POINTBLANK 9/13/2023


Octogenerian, Bettie Washington passed yesterday in Pointblank.  Sister of Billy Washington and lifelong residents of this area and SJC, her family's heritage here is so entwined with the history and development of our county, you can't help but remember some of the more fascinating history of our own Washington's on The Trinity.

    Hamilton Washington, Nephew of George Washington was the overseer on a large plantation on The Trinity River on and near FM 1127 in SJC today.  With emancipation, over 3000 new voters registered in SJC and everyone registered Republican because Lincoln was a Republican.  The very first  republican and black State Rep to SJC was elected from  the  Evergreen area.  

 Now days there is a Washington pastoring New Hope church, just outside Coldspring 






SJC 7/12/2023

(2) SJC Commissioners Court 2023 07 12 9am.

Attorney explains lawsuit settlement




Michael Flynt FTA but no warrant issued because he is NOT wanted.

Today's 'Public Comments' at the Commissioner's Court meeting proved to be a brutal smackdown for two of the sitting commissioners.  McAnally and Brandon were told in no uncertain terms by normally reserved and eloquent ladies that their time was up.  "All of this character assination is NOT tolerable andI think it is time we put you out", Mrs Sheena Bass stated.  

   Gerald Deeter, an active and observant  long time local  political pundit opened the public comments with, "Washington D.C. has come to Coldspring" and elaborated equating the constant effort to undermine Sheriff Capers and curcify him to what has happened on the national scene.  "He (Sheriff) does not have 100 percent support from you and it is time for that to change."

   George Garrett spoke and equated the Lion Report to, "An organized hit job and an attack on our sheriff."

    There were a few uninformed who attacked the Sheriff.  One particular woman bragged about her 'group' she managed with 1700 members from Trails End.  She tried to elicit sympathy from the audience by relating the nass shooting event and how she held the hand of a dying victim then tried to politicize that tragic event and lay the blame at Sheriff Caper's feet for the five deaths.  She was soundly BOOOOOED by the crowd.  Not for her opinion but for daring to attempt to make political hay from those deaths.  Absolutly no class.  

    The next naysayer was apparently the sister of shooting victim John Wayne Dodge from many years ago.  Another tragic story where two men, John Dodge and nephew/son were threatening a young man on his property  and he shot  one of them.  Dodge died from the injury.  Despite what the sister said today, the shooting was investigated and turned over to the DA.  Her claims of "no investigation" were false.  There was no prosecution of the shooter but rather the DA considered the one that was not shot to be responsible because he and his uncle were threatening to commit felony assault when Dodge was killed.  The law is plain that if you are participating in a felony crime and someone dies, you can be charged for the death even if you don't pull the trigger.   It was a tragic case but to use that old case to score political points by misrepresenting the facts is just bush league.  

   All in all, todays meeting was a sound defeat of McAnally and Flynt's best effort to put Flynt's name out there as a viable candidate for SJC Sheriff.  NOT.  

   The thing I was most angry about when first reading Flynt's file from Humble was how the city of Humble let this deviant marcicist walk away without prosecution for his crimes he committed in Humble.  You can see in the photo caption that Flynt is "sitting for a portrait" in front of his fireplace.  I would bet money, the portriat will hang above his mantle so he can admire himself often.

    Former Pct 1 commissioner, Ray McCoppin spoke with a unique persepctive.  "I can see both sides because I have served as a commissioner and as a deputy sheriff."  He noted that when he called about a burglary, the deputies were there quick, acted quite professional and caught the burglar in a fairly short time.  McCoppin's conclusion was that when you strip away the rhetoric about funding and staffing, the root of both those problems is the crisis at our southern border.  

    He has a valid point.  

    All in all, today should have sent some very clear messages.


Brandon and McAnally, "dont bother running again"

Flynt, "when you have to cheat to try to win, you are a "L" loser"

Sheriff Capers, We don't expect perfection, just your very best. Thankyou.











former deputies said they tried to get the Texas Rangers to look into wrongdoing in the sheriff's office when they worked there, but the state's elite investigative agency did little to pursue a case. One of them later gave a detailed interview to an officer with the FBI's regional public corruption taskforce but said it was met with the same result.


Hey dumbass, did it ever occur to you they can see that you are a liar and have no evidence to support your claims?  The same exact reason I would never write your story?  Telling the same lie for years will NEVER make it true.

Headline News


CORRECTION:  The San Jacinto Special Utility District (SJSUD) DID NOT remove the Cross of Christ from the water tower because they got a threat letter as previously reported in The Sentinel.  According to an official reply to our open records request, there was no threat letter, no meeting, no memo, no work order or any minutes related to the decision.  SJSUD folded and removed the cross because the county got a threat letter.  The spokesperson who came forward at the Commissioner's Court meeting made some misleading statements that led to our error. 



The SJC Commissioner's Court voted 5/0 to keep the crosses on the courthouse.  A last minute announcement was made by an employee of the local water company, a  taxing entity, that their response to a similiar threat to sue letter was to fold and take the cross down off of the water tower.  It has been removed.   Former Judge Lovett has agreed to an interview about his thinking and research before having the crosses put up during his tenure.  We are seeking an interview with the local person who complained but will shield their identity in hopes of getting their views out for both sides of the story.  Stay tuned for more on this story.



