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Thanks for hanging in there during my down time.  I did catch the Rona and have endured much during the last thirty days.  It didn’t kill me so it must have made m stronger.  One good thing has been much time to reflect on my priorities in life.  I just wanted to take this  opportunity to thank you and let you know that I wlll be moving forward a  little at a time from here until back in the saddle.  Look for a new and improved Sentinel from here.  Thanks, Steve Watson  Publisher


LIVINGSTON 6/12/2021


FAKE NEWS is the only way to describe the Houston affiliate, Fox 26, Polk Co Enterprise and Polk Co Today after they demonstrate twice now that they are 'In the bag' for the Hon campaign.  

    Official court records PROVE the criminal DA Lee Hon outright lied in his political press release.   Hon is planning a run for the 258th District Judgeship against The Honorable Travis Kitchens.  ANY statement Hon makes about Judge Kitchens should be checked against the facts because Hon loves to throw rocks and then hide his hand.  Hon's favorite is duping others into throwing his rocks for him.  We call it being, "Ivory Heckered".

    These reporter's initial failure was believing anything Hon says to start with but failure to check the facts leave all three with egg on their face.    The Sentinel has obtained proof documents of Hon's lies.


P.O. Box 57

407 N. Washington, Livingston, Texas 77351 

Telephone: (936) 327-7071 Telecopy: (936) 398-6948


June 10, 2021


Willie Openshaw Polk County Today VIA E-mail:

Emily Wooten Polk County Enterprise VIA E-mail:

Ivory Hecker Fox 26 News VIA E-mail: 




The State of Texas v. Eli Binnion; In the 258th Judicial District Court of Polk County, Texas


Dear Mr. Openshaw, Ms. Wooten, and Ms. Hecker,

    I was Mr. Eli Binnion’s attorney in the above cases, which were finalized on June 3, 2021 at a sentencing hearing. I am issuing this statement to provide information that I believe will correct or clarify the public’s understanding of what in fact occurred at my client’s sentencing, including misrepresentations made to the media by the Polk County District Attorney.

     Actual court transcripts can demonstrate the points I will make here. At the time of the incident in these cases, Mr. Binnion was 19 years old and the victim was 14. He has been jailed in Polk County since then and pled guilty to the charge on March 14, 2019. At that time, the State—in writing—waived their right to a jury trial in this case.  This is significant because if the State had truly wished to prevent Mr. Binnion from receiving deferred adjudication, the State could have legally barred such an option by refusing to waive their right to a jury trial. The State understood this and waived. 

      On June 3, 2021, Judge Travis Kitchens presided over the sentencing hearing, where the State was legally entitled to call any number of witnesses (including the victim or the victim’s family) that the State wanted Judge Kitchens to consider in rendering a sentence. Probation Officer Mary Beth Barker was the only witness that the State elected to call to testify for Mr. Binnion’s sentencing. 

     Ms. Barker, the State’s only witness, made recommendations to the Court regarding terms and conditions of deferred adjudication. Polk County District Attorney, Lee Hon was present at the hearing and, as reflected in transcripts, at no time prior to the Judge pronouncing his ruling did the State ever recommend prison time—for 15 years or any other number— or oppose deferred adjudication. Only after the ruling was final, did Assistant District Attorney, Rachel Ellsworth state for the record that the State was opposed to deferred adjudication.

       Ms. Ellsworth further advised the victim’s family was notified of the hearing and did not wish to participate. First Assistant District Attorney, Beverly Armstrong stated to the Court that the victim and family were no longer responding to their office. No Judge could ever legally bar a victim from being heard at a sentencing hearing and any suggestion that such occurred in this case is unequivocally FALSE. The State and the Defense were given the opportunity to present any witnesses they deemed appropriate.

      While Judge Kitchens has only been elected since 2019, District Attorney Lee Hon and his office have handled cases such as this since 2007. Since 2016 alone, some very brief research confirms at least 19 cases wherein a defendant charged with a sex-related offense received deferred adjudication from different judges over the years, including Former Judge Kacee Jones, and Former Judge Ernie McClendon. The Polk County District Attorney’s Office, led by LEE HON was at the helm of them all. In at least 17 of those cases, the POLK COUNTY DISTRICT ATTORNEY recommended Deferred Adjudication Probation to the Court as the desired sentence.

     I make this point to say, in sum, that the sentence assessed Mr. Binnion, is by no means a “light sentence” and should not be construed as such. In addition, it has been my experience that in these types of cases, deferred adjudication is not uncommon, particularly when one considers the emotional toll that a public trial will have on any victim and especially, young and minor victims.

      Mr. Binnion’s movements, decisions, and activities will be supervised and scrutinized closely by the judicial system for the next ten (10) years. Put another way—Mr. Binnion’s supervision will not end until he is 32 years old. Mr. Binnion’s probation in this case cannot be shortened for any reason and there are many terms and conditions recommended by probation, and Ordered by Judge Kitchens, with which he must comply for the next ten years. Some, but not all of those conditions include:

1. Lifetime registration as a sex offender;

2. Polygraph examinations on a regular basis;

3. Psychological examinations;

4. No internet access or usage without prior approval;

5. No contact with the victim or victim’s family;

6. Restrictions on where Mr. Binnion can reside;

7. Reporting to a probation officer twice a month; and,

8. $5,000.00 fine.

9. Serve an additional term of 180 days in the Polk County Jail.

(in addition to the 35 months he has been incarcerated awaiting disposition of the case.) Any misstep or mistake by Mr. Binnon on the terms of probation can result in his arrest and being brought back to Court for a hearing by a judge—not a jury—for a potential prison sentence of up to 20 years.

     Should you have any questions, I will be more than happy to sit down with either of you so as to clear up any confusion that may exist. Your cooperation and courtesies in this matter are greatly appreciated.

     If you require further information, please do not hesitate to contact me.




