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Chris Lima and a badge bunny

FACEBOOK 4/22/2021


The below snip is just a small portion of a long winded rant published on the Onalaska FB site to ATTEMPT to counter the fact finding efforts of The Sentinel.  I am certain that Chris Lima is the author based on the comparison of his past FB rants against me.  (Same ole lies, same ole misspells, same ole grammar) I know this is a fake profile.  Instead of hashing it all out again, I will post an article I published in 2019 addressing their same efforts from back then.  Unlike Lima and his ilk, my name, number and address is published at left.  Any Questions, please ask.


Published August of 2019;



Once again when my efforts at covering news in East Texas has offended the sensibilities of people close to the story, my credibility as a news hound has come under attack via unfounded accusations and old news. The fact that I am registered as a sex offender always comes to the forefront when people cannot refute my news with facts. Royce and Ruby Wells did it when I exposed their crimes and knocked him out of the Sheriff's race. John Lovett and Mary Olga Lovett did it when I exposed his crimes and lies as a county judge leading to his removal. Lee Hon is doing it along with getting criminal indictments against me for publishing the proof of his crimes. (stay tuned because I have more on him) DA Mark Price did it when I went after him for his crimes. Lou Rogers did it when I took his badge away from him for his criminal acts. Keith Black, Chris Lima and Nathan DeWeese have conspired together and tried to do the same to no avail because I have exposed their crimes. Now, the cutest Troll ever is ranting and railing in comments below because I used a factually correct headline that many considered insensitive.
My readers know that I have worked tirelessly to expose corruption in elected officials for years and have built a platform, that neither face book or twitter or any third party can unplug. The facts surrounding my registration have been published on my own website for years. Nothing would please me more than for the community to give a damn and take a protracted look at case against me. For that reason, we will devote this page to that quest until every question is answered. No more news feeds on fb till this is given every opportunity to play out. Let us start with a few facts. When we are done examining cause 8103 B out of Leon County, then my readers will understand why I do what I do. It is based on the driving father instinct to protect my sons from the good ole boy criminal justice system. Let us start with this document.


1) "Conditions of community supervision" included 20 polygraph tests that I passed and to this day the state refuses to give me those results even though I am entitled to them by law. The district judge's comment was, "if you don't like it, you know the routine".

2) My probation ended on 7/7/07. how cool is that?
3) The so called 'child' was a few days shy of being 17.
4) The man who set the situation up was named Kyle Ott. He runs when he sees me. He is good friends with the three cops that I investigated and outed TO THEIR FACE about my cub reporter investigation showing they were running meth labs in Rye and Plum Grove. Larry Allen was the captain of the Liberty Co. S.O. Bobby Premeaux was a deputy. BOTH RESIGNED IMMEDIATLY.  Within a week, a man matching my sources description was found down the street from my father's house with his throat cut in a 'Columbian Neck Tie'. Then there was a shoot out at the Rye location that made the paper I had worked at stating the last two shot each other at the same time and both were dead. Funny thing is, the severed head of one turned up in Montgomery County and made the paper there a little later. That was 30 years ago.

5) In Leon County, there was a man named Watson running against the incumbent sheriff, Wilson. During the election time I was charged and was called to court 5 times and reset. There were two Watsons up on the same heinous charge, me and another man. When his case came up, the girl he was supposed to have molested appeared in court and stated he never touched her or ever made a complaint and asked the court why the man was even charged. The DA moved to dismiss and it was dismissed.

6) On my last appearance, I produced a tape of an officer of the court offering to let me pay my way out (a tape I still possess) naming the DA Ray Montgomery as someone we "can work with". For 5 thousand dollars, he promised me no conviction and no jail time. As soon as the DA heard the tape, he offered me the deferred adjudication deal. It was mis represented to say the least but if you look on the DPS site, there is no conviction on me. I do vote. I do own a gun.

7) Without a hearing or without me signing a waiver, the court changed my ten year registration to lifetime. That was illegal but it was done.

