Auditors Jack Miller and James Freeman owe Polk Co personell a BIG APOLOGY!!!!

Rincon chose Comal County to surrender in for a reason.  Show me the contact info Ishmael, Freeman, Miller?????    Either make a public correction the same way you spread the lies or you sacrifice your credibility AND the high ground in the battle to defend our rights.


rincons Comal County booking report



Webb County Jail booking staff confirmed that Ishmael Rincon's release by Order of The Honorable 258th District Judge,  Travis Kitchens Jr. has been effected.  




POLK CO 6/8/2023



Vile vulgar name calling and threats of harm to our District Judge and his staff are keeping the county phone lines busy three lines deep this morning.  that has been the result after 'acclaimed' auditorJames Freeman Posted a video making a bunch of false statements about a case pending in Polk Co.

This controvery arose a week or so ago.  The following is the comment in blue thatI posted on the first lying auditor video,l Tx Sheepdog72 aka Jack Miller you tube page that was promptly (16 min) deleted.:   To put the statement in context, Miller had, as part of his Rincon Support effort, stated that any cop who violated any citizen's right should suffer the death penalty.  Miller did recant that statment later but the anarchist propaganda did escape his lips.   This is what I had to say;


The absurdity of your 'death penalty' comment speaks volumes about you. On top of that, you might want to check your facts before you run your head. The Polk County district clerk's files on the Rincon case shows two separate emails sent to the AAction bond company out of San Antonio on April 25. The separate email address in the clerk's file that The Sentinel obtained from the District Clerk's deputy were, ' and a-actionbailbonds1@gmail. When we contacted the bond co directly, they did confirm that these email addresses are accurate.

The bond co secretary was quite cordial and helpful until I asked her to check her inbox for April 25th. She was agreeable to do that too and then thirty seconds later, she came back with an adversarial tone saying, "I can't give you any more information, you will have to call back and talk to XXXXX.

The Sentinel did contact the court employee tasked with sending out notices who confirmed the email addresses matching what the bond co confirmed. She has the outgoing email in her sent box and no 'failure to deliver' notice. Someone is wrong here. Also Jack, "kill the cop' Miller fails to mention that Rincon was picked up a felony gun charge since his arrest in Polk Co. Sources say Rincon was arrested for carrying a weapon into the office where he went to pay his school tax and was charged for it.

As for the, "want him in their jail' comment, the stats say otherwise. Under the corrupt Hon who filed the original charges on Rincon, the jail stayed at or above capacity. Now with Ms. Sitton in the DA's office, the jail is consistently below capacity and the immense dockett backlog the corrupt Hon left is moving forward.

It goes without saying that The Sentinel has been following this case and the auditor movement in general from its inception. There is wrong on both sides of the Rincon case. Due process is the only thing that will sort it out but I understand that now Rincon has hired an attorney, CJ Grisham. Prior to that, Rincon was his own attorney on the criminal case. I hear the name of a civil rights attorney but unless you have a criminal attorney of record, you are it and responsible to keep up with your case. My objection, Jack, is that the District Judge on this case has done more to protect the constitutional rights of defendants than any judge in memory. He is the same one that reduced the unconstitutional high bail Hon went for and obtained on several that were arrested over this same incident.

One thing that I will bet on Jack. Justice will be served in this case. 


    That was then,  Now we have had a bunch of mouthy punks behind their animalistic anonymity who threaten elected officials attempting to provoke and influece their decision on their public duty performance.  



 36.03. COERCION OF PUBLIC SERVANT OR VOTER. (a) A person commits an offense if by means of coercion he:

(1) influences or attempts to influence a public servant in a specific exercise of his official power or a specific performance of his official duty or influences or attempts to influence a public servant to violate the public servant's known legal duty; or

(2) influences or attempts to influence a voter not to vote or to vote in a particular manner.


Sentinel readers will remember Rincon as the driver who Simmons blocked in that night and began to question.  Rincon, who is from the valley, pretended he could not speak English and thru the 2nd officer dispateched to translate, Rincon denied Simmons' demand for ID.  

    After Simmons recognized some of the occupants of the vehicle, Simmons stated he was not in fear about guns but just wanted to know who they were.  Once he recognized an occupant, they left.  No arrests made, no ticket issued.  Simmons never could articulate a crime to arrest Rincon for and justify demanding his lID.  Rincon had the high ground. It was some time later before Hon put together that one man in the car was a local activist and journalist that had published information detrimental to Hon's compaign.   that the charges appeared.  


Now that the dust has settled a little, ;et us examine the facts.  

1) When Rincon was notified of the original charges and arrest warrant under Hon, he arranged bond in S.A. and surrendered in Comal County.  He was never processed thru the Polk Co Jail so all the information he gave at booking was in Comal County, not here.  

2) There was no attorney hired that was made of record in Polk Co.  

3) The docket was set and became public record. Polk Co notified bond co.

4. )  You failed to appear.

5.) You live in the lLaredo area





According to Peter Sparta, this document received by The Sentinel some years ago is photo shopped.   Sparta made that assertion in one of the several phone calls we've had since Sparta's recent resignation.  His assertion was so 'matter of fact' in its tone that other questions arise.  

  Especially now that there are no available District Clerk records that verify the information on the attached document.  We were informed that as a minor at the time of incidentportrayed, Sparta's records were sealed and could not be accessed. Sparta argues that for the crime stated in the docment, by law the records could not be sealed.  One ADA at the Harris Co DA's office states that is not necessarily true but not his area of expertise.  "Juvenile cases are a complicated specialty".

   Here are my immediate questions.  1. Why did you wait years to call The Sentinel and protest the publication of the document?   Have you helped me get my self way out on alimb and hope to cut it off right around election time?  Do you know more about the photoshopping you are so certain took place than you are letting on?

    When I consider that the original source of the document is anti Capers and has deep connections with Pct 3, I just wonder how deep the deceit is.  

    The story coming out of there was that Sparta was claiming this was a twin brother but he doesn't have a twin.  

   We did pull Sparta's TCOLE a few days ago and his status is clear and no longer on administrative hold.  Those records are recent enough that they reflect the separation from te PCT 3Constable's office as of May 31st.



USA TODAY 6/1/2023


Massive non compliance to an unconstitutional ATF rule regarding pistol braces being registered sent a clear message to the federalcriminals who attempted to undermine our freedoms and violate their oath to the Constitution..  A video HERE will give the actual numbers.  Oh when will the damn communists ever learn?   The ATF does not have the power to do what they tried to do.  I will not register a single pistol braceunless it becomes law the real way.  It is that simple.  