Michael L. Davis

Law Offices of Michael L. Davis



Polk County District Attorney Recommended Deferred Adjudication Probation on the following Sexual Offenses Against Children: (Though there are more, these listed are within the last 5 years)


1. Case No. 23,466 – State of Texas vs. Pedro Reyes Date of Judgment 1/26/16 - 411th Court – Kaycee Jones 2 nd degree offense of Indecency with Child/ Sexual Contact 7 years deferred adjudication probation


2. Case No. 23,852 – State of Texas vs. Kurt Haas Date of Judgment 3/28/16 - 411th Court – Kaycee Jones 1 st degree offense of Aggravated Sexual Assault of a Child 5 years deferred adjudication probation


3. Case No. 23,858 – State of Texas vs. Christopher Lara Date of Judgment 11/17/15 - 411th Court – Kaycee Jones 2 nd degree offense of Sexual Assault of a Child 10 years deferred adjudication probation


4. Case No. 24,052 – State of Texas vs. Victor Covey Date of Judgment 4/20/16 - 258th Court – Ernie McClendon 1 st degree offense of Aggravated Sexual Assault of a Child 8 years deferred adjudication probation


5. Case No. 24,373 – State of Texas vs. Brandon James Date of Judgment 12/14/16 - 258th Court – Ernie McClendon 2 nd degree offense of Sexual Assault of a Child 10 years deferred adjudication probation


6. Case No. 24,424 – State of Texas vs. William Olson Date of Judgment 12/9 /16 - 411th Court – Kaycee Jones 3 rd degree offense of Indecency with Child Exposes – lesser included offense 10 years deferred adjudication probation


7. Case No. 24,546 – State of Texas vs. Cesar Reyes Date of Judgment 2/3/16 - 258th Court – Ernie McClendon 1 st degree offense of Aggravated Sexual Assault of a Child under 14 years of age 10 years deferred adjudication probation


8. Case No. 24,887 – State of Texas vs. Elin Ramirez Date of Judgment 2/14/17 - 258th Court – Ernie McClendon 1 st degree offense of Aggravated Sexual Assault of a Child 10 years deferred adjudication probation


9. Case No. 24,944 – State of Texas vs. Doyle Mason, Jr. Date of Judgment 9/17/18 - 411th Court – Kaycee Jones 1 st degree offense of Aggravated Sexual Assault of a Child 10 years deferred adjudication probation


10. Case No. 25,042 – State of Texas vs. Cassie Berotte Date of Judgment 1/30/18 - 258th Court – Ernie McClendon 3 rd degree offense of Indecency with a Child Exposes 5 years deferred adjudication probation


11. Case No. 25,170 – State of Texas vs. John Sherman Date of Judgment 9/26/17 - 258th Court – Ernie McClendon 3 rd degree offense of Indecency with a Child Exposes 5 years deferred adjudication probation


12. Case No. 25,451 – State of Texas vs. Kelly Mayton Date of Judgment 8/15/17 - 258th Court – Ernie McClendon 3 rd degree offense of Indecency with a Child Exposes 10 years deferred adjudication probation


13. Case No. 25,511 – State of Texas vs. Hector Morales Date of Judgment 10/24/17 - 258th Court – Ernie McClendon 3 rd degree offense of Indecency with a Child Exposes 5 years deferred adjudication probation


14. Case No. 25,514 – State of Texas vs. Luis Pacheco Date of Judgment 2/13/18 – 258th Court – Ernie McClendon 2 nd degree offense of Sexual Assault of a Child 7 years deferred adjudication probation


15. Case No. 25,594 – State of Texas vs. Eddie Strapps Jr. Date of Judgment 5/2/18 - 411th Court – Kaycee Jones 1 st degree offense of Aggravated Sexual Assault of a Child 10 years deferred adjudication probation


16. Case No. 25,734 – State of Texas vs. Damon Potts Date of Judgment 12/12/17 - 258th Court – Ernie McClendon 3 rd degree offense of Indecency with Child by Exposure 7 years deferred adjudication probation


17. Case No. 25,780 – State of Texas vs. Joshua Rucker Date of Judgment 1/30/18 - 258th Court – Ernie McClendon 3 rd degree offense of Online Solicitation of a Minor 5 years deferred adjudication probation


18. Case No. 26,129 – State of Texas vs. Thomas Johnson Date of Judgment 8/1/19 - 258th Court – Travis Kitchens 2 nd degree offense of Indecency with Child Sexual Contact 10 years deferred adjudication probation


19. Case No. 27,309 – State of Texas vs. Francisco Segura Date of Judgment 4/22/20 - 411th Court – Kaycee Jones 2 nd degree offense of Sexual Assault of a Child 10 years deferred adjudication probation


1 st Degree Felony – 5 to 99 years to life in prison


2 nd Degree Felony – 2 to 20 years in prison


3 rd Degree Felony – 2 to 10 years in prison


In the State of Texas, there only two ways a defendant can ever receive deferred adjudication probation.


First, is when the District Attorney recommends it in what is generally called a ‘plea bargain’ – like in these 19 cases above.


Second is when the District Attorney waives a jury trial and a defendant pleads guilty (or no contest) and goes to the judge for punishment. The judge, after the punishment hearing can sentence the defendant either to deferred adjudication probation or prison

UPDATE 4/26/2021


The below narrative is the probable cause affidavit filed by OPD's Tammy Heeth.  The law firm representing the City of Onalaska is seeking an OAG opinion on witholding the body cam video because it is part of the investigation.  The fact that they want to withold it confirms the video evidence does exist.

UPDATE 4/22/2021


    The Onalaska ISD administration did confirm that the mom did come into the office and make a verbal complaint against the traffic control officer Heeth as claimed by the mother but no written document was made by the school or exists.  Also it has been confirmed that neither camera on that side of the school captured the event on tape.  "Our cameras are focused on the parking lot and the indicent occurred just outside their view."  

     There has been no reply by the city of Onalaska to The Sentinel request for open records and video but a non official source states that OPD officer Heeth is claiming that the mom struck her with her vehicle.  

