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where are the stone engravers for dc that can add, "but the govt can shoot you in the neck and turn a deaf ear when you get there"



In retrospect of the beginnings of the so called 'pandemic', you would think that people would have learned a lesson from the barber that refused to close right up front.  He won.  He caught last year’s bioweapon flu and survived.

    It seems that lesson was lost on the ATF when they confronted the owner of 'Bokeeters' in Montgomery County trying to force her to close.   Their illegal and unconstitutional efforts continue.   A well written and detailed story that covers much about her own local 'insurrection' is linked to the headline.  

     Ms. Young, it seems, has more Moxie than most.  I use the word 'insurrection' just to jab at the idiots who call the January 6 patriotic protest at the horse's mouth an 'insurrection'.  Video of the capitol event exists that prove the numbers were present to have taken the entire city if that had been the intent.  Video also proves the capitol police fired the first volley onto unarmed peaceful protestors who were at the required place to make their grievances known to our government.  THAT is the right that is protected and cherished and EXERCISED by the patriots of this nation.

   The true insurrection is in the streets looting and burning tennis shoe stores, electronics shops and clothing outlets with hair care products that don't have squat to do with government.  That anarchist right is protected and legitimate peaceful protest is prosecuted.    A black man murders an unarmed white woman and he is protected from any scrutiny.   

NEW CANEY 2/26/2020


411 pages of an official TCOLE investigation into the fraudulent practices of MC Pct 4 Constable Kenneth "Rowdy" Hayden permanetly answers the question posted on The Sentinel a couple months ago about who was the liar in the whole mess.  It is Rowdy Hayden, Barry Welch, Warwick et al within the ranks of Hayden's office.  This is just one snip out of the lengthly file that we obtained recently but have not had a chance to read completely.   Not the brightest bulbs in the box, three were filmed on scene in the tragic killing of Joshua Johnson by Trevor Potter yet forged training documents saying they were in a TCOLE required course in Fort Bend County.  Montgomery County DA Ligon recused himself early on in the case but still took time to fight me on open records I requested during that time period.  Records that prove criminal acts on the part of Hayden's office for falsifying employment records.  Ligon fought me to keep me from getting records that proved criminal acts yet requried me to file a formal notorized complaint before his office would take action. 



    Noting, "Lack of Evidence", the Montgomery County DA's office, in order to seek truth and justice, was forced to move for a dismissal of charges on a case that Pct 4 Constable Hayden started with a lie and built on more lies.  The irony is that the case ended up exposing the Truth about "Rowdy's Rules" of conduct within his department.

    Unlike most cases The Sentinel looks into where there are mutiple complaints about one person that is compromising the integrity of the department or agency with their illegal antics, we have yet to have the same officer named.  Each and every complaint is about a different officer within the Pct 4 Constable's office including rank. 

    Sentinel readers will remember last year when we exposed the falsifying of employment records that led to the TCOLE audit, we never named the young deputy.  The reason is, the records were falsified by the department, not the applicant who became a deputy. 

     There have been multiple complaints about no probable cause stops, profiling and even targeting individuals for traffic stops with false allegations as this case was.    

    When you consider that citizen complaints are often met with being ignored or if you press, attempts to intimidate, where is the public service in that?  "You will have to come down in person and ID yourself  and sign it and then we will investigate you before we ever investigate him." would be pretty standard fare according to trustworthy Sentinel sources.  Or the perpetual stall tactic of, "Officer so and so is the only one allowed to do that and he's not here". 

     When every single open records request, even the most basic with long settled opinions published, is met with Constable Hayden wasting the county attorney and OAG's time just to stall, something is being hidden.  By extracting those documents anyway, The Sentinel has PROVEN beyond any reasonable doubt that Montgomery County Pct 4 Constable Kenneth "Rowdy" Hayden is perpetrating, overlooking and then defending criminal acts within his department.    The evidence proves Hayden is either highly incompetent and unaware of his surroundings or the source of the corruption.  Neither answer is good for the citizens of East Texas and especially East Montgomery County.