Please any questions will be addressed and answered. There is more I will share but all you newbys so quick to judge and condemn need to hang around a bit and see what shakes out.


The picture at right is the actual photo stolen from the duck hunting website, by the corrupt Tyler Liar.

     What will the consequences be?  We will see even if it gets swept under the rug.  

    Here is the real profile that the picture used on the "Tyler Evans" fake facebook page belongs to.  This man's picture was used behind a fake name to incite violence against me and another man for simply reporting on issues that effect our community.  

     The Sentinel has also verified that there is no 'Tyler Evans' that owns property in Polk County nor is there a Tyler Evans listed on the Polk County voter rolls.   We know there will be consequences from "Tyler Evans" lies but will it be a nut patrolling the school line with a gun looking to shoot someone they perceive to be me?  Will it be a real dumbass showing up at my office with his "bang" and getting killed for his efforts?  Or will it be Ranger Ryan Clendennen doing his job and using his investigative skills to determine who the 'identity stealing' criminal is and arresting him for his efforts?

There are a lot of lies in Lima's rant but one really stands out as absurd.  In the post at right, there is a portion of Lima's narrative that claims that the SJC Sheriff is afraid of me.  What a belly laugh I got from that.  I will tell you who is afraid of me, a PUNK like you that hides behind a fake profile to sling lies to distract from the FACT that I have the evidence to prove you, Chris Lima, are corrupt and a criminal.  

     SJC Sheriff, Greg Capers and I have sparked over several issues over the years but he has ALWAYS been man enough to have an open door, answer my calls, address my concerns and give me an honest answer even when I didn't like it.   After the election of a New Sheriff in Polk County, it appears they are trying to be transparent and confront the 'left over' issues that plague that S.O.  HOPE springs eternal.

       I know one thing.  Bullies like you, Chris, are really scared little boys inside.  That is why you abuse women and kids and hide behind a fake name to sling your lies.   

        You accuse me of publishing lies again so I make my long standing offer, "one mo time Cincinatti, one mo time".  If you or anyone can prove a single malicious lie I have ever published, I will shut The Sentinel down.  Not an error, but an intentional and malicious lie.  You and Hon are the ones that are afraid of the Truth.

     PS  tell your lawsuit lady to 'bring it'.

Steve Watson - Publisher

A few actual facts.

1) I have NEVER been convicted of any crime.  I vote and own a gun.

2) I have never met 'Mr. White' nor asked for his help or assigned him any project.

3)  I was sued once by a corrupt probation officer, Keith Black, but I prevailed in the lawsuit when, unbeknown to him or his attorneys, Sissy Prigmore and Mary Olga Lovett, I had already obtained his personel file by open records BEFORE I wrote the story that outed him as a criminal and the department as corrupt.

4) I have never been arrested in Polk County.   I surrendered to the Polk Co warrant the day after it was issued to my SJC Constable. The false charges Lee Hon filed to try and silence The Sentinel were dismissed when he was proven to be a retaliatory LIAR. 

The proof you and Hon are corrupt is contained right here in your rant where you condemn transparent public officials as "cowering in fear" and promote the false and CORRUPT notion that witholding public information from the public makes you a man. 

   But then you and Hon have to withold the public records I seek because they prove your crimes.

    What a twisted mentality in a so called 'public servant'.    One more time for the record Chris Lima, you are corrupt and a PUNK.  It is that simple.

    Isn't it neat that your credentials qualify you for Woody Wallace's dept? Correct me if I am wrong but he hired that deputy from Polk County that is doing 65 years in the pen for abusing kids and he hired Royce Wells who The Sentinel proved both he and his wife are sexual predators and now he hired you.  Small World.  





Austin McCracken

POLK CO 4/20/2021


The KTRE story linked to this headline just serves to illustrate the facts presented by The Sentinel before that some in law enforcement in Polk County appear to suffer from the 'Zipper Down Syndrome'.  

