COLDSPRING 11/27/2023


Much beloved member of the San Jacinto County community has passed away and leaves a legacy of service to his fellow man.   Norman Street and his family have always been a fixture here it seems a big empty spot opened up with his passing,   As a commissioner, there are few that can match the integrity and character Mr. Street brought to the office.  It seems he always had a kind word and a smile but he was all business when it came to the best for our community.  Farewell for now and we will see you on the other side.  Thank you for your contributions that makes SJC such a great place to live and raise a family.


Stua Texas Tribune photo




LOU E. 'louie' Rogers is apparently planning to make a run at being the SJC Pct 4 constable again.  There is no official announcement or paperwork in hand but the word on the street is that the smack down he took the last two attempts at running for office have not phased him in the least.  If he does sign up by Dec 11th or before, we will report it here first.   


ANGELINA CO 11/29/2023


Judge Stovar dismissed both removal suits filed against DA Janet Cassels.

Petitioner, David Stua was disappointed in the dismissal considering that he felt he had met all of the required elements necessary for a successful effort but stated his next effort will be to file a removal suit on Judge Stovar and a Judicial Ethics complaint.  "He (Judge Stovar) put himself int he place of a jury", Stua stated citing proceedual error.  


ANGELINA CO 11/27/2023






Open records received from 159th District Court Judge Kassaw proves that he does abide by the Texas Public Information Act TPIA laws and will avoid the quandry DA Janet Cassels finds herself in.

    What some describe as Ex Parte communication,  Cassels emails the judge and decries the  multiple removal suits and myriad of open records requests from former defendant, David Stua, as harassment.  Cassels opens the email with, "As I discussed with you previously . . ." and goes on to assume and state that someone must be helping David Stua with the removal suit he wrote and filed because it is so well written and documented.   



Judge Kassaw,
As I discussed with you previously, someone has not only assisted David Stua with his petition for removal as is
obvious from the well formatted and footnoted presentation, but also educated him that a violation of law is official
misconduct, including a violation of the TPIA. He is a long time abuser of the TPIA against public offices and officials
and the requirements under the statute are the same regardless of possible motive of the requestor or bad faith on
the part of the requestor. Someone, having educated him to the possibility that a violation of the open records act
could be official misconduct, has spurred him on anew in the hopes of claiming a violation whether there actually is
one or not.
I was already dealing with a removal suit (for his prosecution which did not originate with me or by me), and several
open records requests from him. On Friday I received 18 open records requests from him and a second removal
petition which I believe claims I have failed to respond under the TPIA (although I have not failed to respond).
Over the weekend I have received another 4 open records requests and over the last few weeks (including over the
weekend) a number of abusive, harassing emails.
I don’t have another lawyer to pitch these to for response and also must utilize some staff time for drafting as the
statute gives no reprieve for response demands and deadlines.
I know you can’t control any of this but I certainly cannot and wanted you to be apprised of this usurpation of time
and resources for this office.


What Cassels fails to remember is that she kept this man locked up in the Angelina county Jail for well over a year in Solitary confinement on bogus charges.  Stua had plenty of time to hone his already developed acumen of legal precedents.  

    Why do I call them bogus charges?  Because after filing the first bogus charge, Cassels stacked another half dozen heinous child sex charges on top then dismissed them all if he would plea to a simple perjury charge.  

    during the time Stua was locked up, his home was burglarized and caught on fire.  

    When Cassels was willing to drop a slew of, "Sexual performance of a child" charges in favor of perjury only, that tells you she was a liar to start with or just doesnt' care about the community.  

    When The Sentinel first began following this case, we recommended Cassels recuse herself because she had been targeted by Stua with open records requests investigating questionable payments to her by the hospital district that she represented as an attorney.  Stua's claim was a lot of money for very little work.  A payment that went from 5k per year to 80K per year after she hired on.  Cassels never did respond to the TPIA requests Stua made.  Instead, Stua found himself charged with the child sex charges based on  a FB live stream encounter on the Angelina College campus.  

    The Angelina College Police Chief, Doug Conn who also runs the Law Enforcement Academy there took part in the railroad of Stua in two ways.  First, Conn perjured himself on a sworn probable cause affidavit claiming Stua exposed his genitalia to the young man on campus during the FB Livestream KNOWING that it never happened.   This all occured under the leadership of the corrupt DA, Joe Martin.   Conn went on to take part in arresting and charging Stua with a sex crime he never committed but yet reported to the State of Texas that ZERO sex crimes occured on the campus for the same time period.  Which is it Mr. Conn?  Are you a Con man or just a liar?  What makes it even worse is that, according to TCOLE, Tammy Heeth attended Angelina College police academy under Doug Conn's tutelege and she too signed a sworn affidavit on a case of false charges against Amberly Lambert and lied through her teeth.  

    Heeth perjured herself under oath during the trial as well.  Lambert was exonerated.

    Where is the accountability?   Doug Conn perjured himself and put a man in solitary for over a year with his lies.  During the year, Stua's house burned and was burgled.  

   Not only was Conn nor Heeth charged for the perjury they committed, both are still working where they were when they committed these crimes.  In my view, Conn ought to spend day for day in Solitary for the perjured affidavit he signed.  




Apparently Lee Hon is not the only corrupt ex DA who can't handle pesky reporters.  How our local criminal justice system has allowed his and Coleman's lawsuit against the Polk County Enterprise to just hang over their head silencing this century old news organization speaks volumes about the fragile state of the free press in east Texas.   When a known corrupt ex DA weilds more power than the constitution, time for a heart check for us.  

Atmore, Alabama, newspaper finds itself in a fight for press freedom - The Washington Post




The Atmore case is “alarming” because it criminalizes reporting, said Kirstin McCudden, a vice president of the Freedom of the Press Foundation. The incident, she said, is part of a recent string of crackdowns on the press — from Marion, Kan., where police raided the local newspaper and its editor-publisher’s home to seize evidence after an allegation of illegally accessed state records; to Waverly, Ohio, where an editor was charged with illegal wiretapping for publishing audio testimony from a murder trial; to Calumet City, Ill., where city officials sanctioned a reporter for his persistent questioning.






     Recent failures of the website to display properly over the last week or two are indicative of the changing times.  My original web host was bought out by another company much more advanced.  The old 'drag and drop, cut and paste' simple program is aging out  and not popular with the new owners.  They have a much better program that allows for so much more creativity in how the site is built and I really like it.  Using it with Word Press will give the ability to put a story in one spot and it stay there, unlike this old program.  That was when the corona virus hit me hard and took away much of my vision.  Regaining my strength and learning to cope with blindness took awhile.  Fortunately Some Sentinel supporters teamed up and purchased when it came available some years ago.  Hon had filed the bogus felony charges and was trying to shut my website down so the Alliance's thoughts were to have the dot com as a back up to keep right on publishing  if Hon was able to seize the dot org website.

    Right now, both addresses direct to the dot org site.

    My soon efforts are going to be to seperate the two domains and use the dot com url for the newer program format in word press and keep the dot org site seperate.  

    Over the years, more than a few really talented people have lent their knowledge and efforts to the Sentinel United Alliance.  Critique of experts is a valued commdity.  

    Criticism of opponents is a Customer Testimonial.  

      It will take a bit to get some of these things done.   We do thank you for reading The Sentinel and say plainly that we could not operate without the help of you know who you are.  Thank you.  

     Our focus will be to create the dot com url as a more traditional news site available to several contributors and keep the dot org for my political blog. That way, we can keep all my bias opinions  in one spot.  I do hear my critics and value their input.  


POLK CO 11/21/2023


"THIS Doesn't involve you!" Polk Co Court at Law Judge, Honorable Tom Brown told a step father who has blatantly interferred with court ordered child custody for years now.  "It is between him and her", Judge Brown made plain from his bench pointing first at the natural father and then the mother of the minor child with eyes fixed on the step father.

        With years of history of denying the father access to his son in blatant violation of the court orders and Hon's ABSOLUTE FAILURE as FORMER da to enforce the law against his buddy, the interfering step father.  Judge Brown told the tale of devastation with one comment.  After counseling with the sons and ordering the weekly visitation with the natural father and his family, a, "Let's see if we can repair this"   emanated from The Court.   We could all see  that the potential for parental alienation was afoot.  A crime in the State of Texas.  Fortunately for non custodial parents in Polk county, the Top law enforcement officer in the county, DA, Honorable Shelly Sitton was in the courtroom to hear the judge's order.  A child and parental rights advocate who put light on the injustice weeks ago calling for a Sheriff's dept investigation did question Ms. Sitton about that.  "Their report has been given to my office."  Ms. Sitton allowed.  










WASHINGTON D.C. 11/13/2023

Founded in 1996, Fight Crime: Invest in Kids takes a look at the strategies proven to reduce crime.
Armed with research, members make the case for solutions that cut crime and put kids on the path
to successful lives. The organization promotes smart, bipartisan state and federal solutions to
reduce crime, such as evidence-based, voluntary parent coaching programs for new parents that
prevent child abuse and neglect; high-quality early childhood education that increases educational
success and graduation rates; stronger K-12 education goals and after-school programs that give
kids a clear path toward productive futures and away from crime; and proven coaching programs
that strengthen families and get troubled kids back on track


An 8 year active membership has evolved into more  responsibility in leadership for our Sheriff Greg Capers.    The national director, Josh Spaulding announced the addition of Sheriff Capers to the leadership council of the, "Fight Crime Invest In Kids" organization  as a big step.  With over 5,000 Police Chief/Sheriff and Prosecutormembers nationwide, Sheriff Capers contribution to and experience on the national  leadership council will be more  broadly effective as well as benefit SJC and East Texas overall.  


be sure to hit speaker icon for sound



SAN JACINTO CO  11/13/2023


VETERANS  DAY was celebrated again at the steps of the San Jacinto County courthouse with one of the best turnouts yet according to our Veterans Service Officer, Dale Everitt.  As is his practice, VSO Everitt picked several vets from SJC to highlight during the ceremony, honoring them and the sacrifices they and their families made.   For the first time I have heard, a member of the New SPACE FORCE was noted.  More vets for the, "Hall of Heroes"  established and maintained  in the SJC Courthouse basement, a tour worth  taking.  If you are a history nut, don't miss the speakers at this event.  The SJC Radio site posted the video andis linked to the headline.

    When SJC DA, Todd Dillion contacted VSO Everitt before the event and asked what he and his staff could do to help with effort to honor our vets this year, VSO Everitt told him of three veteran's graves he knew of that had fallen into disrepair.  

   DA Dillon and his staff took the task on.  They found the graves and are manicuring them to show the vets may be gone but are not forgotten.

   The Honorable 258th District Judge, Travis Kitchens and The Honorable SJC Judge, Fritz Faulkner both participated in the program appreciating our vets.  Marine, Joe LeBlanc provided all of the sound service and equipment necessary for this year's program.  As is expected from a Marine, LeBlanc showed up equipped to get the job done.  Sources say he has the know how and equipment to do anything from a Karoke night to a full fledged Stadium Event.  

   Pct 3 Constable, Sam Houston and former Pct 4 Constable, Lou Rogers  were there.   Ms. Carson Anderson, left her post long enough to come upstairs and show her great respect for our vets.   

   Sheriff Capers and his crew not only showed up as always, theyhandled the traffic control for this popular annual event.  Chief Kean spoke for the dept and illustrated "Perspective" for the crowd.  No matter your circumstances, there is always someone who is in a worse place.  

LIVINGSTON 11/13/2023




Co Republican Party meeting did include Paulette Carson as a candidate for the District 9 State Representative job.  

   One attendant shared that no matter the issues and variety of opinions and discussion , Chairman Grube led them to a general concensus agreement that The local Party would move forward together based on conservative principles.  A proposed proclamation was voted down.  

POLK CO 11/8/2023





A situation has developed that seems intent on involving The Sentinel despite my best efforts to make sure I had accurate information.  A photo collage was forwarded to me some weeks ago containing several apparently troubling images including the one of Bethany Evans that she is sharing far and wide.  As accused, I did forward the photo of her to her and ask her if it was her for sure.  She said yes in so many words then started 'splaining' it.  

Having lost much vision since corona, I did share the controversial photos with three trusted people.  One homegrown local to see if they could identify the other armed men in the "nazi" photo by name for me.  Two others who are photography experts.  One an old coot photo journalist with many years experience and another bright young man with a masters degree in journalism.  Their answers matched and were eye opening.  

    both spotted some photoshop work in one of the images.  

   Both experts spoke of 'scale' and 'focus' issues in one image.

Both agreed that at least one of the images had been photoshopped.   It appears that most of if not all of the images in the 'collage' were snagged off of facebook, The one group shot has been confirmed to be accurate to a degree by one person in the photo.  "I was setting by them but I don't know them" she said of the Woods.   But then it appears possible that Hon was slipped into the right bottom corner.  What say ye Bethany?  Is Hon photoshopped into this picture or is it real?  

    How fitting that tonight is the Republican Party meeting.  

