does) and did not have an enforcable written lease. 

   After an intense search by my self and another more able internet sleuth, we determined that there was no non profit corporation filed in Brandi Wright's name for the Christian Academy or any other business with the State Comptroller of public accounts.

   We also searched for private corporations under either name in Texas, Deleware and Nevada and were not able to locate one.  By this time, my red flags were flying high and I sent Brandi Wright the following Text and she sent the adjoining reply:




Paxton Sends Letter to U.S. Senate Demanding Rejection of a Bill that Would  


AUSTIN – Attorney General Paxton has joined a Louisiana-led coalition in strongly opposing the Energy Independence and Security Act of 2022 and sending a letter to Senator Chuck Schumer and Senator Mitch McConnell expressing the reasons for such opposition.  


The Act would allow the Biden Administration, largely through the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC), to run roughshod over states’ rights by advancing a radically impractical energy agenda, all while forcing taxpayers to foot the bill. This would be done in three fundamental and extremely dangerous ways.  


First, it would grant unprecedented authority to both private companies and FERC to use eminent domain to take over large swaths of state and private land to promote energy projects hand-chosen by the Biden Administration. Second, it would likely give FERC the ability to command private companies to construct new and extremely expensive transmission facilities wherever and whenever FERC determines, so long as the Biden Administration deems that it’s in the “national interest.” Finally, it would grant FERC the authority to inflict new costs on taxpayers to pay for expensive transmission facilities that advance the Biden Administration’s radical climate agenda, even if the taxpayer is across the country and would have no access to whatever limited energy may be created.  


Congress is rushing forward with this bill without giving the American people or their elected officials the proper time needed to fully consider such radical changesIt is clear that a complete rejection of this bill is necessary to promote states’ rights and American energy. 


If enacted, these ill-advised policies will in effect create substantially the same policies as the illegal and long-rejected Clean Power Plan,” the letter reads. Certain states and companies favored by the current Administration and the current FERC majority will be empowered to distort other states’ resource and energy policy, take state and private land to construct infrastructure in furtherance of these schemes, and force the citizens who did not adopt these policies in their states to foot the bill for it all. 

<NATIONAL NEWS 9/22/2022


Cardiac arrest has been the leading cause for concern among the pilots in America, both military and civilian.  A military whistleblower has raised concerns that the forced vaccinations have resulted in a massive increase in 'drop dead' incidents among the young pilots in the military.   Southwest Airlines has shown a sharp increase in pilot 'drop dead' deaths since mandating the vaccine.  Fortunatly Texas law stopped the Dallas based Southwest Airlines policy in its tracks and not all of their pilots were forced to take the controversial jab.  

    Much as the safety precaution that exists on flights now that one pilot has the chicken and the other has the roast beef, the FAA needs to mandate that all flights have no more than one pilot with the jab and one pilot without the jab to insure passenger safety.

UPDATE 9/23/2022


An all out effort to purge the FBI of any true patriots is moving forward full speed ahead.  How fitting that the FBI agent tasked with the plot is named 'Frederico", a long line of mafioso history goes with the name.  The whistleblower firing is illegal and anti American yet proceeds with Garland's blessing and directive to do just that.  Article HERE.


WASHINGTON 9/22/2022


From flooding our country with enemy combatants to attacking patriots at every turn, the DOJ has declared war on America's liberty and freedom.  The article linked HERE and to the headline illustrates the lastest enemy agression against our rights as citizens.

The Sentinel article below illustrates how the practice has metastasized from the local level to national headlines.  It is always the bootlickers that forment the spread of the cancer that attacks liberty and freedom.  When a man on the street with a camera evokes the hostile wrath of the local authorities to the point they blatantly violate the very constitution they swore an oath to uphold and defend, the fix is in.  You can spot the bootlikers that think all men should just 'comply' because they hide their disdain for liberty behind an American flag desecrated with a thin blue line and often utter, "stop resisting'.   We as a people support law and order but it has to be right.  We are colorblind.  We back the Constitution over any group.

RESISTING tyranny is as American as Apple Pie.  Our greatest weapon to insure the continuation of freedom and liberty in America and the world is only the size of a mustard seed but all powerful if you are not afraid to use it.  know, 'WE SHALL OVERCOME'.






Two of America's most important callings on a persons life are punished when it comes to their retirement;.  I am speaking about TEACHERS and COPS.

No one goes into either profession with an expectation of getting rich.  They put in their thirty years and then get punished.  They pay into both and only get to collect on one., One Congressman is trying to do something about it.