POLK COUNTY 6/2/2023


Bogus charges against a mother and citizen of Polk County were dismissed in district court yesterday.  Out of controll Onalaska PD resource officer, Tammy Heeth, pictured here spraying pepper spray directly into the eyes of a handcuffed female suspect failed to appear.  Heeth never did appear at any of the many hearings.  Lee Hon filed the retaliatory charges with no evidence accusing the mother in the car rider line of agg assault against a peace officer.  The mother is the ex wife and mother of Brandon White's children and these charges were leveled right after Brandon White had been so effective getting the word out on Hon's corruption on FB during the electionseason.  Hon also filed bogus felony charges on Brandon White which have subsequently been dismissed.  Hon's legacy is and will always be, 'retalliation.

    The mother went into the school and  filed a VERBAL complaint with the school over Heeth's antics in the car rider line and a few days later, Heeth escalated.  According to the mother, Heeth stepped out from the curb, banged her fist on the hood of the mother's car then accused her of running into Heeth with her automobile.  At this point, Heeth tried to drag the mother, belted in and  wearing a cast from rencent leg and ankle surgery, out through her car window by the hair of her head.  This mother's elementary age kids were in the car.

    After Hon was unable to bring the case to court, the burden fell on the popularly elected new DA, The Honorable Shelly Bush Sitton.  Ms Sitton did offer the defandant several plea bargains with the last being reduction to a ticket for disorderly conduct.  The mother stood her ground, refused the offers and said she was ready for trial.  

   A courtroom observer told The Sentinel that during the motion to dismiss, brought by attorney for the accused, Seth Evans, Ms. Sitton raised her hands and explained to The Court, "I have nothing".  There was no body cam, no dash cam and according to the principal, the scholl video did NOT show the mother hitting Heeth with her vehicle.   Add to that, not a single credible witness, despite the crowd on hand, could be found that would vouch for Tammy Heeth.  

   The Sentinel sought open records anf got documents proving that Heeth was allowed to conduct her own investigation into the incident, submit and sign the police report.  




Estimates of at least 1000 people attended the 'Town Hall' meeting SJC Sheriff Capers called for yesterday to deal with the subject of illegal immigration, The border crisis and facing the danger to SJC Citizens that those problems pose.   

    Sheriff Capers brought in several speakers from the border area to share their experiences and solutions.  

     The process for gaining funding from the state and fed to support Sheriff Caper's efforts were brought out and the citizens were admonished to pressure Commissioner's Court to persue the grant money.  

    As one of the poorest counties in Texas, funding for the Sheriff's Dept has always been an area of robust discussion.  

        Several voters from SJC expressed disappointment that there was a glaring lack of county elected officials attending.

    State Representative, Ernest Bailes spoke on issues in Austin and US Rep Morgan Luttrell had representatives from his office attend in his stead because he was in Washington.




Photo Courtesy Charles Ballard - Thankyou

COLDSPRING  5/29/2023


As always, the San Jacinto County Veterans Service Officer, Dale Everitt, planted flags, put up posters and notified local media that there would be a gathering at the SJC Courthouse to honor the memory of those locals who made the ultimate sacrifice for aour nation.  This year, he focused on the last female soldier MIA from the Vietnam war as the MIA flag took the seat of Honor during the memorial service.  Those public officials pictured here are L-R, Dwayne Wright, Republican Chair, Guylene Robertson, Polk Co Commissioner from Goodrich, 258th District Judge, The Honorable Travis Kitchens, San Jacinto County Judge (back row) The Honrable Fritz Faulkner, SJC County Clerk, Dawn Wright, SJC JP1, Honorable Christina McGee and SJC JP4, Honorable Kim Webb.


COLDSPRING 5/25/2023


As predicted by The Sentinel when the last time Vanesa of the bloo bonnet news spewed false information into the public sphere, her and SJC ADA Rob Freyer have united once again in their effort to smear the reputaion of one of our sitting district judges for personal gain.  Rob Freyer because he, it appears, has personal political ambitions of his own and Vanesa, just because that is what swamp creatures do.  Use the prosecutors' office to effect elections. 

    The thinly veiled story on the bloos news website illustrates several things to the observant reader.  

    1.  Vanesa 'bloo' Beshear just can't help herself when it comes to spewing false information.  In her story about Judge Kitchens granting a motion for bail reduction to correct an unconstitutionally high bail,, Vanesa falsly states that the murder in question occurred in Willis Texas.  No ma'am.  It occurred out rural FM 1725 in San Jacinto County.  That is why the case is being tried here in SJC and why the young man who killed the other young man in a lover's triangle turned himself in to the SJC Jail the next morning.  Willis lies entirely in Montgomery County.  Granted, that area of SJC is overlapped by the Willis ISD but no part of Willis, Tx lies in SJC. 

  The most troubling aspect of the bloo news is that she apparently is AOK with a prosecutor taking part in a political protest against a sitting District Judge.  They are both ok with a magistrate  ignoring the constitution and setting an unconstitutionally high million dollar bail.  This is what the 8th ammendment strives to protect.



Bail, which is basic to our system of law,1 is excessive in violation of the Eighth Amendment when it is set at a figure higher than an amount reasonably calculated to ensure the asserted governmental interest.2 The issue of bail is only implicated when there is a direct government restraint on personal liberty, be it in a criminal case or a civil deportation proceeding.3 In Stack v. Boyle, the Supreme Court found a $50,000 bail to be excessive, given the defendants’ limited financial resources and the lack of evidence that they were a flight risk.4 The Court determined that the fixing of bail for any individual defendant must be based upon standards relevant to the purpose of assuring the presence of that defendant, and [u]nless this right to bail before trial is preserved, the presumption of innocence . . . would lose its meaning


According to allegations of prosecutorial misconduct leveled agains ADA Rob Freyer, violating the constitution is just every day business for him.  Now it appears that Freyer is ignoring the cannon of ethics for conduct and is engaging in political activisim against a sitting judge while working in the SJC prosecutors office.  We have zero tolerance for that BS.  To prove just how fake the BS is, Freyer and Bloo news were going on and on about the sentencing of the dollar store robber a few months ago but when the man violated his probation, instead of seeking the max sentence he claimed to want back then, the prosecutor's office offered him a plea deal for 7 years TDCJ.  We knew bloos news allegations were false then and that just proved it.  

    As far as all the hoop la about sentencing, let us consider this question.  Do we want a judge that is going to follow the constitution to the letter or one that bows to political pressure?  I will take the constitution defending judge any day of the week.  

COLDSPRING 5/25/2023  8:30 AM


Quick action by COCISD staff, SJC Sheriff Capers and the Coldspring VFD saw all of the elementary school students evacuated this morning after a gas leak was reported.  Sheriff Capers responded quickly and the fire truck was right behind him arriving on the school grounds.  It was reported that all the kids were safely evacuated  and away from the danger by  following the  emergency protocals for the school.  No injuries were reported.



COLDSPRING  5/23/2023

Allegations of illegal search and seizure of legal mail and attorney/client privilege information have been leveled  against ADA Rob Freyer.  Where could he, in all his training, have learned it was ok to violate civil rights for a victory in court?