The new Coldspring Community Center will be the venue for the San Jacinto County Commissioners Court meeting scheduled for tomorrow, May 8th.  The Grand Hall will be used to accomodate the crowds expected from the community stir the FFRF threat letter to sue SJC over the cross in our courthouse window has caused.  This photo is a Sentinel file photo of the window before the lighted Christmas decorations were added.  The Christian Craftsman built the cross right into the window sash and mullion.  The lights only highlight this historical architectual feature of our beloved courthouse. 



The Channel 2 van was parked on the square about 4 this after noon.  The 6 o'clock newscast had a story from Coldspring and they said a more indepth report will be broadcast on the ten o'clock broadcast.  More interviews and even one pastor is slated to be interviewed.



According to the Commissioner Court agenda dispersed today, the Freedom From Religion Foundation (FFRF) has taken aim at SJC and hopes to force the removal of the highlighted crosses hung on all four sides of the SJC Courthouse during former Judge John R. Lovett's tenure.   The group was recently successful in Pennsylvania after a federal lawsuit in forcing the removal of a Christian Cross from the county seal and flag of Lehigh County.

     In a similiar case much closer to home, the FFRF attempted to force a Montgomery County JP to stop allowing volunteer chaplains from various faiths to open his court proceedings with prayer each day.  Texas Attorney General, Ken Paxton went to bat for the Texas Court and had a victory.  The two stories about that case are HERE and HERE.

    The threat letter is published below.



    December 6th of 2018 was eventful for the Pointblank Community when Vance May, a wanted felon, was closed in on by the SJC Sheriff's Dept and members of The Gulf Coast Area Task Force at his home and shot himself just as the lawmen closed in.  

     This is more than just a statistical event in the fact that Vance May is was the neighbor who was responsible for putting a bullet through my oldest son's kitchen window that, other than for the Grace of God and a 5 lb bag of sugar on the pantry shelf, would have blown my daughter in law's brains all over my grand daughter. 

He was also the Vance May that was responsible for another bullet whizzing right by my baby boy's head on video on a different occasion and richoetting off his momma's car that she had just exited.  This first photo is one I took after I got home that day and went up the hill to tell May if one more bullet came our way, I was going to kill him.  He wouldn't answer his door.  We called the law both times but nothing was done other than getting May to pay for the window.    My frustration at that prompted me reaching out to another agency for help.  One of the emails in the exchange is below:

Fast forward a little and it is also the same Vance May who was shot in an officer involved shooting in downtown Pointblank.  According to sources, May was armed at the time but did not get a shot off at the officer.  The young deputy had only been on the force a few days at the time and there was a storm over the shooting because the officer had been involved in two shootings in his last jurisdiction.  The Beaumont press was ready to crucify the young deputy but for The Sentinel stepping up for him.  We documented that both Jefferson county shootings were determined to be justified.  One was a clean kill shot on a gunman holed up with hostages in a trailer park in the line of duty.  The other was self defense according to the DA's investigation.  The shooting in PtBlank was investigated by The Rangers.  According to offiical sources, May was inadvertantly discharged from the hospital after a months long recovery w/o the Rangers being notified. 

    According to reliable and official sources, the SJC Sheriff dept and Task Force came in from the direction reccomended by the local hunter using the barn for cover and were at May's door unseen until too late for May to "Shower Down" on anyone.  Those same sources say that May shot himself in the bathtub almost immediatly after they called out and began to make entry.  Thank the Lord and some concerned citizens that none of our LEO's were killed.  


COLDSPRING 4/30/2018


In a brief but intense one agenda item special called meeting, SJC Commissioners discussed and then voted to fill the void left by the removal of Judge John Lovett Jr. after his recent arrest.   Faulkner, who was in county court defending a client, was informed of the decision.  The auditor left to prepare the bond and arrangements are being made to swear Judge Faulkner in.  This makes at least 3 times Fritz Faulkner has been appointed to the Judge's office to fill a vacancy.