Complaints from more than one inmate in more than one jail in East Texas have been received at The Sentinel.  The complaints state that the jail is not delivering all of their mail to them but is instead hiring a third party private vendor to scan the letters in to a computer and make them available to the inmate on a portable digital device.  One inmate in Angelina county even alleged that every time he accessed a page of his mail 'online', that his commisary was docked .25 cents.  When you add to that the fact that the digital device is much like the phone in that there is one that must be shared by all of the inmates that automatically limits time and access to their mail.

     "Some people out there have gotten really good at faking 'official mail' both letterheads and envelopes", a spokeman for the Texas Commission on Jail Standards (TCJS) stated in part of his response to The Sentinel inquirey.  "Not to mention the new spray on drugs" he told about that are even harder to detect than in the past.  

    He did aknowledge that many jails have and even more and more are signing up for the new virtual mail service.  It is an effort undertaken to help balance the inmates rights with the duty of the sheriff and jail staff to protect the integrity of their facility and the safety of all of the inmates and guards, he explained.

    "Most of them let the official mail from the attorney, the courts and other agencies through in original condition and then scan the unofficial letters into a digital format." the TCJS spokesman added.  

     When pressed about the legality of the practice compared and contrasted to the 'Administrative Code' listed below, the spokesman shared that, "There just isn't any case law on the practice yet.   z'TCJS does advise the jail administrators to get with their county attorneys for legal advice", he concluded. 


  (1) General Requirements.


     (A) Inmates shall be permitted to send as many letters of as many pages as they desire, to whomever they desire. Inmate to inmate correspondence may be prohibited where legitimate penological interest exists.


     (B) Inmates may receive correspondence in any quantity, amount, and number of pages.


     (C) Inmates shall be allowed to retain writing materials, stamps, and correspondence in reasonable amounts.

   A quick phone call to the SJC jail and interview of Captain Lee revealed that in the SJC jail, "Some is delivered, some is scanned".  That was as far as she was willing to comment without discussing the issue with Sheriff Capers.  Nor did she reveal the name of the private third party vendor that SJC uses but their practice seems to mirror the TCJS assesment so far that letting official mail through and scanning regular inmate mail is the practice SJC is following.

    We have reached out to the USPS OIG and the Postal Inspectors for comment but have not had our call returned yet. 

      While discussing the legal aspects of the practice, the TCJS spokesman shared that prior to the scanning practice with a third party vendor, one jail would push a copier machine down the run, copy the letter, give the inmate the copy and destroy the original right then and there.  The issue that came up with that practice was that copier machines have a memory chip.  

    My comment was that the digital files maintained by the third party vendor sre subject to hacking and being compromised.  Not to mention that a letter from a child with a drawing or, "I love you daddy" would be most precious personal property that the inmate should be able to take with them when they are released.  When we remember that most folks in the county jail are charged, even indicted but not convicted.  Where do we, as a society, draw the line?





'If you don't do nothing, you can't get in trouble for nothing"

Well before the Uvalde Massacre, The Sentinel called for the resignation of Steven McCraw, DPS Director (retired FBI) for bringing that lame FBI 'doctrine' to the Texas DPS with him.  Our call for McCraw's resignation was based on the ABJECT FAILURE of DPS to arrest or charge Lee Hon or Tommy Coleman for the crimes they committed under the color of office for political purpose.  Even with the Evidence tied up with a bow and delivered by multiple people INCLUDING the person who wrote the complaint evoking the response letter at left, nothing was ever done.  The sad state is, the same evidence was delivered to the FBI agents in Lufkin too with the same non response.  The attached letter is in response to a complaint lodged by a retired federal agent and submitted to the "Office of Professional Responsibility" (OPR) within the FBI's Office of Inspector General.  You can see for yourself and read between the lines.  

   Brings to mind the old song Lyric, "Nothing from nothing leaves nothing" done, going to be done or even considered being done.

    In fact, worse than nothing being done, from where I sit, it appears that Merrick Garland has ADOPTED lee hon's methonds and put them on national display.

    Recently, an ARTICLE APPEARED HERE quoting DPS Director, Steven McCraw saying that if it was shown any of his troopers had any culpability in the Uvalde Massacre, that he would resign.  DUH.  4 tooperes were on site for an hour and did not follow training.  The Sentinel called you out IMMEDIATLY for laying blame on the ISD resource officer  Lee Hon proved that rotten law enforcement trickles down from the top.  I say trickle because 95 percent are top notch but the few rotten spoil the barrel for the rest.

   If Greg Abbott loses this election to a pinko commie gun grabbing dress wearing freak, it won't be because you didn't resign.  It will be because Gov Abbot did not fire you the day after the Uvalde Massacre.

    Governor Abbot.  Fire McCraw and learn to stand up for Father's rights in the Great State of TExas if you expect us to support you.  For the state to recognize the place of the father in the home is our only hope.  It is that simple.




