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Elizabeth Annette Davis has taken my children against court orders and has fled since November of 2017.
She was spotted this morning at 8am at Dawn Bello’s residence located in Tyler County, Texas.

I have not seen my daughter (who turned 2 today) since November 8th of 2017 and I have yet to meet my son who was born in January of this year. I abided by legal process to be awarded FULL CUSTODY over my children but Elizabeth and her snake of a mother, Dawn Bello, believe they are above the law.

These two women are in commission of Texas Penal Code 28.03: Interference with Child Custody which happens to be a State Jail Felony.
After evading through a window when faced by Tyler County Sheriff’s Deputies, these two clearly have no regard for me as the father and will go through any means to keep me out of my children’s lives.
I love my children with all my heart and I will truck through hell and back to finally embrace them but to do that, I need all my friends and family to be on the look out for Elizabeth Davis, my lovely daughter Kora, and my 10 month old son.
They were last seen in Dawn Bello’s gold Cadillac SRX at her home located at 1113 Private Road 8507 Hillister, Texas.

Thank you to all love and support.
We will find them and we will bring them home!

P.S.- I have seen the videos Dawn Bello posted, her accusations change every time we meet.

LIVINGSTON 11/14/2018


Every parent, every coach, every school administrators worst fear was realized in the Tuesday night Livingston Lions' 8th grade football game when young Jeremiah Jefferson was severly injured during the game.  A broken neck instantly paralyzed the young gladiator as he gave his all for the team.  Praise God that there is some improvement and regaining of motion in his arms after a delicate and difficult surgery.  Please keep this young man in your prayers and follow the link to Krystal Currie's FB page where she has started and promoted a fund raiser to help this family.  It is obvious that the Polk County community is showing their love to this family but they face a difficult time ahead.  There is much more information and current updates on Ms. Currie's page. 



LAS VEGAS 11/9/2018


Producers Choice Awards was the honor shown the local band, "Satisfied Drive" and their producer at the event recently held in Las Vegas, USA.  More details linked to the headline.


Price, PIO Martin, Rep White

LIVINGSTON 10/20/2018


Troubadour Cody Joe Tillman was the catalyst in the mix that brought out the Blue Duck special which is apparently hosting a first class event.  His comfortable tunes kept all of our conversations from drifting too far but allowed for the friendly and respectful exchange of ideas and information between several elected officials and their constituents. 

    C0dy gave up his mike to State Rep James White for a few moments when he arrived to greet the people.  Rep White applauded the party effort to bring people together seeking common ground and was quick to give due to the local elected officials he saw in the crowd.  From County Judge to Commissioner, Constable to Clerk and the school board too, Rep White gave them all a shout out and a thank you for their service to the community.  Then he let Cody have the loft and his mike back and came down to mingle among his people, giving them his ear. 

  A couple of photos above just absolutely illustrate the Representative Republic form of govt in its purest grass roots form.  Since our state reps have to run every two years, being responsive to your constituents can only happen when you hear them.  Rep White did a lot more listening than he did talking and took time to make himself available to all. 

    In keeping with the main focus of the event, according to planner and Republican Party P.I.O. Tim Martin, much was done toward recognizing and establishing that common ground.  Rep White summed it up saying, "Go vote starting Monday and let's govern conservatively".

    For me, the highlight of the night was when I was near Judge Sydney Murphy and a grown woman came up introducing herself and said, "Ms. Murphy, you were my reading teacher when I was six years old and I just love you".  There was no doubt touching this woman's life when she was a child meant the world to Judge Murphy as they locked eyes and their faces shone with the joy of their recalled affection. 

   This reporter left the event knowing a few things for sure.  The Republican Party in Polk County is going places with a common and plain stated goal, conservative women are still the most beautiful and last but not least, a blind man could see that. 

   The things they cherish, God, Family and Country, make them the weavers of the fabric of our nation.  They bring the very threads to life and in their pattern of unity, give strength to each other, their men and our nation. 

UPDATE 8/22/2018


After a lengthy verbal battle ensued on Lima's fb page late into the night in which Lima professed that "that blog in San Jacinto County" was just a puppet for the Polk County G.O.P. Public Information officer and that said P.I.O. fed news about anyone that crossed him to The Sentinel, evidence came to light that Lima had 'ratted' on his fellow L.E.O.'s in Polk County via emails sent to The Sentinel last January.  The evidence was in the form of a series of emails Lima initiated with The Sentinel at that time offering us 'evidence' on high ranking public officials in Polk Co, in particular a former boss of his.  When The Sentinel got wind of the fb rant, we attempted to view it for ourself and found we were blocked from his fb page.  A group of Polk County readers did provide the transcript, confront and challenge The Sentinel to address Lima's claims that The Sentinel had a puppet master.  We responded by releasing the emails that prove Lima is lying.  His email, despite his claims and the false accusations against the men we released the emails to, WAS NOT HACKED.  The emails are original and still intact in The Sentinel Alert email account.  We are considering publishing them here in the interest of full disclosure.