(Sentinel comments in red)
DA Trapp,
I wanted to inform you as per my conversation with TAC and the Texas Ethics Commission today regarding some magnetic signs on my Chief Deputy Sommer Brinkley’s vehicle.
Apparently Mr. Watson seems to think she has them on her car illegally and that we are attempting to pull one over on the taxpayers. He’s got a picture of Sommer’s vehicle with the signs on them along with a story of how they are on there illegally on his website.     (Here you go again saying I said something that I never said You can beat that straw man like nobody's business.  Here is an exact quote from my story in reference to the signs.  "They do not say, "Office of the Tax Assessor Collector" but rather identify the occupant as that elected official in violation of Texas law."   My statement is that to falsely identify ones self as an elected official is a violation of Texas Law . . . . and it is.)
I spoke with both agencies attorneys today TAC Katherine Howard and Ethics Commission Joseph Keeney. TAC said there was nothing illegal about the signs as it’s no difference than all the Sheriff’s deputies having the word “Sheriff” on their cars.  (TAC Attorney Katherine Howard actually told you that she personally didn't see a difference in your deputy having signs or the sheriff deputies driving cars that say sheriff.  Then she was careful to say that TAC would not have any business getting into the case as Robert Hill Trapp is the State's Attorney in SJC.  For you to speak as if TAC settled the issue and indicate you are just letting the DA know out of a courtesy to keep him in the loop is another plain out lie that we can chalk up to your column.)  The Ethics Commission told me as long as it’s it’s political advertising then there is absolutely nothing illegal with her having them on her car.  (Once again you lie.  Joseph Keeney was very clear that their ONLY concern is with political advertising signs and they would not have any involvement in this case.  You lied on two highly regarded public servants in an attempt to cover your own self)
TAC suggested that I just let you know since you are the District Attorney so that is what I am doing..I’m sure you have plenty to do besides worry about magnets on people’s vehicles but I wanted to keep you in the loop.  (lol you keeping DA Trapp "in the loop".  Ms Wineinger, Robert Hill Trapp IS the loop in SJC.  As the most powerful elected official in our county, 'the loop' begins and ends with him.)
I am sorry to bother you with such trivial things.  (TRIVIAL?  let us project a plausible scenario here.  Despite the fact that there is absolutly no duty of the Tax office that requires field trips or inspections, etc, how about if Ms. Brinkley chose to go to the store for bread and milk and was in a hurry to get home and God forbid, crossed the line and ran over someone with YOUR Seal on her car.   Who they gonna sue?  Lovett didn't even have his seal of office at his wreck scene but claimed he was on county business.  SJC is being sued over that.  With your seal on her private vehicle, the victims family would not even have to ask who it was driving because YOUR seal on her private vehicle identifies her as our Tax Assessor Collector in violation of Texas law.  She is officially on county business whether she is or not.  As I love to say, "right or wrong, it is official".  When that county owned, tax exempt plate sheriff car rolls up, you can know they are there on official business.)
Thank you,
Kelly Wineinger

(Sentinel comments in red)


Mr. Watson,

1. I would like to correct a few things you have wrong in your article about me. If your going to write something about me maybe you should speak to me first before publishing it for true and correct answers instead of RUMORS.

1. My medical leave is my business and no one else’s. (Actually, whatever causes you to abandon your duties that we elected and pay you to do is our business.  Agreed that your personal medical information is private but you being gone from office and unable to do your duties is completely our business.) It’s no ones business why I am not in the office. (See last answer) As well you know an elected official isn’t bound by hours and days to be in the office. (And as you know, elected officials ARE bound by an oath and THE LAW to do their duty.)  I work remotely and can do anything from the house that I can do sitting at my desk. (I won’t even address that stupid statement.  It just proves you think we are all idiots.) I spoke with the commissioners about my leave before I ever left. (What a small world.  I have spoken with all the commissioners about your leave too.) They know why I am gone not that I needed to tell anyone. (Why you seem to think you can just drop out of site and not owe the taxpayers an explanation baffles me)

2. If your going to use someone’s name you should make sure you spell it correctly. My chief deputy’s name is spelled Sommer Brinkley (My Apology – I stand corrected)

3. As for me resigning don’t know why it still comes up. I have no plans to resign on January 1..I have made it clear to all the commissioners in and out of open court that I’m not resigning but I probably would not stay the whole three years left on my term. Whoever told you this is a complete liar!  (Someone is a complete liar.  You sure it is my sources?)

4. Regarding me wanting Sommer appointed. Of course I would like to see the Chief Deputy be appointed when I decide to leave. What Tax Assessor wouldn’t want her chief deputy to take her place.   (That will be up to and the duty of the commissioners to decide.  From what I can gather, there is a consensus among several that a new set of eyes on the books might not be a bad idea.  Lots of questions we will get to after this.) 

5. The signs on Sommer car are not there to falsify anything or anyone. I had two sets made like two years ago. They have been on her car for nearly two years (Thanks for that confession) except during my re election time during the voting.  I spoke with the tax attorney before ever ordering two sets to make sure it was ok she had them on there. He said it was fine. So if I am breaking the law I will have Sommer remove them as I’m not the kind of person to be breaking the law or trying to pull one over on the taxpayers. I again didn’t hand over her “MY” set of magnets. (So she stole them?)  She has her own just as I do.  (You can’t give someone the right to identify themselves as our SJC Tax Assessor Collector.  Only the voters or, in the event of abandonment and/or removal, our elected representatives can do that.  Those decals on Sommer’s car are YOURS by default)

6. As for Sommer moving into my office. You are really pulling at straws. Again she moved in there last March 2016 about a year and half ago.  (That is about when you started dating Randy L. Wineingar, Hunt Co Tax Collector and quit showing up to work regular if I am not mistaken) We took over doing pay agreements from the attorneys and I thought it would be more private for her to have the taxpayers come in my office rather that have their business being taken care of out in public through the window.  So again nothing is meant by her being in my office.

In the future if you want to know something about me and or my office and staff please come to me first by email. I have nothing to hide nor am I trying to pull anything over on the taxpayers or the county.   

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