Hats off to persistant lawmen who have been tracking and documenting evidence against a nightmare thief who has been stealing property equity from residents of San Jacinto County.  The Article HERE lines out the difficulties encountered by the vunerable in San Jacinto County.  Mostly the elderly.  The article ends with this sound advice:


Precautions that property owners can take to ensure they are not being victimized include:

"Checking appraisal district records online at least once a year to make sure all properties are still in their names.

Receiving a tax bill once a year. If they don’t, that is a red flag."

Although sound advice in avoiding the fraudulent deed being used to transfer your wealth to another, If you check deeper while you are there on the CAD site, you may avoid another pitfall in San Jacinto county.   Make sure your homestead or disabled vet or surviving spouse or ag exemption has not been removed for no reason and with no notice.

      The scam being perpetrated against the vunerable here is the old, 'remove the homestead for no cause, raise the value beyond the 10 percent cap on value increase for homestead property,  then make them fight to reinstate the homestead' scam.  

In my own case, my homestead was removed right after I wrote a story about the nepotism at the CAD.  My value was quintupled in one year with NO IMPROVEMENTS made.  When I went to ARB to fight the increase and questioned why my homestead was removed, I was told, "We don't believe you live there".

  I won the homestead battle in that it was reinstated but in the process, they raised my homested value ten times more than what the homestead cap allowed.  That fact is irrefutable public record but they will get by with it because I did not hire an attorney and take them to court.

On another front, the CAD attorney Joe Longoria is fighting the release of evidence documents based on the fact that there is scandalous information contained within that package.  He is right that there is but he is wrong in asserting that there is no public interest at stake. Those facts will come to light soon.  Battle on for documents.

In other CAD documents obtained by a tax payer and provided to The Sentinel, there is proof that H.A.R. (Houston Association of Realtors) current sales info is being used.  That is not new news but what is new is that the CAD is obtaining that info in several ways INCLUDING using evidence presented to argue before the ARB by an individual property owner pertaining to their property.  Those evidence documents are being added to the CAD data base without permission of the property owner that presented them as evidence.

    Another violation of law the CAD engages in is to gather more evidence AFTER you file a protest.  THAT is illegal but they do as a matter of course.They did it to me by coming by and taking photos of improvements made, not only after I filed the protest but well after the Jan 1 legal date of appraisal and presented those photos in the ARB hearing to justify value increases.   We have had multiple complaints of people filing a protest and then being visited several times before the hearing.  








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LIBERTY 9/5/2022


According to a letter from an inmate and calls from the inmate's family, an accused but not convicted Jewish inmate is being forced to eat pork or go hungry.   'We are out of money for Kosher meals" is the only explanation that The Sentinel has been able to get from a Liberty Co spokesperson.

   The debate is nationwide and encompasses many factors to consider with finances being top of the list for most.  An ARTICLE HERE address those issues.



SHEPHERD 8/31/2022


A noticable increase in the ratings have come to pass since the state of Texas  has taken over the administration of the Shepherd ISD.  Not only are there improvements in the individual campus ratings, the overall rating is greatly improved.  Some were rated 'F' when the Texas Education Agency stepped in.

    There is no firm time line when the process of transitioning back to local elected school board control will be achieved.  According toSupt.. Hewitt, keeping help in a small poor rural district where a majority of the staff must drive in is always a difficult prospect.  Much like our Sheriff Dept gets to train a lot of deputies that find higher paying jobs in larger towns and richer couties once they get some experience, the same problem exists within a small ISD.




POLK CO 8/29/2022


The 258th court was the venue of the arraignment for Brandon White today and the Adminiistrative Judge for region 2, The Honorable Robert Hill Trapp presided over the hearing this morning.  Bradon White did plead Not Guilty and tentative pretrial and trial dates were set.  None of the other auditors arrested have been notified to appear for hearing.

In this first text, I am asking for a copy of a text conversation Brandi claims she had with the pastor weeks before taking the school supplies and furniture letting him know it would be a "peaceful transition" and full of joy.  I was asking for those texts when I signed it 'Steve, Sentinel Alert'.  Just below that is my next message to her.

So Brandi's reply accused me of being dishonest.  First she put words in my mouth that I never said and then called me a liar.   hmmmmm.  I thought she said she did her research.  Just another lie? I can't think of a single person holding the public trust that I EVER  went after that called me a liar whom it worked out well for.   I don't see it working out well for you Brandi.  Ask  former neighbor, Lou Rogers, step daddy Jesse Newman, Lee Hon, Royce Wells etc.

TO BE CLEAR I never said that I was "unbiased."  What I said is that my only interest is getting at the truth of the matter and wherever that led would be the story I would write.

    Any Sentinel Reader KNOWS that without doubt that I have an EXTREME BIAS against liars and theives and any corrupt who violate their public trust.  