    Polk County Sheriff, Byron Lyons has AGAIN taken action against allegations of corruption by one of his own accused of illegal actions.  Thank you Sheriff and Chief Deputy Childers and for the integrity of the Liv PD officers involved.  An excerpt from the KTRE story reads: 


"The affidavit states that McCracken, during the course of duties performed for the Polk County Sheriff’s Office, issued a speeding ticket to a woman on the evening of March 29. However, shortly after the traffic stop was completed, McCracken allegedly contacted the woman via Facebook Messenger and offered to decrease the severity of the ticket down to a warning before allegedly asking a series of increasingly personal questions, including the woman’s marital status and whether she would be interested in a relationship with him."


Another story on the same incident with more details can be read HERE


So here we have a detective working traffic who wasted no time contacting the woman on social media once he had her personal information.  A cop who was comfortable enough in Hon's Polk County environment to blatantly (in writing) abuse his official capacity by offering himself as her reward for submitting to his advances.   

    OLD NEWS. 

Here is an excerpt from The Sentinel 'Zipper Down Syndrome' story that sums up the problem'


"Since 2015, The Sentinel has fielded complaints by multiple women that OPD officers have stalked them.  In every case, with not enough proof to publish the story, I referred them to the DA’s office and the Ranger with an admonition NOT to mention my name.  Before long, I am fielding complaints from them that nothing is being done.  The most telling incidents, in my view has been a more than one time comment from women whom I gave that referral to the effect of, “What good will that do, they have their zipper down too.”

If any find it hard to believe that a Texas Ranger would engage in such inappropriate behavior as ignoring a complaint about a fellow law enforcement officer stalking a woman or a child, all we have to do is look back at the reason Ranger Duff was eventually removed from Polk County and allowed to retire quietly.  Running round with his zipper down.  I wrote the story then as a foretelling that for the DPS and DA Hon to NOT prosecute Ranger Duff for his illegal acts violating the public trust would have the effect of undermining that trust and tarnish the reputation of the premier law enforcement agency on the face of the earth.  Now I am writing that is exactly what has happened.  And that is not fair to the 95+ percent of decent and honest men and women who love our nation, its people and law order enough to put their lives on the line for us every day."

 On a personal note to the Polk County Texas Ranger, Ryan 'the broom' Clendenen, Why in the world would you stand flat footed, in public and run your head calling me a liar to anybody that would listen?  No Proof.  No specifics, just running your head.  Is it because you know I have this text message that alleges Chris Lima is stalking an underage girl and her reporting it to YOU in my files?  Did you tell Chris Lima about the complaint she made?  I KNOW I did not tell him.

We all understand that Badge Bunnies are one of the dangers of a career in law enforcement.   If you did tell Lima about the complaint this young girl made to you after The Sentinel had published story after story warning about Lima's taste for badge bunnies and bumping his gun and the many complaints of violence and the restraining orders issued against him, you endangered a child.  That is a big IF.  We both know I can't prove it happened that way but it sure looks damning.  What we do know is that despite the evidence against Lima published on this very web site and in court documents galore, you have never been able to put a case together to stop him.  He just moves on to department after department. 

    Will you tell us you wanted to do an investigation but Lee Hon would not let you or did you sweep it under the rug on your own?

   At some point, it comes down to what you knew and when you knew it and what you didn't do about it.  It is that simple.

  Instead of you stopping the stalker cops, it has to be a little old lady who has been a child advocate and woman's advocate and defender of the oppressed longer than you have been alive yet you choose to dinigrate her too.  Your mouthy replies and accusations against her only serve to prove you are suffering from arrested adolesence AND carrying water for the corrupt DA and cops she goes after.  

    I remember the one and only time you and I spoke Ranger Clendenen.  It was at the SJC courthouse several years ago after you replaced the scoundrel Duff.  You asked me, "Where do you work Mr. Watson".  I replied that I work for myself but mostly I publish a web site exposing corruption in public officials.  Then I stated that in my effort, "I don't care who you are and I especially don't care who you think you are." to which you replied, "I am a Texas Ranger".  