FYI Ms. Evans
The First Amendment of the United States Constitution is a cornerstone of democracy, providing citizens with the crucial right to freedom of speech and the press. In the digital age, the landscape of journalism has evolved, giving rise to a new breed of information disseminators—journalist bloggers. These individuals play a pivotal role in keeping local communities informed about important issues, contributing to a robust democratic society.  Apparently, a current reader has taken exception to these very rights that ensure a free and vibrant populace.
The advent of the internet has democratized the dissemination of information, allowing individuals to bypass traditional media outlets and share their perspectives directly with the public. Journalist bloggers have emerged as a potent force in this digital era, offering a unique blend of journalistic rigor and the immediacy of personal expression. Their on-the-ground reporting and in-depth analysis often bring attention to local issues that might be overlooked by larger media organizations.
Journalist bloggers serve as invaluable conduits of fact-based information for local communities. They operate on the frontlines, interacting with community members, attending local events, and investigating issues that directly impact the lives of those in their vicinity. By doing so, they provide an essential service by keeping citizens well-informed about matters ranging from local governance and public policies to community events and social issues.
Defending their First Amendment rights is vital not just for the individuals involved but for the communities that rely on their reporting.
The First Amendment was crafted to protect the free exchange of ideas, ensure a well-informed citizenry, and guard against the concentration of power. Journalist bloggers, in embodying these principles, deserve the same protections as traditional journalists. Courts have recognized that the definition of "press" extends beyond established media outlets, encompassing individuals who engage in the act of journalism, regardless of the platform.
Ms. Bethany Evans has taken offence that Polk County District Attorney Office has chosen to include not only the Sentinel Alert but also Polk County Today blog in Press Releases that directly affect our communities.  Considering the lack of transparency held by the former District Attorney, the public should welcome the openness by District Attorney, Shelly Bush Sitton. 
The work done by the Sitton crew in less than a year in office has been absolutely astonishing.  Entering into office with a backlog of over 2000 cases, she has not only reduced that backlog but has focused on taking on those cases involving minor children and violent crime that keeps our family and streets safe.
Ms. Evans obviously has no understanding of the Criminal Justice system and does not want you to understand it either.  Is she attempting to hide the failures of the former District Attorney Hon who she is rumored to have a very close relationship with?  Could that relationship be why Mr. Hon is now on his 3rd divorce and seen publicly with Ms. Evans dining out in a romantic dinner for 2?  Lots of gossip out there and this blogger has not released the multitude of information that has come our way.  That's not how Sentinel Alert rolls. 
In a time where information is abundant but often overwhelming, journalist bloggers play a crucial role in delivering reliable and relevant news to local communities. Protecting their First Amendment rights is not just a matter of defending individuals but of ensuring the vitality of democracy at the grassroots level. As we advocate for the rights of journalist bloggers, we reinforce the democratic principle that an informed citizenry is the bedrock of a thriving society.
Maybe Ms. Evans should appreciate that as she posts on social media about an article she read on a journalist bloggers website.
Official press release published 
POLK CO 1/8/2023
Information came to The Sentinel of Murder in Polk County yesterday from two sources naming seperate locations.  We did confirm that there was only one murder yesterday.  The respective sources named Leggett and Livingston.  The name of the victim has not been confirmed but may be a member of the Sykes family.
Two different juries handed down large sentences for Michael Bee Hodge, who on May 11, 2023, was on a stolen motorcycle and failed to pull over, leading police on a chase through Livingston. When Hodge was cornered, he pulled a gun on an officer, compelling that officer to use deadly force. On October 12, 2023, a jury convicted Michael Bee Hodge for Evading and sentenced him to 75 years due to his habitual status. He was tried again, for Aggravated Assault on a Public Servant and Possession of a Controlled Substance' again as a habitual offender. On November 2, 2023, this jury sentenced Hodge to life in prison on the Aggravated Assault on a Public Servant charge, as well as the maximum sentence of twenty years on the Possession of a Controlled Substance case. 
      District Attorney Shelly Sitton and the Polk County District Attorney's Office want to publicly thank both juries for ensuring that justice was done and sending a strong message to both Michael Hodge and anyone else who considers pulling a weapon on a peace officer. Such behavior will not be tolerated by the citizens of Polk County.   
      On November 6, 2023, Samantha Stewart pled guilty to murder and was sentenced to 45 years for the death of her husband, Jeffery Stewart. On July 26, 2022,  Samantha called police to her residence indicating an intruder shot her husband.  Responding officers doubted this early on indicating her "story" did not add up to the evidence at the scene.  During her interview she confessed to shooting her husband because she was having an online affair.

The Polk County District Attorney’s Office, with the agreement of the family, offered a plea bargain of forty-five years in prison with no right of appeal.  A member of the Stewart family gave a victim impact statement prior to Samantha leaving the courtroom, Stewart was devoid of all emotion during this statement.  


The District Attorney's office appreciates all those appearing for jury duty.  Without you these cases could not have been resolved. 

Thank you so much!
Jodie Richey
Polk County District Attorney's Office
Senior Trial Associate
State Bar of Texas Certified 
101 W. Mill Street, Suite 216
Livingston, Texas 77351
Tel:  (936) 327-6868










Major explosions rocked the FM 1127 area north of Shepherd, Tx this morning.    Goodrich schools were evaucated already.  Calls for evacuations in Livingston have been made.

According to Sentinel sources, an employee running the fork lift ran into a barrel or drum of turpentine and started the fire that led to the first explosion.  That operator was taken to the hospital with burns.  Reports of other injuries have been made on FB and other places.   Several vehicles in the employee parking lot have burned up also.  


GOODRICH 11/8/2023


One local elderly farmer was building fence then working in his closed cabbed tractor in  his field during the plant explosion and fire.  Today hhe is hospitalized and on a respirator.  "He sounds horrible" one close friend shared.  

   Another crow fly neighbor to the fire was already feeling the effects on his throat and voice when they got a wake up call from us.  









WALKER CO 11/2/2023


Lima's case will be in court for sentencing soon.  More details as they unfold.




When hamas propaganda is released, you hear it first on AP 

COLDSPRING 11/4/2023


Yet another round of fake news quoting bogus sources from the AP reporter, Jake Blieberg about our SJC Sheriff evoked this complaint to the AP organization from a long time resident and supporter of truth and Justice in San Jacinto Co.


Disreputable Reporting
Article by Jenifer Jones regarding an Exemplary Sheriff in San Jacinto County - not Journalism, no research, allegedly paid for by a disgruntled retired police officer with a disreputable reputation and quoted repeatedly in articles published by your organization. "It is about time you, at AP Press decide to check out the garbage that is published by our organization A recent article written by Jenifer Jones and published by your "news source" is utter garbage. Moreover, both the Marshals in Texas and the FBI source she quotes, have responded that they find nothing untoward with any actions taken by this good man and VERY well-respected Sheriff. She quotes sources like a disreputable ex policeman forced to retire because of his illegal behavior. She does no journalism; she simply writes garbage with no basis in fact. Certainly, with total disregard for the truth. This is what you publish under the name of news. I am devoting my time to research who pays her for these articles and I will assuredly be led to the source of the mean, disgusting ex policeman and his cronies. Our state paid this man just to get rid of his lies. The insurance company believing that court defense would be more expensive than simply paying him off to shut him up. There will be a price to pay for this and I certainly would not like to be in their shoes. This is not just one irate citizen venting views. This is the truth. No wonder there is no faith in media sources these days."




His name is spelled bleiberg but we think bLIEberg is way more fitting.  When Jake the snake wrote his last paid for hit piece against Sheriff Capers, The Sentinel forwarded him the complete personnel file of the pervert and failed sheriff candidate, Michael Flynt so he might be fully informed as to who he was relying on.  

    This time Jake the snake Blieberg added Jennifer Jones to his stable of disgruntled axe grinding 'sources' to get his scandal fix with.  

    Jennifer is the sister of the man killed that went on another man's property threatening him.  The  death of John Wayne Dodge was tragic but justified.  Dodge and another man, a grown relative went on to the property of a young man named Hopkins threatening him with an aggravated assault.  Hopkins stated  The disagreement stemmed from some wreckless driving and escalated.  Dodge and his relative entered Hopkins' property and threatened him.  Hopkins had a young wife and baby in the house to protect and was assaulted by the two men.  According to sources, the trajectory of the bullet Hopkins fired matched his account of having been knocked to the ground because the bullet entered Dodge's body in his stomach and took and upward trajectory.  The detectives on the scene did not arrest Hopkins and the DA did not prosecute Hopkins but considered the killing justified.  Jennifer Jones has made her 'murder' claims but no investigative agency has ever found them to be credible.  For Jones to be willing to play politics with the tragic death of her brother is dispicable.  For Flynt and his money man, Laddie McAnally to still be trying to get milage out of Flynt's failure and firing from the sheriff's dept is desperate and cheap to say the least.  We do have the Flynt personnel file available to any who want to be fully informed this election season.  Just email me and request a copy. Although Flynt was able to force all of the public agencies to delete their copies after the law suit settled, he can't touch my copy by open records before the judges order.  I share it to make sure it is backed up somewhere.  



The irate citizen quoted above vowed to do what it took to  find the source of funding the AP propaganda pieces but I say, "Nay Ma'am, just see who signs up to run against Sheriff Capers and who his biggest donor is.  

   Why do I say, "Paid for hit piece"?  Because when Flynt went to run against Sheriff Capers the first time, his money man, backer and some say 'buttie' brought me money wanting me to write the bogus story.  I took the money then twisted Flynt up with his personnel file.  He was SOUNDLY defeated.  







POLK CO 11/2/2O23


Constitutional activist Brandon White, known for his high-profile arrest amidst a transition of power in the District Attorney's office, is set to appear in the 258th District Court on November 28th for a pivotal hearing on Motions to Quash and a Motion to Inspect Evidence. The latter motion seeks access to a confiscated cell phone, which is rumored to contain evidence challenging a key element of the State's case, and a sworn statement by a Livingston PD officer. This development is yet another twist in a growing controversy surrounding law enforcement in the area as the current top headline on our Polk Co page highlights.

Brandon White's legal battle has attracted significant attention, with many viewing his arrest as a desperate effort by the outgoing District Attorney. The Motions to Quash and the Motion to Inspect Evidence could potentially reveal vital information that could sway the course of his case.

The contentious cell phone, warrantlessly seized by the State at the time of his arrest, has been a subject of speculation, as it is believed to contain evidence challenging a critical aspect of the State's case. If proven true, this revelation could have far-reaching implications for the ongoing legal proceedings. Furthermore, the sworn statement by a Livingston PD officer would be proven lies. It raises questions about the credibility and integrity of the law enforcement involved.

The situation is compounded by the recent lawsuit filed by Michael Hodge against another officer in the department. This legal action points to a broader pattern of allegations against members of the Livingston Police Department. With seven officers now accused of misconduct, this represents more than a quarter of the department, raising concerns about the overall state of law enforcement in the area.

As Brandon White's court hearing approaches, the community and legal observers await the proceedings with keen interest, hoping for a transparent and just resolution in a case that has garnered significant public scrutiny.

ONALASKA  10/30/2023


Honoable David G. Johnson, the municipal judge for Onalaska has announced his upcoming retirement effective November 9, 2023.  Judge Johnson has served the city of Onalaska for 34 years.  He is appreciated and "will be missed" according to Onalaska city officials and constituents we interviewed this morning.  In that interview, we were able to confirm that the Onalaska City Council has appointed, Polk Co  JP 1, Terri Mayer as the new city court judge.  Terri Mayer was elected JP 1 in the last county wide elections.  

    Retired SJC JP 4, Honorable Greg Magee, who serves as the associate city judge for Onalaska and long time contemporary of Judge Johnson also commented that Judge Johnson has served honorably and, "is a really good man".  

   In a brief exchange with Judge Johnson's bride of many years, she called his retirement, "A bittersweet" event noting his hearts desire to serve his community contrasted with the opportunity for the two of them to continue this grand adventure and see some new sights.  All agreed that Judge Johnson deserves a heartfelt, "THANKYOU" for his dedication and love of our community.

EAST TEXAS 10/20/2023



A longstanding track record of advocacy for children, women, minorities and any  oppressed, Rosemary Covalt has now taken on the man (father) eating monster known as unenforced  family court  'orders'.  Long a domain many women used to deny father's visitation rights.  When fathers rights are ignored and unenforced, he has no rights.  

    In Texas, the laws are fairly written on child support and visitation but the inequality is all in the non enforcement.  

    As Ms. Covalt is fond of saying, "Their power is in ignoring us".  Her interest in a case in East Texas has already proven hard for them to ignore. A case where It is  (sadly common) in which  a step father is interfering in child visitation and engaging in intentional parental alienation efforts.  Those proveable crimes coupled with serious allegations of physical abuse of the child were delivered with a bow on it to investigators who did take notice.  

    Is there a light at the end of the tunnel for father's rights in East Texas?  

"It is public information and public knowledge", Ms. Covalt is also fond of saying  Armed withphotos of at least a half a dozen sritten reports of child interference to the S.O by the father, when the secretary checked their 'official' files, she reported not a single call slip in their file.  "Isn't that interesting" one member in the conference was heard commenting as Ms. Covalt hammered her with the copies.  "Let me look again" the secretary said exiting then returned saying, "I found three of them".  Another, "isn't that interesting" rose from the meeting as the investigators began looking over all of the evidence.

 Can a mother steal her children from their father right under his nose?  Only with the full cooperation of corrupt law enforcement or should I say, corrupt non enforcement?

"That is a civil matter" is the pat response of the non interested party.  

NEWS FLASH  Interference with child custody is a State Jail Felony.

After the video was denied, I requested opportunity to just view the video.  Here is Chief Lowerie's response: 

  No sir, it would still be the same as us releasing the video. If I was able to let you view the video, then I should just give you the video for viewing. We will have to wait for the AG's opinion on this request.


My Reply:


The difference is, one way I have video to publish, the other way my readers rely solely on my say so.  
DA Dillon has allowed me to view video without giving a copy before.  I told my readers that in fact the SJC officers did NOT shoot an unarmed man as facebook was wildly accusing.  Nipped the whole controversy in the bud.  
   I understand keeping evidence close to the vest and protecting the integrity of the investigation but you can't honestly think allowing me to see it is the same as me having a copy.   Another occasion was when the auditor accused the deputies of bloodying his face during an arrest but the body cam footage proved the lil punk ground his own face into the pavement to make himself bleed.  Working together, we shut that BS down too.  He is still mad at me about that.  
    My investigation indicates that what may well have happened on the motorcycle chase is that an immovable object was knowingly placed in a known blind curve and the rider hit an immovable object.  The video will eventually come out.
recent legislation limits 60 days video can be withheld in a, "critical incident".  







UPDATE 11/2/2023  


Despite a diligent effort to verify the arrest of the motorcycle operator involved in the high speed chase, nothing has been found.  We have submitted an open records request to find if the operator was arrested or charged with a crime.  

POLK CO 10/10/2023


Recently promoted chief deputy, Andy Lowerie notified The Sentinel via email that they wll be seeking an attorney general opinion on my request for footage of the high speed motorcycle chase that ended on Kickapoo Creek bridge near Onalaska.






A fairly straight forward statement.  Doesn't say when, how, exactly who or why, just that the county 'hires open records specialist.'

For those who reacted to the 'story', and even questioned it, thanks for letting me know you are reading The Sentienel and care abut accuracy.    

Too answer your notice, here below is the documentation that I base my statement on.   One is a letterhead and the other a salutation.  Please let me know if there is any correction or clarification that The Sentinel needs to make.  As always, we strive to be accurate and timely in our reporting. . . .  and have the documents to back it up.  