ONALASKA 4/1/2021


Eight year veteran of the Onalaska PD effected the elementary school arrest of a disabled mom delivering her children to school on April Fools day.  OPD officer, Tammy Heeth, no stranger to controversy and "anger issue" complaints from the past, attempted to pull this mother out of her car window by the hair of the head according to the arrested mom.  

     School administrators confirm to The Sentinel that in the days prior to her arrest, the mom had taken the time to park and go into the school office to file a complaint about the traffic control person from an incident that occurred between them that very morning.   The mom alleged that she was singled out and made to go around back to drop her kids when the cars in front of her and behind her were allowed to continue dropping kids in the normal place.  

       According to the mom, some days later, she and her children were confronted by Heeth in the Onalaska Brookshire Bros store and had a verbal altercation.  

       On the morning of April first, the mom was in line to drop her kids when she claims that Heeth, once again wearing a traffic vest only and no OPD uniform, jumped in front of her vehicle banging the hood then worked her way around the vehicle to the open drivers window grabbing the mom by the hair and attempting to pull her out the window to effect an arrest.  The mom was arrested, her elementary school kids traumatized and she was charged with 'Aggravated Assault on a Peace Officer' and taken to the Polk County Jail.  

ONALASKA 2/26/2021


The article linked to this headline involves the recent culmination of a federal investigation The Sentinel reported on over a year ago.  The Fed's efforts brought the roosters home to roost.  We shared the past article about a false front airplane registry scheme based in a town with no airport yet enough planes registered here that every home could have one.

    The recent arrest of some involved by the Feds put Polk County's lead law enforcement officer on the "Duh" map again.   Are you still turning a blind eye Bill Lee?  Like you did in the Linda Vincent case and the 'Willgo' real estate operation out of the Pct office?  Like you continue to do about the documented crimes Christopher Lima has committed? 

      Since we have learned over the last few years that there is no Ranger investigation unless the DA says there is a Ranger investigation, why are you so quick to authorize an investigation on a black jailer assaulting a white inmate Bill Lee but have yet to open any investigation on Lima?  Are you a racist?     


Trial by fire would be the only way to describe what the newly elected sheriff of Polk County has endured since taking office.  From the deviant jailer to the abusive treatment of an inmate, Sheriff Lyons has taken appropriate action and been transparent with The Sentinel in a dramatic break from Hammack's opaque and non responsive policies.  


ONALASKA 2/12/2021

LOCAL ACTIVIST SCORES VICTORY . . . . . . . with no teeth in it.

The city of Onalaska was called down by the Texas Attorney General Open Records division, aka 'toothless' (when it comes to enforcement) after responding to Rosemary Covalt's O.R. request with a projected bill in excess of four thousand dollars.  Ms. Covalt appealed to the Texas O.A.G. for help and she recently received a c.c. letter addressed to the city from the O.A.G. ordering them to produce some records.  


AUSTIN 1/14/2021


Press Release
State Representative Ernest Bailes Files HB 1090 Alleviating Property Tax Burden
AUSTIN, TX - State Representative Ernest Bailes filed House Bill 1090, lowering the number of
previous years allowed to be appraised if property was mistakenly omitted from an appraisal roll.
Currently, chief appraisers may go up to five years on the appraisal roll if they find taxable property
was erroneously omitted from a previous appraisal. When this happens, back taxes, penalty and
interest are added. HB 1090 changes the number of years considered from five to three.
"It is a top priority of mine to alleviate undue burdens on Texas taxpayers in every way possible,"
said Bailes. "Although we made improvements to the property tax system in the 86th, I look
forward to exploring every possible option."
According to the Texas Tax Code, appraisal districts must reappraise all property in its jurisdiction
at least once every three years, rationalizing the need to change this allowance from five to three

The tax code of Texas REQUIRES that the Central Appraisal Districts (CAD) reappraise every property in their county once in every three year cycle yet current texas law allows the county to back tax property up to five years for any changes or omissions.  District 18 State Rep, Ernest Bailes has put forth legislation that would limit that back tax to 3 years. It only makes sense.  If the state is required to reappraise every parcel every 3 years and fail to do so, thus letting an error 'ride' into another 3 year cycle, why should the property owner pay the price for their failure?  This addresses property left off of the roll.

    How about property left on the roll?  When a house burns and the the county is still taxing it at full market value 6 years later, who is at fault?  The property owner has the responsibility to notify the appraisal district of the improvement being gone but circumstances sometimes prevent that.  I can see letting them pay that tax for 3 years because of their own failure but after the state is REQUIRED BY LAW to reappraise the parcel every three years and miss the fact that that big ole house is no longer there, the burden is on the state to correct their roll.

     The SJC CAD website makes mention of the three year cycle of required reappraisal and mention the law but add the phrase, "when time and money allows" that is NOT in the tax code.  She wrote them an out and I have witnessed the CAD taxing structures that have been gone for years past the 3 year cycle.  That is theft.


POLK CO 1/15/2021


   David Ray Miller, a former Polk Co Jailer was arrested and charged with Official Oppression this week.  It is alleged that he was engaging in a sexual relationship with an inmate in custody.  

    Official Oppression is the most often complaint recieved at The Sentinel and most overlooked crime in Polk county.  Even the DA, Bill Lee 'the retaliator' Hon, is a regular offender and violator of this very statute.  As a 'Retaliator' who some say suffers from the 'zipper down' syndrome himself, it will be interesting to watch him prosecute a man for the very crime Hon has committed frequently during his tenure.  