     I will tell you plainly, it takes more than a badge to make you a Texas Ranger.   If your best effort is to call the only people willing to stand up to the corruption and expose their crimes despite the personal danger and expense is to call them "crazy" and a "liar" outloud in public, it is time for you to move on son.  

     If you don't like what I have to say, I am the easiest man to find in San Jacinto County.


Steve Watson

LIVINGSTON 11/29/2018


Recent 'twin' postings on the fb sites of two public servants expose the criminal thought process of said officials.  Instead of transparency and open government, as required by law, both want to shroud their actions in a veil of "Opaquency" stating that the general public has no right to know what they do as public servants.  Polk Co DA Bill Lee Hon showed his hand when he filed the felony criminal complaint of "stalking" against The Sentinel for showing up at a public event.  Hon used the same statute he is spouting in this article to file that BS complaint.  Now Chris Lima is upset that I have called him out by name.  Boo Hoo.  This twin posting by Lima and Bill Lee "the kid" Hon was within hours of my publishing the second in a month article exposing Chris Lima's crimes to the community by name.  I hope the readers don't let the fact escape them that two men whose crimes I have exposed and proven right here on the The Sentinel pages seem to be connected at the hip with their efforts against our operation.  Poor little 'wide spot in the road' detective thinks he is being mistreated on the pages of our publication.  Let me put you in some good company then son, how about I call out Kim Vickers by name again as the director of that agency that holds your certificaton.  He and I have sparked before and I called him out by name then.  Now when asked, his response it that until you are convicted of a certain class of crime, he is powerless to effect your status as a commissioned officer.  All you need for a beautician license or AC license is an allegation of wrong doing to yank their license until they prove themselves innocent. 

  How about Steve McGraw, director of DPS.  We sparked over the fact his dept could not find a single document that would let us know if a County Judge was fired or not or if he was eligible for rehire.  Lord knows Mr. McGraw probably doesn't appreciate my coverage of the WACO Twin Peaks shooting either but I feel free to associate his name with both events because he is the Director of DPS.  I call him out today by name for allowing crimes both of the local Polk Co public servants have committed because his angency has been put on notice and failed to act.   Steve McGraw's excuse is that unless the DA initiates the investigation, there is no investigation.   Our state laws actually allow the DA to handle any investigation even into himself, if he decides to allow the investigation to begin with, OR recuse himself from the investigation, IF he allows it to begin with.  Let that sink in.  By state law, the DA holds all the power in his district.  All I have is a pen.  But with that pen, I have and will again, call out by name, Attorney General Ken Paxton for turning a blind eye to the criminal acts of one of their own from times past.   Is there really a 'blue line' you can't cross because of allegiance as brothers?   A line that causes you to overlook criminal behavior?  Truth be known, it boils down to Greg Abbott.  From my understanding, he is the only one at a state level that can overide the DA protection laws and get a real investigation into the proven crimes that have been committed.   But why stop there?  The D.O.J. has been put on notice of the crimes of the DA and detective AND the state agencies that have so far overlooked the blatant criminal activities of these men with evidence provided.  We can just skip all the currently fluid leadership issues there and go ahead and lay it in President Donald J. Trump's lap.  We will call him out by name because all these 'bucks' stop with him.  Mr. President,  are you so engaged in your own battles that you can't see the battle for a free press and free speech under assault by an oppressive and criminal statist agenda of stifling the free press and freedoms by trying to apply the scorned lover laws to free speech issues?  The Sentinel's formal complaint with evidence is on file with your agency. 

    There you go Chris.  I hope you feel better now that you are not alone out there fighting those pesky investigative reporters that have a knack for getting to the truth of the matter in a public realm.   You (et al) might want to study these laws in the Penal Code. 


Sec. 39.02. ABUSE OF OFFICIAL CAPACITY. (a) A public servant commits an offense if, with intent to obtain a benefit or with intent to harm or defraud another, he intentionally or knowingly:

(1) violates a law relating to the public servant's office or employment; or

(2) misuses government property, services, personnel, or any other thing of value belonging to the government that has come into the public servant's custody or possession by virtue of the public servant's office or employment.