ONALASKA 8/21/2018


Three counts on a disorderly conduct charge leveled against Christopher Lima were reduced to a charge of Public Intoxication which, according to Lima, he pled "no contest' to.  Lima had initially demanded a jury trial and in communication with The Sentinel, claimed he had all the evidence he needed to prove he was not guilty of the charges.  Lima was once employed by the Onalaska PD Dept but is now a detective with the Corrigan PD.



District 19 State Representative, James White did call The Sentinel today and give a lengthly interview regarding the Sentinel story and the allegations that have been made.  In that conversation, Rep White at first claimed he had not received my follow up email narrowing the scope of my request . . . then he found it.   A portion of it read;

"Let me narrow down my open records request now that you have answered one point of my inquiry.  I only want to see the documents that will show the time frame for Lee Hon Jr's service and the duties he was given to perform in your office.   OR you can answer the question.  Did Lee Hon Jr serve in a position where he would have had access to or control over the mail or email into your office?  One constituent alleges their complaint was 'intercepted' and trashed."
"Yes" was Rep White's answer to that question today so I hereby withdraw my request for those documents.  The conversation was somewhat contentious in the beginning with baseless accusations and personal attacks against The Sentinel laced in with some strong language but as we progressed, the interview became quite productive.  In that process we learned that Rep White has infact forwarded the complaints he has received to the proper authorities.  He also pointed out that the reason he did not release a copy of those signed complaints to our first O.R. Request, even with the names redacted, was to protect his constituents from retaliation from DA Hon whom White stated, "had a reputation for that before I was ever elected".  We covered much more territory and discussed the fact that the State Rep's office has no 'investigatory' powers and he assured The Sentinel that he has done all he can do on the matter.  He stated one fact I know is true from speaking with many of those who have complained and that is that Rep White consistantly refers his constituents to the Texas Rangers or Office of the Attorney General.  We also spoke of a quirk in Texas Law that requires the DA to initiate any investigation, even on himself.

UPDATE 8/19/2018


State Rep, Dist 19, JAMES WHITE apparently considers himself above the open records laws of the State of Texas.  His blatant violation of the law so far remains unprosecuted by any local or state officials.  

POINTBLANK 8/10/2018


    Texas State Representative, Dist 19, James White has gone from 'resisting' The Sentinel inquiries with the typical 'legalistic' language used to stall us to out right ignoring a legal, binding and duly submitted Sentinel Alert open records request. 

    In an open records effort that has been underway since the first week of May, The Sentinel has sought records as evidence to prove multiple allegations made by White's constituents, both to him and The Sentinel, that one of the DA's in his District was engaging in a pattern of illegal, retaliatory and corrupt activities that were being reported to him as the next step up, and were complaints White persistantly ignored.

     Our first effort was met with the return of one unsigned letter submitted to White detailing mutliple allegations of wrong doing on the part of the DA by a group who claimed to be his constituents but declined to sign the letter based on a fear of retaliation.

     White's legal response was to inform The Sentinel that he would not release any of the other signed complaint letters because he wanted to protect the identity of his constituents. 

     The Sentinel response pointed out that we have a long history of NOT revealing sources that could cause them harm so my thus far unanswered question to Rep White was, "Who are you protecting them from?"

      It is those same folks who after complaining to White about the DA and with no place left to go, are complaining to The Sentinel about White.   

LIVINGSTON 7/13/2018


   Abuse of Official Capacity and Falsifying an Incident Report are the only way to accurately describe the events that unfolded the evening of January 23, 2018 against Anthony Barunek, commonlaw husband of Rita Hon, DA Hon's mother.

    Not only did Hon and the S.O. conspire together to illegally evict a man from his own home, the reporting officer (an officer The Sentinel warned the readers about last year) conspired to make false entries on his incident report in order to cover up the criminal conspiracy that unfolded that evening.   The green ticket in the redacted photo below was the Criminal Trespass Warning (ctw) issued to Bartunek that evening just hours after Bartunek claims Hon called ordering him to "get out of town by dark".  At this point, Bartunek had been living with Rita Hon for 5 years at the Mills Street address and the Mills street address was on all of Bartunek's official papers, (DL, CAD, SO Registry) and Dunaway accurately reflected that fact when he wrote the ticket.  Dunaway used Bartunek's DL address to issue the ticket.  It was only later when Dunaway was filing the official incident report that he either decided or was instructed to put the Ollie Loop address down for Anthony Bartunek.  I mean, it looks bad when you criminally trespass a man from his own home OF RECORD without any legal grounds to stand on. 

      When The Sentinel requested these records that Coleman fought the release of so vigorously, we did specifically request any Power of Attorney on file with the S.O. to base their actions on.  In that request, we specifically waived any request for personal financial info or personal identifiers but just wanted to see that there was a POA on file and see if Lee Hon even had the power to initiate a legal eviction process.  There was no document delivered.  There is no such document on file in the County Clerks office as of March of this year.   The summation is this.  Hon and the Sheriff evicted a man from his own home on the say so of a man that did NOT own the property and who offered no proof of any right to even do a legal eviction, much less this illegal, abusive and oppressive act.   Rita Hon, the owner of record, AND her family promised her husband that he could live in the house the rest of his days according to Bartunek's interview with The Sentinel.