UPDATE 10/25/2023

Polk County has contracted with the private attorney firm of Mike MathewsII.  "I wouldn't call myself an 'open records specialist' , Mathews responded to The Sentinel inquirey but did confirm that he is handling open records requests at the Polk Co S.O. and is now listing the Church St address of Polk County and the phone number of the DA's office as means to contact him.   Mathews, records show, works full time for the Humble P.D. and offices there also.  

    On the surface, it appears that Byron Lyons has taken a page out of the Woodrow Wallace opaqueness 101 playbook.  Place a private law firm between your agency and any hope of the public getting a straight answer on anything controversial.    When we submitted open records requests to find out how much woodrow wallace was spending on his "Iglasius with an 'I" attorney firm,  Wallace paid them to fight that request too.  What a never ending, self consuming circle for the tax payers.

    We could be wrong because we have been wrong before.  Maybe this will be a more transparent time.  We will see.


LUFKIN 10/10/2023


Angelina County DA, Janet Casels has been named in a petition for removal suit and a Visiting Judge has been assigned.  The Honorable Earl Stover III from Deep East Texas has been assigned to the case by the Honorable Robert Hill Trapp, Administrative Judge for our district.  

    The petition is 68 pages plus exhibits.   It falls under

legislation regarding District Attorneys,  that requires that the State of Texas to be named as bringing the action ex rel, in the nameof the individual making the complaint.  We are seeking more information.  One similar case has been filed under the new statute.  


ex rel.

conj. abbreviation for Latin ex relatione, meaning "upon being related" or "upon information," used in the title of a legal proceeding filed by a state attorney general (or the federal Department of Justice) on behalf of the government, on the instigation of a private person, who needs the state to enforce the rights of himself/herself and the public. For example, the caption would read: The State of Tennessee ex rel. Archie Johnson v. Hardy Products.

Sentinel readers will remember this as a case DA Casels inherited when she was appointed to complete the unexpired term of former and very corrupt Angelina County DA, Joe Martin.  

Martin has proven that he is willing to file false criminal charges with no evidence to silence a muckraker journalist who is gathering evidence on him, family or friends.  Nothing new in east Texas.  White folks call it 'good ole boy' and black folks call it "hawg law".  



KICKAPOO 10/3/2023


The audio from the scanner proves that the persuing officer did warn his fellow LEO's NOT to deploy a spike strip to try to stop the runner because it was a motorcycle.  According to life long officers, it is illegal to deploy a spike strip or conduct a pit maneuver on a motorcycle in a high speed chase because it is nearly certain to end in death or serious injury of the rider.  

    At least one witness is claiming that the officer intentionally rammed the motorcycle to stop it on the Kickapoo Creek bridge. SCANNER CHASE AUDIO

   We have requested the body and dash cam footage from Onalaska and Polk county S.O. in order to get the truth out to our readers.  Onalaska has responded saying my request has been submitted to the records clerk.

Records sought in the killing of Jose Hernandez by Livingston PD are ready but have a bill in excess of 100 dollars.  We reach out to our readers to help us raise the money to get these question answering records.




KICKAPOO 9/30/2023


Onalaska PD officer Jamee Davis was injured but the female motorcycle passenger was lifeflighted from the scene.  According to the scanner audio, the motorcycle driver, 25 Year old Austin Kirby of New Mexico reached speeds up to 120 MPH or more.  He is being investigated for possible DWI.  We are uploading the AUDIO FILE and will link it to this story.  





Just before ten pm, a call       cameover the scanner of an officer in pursuit of a motorcycle west out of Livingston on Highway 190.  A blockade was set on the Kickapoo bridge when it was reported that the motorcycle veered into oncoming traffic and struck another vehicle.  Details are sketchy as of yet but EMS was called, Lifeflight has been called and there are three victims, one of which is an officer.  We are seeking more details and will update as they come in.




LIVINGSTON 9/26/2023



Mrs Rosemary Covalt, armed with information from some 'DPS Sensitive' reports outlining an investigationby Ron Duff naming ADA Lee Hon in it helped force Sheriff Lyons to relinquish a woman's gun he had illegally held for over a year.  .  That report proves that under Hammack, the ADA Hon knew that guns stolen from evidence at the Polk Co. Sheriff's dept were being pawned then sold through a local pawn shop.  That report names Onalaska PD officer Tammy Heeth as owner of the pawn shop who was found to be holding several guns that were reported stolen and recovered or otherwise placed into or supposed to be placed into Polk Co. S.O.  evidence.  Nothing was done to a singleperson.

   According to a witness, Ms. Covalt let Sheriff Lyons know she was not going to see these trans gressions continue.  There was never an arrest, no charges and the S.O. did not even remove the punk that had choked the woman  down to the point of passing out from the scene.  They just "secured" the expensive 1911 style 45 and took it with them.  No warrant.  

    Advocate Covalt also knew the woman had a dozen recorded phone calls with the sheriff or staff regarding the gun.  When Sheriff Lyons denied remembering speaking with the woman, the ladies offered to replay the conversations for him then and there.  

   "He was huffing and puffing" one present said of the sheriff, "but he got the gun and returned it to her".  



Judge Kitchens: "If they arrest somebody they can't keep that phone without a search warrant"

ADA Ferguson: "They arrest people all the time without a warrant"

Judge Kitchens: "They get their phone back when they make bond. They don't get to keep the phone as evidence unless they seize it, they have to have a search warrant to seize it. The fourth amendment and Article 1 Section 9 of the Texas Constitution are clear on this"



LIVINGSTON 9/26/2023


POLK CO ADA, Ferguson showed up for court again with absolutely nothing.  Not even an argument in the case against Brandon White.  White is a local constitutional activist who has consistantly poked a finger in the eye of the corrupt among us.  All ADA Ferguson wanted to do was kick the can down the road again with ANOTHER reset.

    As predicted in a prior Sentinel Article, ADA Ferguson does NOT have a bullet proof vest in evidence, any video of a bullet proof vest and it doesn't appear that the officer who swore in the affidavit that he saw one of the accused put on a bullet proof vest is going to stick to his story.  According to Sentinel sources, that officer is back tracking to, "I thought I saw him put on a bullet proof vest".   No evidence has been offered in the case and what is especially troubling on this particular indictment is the language.  The Polk Co Grand Jury indicted White for allegedly organizing the crime of obstruction by 'creating the appearance of an imminent attack on a police officer'.  

    In the hearing, an observer quoted the judge as inquiring, "How are you keeping this man's phones without a warrant?  The ADA's stuttering reply was met with what that  court room observer described as, "an impatient directive" from The 258th District Court Judge, The Honorable Travis Kitchens.  He stated that Ferguson had until the 14th to submit his argument in writing.  Judge Kitchens went on to only give Attorney Seth Evans a week beyond that to respond wih his written argument by the 21st.  Hearing set for the 28th.    



CORRIGAN 9/20/2023


Phillip Turner (Battousai) and Stephen White (Damaged Beyond Repair) had a major victory in federal court for them selves and our civil rights.  The City of Corrigan lost their bid to violate Turner and White's rights with no accountability.  

   Phillip Turner had already won the Supreme Court Case, Turner Vs Driver establishing that photography in public was legal yet Corrigan PD insisted on doing it their way.  

   Our own Brandon White (no relation to Stephen White) was wrongfully arrested and his phones confiscated several times by Corrigan PD for filming in public.  

  Turner and White came down to confront the Corrigan PD and were also arrested and charged.  

    Turner and White immediatly took the matter to court and were victorious.  Look for links to the story on their channels soon  UPDATES ARE POSTED


POLICE ACCOUNTABILITY REPORT mentions the Livingston case against several cop watchers.  This is a fairly in depth discussion of the movement and its effect on our society.  Transgressive Journalism is what it is.  


Much planning and groundwork has been completed by The City of Shepherd and Police Chief Clint Headly leading to the official launch of the Shepherd Police Dept.  A community wide gathering proved that even tragedies like the one out of Woodville told below  cannot deter the calling on someone's life to serve.  

   Having been following this developing story for some time,  I've seen a lot of 'i" dotting and 'T' crossing going on.  

    We all know the mayor, city council and the chief of police did a lot to get this off the ground but just let it be said, we all know who keeps the ducks in a row at The City of Shepherd.  Thanks to Ms. Hagler for her service to our community.  



A long standing injustice to a tax payer was remedied by the new leadership at the SJC CAD recently.  Under Sherri Schell, a common law widow who was recognized as surviving spouse by the fed SSA and state death certificate was being denied her surviving spouse  homestead in a house she built with her husband during their marriage>  She not only  has 22 years posession of the property and has paid the taxes on for 2o plus years, she has receipts from spending her inheritance from her mother's estate to build the house with.  

    Sherri Schells only offer for remedy was for this widow to produce a document that does not exist or get a dead man to sign a new one.

    After considering all of the evidence his staff gathered and presented him, Chief Troy Carlson did make the call that the widow deserved her homestead.  



POINTBLANK 8/24/2023


In a vain attempt to redeem his reputation before elections, Keith Black posted in the comments on The Sentinel.  In that comment, Black blames his injured foot because he took his shoe off and rubbed the foot of a female probationer under his desk as she reported.  Black seems to forget that The Sentinel obtained his ENTIRE personnel file before we wrote the first story.  He wrote, "I was never reprimanded . . . ."  

  That is a lie and you were TERMINATED.  Just give me a day or two and I will go retrieve those documents from my archives and publish them again just for you.

    Just in case you don't remember, let me remind you.  I had won your file in a 6 mos battle with the  law firm in Austin that represents the probation department and others across the state.  Why do you think I started that effort?  Let me explain.  I had the father of one 17 year old male probationer complain to me that you were taking your shoe off, rubbing his son's foot under the desk telling him he better do what you say or he will go to prison.  Did I mention that he isn't queer and is in prison now?  

    That was bad but when I had a woman I have known nearly all of her life write me complaining about you perving on her constantly, I fired off that open records request for your file.  




POLK CO 8/21/2023


Naming himself as the attorney hired to represent him, former disgraced DA, Bill Lee 'the kid' Hon has filed for divorce from his current wife.  CIV 230535 was filed with the Polk Count District Clerk a couple of days ago.  Hon and his soon to be ex were married in March of 2018.  

    There were no protective orders or allegations of mis conduct on either part but just standard fare and requesting the court protect his seperate property as his.

     This move has been expected by many who have voiced that expectation based on multiple sightings of Hon in the company of his former campaign advisor, Bethany Evans during and long after his failed campaign was over.  When the two were video'd going into the Justice Center late one afternoon when Hon was still DA and running for judge, Ms. Evans posted on social media andlamblasted the videographer for daring to insinuate that her and Hon were having an affair.  The odd part was, he never made that claim.  He only published the video that showed Hon and Evans going into Hon's office building late when everyone else was going home for the day.

   Public record proves that Bethany Evans' husband did file and divorce Bethany Evans not too long after Hon's failed campaign for District Judge.

    Social media posts prove Evans made quite a few unfounded accusations aimed at the videographer and that Hon filed multiple criminal charges on him.  Ms. Evans was quick to condemn the videographer openly citing him guilty of the charges to all her 'followers'.  It appears as if Bethany Evans used her 'un due influencer on Hon to retaliate.

    While The Sentinel was seeking out public record proof of the recent divorce filing, I had opportunity to speak with one grizzled old Polk County Political Pundit who said, "All that proves is that Hon is going to run again.  He gets a new wife for every campaign".  

   We have not been able to confirm yet that his campaigns and multiple divorces/marriages align perfectly but there does appear to be a pattern.

NOT GUILTY was the verdict handed to The Honorable Tom Brown, Polk County Court At Law Judge by the jury  in the case of State Vs Amberly Lambert.   The first day saw the completion of the voir dire process and a few of the witnesses testifying.    The second day saw completion of the trial, jury charged and sent out to deliberate.  That process took about 4 hours before the jury returned the 'Not Guilty' verdict based on the evidence presented.  

    The State did use the junior ADA, Jim Spencer on these misdemeanor charges but the most experienced ADA Ferguson was there giving advice and counsel to ADA Spencer as the trial progressed.  Both of the prosecutors demonstrated a good knowledge of the law and Ferguson was seen to prompt the younger ADA to "object"  a few times and lean over and give him counsel.  Still, ADA Spencer handled the trial from beginning to end including his closing statement.  ADA Spencer's experience has been mostly as a defense attorney but you could see he had worked on the case and was well prepared for the most part. What he wasn't prepared for was the lack of integrity of his star witness, OPD officer, Tammy Heeth.  

    Defense Attorney, Seth Evans of the father / son 'Evans Law Firm' was not only prepared for Tammy Heeth, his line of questioning forced her to expose that lack of integrity right in front of the Jury.  

    When The Sentinel was first made aware of this case, we wondered how a mother sitting in the car rider line at an elementary school to drop off her kids could end up facing first degree felony charges and twenty plus years in prison.

   Tammy Heeth answered that question under oath when asked why she went for such an extreme charge when so many lesser ticketable offenses might have been persued instead.  

    "It was the policy of the former DA (ie: Lee Hon) that we pass on the lower charges and only go for the most serious charges we possibly can." Heeth testified throwing Hon under the bus.  What The Sentinel investigation revealed but was not allowed to be fully disclosed in court was that Tammy Heeth had it in for Ms. Lambert.  Her verbal complaint against Heeth was testified to by the Assistant Principal, Larissa Grubbs but the confrontation in Brookshire Bros was off limits per Judge Brown's instructions.  The Jury did not hear the story of how Heeth had run her buggy into Ms. Lambert's buggy in the store days after Ms. Lambert made her complaint to the school administrator.  

   The day Heeth chose to escalate the situation was April Fools day.  According to Lambert, days prior, Heeth, as traffic control let the car infront of Lambert take the short route, forced Lambert to turn and take the long route that caused her kids to be tardy, then let the car behind Lambert take the short route also.  

   On April 1st, Lambert came in on 356 and Heeth got in the middle of her lane and stopped her with palm raised but then made a circling motion intended to convey, "turn around" but Lambert took as come on through.  There is no statute, ordinance or even an official ruling about coming in on 356 but only a school preference.  