Sec. 39.03. OFFICIAL OPPRESSION. (a) A public servant acting under color of his office or employment commits an offense if he:

(1) intentionally subjects another to mistreatment or to arrest, detention, search, seizure, dispossession, assessment, or lien that he knows is unlawful;

(2) intentionally denies or impedes another in the exercise or enjoyment of any right, privilege, power, or immunity, knowing his conduct is unlawful; or

(3) intentionally subjects another to sexual harassment.

(b) For purposes of this section, a public servant acts under color of his office or employment if he acts or purports to act in an official capacity or takes advantage of such actual or purported capacity.


POLK COUNTY 8/19/2020


Allegations of discriminatory hiring practices at TDCJ have surfaced and been investigated by The Sentinel for over a year now.  Contradicting and evasive answers from TDCJ directly have not helped to clear up any of the questions that have been raised and now State Rep, James White is lending his two cents worth of BS to the issue.  After over a year of frustration with the lack of answers from TDCJ, a SJC resident approached her State Rep for answers who referred her to James White since he chairs the House Corrections Committee.  Her inquiry was met with assurances by White that he would look into the matter and get back to her with some answers.  After waiting weeks to hear from White, the TDCJ applicant turned to The Sentinel to press the issue.   One line of the email I wrote James White read, "The headline I want to write is that you got to the bottom of it, not "REPRESENTATIVE WHITE IGNORES CONSTITUENTS".


White's reply was, "Write your headline. :-)"


I did change it up a little but here is your headline Rep White.




EAST TEXAS 9/1/2020


Mr. Chairman did text back in an attempt to kick the can the wrong way down the road with a 'still no answer' response.  As Chairman of the Corrections Committee, referal was made to answer the question, "How can TDCJ put someone on an inmates' visitation list without the citizens knowledge or permission, then DENY that citizen employment based  on the fact that the applicant 'failed' to list the unknown inmate's visitation listing on their application for employment? 

   Efforts by The Sentinel to obtain open records document's from TDCJ to answer that and several other questions regarding discrimination in hiring practices has so far been met with an "Oh this is going to be a big bill for all these records and time to find them" threat letter from TDCJ.  As a forensic journalist, I have never been charged or had to wait for records from TDCJ in the past.  It was necessary for me to point out that they should read my request again.  We did NOT request copies.  The Sentinel requested "opportunity to review" the documents.   I only offered to accept digital copies if they preferred due to the corona virus limitations.  

    Rep James White has so far failed to reach out to The Sentinel with any answers to my inquiry other than "publish your headline".  He should have made it plural because we will get our answers so there will be more headlines.



POLK CO 8/29/2020


James White is still ignoring direct questions regarding the hiring practices of TDCJ.   Says he will find out then ignores the persons efforts to contact him. 

LIVINGSTON 8/22/2020


Child Advocate, Rosemary Covalt's request for documents from the Onalaska Police Dept and city hall in order to get some answers about the on going corruption there was met with a bill for FOUR THOUSAND Dollars.  In my career outing corrupt public officials, it NEVER fails that when you are on to something, those corrupt will do anything to keep from giving you the documents that prove their crimes.   Lee Hon and his buddy, Rep James White are notorious for their reluctance to answer a straight question or oust the corrupt.  Lee Hon has proved his penchant over and over for letting the well connected slide by while filing false charges on the innocent who oppose him.  Can we say Ms. Clifton deal of the century?   Nearly a half million dollars of tax payer money was never accounted for and she slid by. 