POINTBLANK 7/11/2018


A mostly un responsive effort including 14 blank pages with only a page number out of the 5o documents contained in the envelope arrived at The Sentinel office but it still provided enough evidence to prove 'Abuse of Official Capacity' against William Lee Hon. 

All Hat, No Mettle

UPDATE 6/8/2018


State Rep James White still turning blind eye to DA antics

UPDATE 5/31/2018


In DIRECT violation of the very laws he swore an oath to defend and uphold, Tommy Coleman continues to withold records from The Sentinel.  You need to release the documents to me that the OAG ORDERED you to release.  I need them for my defense in the case against me.  We know there are channels throught the OAG to call your hand  but that takes time.  This call out is instant.  All I have to do is press the 'publish' button and the whole world knows you are still violating the law .  


LIVINGSTON 5/25/2018


Polk Co asst. District Attorney, Tommy Coleman, in a continuation of a pattern he has developed over the years, continues to withhold evidence  that was ordered released by the OAG several weeks ago.  In an equally corrupt but polar opposite occurance to the withholding of exculpatory evidence in trials in Williamson County as asst DA that would have proven the accused's innocence, now Coleman is withholding evidence that can prove the crimes of his boss, Polk County District Attorney.   In Williamson county, Coleman let a man rot in prison that he knew was innocent. 

    The documents were requested from the Polk County Sheriff Dept and promply provided by them to the DA's office for dispersement.  Despite the basic nature of documents sought and explicit clarification by The Sentinel in the request that we did not want personal financial information but only what was legally available under the Texas Open Records Statutes, Coleman submitted some of the documents as a, "representative sample" to the OAG and requested an opinion.

    In the quickest ever return by the OAG in our 30 plus years of exposing the corrupt public servants, the OAG ordered the release of most of the documents that we requested.  Coleman, as of this date, has IGNORED that order and continues to withhold evidence vital to The Sentinel's case against the DA.  




    A simple request to see the minutes and agendas was interpreted by the City Attorney for actual copies resulting in the big bogus three day bill presented by City Attorney, Tatum.  Since we have clarified for the City Attorney that the original request was for copies but ended when they sent, "no documents responsive to your request" answers.  My followup request was to "see" all the agendas and minutes.  I am not asking for copies of all that but just want to examine them for myself.  I felt it a necessary step when the same attorney mis interpreted my initial request for the agenda's and minutes containing payment to the PD items where Ms. Gibson was "PRESENT" to vote.  The City Attorney interpreted that simple and plain request into wanting minutes Mrs. Gibson actually voted "FOR" payment. 

      Then there was the delay of City Attorney being out of office for an extended period.  Now a request to simply "see" the documents morphed into a big big bill claiming the secretary needs three days just to pull the agendas and minutes of those meetings and make copies that I never asked for.  My last clarification, nearly two weeks old now, has been met with silence by the Corrigan City Attorney.

      Why?  It is truely my hope to view the minutes and report that all is well in the City of Corrigan business practices.

7/ /2018


     Three Hundred and Eighty dollars is how much the Corrigan City Attorney, Luan Tatum, estimated it would cost to lay the city council agendas from during the Gibson's reign as mayor and police chief on the table for me to inspect.  Tatum alleges that it will take three full days of effort to get those most basic documents out of the file drawers.  Tatum's first response to my inquiry for copies was, "there are no responsive documents".   That response was to my original request for complaints on a  Corrigan PD officer and then my later request for the agenda minutes where Ms Gibson voted to pay the PD.   Mr./Ms. Tatum seemed confused by the phrase, 'payment to the PD' as they asked for two clarifications and sent me a big bill requiring half down before they would even start. 


LIVINGSTON 6/17/2018


  Statistical data derived from The State of Texas Office of Court Administration website at first glance indicates that The Polk County District Attorney is extra ‘tough on crime’.  Research via open records led to documents proving a total of 616 felony cases were dismissed by Polk County DA's office since January of 2015 through January of 2018.  That initially seemed like an excessive amount but when you compare that with the total of cases filed for the same three year time period numbering 3035, you come up with an average of about 20 percent of the Polk County felony cases ending in dismissal. 

      If we compare Walker County cases to the Polk County numbers, we find 408 felony cases dismissed out of 1716 felony cases filed in Walker County for an average of just over 23 percent of their felony cases being dismissed.  The Sentinel has never had the first complaint on the Walker County DA’s office or Sheriff Department so we tend to view them as a relative ‘bench mark’ for what is normal or an average for an ethical operation in East Texas.

     A quick look as San Jacinto County shows 312 dismissed out of a total of 1163 filed for  27 percent dismissed.  In all fairness to DA Robert Trapp and his office, the number is higher than the the three year period prior to all the gambling raid arrests.

     Montgomery County had 3997 dismissals of felony cases out of 17,231 filed for an average of 23 percent.  

     Liberty County showed that out of 3075 felony cases filed, only 358 were dismissed for an average of just over 10 percent.  Liberty County population is 1.6 times the population of Polk County yet Polk County files just as many felony cases.

     Angelina County had 353 dismissed out of 3088 cases for 11.4 percent dismissed.  Once again, 1.6 times as high a population count as Polk County but very near the same number of felony’s prosecuted with a noticeably lower dismissal rate.