   Both Heeth and Lambert testified that she was only moving 3 mph having taken her foot off the brake but not accelerated or swerved at all.  Both testified that Heeth got infront of her car and struck the front quarter panel.  Lambert saw it as an expression of anger and Heeth testified she struck the fender to "get leverage" enabling her to "roll step".  Both testified that Heeth jumped up on the running board and was reaching into the vehicle ordering and then trying to force Lambert out of the truck.  Heeth denies pulling Lambert's hair.  Lambert was adamant that Heeth did pull her hair.  Lambert was belted in according to both of the women.  

   It was at about this time that Onalaska JP, Honorable Sarah Rasberry arrived on the scene dropping off a friend's child.    She called 911 but it was testified to that Ms. Lambert had also just called 911 requesting another officer on the scene.  

     Judge Rasberry testified that she did see Heeth on the running board but did not see Lambert's vehicle strike Heeth.  

   One thing that had to have influenced the jury's decision was that despite several officers on the scene, no exculpatory video evidence was available despite Lambert demanding all of the video on the scene, later and then through her attorney.  The only video that made it into state's evidence was video showing Heeth wearing a high visibility vest with 'police' written on it, Lambert walking to the transport cruiser in cuffs and video in the police station of Lambert being processed.  Ms. Lambert's 911 call made it to states evidence but despite the fact the two calls were within a minute of  each other, Judge Rasberry's 911 call recording failed  to be available.   

    The most damning evidence presented was when Seth Evans elicited testimony from Heeth that she had no serious bodily injury resulting from the incident.  Her only concern was to make sure that her breast implant, "wasn't leaking".  Then Attorney Evans submitted Heeth's sworn statement from nearly a month after the incident charging Lambert with the felony and swearing that she suffered, "serious bodily injury" in order to justify the Hon preferred felony charges.  Not only did that prove Heeth willing to lie on a sworn statement, it has the effect of clouding any sworn statement or even arrest report Heeth has ever made or ever will make.  She has lost all credibility as a proven liar.

    The great thing for the community of Onalaska is that their elected JP Rasberry, despite being raised with Heeth's children and knowing Heeth most of her life, JP Rasberry did not falsify her testimony to benefit Heeth.  She was matter of fact with no hesitation in her answers.  JP Rasberry openly stated that she had used some 'colorful' language toward Ms. Lambert when she intially arrived on the scene but all that did was bolster her credibility.   By aknowledging and admitting that her language was an error in judgement along with the transparency her office has always demonstrated goes a long way with this reporter.  

    I can't say enough about the quality of representation Seth Evans gave his client even as a court appointed attorney.  He was very well prepared and had evidence he didn't even use.  What I appreciate about Mr. Evans effort was that he used what he needed to destroy Heeth's credibility in this matter but did not over do it to the point that her stink would have smeared onto the rest of our law enforcement in Polk County.  

    This trial was my first opportunity to watch The Honorable Judge Tom Brown in action.  I understand now why people speak so highly of him and his ability and why The Sentinel has never gotten the first complaint on him.  His clerk has always been transparent and helpful when we had a question.

   Judge Brown proved to be quite appreciative of and protective over the jury panel.  They were shown every respect and courtesy and every effort made to not waste their time.   Judge Brown would not allow any nefariousness of either counsel negate their time with errors that would trip up this trial.  

   Judge Brown was fair and even handed to both sides in his rulings and held both attorneys to the highest standard.  Some of the most interesting parts were when Judge Brown would remove the jury from the courtroom and let the two attorneys hash out their differences of opinion.  Both attorneys were knowledgeable, respectful to each other and did make their best arguments.  

    ADA Spencer made a good closing arguement because The jury asked for all the evidence shortly after entering deliberations.  Some comments waiting in the break room  were, "I know she is innocent but Polk County does back their law enforcement"   Even with Tammy Heeth being dismantled on the stand, the jury still took 4 hours to reach a verdict.  Usually a relatively quick decision does not go in favor of the accused but this one did.  Seth Evans did one thing that defense attorneys are often reluctant to do and that is he put his client on the stand.   That leaves her subject to an often brutal cross examination by the prosecutor.  Spencer was aggressive in his questioning and garnered several objections by Evans.  Ms. Lambert came across as what she is.  A responsible parent, business owner and honest.  She was offered several plea deals all the way down to a ticket for disorderly conduct but stedfastly refused, determined to prove her innocence.   Her and her attorney did just that.  With all that 'burden of proof thingy on the State, Poor ADA had to show up with a big bunch of nothing.  


Justice was served all the way around in Polk County today.



LIVINGSTON 8/21/2023


What started as a mother filing a verbal complaint with the school against the Onalaska ISD resource officer for her conduct in the car rider line was greatly escalated by OPD officer, Tammy Heeth.  She got the corrupt Hon to file, "Assault with a Deadly Weapon" charges on Heeth's claim the mother used her car as a deadly weapon.  All of that felony BS was dropped when Hon was ousted and offers to drop it all for a guilty plea to disorderly conduct were made.  The mother stedfastly refused the offer and has a jury of her peers today.  

   It is the defendants position that she was strapped in by seatbelt, and had steel plates andbolts in her ankle and leg from a recent surgery.   She testified her two elementary age children were in the back seat and Heeth tried to drag her though her car window by the hair of the head.

 Heeth has a list of complaints and even one written warning from the child advocate, rosemary Covalt that Heeth, "is a liability because of her anger issues" based on prior incidents Ms. Covalt witnessed.  Funny how none of those complaints were in Heeth's file when we requested it even though we have copies of the originals from Ms. Covalt.


    We will follow up on this story when the trial is over.








411th District CourtHon. Judge, John Wells made short work of correcting the spelling of accused mass murderer, Oropeza's attorney's complaint that the accused killer's name was mis spelled on the indictment.  "Is it Oropesa or Oropeza?" Judge Wells asked matter of factly.  The accused testified through an interpreter and requested his name be spelled, 'Fransciso Torres Oropeza'. Judge Wells heard  a motion for the change and then granted it.  As a matter of record, the correct spelling is Oropeza.   After the defendant's attorney waived the reading of the indictment, he entered a plea of not guilty on behalf of Oropeza.  

   Judge Wells set a court date of December 7th and the attorney objected to the date as 'too soon'.  He cited someone on pregnancy leave as the reason he could not complete a letter the Judge was wanting done in 90 days.   The defense even grabbed the straw that maybe the dispatcher lacked proper training.  The Judge stood his ground and refused to offsett the date past December 7th.  DA Todd Dillon and ADA Freyer seemed to be pleased with the decision of The Court.  Both sides agreed that they would work toward a resolution to save the expense of a costly trial. 


Moving Oropezo is a logistical issue.  As a journalist who tried to get a picture of him coming in the courthouse, they slicked me good.   I Can't take a picture in the courtroom so I wanted something I can publish. 

    We confirmed that radio traffic was up and the presence was on all four corners  but for the most part, it was just a natural flow around the courthouse.   My midnight rider dropped me early and I did the stakeout.  Two cups of coffee and a half bottle of water made me leave my post long enought to have to walk to the front door but I don't know if they were waiting on me to leave.  One radio call made note of a woman driving around the square with a camera.  I was sitting on the bench under the shade tree.

        When it came time for the docket call, there was a crowd in the upstairs rotunda.  

    Security at the door of the courtroom was tight but several reporters were taking up positions in the courtroom.  B0b Price, Breitbart was already at the barrister interviewing Sheriff Capers when I gave up on the picture of Oropeza and went on in.  All the other news outlets got a picture given to them it appears.  



POLK CO 8/14/2023


Two days ago, a retired federal agent stated he went to the Polk Co S.O. to file a complaint  against a service providor and was immediatly 'tactically' surrounded by several officers and threatened by one officer with arrest for driving dangerously in the parking lot.  "I was afraid for my life because it appeared that they were going to put their knees on my neck." this black officer stated.    

   Since in Polk Couty now, it is enough to indict someone, according to the grand jury and ADA Ferguson for appearing as if you might commt an assault crime, we thought it pertinent to bring this damning evidence to the attention of officials.  There is video proving no wreckless driving.  There should be video showing the 'tactical' surrounding on one of the officers body cams.  If you can obtain video proving the threat to arrest on false charges, there are all the elements you need.  Threatening officer was tall and bald headed per victim statment.

So let us examine this slippery slope the Polk Co Grand jury has us going down.  Since there were several officers and all appeared to be tactically involved and appeared as if they were going to commit an assault on this retired federal officer  who stated he was afraid for his life, can we throw an 'Organized Crime' element into the mix for good measure?  

    If I were a black man and a half dozen white offiers surrounded me and one tall 'skin head lookin' one started threatening to arrest me and lock me up for parking in the parking lot in a way he didn't like, would I be scared for my life?  If I were black,born and raised in Polk Co and knew all about 'Hawg Law', would I be afraid then?  you tell me.


COLDSPRING 8/12/2023


Our own Texas Education Agency has made themselves the enemy of public education even if they have to move all the goal posts to do it.  A recent article in the News Times titled "What If" pretty much spelled out the plot of changing the formula for grading ISD's.   Now, last years passing grade plugged into the new formula generates a failing grade.  How handy is that if your whole purpose seems to be taking over school districts in the state?   Is it really all about 'CONTROL' now and not education?  "Just let us go back to teaching reading, writing and arithmatic. " one veteran educator said.  " 

    Coldspring ISD is square in the sights of T.E.A. according to sources.  This years scores are not published yet but involved people claim we 'failed' using the new formula.


    WE have begun to examine the legislation that facilitated this madness of taking away local control with Houston ISD being the first target.  According to educators, "They have to change stuff every year just to make sure they have a job!"  

    The woke idealogy the T.E.A. curriculum brings in is a bad idea.  

   Facing repeated deficit budjets since Jenke's tenure as C.F.O. isn't helping either.  That brings up the top heavy ISD police department.  Chief Dean, according to his own nefarious actions has proven he has too much time on his hands.  Last check, there were 8 ISD police officers on staff.  The failure of the Board to fire Chief Dean after the antics he pulled proved the majority of the board are just ok with it.  What a sad thing for COCISD.

It was kind of like Gov Abbott not firing 'No Draw'  McCraw after Uvalde.  Sets a precedent we don't need.  


One thing the board did right was their search for a superintendent.  Dr. Talton is not only credentialed  academically, he is not affraid to walk in his faith openly.  That gives students courage to walk in theirs.  

    What we at The Sentinel appreciate about Dr. Talton is the transparency.  Ease of access to  him in that he answers often and will return your phone call if he is out.  He has sought legal opinion and that is a good thing.  










   The Honorable 12th District Judge, David Moorman presided over the prosecutorial misconduct case filed against SJC ADA Rob Freyer this morning.   Judge  Moorman was very clear that public trust in the judicial system IS of primary importance.  "We must maintain that trust and avoid any appearance of impropriety", Judge Moorman stated from the bench before ruling on three motions before the court.

    Judge Moorman denied the motion to dismiss the charges and he denied the motion for a change of venue put forth by defense attorney, Lana Shadwick.  

   Judge Moorman did grant the motion to recuse the SJC DA's office because of Freyer's misconduct and appoint a prosecutor Pro Tem.  The Judge went further and admonished the SJC DA to make sure that none of the questionable documents were given to the soon to be appointed prosecutor Pro Tem.  

    This case stems from the actions of Freyer ordering the defendants cell be searched and documents seized that ended up including attorney client privilege evidence.  

    During the last hearing, several questions were asked of the defendant, Kenneth Gibson, that he could not answer because the Nacadoches jail had refused to allow him to bring his legal papers to court.  "All they let me bring was my body", Gibson had stated under oath.

    The Sentinel put in a call to the Sheriff to ask if that was normal policy for his department.  We did not get an answer but were promised a call back by the Major.  We did not ever get that call back or an answer but did notice that when Gibson entered the courtroom for this morning's hearings, he was clutching a large expandable legal file of documents with his handwriting all on the outside of it.

LIVINGSTON 7/28/2023


Former Lee Hon investigator and Trinity County Sheriff Deputy, Christopher Lima appeared before Judge Stephen Phillips in the Polk County Court At Law today on the theft charges out of Onalaska.   As usual, he had no attorney and no way to pay for one he testified.  Judge Phillips appointed a new attorney practicing in Polk County named Brevin Jackson to represent Lima.  Even considering Jackson's short time practicing here in Polk County, he has made a very positive impression on a full range of workers in our criminal Justice center.  Bright, witty, polite and "just a nice guy" were several of the comments heard today.  It is rumored that on Jackson's recent first day to practice in the Polk Co court system, he came bearing a tray full of muffins to share with the staff.  

    After a short time to confer with his newly appointed lawyer, Mr. Jackson asked the court for a reset to give him time to study the case.  Judge Phillips granted the reset for September 8th.  Video HERE of Lima duckin and truckin after hearing.

   Judge Phillips was sitting in for Judge Brown and County Clerk, Schelena Hock was the clerk for today's hearings.  



7/25/2023 COLDSPRING


To: Jake Bleiberg                                                                                                                                                         1

From: Tim Kean

Subject: Associated Press Article, Filed 7/8/2023, Sheriff Greg Capers


Mr. Bleiberg:

My name is Tim Kean, Chief Deputy, San Jacinto County Sheriff’s Office. I am named in several articles you have written about the San Jacinto County Sheriff’s Office and Sheriff Greg Capers. I want to make this very clear from the beginning, what I express here is my own opinion. We have the Constitutional right in this nation to express our opinions. I speak only for myself in this matter. Even you should be able to comprehend that statement.

I would like to start by paying you a complement, sir. I appreciate greatly, the fact, you did not choose the profession of law enforcement. The investigative abilities that have been displayed by the article you have written would never get inside a courtroom in this nation. What saddens me is you purport to be a journalist. Even that profession has standards, however, they apparently are ignored and have fallen into disuse.

 Below I quote the beginning of your narrative:

“COLDSPRING, Texas — Sheriff Greg Capers was the classic picture of a Texas lawman as he announced the capture of a suspected mass killer: white cowboy hat on his head, gold star pinned to his chest, white cross on his belt and a large pistol emblazoned with his name on his hip.”