This is a portion of the Rob Freyer personnel file obtained thru open records.  



Sheriff Lyons issues statement on his Polk Co facebook page.



The major witness and complainant on a Prosecutorial Misconduct' case being investigated in SJC centered on the actions of SJC ADA Rob Freyer has been injured.  The victim of the assault was set upon  by an inmate brought in from TDCJ to Polk Co Jail. 

The SJC inmate was being housed in Polk Co.  


Still no public comment by Sheriff Lyons but some questions arise.  

How did the assailant get a shive so quick or did he bring it with him?  

Why did jail staff ignore warnings from inmates of impending situation?

Why are the guys who warned staff and actually got cut also trying to protect the target being prosecuted?  No phone, no visit, no commisary?  


According to sources at approximately 22:30 on Friday the 19th inmates in Polk County Jail cell #244 through Mark Jacobs informed Cpl. Freeman that a new inmate, just transferred from TDCJ, named Eduin Vences was acting erratic and making threats to other inmates. Cpl. Freeman informed him that there was not room to move the inmate. At approximately 01:00 inmate Vences attacked another inmate, Kenneth Gibson, with a "shank" he brought with him from TDCJ cutting him from the top of his skull down to between his eyes.. Three other inmates, Chase Allen, John Arredondo, and Mark Jacobs, attempted to save Mr. Gibson from his attacker. Two received lacerations to their arms and Case Allen was stabbed in the back and under the arm. At approximately 04:30 two PCSO deputies conducted interviews of the inmates and placed the victims in segregation. They are now facing charges for saving another inmate. As of the time of this writing none have been to the hospital. We are told they were seen by a nurse and a military vet and given clean bills of health but we are told Mr. Gibson has spent the last two days exhausted, with a headache, and vomiting. We reached out to PCSO immediately for comment but have yet to receive a statement. We also put in a request for all video but the sheriff's office is seeking a OAG's opinion on withholding them. Sources have said that the Sheriff said this narrative is incorrect but we have to ask if that is so why fight the release of the video? The inmates are scheduled for a hearing on Thursday in regards to this event. 






Onalaska Woes

Monday, May 17, 2023

3:33 PM

Today in the 411th district court of Texas the prosecution and defense announced ready for trial on two cases that we have been reporting on. One the Onalaska Lieutenant accused of official oppression, Gabriel Phillip Moore (represented by Tatum and Tatum Attorneys at Law), who is accused of inappropriately touching and making sexual advances toward another male officer under his care. The officer said he tried taking it to command within the department but ultimately took it to the Texas Rangers after feeling like nothing was being done. The second is the story of the mother (represented by The Evans Law Firm) that alleges being attacked by the school recourse officer at Onalaska Elementary School then being charged initially for aggravated assault of a public servant. The prosecution has ran the gambit of charges going all the way down to disorderly conduct before announcing ready today to pursue the charge of assault on a public servant. We will be watching both of these cases very closely and bringing you any information we obtain.


LIVINGSTON 5/19/2023


An investigation being kept close to the vest is ongoing as multiple sources confirm that several inmates were stabbed/cut  by a lone actor who is also an inmate.    We will withold victim names snd details until the sheriff has an opportunity to give a press release.  The victims were across racial lines and early information raises multiple questions.  

    This story is being explored more fully at this time.  




A deficit budget and past T.E.A. scrutiny for a possible takeover shouts it from the rooftops.  

   Several interviews with Dr. Talton make me  aware of his ability to perform in a position of high stress from public and board pressure.  

   His education and experience have prepared him well for the challenges ahead.  

   The Sentinel has submitted some open records requests and even directly questioned some other department heads.  So far  the requests are sent to the attorneys and only Dr. Talton has been willing to answer even a fewquestions.  






Automatic gunfire and reports of at least three dead at a border crossing overnight as an invading army of illegal migrants runs into resistance.  





The youtube linked to the headline is the most recent production of the award winning Wayne Dolcifino efforts in Texas.  In it he vindicates and proves that for The Sentinel to have dubbed Ranger Ryan Clendennon, "The Broom" when he served in Polk Co.  was totally justified.  

   Ranger Ryan "the broom' Clendennon earned the 'dubbing' for unprofessional and inmature efforts of 'dubbing' a staunch advocate for women and children, "Humpty Dumpty".  That occurred when Ms. Covalt confronted him and was holding him accountable.  After calling her short round self Humpty Dumpty, He smirked and said, "What are you going to do Ms. Covalt, write me another letter"?    



her little docile little short american woman reply,  then she wrote the letter and spanked Clendennon all the way to Lufkin with it.  He apparently didn't learn his lesson about accountability coming right along with the responsibilty of holding the public trust.  

    Clendennon isn't faring much better on facebook where retired Federal Agent and former DPS Trooper Roy Grant called him down for failing to investigate or follow through with verbal committments to do so.  

    He and the Ranger Dolcifino profiles in the linked video both seem to have embraced boss Steve McGraw's philisophey from FBI of, "If you don't do anything, you can't get introuble for nothing".

    So Ranger Broom, who took the worst whooping on this dubbinggame you wanted to play?  You or Humpty Dumpty?  


Sheriff plucks pot operation under constables nose


Rural SJC was the scene of a big bust for a pot growing operation recently.  


Once again, TRAILS END Subd was the scene of the crime.   SJC Pct 3 Constable Sam Houston been missing this grow house for some time despite claiming he has been in the area to serve  papers.  Houston  legally resigned his constable position by  putting up signs and proclaiming his intent to run for the office of sheriff in 2024 but never left office.  Nor was a replacement selected by Commissioners Court.  From Secretary of State on down, Houston's election code violation was ignored.   

    Among the mryaiad of complaints The Sentinel has received over the years about Houston, Of late it has been multiple women complaining that he fails to serve court documents on his buddies for divorce or child support.

   It has been alleged that Houston was holding an arrest warrant for Orapezo recently arrested for murders in Trails End Subd;  We are seeking proof of that allegation.  




Word of the day
    We are one step better as a Representative Republic.  Individual Liberty is the very essence of our freedom and must be preserved.  '
    I am king of my castle.  If That makes me a sovereign citizen . . . . .  The FBI is apparently terrified of free men when they label sovereign citizens as terrorists.  
        Even the King of Kings and Lord of Lords waits for us to knock so isn't that equating a Christian to being a Sovereign citizen?  Is that why the left's war on Christianity is waging?  Because Christ is the Supreme and Ultimate Power, indwells us and manifests Himself in our mortal bodies.  Our Liberty in Christ is on the Terror Watch List?  
       Oh that is right.  The Betsy Ross Flag is too.

CUT N SHOOT, TX  5/2/2023

KILLER CAPTURED   Hiding under a pile of clothes


CLEVELAND 5/1/2023

A GOTAWAY GOTAWAY . . .so far.