     Trinity County had the lowest percentage of dismissals of all.  16 dismissed out of 170 felony cases filed for just under ten percent dismissed.

     None of those number really jump out at you other than the lower than average percent of dismissals in Liberty, Angelina and Trinity Counties.

     Now let’s add in one other factor.  Population numbers so we can talk per capita.

Walker County’s population is 72 thousand.  2.3 percent of the population was charged with a felony crime in the three year period.  That is 2.3 people per 100 of population.  Add in the fact that Walker County has 1.5 times the population of Polk County but only half the felonies filed on its citizens.

    In San Jacinto County, population 28K, 4.1 percent of the population was charged with a felony crime in the same time period but once again, that includes all the gambling raid arrests.

     In Montgomery County, population 510K, 3.0 percent of the population was charged with a felony crime.  That amounts to 3 people out of every 100 being charged with a felony

     In Liberty County, population 83K, 3.7 percent of the population was charged with a felony.

    In Trinity County, population 14.5K, only 1.1 percent of the population was charged with a felony.

    In Angelina County, population 88K, 3.5 percent of the population was prosecuted for a felony.

    In Polk County, population 49K, a Whopping 6.2 percent of the population has been charged with a felony during the same three year period.  That figure means that on a per capita basis, in Polk County you are over five times more likely to be charged with a felony than you are in Trinity County, nearly three times more likely than in Walker County and nearly twice as likely to be charged with a felony in Polk County than you are in any other county around in East Texas.  That means that 6.2 people out of every hundred count of population in Polk County gets charged with a felony.  There must be a reason for Polk County exceeding all their neighbors in felony prosecutions.   Three possible reasons for the abnormal statistics have been proffered by Sentinel United Alliance members for consideration;

  1. DA is tougher on crime than any of the surrounding District Attorneys
  2. Considerably more criminals live in Polk County
  3. Felony charges are misused and abused in Polk County

Political ads by William Lee Hon have claimed that he is “Tough on Crime”. 

The higher ratio of criminals just doesn’t seem plausible.

Are allegations of 'abuse of official capacity' based in fact? 

Further investigation seems to be warranted.




     Texas Senator Robert Nichols, District 3 and Joshua Siegal, the  Senator Ted Cruz campaign representative, met with a room full of concerned Polk County Republicans to discuss the state of affairs in Polk County and east Texas Monday night at La Casita in Livingston.  Republican Party Chairman, Fred Grube and quite a few card carrying Polk County republicans were present and took advantage of the opportunity to get some answers.

     It was easy for Nichols and Siegal to talk about things state and nation wide but Commissioner Tommy Overstreet stood up for Polk county and brought the conversation back to what matters here locally.   After the two speakers both agreed that it was “rural Texas votes” keeping them in office, Overstreet spoke up wanting to know why then was all the Federal money going to the I 35 Corridor instead of any of that money making its way into Polk County for the I 69 Corridor. 

     411th District Judge Kaycee Jones and 258th District Judge elect, Travis Kitchens were in attendance and were involved in earnest conversation long after the dinner was over and some of the crowd left.  It was a great opportunity for an exchange of ideas, observations and information.  “The intersection of Business 59 and 190 is a prime example of where we are missing the boat”, Commissioner Oversteet lamented in one conversation.  “You can’t turn left without blocking through traffic because you are having to wait” 

    Mr. Wayne Woods spoke up for our nation’s Flag and The Cross of Christ in one of those after the meeting visits.   His opening prayer made it plain that is the Conservative ground he is standing on.  Another person noted that it takes more than a republican label to make an elected official a conservative.  “It is more about the decisions they make and actions they take than any label”, he said. 

     As the upcoming General Election begins approaching ever closer, there was a common thread and mutual agreement that there was plenty of work to be done and that standing on our conservative values was the way to move the Republican Party forward in Polk County and East Texas.

reader submitted screen snip

FACEBOOK 9/7/2018


Shortly after The Sentinel posted the stories below, Corrigan PD Detective, Christopher Lima, a Polk County native, made the facebook post at left highlighting the language from a news story weeks old already.   Combined with the allegations of him committing an aggravated assault while admittedly drunk in April of this year along with the prior fb photo Lima posted of himself brandishing his pistol for his 'followers', this most recent post has ominous undertones. 

     "I have never had the first complaint or disciplinary action filed against me by anyone at any of the jobs I have worked at" Lima stated in a prior Sentinel interview when we were looking into the aggravated assault allegations that have been made against him.  A followup open records request submitted to just one of Lima's former employors contains over 400 pages per the OAG opinion request letter the Polk County DA's office has filed attempting to block access to Lima's personel file. 

    According to the letter, over 40 pages the DA is trying to block the public from seeing pertain to crime victim impact statements, 7 pages pertain to a child welfare and protective services case against him and over  60 pages pertain to an "unadjucicated criminal offense for which the defendant was placed on deferred adjudication". 

LIVINGSTON 6/27/2018


The Sentinel Alert has finally received notice that the requested documents that the OAG had ordered to be released, for the second time on June 11th, from the Polk County District Attorney are ready to be picked up.  A total of 51 pages are being billed for a total of 51 dollars.   We intend to pick them up Monday but it will take some time to read and research the information. Stay tuned for updates.