Even I know, and I’m not the “professional journalist” you are, that what you have done in paragraph one is define your enemy. In my opinion, you not only are going to take down a Texas Sheriff, but maybe even Texas itself. The target is to ruin the image of all Texas Lawmen, the image of the State of Texas, maybe even the Governor while you are at it. Absolutely despicable.

The interaction I had with you concerned a phone interview conducted on 6/27/2023 at 11:10hrs which lasted 1-hour 52minutes and 8 seconds. Do you recall that interview, sir? Myself and our Dispatch Supervisor spent 35 minutes explaining to you the timeline concerning response time for the Oropeza case. I recall being very patient and open with you sir, and you responded as if you understood the entire sequence. We covered every single line of the CAD (Computer Aid Dispatch) printout and all of the radio transcripts. Every detail. I will address your fraudulent response here.

Your contention is the time to respond to an active shooting was 46 minutes. You sir, are a liar. The response was explained to you in detail. The initial call is a noise disturbance at 11:34:50. The call must be routed through a translator service. The dispatcher does not understand what is happening until the translator tells her at 11:43:00. The translator informs the dispatcher it is a noise disturbance with someone shooting a gun in their yard. This is a rural area and it is legal to shoot guns. The call is about the noise disturbing the neighbors. I TOLD YOU THAT, SIR. At 11:45:00 the units are enroute to the noise disturbance. No lights or siren low priority call at this time. At 12:08:32 the complainant calls back, call routes through translator, and states the neighbor is back out in his yard shooting again. This is still a noise issue, however, there was more urgency to the tone of the complainant. Deputies start to increase their speed because this call is escalating. At 12:11:44 the call states the shooter is crossing onto                complainants property.  At 12:11:56, 12 seconds later, the shift sergeant confirms with dispatch the shooter is on the complainants property. At 12:12:08 the call is Priority One, lights and siren response. At 12:15:49, 3 MINUTES AND 41 SECONDS LATER UNITS ARE IN THE AREA. The entire time on the road for the first two arriving units is 30 minutes and 49 seconds. As I told you, sir, it takes that long to drive there from the Sheriff’s Office in Coldspring. The call initiated as loud noise, when it became urgent the deputies were justified in responding emergency conditions. The call could not have been answered any faster with the information had at the time, the road conditions and the distances involved.

However, Mr. Bleiberg, none of this mattered to you, did it? Your blind drive to destroy the reputation of this Agency, Sheriff and myself resulted in your falsehoods and accusations without any proof whatsoever. In fact, you disregarded the proof I provided and inserted your own narrative instead. That’s the kind of reporting Americans are growing absolutely SICK of, sir.

The next trick you had up your sleeve was the referencing of accusations against the integrity of this Agency, Sheriff and myself. I find it extremely difficult to accept, the slightest inkling, you understand the definition of integrity, sir.

 Sir, you asked questions concerning the Lion Institute and a report they presented to Commissioner’s Court. This was a company hired by Commissioner’s Court to research the working conditions at the Sheriff’s Office. I told you Sheriff Capers and myself welcomed that research as we felt a third-party analysis of our needs and environment would create more pressure to foster changes in pay and equipment the Sheriff’s Office so desperately needs. Such was not the case, sir. I told you that very fact. There was NO survey of employees, no examination of the workspace in the office, no review of training records and school availability for our Deputies, no interest in working conditions or pay for personnel. NO VISIT whatsoever from Mr. Alexander (Lion Institute CEO) or any member of the Lion Institute. The entire report was a fraud. I expressly told you that, sir. The Commissioner’s Court paid almost $50,000.00 dollars for that report, unknown to the Sheriff’s Office. A waste of $50,000.00 taxpayers money. For what I ask? I consider it your job to “investigate” and find out. What did you find sir?

I quote further form your report, “The group’s report lays out evidence that the sheriff's staff falsified training records and failed to pursue 4,000 reported crimes over the years, including 106 alleged sexual assaults.” 

That quote is another lie, sir. Where is the evidence this Agency falsified training records? Since I am the Training Officer, I take great offense at this accusation. During our phone interview, I also explained, in detail, the actual reality of the open criminal cases. Once again you pretended to understand but then pursued your own agenda. Those cases were listed as pending due to a computer entry error. The cases were actually closed. It was an error repaired by the reporting system. This occurred in 2015 with no issues since that time. That was explained to you, sir.

Michael Flynt is a former employee you reference as an authority on the subject of corruption and dysfunction at the Sheriff’s Office. Perhaps Mr. Flynt is a subject matter expert on corruption, but not for the reasons you think. I can only mention that Mr. Flynt is a former employee. There are legal reasons we cannot discuss that man. As an investigative reporter you would do well to exercise due diligence on your informants to determine their credibility before citing them as “evidence”, sir. That goes with all of your “former employee” informants. There are reasons they are referred to as “former employees”. Again, your extreme lack of due diligence is embarrassing to the world of investigative journalism.     

Sir, you crow mightily about a $240,000.00 lawsuit, you titled ‘whistle blower lawsuit” That again is a lie, sir. It was a wrongful termination suit. You would do well to request depositions in that lawsuit. You would actually learn what happened. But no, your reckless, fraudulent ‘investigative report” has cast doubt on the integrity and honesty of EVERY SINGLE OFFICER in this agency. All without anything but your “quotes” from former employees and a fraudulent report from the Lion Institute which is filled with quotes from the very same former employees.

Your “report” also states deputies were called to the Oropeza home 3 times in the past 2 years. FALSE, another lie. You sir, were informed in our previously mentioned phone interview there was ONE call there and ONE follow up by a detective. The complainant dropped the charges against Oropeza.

I will sum up with what I will say is my personal opinion of you sir. We both live in entirely different worlds. I work in “Criminal Justice”, the world of facts. I am a retired Army Officer, retired police officer, a current Chief Deputy. I started my life working at age 15. I have worked and fought every inch of the way. I spent 8 years in combat. You know NOTHING of me. There was a day, in the past in this country, when a man with a reckless mouth insulted the honor of another he was challenged on the field. President Andrew Jackson defended his honor and his wife’s honor in that manner over 100 times. Sad, we live in times such as these. As for Greg Capers, corruption and Capers are two words that do not go together. Sheriff Capers works cutting hay on the weekends to make enough money to survive here. His pay is that low. So NO, he is not corrupt and I take offense to your insinuation, sir. I will tell you this. I live in a world where integrity and honor are required, not optional. When your life depends on another man’s judgement and honesty, he better be a good man, or people die.

Now for you, you work in “Social Justice”, a fantasy world of getting what you want without the hard work needed to get it.  I see a spoiled “reporter” on a social justice crusade. I read many of your articles. Fairly good work, polished and refined in the Liberal Arts, for sure. But just a word of advice, sir, get your facts in order before you start running your mouth so recklessly. Integrity and Honor are still a concept I will defend, unlike you. By any means necessary.


Tim Kean



Ray McCoppin did  a deep dive into the lyin report and exposes the fraud.  Follow link in headline for video.





COLDSPRING 7/20/2023



Former SJC Commissioner and a former Orange County Deputy Sheriff has studied the so called, "Lion Report" and offers his analysis.  Mr McCoppin's uniqe persepctive seems to be right in line with most who have read the report.  

    The Sentinel did share the Flynt File with Mr. McCoppin and quite a few others since Flynt was quoted so heavily in the report.  Any 'reporter', no matter how far removed from East Texas, who took it on theirself to write a BS hit piece on SJC based on quotes from a dirty cop that has proven himself to be a predator, was contacted and given the Flynt File.  





'no way' symbol added to sign as political commentary



Multiple complaints of illegally placed campaign signs touting, "San Houston" 2024 have been reported to The Sentinel already,   Sam hasn't come out of the closet yet admitting publically he is running for county sheriff.   December 11th is the last day to officially sign up so The Sentinel is predicting that all of these signs will be slathered with an add on FOR SHERIFF label December 12th.  

    According to sources close to Houston's campaign strategy committee, the plan is to have Flynt play the bad cop (type casting 101) and continue in his attempt to disparage our sheriff's reputation with his lies and false accusations. 

   Flynt's reward will be  permission and backing to run for the Pct 1 Commissioner's office. Several are lining up to run though.  

When the campaign kicks off and Sam is forced out of the closet,  we predict he will play the Rodney King role of, "Can't we all just get along" and make out like he wants to pull the county together when his subversive efforts are and have been bent on creating division  .  When that happens, remember, you heard it here first.  

    According to those campaign sources, Houston has already bestowed his blessing on Kenneth Dale Lowery to run for Houston's Pct 3 constable's office.   Lowery retired from the Angelina Community College police dept.  Here is Lowery's FB 'friends' list.






That mini sermon is in reference to the passage in 1 Kings about Elijah calling down fire from heaven when he challenged the 450 priests of Baal.  God sent fire that not only consumed Elijah's offering but licked up the water in the trench too.
    I have my own story and it involved me 'troubling' the corrupt former constable, Lou Rogers.  When Alvin Wyatt signed up to run against Rogers, I supported Alvin, a black democrat over an incumbant white man.  As I drove past the Indian Creek Marina, I saw a Lou Rogers sign on the big old oak tree on Jerry's campground right across from the store.  I stopped in and asked Jerry if I could put an Alvin Wyatt sign on the tree too.  He declined.  I made a couple of more efforts to convince him which he resisted and I left saying, "Jerry, if you don't let me put a sign on that tree, God is going to strike it dead with lightening"  He did about a week later but the story doesn't end there.  Jerry now had a huge dead oak tree  threatening his campers so he called a man to come cut the tree down and cut it up.  Somehow, the tree cutter got my number and called asking if I wanted the 'firewood'.  We jumped up, my boys and I, and went and hauled all that firewood home.  Just like in the story of Elijah and Ahab, every stick of that wood got burnt up but it was one stick at a time in my wood burning stove keeping my house and family warm.  We thankedThe Lord for the blessing and havent had to use firewood anymore since that winter.  Did I mentionthat Lou Rogers got trounced that election and the man we supported served many years. 



Question fellas, If Flynt did as ordered, how did those sensitive files end up in my posession Flynt?  Because you gave them to me hoping I would write a story attacking the sheriff even if it meant compromising two undercover operatives and placing their lives in danger.  One a fellow commissioned peace officer that was working one of the largest law enforcement efforts ever undertaken in SJC.  

   These are the documents I tried to get the DA to prosecute you over for undermining law enforcement in SJC.  You are a wormy excuse for a used to be lawman Flynt.  It is dirty cops like you that are the reason most of my best sources are vets and honest lawmen or both.  

I never saw so much gossip in one document in my life as this lyin lion report.     How ignorant to base so much on such a compromised individual as Flynt.  


Mike Flynt mug shot



A recent AP and Chronicle article relying on 'facts' from disgruntled former employees of the SJC Sheriff's dept and  a soundly defeated former political opponent of SJC Sheriff, Greg Capers reeks of political agenda and an A.P and Chronicle. reporter not doing their homework.

   The slighest bit of research would prove that Mike Flynt was a former opponent who was blown out of the political water in 2020 because of his multiple crimes and extreme moral terpitude.   Flynt attempted to explain away his extra marital transgressions to The Sentinel with, "So I f&^ked a whore down there. Who cares?"   Flynt found out that the informed voters of SJC care, that is who.  Flynt wanted to skip over the fact that when the city court system banned him from entering their facility in an attempt to stop his sexual harassment of a clerk that he banged his head on the locked glass door repeatedly until it was bleeding and left his blood smeared on the court room door.  Records also show that Flynt, as a law man, was building a false dossier on the husband of his targeted 'side piece' in order to put him in prison.  According to those same official records obtained by The Sentinel, Flynt threatened the female clerk with telling his wife that it was her, the clerk that infected him with an STD that he brought home so his wife could retaliate against the court clerk.  Be it noted here that Pct 1 Commissioner, Laddie McAnally is Flynt's neighbor and biggest supporter in SJC.   McAnally donated to The Sentinel twice in an attempt to get us to back Flynt.  

    Sentinel sources indicate that there is at least one very qualified candidate signing up to run against McAnally.

     Then comes Pct 3 commissioner, David Brandon named in the A.P. Article.  Brandon is solidly in the Sam Houston camp, another political opponent who, as of yet, does not have the integrity to publically admit that he is running for sheriff.   Houston has his own lead balloons politically speaking.

    Then there is the former employee, Voytko named as a source in the A.P. Article.  

   According to Sentinel sources, Flynt and Voytko are connected at the hip politically as in Voytko gets a job if Flynt wins.  

   We attempted to inverview Voytko shortly after he sent out an illegal picture of a suspect handcuffed on the side of the road.  A suspect that Voytko never arrested or charged but instead, released shortly after the picture was taken and forwarded toward The Sentinel.  It was a picture of Sam Houston's former Capt of the Pct 3 constables office in an attempt to smear Sam Houston in Flynt's favor.  To this day, no charges or arrest have been leveled against the victim of Voytko's political efforts.  Some are pushing for an investigation of Voytko's illegal actions that day.  

    The Good Lord and Sentinel readers know that Sam Houston is no hero of mine but the corrupt actions of Voytko prove he has no integrity or credibility.  That could be why Sheriff Capers cut him loose.  We are seeking those records.

   As far as why Flynt was cut loose, I have personal knowledge.  Flynt, when he was contemplating the first run for sheriff, contacted The Sentinel claiming to have proof of Sheriff Capers wrong doing and expected that I would run the story on his say so.   NOT.  When I challenged him for proof, he agreed to meet clandestinly and show me the documents.  We had a midnight meeting in Coldspring while he was on duty and in a SJC Sheriff's Dept patrol vehicle where Flynt did indeed show me some documents.  Flynt refused to let me have them until I told him I would not write a story without having the evidence in my files in case I was challenged on it by lawsuit or criminal charges.  Flynt relented and gave me the documents.

    Far from proving any misconduct on Sheriff Capers part, all they proved was that Flynt was playing games with dates of events and undermining the efforts of Sheriff Capers to protect the people of SJC.  Those documents further proved that Flynt was willing to expose the identity of a deep under cover operative and endanger the life of a fellow officer to promote his own personal political agenda.  Needless to say, The Sentinel did NOT expose the identity of the undercover officer and we took the proof documents to then DA and encouraged them to file criminal charges on Flynt.  Instead, they pusued the lame tampering charge against Flynt and lost, costing the county a settlement.  