This tragic story is not about the kind of gun the maniac used, it is about him even being here.  Who bought his bus ticket?  Biden or Abbott?  

   Two days after I published the story below, "TIME FOR MILITARY BOOT IN CARTEL A$$",  A Mexican man in a white chevy truck pulled past my house slow.  It is a dead end road so he turned around and stopped at my drive.  I went out to talk to him and he let me know quick that he was 'Cartel" and he had money to buy some property in this area,.  

    Do not expect the illegal immigrant community to give the killer up either.  They may administer their own justice and toss him in a ditch but they will never give him up. hope I am wrong.



CLEVELAND I.S.D. 5/1/2023 

The school district had counselors on hand today and a prayer  with near 300 praying.  According to sources, they were careful to lift up not only the slain child, but the child of the suspected killer who is also a young student in the district.  What a tragedy for our community and the families.   










Five people are dead overnight in a shooting that happened in Trails End Subdivision in the south end of SJC.  The suspect  38, a Mexican National is at large. AMexican male with a goatee and short black hair last seen wearing blue jeans and a black shirt. `

   It appears to be an execution style murder resulting in the death of one male and several women and a child.

    two  w0men apparently shielded children with their own body according to the earliest reports.

    Trails End has  long been a cess pool of crime since it first came to SJC.  As part of the 911 addressing development in SJC, we began plotting Crime locations  for Sheriff Rogers in the 90's  and Trails end was top of the list even then.  

The development is the very reason SJC adopted standardized subdivision requirements for roads and such that had to be platted and 'Accepted' by commissioners court .  The 'developer' advertised in Houston and sold for a "dollar down, a dollar a month" so to say.  No ID, No Credit Ok.

   Not only did the scam artifically inflate the property values with uninformed buyers, it instantly became a trouble spot in SJC.







It is past time for the US Military to put a boot in the a$$ of the mexican cartels.  Promoting the invasion of America is bad enough even though Joe Biden invited them but this BS of sending poison candy into the coutry right as halloween, the lefts high holy day, is beyond the pale.


It is time for a military response to a military assault against our nation.  Too bad so sad that Joe Biden has made himself a target in his all out effort to sell us out to our enemies.


Biden has sold most of our STRATEGIC petroleum reserve, opens the gates for our enemies and sold us down the river.  Bidens need to be tried for treason and hung at sunrise when convicted.  It is that simple.  If the DOJ and military leaders cannot see thier way clear to protect our nation from these domestic enemies, they need to be thrown off as well.  

A look at Mexico’s Immigration Laws - Who Knew? (

POLK CO S.O. 4/28/2023


Former Trinity County Deputy who was arrested for engaging in drug dealing activities while in uniform and driving one of Woody Wallace's patrol cars was arrested again yesterday for violating a protective order according to a reliable source.  

  Christopher P. Lima also worked for former Polk Co DA, Lee Hon, former Onalaska PD Chief Ron Gilbert and Corrigan P.D.

   Lima was the subject of a years long effort by The Sentinel to expose his wrong doing based on the myriad of complaints we received alleging his criminal acts.  Our efforts were thwarted by Hon illegally witholding public records.  When we finally told an inmate on a recorded jail phone that we had evidence and were going to begin tailing Lima with avideo recorder because he was dealing drugs in Trinity County and working as K9 officer for Trinity co sheriff Woody Wallace,  he wasarrested. It was just a slap on the wrist for a misdomeanor charge of conspiracy to posess drugs.  Instead of catching him with the goods in the marked patrol unit the Rangers SAW him pick up drugs in, the corrupt Woody Wallace called him in to be arrested and told Lima do not wear his uniform.  That corrupt act prevented the patrol car or Lima's home from being searched.

    He finally went to court on the minimal drug charge and was placed on probation.  Lima violated the probation a few months ago by being arrested again for stealing merchandise from an Onalaska dollar store using a child to push the buggy of stolen merchandise out to the truck.

   This most recent arrest is for violating a protective order.

    Lima's girlfriend had a protective order on him and they got caught being together again yesterday resulting in Lima's arrest.



SJC CAD 4/27/2023


Troy Carlson, formerly of the Mont Co CAD has agreed to and the next morning took the reins of the SJC Central Appraisal District. According to sources, the CAD BOD hired him one evening and he was on the job the next morning.

    We gave him a week to test the waters before calling but as a nice change of pace, Chief Appraiser Carlson took my first call and took time to answer the questions my readers have been seeking answers too.  In the short time Chief Carlson has been on the job, he and his crew have made good progress toward the next milestone of getting the new appraised values out so the property owners will know what they are looking at for this protest season.  "We have been crunching a lot of numbers", Carlson said, "and are shooting for May 31st to be the protest filing deadline". 

    Expecting to be mailing out the notices early this next week, Carlson did confirm that no matter what, the tax payers will have 30 days to file a protest from the time the notices go out.

   Grateful to finally get a strait answer to a simple question, our conversation turned toward his background and experience in the mass appraisal process.  Chief Carlson has quite a bit of experience under his belt.  Before going to work in Montgomery County, he worked in the Comal County CAD so he definately has rural county experience.  His tenure in Montgomery gave him a lot of experience quickley due to the fast growth and expansion of Montgomery County.  Having worked both rtesidential and commercial appraisals along with the ever present Agricultural tracts in these rural counties, Chief Carlson seems to have a firm hand on the reins of our local agency and is looking to be way more proactive when it comes to communicating with the public.  





Hillary Clinton once infamously said, "it takes a village to raise a child".  Now Biden just says children in USA belong to the state. 


LIVINGSTON 4/28/2023



Threats made against the Livingston Jr. Hi have resulted in an  arrest.  One student was arrested off campus yesterday.


ONALASKA 4/28/2023


Former Onalaska PD chief, Ron Gilbert is on the ballot for a position on the Onalaska City Council.  Gilbert was chief of the PD during the time The Sentinel got the most complaints about corruption within the Onalaska police dept.  Those allegations not only pertained to the infamous former officer, Christopher Lima, alleging that he was doing, dealing and planting drugs on people, but also included allegations of perverse activity by several officers.   They ranged from stalking women in the community to taking a minor male child on 'ride alongs' and keeping him for the weekend to 'mentor' him.    The mother of the child made a complaint to a life long child advocate and long time resident of Onalasaka that the advocate submitted in writing on the child's behalf.   Gilbert quit not long after and the other officer accused, Tooley, was fired but not prosecuted by Hon.  It wasn't long before Tooley was quietly rehired.

    Now Gilbert wants to represent Onalaska as a council member.

    Let it be said here that despite Gilbert's efforts to cover for Lima and his illegal activities, Lima was later arrested by the Texas Rangers and accused of engaging in drug dealing activity while in uniform and in a marked patrol vehicle for the Trinity Co Sheriff, Woodrow Wallace.  Gilbert's former 'golden boy' was subsequently arrested in Onalaska for theft from the dollar store and currently awaits trial for that and punishment for violating the terms of probation for the drug charge.  