LIVINGSTON 5/13/2018


  In a letter dated June 11th, 2018 from Attorney General, Ken Paxton, the Polk County lead asst DA, Tommy Coleman was once again ordered to release the majority of documents we previously requested.  Sentinel readers may remember that a month or two ago, Coleman was orderd by the OAG to release a quantity of documents vital to The Sentinel investigation into the criminal acts of the incumbent DA for Polk County but has ignored that order. 

      In the previous order, the OAG chided Coleman that the "representative sample" of documents he submitted was all that letter pertained to and that the letter could not be used to withhold any document that had not been submitted to them for an opinion. 

      We knew that the 'representative sample' claim by Coleman was bogus because we asked for a broad array of documents.  This latest letter proves it because the OAG decision covers a different category of documents that weren't even mentioned in the last order Coleman has blatantly ignored.  The most telling is the OAG answer concerning the "Criminal Trespass Warning" ticket stating that, "This office has also found the public has a legitimate public interest in the details of a crime" and supports that statement with the notation of case law that proved, "legitimate public interest in facts tending to support an allegation of criminal activity" (Cinel v. Commick, 15 F.3d 1338, 1345-46 (1994) 

      We won't hold our breath that Coleman will abide by the law.     


Mayor Gibson - Chief Gibson

CORRIGAN 5/14/2018


  In an abrupt about face, legal counsel for the City of Corrigan gave a civil and polite reply to both of The Sentinel open records requests today claiming, "no documents responsive to your request".  Chief Gibson's rude and smart aleck attitude seems to have dissapaited once The Sentinel started looking into the mayor's voting record. 

     Corrigan city attorney claims there is not a single complaint that has ever been filed against Chris Lima.  Said attorney also claims that the mayor/council woman never voted to pay money to the PD. 

CORRIGAN 5/12/2018


  The best effort of The Sentinel to get some quick and accurate answers regarding the allegations of an out of control officer from Corrigan have been thwarted by the City's obstinate refusal to provide public record documents.  A phone call to chief Darrell Gibson revealed quickly that he had a hostile attitude toward The Sentinel for daring to ask questions.  Recognizing the dead end there with the chiefs smart aleck answer, "Just call the Texas Rangers" followed by an abrupt hangup, caused us to revamp our strategy and request the documents directly from the mayor via email to her official email address obtained from her clerk on May 22, 2018 at 1:25 pm. 

    The mayor is the official and legal custodian of all of the City's public record documents no matter what department they are from.  We resigned ourself to have to wait the ten days for the answers our Sentinel readers were requesting.  After 15 days had elapsed with no reply, we called and politely inquired of the mayor's secretary as to where our records were.  She had no answer but asked me to resubmit the request directly to her email which I did with the understanding that the first email was legal and binding and that their ten days were up and that we expected an answer post haste but would give them a few days in response to her courtesy to The Sentinel. 

     Then enters the chief again with an email t0day claiming he referred me to the Angelina County DA, Joe Martin in a prior phone call.  That is a lie.  He further instructed me today to contact Joe Martin if I wanted any answers.  When I reminded the chief that my request was duly submitted and binding by law and that the buck stops with the mayor, he instructed me in writing to contact Angelina County DA, Joe Martin.  Neither the mayor or the chief have stated that they forwarded my open records request to DA Martin, only that I needed to contact him for answers. 

      It doesn't work like that.  As I informed the chief, if they decide to forward the request to the DA in the next county over, that is their business.  My obligation under law is done.  Now my options to deal with the illegal antics of the mayor and the chief via the OAG are on the table.  In doing our research, we noticed both the mayor and the chief have the same last name and a Sentinel sleuth found fb posts that prove the two are married.  How cozy. 

       Now I automatically wonder if the mayor, or as council woman, ever voted for you a pay raise.  Hmmmm.   Chief, if you want to make a federal case out of me simply requesting any documents pertaining to complaints filed against a Corrigan officer during the time he has been in your employ, we can go there.  You push on me, I push back.  It is that simple.  Our readers have legitimate concerns based on documents and more recent actions but are afraid to go through the normal channels in Polk County just because of the behavior of a public servant who is supposed to uphold the law, not violate it with impunity.  

    Let Madam mayor know that she can expect an open records request on her desk in the morning for all those council minutes.  Once again, not a threat, just my word.   You have accused me of threatening you.  Your equating Sentinel Scrutiny to a written accusation that I am threatening you speaks volumes about your and the mayor's lack of transparency.  The only thing we at The Sentinel 'threaten' is continued corruption.


Steve Watson


LIVINGSTON 6/28/2018


   The culmination of a long term Sentinel Investigation that involved several in the Onalaska community was that Linda Vincent, wife of Polk County Commissioner Ronnie Vincent was arrested on two felony counts of 'Theft of Service".  She made bond in short order.  Details are limited at this point but we will seek more information and share it with The Sentinel readers as the case progresses.    A standard step one was recusal of the local DA's office.   As revealed in the analytical DA stats in the 'tough on crime' article, Liberty County's DA's office is much more thorough in assessing evidence and less inclined to persue baseless charges or seek a dismissal than the Polk County office.    