PORTER 1/1/2020


According to  a press release issued by Mont Co. Pct 4 Constable, Kenneth 'Rowdy' Hayden, he has been exonerated by TCOLE Director, Kim Vickers of falsifying employment records despite rock solid proof in TCOLE's hands.   The TCOLE Audit may not have produced proof of any wrong doing on Hayden's part pertaining to falsifying education hours but documents obtained by The Sentinel before the audit prove that the hiring process in the Pct 4 constable's office is corrupt.  It is either corrupt or whoever was tasked with contacting this applicant's former employer is an idiot.  Hayden's statement claims the audit was a 'political vendetta' when there was no election afoot, just citizen complaints.  Hayden and Vickers and the Montgomery County so called "public integrity unit" would like to forget that The Sentinel uncovered records that PROVE his dept falsified employment records so we are duty bound to publish them again.   This time with no names redacted.

CONROE 6/1/2019


The Montgomery County DA's Public Integrity unit has responded to the email at left with the one above.  Included with the email is an 18 point list of must do's and time limits before they will look at the evidence they already have most of and blame me for not investigating the crimes committed by Kenneth Hayden and his deputies if I don't meet their requirements.  The absolute irony is that most of the evidence are documents they already have because they fought (and lost) my open records request seeking them in the first place.  We are working on compiling the evidence and will meet the deadline but just call out the absolute absurdity of them pretending they don't have much of it already.




In a snappy ALL CAPS reply submitted by a man we don't know, Montgomery County Police Reporter repeats information already published in The Sentinel story then attacks our credibility with a veiled accusation.  He insinuates that The Sentinel is hiding something.  If MCPR wants a wider shot of the scene, we deliver.  All that wide view does is to raise a few more questions that maybe MCPR can get answers to.  1.Who is the guy in all black that is beside the deputy within 7 seconds of him discharging his service weapon?  My sources indicate he is drug task force so that raises my next question.  2.  Is he telling the deputy to reposition the body?  If we look back at the previous photo included with the original story below, there is a shadow of a man creeping into the lower right corner of the screen snip.  That brings up question 3.  Is it the same guy?  The deputy looks toward the shadow and nods just before he circles around and kicks the gun closer to the body and spins the handle toward the dead man.  It is immediatly AFTER this brief conversation depicted in this 'WIDE ANGLE' shot that the deputy moves the body stretching the arms out toward the weapons as the man in black exits stage right.  Any more questions or accusations MCPR?  I have plenty of answers and questions.    Steve Watson - publisher


PS MCPR dude.  Remember, the focus of my story is the Tampering with evidence, NOT the shooting.   Thanks for verifying my suspicion that there were other policemen there that DID witness/solicit? the tampering with evidence.   The only possible conclusions there are that MC Constable withheld evidence from the grand jury or the grand jury is in cahoots with the criminal act.  NEITHER action is acceptable. 

KINGWOOD 5/21/2019


In the immediate aftermath of a tragic shooting that occurred in Kingwood in Oct of 2017 and claimed the life of a father, husband and convicted felon, an East Montgomery County Pct 4 Constable deputy Tampered with evidence to 'reset' the scene.  Out of his jurisdiction and in HPD's, it ended up being a Harris County Grand Jury that aquitted Rowdy Hayden's deputy of this ME ruled 'homocide'.  Hayden's own 'internal affairs' investigation cleared him almost instantly according to their propaganda machine MCPR. 

     The Sentinel is not going to comment on the shooting at this point but evidence has surfaced that PROVES without doubt that Rowdy Hayden's deputy and his department tampered with evidence to make the scene match their narratives.  (note the plural, narratives)  That is the reason we are not using the deputy's name.

       In the above screen snip of a video, the deputy is seen kicking the suspects gun closer to the body and turning the handle to be closer to the dead man.  In the second photo BELOW, the deputy is pulling the victim's arms out from under his body and stretching it toward the gun. 


This screen snip shows that Hayden's deputy has already pulled the right hand out toward the spent tazer and is pulling the man's left hand out toward the gun that he had thrown away from himself before the deputy unholstered his service weapon and shot the man.  Further tampering of evidence occured according to an eye witness that The Sentinel has interviewed who filmed

the entire incident with his cell phone from twenty feet away.    His phone was taken from him at the scene and when the witness got it back, the video was deleted. 

     That creates the delimia of did the grand jury IGNORE the proof that the deputy tampered with evidence or did they never see the evidence?  Neither answer is ACCEPTABLE.   