    On another note, the young minor male child whose mother complained about Gilbert and Tooley was some years later arrested and charged and convicted in SJC for sex crimes against a child.  

   During the same time frame, the advocate filed several written complaints on Onalaska PD officer Tammy Heeth, naming her and her anger issues as a liability for the Onalaska PD.  Those complaints were not heeded by Gilbert and now Heeth's anger issues have resulted in a case illustrating just how abusive and unrestrained officer can be.  

    Onalaska residents and Sentinel Readers will remember the horror story about another one of Gilbert's officers who was openly homosexual, abusing an 8 mos pregnnant woman, towing her car and literally leaving her stranded, standing on the side of the road.  Moore was later arrested and charged in Polk County for another crime.

   The Sentinel does NOT endorse any candidate and will not endorse Gilbert's opponents in this race but state clearly, you know what you have with Gilbert.  A man who is just OK with the mistreatment of citizens in the community.  It is our hope that Onalaska voters will once again dodge a bullet in the local elections and send a clear message to the likes of Gilbert.  


AUSTIN 4/24/2023



bill 990 which has passed the Texas senate would undo all of the work done in the administration of elections in SJC.  our system  allows us to vote where we are and not have to travel all over the county just to vote.  The current systems takes all of the confusion out of the fact that SJC has 4 commissioner precincts and 12 'Justice Precincts' or voting precincts.  It is a complcated map and a nightmare to sort out who votes where.  Under the current system which has only to make sure no one votes more than once, passage of this bill will put us back to the point of having to staff a dozen voting boxes and even re open one.  

     The problem with the putting forth of this bill is that Hall did NOT put forth a single scrap of evidence that there has ever been an issue of voter fraud since we have been using the system.   

    Our County Judge, Election Administrator and our Commissioners worked hard to implement the simple proceedures that have worked so well for us rural counties.

   PLEASE Mr. Hall, DO YOUR HOMEWORK and come up iwith evidence to back your claims or quit claiming.  










Operatives who all seem to have a foreign accent and work in a noisy call center continue to call long beyond stated purpose.  Yes I ordered some of the home text kits 'for free' and since fielded many calls.  

    Originally it was, "have you received the test kits your ordered?" Naturally, I confirmed that I did receive the test kits but now the singular question is, "Have you been vacinated?" 

   After several calls made in the last few weeks that got the same response, "That is none of your business but is between my doctor and myself only", the caller stated, "But sir, we just want to remove you from our C.O.V.I.D. List.


Brief submitted To Sentinel is on THIS PAGE  




one opinion

POLK CO 4/20/2023

Two responses to the SAME VIDEO.  One saying the guy is an idiot and the other a prepared  brief arguing the points of law with language that appears to support that notion that traveling is different than driving.  

    As an interesting follow up, I shared the two responses with each other.  The one who submitted the brief chuckled at the notion the arrested man is an idiot for standing on his rights and the law as he sees them.  The one who decried the mans actions as idiotic also dismissed the brief as being based on, "100 year old law".  

     The Consititution is 200 year old law.  Where do we go from here?

     Several law enforcement agencies within Polk Co have found themselves front and center in a myriad of cases that seem poised to define some of the most pressing questions spanning the divide between the system 'and We the people".  

   Questions like, "Is photography a crime?" and can you trespass the public from the public w/o a crime?  Can we carry a gun on our hip from the car to the house?  Can we be criminally charged for 911 abuse  because someone else called 911?  And most importantly f all, Can a corrupt DA continually file retaliatory criminal charges on people who oppose him politically and just keep on doing it? 

    We do know that the ballat box can do the heavy lifiting here locally to oust corruption.  Now lets see if the jury box can at least sweep up some.  



LIVINGSTON 4/20/2023



Advertises 'unbaptism' according to someone with access to the site.

Give the devil an inch and they want the whole mile.  Too bad, so sad but The Truth is, No man can pluck a saint from HIS Hand.  That includes your own effort, much less some deluded 'minister' of darkness.  


And I give unto them eternal life; and they shall never perish, neither shall any man pluck them out of my hand.
    If you observed Ressurection Sunday with easter eggs and choclate bunnies, you should be able to re up your supplies at the market.   
     The world will always hate the message that Jesus is the only way to The Father and not recognize the love with which we express to them The Way and The Truth.  But truth be known, paganism creeps in everywhere.  Are you taking yoga classes?  Oh and at your baptist church?   It is one of the most subtle but demonic practices on earth.  Especially the Kundalini brand.  
   It is an age old battle still won with the age old ancient of days principles of Truth and Love of The Truth.


POLK CO 4/20/2023


Sentinel readers will remember the lawsuit Lee Hon encouraged and collaborated with then judge candidate John Wells to file on a prominent supporter of Wells' opponent.   While Hon was DA,  the evidence text shows, Hon offers to see if he can find some kind of criminal charges  to file against Von Schmidt.  Schmidt's Crime?  Running a private ad that accurately listed the experience and attributes of each candidate.  

    That decision to listen to Hon came back and bit Judge JohnWells in the butt recently in the form of a lost lawsuit and attorney fees ordered to be paid to Von Schmidt.    "We got about half of what we asked for", Von Schmidt confirmed.  Most importantly, Von Schmidt proved and the courts held that a citizen has free speech and free press rights that we will not let be infringed.  

   What I find interesting is the timing.  Hon is infamous for setting up folks he sees as potential future opponents.  Especially when he KNOWS he could never beat them at the ballot box.  Here we are coming to the next cycle of elections and John Wells will be running and lo and hehold, Wells is getting a political 'ouchy'.  






SJC CAD 4/19/2023


No official statement yet but reliable sources indicate that a choice has been made.  

If we are any where near right, the new Chief Appraiser is a young man that has worked in Montgomery County. .  




All are evacuated and requested that no traffic head that way.  





Consideration of deputizing citizens as an extension of law enforcement is pending.  Bull 20 as outlined in THIS ARTICLE wil explain more.

Larry Hopkins, AKA Johnny Horton Jr., did a few years in federal prison behind trying to help patrol the southern border with his Militia group.  The group was apprehending 'gotaways' to turn over to Border Patrol,   

    The same militia group camped in centenial park in Shepherd to protest and push to block the proposed I.C.E. facility being proposed for SJC.  The facility was not built but the feds closed in on Hopkins for a gun charge.





Former Harris Co prosecutor, Kelly Seigler attempted to quiet the call for solving the Natasha Atchley murder, a very old SJC cold case, by casting doubt on several facts of the case.  

    Siegler, discredited by much prosecutorial misconduct during her career (STORY HERE)failed to turn our sheriff or DA's nose away from the case.  They made that plain when interviewed by Ms. Seigler.