LIVINGSTON 5/22/2018


    Multiple accounts of conversations with Polk County assistant criminal District Attorney, Tommy Coleman with various constituents in the community have been related to The Sentinel by concerned readers who have the same story.  "He said your publication is full of lies and skews the truth", is the most common theme.  

     In that assertion according to these readers, Coleman points to a lack of prosecution of Linda Vincent on embezzlement charges and my retraction of and apology for the "Anatomy of Corruption" story regarding the so called, "Hon Pool Party" Coleman refers to as 'alleged'. 

    The Sentinel has not published any more on the embezzlement story of late for several reasons.  We are convinced that there is a legitimate investigation underway by an outside agency's 501 (c) 3 specialist.  No new evidence has come to The Sentinel lately.  Plate is full with current corruption investigations.

    "Your reputation is on the line", was the most recent admonition from a reader that I have never met nor spoken with before. 


Steve Watson - Publisher.

UPDATE 7/19/2018


LIVINGSTON 5/14/2018


     In what seemed to be a balanced and well written story published in the SJ News Times, The Polk County Enterprise and then subsequently published on their web site, it was reported that The Texas Rangers executed a search warrant on The Sentinel office/home, confiscating a computer and then after that, the arrest warrant was issued and I surrendered.  Both events occured but in the opposite order.  My arrest was first (April 25) and the SEARCH warrant wasn't executed until May 1st, nearly a week later. 

     It may not seem important to most but if the error is left to stand, it could be constured and many will think that the arrest warrant was based on evidence found on the computer that was confiscated.  THAT IS NOT THE CASE.  The arrest warrant was based solely on the indictments and not on any computer files.    It has been two full weeks since the computer equipment was taken. 



The Natasha Atchley murder, some alledge rape and murder, remains unsolved twenty six years ago today.  The Sentinel has worked on the case a bit and even called a prison to request an interview with an inmate a year ago.  The next day, a cold case investigator called and asked me not to do the interview so as not to interfere with their investigation.  "They will lawyer up" was his reasoning if I contacted the man serving a 60 year sentence for a ten year crime in the TDCJ unit farthest from here.  "He was railroaded for what he knows and his entire inheritance stolen by the system" one friend claims. 

   A group of local sleuths, friends and family have refused to let the case die.  The reward has been increased and new eye witnesses have come forward with very disturbing but matching stories.   It has long been said that it was a Polk County crime that happened in San Jacinto County.  There is a group on facebook called 'Justice for Natasha' that is keeping the investigation alive, challenging the status quo and invading the heretofore power structure with social media that has become more powerful than the old guard that has kept their secrets so long.   Social media that brings distant witnesses to our very livingrooms. 

LIVINGSTON 5/31/2018


Kelly Barnes and Chris Edwards worked together to get the story corrected and the website version of the paper updated to show the actual chronology of events.  The clip at left shows the error version but the headline is linked to the same page showing the corrected story and that my surrender was on April 25th and the search warrant for my computer was not executed until May 1st, nearly a week later.  It took over a month but Thank you Ms. Barnes and Chris Edwards. 

NOW.  How about a correction in the print editions near where you made the mistake ie:front page.  That is where I do my corrections.  If you don't correct the mistake, you are still making it. 

UPDATE 5/23/2018


In a broad show of support for the failed 'real republican' tactics and a vote of confidence in the existing "Welcome to Polk County - come on vacation, leave on probation" image that the current prosecutor's office has developed for their community, a substantial percentage of the Polk County voters endorsed the 'status quo' by coming out to vote for John Wells.  Despite Well's lack of experience and lying ads, the intimidation tactics of having the incumbent prosecutor stand with him on the sidewalk at the polling place seems to have turned the tide in his favor locally.  San Jacinto County voters also embraced the continuation of the tyranny but by a much less degree than Polk.  Trinity County voters came through and propelled the most qualified and experienced candidate to victory in the race.  Wells' ad indicating his opponent, the Victorious Travis Kitchens, was the 'no change' candidate was the biggest lie in his last minute ad.  Some sources claim that the incumbent prosecutor stated he would resign if Kitchens won.  Waiting . . . . . . . . . . . . . .   Now to follow up on that alleged unreported campaign expenditure.  

LIVINGSTON 5/20/2018

POLK CO 'real republican' ATTACKS

In a move that closely mimicks all of the so called, 'real republican' campaign tactics utilized in the primary, 258th District Judge candidate, John Wells confuses real world politics with facebook and the twitterverse.  Calling voters, "followers", Wells resorted to a low class personal attack ad in the Polk County Enterprise on the eve of the final vote for the Republican Primary run off election.  In so doing, Wells is ignoring the proven fact that the self same tactic failed miserably for ALL of the 'real republicans' that went (down) before him.  The ad that ran in the SJ News Times was not offensive like the Polk Co ad but the fact that the Polk County voters, people that know him already, soundly rejected Wells in the primary may have lent to the desperate home town tactic.