    According to Sentinel sources close to the investigation, this same video was provided to them but only the dash cam (facing the other way) and body cam footage were presented to the Grand Jury.  The excuse for failing to use this evidence according to him was that they could not open the file.   We are hoping to get more answers and confirmation for The Sentinel readers in the near future.  One thing we can and will prove is that rank on the scene allowed the tampering and may have suggested it.  If the past has been any indicator, there will be a full court press by Constable Hayden's office to STOP The Sentinel from getting any open records.

AUSTIN 5/25/2019


The screen shot of The Sentinel Alert analytics page for the last seven days proves that the most powerful law enforcement agent in the State of Texas is FULLY AWARE of the goings on in Rowdy Hayden's office.  These 300 plus page views from Austin IMMEDIATLY after a reader did send word that they personally forwarded a link to the Tampering with evidence story to the Attorney General show a ten fold increase over the normal readership from there.  Our target audience is East Texas.  We garner a lot of views from Ashburn Va, Chicago Il and Los Angeles on a regular basis. France is our highest European audience but this snip of the Austin views since the story broke makes the ensuing silence from any investigative or journalism outlet DEAFENING.  They know and are not willing to acknowledge it.   How long will the lawlessness of Rowdy Hayden be tolerated?  The Sentinel has proven with hard documented evidence that Hayden's crew has violated the law blatantly, Over and Over again the last two years.   Apparently that doesn't fit the narrative of the main stream media outlets or the priorities of the OAG.  But by all means mr attorney general, don't let those tow truck drivers gouge us during a storm.

EAST MONT CO 6/9/2019


   From the Montgomery County Police Reporter publisher, Scott Engle who questioned the integrity of The Sentinel on through fb buddy Jeff Buchannan's unfouded claims and fellow officer's wife's fake friend rant, the recent, "Tampering With Evidence" story published on The Sentinel has caused a stir in East Montgomery County.  

   Engle has remained silent on the story or any story The Sentinel publishes for that matter.  Jeff Buchannan tried twice and was returned to them sliced and diced with facts and now a wife is silenced by her own husband's suspension.  A suspension that is the state's Highest Law Enforcement Agency POLICING THEIR OWN and saying her husband (and his bosses) is/are a liar and a fraud and the state intends to prove it if you challenge them. 

    I have had about a belly full of people calling me a liar but never producing any proof.  When I make a claim, I produce proof.  Every cloud has a silver lining though and the lining here is that just when the attacks get to be the most intense, our criminal justice system steps in and takes care of business.  Hmmph, there it is.  This text message exchange proves the people arent stupid and can see through false fronts and propaganda efforts.  The provable facts of the matter do that to an informed public.  Much like the Linda Vincent case last year.  The intensity and regularity of attacks by her friends and family got the most intense just before the golden hammer came down.

    But alas I have to leave EMC for a bit and focus on the Polk County Parade again for a bit since, after all, that is the county trying to put me in prison over my expose' articles.

EAST MONT CO  8/27/2019


Scott Engle, the Montgomery County Police Reporter committed a couple of crimes, videod those crimes and then published the proof.  The photo at left is a screen snip of a video published yesterday on his police propaganda site.  In that dash cam video, Engle is sitting in the left turn lane when a Mont Co Sheriff car races through the intersection to join a pursuit in progress.  Engle leaves the left turn lane and runs the red light and follows the emergency vehicle. 

UPDATE 6/17/2019


Constable Deputy Clendenon, who is the only person who has attempted to do the right thing for this woman attempting to recover her property has come through with the DA's blessing and authorization to return the property to this lady that Hayden was attempting to steal.  We hope to see more effort made to be responsive to the people of EMC in the future and a complete stop to the bully tactics that have been employed by the leadership in Hayden's office.  The people want law and order, they just want it honest and fair.  To many in his office seem to think their badge grants them power but it doesnt.  It only grants you the public trust to wield OUR power as the people.  When You violate that trust, we take your badge.  It is that simple. 