 (a) A public servant acting under color of his
office or employment commits an offense if he:

(1) intentionally subjects another to mistreatment or to arrest, detention, search, seizure, dispossession, assessment, or lien that he knows is unlawful;

(2) intentionally denies or impedes another in the exercise or enjoyment of any right, privilege, power, or immunity, knowing his conduct is unlawful; or

(3) intentionally subjects another to sexual harassment

    You see, the definition of 'Official Oppression' does include pressing an employee for sexual favors as well as an inmate.  It includes lying to the Texas Rangers calling a public record document, 'sensitive documents' when Hon falsely accused the clerks of secreting some out to The Sentinel.  Even State Rep, James White, when confronted about not doing anything about the corrupt DA in his district claimed, "He (Hon) had a reputation for retaliation before I was ever elected"


Press Release
State Representative Ernest Bailes Files HB 1090 Alleviating Property Tax Burden
AUSTIN, TX - State Representative Ernest Bailes filed House Bill 1090, lowering the number of
previous years allowed to be appraised if property was mistakenly omitted from an appraisal roll.
Currently, chief appraisers may go up to five years on the appraisal roll if they find taxable property
was erroneously omitted from a previous appraisal. When this happens, back taxes, penalty and
interest are added. HB 1090 changes the number of years considered from five to three.
"It is a top priority of mine to alleviate undue burdens on Texas taxpayers in every way possible,"
said Bailes. "Although we made improvements to the property tax system in the 86th, I look
forward to exploring every possible option."
According to the Texas Tax Code, appraisal districts must reappraise all property in its jurisdiction
at least once every three years, rationalizing the need to change this allowance from five to three



"NO MORE Open Records Requests is part of bond conditions."???????????????  

Former Angelina County District Attorney, Joe Martin, left an open can of worms in the back of his bottom drawer when he jumped ship right after elections.  

   The DA elect, Ms. Janet Cassels who was appointed to finish the rest of Martin's unexpired term after winning the election, must have been cleaning out his 'uh oh' drawers because the first thing she did was distance herself from the 'special prosecutor' status Martin held on the bogus case Lee Hon had him bring against me.    Having bragged to more than one constituent that he could, "get a ham sandwich indicted", Martin found out that to carry a crooks water makes you a crook too and I am not afraid to prove just that.   A former employee of Hon's, Martin just assumed it would be like all the rest.  Indict them, arrest them, jail them and ruin their lives. That way you teach them and theirs to never cross you again.   

    Making the process the punishment even when there is no evidence has worked for Hon for so many years, Martin thought one more for the road wouldn't matter.   Or was it two?   

     A complex and fascinating Angelina County case The Sentinel has been investigating for over a year now was left in Martin's low level drawer.  A lot of similarities between this case, my case and several more in this part of Texas that establish a distinct and 'by the play book' pattern of prosecutorial misconduct among the corrupt few when it comes to indicting those pesky investigative journalists that don't care who you are or even who you think you are.   

      A controversial and dogged muckraker from Angelina County who published The East Texas Reporter and did provocative livestreams on FB named David Stua found his ham sandwich A$$ indicted in Angelina County and charged with a sexual crime against a 'child'.  The so called 'crime' was videod and livestreamed to FB.   The so called child was a college student on a college campus whose hard work and gifted abilities had him enrolled in college courses when he was under 17 and still in high school.  

     We have not seen the video but it amounted to Stua approaching various people and saying, "I believe in circumcision.  You want to see?" and then filming their reaction when he produced a paper, "Certificate of Circumscison" to show them.

      Stua had been admonished in the College library not to use the word, "Circumcision" out loud prior to him having the idea to do the interviews that landed him in legal trouble.    In fact, the library called the law on Stua for using the word circumcision.  Stua would have to admit that he was warned that it was a bad idea to do the certificate of circumcision interviews when he voiced the idea to a fellow muckracker from near Waco.  Not because he thought it was illegal but because it was distasteful.  Stua did the interviews and the long arm of the law hammered down when he asked two teen males that question on video.

      One man's ceiling is another man's floor on what is socially acceptable but when it comes to the law, those preferences are out the window.  The very judge who imposed the civil rights denying abusive bond conditions just happened to be one of the elected officials Stua was and had investigated.  There were open records requests pending for phone records that one claimed his phone, "erased them every day' and another just flat refused to answer.  What in the allegations of wrong doing against Stua warrants an ankle monitor, no smart phone, no computer, no internet and no travel outside the county?  Asking someone that rude and smart aleck question?  NO MORE OPEN RECORDS REQUESTS is part of bond conditions for that?  BLATANT CORRUPTION HERE

     It has all the earmarks of shutting a vocal political liability down so he can't ask questions, communicate or publish stories or documents, not protecting the public.   FIRST of all, the judge should have recused himself because of the ongoing conflict between him and the Muckraker.  Then maybe his personal political goals (not being exposed for wrong doing) would not have caused this blatant abuse of power.  

     What most overlook is that for these kind of abuses to flourish, it takes cooperation of more than one.  Can we say R.I.C.O. ?


Press Release
State Representative Ernest Bailes Files HB 1090 Alleviating Property Tax Burden
AUSTIN, TX - State Representative Ernest Bailes filed House Bill 1090, lowering the number of
previous years allowed to be appraised if property was mistakenly omitted from an appraisal roll.
Currently, chief appraisers may go up to five years on the appraisal roll if they find taxable property
was erroneously omitted from a previous appraisal. When this happens, back taxes, penalty and
interest are added. HB 1090 changes the number of years considered from five to three.
"It is a top priority of mine to alleviate undue burdens on Texas taxpayers in every way possible,"
said Bailes. "Although we made improvements to the property tax system in the 86th, I look
forward to exploring every possible option."
According to the Texas Tax Code, appraisal districts must reappraise all property in its jurisdiction
at least once every three years, rationalizing the need to change this allowance from five to three


Big City BOYS Logistics truck driver's big story devolves into a lying pile of hooey under the light of the Truth shining on his allegations.  I just wonder if Corrigan PD will embrace him now that he is denigrating The Sentinel as a lying rag under the philosephy that 'the enemy of my enemy is my friend'.  According to sources, Mayor Gibson came to the city council meeting and apologized for her behavior and left the meeting leaving the outcome in the hands of the city attorney, Tatum.  AD Hollowell did not do his homework before making allegations against me.  He is not the first to call The Sentinel a liar.  He won't be the last.  Any reader knows that stupid people saying stupid things doesn't make me angry because it is an opportunity to slice and dice them one more time Cincinati.  Calling me 'antifa' is as far removed from the truth as you can get but I expect no less from a muslim convert that hates America.