Some definitions of 'bias: 1) diagonally to the grain (that is me for sure)

 2) an inclination of temperament or outlookespecially a personal and sometimes unreasoned judgment.  Can't argue with that one either.  I do take it personal when a public servant or person who holds the public trust violates that trust and then I am hard to argue with or, 'unreasoned' and difficult to disuade from my objective.  

So Brandi, please quit lying on me.  You have enough troubles coming at you.  Have you read the  Code of Federal Regulations regarding school records INCLUDING private school records?   More on that later.


You will not convince anyone that I EVER claimed to be unbiased.  You will never convince anyone that I am unbiased.  My Bias has ALWAYS been and will remain to be the driving force of The Sentinel effort.  

NOW move forward to my conversation with your attorney.  My effort to get a copy of any document showing your ownership of the Christian Academy were met with, "I have it but won't provide you anything and violate the Attorney/Client privilege".  "But Brandi said I could have it as long as you said ok and now you are saying I can't have it unless Brandi says ok?"

    Sounding kind of fishy to me by this time since an extensive search of the state comptroller site proved that the Church has their non profit status in perfect order and good standing.  There was nothing for the Academy other than it being long documented as a ministry of the established church whose non profit paperwork is in good order and good standing.  I just can't even imagine that the tax consultant for the church would let them risk their non profit status just to collect a little bit of rent under the table from a privately owned school renting some rooms from them in which to conduct business.  I just don't believe you Brandi.  In fact, I will say it plain. YOU ARE A LIAR!!!!

     Add to that, we could not find a private corporation for brandi either, my ole corruption finding nose is twitching up a storm.


You know Brandi, We serve an awesome God.  What you meant for harm, God has used for good.  My sources tell me a big tractor trailer rig full of brand new donated furniture showed up at the Christian Academy yesterday and that the congregation has circled the wagons to open the Christian Academy on time.   My sources say your big plans to collaborate with another church fell flat when they got wind of your nefarious methods and intentions. So here you are stuck with a bunch of stuff that doesn't belong to you and no place to go. (HIDE)

    I would bet money that there is not a private property owner anywhere in the area that will trust you to lease a facility to you for 'your school'  after this story goes public and gets picked up on FB.  AND . . . . . you are out of a job in Christian Education.

     I put in a call to A.C.E that provides the educational materials for the Christian Academy (that is still going to open on time DESPITE your satanic efforts) and I don't believe A.C.E. will ever do business with you and your school again.    Just saying.  

    I will close with this.  If you (or your newbie attorney) can not produce a legitimate incorporation document soon and very soon, this community will DEMAND you face criminal charges.  How you sleeping lately?  

   Oh and if your newbie attorney that just graduated law school last year and whose duties with, Sullins Johnston Rohrbach & Magers are listed as 'research' wants to sue me for saying mean unflattering stuff, my address is in the left column.  

    Just keep one fact in mind, you and your newbie attorney.  A civil jury can ORDER a criminal investigation.


Steve Watson






UPDATE 8/24/2022  CAD removes employee names and all HR info from their web page.  



(Saturday, August 20 22 01:02 pm EDT)

Check the CAD website.
Karl keller is the ex husband of Kellie Reid. They removed the Keller from her name weeks ago from the staff section. If you look at the human resources section you will see the name. Karl is in a position to act as Chief in sherris absence. He and Kellie have children together, all living. See state code 573.024



You are correct in your assertion regarding the recent hiring of Karl Keller and his ex wife (baby momma)also being an employee,  I have an official email from Mr. Keller proclaiming himself to be the asst chief appraiser for SJC CAD.  I had not broken that part of the story waiting on some other open records that The Sentinel is seeking.  Nepotism violations are one of Sherri Schell's strong suits.    We have a snip of the CAD web page with the 'Keller' still included in the name, 'Kellie Keller Reid"  before the edit you reference was made.  Publisher   PS  Sherri Schell is CORRUPT

WASH D.C. 8/13/2022


who's the PPP of them all?

Partisan Political Propagandist is the only term that fits the Lenny and Squiggy of the FBI now despite their weak protestations.  If the "Boy that cried wolf" analogy ever fit a situation, this is it.  Merrick Garland and Christopher Wray need to take a good long look in the mirror if they want to know who is undermining the reputation and integrity of the FBI. You have cried 'wolf' on President Trump so many times that have PROVEN FALSE that even if you could produce evidence of your accusations now, NO ONE IS GOING TO BELIEVE YOU.  Talk about shooting your own self in the foot.   The sad commentary is that the wolf really is at the door AND IT IS YOU!!!!