    The Sentinel offered via direct text message to Wells before the runoff to publish any document he could provide proving that he had probate experience or ever served as a special prosecutor.  Instead of shutting down his detractors with proof, Wells chose to ignore The Sentinel offer and resort to hurling personal attacks against what he calls, "a small group". 

     If the recent primary election is any indicator, Wells may as well pack it in and start licking his wounds.  The voters have shown they are fed up with lying political ads, low class tactics and mealy mouthed politicians that point and holler but never have proof.  In our years of vetting candidates, The Sentinel has seen a lot of candidates attack their opponents but this is the first time we have seen a desperate candidate attack the voters.        

    We did enquire of Wells today if he had the proof documents yet so we could publish them but we also asked, in light of the new voter attack tactic he used, if he even has a campaign manager.

    The voters have overwhelmingly chosen men and women this election who have a broad experience base, good moral character and that have NEVER run an attack ad in their lives.  That only describes ONE candidate in this run off and it isn't John Wells.

POLK COUNTY 3/17/2018


Two Texas Rangers and one Federal official have informed The Sentinel to date that there is no official investigation of the OFBC/FFA embezzlement allegations in Onalaska Texas by them.   The Texas Rangers both gave The Sentinel verbal assurance that there was no investigation on going by them and a Federal agent replied to The Sentinel inquiry in writing assuring us that it would take more than allegations to instigate an official D.O.J. investigation.  

original email

This is a screen snip out of a video submitted to The Sentinel yesterday showing an Inmate bound and being tortured with a tazer by county sheriff deputies.


See Full Story below

Above  is an 'evidence' photo submitted by the same source.

POINTBLANK 4/21/2018


   The only problem is that it was just a well crafted attempt to get us to run a false story about the Polk Co S.O. that could be debunked.  Instead, we debunked it first but tried to have a little fun with the 'source' first.  They went quiet and the phone number doesnt work.  It shows to be a good number assigned to someone in downtown Livingston but when you call it, it is a non working number.  Hmmmmm

   The video is a county sheriff inmate being tortured but it was published on youtube long before the 'source' claimed the incident occurred to 'her son' in Polk Co.  The event is real but it actually occurred in Tennessee.  The Cheatam County S. O. uniforms are almost identical to Polk Co.  The photo at right is a legitimate photo off of the Polk Co. S.O. website.  There is a woman on the fringe of the video that does have similar characteristics to the female deputy in the P.C.S.O. photo.  The perpetrator even supplied me a photo of her 'son' and close ups of tazer wound marks.  I wonder who would go to such great lengths that has an interest in ruining The Sentinel's credibility right now?   They don't know me.  I do make mistakes on occassion and even mixed up a sr and jr once in a pool party story but we do scrutinize everything that is submitted to The Sentinel despite whether the source is anonymous or names themselves.   This one didn't pass. 

UPDATE 1/26/2018


In an effort to squelch scrutiny of her mother's crimes, the adult Vincent daughter has taken to social media to slam The Sentinel and instruct members of the public what they can and cannot post on social media.  In her privileged rant, Ms. Vincent admits her mother's guilt on the FBC embezzlement for all the world to see.


ONALASKA 1/24/2018


   A disappointing result from local law enforcement and the prosecutor's office in Polk Co dragging their feet and giving Linda Vincent, wife of commissioner Ronnie Vincent cover for her crimes has backfired. 

   The Sentinel was challenged by the local Ranger with, "We don't start an investigation on a say so" and then DA Lee Hon totally ignored the issue despite The Sentinel's track record of accurate information.   It is not the only allegation of turning a blind eye to crimes committed by those in power that have been leveled against either man.  But that is another investigation.

   The Onalaska community was miffed and has had a belly full of the good ole boy system and has responded with production of the documents that are needed to prove embezzlement of FFA/4H Buyer's Club funds during Linda Vincent's tenure as treasurer.  A cooperative effort between several members in the community has resulted in evidence that warrants investigation. 

   Not all of the principals are known to The Sentinel.  One had access to actual bank records.  One had access to FFA Buyer's club records.  Another had access to dates and information that has been compiled over several years.  Another knows me and had enough confidence that we would protect their identity and do the right thing with the information that they collected them up and made the documents available to us via courier.   Only one is published above.  It is a bank record that shows the purchase of a cell phone, dinner for the Vincent family and a hotel paid for with the FFA/4H kid's money.   The 100 dollar cash withdrawal was done at an atm. 

   There are quite a few other instances of personal expenditures that had the effect of causing the Buyer's Club to bounce checks and incur many overdraft charges.  Another document is a forged letter on the bank letterhead explaining away an issue where Linda Vincent was questioned about disappearing money and 'the bank' took responsibility.  The only problem is the name of the signer is miss spelled and that person has confirmed that they never saw the letter much less signed it. 

  As is a Sentinel practice when an unsatisfactory answer is given at the local level, we often contact the tallest hog in the trough (no pun intended regarding the Vincent hog selling enterprise) to get some answers.  Why was this ignored?  What is the connection?  How deep does the embezzlement go?  How many organizations that Linda and Ronnie 'Boss Hogg' Vincent were involved with are missing money?  A short list of outfits that the Vincents had their hands in are, Little Dribblers, Texas Junior Livestock Assn, Polk Co Youth assn, Library Board, School Board.  There are others. 