After a long conversation with AD Hollowell, it came to light that the 'racism' he alleges in the heart of the mayor's father and PD Chief is the problem in Corrigan and his main concern.  The Sentinel counseled Hollowell to focus on the corruption aspect that he can prove instead of the tangent of racism he feels prompted the confrontation but that counsel fell on deaf ears.  Hollowell hung up on me after saying he was going to Malcolm X's right hand man (his cousin he claims) and bring a march on Corrigan to battle the systemic racism he feels is the root of all the problems in America.  A devout Muslim, Hollowell took time to quote the bible regarding taking up our Cross and seems to ignore the fact that is was muslims that sold his black ancestors into slavery to begin with.    Hollowell did mention his white ancestors as his mixed race heritage is evident but feels the remaining portion of his DNA deserves reparations.  According to Hollowell's own mouth, he did a stretch in prison on a conspiracy charge.  Any black whose name came up in the conversation who did not adhere to Hollowell's view and position was, according to him, a "house nigger", a phrase he used multiple times during the interview.  

CORRIGAN 9/17/2020


    Corrigan Mayor Gibson makes her debut as 'Jane Fonda' for public consumption.  A 'family affair' unfolded on the shoulder of Hiway 59 in Corrigan as PD Chief Gibson, Mayor and wife, Joanna Gibson and business owner who is father of the mayor all confronted and harrassed a man stopped for speeding.  

      The blatant abuse of official capacity was put on full display and was streamed live on FB by the driver, A.D. Hollowell out of Indiana.  

   The Sentinel has published proof of the corruption in Corrigan before and specifically the illegal acts of Chief Gibson before and forwarded the evidence to the FBI, Texas Rangers and the Polk Co DA, Lee Hon but NOTHING has been done about the abuse of power so far.   The rumors are flying on FB that The Rangers are involved.  Hollowell claims his video keeps being removed by FB.  Yall forgive me if I don't hold my breath about anything being done about this blatant Polk County corruption.  Ho Hum.

    The Sentinel has reached out to A.D. Hollowell and gotten a reply.  We will follow up on this story with more details.

ONALASKA 9/12/2020


The city of Onalaska voted in Jessica Station as police chief for the troubled department keeping within the bounds of a fixed process.  With over a half dozen applicants from all over with a great deal of experience, the city chose one of if not the LEAST EXPERIENCED candidate from within their own controllable ranks.  Of all of the applicants The Sentinel was able to interview, not a one was called in for an interview nor their references checked.   One person attending the meeting summed it up with this comment:  "They failed to do a proper search for the most qualified.  Again, the community gets screwed."

   The Sentinel has reached out to the mayor for comment.

UPDATE 8/6/2020


Sentinel sources say the Onalaska chief of police resigned his position.  Recently placed on administrative leave, Maddox garnered attention for a fire at his residence and was not extended any 'professional courtesy' that it is alledged he requested of the ticketing officer.   Onalaska has been plauged by corruption and deviant officers for many years.  From the 'gun running cop'   in 2012 till now, it is a pattern that needs to be broken.  When your largest industry is tourism, protecting public perception is not only a political consideration, it is an economic must for the good of the people.   When residents joke, "Welcome to Polk County, come on vacation, leave on probation", there is an issue.

ONALASKA 7/24/2020


Neighbors alledge that Onalaska PD Chief, John Maddox was the subject of an investigation and possible citation for illegal burning recently.  No official information will be available until early next week more than likely but witnesses say the chief was burning toxic and harmful debris on his property and a Polk Co Law Enforcement Officer showed up at the scene.  It appeared that the officer issued Maddox a citation.  The Sentinel will dig a lil deeper.

UPDATE 7/21/2020


According to a City of Shepherd spokesperson, the emebezzlement case against the former Librarian, Helen Marie Johnson has been turned over to the SJC DA's office.  We will seek more info as to the exact status of the case and report those findings.

UPDATE 2/11/2020


   An ongoing investigation into the theft of library funds is not complete according to a Sentinel source close to the community.  Although the investigation has focused on library funds, it may well expand to include Helen Marie Johnson's association with the EDC (Economic Development Committee) as treasurer as well as other events and goings on she seemed to gravitate toward as keeper of the purse. 

   Multiple complaints and allegations made to The Sentinel in the past include the disappearance of artifacts that were donated to the library by citizens of the community. 

UPDATE 2/6/2020


According to our source, the librarian, Ms. Helen Marie Johnson has been terminated.  The paperwork may show a 'resignation' but a choice between quitting or being fired is a Termination.  It is that simple.

SHEPHERD 2/2/2020


According to reliable Sentinel sources, the City of Shepherd is conducting an audit to determine the extent of embezzeled funds alleged to have been taken by the current Librarian.  There has been no public statement and my source is not a city official but we are confident that the funds have been pilfered.  The matter will be handled in executive session to decide the course of action moving forward.

POLK CO TEXAS 7/4/2020


Where oh where can they be?  Even more pertinent, where does the evidence keep going?  That is the question being posed to The Sentinel by others who have collected, tied with a ribbon and delivered evidence documents to every agency from DA Hon up to and including the FBI.  I cant speak directly to their efforts but I can speak to mine. 

      The attached snip above is of a return email notice that surprised me after having communicated with and provided evidence and evidence sources for the investigation The Sentinel started into the criminal embezzlement case against Linda Vincent.  Agent Carrol and I never met but he did meet in person with more than a few in this community.  We did communicate over several months as the Vincent case unfolded.   Now you guys know why I just bit my tongue when many in the community were calling me fake news over the Vincent story. 

   Agent Carroll was a 501 (c) 3 specialist transferred in from Washington DC for this case but he became interested in Hon's criminal activity after The Sentinel provided the agent with proof documents.   Here is the first email I received from Agent Carroll.  He was already familiar with my work. 