   When you guys want to point a finger at the nut job who attacked an FBI location recently blaming conservatives for his criminal acts, there are three fingers pointing back at yourselves for pushing him past his limit.  Remember, it is YOU TWO that have lost Hunter Biden's lap top and the evidence against the Biden crime family it contains.  It is you PPPs that turn a blind eye to actual democrat crimes and make up crimes against conservatives.

    I know a wonderful youngster working full time and paying their own way through college who is studying Criminal Justice.  This youngster's dream and driving ambition is to join the FBI when they graduate.  Please don't destroy their dreams Merrick.  


    Frederick Douglas, a black patriot, said it best when he noted that we have the ballot box, the jury box and when those are violated, the cartridge box.  

    You PPP's have turned a blind eye to the corruption of the ballot box.  You are yourself corrupting the Jury Box and are trying your best to take away our cartridge boxes because you know that the patriots in America, black and white, are not going to let you turn our Representative Republic into a mob rule democracy.  Anyone who has bought into the leftist propaganda that the USA is a democracy is part of the problem.  THAT INCLUDES FOX NEWS!!!!!!!



The proven corrupt but capable Ranger, Ryan Clendenon was transferred to Lufkin after the outrage of his corrupt antics in Polk County came to light.  Clendennon's ability to cover up the crimes of a corrupt DA  and commissioner are on full display for our neighbors to the north.  

   Clendennon's arrogant response to the stalwart Rosemary Covalt calling him down was, "What are you going to do Ms. Covalt, write another letter??  

   She said yes, wrote the letter and he was sent packing.  A leopard never changes his spots as the below video will show.  .

DPS Director, SteveMcCraw's abject failure to discipline a rogue ranger is coming back to bite him in the butt much like letting Ron Duff off the hook when he violated the ethics and destroyed the reputation of the Texas Rangers in East Texas.  Merrick Garland had to learn those tactics somewhere.

    The Sentinel sounded the alarm about Hon way back in 2015.  It took seven years for the voters to hear me.   We have been sounding the alarm about Clendenon for several years and on Janet Casels for over a year.  "Can you hear me now?"   Casels has proven that she is willing to file bogus charges on and imprison an innocent man for daring to expose her crimes in print (East Texas Reporter)  yet let corrupt elected officials go scot free even with proof documents handed to her.  

      Are 'we the people' dumbasses?  Are we afraid?  Are we just as corrupt as long as we are in the clique with the powerful?  

     How are we going to save the nation if we can't even save our county?  Angelina, you have to stand up against this kind of corruption or sit down and shut the hell up.  It is an uphill battle because the Lufkin Daily News is in bed with the corrupt politicians much like our Polk County Enterprise is in Polk County.  I don't know of a Rosemary Covalt or a Roy Grant in Angelina county that will dare to stand up to the likes of Clendennon.  You guys sure don't have a Sentinel Alert nor are any of you willing to contribute to our effort so we can expand up there so you guys may as well bend over for them and then sit down and shut up.


WASHINTON D.C. 8/9/2022


Confident that there will be NO repercussions for their illegal acts, Leenny and Squiggy embrace the Hon tactics of using a compromised magistrate to obtain a shady warrant, confiscating everything in hopes of finding something along with a total absence of any justification for those illegal acts.

    Granted, the local FBI office manned by lenny jr and squiggy jr have failed to take solid evidence of Hon's crimes hand delivered to them and do a damn thing with it, Hon got his a$$ kicked at the ballot box.  

    Lenny's next step will be to get President Trump indicted/arrested on a bogus charge that he will never be able to prove but will hold it over President Trump's head in the run up to elections.   It won't work Lenny.

   Just like the voters in this district don't have a stomach for weaponizing the judicial system against political opponents for political purpose, the American people have no stomach for it either.  Not only will President Trump be re-elected, every Trump endorsed candidate will be swept into office between now and then.

    Corrigan has become the epicenter of corruption in East Texas and now it is burning.  HELLO

    The, "I was just doing my job" defense will NOT work for any agent, administrator or even just a beat cop who ignores the constitution and his/her duty to protect and defend that document from the enemies of this nation.  There will be no quarter given excuses.

   One of the most obvious symptoms of the deep state corruption is when the public buildings have a camera on every corner, at every door and the agents have a camera hanging on their chest but if a citizen shows up with a camera, they freak smooth out and want to violate rights.  THAT is the canary in the coal mine of our freedoms and rights.  Pay attention.

WE HAVE HAD A BELLY FULL  It is time to throw off a despotic regeime.