     Seigler's most blantant effort was stating she could not "confirm" that an accelerant Known as, 'drip gas' was actually used to burn the car and the body.   Her failure to find the lab that made the finding still in operation after nearly 30 years she felt warranted casting that doubt.

     Drip gas is high grade  petroleum distillate used in productes such as WD-40.  

     Any oilfield hand that has ever done any guaging work could draw the gas off of  of one of the numerous natural gas well heads in the area.  Last count, there were nearly 30 within a fairly close proxiemity that were flowing at the time of the murder.  




ONALASKA 4/14/2023


Two mother's sons stepped up to speak to brother Ellis Williamson at his Centenarian Anniversary.  So many brought their families to the event held today to help this family celebrate "Willie's" birthday.  

    Hundreds of people came through to thank this man and his family.  The food, catered by Jerry's restaurant, Willie's frequent coffee spot, put on a great spread with lots of bragging on the homemade rolls they are famous for going on.  Please no body tell my doctor you saw me with that coconut creme pie.  

      What a great community event the VFD facilitated today even taking time to celebrate all of the "April Babies" in the room.  Young Sageous Matthews, pictured right is a volunteer fireman prospect in Pointblank.  He was serving before he was shaving and has several years of experience already following in footsteps of others.






ONALASKA VFD 4/12/2023


ELLIS J. WILLIAMSON  will be honored and his birthday celebrated this coming Saturday, April 15th at the Onalaska VFD fire station located at Hiway 190 and Old Groveton Rd in Onalaska, Texas.  The event will be held between 10 am and 2 pm to honor this vet who was an Engineer Gunner on a B-26 Marauder during the 2nd World War.  Brother Ellis's plane was shot down over Germany on December 21st just before the war ended and he spent some time as a prisioner of war.   Gunner Ellis was slated to fly 65 missions before going back stateside and his plane was lost on the last mission he was going to fly for that deployment.

    Please come out and show your support for this 100 year old vet.  You are welcome to bring a covered dish but the event will be catered by Jerry's Restaurant, an Onalaska favorite.  The 'Chef, Bobby Watson is back again by popular demand.   

   According to the Vet's daughter, The Honorable District Judge, Travis Kitchens was enjoying a meal at Jerrys and overheard the Centenarian veteran's daughter talking to her dad about his service.   Judge Kitchens stepped up to thank the vet for his service and invite him to visit the SJC 'Hall of Heroes'that has been put together and maintained by our Veteran Service Officer, Dale Everitt.  Judge Kitchen's own dad was a WWII bomber pilot, so the men had a lot to talk about.  A brief interview with Ms. Lenz, daughter of the vet was quite interesting and she revealed that her dad's younger siblings, 87 and 85 will also be at the celebration.   Please come out and show your support and gratitude for the selfless acts and sacrifices of this member of a great generation.


POLK CO 4/12/2023


As seemingly the only news outlet in East Texas that is willing to tackle the topic of prosecutorial misconduct, The Sentinel received two seperate emails pertaining to two seperate Polk Co. cases within 30 days of The Honorable Shelly Bush Sitton taking over the tarnished office that Lee Hon once held.  Both emails decried her efforts making comments to the effect of "nothing new" or "same ole same ole" regarding Ms. Sitton's efforts.  We responded to both writers that they should give DA Sitton a little time because she inherited a mess with THOUSANDS of back logged cases.

     A recent interview with a criminal justice worker in this district did confirm that it took 60 days for DA Sitton and her staff to find everything and organize the backlog so it could be handled in a professional mannter.  "I know from watching her during her private practice that Ms. Sitton is a great organizer" my source stated.  This source shared that DA Sitton and her staff found entire file cabinets that had never been touched full of cases that had never even been put into the system. 

    In the last two weeks, The Sentinel received follow up emails from both persons who had complained about no change stating that Ms. Sitton and her staff had addressed their cases and that, "She (DA Sitton) has restored my faith in the Criminal Justice system in Polk County".  

    Just to vett the claims of these two new found supporters, The Sentinel has confirmed that the Docket backlog is moving ahead at a great pace, especially in Polk County.  

    As a follow up, we took opportunity recently to watch and listen to an entire day of SJC District Court hearings in the 258th court with the Honorable Travis Kitchens presiding.   What we observed were all departments prepared and communicating despite the different rolls.  The SJC DA's office were set up with all their files and even a printer on the table able to produce needed documents on the spot with no delay.  The probation department was up to speed on each defendant she had on the docket that day and had already had discussions with the prosecutors and the defense attorneys so they could move forward.  The Court Coordinator and District Clerk took care of their business filling out and filing documents on the spot.   I even heard one defense attorney thank SJC 1st ADA, Rob Freyer for going out of his way retrieving a file from upstairs the attorney needed to best represent his client.  "No problem" was Freyer's response after taking an action that prevented delay.  

  At one point, a mouthy defendant was before the bench and I noticed that Sheriff Capers' armed deputy charged with keeping the inmates in the jury box secured kept one eye on them but her and the probation officer moved in a little closer to the left side of the defendant before the bench.  Judge Kitchens long time trusted bailiff, J.R. moved over close to the defendants right side.  Captain Lovings left his court room door position and came up behind the defendant.  That was when he started getting lippy with the Judge.  Judge Kitchens told him "You need to chill out" and then proceeded to admonish the man that if he failed another drug test before his next court date, Judge Kitchens assured him that he would sign the warrant to put him in jail. 

     After all the cases on the dockett had been handled and I was leaving the courthouse, I asked Captian Lovings about them gathering around that one defendant and if they were expecting trouble.  He replied, "Yeah, he likes to fight". 

    We can and should expect good communication and even cooperation between our public servants but one other event struck me as a great display of a good attitude toward the common goal of seeking truth and justice for all.  An attorney out of Polk County was delayed on a probate case and could not make it to court but called attorney, Bobby Phillips to stand in for her.  He did just that.  He was not able to take on one hearing she had scheduled but was able to enter motions and counsel her clients so as to minimize the delay caused by herconflicting case.  It is that spirit of communication and fairness that pervades the 258th that will clear up the back log and get the system back on track.  





The values for 2023 have not been published yet but are due out soon according to Texas Law.  

We have sought a comment from the acting chief appraiser related to the hiring process and an estimate to when our new values will be available.  "He isUnavailable" is a consistant quote so far after they ask him if he is there.  No returned calls or even an answer relayed to me,  Another opaque agency?



Pct 3 former constable San Houston has been way more open about the fact that he plans to run for sheriff of SJC in the next election as reported by The Sentinel when his signs first appeared.  Even though he, the DA and Secretary of State have ignored the law that dictates automatic resignation because he announced his bid for the office of sheriff a long time ago and began putting signs up all over the county, never the less,according to the law whether enforced or not, he is resigned.  