Carroll, Michael A. (DL) (FBI) <>

To:Steve Watson

Sat, Mar 17, 2018 at 11:09 AM

Mr. Watson,

Thank you for introducing yourself. I appreciate both your initiative in reaching out and the spirit by which you're seeking truth and justice. In my pre-Bureau career, I served in the not-for-profit sector, managing charitable concerns which were dedicated to elevating the good. As a law enforcement officer, I wield the sword for the purpose of quelling evil. In my mind and heart, I have served the same calling, the same mission in life. Both careers are merely two sides of the same coin.

That said, I am under no illusion that I will change the world. Our society rests at the base of a leaky dike. My role is to forestall the dam break. But, I am only one man; I have only so many fingers and toes to plug all the holes!  Only through the concerted effort of good citizens - - whether they be journalists, judges, or janitors - - can we sway the tide of injustice in our day. 

I admire your reporting, which is only as sound as your sources, of course, but you're mining truth and striking public nerves in the process. That's a good thing, and I hope and pray that you bear much fruit. I, on the other hand, do not have such a luxury. Allegations of corruption must satisfy very stringent standards to warrant an investigation. It seems counterintuitive that bad behavior and unethical conduct are not enough to bring down the hammer. One must be patient and persistent to make any headway at all.

Like the folks you interview, I too am disinclined to share sensitive findings with state and local officers. I most certainly do not share my sources, but I generally do not know who to trust, save the noble citizens who, despite their fears and frustrations, are willing to tell their story. Each story adds fuel to my fire, encouraging me to press on. Whether the evidence compels DOJ to authorize an active investigation is not my decision. My job is to look and listen, sneak amongst the shadows, and sniff out the truth. Sounds like you to a T! 

Thank you for all that you're doing. Perhaps we'll have a chance for a face-to-face chat in the days ahead. I would welcome it.


Special Agent Michael A. Carroll

Federal Bureau of Investigation 

Dallas Field Office / Lufkin Resident Agency

415 S. First Street, Suite 401

Lufkin, Texas 75901


Agents retire and life moves on but where did the file of evidence documents I provided go?  We can not get any answer.  Others have given evidence files that have disappeared at EVERY LEVEL of law enforcement  Evidence documents of the criminal acts of Lee Hon and Tommy Coleman have been provided by multiple sources over many years and all the Ranger can manage to find is a queer cop in Onalaska it appears doesnt like women? 

ONALASKA 7/2/2020


The 'Surprise' arrest of Onalaska PD Lt. Moore is only a surprise to the multiple complainants who were rebuffed by the Chief of Police of Onalaska when they came to complain about Moore's conduct on the streets of Onalaska.  One case The Sentinel has been looking into involved Moore leaving a pregnant woman standing on the side of the road after having her car towed when she was able to produce proof of insurance that Moore refused to examine.  It was a picture of the insurance card her husband texted to her and he said he was on the way with the original only moments away.  Moore threatened that if anybody showed up on the scene to interfere with his investigation, he would arrest them.  When the couple complained the next day, the ticket was dropped but the chief REFUSED to accept a complaint against Moore.  

        The LULAC Rep for Polk County has complained to The Sentinel multiple times that the Onalaska Police Chief, Polk Co DA and especially Livingston PD ignore citizen efforts to file complaints on officers and have been for years.  "They just ignore us", she said "and dont want the proof documents" Covalt stated.  Being hispanic, Ms Covalt attributes it to racism.  Same with the NAACP Rep for Polk County who also complains of being ignored when they make legitimate complaints.   Hopefully this case will prove to them both what I have been saying all along, it isn't about color, it is about corruption.

      The pregnant woman in this story and her husband are white and their complaint was ignored too.  The majority of people who have complained to The Sentinel of this treatment are white. The small percentage of corrupt cops overall is a testament to the vast majority of men and women with integrity that serve but more than a few that The Sentinel has had complaints on have one thing in common . . . . . Work or worked for Onalaska PD under a DA who remains "unaware" of their crimes. 

      My only conclusion on the Moore stop of the pregnant woman is that since Moore lives with his husband in a homosexual marriage according to local residents, then perhaps his bias against an obviously hetrosexual woman was showing. 

     The problem remains when there is a chronic 'no complaint' corruption in the LEO leadership in Polk County.  The snip below is from and email The Sentinel received from former Onalaska PD officer, Christopher Lima a couple of years ago.

Not only did we provide Lima with access to the documents we got via open records, we took his advice and asked for public records regarding any complaints filed against him from prior employors.  DA Hon fought the release of the Polk Co S.O. documents but The Sentinel prevailed at the OAG open records division and received a package of 400 pages of complaints against Lima.  NOT A SINGLE criminal charge or even a disciplinary write up was included.  Hon illegally redacted quite a few pages from the Onalaska ISD and Child Protective Services complaint.  One 'investigation' into the child abuse complaint the Onalaska ISD filed by a Polk Co deputy claimed the complaint had no merit and no action was taken.   One woman who had filed multiple complaints against Lima for stalking and harassing her and her children was criminally charged with forgery by Hon at Lima's request.  She beat the charges proving them false and still no discipline from Hon against Lima for his crimes.   It doesnt stop there.  Corrigan mayor joins in the deceit being perpetrated against the people to protect Lima. 

bob willis lying ad

POLK CO 2/22/2020 


It still seems to be escaping Bob Willis that MORAL Conservatism is the most prominent plank in the Conservative platform.  Without moral conservatism, you are NOT a conservative.  So when Bob CONTINUES to print and distribute campaigan propaganda that is full of lies, he removes himself from the realm of being a conservative.  This ad released after the Polk County GOP exec committee issued and published a "Statement of Condemnation" against Willis because of his illegal and unethical antics, Bob's response was to issue ANOTHER lying political propaganda ad. 

   POINT ONE-  There is NO SUCH THING as a "Code of Ethics of the Texas GOP".  It does not exist.  Was does exist is the Texas GOP mission statment:

    We are committed to advancing limited government, lower taxes, less spending and individual liberty. Our specific goals are to grow the Republican Party by reaching new voters, advance the Platform, which is grounded in conservative principle, and to keep Texas prosperous and free.