On August, 6, 2022 at 6:50 PM, Walker County Sheriffs Office was dispatched to a burglary of a residence on
the 80 block of Tejas Drive.
Upon Deputies arrival to the residence, the victim advised they were not at the residence when they received a
text message from a neighbor saying there was a suspicious vehicle parked behind the house. When the owners
of the residence arrived they walked through the residence and noticed several items missing along with a trailer
they had parked on the property.
Due to the neighbor knowing that vehicle did not belong at the residence they drove by the house and observed
two individuals walk in to the house and then drive off to a residence located on the 40 block of Kickapoo
Deputies were given details of the suspicious vehicle and the two individuals that were seen at the victim’s
residence. Contact was made at 40 block of Kickapoo, were the suspect confessed to have taken items from the
property. Suspect also confessed to have removed the trailer that was on the property and take it to Papa Keiths
Gas Station.
39 year old, Crystal Perdue and 31 year old, Justin Collins were taken into custody and transported to the
Walker County Jail. Perdue is currently at the Walker County Jail for Burglary of Habitation (F2), Possession
of Control Substance (F3), Theft of Property (SJF), Fraud use/Possession of Identifying Info (SJF) with a bond
total of $15,000. Collins is currently at the Walker County Jail for Burglary of Habitation (F2), Resist Arrest
Search or Transport (MA), Theft of Property (SJF), Fraud use/Possession of Identifying Info (SJF), pending
This is a great example of neighbors helping neighbors and being a good eye witness. Sheriff McRae
would like to remind everyone to contact your local law enforcement office if you see any suspicious

WASH D.C. 8/7/2022


Democrat prosecutors have been ordered to release tapes from the Jan 6th patriot protest that occurred on US Capitol gorunds.  It is obvious why the demoncrats did not want to release the tapes because they proove that the 'insurrection' narrative is a total falsehood.  Anyone who still buys the demoncrat line will swallow anything.   Ashli Babbit was murdered.  



8/4/2022 WASH DC


Ted Cruz called out a paranoid FBI over the newest clamour over any patriots that dare to display any symbol of past victories over tryanny in the history of our great nation.   Labeling us Militia Violent Extremest, anyone who embraces the past victories in the fight for freedom against tyranny is now an MVE.  What a crock and the FBI better figure out who they work for and what their mission is.   I guess the Liberty Bell Icon that has long graced The Sentinel pages lands me in good company.  




A revealing and plain language ARTICLE POSTED HERE lays out the chronic problem that plagues the FBI on a national level.  That same article vindicates The Sentinel's protestations of corruption in East Texas.  Lenny and Squiggy are the 'affectionate terms applied to the agents in Lufkin by local law men who can't stand the corruption.  Turning a blind eye to crime even after irrefutable evidence has been tied up with a bow and delivered to you shows one hard truth.  You don't know because you dont want to know and it facilitates the federal philosephy Steve McCraw brought from the FBI to DPS in Texas and demonstrated in Uvalde.  "If you don't do anything, you can't get in trouble for anything". 



AUSTIN 7/28/2022



AG Paxton Joins Coalition to Stop Biden Administration from Regulating Non-Functional Firearm Parts 


AUSTIN – Attorney General Ken Paxton joined an Arizona-led 17-state complaint against the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF), the Department of Justice, and the Acting Director of ATF, to fight the Biden administration’s unconstitutional rulemaking that would regulate firearm parts manufacturers. The rulemaking seeks, among other things, to regulate unfinished, non-functional parts as if they were complete firearms. This threatens the centuries-long American tradition of private firearms manufacturing. Also joining the lawsuit as private parties are Morehouse Enterprises, Gun Owners of America, and the Gun Owners Foundation. 


“The Final Rule will make it exceedingly harder (if not impossible) for the citizens of the plaintiff States to manufacture their own firearms, conflicting with (and in effect preempting) the more permissive laws of the plaintiff States, thereby undermining the States’ ability to enforce their own legal codes with respect to items and activities that the federal government may not constitutionally regulate,” the complaint states. “Similarly, the Final Rule erects significant barriers to (and thus infringes) the lawful acquisition of protected ‘arms’ within the States, the keeping and bearing of which contributes to ‘the security of a free State,’ including the plaintiff States.” 


No one will convince me that Uvalde was NOT a false flag event.  The failure to stop the shooter from getting guns despite his history, failure to stop him from entering the building and simply  leaving him standing when they had multiple opportunities to take the shooter out prove to me it was an orchestrated event with a gun control agenda from the get go.  Convince me I am wrong.






"It all falls back into the lap of DPS Director, Steven McCraw.  You are either blind, deaf and dumb or you are corrupt too?  Which is it?  Neither answer is good.

    Neither you nor any of your Rangers ever did a thing about Hon filing a false report with a peace officer.  Why?  That inpentrable blue line?  Owed a favor?  Didn't want to expose the fact that the District Attorney Hon is a criminal? Hon knows where your skeletons are?