   The silver lining in the 'settlement' was that the file on Flynt that had been witheld from The Sentinel based on it being "used to detect or prosecute' a crime was now available and subject to and obtained via a Sentinel open records request.  The rest is history how the information was used to inform the electorate in SJC and prevent Flynt from making any traction politically.   

    As for Montgomery City P.D. officer, Voytko, he is too wormy to call back an inquisitive reporter who wants to get to the truth.   Instead, as a disgruntled former employee, he offers statements that he cannot prove to help his buddy, Flynt.  Voytko failed to return my call because he knew he violated the law and MPD policy by taking and distributing that illegal photo.  

    One telling comment in the A.P. article quotes one of the disgruntled former employees saying, "I understand why people don't trust cops".    The truth of the matter is, Sheriff Capers fired both of the corrupt cops plus others over the years.  What A.P. needs to realize is that it is un researched BS articles like the one they published yesterday that prove why the public does NOT trust the main stream media.  Instead we do trust the cops we elect at the grass roots level and that if and when any violate that trust, we will give them the boot at the ballot box.  Ask Mike Flynt.  He got such a voter whupping, I bet he is still stinging.  This AP article is proof that Flynt is still a liar and that main stream media is still not trust worthy.

    As far as the uninformed comments on the horrible mass murder event in Trails End, A.P.  fails to note several facts.  Trails End is not a recorded and platted subdivision but preceeds those rules later adopted by SJC.  As an acreage tract, Trails End is not subject to the laws against discharging a fire arm on a small lot in a recorded and platted subdivision.    Aside from that, the calibre of candidate that would politicize that abject tragedy for a few votes speaks volumes about the person,



Mostly routine dockett calls were the main business in the 258th District Court presided over by The Honorable Judge Travis Kitchens Jr Thursday morning.  The incarcerated docket was handled before the freeworld docket but both were finished before the lunch recess including the hearing regarding a possible change of venue in the Escobar murder trial.  No decision was rendered yet in that matter.  DA Dillon argued against the change of venue citing his office interviewing 8 members of a jury pool and stating that of the 8, only one had heard or read about the case in the media.

   After the lunch recess, Judge Kitchens was approached by a news reporter from channel 13 seeking a comment on the Escobar case.  According to an eye witness and the 13 news story published, Judge Kitchens declined to comment stating, "I do not comment on cases". 

 the hearing regarding the allegations of prosecutorial misconduct took up right after lunch and lasted till after 5:00 PM.  The Honorable Judge David Moorman of the 12th Judicial District, Walker Co., presided over that hearing appointed by The Administrative Judge, The Honorable Robert Hill Trapp of Coldspring.

    Judge Moorman was quite matter of fact and plain spoken and gave both the state and the defense attorney a great deal of latitude as he listened intently.

    The case revolves around allegations that the ADA Rob Freyer illegally confiscated attorney/client privileged info out of an inmates cell.  In the complaint, it was alleged that ADA Freyer had ordered the confiscation of all correspondence from the inmate by the PCSO jail administration.  Under oath, SJC DA investigator, Tracy Galloway did testify that is was "Rob Freyer" who had ordered the confiscation in hopes of seeing if the inmate was corresponding with several co defendants in the case.

    Gibson, the defendant, testified that he would not have given the jail staff permission to have taken all of his attorney/client papers because they had all of his written statements, witness lists, defense strategy and other information that could be used against him.  "Why would I do that?", Gibson asked.

    Defense attorney, Lana Shadwick had subpoenaed three of the jailers from the Polk County S.O.  to testify.   The jailers were the Captain of the jail, a shift supervisor and a staff jailer.  Under oath, Ms. Shadwick inquired of all three if the "shakedown" was conducted because of security concerns in the jail.  All three testified "No" and that the SJC DA's office had a specific intent to get correspondence only.  They all testifed that they were not addressing any security concerns but following that SJC DA's directives relayed to them by the SJC DA's office or their supervisor.  Ms. Shadwick continued expounding and drove the point home that, according to all three jailers, that there was no security concern motivating the search and seizure of inmate Gibson's property and papers.

     After that line of questioning and being informed that ADA Freyer, who was in court an hour earlier, had to leave and fly home for personal reasons and would not be present to testify, Ms. Shadwick brought out case law showing that aside from security concerns, most of the inmate's civil rights did remain intact.  She expounded on Gibson's 5th amendment rights not to incriminate himself by stating, "Those are his words on those documents" that are now in the hands of the prosecutor.  

   Gibson testified that after obtaining his private papers, the SJC DA's office did contact some of his witnesses and family/friends that were on his contacts list.

    DA Dillon's closing argument focused on what he called errors in the construction of Attorney Shadwicks motion before The Court.  Technical flawhe alleged Ms. Shadwick failed to include.

    Several times during his testimony, Gibson stated that if he had his personal legal files and papers from the Nacogodoches county jail, he could answer the question with certainity but that the jail had refused to allow him to bring anything to court other than, "my body".  

   The Sentinel did put in a call to the sheriff there to ask if it was policy to send inmates to court with none of their papers but we did not get an answer and we are waiting on a call back from the Major.  





SJC Assistant District Attorney, Rob Freyer is scheduled for a hearing this coming Thursday in the 258th District Court under visiting District Judge, The Honorable Judge Moorman.

   A motion has been entered seeking a change of venue because of alleged prosecutorial misconduct.

    According to court watchers who were present, local attorney Lana Shadwick who was representing the inmate tied into the ADA Freyer for his misconduct with so much fire in her eyes that Judge Kitchens recused himself from the case based on what he saw and heard in the courtroom.

    We have attmepted to get the transcript of that exchange for accuracy but so far have not.  

     According to sources there, Ms. Shadwick was LIVID over the mistreatement of her client and a "cheating prosecutor".  

    According to sources close to the situation, DA Dillon has decided that maybe it would be best for him to keep Freyer out of The Honorable Judge Travis Kitchens' court and limit him to District Judge John Wells 411th court.  



POLK CO 7/1/2023


vMs. Lambert, a mother in Onalaska, Tx, who readers may recognize from previous stories involving the Onalaska school resource officer, /Tammy Heeth is now trying to obtain body worn camera footage from the Polk County Sheriff's Office (PCSO). Almost three months ago she went to PCSO and delivered copies of her deed showing an established private easement to the water from her house on a private road just outside Onalaska city limits. She also delivered copies to OPD and a troublesome neighbor who had already called the law on Ms. Lambert's children a handful of times complaining of trespassing on land that as far as we can find she has no legal rights to, despite having already illegally installing a bulkhead at the water, and the children had every legal right to be on. On 05/21/2023 deputies Bailey and Wood of the PCSO were dispatched to the private road again for children that have every legal right to access it all the way to the water by people who again have no legal right of access as far as we can tell. Deputy Bailey repeatedly, according to Ms. Lambert, threatened arrest of her and her two minor daughters for trespassing on property Ms. Lambert had already notified PCSO she had a legal right to traverse.   By default so do her children. Ms. Lambert had even had it attached to a CFS report so that deputies could access the information from their patrol vehicle. Despite this deputy Bailey repeatedly told Ms. Lambert they would be arrested if they could not produce evidence of their right of access denying them the prepresumption of innocence and accusing them with no evidence other than hear say to the contrary. According to Ms. Lambert deputy Wood even notified Bailey of the available information on their mobile units. The family has tried obtaining the body worn camera footage through the use of the open records act for the event but in direct disregard for the law, PCSO has stalled for over a month in releasing them.   Now PCSO is demanding payment of 4 hours in redactions on an hour and a half of video. We are unsure what exactly they feel needs to be redacted considering the family and property owner is the one requesting the videos. All we can say is it does not bode well for transparency when your deputies are accused of improprieties and you spend almost three times the length of the videos redacting information out of them.  


Lima has been accused of a lot of things in the past.  Doing drugs, buying drugs, selling drugs, planting drugs and even doing all of those in a Trinity Co Sheriff Woody Wallace uniform and patrol car but NO ONE has ever accused Lima of being the brightest bulb in the box.  

   Here he is sending threatening messages from the phone of his girlfriend, Brandi Riley Fuller, whom he has been arrested twice for violating the court order of protection with.  

   Court orders have never meant much to Lima.  He has violated them all with impunity and skates on by.  Maybe, just maybe, Walker Co. DA will hold his feet to the fire.



Former Trinity County officer was appointed an attorney because he cannot afford one.  Per usual, that means another delay.  At least Judge Sorensen appointed the same attorney they did before.  The DA's office has ammended the motion to adjudicate adding the recent charges.  

    Oh and The Sentinel got a really mean lying text message the night before Lima's court date.  









Ask Keith Black, former moderator for the infamous Troll site known as "Tyler Evans".  Word out of Walker County is that Tyler may have a few issues of his own right now.  Never the less, Keith Black is the admin running these type ads for these type people.  Who is Keith Black you ask?  He was the corrupt probation officer perving on underage probationer's we outed for his crimes.  Sentinel readers will remember him suing me for 100K over articles I wrote and silly cissy prigmore taking his case.  

   It was like pulling teeth with Theresa Milner over probation to get Black's personnel file but I won that battle after months of sparring with the attorney firm in Austin.  I had that file BEFORE I ever wrote the first article that they sued me over.

     The funny part was Cissy telling my attorney that he could not get a file that he already had.   Yeah, that Keith Black.

    If Lima was in fact the FB Troll, "Tyler Evans", he is indeed facing sentencing tomorrow in Walker county court over probation violatins resulting from several recent additional arrests.  

    If the suspected 'Tyler' gets another slap on the wrist and walks, we would expect him to resurface as the anonymous joke he is and troll for his buddy, woodrow wallace this election season.   We all know I will be in the trench with the corrupt even for nothing more than an undervote percentage if Woody runs unopposed.  

A caller asked me, 'what is undervote'?  If a candidate runs unopposed in an election where 10 thousand people vote and only 6 thousand vote for the un opposed candidate, that means 4 thousand that were in the voting booth PURPOSLEY DID NOT vote for you.  That would equate to a 40 percent undervote.  When we made the same offer in the election when hon ran unopposed, he got a 30 percent undervote and The Sentinel stayed on his corrupt a$$ and he was defeated.

   With the amount of information being given to The Sentinel, there is a good chance woodrow can and will be defeated if he doesn't go to jail first.

  Lets review some of woodrow's buddies.  

    Royce G. Wells:   Deviant sexual predator who pubic records prove was sexually abusing women under his authority at the city works dept and HPD in Houston, Tx by physically forcing them to perform sex acts in the office and on work sites.  Woody held his TCOLE commissionfor him until The Sentinel outed him for it.  Wells was never prosecuted but quietly let go his commission in Harris co and picked it back up in Angelina County.  Woody knew about Wells' perversions because The Sentinel put them on the front page.

Keith L. Black: Former probation officer terminated for perving on his underage probationers and women in the office.  Woodrow embraces Black as admin on the 'tyler evans' troll page and even runs help wanted ads with him to procure officers for his dept.


Chris Lima:  Former golden boy for woodrow and hon and hammack who was caught dealing drugs in woodrow's uniform and patrol vehicle.  Not to mention we have complaints of him hitting on underage girls and multiple complaints of him using his firearm to intimidate.  Currently facing trial and/or sentencing on charges out of Polk and Walker County.  Woody called and warnedLima of impending drug arrest to make sure he was not caught holding drugs.  Lima has had no less than three women apply for protection orders from him for assaulting the women and their children.  He has had CPS cases filed by the school because Polk Co S.O. wouldn't.  


TRINITY CO  4/14/2023


A self professed facebook 'donner of transparency', Trinity County Sheriff, Woodrow Wallace lies because he heads the most opaque agency The Sentinel has  ever  found in East Texas.  

   To Date, Wallace's penchant for hiding information has cost the taxpayers of Trinity County many thousands of dollars in attorney fees.   When we asked, "how much?", Wallace even spent your money to  hide that amount.  

    This picture was snipped out of a video Wallace transmitted on his 'Trinity County Sheriff Dept" facebook page.  In that video, Wallace's narrative leveled many allegations and criminal charges against the man.   that narrative can't be seen as anything other than  political propaganda and intentional tampering with the defendants future jury pool.

    It was a dual purpose video according to more than one caller.  "It's a warning not to cross him", one source stated.

   What started out as a, "welfare check" according to Wallace was going to turn into many years in prison he told all who would listen including potential jurors.    

    All we asked for was to see the body cam or dash cam of the arrest.  It would have been great for the voters of Trinity County to see a legit arrest and use of force here in the face of doubt by Wallace's constituents.  Couldn't be a better opportunity to show the voters that their elected official was telling the truth than giving us opportunity to view this video that I can think of.






COLDSPRING 6/22/2023

"wah wah wah", is the latest 'quote' attributed to ADA Freyer by those in earshot today with a few minutes to listen.  

    The epic delivery of the court order recently entered into the record by Judge Kitchens, not only supported and defended our constitution, it definately qualified as an a$$ chewing, . . . legally speaking.   It was plain Freyer was "smarting" from his wounds.

     DA Dillon did stand there and take his chewing like a man and in contrast, reserved his commentary on the topic.  

    We can only hope both men learn something from the event.  

    Freyer, that we the people, the informed electorate will install and remove the Judges and DA's, not you.  

   DA Todd Dillion, to discard the, "what would Lee  Hon do?" from your thought process and concentrate on what The Honorable Judge Robert Hill Trapp would do based on the time you had the privilege of training under his leadership


COLDSPRING 6/21/2023


"I know, I know, believe me, I know" was the seemingly exasperated reply of SJC ADA Rob Freyer to the warning by a local attorney that there was a protest going on in front of the SJC Courthouse this morning.   This happened shortly after the 258th Bailif, J.R. Spillman instructed SJC DA, Todd Dillon to make sure ADA Freyer was in the courtroom, "before we get started this morning".

    It went downhill for Mr. Freyer and DA Dillon from there.  The Honorable Travis Kitchens entered an ORDER REGARDING PULICITY RESTRICTIONS into the cause No. 14020 styled, THE STATE OF TEXAS VS. Joshua Eduardo Escobar.

Before all of that, The Honorable Travis Kitchens noticed ADA Freyer milling about the court room and said, "Mr. Freyer, you can have a seat".  Freyer did not aknowledge the comment but continued to mill about prompting a much sterner, "Mr. Freyer, SIT DOWN".  