Antwuan Bogany

POLK CO 0/19/2020


When the recent episode in corrigan of the half black muslim truck driver trying to start a race war with his unfounded 'racist' allegations came to the attention of The Sentinel, we did interview the truck driver.  After that interview, The Sentinel called Sheriff Elect, Byron Lyons to give him a heads up on the intentions of the rabble rouser to endanger the people of Corrigan but instead of hearing that, Byron Lyons proceeded to lamblast me with accusations of lying about him being out of communication with the jail staff the day Antwaun Boganny died in custody.   What Sheriff Elect Lyons apparently did not know before making the accusations it that I went after the jail house video tapes (and won the battle with the AG and obtained them) of the incident where the dialogue between jail staff and the EMS personel PROVE they did not have Lyons' number and when they did get the number, Lyons did not answer.  If YOU PERSIST in your allegations against me Byron Lyons, I can post those tapes in their entirety to prove my statement.  I do not want to do that because the tapes will bring you to tears that a man can be treated with such disregard for not only his health and well being but his basic humanity.   Watching a nearly dead body be drug around the jail and finally put on the floor where he was defacating and urinating on himself while the staff stand around with hands tied because YOU cant be reached and Hammack was even farther out of touch would enrage the populace against you.  EMS  was imploring someone to take action so they could save the man.  Shall I post them Byron?  What say Ye?  Just let me know below or you have my phone number.

POLK COUNTY 11/Friday The 13th/2020


    An 'In Person' segment of last Friday the 13th's session of the 258th Court in Livingston, Texas saw three motions to dismiss felony indictments against Stephen C. Watson (The Sentinel) announced, granted and signed by the Presiding Judge, The Honorable Travis Kitchens.  

    The three seperate indictments contained a total of 7 felony counts, each having a ten year prison term listed as penalty under law.  

     God has a sense of humor and Irony is often His way of expressing it.  Not only did He deliver the upper cut punch on Hon's 'high holy day', God used the retaliation accusations Hon made against me to prove his own criminal retaliation efforts for what they were and what we knew they would be. 

     One long time reader, friend and supporter offered this observation way back when Hon first made the accusation.  "You have done something no one else has been able to do Steve", she said, "You got under his skin and made him make mistakes."

     As more and more of the details emerge of Hon and Coleman's actions during their efforts to incarcerate me for life, the people of Polk County will see the "Anatomy of Corruption" laid open to the light of day.   

      Many, many friends (and you know who you are even if we haven't talked today), expressed their support in many ways over the years it took this ordeal to unfold.  Everything from a laptop loan to a, "hang in there" was offered and accepted gratefully but one stands out.  A long time friend and SJC Elected official laughed the day I told him that Lee Hon had gotten me indicted on three charges totaling 7 felony counts.  "Do you think that is funny?" I demanded, irritated.  He smiled and said, "No, I just think it's funny that Lee Hon thinks you are the one in trouble".                 

LIVINGSTON 10/22/2020


Livingston PD's Adam Wiliford, a corrupt cop The Sentinel warned our readers about as far back as 2015, has proven his corruption and the blind eye of the DA's office to his crimes once again.  Wiliford 'investigated' the collision between a vocal critic of his (who had complained in writing of Wiliford's criminal acts before) and an 18 wheeler.   Wiliford issued her the ticket but alas, today was court day.  The case was reset because it was determined that the officer whose name was signed to the ticket instead of Wilifords works night shift and WAS NOT ON THE SCENE.

   In addition, a qualified former DPS officer and retired federal agent did examine the scene immediatly after Ms. Covalt was released from the hospital ER and determined from the skid marks and based on his extensive experience that the 18 wheeler was at fault, not Ms. Covalt.  For the Livingston PD officer to falsify a government document IS A CRIME but based on experience, Lee Hon will probably let the corrupt cop walk again.  Oh, did I mention Williford is one of the gym groupies?   

POLK COUNTY 9/12/2020


What one witness described as a textbook "pit maneuver" set the vehicle LULAC Rep, Rosemary Covalt was driving into a spin that nearly turned her vehicle over.  Having been vocal and persistant in seeking documents and filing complaints against several corrupt members of the Polk Co criminal justice system, Covalt was shaken to the core by the collision that nearly flipped her car over and did cause it to spin out of control.   Livingston PD's own Adam Williford responded to the scene and wrote Covalt a ticket even though he was the subject of one of the complaints Ms. Covalt filed. That complaint was regarding Wiliford attempting to bully her and intimidate her into silence over a year ago when kinfolk of Wiliford's hit Covalt from behind at the Jack in The Box.  Williford did NOT issue a ticket to his kin and instructed Covalt NOT to turn it in to insurance but Covalt was successful in proving to the insurance co that she was NOT at fault.  When Ms. Covalt obtained the official accident report from Liv PD, Williford's name was not signed to the ticket.  