In an unfettered attempt to thwart every effort of a citizen to retrieve personal property seized in a botched and no probable cause arrest that was subsequently charges dismissed, Lt Warwick (property custodian), Chief Deputy Barry Welch and Constable Rowdy Hayden have conspired togethger to ignore the law, The Montgomery County DA, JP Metz and the THE TRUTH in their collusion plan to retain posession of a beautiful AR -15 rifle.  It is a rifle that was legally purchased that has been checked and cleared against the stolen weapons list and never classified as evidence in any legal proceeding.  The owner has NEVER been arrested and has absolutely NO CRIMINAL RECORD.  Hayden has returned all of the other personal property including the illegally seized truck but stedfastly refuses to return the rifle.  His method in this crime is to IGNORE the repeated efforts of the lady to retrieve her property by giving false information out, playing the old wild goose chase circle jerk game and ultimately IGNORING and failing to return her phone calls.   Now Hayden is claiming that the time limit to claim the rifle is expired despite the fact that it has been requested SINCE DAY ONE.   Our sources close to his office indicate that the only officer in his dept that was attempting to move the process forward has been suspended.  We will seek more info on that.  As it stands, the rifle has been STOLEN.  Ignore is the root of ignorance. 


NEW CANEY 8/8/2018


Montgomery County Pct. 4 Constable, Rowdy Hayden and his Chief Deputy Welch are, according to a, 'Golden Hammer' article, under investigation for the allegations of falsifying employment documents within his department.  The T.C.O.L.E. invesgtigation resulted in the Agency coming in and looking at his files a couple of days last June.  This on site search of Hayden's records occured just 35 days after The Sentinel published records obtained by open records that proved the employment process was compromised by his department and records were being falsified.  The headline is linked to The Sentinel page with those stories and the Golden Hammer article link is there too.  

POINTBLANK 4/20/2018


An OAG opinion sought by the Montgomery County Attorney, J.D. Lambright asst Sarah Stallberg was returned to her in late March.  In it, she was instructed to forward most of the records I requested.  We waited two weeks and then called early this week.  Sarah Stallberg did aknowledge receipt of the OAG instructions and told The Sentinel, "I will get those out to you this week."  We did verify to her that we wanted them email and made sure she had the correct address.  The courthouse has closed and no records received this week.  Apparently Montgomery County doesn't think it is any of the public's business if Rowdy Hayden hires a deputy constable that has a theft conviction or that the OAG instructions and her verbal committment matter.   Here is your come uppins young lady.  We understand a heavy work load but disdain falsehoods from public servants. 

UPDATE 4/25/2018


Once again the pattern holds that when The Sentinel asks for open records and the agency stalls with a bogus OAG opinion request, they are trying to cover up or cover for an illegal act.  It NEVER FAILS.  In this instance, one of Hayden's deputies was harboring a woman who was on the lam hiding her 5 year old daughter from the baby's father in violation of standing court orders. 

   The deputy knew what she was doing, knew it was a violation but hid her and the child anyway.  When The Sentinel filed a written complaint via email detailing the deputy's illegal actions, Constable Hayden's office met the complaint with the assertion that I would have to come in personally, provide ID to prove who I was and hand write and sign a copy of the complaint before they would take action on it.  We did none of the above but submitted an open records request via the same email. In that email, we attached records The Sentinel had already obtained showing the deputy had a prior theft convicion when he was 19. 

  There is no requirement under the open records statutes that any agency has to answer questions so we requested the basic documents to get our own answers.  Application for employment, basic prehire background check, any prior complaints filed against the deputy, etc.  Pretty basic fare.

   The Sentinel's effort was spent to help locate a missing child for the father.  The Montgomery County Attorney stalled with a bogus OAG opinion request.

   During that time, a Sentinel investigator fb sleuth found a tag about a softball game the child would be playing in and the child's father and his family showed up to the game getting to see the child for the first time in months.  The deputy constable hid himself in the press box the entire game and kicked the woman to the curb shortly after.   That made for the third time the child had suffered moving with her mother in just a few months. The father's enforcement action finally made it to court and the judge told the mother that he wasn't known for putting mothers in jail, "Unless they do it again".  The child was recently reunited with her daddy and his family. 

    Meanwhile, back at The Sentinel, we got the records that prove the deputy's application said, "No" under the 'ever been arrested/charged' with a crime question.  There may have been a legal expungment of the crime from his record and therefore legal for him to answer 'no' but that doesn't change the fact that it was a lie.  One of the main arguments that the Montgomery County attorney made trying to withold the information was because it was "embarassing" to him. 

    With much consideration, The Sentinel has decided not to publish the deputy's name.  Despite his flaws like we all have, Sentinel vetting has shown that he comes from a good family with roots local to his community and that he has a passion for police work.  In his youth, he has made some mistakes but has opportunity to learn from them.   We don't expect perfection but we do expect honesty.