   Sentinel readers will remember that in a recent murder case, two young hispanic males were manipulated into a confrontation by the woman they both had relations with and the old boyfriend allegedly killed the new boyfriend.  He (Escobar) turned himself in the next morning at the SJC Sheriff's office.  Someone set an unconstitutional one million dollar bond.  Several weeks in, when Escobar's attorney applied for a bond reduction, Judge Kitchens did lower the bond to keep it inline with the constitutional requirements that unreasonable bond not be used to punish a person by setting the bond amount beyond the means of the defendant.  Using unconstitutional bond amounts has been the corrupt practice of some in order to let the process be the punishment without due process.  Judge Kitchens has had to correct several unconstitutional bond amounts since being on the bench especially in Polk County where the practice was used often by FORMER DA Hon. 

     Only an idiot would lamblast a Judge who follows the constitution but we have idiots who do just that.  Some because they are from a bananna republic and don't know any better.  Others because they are corrupt and/or have their own political or financial agenda. 

     When the Constitution loving judge lowered Escobar's bond, a man that turned himself in, to 75 thousand dollars, the family of the victim protested on the courthouse steps with signs demanding no bond.  Not a problem and their right.  The problem arose when ADA Freyer took it upon himself to go out as a representative of the SJC DA's office as a featured speaker at the protest.  According to the Bloo Bonnet News,Freyer assured the crowd that he would make sure that they would get justice.  As he said those words, Freyer knew the crowds idea of justice was no bond for the accused.   

     Now when Memorial day was celebrated on the courthouse steps recently to honor the men and women who fought and died defending that Constitution, NO ONE from the DA's office bothered to walk downstairs and attend the somber event much less speak to the crowd.  When SJC recently celebrated Juneteenth for the 25th year in a row, also organized by our Veteran's Service Officer, no one from the DA's office bothered to walk downstairs for that constitutional honoring event either.  

    But let a crowd gather demanding unconstitutional actions from the court and Freyer fell all over himself to attend and even be the main event speaker at the protest.  Todd Dillon didn't stop him so as the elected DA, that buck stops with him.  I did warn DA Dillon that Freyer was a liability to him based on open records obtained and interviews with former co workers of Freyer's.  Excellent sources in Montgomery Co state Freyer was terminated for showing up drunk on a crime scene.  Freyer denies it when questioned but when I got his file from Harris Co., it turns out he did have a DWI as a young man.  Freyer failed to disclose that on any paperwork submitted to Montgomery Co or San Jacinto Co.  Nor did any background check take place according to those two files.

    I do have emails from the DA assuring The Sentinel that the bloo bonnet news did not get any inside information on the case from his office but it appears fairly obvious from her articles attempting to smear Judge Kitchens that she did.  In any event, regardless of the editor and lawman  joining up to lamblast Judge Kitchens for protectiong the constitutional rights of the accused  before, Judge Kitchens did it one more time by seeking a change of venue to protect the accused's constitutional rights to a fair trial.  In that decision, Judge Kitchen's cited Oliver Wendell Holmes' assurance that our 6th ammendment rights to a fair trial outweigh the 1st amendment rights of a free press because without a fair trial, our justice system has no foundation to stand on.   In that line of reasoning, The Honorable Judge Kitchens did seek a change of venue for the accused and entered this order against publicity to protect Escobar's constitutional rights to a fair trial.  He did indicate that Angelina County had agreed that they would be willing to take on the case.  According to the order against publicity restraining all the attorneys and court personnel from speaking to the press, it will follow the case wherever it ends up being transferred to.  

    In his closing remarks, Judge Kitchens commented that in his 50 years practicing law in many capacities including as a prosecutor, he had NEVER seen anything like this and never has seen the need for an order of this nature.  Judge Kitchens further assured the Prosecutors that he has submitted an ethics complaint to the State Bar of Texas.  

   During the Judge reading of the order, DA Dillon did get up and head to the side door of the courtroom.  When challenged by Judge Kitchens as to where he was going, Dillon replied, "I am removing myself".  "I have not dismissed you", Judge Kitchens stated firmly and instructed him to remain in the courtroom.  Dillon did comply and stood facing the judge for the duration.  His stoic composure respected the dignity and decorum of the court.  





This FB post is in response to a comment I made regarding the corrupt, Woody Wallace of Trinity Co.  


thanks for the belly laugh Mr. Justice.  Pretty sure Tyler has his own troubles.  Besides,  Everyone he ever TROLLED for LOST!!!!!  Maybe if Tyler is looking at jail time like the ADA says Ex probation officer,  Keith Black will be able to moderate again.  You remember him don't you?  Stentinel readers will because we published the evidence to prove he was perving on his young probationers, MALE AND FEMALE!!!!



CLEVELAND 6/9/2023




She just can't help herself. 

    Vanesa Beshear is promoting that a scared kid running from responsibility is reason enough to void our constitutional rights.  

   Her and "AggRob" Freyer (as he is affectionatly known in the Harris Co DA's office) are still so bent on trying to smear Judge Kitchens politically, they will sacrifice your rights to do it.

    Two Young hispanic males were in love with the same woman.  She manipulated them into a confrontation and one died that night.  The other turned himself in to the S.O. The next morning.  An unconstitutional bond of a million dollars was set.  The family of the dead son demanded it.  But then their heritage is from a bananna repulic where the process can be the punishment.  If the Cartels don't kill ya, the Federales disappear you.  No accountability.  In our county, that punative bond violates our 8th ammendment.  Using the process to be the punishment is all the rage in many legal circles these days.  It will flourish is left unchecked.  

   Judge Kitchens made exactly the right decision to lower the bond enough that there was hope of being able to pay it.  

    The boy made exactly the Wrong decision by running for the bananna republic border.  He chose to leave a jurisdiction where his constitutional rights were being protected for a bannanna republic.  Now, Agg Rob Freyer and Vanesa Beshears want to take those protections away in their political agenda.

The only reason anyone could be 'LIVID' is from a position of ignorance so stop leading the pack you two.  That kid found out all about the long arm of the law.  Now when he goes to trial, what will the jury think?  

    The bloo editor and the law man are telling us all they are AOK with violating the law of the land.  It is that simple.





Auditors Jack Miller and James Freeman owe Polk Co personell a BIG APOLOGY!!!!

Rincon chose Comal County to surrender in for a reason.  Show me the contact info Ishmael, Freeman, Miller?????    Either make a public correction the same way you spread the lies or you sacrifice your credibility AND the high ground in the battle to defend our rights.

rincons Comal County booking report



Webb County Jail booking staff confirmed that Ishmael Rincon's release by Order of The Honorable 258th District Judge,  Travis Kitchens Jr. has been effected.  



POLK CO 6/8/2023



Vile vulgar name calling and threats of harm to our District Judge and his staff are keeping the county phone lines busy three lines deep this morning.  that has been the result after 'acclaimed' auditorJames Freeman Posted a video making a bunch of false statements about a case pending in Polk Co.

This controvery arose a week or so ago.  The following is the comment in blue thatI posted on the first lying auditor video,l Tx Sheepdog72 aka Jack Miller you tube page that was promptly (16 min) deleted.:   To put the statement in context, Miller had, as part of his Rincon Support effort, stated that any cop who violated any citizen's right should suffer the death penalty.  Miller did recant that statment later but the anarchist propaganda did escape his lips.   This is what I had to say;


The absurdity of your 'death penalty' comment speaks volumes about you. On top of that, you might want to check your facts before you run your head. The Polk County district clerk's files on the Rincon case shows two separate emails sent to the AAction bond company out of San Antonio on April 25. The separate email address in the clerk's file that The Sentinel obtained from the District Clerk's deputy were, ' and a-actionbailbonds1@gmail. When we contacted the bond co directly, they did confirm that these email addresses are accurate.

The bond co secretary was quite cordial and helpful until I asked her to check her inbox for April 25th. She was agreeable to do that too and then thirty seconds later, she came back with an adversarial tone saying, "I can't give you any more information, you will have to call back and talk to XXXXX.

The Sentinel did contact the court employee tasked with sending out notices who confirmed the email addresses matching what the bond co confirmed. She has the outgoing email in her sent box and no 'failure to deliver' notice. Someone is wrong here. Also Jack, "kill the cop' Miller fails to mention that Rincon was picked up a felony gun charge since his arrest in Polk Co. Sources say Rincon was arrested for carrying a weapon into the office where he went to pay his school tax and was charged for it.

As for the, "want him in their jail' comment, the stats say otherwise. Under the corrupt Hon who filed the original charges on Rincon, the jail stayed at or above capacity. Now with Ms. Sitton in the DA's office, the jail is consistently below capacity and the immense dockett backlog the corrupt Hon left is moving forward.

It goes without saying that The Sentinel has been following this case and the auditor movement in general from its inception. There is wrong on both sides of the Rincon case. Due process is the only thing that will sort it out but I understand that now Rincon has hired an attorney, CJ Grisham. Prior to that, Rincon was his own attorney on the criminal case. I hear the name of a civil rights attorney but unless you have a criminal attorney of record, you are it and responsible to keep up with your case. My objection, Jack, is that the District Judge on this case has done more to protect the constitutional rights of defendants than any judge in memory. He is the same one that reduced the unconstitutional high bail Hon went for and obtained on several that were arrested over this same incident.

One thing that I will bet on Jack. Justice will be served in this case. 


    That was then,  Now we have had a bunch of mouthy punks behind their animalistic anonymity who threaten elected officials attempting to provoke and influece their decision on their public duty performance.  



 36.03. COERCION OF PUBLIC SERVANT OR VOTER. (a) A person commits an offense if by means of coercion he:

(1) influences or attempts to influence a public servant in a specific exercise of his official power or a specific performance of his official duty or influences or attempts to influence a public servant to violate the public servant's known legal duty; or

(2) influences or attempts to influence a voter not to vote or to vote in a particular manner.


Sentinel readers will remember Rincon as the driver who Simmons blocked in that night and began to question.  Rincon, who is from the valley, pretended he could not speak English and thru the 2nd officer dispateched to translate, Rincon denied Simmons' demand for ID.  

    Simmons was made aware of some of the occupants of the vehicle, Simmons stated he was not in fear about guns but just wanted to know who they were.   You can watch the VIDO HERE. Once he recognized an occupant, Mr. White,  they left.  No arrests made, no ticket issued.  Simmons never could articulate a crime to arrest Rincon for and justify demanding his lID.  Rincon had the high ground. It was some time later before Hon put together that one man in the car, Mr. White was a local activist and journalist that had published information detrimental to Hon's compaign.   After that the charges appeared.  


Now that the dust has settled a little, ;et us examine the facts.  

1) When Rincon was notified of the original charges and arrest warrant under Hon, he arranged bond in S.A. and surrendered in Comal County.  He was never processed thru the Polk Co Jail so all the information he gave at booking was in Comal County, not here.  

2) There was no attorney hired that was made of record in Polk Co.  

3) The docket was set and became public record. Polk Co notified bond co.

4. )  You failed to appear.

5.) You live in the lLaredo area



POLK COUNTY 6/2/2023


Bogus charges against a mother and citizen of Polk County were dismissed in district court yesterday.  Out of controll Onalaska PD resource officer, Tammy Heeth, pictured here spraying pepper spray directly into the eyes of a handcuffed female suspect failed to appear.  Heeth never did appear at any of the many hearings.  Lee Hon filed the retaliatory charges with no evidence accusing the mother in the car rider line of agg assault against a peace officer.  The mother is the ex wife and mother of Brandon White's children and these charges were leveled right after Brandon White had been so effective getting the word out on Hon's corruption on FB during the electionseason.  Hon also filed bogus felony charges on Brandon White which have subsequently been dismissed.  Hon's legacy is and will always be, 'retalliation.

    The mother went into the school and  filed a VERBAL complaint with the school over Heeth's antics in the car rider line and a few days later, Heeth escalated.  According to the mother, Heeth stepped out from the curb, banged her fist on the hood of the mother's car then accused her of running into Heeth with her automobile.  At this point, Heeth tried to drag the mother, belted in and  wearing a cast from rencent leg and ankle surgery, out through her car window by the hair of her head.  This mother's elementary age kids were in the car.

    After Hon was unable to bring the case to court, the burden fell on the popularly elected new DA, The Honorable Shelly Bush Sitton.  Ms Sitton did offer the defandant several plea bargains with the last being reduction to a ticket for disorderly conduct.  The mother stood her ground, refused the offers and said she was ready for trial.  

   A courtroom observer told The Sentinel that during the motion to dismiss, brought by attorney for the accused, Seth Evans, Ms. Sitton raised her hands and explained to The Court, "I have nothing".  There was no body cam, no dash cam and according to the principal, the scholl video did NOT show the mother hitting Heeth with her vehicle.   Add to that, not a single credible witness, despite the crowd on hand, could be found that would vouch for Tammy Heeth.  

   The Sentinel sought open records anf got documents proving that Heeth was allowed to conduct her own investigation into the incident, submit and sign the police report.  




Estimates of at least 1000 people attended the 'Town Hall' meeting SJC Sheriff Capers called for yesterday to deal with the subject of illegal immigration, The border crisis and facing the danger to SJC Citizens that those problems pose.   

    Sheriff Capers brought in several speakers from the border area to share their experiences and solutions.  

     The process for gaining funding from the state and fed to support Sheriff Caper's efforts were brought out and the citizens were admonished to pressure Commissioner's Court to persue the grant money.  

    As one of the poorest counties in Texas, funding for the Sheriff's Dept has always been an area of robust discussion.  

        Several voters from SJC expressed disappointment that there was a glaring lack of county elected officials attending.

    State Representative, Ernest Bailes spoke on issues in Austin and US Rep Morgan Luttrell had representatives from his office attend in his stead because he was in Washington.




COLDSPRING 5/25/2023


As predicted by The Sentinel when the last time Vanesa of the bloo bonnet news spewed false information into the public sphere, her and SJC ADA Rob Freyer have united once again in their effort to smear the reputaion of one of our sitting district judges for personal gain.  Rob Freyer because he, it appears, has personal political ambitions of his own and Vanesa, just because that is what swamp creatures do.  Use the prosecutors' office to effect elections. 

    The thinly veiled story on the bloos news website illustrates several things to the observant reader.  