     Do you see that 'grounded in conservative principle' Mr. Willis?  Moral conservatism is the backbone of being a conservative.  That means No LYING, No Slander, No filing false criminal charges for political purpose like you guys have been doing for years.  The 'Fair Campaign Practices Act' is a code of political ethics that you have violated with impunity and then point and holler and accuse others of doing EXACTLY what you do.

   POINT TWO- It was YOU who defamed your character by taking the illegal (yes filing a false criminal complaint is a crime) and unethical steps you did to try and steal an election with LIES.  All the party did was call you out for your own actions.

   POINT THREE- The 'Club' is the source of the problems.  Over the years, their leadership (tommy coleman, lee hon) had been successful in wresting the power away from the local party by controlling the money.  It was the same thing in SJC a few years ago.  The money folks would gather and 'club' it up and pick their candidates to support based on cronyism, moneyism, nepotism and good ole boyism and forgo the main platform plank of the Republican Party, MORAL CONSERVATIAM.   Former constable Lou Rogers was our club's  "Lee Hon".  They were used to the tactic of running last minute ads full of lies timed to prevent the opposition from having time to respond.  Then came the advent of social media and instant press.  The Genesis of The Sentinel, in fact, was when a local judge told me, "Steve, don't pick a fight with someone who buys ink by the barrel" when I took on a local publisher for printing a lying ad he knew was a lying ad.  My comment in reply was, "Judge, by the time the ink is dry, it is old news" and went home and started The Sentinel.  So you see Bob Willis, You can tell and print your lying propaganda ad in the last issue before elections but just as quick, we can dispute and refute your lies with The Truth.  You are a Liar and a Crook.  It is that simple.

TCOLE logs showing no break in Lima's shingle hanging in Corrigan.

As you can see from the last two photo snips, the mayor of corrigan is complicent with covering for Lima.   Corrigan still sponsors his gun and badge.


Like his boss, John Bradley, says the Watchdog, the same prosecutor openly mocked requests for DNA testing that ultimately exonerated Mr. Morton: "During one of the Michael Morton hearings in September of this year, Coleman was overheard by several people mocking Morton's attorney, John Raley, who had argued for the relevance of a key piece of evidence which played a pivotal role in exonerating Morton.  In a demeaning tone, Coleman said, "Ewwww!  Bloody bandana! Bloody bandana!" in a cynical attempt to discredit the evidence.



By: Houston Criminal Lawyer John Floyd and Paralegal Billy Sinclair

We have become convinced that the only way the Williamson County District Attorney’s office will operate in a lawful and ethical manner is for the State Bar to assign an ombudsman to oversee its day-to-day handling of criminal prosecutions. The behavior of this office in the Michael Morton case has already triggered four investigations, including one by the State Bar. Grits For Breakfast recently carried yet another report, which was first reported by Wilco Watchdog, concerning allegations of prosecutorial misconduct. This time the misconduct charges involve Assistant District Attorney Tommy Coleman who withheld exculpatory evidence in a 2010 theft case.


"If we don't get what we want, we will burn this system down and replace it"


Shut up and listen dumb ass.   It isn't about color.  It is about statism vs liberty.  That conflict is colorless.   President Trump has already given you police reform and remarkable legistation has already been presented and the demoncrats are blocking it.  You are going to have to get off of the mind control plantation and see for yourself and change course or fall victim to the manipulation of the dumb asses among us promoting marxism and reap their reward.  It is coming soon.  The Patriots of America, black, white, red and yellow, have had enough of your anarchist Bull Shit and are ready to put a boot in your ignorant asses.  It is that simple.  If you neither condone or condemn the rioting and looting, you alread have a fence picket up your a$$.   Blacks arming themselves is not violence.  All the black patriots are armed, I assure you.  Using the arms to loot and steal and abuse the lone victims in the name of anarchy is violence.  Just spend the weekend in Chicago if you don't understand that.  You either support law and order or you are part of the anarchy and chaos being fermented against us by our enemies.  You are either a manipulated dumb ass or intentional enemy of this nation.  Neither choice is good for you.

AMERICA 5/16/2020


"HIJACKED" is the word used by conservative Christian black Americans regarding the recent 'trans'fer of the BLM movement fighting police brutality morphing into endorsing the deviant lifestyle of the "Trans" movement.  What the lady in the video linked HERE is not comprehending is that the BLM movement was started, not to oppose police brutality but to fundamentally transform the USA.  It is a leftist organization from the get go with a leftist agenda.  The proof is plain now. 


Two intelligent and well spoken men who easily articulate most of the problems with the BLM movement, a movement The Sentinel called, in an article published years ago, "The bastard child of Barrack Obama".  The movement lost me right off of the bat with the militant anti American and racist stance it took as evidenced here by the same photo I published when I called it Obama's offspring.  Black lives do matter to everyone it seems, except other blacks.  Don't tell me you give a damn about black lives when you gun each other down in the streets, including innocent toddlers in their beds with no remorse.  Or when you march into the abortion clinics in droves to abort your little black babies then flock to a political party that promotes infanticide as a main plank of it's platform.   In order to join the democrat party, you are turning your back on the legitimate sacrifices and efforts our ancestors made and the fight many Christians, white and black waged through the Republican party to gain their freedom.   Those are American values.

  Why is the abortion rate so high in the black community?  The women know chances are (ie: statisticaly speaking) that the baby daddy isn't going to settle down and help her raise that child. 

    Those same statistics also prove white lives don't matter to those same blacks.   So many want to ignore the greater number of unarmed men killed by LEO's being white in favor of the ratio numbers that show black men are more likely per capita to be killed but then ignore the ratio numbers when it comes down to black on white crime vs white on black crime. 

    We fully endorse the protest and continue to protest American lives being lost at the hands of police state thugs but REFUSE to to endorse one of the most racist organizations I know of that promotes the false racist narrative.  

      When I was a cub reporter on the Advocate in Cleveland many years ago, Hambone Simpson was choked down and killed in the Cleveland City Jail.  My EMS sources had already told me that his hands were rigormotised behind his back as if in cuffs on the floor of the jail cell when they got there.    