   My only question is this.  Is Sam 'the perv' Houston going to learn from Lee Hon's mistake?  Sentinel readers will remember that we warned Hon that if he stepped down as DA to run for judge that the voters would realize that Hon no longer had power (thumb) on them as DA and if they did not vote him in again, he was DONE.  Hon laughed it off and got his corrupt ass beat.  Who is laughing now?

   Will Sammy boy suffer the same fate?  Will he let go of his constable thumb on position, run for sheriff and find out the majority of voters in SJC don't want is corrupt ass in power here?  Sam may have the Pct 3 voters subdued and they may not care that he threatened a beautiful young woman with putting her in jail, taking her kids away from her if she did not meet up with him one on one.  The Pct 3 voters apparently don't care that his captain dog catcher Sparta is convicted of Agg Sexual Assault of a Child But you will find out Sam that a county wide race is a whole different critter.  You step down to run for sheriff and the voters will understand that we can rid our county of both of you perverts at once and see what happens.  

    The last thing the voters of SJC want is you as sheriff or your boy Sparta as chief deputy.  



The Diversity, Inclusion, Equity party has its sights set on strangling the life right out of the United States.  We are already the most diverse nation on earth.  The American dream Includes all people.  Equality of opportunity, not equity of outcome, is all we promise.  The VA schools that witheld the national merit awards so as not to, 'hurt the feelings' of the ones who did not earn that recognition is the symptom of the demise of our education system and our nation.  There is a big difference in 'Inclusion' and 'delusion'.

reader submitted photo - thankyou


When the suspect is cuffed, the fight is over"

sounds good but not always the case.  Between head butting, kneeing and kicking or just knockin someone over, the fight is not always over but the series of photos that were submitted along with this one, show the suspect getting in the car and no moves toward the officer.  We don't know this suspects name but allegations against officer Heeth of using unnecessary force and filing 'complaint retaliation' charges on another woman seem much more plausible especially after vetting the woman charged.




An officer with the Onalaska PD failed to appear for hearing today based on personal reasons after the last reset was for  no prosecutor prepared to make the case.  TAMMY HEETH filed felony criminal charges on a woman shortly after that parent filed a written complaint with the elementary school for the officers aggressive actions. during car rider line issues.  That was about two years ago.


  In a case of blatant hypocricy, The officer making the felony allegations was allowed to do her own investigation and and write her own police report for the school official to sign.  

    Before the altercation that the felony charges resulted from, The defendant claims that when her and officer Heeth met in the Brookshire Bros aisles, Heeth rammed her cart into Lambert and confronted her about the complaint causing a scene in the store.

     Heeth filed felony charges based on the claims that Lambert hit her with her car while while doing the car drop off routine.  Lambert claims the contact was intentional on Heeth's part and culminating with Heeth trying to pull her out of her car by the hair.

    In an unrelated incident pictured at left, Heeth can be seen pepperspraying a handcuffed suspect right in the eyes.     

   If you want to support the Sentinel efforts to hold local polie accountable, follow the link at the top of the page.






CROOKED SAM HOUSTON SIGN readers submitted thankyou International 'no way' symbol added for clarity

Various signs around San Jacinto county have been reported to The Sentinel.  Signs beyond the PCT 3 area that Houston resides in.  This sign is in Pct Four and Houston has made himself a candidate in a county wide race.

     When someone is on your clock (we will call him 'sam's high ham' for the time being) goes around looking for a and finding the campaign manager of a possible future opponent as sheriff, You have made yourself a candidate.  When your agent (sam's high ham, rubuffs that campaign manager to warn him against trying to run his candidate against sam I am, you have made yourself a candidate.  

   We all remember your penchant for illegal campaign signs over the years constable.  We remember the state Hwy Dept and then the Forest Service having to force you to remove your illegal signs because other people couldn't put theirs there..  You have repeatedly sought unfair advantage over opponents in otherways too just like you are with this crooked stunt.  

The Sentinel calls for the signs to be removed or for you to resign as the law requires.


 pct 3 constable resigns

By telling people he was running for Sheriff of San Jacinto County, former Constable Sam Houston has officially resigned his position as Constable of Pct 3, SJC according to The Constitution of this Great State.  Several witnesses have confirmed that Sam Houston has told them personally that he is going to run for Sheriff of SJC and his agent is campaigning for him in the 2024 election and Houston is already putting up political signs as reported by many Stentinel readers.

Art 16 - Sec 65

Sec. 65. AUTOMATIC RESIGNATION ON BECOMING CANDIDATE FOR ANOTHER OFFICE. (a) This section applies to the following offices: District Clerks; County Clerks; County Judges; Judges of the County Courts at Law, County Criminal Courts, County Probate Courts and County Domestic Relations Courts; County Treasurers; Criminal District Attorneys; County Surveyors; County Commissioners; Justices of the Peace; Sheriffs; Assessors and Collectors of Taxes; District Attorneys; County Attorneys; Public Weighers; and Constables.

(b) If any of the officers named herein shall announce their candidacy, or shall in fact become a candidate, in any General, Special or Primary Election, for any office of profit or trust under the laws of this State or the United States other than the office then held, at any time when the unexpired term of the office then held shall exceed one year and 30 days, such announcement or such candidacy shall constitute an automatic resignation of the office then held, and the vacancy thereby created shall be filled pursuant to law in the same manner as other vacancies for such office are filled.







'If you don't do nothing, you can't get in trouble for nothing"

Well before the Uvalde Massacre, The Sentinel called for the resignation of Steven McCraw, DPS Director (retired FBI) for bringing that lame FBI 'doctrine' to the Texas DPS with him.  Our call for McCraw's resignation was based on the ABJECT FAILURE of DPS to arrest or charge Lee Hon or Tommy Coleman for the crimes they committed under the color of office for political purpose.  Even with the Evidence tied up with a bow and delivered by multiple people INCLUDING the person who wrote the complaint evoking the response letter at left, nothing was ever done.  The sad state is, the same evidence was delivered to the FBI agents in Lufkin too with the same non response.  The attached letter is in response to a complaint lodged by a retired federal agent and submitted to the "Office of Professional Responsibility" (OPR) within the FBI's Office of Inspector General.  You can see for yourself and read between the lines.  

   Brings to mind the old song Lyric, "Nothing from nothing leaves nothing" done, going to be done or even considered being done.

    In fact, worse than nothing being done, from where I sit, it appears that Merrick Garland has ADOPTED lee hon's methonds and put them on national display.

    Recently, an ARTICLE APPEARED HERE quoting DPS Director, Steven McCraw saying that if it was shown any of his troopers had any culpability in the Uvalde Massacre, that he would resign.  DUH.  4 tooperes were on site for an hour and did not follow training.  The Sentinel called you out IMMEDIATLY for laying blame on the ISD resource officer  Lee Hon proved that rotten law enforcement trickles down from the top.  I say trickle because 95 percent are top notch but the few rotten spoil the barrel for the rest.