   These documents will be made available to any official investigator that believes it warrants further investigation.  My number and address is posted in the left column.  Come see me.


Steve Watson - Publisher

   The screen shots of a recent email interchange between Polk County Commissioner, Ronnie Vincent and The Sentinel are partially displayed with this story.  In my inquiry email, my writing assures the commissioner that I will publish his reply in its entirety.  After careful consideration, our decision was to print this portion only but offer, at the commissioners request, to display the entire documents.

   The un displayed portion of my email inquires about two seperate allegations that have been made by so far reliable sources and his answer to those allegations. 

  Since The Sentinel has not obtained documented proof of the two and only had questions, we have considered our options of keeping our verbal committment to publish in the whole vs. bringing un proven allegations into the discussion. 

Linda Vincent fb 'friend'

UPDATE 1/15/2018


A response to an email inquiry was received at The Sentinel offices. We will share that with the readers soon.

UPDATE 1/13/2018


Too Late ma'am.   We already have a sneaking suspicion why no one seemed interested in prosecuting you three months ago when The Sentinel brought the information to Polk County officials.  Stay tuned because we have several more fb tidbits we will be sharing this coming week.

ONALASKA 1/12/2018


Matt 10:26 Fear them not therefore: for there is nothing covered, that shall not be revealed; and hid, that shall not be known.


Linda Vincent, wife of Polk County Pct 2 Commissioner Ronnie Vincent has violated the complete trust placed in her by the FBC Onalaska for many years according to Sentinel sources.  Our investigation has shown a pattern of forgery, fraud, theft and embezzlement that has racked up a total in excess of a quarter million dollars over quite a few years as Ms. Vincent held the position of church secretary.  Sources close to the matter state that church minutes were forged granting Ms. Vincent permission to cash in some FBC Certificates of Deposit in a local bank.  When interviewing an official associated with the Baptist General Convention and the local church and attempting to confirm the initial amount as 60K stolen, The Sentinel was told several months ago, "We don't know what the total will end up being because we are just now beginning an audit of all the books and all the accounts." 

    We reached out to Commissioner Vincent offering to publish any statement he or his wife would make verbatim and got no response. 

Linda Vincent FB photo

ONALASKA 1/8/2018


According to Sentinel sources, The FBC Onalaska has sought help from Polk county prosecutor Lee Hon to prosecute the crimes perpetrated against the church as a combination of stolen CD's, credit card abuse and just plain ole writing checks to family has brought the amount past the quarter million dollar mark.  Reliable sources indicate it may be as high as 300K of stolen money. 

ONALASKA 12/7/2017


Following a more thorough look at the financial records of FBC Onalaska, a couple of the church's credit cards have questionable expenses charged under the last pastor totaling in excess of 30K dollars.  The leadership is considering having an outside audit done.  The partial funds recovered (approx 45K) from the thief of the certificates of deposit are now earmarked to pay that outstanding credit card debt to prevent any further interest payments being made on the debt.  At least one person in the Onalaska community has contacted The Sentinel, identifying the unnamed person correctly and issuing a warning of a pattern of involvement with the money end of many local organizations ranging from Little Dribblers to the Library.  The Sentinel did confirm with official Polk County sources that this investigation was turned over to law enforcement and the DA in short order. 

UPDATE 12/1/2017


In a 'mum is the word' obstacle to The Sentinel investigation by all parties involved, we can only present the facts we are able to obtain through open records and proven reliable sources. Open Records are often a time consuming process but there are some provacative twists to the story.  The woman (soon to be named) who embezzeled the money from the FBC Onalaska has a grown daughter who is a local Notary and was formerly employeed by a local Onalaska bank where she used her seal on banking business.  A simple perusal of the S.O.S. site that regulates Notary Publics revealed that this notary had two seals and two Notary ID numbers registered with the Secretary of State based on a fraudulent Social Security number on a 2016 application.    We have no proof that her daughter was involved in the embezzlement fraud but we have confirmed that her employment with the bank was ended soon after The Sentinel gave the information to the Texas Rangers and Polk County officials.  According to the S.O.S. spokesperson, the fraudulent seal and ID will be voided and recombined with her original Notary file.  We have written an OR request for the Notary Record Pages since her tenure began.  More on this story as it develops.



Despite verbal confirmation to The Sentinel from church officials that it did occur, no action is being taken on the alleged embezzlement of more than 50K dollars from the Onalaska First Baptist Church by a prominent member and former employee.  Ranger Young was given the call to look into the allegations when the information was brought to law enforcement but the Ranger has not spoken with the church official according to him as of today.  DA Lee Hon's office does not have a case listed according to his office spokesperson today.  The allegations that this member forged signatures that required a notary seal to cash in CD's belonging to the church, confirmed by a church official, do not warrant an investigation according Ranger Young unless someone brings him some evidence.  "We don't start an investigation on a say so", the Ranger clarified.   The Baptist General Convention lead counsel clamped down on any information and all the members are being told DO NOT discuss the case with anyone. 

   The Sentinel investigation continues.   The church documents nor the bank documents are subject to open records laws but sources indicate there may be other places to look related to public funds that are subject to open records. 


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