   I am beginning to believe the long held assertion that you, Mr. McCraw, brought the federal bureaucracy philosephy of, "If you don't do anything, you can't get in trouble for anything" to Texas DPS.  That is a shame.   Step up and do your job or resign.  We have had a belly full. 

   Surely you remember me.  I an the investigative reporter that uncovered your ex trooper, Doug Page, Trinity Co Judge, for stealing county money to buy a John Deere Gator.  Yes he admitted it, Gave the Gator back and returned the money but you didn't do a damn thing about his crime.  In fact, When I asked you, Director McCraw, if it was true that Page was fired from DPS for falsifying time sheets (stealing money) and that he was declared ineligible for rehire, it was YOU who feigned the inability to find one single scrap of paper in all of Texas that would clarify if he was fired and declared ineligible for rehire or not.  What a Crock of hooey.  That proved you were either a liar or inept.  Once again, Director McCraw, Which is it?  Neither answer is good. "




UVALDE 7/20/2022 


Just as The Sentinel was the first to publish (6/1/2022) about the rumblings of a recall on Pedro Arrendondo from the Uvalde City Council that culminated in his resignation, We are the first to publish that Pedro Arrendondo WILL BE FIRED SATURDAY.

    The Uvalde ISD School Board will finaly take that overdue action.  The only questions that remain are, 1) Will Gov Abbott and AG Ken Paxton allow Pedro to keep his TCOLE Cerfification, in effect just kicking the coward can down the road to another community or will they strip Pedro of that Certification?

    The other question is why won't they publish the text messages that were obtained from Pedro's phone  related to the massacre?  Will those messages expose more culpability than the state can handle?  


ANGELINA CO 7/3/2022


EXPLOSIVE new evidence has surfaced in the ongoing story in Angelina County regarding the prosecution on false charges of David Stua. Billing himself as the, "East Texas Reporter", Stua had gone after a multitude of public records that he contends will prove corruption at the hands of the DA and a couple of judges in the county. How odd that none answered the open records request but all were instrumental in Jailing Stua on what now is PROVEN to be false charges.

The screen snip at left BY ITSELF proves that Angelina Community College PD Chief and the man who is over the law enforcement academy at Angelina College is a DAMN LIAR!!!!! Here is your question Doug Conn. Did you lie on your probable cause affidavit you wrote accusing Stua of sex crimes on the Angelina College campus that led to him being arrested, idicted and jailed or did you lie on this report that you submitted to a state agency?

In case you didn't know it, neither answer is good. I am going to answer the question for the readers. You lied on the probable cause affidavit that led to Stua's arrest, indictment and incarceration.

How do I know that? Because, despite the best efforts of DA Cassells to keep me from getting the video that Stua live streamed that fateful day, we did get it from another source. We have the entire video un edited in our posession. WE have the probable cause affidavit you wrote unedited in our posession. You lied Conn man.

How many have you taught your unethical ways since you have been over the academy at the Angelina College? We do know Lima spent considerable time training there and he was a criminal with a badge. We know Willaford and Albert Richards did too. How about Chris Simmons? Did you train him too? TCOLE request is submitted.

Now for you Mrs. Cassells. As I stated above, we have the full unedited copy of Stua's video you claim as evidence of his child sex crimes. The same child sex crimes you have been willing to dismiss WITH PREJUDICE in favor of a perjury and burglary charge (bogus also) just to keep him in jail and silenced. HOW DARE YOU file false charges on a man just because he wrote some things you didn't like and was looking into and seeking evidence of crimes you committed. You need to resign. You want to fight me to keep me from getting the video requested under open records? You best get it to me TODAY to prove your charges because unless it is an entirely different video than what we obtained in full and unedited, YOU ARE A CRIMINAL!!!!!

Don't worry about the FBI arresting you though even if you are committing this crime rigjht under the nose of the Lufkin office because the FBI put out a memo some years ago blaming the muckrakers among us (investigative journalists) for the disconnect between the citizenry and law enforcement for daring to expose corruption. The FBI doesn't blame the corrupt public official (like you), they blame the muckraker like Stua and me and White and Daubin and Reddell and . . . . .

What they don't understand is that we the people are not that stupid. We know it is the corruption in the criminal justice system that is to blame for the disconnect.

We the people love law and order. We are a nation of laws but we want it honest and YOU and CONN are NOT HONEST.

Please resign so we don't have to hammer you through the entire next election cycle because it will be my single focus until every voter in Angelina County knows how corrupt you and Conn are.