   If Greg Abbott loses this election to a pinko commie gun grabbing dress wearing freak, it won't be because you didn't resign.  It will be because Gov Abbot did not fire you the day after the Uvalde Massacre.

    Governor Abbot.  Fire McCraw and learn to stand up for Father's rights in the Great State of TExas if you expect us to support you.  For the state to recognize the place of the father in the home is our only hope.  It is that simple.


POLK CO 8/29/2022


The 258th court was the venue of the arraignment for Brandon White today and the Adminiistrative Judge for region 2, The Honorable Robert Hill Trapp presided over the hearing this morning.  Bradon White did plead Not Guilty and tentative pretrial and trial dates were set.  None of the other auditors arrested have been notified to appear for hearing.

WASH D.C. 8/13/2022


who's the PPP of them all?

Partisan Political Propagandist is the only term that fits the Lenny and Squiggy of the FBI now despite their weak protestations.  If the "Boy that cried wolf" analogy ever fit a situation, this is it.  Merrick Garland and Christopher Wray need to take a good long look in the mirror if they want to know who is undermining the reputation and integrity of the FBI. You have cried 'wolf' on President Trump so many times that have PROVEN FALSE that even if you could produce evidence of your accusations now, NO ONE IS GOING TO BELIEVE YOU.  Talk about shooting your own self in the foot.   The sad commentary is that the wolf really is at the door AND IT IS YOU!!!!

   When you guys want to point a finger at the nut job who attacked an FBI location recently blaming conservatives for his criminal acts, there are three fingers pointing back at yourselves for pushing him past his limit.  Remember, it is YOU TWO that have lost Hunter Biden's lap top and the evidence against the Biden crime family it contains.  It is you PPPs that turn a blind eye to actual democrat crimes and make up crimes against conservatives.

    I know a wonderful youngster working full time and paying their own way through college who is studying Criminal Justice.  This youngster's dream and driving ambition is to join the FBI when they graduate.  Please don't destroy their dreams Merrick.  


    Frederick Douglas, a black patriot, said it best when he noted that we have the ballot box, the jury box and when those are violated, the cartridge box.  

    You PPP's have turned a blind eye to the corruption of the ballot box.  You are yourself corrupting the Jury Box and are trying your best to take away our cartridge boxes because you know that the patriots in America, black and white, are not going to let you turn our Representative Republic into a mob rule democracy.  Anyone who has bought into the leftist propaganda that the USA is a democracy is part of the problem.  THAT INCLUDES FOX NEWS!!!!!!!

DPS Director, SteveMcCraw's abject failure to discipline a rogue ranger is coming back to bite him in the butt much like letting Ron Duff off the hook when he violated the ethics and destroyed the reputation of the Texas Rangers in East Texas.  Merrick Garland had to learn those tactics somewhere.

    The Sentinel sounded the alarm about Hon way back in 2015.  It took seven years for the voters to hear me.   We have been sounding the alarm about Clendenon for several years and on Janet Casels for over a year.  "Can you hear me now?"   Casels has proven that she is willing to file bogus charges on and imprison an innocent man for daring to expose her crimes in print (East Texas Reporter)  yet let corrupt elected officials go scot free even with proof documents handed to her.  

      Are 'we the people' dumbasses?  Are we afraid?  Are we just as corrupt as long as we are in the clique with the powerful?  

     How are we going to save the nation if we can't even save our county?  Angelina, you have to stand up against this kind of corruption or sit down and shut the hell up.  It is an uphill battle because the Lufkin Daily News is in bed with the corrupt politicians much like our Polk County Enterprise is in Polk County.  I don't know of a Rosemary Covalt or a Roy Grant in Angelina county that will dare to stand up to the likes of Clendennon.  You guys sure don't have a Sentinel Alert nor are any of you willing to contribute to our effort so we can expand up there so you guys may as well bend over for them and then sit down and shut up.


On August, 6, 2022 at 6:50 PM, Walker County Sheriffs Office was dispatched to a burglary of a residence on
the 80 block of Tejas Drive.
Upon Deputies arrival to the residence, the victim advised they were not at the residence when they received a
text message from a neighbor saying there was a suspicious vehicle parked behind the house. When the owners
of the residence arrived they walked through the residence and noticed several items missing along with a trailer
they had parked on the property.
Due to the neighbor knowing that vehicle did not belong at the residence they drove by the house and observed
two individuals walk in to the house and then drive off to a residence located on the 40 block of Kickapoo
Deputies were given details of the suspicious vehicle and the two individuals that were seen at the victim’s
residence. Contact was made at 40 block of Kickapoo, were the suspect confessed to have taken items from the
property. Suspect also confessed to have removed the trailer that was on the property and take it to Papa Keiths
Gas Station.
39 year old, Crystal Perdue and 31 year old, Justin Collins were taken into custody and transported to the
Walker County Jail. Perdue is currently at the Walker County Jail for Burglary of Habitation (F2), Possession
of Control Substance (F3), Theft of Property (SJF), Fraud use/Possession of Identifying Info (SJF) with a bond
total of $15,000. Collins is currently at the Walker County Jail for Burglary of Habitation (F2), Resist Arrest
Search or Transport (MA), Theft of Property (SJF), Fraud use/Possession of Identifying Info (SJF), pending
This is a great example of neighbors helping neighbors and being a good eye witness. Sheriff McRae
would like to remind everyone to contact your local law enforcement office if you see any suspicious

WASH D.C. 8/7/2022


Democrat prosecutors have been ordered to release tapes from the Jan 6th patriot protest that occurred on US Capitol gorunds.  It is obvious why the demoncrats did not want to release the tapes because they proove that the 'insurrection' narrative is a total falsehood.  Anyone who still buys the demoncrat line will swallow anything.   Ashli Babbit was murdered.  



8/4/2022 WASH DC


Ted Cruz called out a paranoid FBI over the newest clamour over any patriots that dare to display any symbol of past victories over tryanny in the history of our great nation.   Labeling us Militia Violent Extremest, anyone who embraces the past victories in the fight for freedom against tyranny is now an MVE.  What a crock and the FBI better figure out who they work for and what their mission is.   I guess the Liberty Bell Icon that has long graced The Sentinel pages lands me in good company.  




A revealing and plain language ARTICLE POSTED HERE lays out the chronic problem that plagues the FBI on a national level.  That same article vindicates The Sentinel's protestations of corruption in East Texas.  Lenny and Squiggy are the 'affectionate terms applied to the agents in Lufkin by local law men who can't stand the corruption.  Turning a blind eye to crime even after irrefutable evidence has been tied up with a bow and delivered to you shows one hard truth.  You don't know because you dont want to know and it facilitates the federal philosephy Steve McCraw brought from the FBI to DPS in Texas and demonstrated in Uvalde.  "If you don't do anything, you can't get in trouble for anything". 




Let everyone know what you are thinking.  

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