    1.  Vanesa 'bloo' Beshear just can't help herself when it comes to spewing false information.  In her story about Judge Kitchens granting a motion for bail reduction to correct an unconstitutionally high bail,, Vanesa falsly states that the murder in question occurred in Willis Texas.  No ma'am.  It occurred out rural FM 1725 in San Jacinto County.  That is why the case is being tried here in SJC and why the young man who killed the other young man in a lover's triangle turned himself in to the SJC Jail the next morning.  Willis lies entirely in Montgomery County.  Granted, that area of SJC is overlapped by the Willis ISD but no part of Willis, Tx lies in SJC. 

  The most troubling aspect of the bloo news is that she apparently is AOK with a prosecutor taking part in a political protest against a sitting District Judge.  They are both ok with a magistrate  ignoring the constitution and setting an unconstitutionally high million dollar bail.  This is what the 8th ammendment strives to protect.



Bail, which is basic to our system of law,1 is excessive in violation of the Eighth Amendment when it is set at a figure higher than an amount reasonably calculated to ensure the asserted governmental interest.2 The issue of bail is only implicated when there is a direct government restraint on personal liberty, be it in a criminal case or a civil deportation proceeding.3 In Stack v. Boyle, the Supreme Court found a $50,000 bail to be excessive, given the defendants’ limited financial resources and the lack of evidence that they were a flight risk.4 The Court determined that the fixing of bail for any individual defendant must be based upon standards relevant to the purpose of assuring the presence of that defendant, and [u]nless this right to bail before trial is preserved, the presumption of innocence . . . would lose its meaning


According to allegations of prosecutorial misconduct leveled agains ADA Rob Freyer, violating the constitution is just every day business for him.  Now it appears that Freyer is ignoring the cannon of ethics for conduct and is engaging in political activisim against a sitting judge while working in the SJC prosecutors office.  We have zero tolerance for that BS.  To prove just how fake the BS is, Freyer and Bloo news were going on and on about the sentencing of the dollar store robber a few months ago but when the man violated his probation, instead of seeking the max sentence he claimed to want back then, the prosecutor's office offered him a plea deal for 7 years TDCJ.  We knew bloos news allegations were false then and that just proved it.  

    As far as all the hoop la about sentencing, let us consider this question.  Do we want a judge that is going to follow the constitution to the letter or one that bows to political pressure?  I will take the constitution defending judge any day of the week.  

COLDSPRING  5/23/2023

Allegations of illegal search and seizure of legal mail and attorney/client privilege information have been leveled  against ADA Rob Freyer.  Where could he, in all his training, have learned it was ok to violate civil rights for a victory in court?

This is a portion of the Rob Freyer personnel file obtained thru open records.  



Sheriff Lyons issues statement on his Polk Co facebook page.



The major witness and complainant on a Prosecutorial Misconduct' case being investigated in SJC centered on the actions of SJC ADA Rob Freyer has been injured.  The victim of the assault was set upon  by an inmate brought in from TDCJ to Polk Co Jail. 

The SJC inmate was being housed in Polk Co.  


Still no public comment by Sheriff Lyons but some questions arise.  

How did the assailant get a shive so quick or did he bring it with him?  

Why did jail staff ignore warnings from inmates of impending situation?

Why are the guys who warned staff and actually got cut also trying to protect the target being prosecuted?  No phone, no visit, no commisary?  


According to sources at approximately 22:30 on Friday the 19th inmates in Polk County Jail cell #244 through Mark Jacobs informed Cpl. Freeman that a new inmate, just transferred from TDCJ, named Eduin Vences was acting erratic and making threats to other inmates. Cpl. Freeman informed him that there was not room to move the inmate. At approximately 01:00 inmate Vences attacked another inmate, Kenneth Gibson, with a "shank" he brought with him from TDCJ cutting him from the top of his skull down to between his eyes.. Three other inmates, Chase Allen, John Arredondo, and Mark Jacobs, attempted to save Mr. Gibson from his attacker. Two received lacerations to their arms and Case Allen was stabbed in the back and under the arm. At approximately 04:30 two PCSO deputies conducted interviews of the inmates and placed the victims in segregation. They are now facing charges for saving another inmate. As of the time of this writing none have been to the hospital. We are told they were seen by a nurse and a military vet and given clean bills of health but we are told Mr. Gibson has spent the last two days exhausted, with a headache, and vomiting. We reached out to PCSO immediately for comment but have yet to receive a statement. We also put in a request for all video but the sheriff's office is seeking a OAG's opinion on withholding them. Sources have said that the Sheriff said this narrative is incorrect but we have to ask if that is so why fight the release of the video? The inmates are scheduled for a hearing on Thursday in regards to this event. 





The youtube linked to the headline is the most recent production of the award winning Wayne Dolcifino efforts in Texas.  In it he vindicates and proves that for The Sentinel to have dubbed Ranger Ryan Clendennon, "The Broom" when he served in Polk Co.  was totally justified.  

   Ranger Ryan "the broom' Clendennon earned the 'dubbing' for unprofessional and inmature efforts of 'dubbing' a staunch advocate for women and children, "Humpty Dumpty".  That occurred when Ms. Covalt confronted him and was holding him accountable.  After calling her short round self Humpty Dumpty, He smirked and said, "What are you going to do Ms. Covalt, write me another letter"?    



her little docile little short american woman reply,  then she wrote the letter and spanked Clendennon all the way to Lufkin with it.  He apparently didn't learn his lesson about accountability coming right along with the responsibilty of holding the public trust.  

    Clendennon isn't faring much better on facebook where retired Federal Agent and former DPS Trooper Roy Grant called him down for failing to investigate or follow through with verbal committments to do so.  

    He and the Ranger Dolcifino profiles in the linked video both seem to have embraced boss Steve McGraw's philisophey from FBI of, "If you don't do anything, you can't get introuble for nothing".

    So Ranger Broom, who took the worst whooping on this dubbinggame you wanted to play?  You or Humpty Dumpty?  


Sheriff plucks pot operation under constables nose


Rural SJC was the scene of a big bust for a pot growing operation recently.  


Once again, TRAILS END Subd was the scene of the crime.   SJC Pct 3 Constable Sam Houston been missing this grow house for some time despite claiming he has been in the area to serve  papers.  Houston  legally resigned his constable position by  putting up signs and proclaiming his intent to run for the office of sheriff in 2024 but never left office.  Nor was a replacement selected by Commissioners Court.  From Secretary of State on down, Houston's election code violation was ignored.   

    Among the mryaiad of complaints The Sentinel has received over the years about Houston, Of late it has been multiple women complaining that he fails to serve court documents on his buddies for divorce or child support.

   It has been alleged that Houston was holding an arrest warrant for Orapezo recently arrested for murders in Trails End Subd;  We are seeking proof of that allegation.  




Word of the day
    We are one step better as a Representative Republic.  Individual Liberty is the very essence of our freedom and must be preserved.  '
    I am king of my castle.  If That makes me a sovereign citizen . . . . .  The FBI is apparently terrified of free men when they label sovereign citizens as terrorists.  
        Even the King of Kings and Lord of Lords waits for us to knock so isn't that equating a Christian to being a Sovereign citizen?  Is that why the left's war on Christianity is waging?  Because Christ is the Supreme and Ultimate Power, indwells us and manifests Himself in our mortal bodies.  Our Liberty in Christ is on the Terror Watch List?  
       Oh that is right.  The Betsy Ross Flag is too.

CUT N SHOOT, TX  5/2/2023

KILLER CAPTURED   Hiding under a pile of clothes


CLEVELAND 5/1/2023

A GOTAWAY GOTAWAY . . .so far.

This tragic story is not about the kind of gun the maniac used, it is about him even being here.  Who bought his bus ticket?  Biden or Abbott?  

   Two days after I published the story below, "TIME FOR MILITARY BOOT IN CARTEL A$$",  A Mexican man in a white chevy truck pulled past my house slow.  It is a dead end road so he turned around and stopped at my drive.  I went out to talk to him and he let me know quick that he was 'Cartel" and he had money to buy some property in this area,.  

    Do not expect the illegal immigrant community to give the killer up either.  They may administer their own justice and toss him in a ditch but they will never give him up. hope I am wrong.



CLEVELAND I.S.D. 5/1/2023 

The school district had counselors on hand today and a prayer  with near 300 praying.  According to sources, they were careful to lift up not only the slain child, but the child of the suspected killer who is also a young student in the district.  What a tragedy for our community and the families.   










Five people are dead overnight in a shooting that happened in Trails End Subdivision in the south end of SJC.  The suspect  38, a Mexican National is at large. AMexican male with a goatee and short black hair last seen wearing blue jeans and a black shirt. `

   It appears to be an execution style murder resulting in the death of one male and several women and a child.

    two  w0men apparently shielded children with their own body according to the earliest reports.

    Trails End has  long been a cess pool of crime since it first came to SJC.  As part of the 911 addressing development in SJC, we began plotting Crime locations  for Sheriff Rogers in the 90's  and Trails end was top of the list even then.  

The development is the very reason SJC adopted standardized subdivision requirements for roads and such that had to be platted and 'Accepted' by commissioners court .  The 'developer' advertised in Houston and sold for a "dollar down, a dollar a month" so to say.  No ID, No Credit Ok.

   Not only did the scam artifically inflate the property values with uninformed buyers, it instantly became a trouble spot in SJC.







It is past time for the US Military to put a boot in the a$$ of the mexican cartels.  Promoting the invasion of America is bad enough even though Joe Biden invited them but this BS of sending poison candy into the coutry right as halloween, the lefts high holy day, is beyond the pale.


It is time for a military response to a military assault against our nation.  Too bad so sad that Joe Biden has made himself a target in his all out effort to sell us out to our enemies.


Biden has sold most of our STRATEGIC petroleum reserve, opens the gates for our enemies and sold us down the river.  Bidens need to be tried for treason and hung at sunrise when convicted.  It is that simple.  If the DOJ and military leaders cannot see thier way clear to protect our nation from these domestic enemies, they need to be thrown off as well.  

A look at Mexico’s Immigration Laws - Who Knew? (

POLK CO S.O. 4/28/2023


Former Trinity County Deputy who was arrested for engaging in drug dealing activities while in uniform and driving one of Woody Wallace's patrol cars was arrested again yesterday for violating a protective order according to a reliable source.  

  Christopher P. Lima also worked for former Polk Co DA, Lee Hon, former Onalaska PD Chief Ron Gilbert and Corrigan P.D.

   Lima was the subject of a years long effort by The Sentinel to expose his wrong doing based on the myriad of complaints we received alleging his criminal acts.  Our efforts were thwarted by Hon illegally witholding public records.  When we finally told an inmate on a recorded jail phone that we had evidence and were going to begin tailing Lima with avideo recorder because he was dealing drugs in Trinity County and working as K9 officer for Trinity co sheriff Woody Wallace,  he wasarrested. It was just a slap on the wrist for a misdomeanor charge of conspiracy to posess drugs.  Instead of catching him with the goods in the marked patrol unit the Rangers SAW him pick up drugs in, the corrupt Woody Wallace called him in to be arrested and told Lima do not wear his uniform.  That corrupt act prevented the patrol car or Lima's home from being searched.

    He finally went to court on the minimal drug charge and was placed on probation.  Lima violated the probation a few months ago by being arrested again for stealing merchandise from an Onalaska dollar store using a child to push the buggy of stolen merchandise out to the truck.

   This most recent arrest is for violating a protective order.

    Lima's girlfriend had a protective order on him and they got caught being together again yesterday resulting in Lima's arrest.



Brief submitted To Sentinel is on THIS PAGE  




one opinion

POLK CO 4/20/2023

Two responses to the SAME VIDEO.  One saying the guy is an idiot and the other a prepared  brief arguing the points of law with language that appears to support that notion that traveling is different than driving.  

    As an interesting follow up, I shared the two responses with each other.  The one who submitted the brief chuckled at the notion the arrested man is an idiot for standing on his rights and the law as he sees them.  The one who decried the mans actions as idiotic also dismissed the brief as being based on, "100 year old law".  

     The Consititution is 200 year old law.  Where do we go from here?

     Several law enforcement agencies within Polk Co have found themselves front and center in a myriad of cases that seem poised to define some of the most pressing questions spanning the divide between the system 'and We the people".  

   Questions like, "Is photography a crime?" and can you trespass the public from the public w/o a crime?  Can we carry a gun on our hip from the car to the house?  Can we be criminally charged for 911 abuse  because someone else called 911?  And most importantly f all, Can a corrupt DA continually file retaliatory criminal charges on people who oppose him politically and just keep on doing it? 

    We do know that the ballat box can do the heavy lifiting here locally to oust corruption.  Now lets see if the jury box can at least sweep up some.  






On August, 6, 2022 at 6:50 PM, Walker County Sheriffs Office was dispatched to a burglary of a residence on
the 80 block of Tejas Drive.
Upon Deputies arrival to the residence, the victim advised they were not at the residence when they received a
text message from a neighbor saying there was a suspicious vehicle parked behind the house. When the owners
of the residence arrived they walked through the residence and noticed several items missing along with a trailer
they had parked on the property.
Due to the neighbor knowing that vehicle did not belong at the residence they drove by the house and observed
two individuals walk in to the house and then drive off to a residence located on the 40 block of Kickapoo
Deputies were given details of the suspicious vehicle and the two individuals that were seen at the victim’s
residence. Contact was made at 40 block of Kickapoo, were the suspect confessed to have taken items from the
property. Suspect also confessed to have removed the trailer that was on the property and take it to Papa Keiths
Gas Station.
39 year old, Crystal Perdue and 31 year old, Justin Collins were taken into custody and transported to the
Walker County Jail. Perdue is currently at the Walker County Jail for Burglary of Habitation (F2), Possession
of Control Substance (F3), Theft of Property (SJF), Fraud use/Possession of Identifying Info (SJF) with a bond
total of $15,000. Collins is currently at the Walker County Jail for Burglary of Habitation (F2), Resist Arrest
Search or Transport (MA), Theft of Property (SJF), Fraud use/Possession of Identifying Info (SJF), pending
This is a great example of neighbors helping neighbors and being a good eye witness. Sheriff McRae
would like to remind everyone to contact your local law enforcement office if you see any suspicious

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