Steve Watson






AG Paxton Demands Biden Withdraw Guidance Tying School Lunch Programs to Radical Sex and Gender Agenda 



– Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton joined a Tennessee-led multistate letter to President Biden urging him to withdraw new guidance from the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) regarding “sex discrimination” for schools and programs that receive federal nutritional assistance. This new guidance relies on an unsupportable expansion of the U.S. Supreme Court decision in Bostock v. Clayton County, 140 S. Ct. 1731 (2020), which interpreted the statutory definition of “sex” in Title VII to include sexual orientation and gender identity. If followed, the guidance would wrongly extend Bostock into the Title IX context—which extension the Supreme Court expressly disclaimed—and impose new and unlawful regulations on state agencies and operators receiving financial assistance through USDA. 


“The Biden Administration is attempting to force every state and local entity to adopt its sexual orientation and gender identity agenda—or suffer massive financial consequences,” said Attorney General Paxton. “Bostock was wrong from the start, and any unlawful expansion of it into new areas is doubly wrong. I won’t let Biden’s Department of Agriculture bully Texas into adopting its radical agenda or use kids and school lunch programs as his pawns.”  Read more HERE



“To provide security, the Constitution entrusts most military matters to the national government,” the brief reads. “But to preserve liberty, the States retain control over the militia. States train the militia, appoint its officers, and (except when called into federal service) use it to address their own emergencies. This system of federalism strikes a balance to provide both security and liberty.”   Read Amicus Brief HERE

POLK CO 5/23/2022


The four auditors that have already surrendered or been arrested were indicted by the most recently convened Grand Jury in Polk County.  Ishmael Rincon, Matt Rankin, Brandon White and Melanie McCrory were named for and accused of "Organized Crime." Despite our best effort, The Sentinel has not been able to spot a single crime related in any of the probable cause affidavits much less more than one crime that could be 'organized'.  Wearing a pistol in a holster while walking from car to residence.  LEGAL.  Driving around town and keeping an eye peeled for cops to audit.  LEGAL.  Filming public officials in public during the performance of their public duty.  LEGAL  Refusing to ID when an officer approaches your legally and already  parked car demanding ID but cannot articulate a crime you have committed, are suspected of committing or are about to commit?  LEGAL.  Circling the block multiple times to see if a local cop will step into it (ie: attempt to violate rights) and give you fodder for your youtube channel?  LEGAL.  Standing up for by exercising our constitutional rights.  LEGAL.  Being armed while doing all of the above?  LEGAL

    Once again, by witholding exculpatory evidence and outright lying to the Grand Jury, Hon makes a farse of the Grand Jury system in Polk County.  Did he show the Grand Jury the video of officer Simmons approaching the parked car with no back up and proclaiming that he wasn't worried about the guns, he just wanted to know who was driving?  I bet not or they wouldn't have included the obvious false statemnet about the officer being afraid for his life.

    Hon is a liar.  He is corrupt.  His retaliatory political blased prosecution is showing again.





Woody Wallace followers on his fake book page are already sending death threats to the man Woody named as an opponent and made the death threat gesture to.




In another fake news lying post, Tyler didn't take long to respond to the story below denying that I have any, "Long Time Sentinel Readers".  We have been publishing non stop since Oct of 2014.  My email inbox and page analytics prove one more time that you are an ill informed liar that licks boots for living.  


Let me post a little of the Deja Vu in the two pictures below.


Press Release
State Representative Ernest Bailes Files HB 1090 Alleviating Property Tax Burden
AUSTIN, TX - State Representative Ernest Bailes filed House Bill 1090, lowering the number of
previous years allowed to be appraised if property was mistakenly omitted from an appraisal roll.
Currently, chief appraisers may go up to five years on the appraisal roll if they find taxable property
was erroneously omitted from a previous appraisal. When this happens, back taxes, penalty and
interest are added. HB 1090 changes the number of years considered from five to three.
"It is a top priority of mine to alleviate undue burdens on Texas taxpayers in every way possible,"
said Bailes. "Although we made improvements to the property tax system in the 86th, I look
forward to exploring every possible option."
According to the Texas Tax Code, appraisal districts must reappraise all property in its jurisdiction
at least once every three years, rationalizing the need to change this allowance from five to three


Press Release
State Representative Ernest Bailes Files HB 1090 Alleviating Property Tax Burden
AUSTIN, TX - State Representative Ernest Bailes filed House Bill 1090, lowering the number of
previous years allowed to be appraised if property was mistakenly omitted from an appraisal roll.
Currently, chief appraisers may go up to five years on the appraisal roll if they find taxable property
was erroneously omitted from a previous appraisal. When this happens, back taxes, penalty and
interest are added. HB 1090 changes the number of years considered from five to three.
"It is a top priority of mine to alleviate undue burdens on Texas taxpayers in every way possible,"
said Bailes. "Although we made improvements to the property tax system in the 86th, I look
forward to exploring every possible option."
According to the Texas Tax Code, appraisal districts must reappraise all property in its jurisdiction
at least once every three years, rationalizing the need to change this allowance from five to three


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