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2/17/2023 WALKER CO


A case that garnered Sentinel attention immediatly when I witnessed the arrest taking place has ended up being a spanking for the Huntsville PD rookie that was on the scene.  

    Despite the repeated protestations of the arestee, Brooks,  that he was NOT a felon and despite the rookie having Brooks DL and a computer on his dash and dispatch at the ready, he would rather arrest the man on false charges than do his duty as stated Right off of the Huntsville PD web site:  


As public  servants we  pledge to serve all with Honor, Professionalism and Dedication. It is our duty to protect individual rights, maintain order and prevent crimes while observing the highest ethical standards. In doing so, we strive to earn the confidence of the public and forge an ongoing partnership of cooperation with our community.

    The cop never did catch on.  Thank Goodness for Walker Co's sake, JP Fisher did take the time to find the truth and act on it.  

   As for the assault accusations leveled against the man by the same woman that lied to the cops about Brooks being a "twice convicted felon",  I submit their own report of the incident.   Take note there is no traffic report or accident report despite the alleged 'deadly weapon' being a car.  The vehicle was towed and impounded.  



12/16/2021 HUNTSVILLE

THE FIX IS IN (But it was always in)

The first story The Sentinel wrote about the Christopher Lima arrest nailed it.  “It may or may not be a strong case” the Walker Co’s DA’s office stated today after Lima’s SECOND FAILURE TO APPEAR took place in the halls of the Walker County Courthouse this morning. 

   The DA denies that it is the second FTA because the first time Lima failed to appear, the court said the DA had not filed the case and the DA said they filed the case but the court had made a "coding error".   We cannot speak to the veracity of either story but both times there was a hearing set, the baliff came to the door of the courtroom and in the hall called, "Christopher Lima" and there was no Lima or attorney to answer for him either time.  

   We wrote in the first story about his arrest that if the Rangers and/or Woody Wallace ever had any serious intention of making a case, they would have stopped Lima on the highway and searcehd him and his patrol vehicle or arrested him at home with a search warrant.  They don’t have any hard evidence because they didn’t want any hard evidence was how I put it in that story.  It is that simple andthat does put the DA in a tough spot.   The last Thing DA Durham wants is to appear soft on LEO crime.  Nor does he want to go to court with a case he can't win.   

   The ‘Probable Cause affidavit” was all scandalous and made for interesting reading for a crime buff or journalist but when it all boiled down, the only evidence they have to prove the flimsy low level  ‘conspiracy’ charge against Lima is the say so of a known bad actor.  Spare us the drama please.     

     We all know and it is public knowledge that you can't really take Lima down because he can take 'everybody' down, especially Hon and Wallace.  When I say, 'everybody', I am talking about the corrupt cartel.  If they are in a position of power and hate my guts because I ask questions and demand answers, that's them.  

    Woody Wallace is fighting me so hard to keeep me from getting proof documents, it screams, "I am a corrupt sheriff and don't want any scrutiny".   Then he gets on FB and claims to be transparent.  LIAR!!!

   Think about it.  If I am successful in getting documents to prove that Woody had a K9 officer that was caught dealing drugs out of his patrol vehicle before Lima that Wallace just fired and did not prosecute, how would that look come election year?  The total absurdity of his effort was illustrated when his records blocking attorney asked me to clarify what I meant by "K9 officer".  My reply was that I will get a brown paper sack and a crayon to explain it.

    Instead we asked TCOLE for the list  and having to whittle it down with a lot more questions.

    It is way easier to just tell the folks what they want to know when it is public information.  

    Just like I proved to probation that the employment file is public record in the Keith Black failed lawsuit against me, we have a right to know if Wallace fired a K9 officer for dealing drugs before he promoted Lima to the position.  We have a right to know if the allegations prove true, if Wallace prosecuted the corrupt cop or kicked him down the road.  If I were a Trinity Co voter, it would matter to me.   Looks like a GHon/Coleman tactic.  Spend tax payer resources to fight transparency.

For immediate Release – New Waverly Robbery
January 8, 2017
Press Release
On Sunday 1/7/2018 at 6:30pm, Walker County Sheriff’s Deputies were dispatched to two robberies that appeared to have occurred simultaneously. One was a convenient store located in the 9000 block of Highway 75 South and the other was a local restaurant in the 100 block of Hwy 150 West. Three suspects were seen leaving the area in a dark colored 4 door passenger car that was driven by a fourth unknown suspect.
Two suspects entered into the convenient store. One suspect appeared to be thin built, approximately six foot tall black male, last seen wearing a black hoodie, black ski mask, black tennis shoes w/ gray or white laces and was armed with a black handgun. Second suspect appeared to be approximately 5’10” of medium build black male, wearing a gray and black hoodie, black beanie, black sweat pants with a gray stripe down the side and black tennis shoes.
The third suspect entered the restaurant and appeared to be a light skin male wearing a dark jacket and black ski mask and was also armed with a black handgun.
This incident is still an ongoing investigation. Walker County Sheriff Clint McRae is asking the community for their assistance if they have any information that would assist in this investigation to please contact the Walker County Sheriff’s Office at (936)435-2400.
Further details will be provided as additional information is obtained throughout the investigation.
Information Source:
Marlene Wells, Public Information Officer
Walker County Sheriff’s Office

December 19, 2017
For Immediate Release
Arrest made in luring children:
Detectives with Walker County Sheriff’s Office have arrested an individual in connection to three events in Walker County where he attempted to lure children and one woman to his vehicle, within Walker County.
On October 20, 2017 detectives began investigating two separate offenses where a stranger approached children in Walker County neighborhoods and attempted to lure them into his vehicle.
On November 23, 2017, Thanksgiving Day, a third incident was reported in the southern part of Walker County where a woman jogging was approached by a black male where he attempted to get her attention, and started running towards her after she ignored his verbal attempts to get her attention. In all three incidents the suspect and vehicle description were very similar. Investigators began contacting surrounding law enforcement agencies and discovered that the San Jacinto County Sheriff's Office, the Conroe Independent School District Police Department and the Montgomery County Sheriff's Office all had similar incidents involving matching suspect and vehicle descriptions.
On the evening of December 17, 2017 Detective Jake Jacobson of the Walker County Sheriff's Office was traveling on IH-45 in the Conroe area and located a vehicle matching the description of the suspect vehicle. He contacted Conroe Police Department and they conducted a traffic stop on the vehicle.
After further investigation, on the morning of December 18, 2017 Detectives with the Walker County Sheriff's Office and the San Jacinto County Sheriff's Office arrested 21 year old Alfred Glen Davis of San Jacinto County.
After being interviewed by Walker County Sheriff’s Office Detectives, Davis admitted to 3 incidents in Walker County and numerous other incidents in San Jacinto, Montgomery and Harris County. All the incidents involved Davis using his vehicle; a brown in color, 2010 Chevrolet Impala, and approaching adults and children and attempting to commit a Robbery or abduct them. All other agencies are aware and conducting their own investigations. Detectives expect more charges to be filed on Davis in the coming days and weeks.
Davis is currently in the Walker County Jail charged with Attempted to Commit Aggravated Kidnapping with Intent to Commit Sexual Assault and attempted Sexual Assault. More charges are expected as it is still an ongoing investigation. Anyone that recognizes the vehicle or believes they may have had an encounter with this subject is encouraged to contact Walker County Sheriff’s Office or their local Law Enforcement Agency.
Sheriff McRae would like to thank all of the deputies and detectives that spent many hours following up leads and working this case which with this arrest took a very dangerous person off our streets making the entire region a safer place.
Information Source:
Marlene Wells, Public Information Officer


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