       Hambone was black.  When I was in the PD a few days later a blonde white woman AP reporter walked in and asked the dispatch where MLK Blvd was because she was going to cover the march that was headed to the JP office to hear the autopsy report.  A city cop in uniform told her, "You don't wont to go down there, you will get raped".  My instant reply was, "Bull shit, come on lady, I will show you were it is." 

     We went to the site in "The quarters" and several of my friends from school approached and shook my hand or embraced me and I introduced them to the reporter so she could interview them.  The march started and I rode my bike with the marchers all the way to the JP office.  I was the only white boy there.  When they read the autopsy report, we learned that Hambone had died of "Positional Asphyxia", there was undigested wad of cocaine in his gut and he had a large handprint bruise on his neck. 

     Then Jew Don Boney showed up and started attempting to make a racist issue out of Simpson's death.  It was me that was there on the sidewalk and confronted Boney and told him,  "It was a black cop that choked him down".  "How is that racist? 

     The city council fired the police chief who was not even there and it was swept under the rug of time amid a non investigation.

      My point is this.  If you are African american, Irish american or Japanese american, etc, . . . . Go Home.  If you are an American that is black, white, red or yellow, know that we have to stand together or hang seperatly.    The floyd death is not a racial issue.  It is a thug issue.  Thugs come in all colors.      

UPDATE 6/3/2020


     Livingston PD spokesperson, Matt Parish called The Sentinel yesterday with initial claims that Sgt Ward knocked on Grant's door but got no answer.  He further stated there was only one officer at the door.

    After first confirming the time of the incident my sources claimed with the LPD official  as 3 am, my next comment was, "He (Grant) said they were wearing body cams so if you can prove to me that the NAACP rep is bald face lying to me, I will twist him up on the front page and you know I will."

    That is when I got the run down on the new system having body cameras assigned to the vehicle and intergration issues and "I am not making excuses but. . . ."

     Parish called Sgt Ward and then called The Sentinel office again stating that infact Grant did come to the door but not open it and they did have a conversation through the door and it did match exactly what Grant stated in our interview. 

     During both conversations, Parish stated that the officers (yes plural) were in the area having been chasing an underage run a way that the Alabama Coushatta police dept had notified them of.   After asking for that public record document to publish so that I can put to rest the appearance of retalliatory efforts by cops Grant has had run in's with before that know EXACTLY where he lives, I was promised the document in "a few minutes" via email with only the underage girls name redacted.  It has not arrived.

       Lt. Parish also stated that his officers knocked on every door in the apratment complex at the time.  As a pro law and order patriot, I would love to hear from other residents in the complex that their doors were knocked on too.      936 730 5717 or

 6/1/2020 POLK COUNTY


   An apparent and blatant pattern of ingoring police misconduct issues brought to their attention by voice, by mail, by letter to the editor plagues those in vital leadership positions within the Polk County Community.  I say apparent because even ignoring all of The Sentinel evidence and publications on the topic, documented evidence of those pleas for help for years are proving one seasoned activist's claim that, "Their power is in ignoring us".  LULAC rep, Rosemary Covalt of Onalaska, Texas observed the expression of that power by stating,   "No one gets back to us", as she produced document after document of her and other's efforts to be heard that time has proven have and are being ignored.  The real problem is, it is not just a POLK County problem. 

     Much of the frustration came to a head yesterday as Ms. Covalt and NAACP rep, Roy Grant visited Livingston City Hall and DA Hon's office.  City Attorney Jim Wright did meet with the pair of activists but made no headway. DA Hon hid in his office.  The staff said 'the kid' was there then his badge came out and said he wasn't. 

       Make of it what you will, but Sentinel sources confirm that 3 uniformed LPD officers' knocked on the NAACP reps apartment door at 3 am the next morning looking for a white woman whom they said was in the neighborhood.  A 42 year Law Enforcement vet, Grant refused to open the door.  "If I open the door after dark, I am going to have my gun in my hand", Grant assured The Sentinel,  "I didn't see any need to go there".

      The problem does not lie with the beat cop when corruption exists, it is in the leadership.  As the top law enforcement person in Polk Co, DA Hon is the one who allows the corruption to exist by ignoring it.  The complaints have been made.  "Their power is in ignoring us".

      As State Rep James White stated some years ago, "He (Hon) had a reputation for retalliation long before I was elected" while defending his inability to do anything about Hon's blatant violations.  LPD demonstrated that 'step on your neck' tactic last night at Grant's door.  It is their continuing philosephy.  They have stepped on necks before.  He has been stepping on necks for years and BRAGS that he can have you indicted in THREE MINUTES.   Polk County.  You have some great elected officials who love the county its people and put forth true conservative values.  There are three boxes that protect our rights as citizens.  The ballot box, the jury box and as a last resort, the ammo box.  When the first two are corrupt, where does that leave us?  Hon has violated the jury box by his own admision.  Evidence Hon has violated the voting box exists but doesnt interest any real investigators.  Sources claim the Brazos Co DA 'looked into' voting violations on Hon but never took the case before the grand jury.   I do know that neither witness was approaced for evidence or a statement. 

      The Sentinel has fielded threats against elected officials in Polk Co including against Hon so the threat of violence is real even here in Polk County.   Some people have perceived my calling out corruption as a hate for law and order since they read it filtered through their own hateful thought process but my effort is to root out the bad so the good is left.  My greatest Hope assures that good prevails.


“Arizona is positioned to lead the nation in protecting our citizens’ civil right to free, fair and secure elections.

“Integrity in our elections doesn’t benefit one political party over another; election integrity benefits every single voter regardless of political party, race, gender or income. Period.

“The Department of Justice’s recent decision to publicly target Arizona lawmakers for excercising our constitutional authority over elections is an abhorrent abuse of power and a starkly accurate representation of the disgusting politicization that has occurred within this federal institution.

“Let us, as Arizona lawmakers, be very clear with the Biden Administration and its minions: The Constitution of the United States expressley authorizes our legislative oversight and control of elections. Stay the hell out of our way.”

used for political comment and education 

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