    The Sentinel decision not to publish this young constable deputy's name is based on several factors.   It was 'petty theft', less than 500 dollars.  The application check box pictured below shows that the young man's immediate inclination was to tell the truth.  That speaks to his raising.  The interview notes on the right show that it was the higher up person in the constable's office that is the liar because if you are unable to contact walmart, you are an idiot. 


Far from holding you above the law or immune from scrutiny, that badge is rather a symbol of the trust the public has placed in you.  A trust that is to be held in the highest regard or we will take it away.  If you have a ranking officer in your office who is telling you to lie on your application and then conspires to cover up your crime for you, don't follow his lead but rather follow the instincts your parents raised you with.  Stand on the truth always.  It is the only solid ground. 

Kenneth 'Rowdy' Hayden

UPDATE 1/13/2018


In a typical reaction by someone in the past that has had something to hide, the Montgomery County Attorney did send The Sentinel a priority mail letter that arrived at The Sentinel Offices today which throws every single objection to disclosure of public records allowed by law regardless of how rediculous of an argument it is.  The letter, a copy of what was sent to the OAG by the Montgomery County attorney, cites every exception from 552.101 through 552.154 of the Government Code.   It is the same tired tactic that TCEQ used when they tried to withold records regarding the abuse of official capacity John Lovet committed in a conspiracy with two TCEQ employees.  It is the same tired tactic TCOLE used when I asked for records on a corrupt police officer several years ago.  Both agencies were thwarted in their efforts to deny The Sentinel records as will be Constable Hayden.  We asked for any complaints filed against the deputy.  We asked for his application to see if he lied about the "ever been arrested or convicted" question.  We asked for background check documents including any related to the deputy's prior arrest and conviction to see if Hayden even vetted the young man before he was hired.  The lawyer knows every document that was requested are normally subject to the open records laws.  To keep from looking ignorant in the sight of her peers, she worded the OAG letter to say, "The constable believes portions of the documents are exempt . . . ."  Some of the more absurd claims of exemption are:









Yada yada ya so forth and so on, there are 30 more listed in The Government Code that have absolutely no bearing on my request but this lady lawyer is willing to compromise her integrity and credibility to help Hayden stall the inevitable.  I don't want his social security number, DL etc but I do want to know if I am the only one that has a complaint about this deputy and his illegal acts.  More as this story develops. 


NEW CANEY 1/12/2018


Montgomery County Pct 4 Constable, Kenneth 'Rowdy' Hayden is stalling in an effort to shield one of his deputies from scrutiny for his illegal acts.  A valid and properly formatted OR request was submitted in late December along with the 2009 criminal record of a theft conviction against one of his deputies.  That request also includes a formal complaint of recent illegal activity by that same deputy.  Hayden's chief deputy, Barry Welch did contact The Sentinel acknowledging Hayden did receive the OR request.  A request which asked for any complaints that had been filed on the deputy and any records that Hayden had obtained during a background check before the recent hiring.  Welch told The Sentinel that he could not process the complaint unless I came in, wrote out a complaint and signed it there and provided a copy of my driver's license so he could verify who I was.  "You could be from Minnosota for all I know" was Welch's accusatory reasoning, "I have to investigate who you are".  Assuring him I would mail in a written and signed complaint, I let Welch know that all my information was on this website and if he needed to investigate who I was, have at it.  At this point Welch told me that there would be considerable costs associated with the request.  "Oh so there are complaints filed against the deputy and I can expect quite a few documents?" was my inquisitive reply.  At this point, Welch let his irritation show, raised his voice and told me in no uncertain terms that I could go to jail for filing a false report on a police officer.  Hayden's entire office does not have a clue of The Sentinel's track record or that threat would have never escaped Cheif Deputy Barry Welch's mouth.  If they did have a clue, Hayden would have returned my original phone call himself.  In the few days that I have been vetting Constable Hayden and his troops, multiple allegations of wrong doing ranging from "pocket warrants" to retalitory stops with no probable cause have poured in.  More than one former elected official that came under Sentinel scrutiny has opened the can of worms of threatening The Sentinel.  We all know how those have turned out and that I have one Pct 4 constable (SJC) notch in my belt already. 

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