SJC 2/16/2020


The snippet at left is just a tid bit of the evidence file obtained by The Sentinel in our search for the rest of the story.  I have read much of the file but not all and have a list of facts that I can report KNOWING I have the documents in my files to prove each statement.  Michael Lansing Flynt is a LIAR.  He lied to my face in multiple interviews.  He lied on his application for employment with the SJC Sheriff's Dept.  Flynt admits in a sworn statement of having an illicit affair with a fellow city employee during his time with the Humble PD.  Irrefutable proof exists that Flynt illegally accessed more than one government data base to compile a file on the husband of the clerk he was cheating on his wife with when that clerk wanted to end the affair.  The clerk passed her polygraphs with a wide margin indicating truthfulness and states Flynt threatened to arrest her husband and make her life a "living hell" if she did not meet with him and continue the relationship. 

    We will continue to examine the evidence and bring more forward at this critical time for the future of SJC but it will require time for redaction and scanning of multiple documents.

    As a student of 'non verbal communication' in college courses, there are several signs that people are lying.  Blinking at the instant the lie is uttered, covering mouth, wiping the nose and other gestures.  Flynt does not display those signs when lying.  He is comfortable in his lies.  In a recent interview where I asked Flynt about the affair with the court clerk, he stated to me, "So what if I fu#@ed a whore down there".  "The allegations are false but so what if I did".  That was before I obtained the file and have Flynt's written admission that he DID have an affair with her for almost 5 years. 

     When Flynt was confronted with the evidence by the Humble Chief of Police and offered an opportunity to resign in lieu of criminal charges being filed, Flynt promplty resigned.   Flynt's crimes are not the only criminal action in this case.  The Humble C.O.P., City Manager and City Attorney are all complicant in a cover up of multiple felony crimes.  They need to go to jail for endangering the people of San Jacinto County.   It is a wide practice that mirrors the exact M.O. of Lee Hon covering up the crimes of Christopher Lima in Polk County.  

LIVINGSTON 6/12/2019


No resolution in the sentencing phase of the case surrounding the death of PCSO jail inmate, Antwaun Bogany has been reached as of yet.  According to someone close to the investigation, the best offer to settle was to reduce the State Jail felony charge of injury to the disabled with criminal negligence to a misdemeaner with 15 days in jail and suspension of the jailer's license as full punishment.  Texas Penal Code 42.o9 requires harsher punishment for someone who lets a dog die for lack of medical treatment.

      Back in 2015, the Polk County Jail was out of compliance with the state's jail standards and an inmate died.  Two months ago, Polk County Jail was cited again for being out of compliance with the state's jail standards and an inmate died in custody. 

      Liberty county jail was cited for being out of compliance with the state's standards in April and is still out of compliance.  Liberty County had an inmate die a few weeks ago and has another inmate who is epileptic but denied his medication.  According to sources in the jail, the inmate had three hard seizures in a short time and was bleeding from his mouth when staff came and took him out of the tank and put him in a cell by himself.  He was later returned to the tank and STILL NO MEDS.   

      What is painfully apparent in East Texas is that bottom line budget numbers outweigh the responsiblilty of these county jails to see to the medical needs of people in custody. 



The Natasha Atchley murder, some alledge rape and murder, remains unsolved twenty six years ago today.  The Sentinel has worked on the case a bit and even called a prison to request an interview with an inmate a year ago.  The next day, a cold case investigator called and asked me not to do the interview so as not to interfere with their investigation.  "They will lawyer up" was his reasoning if I contacted the man serving a 60 year sentence for a ten year crime in the TDCJ unit farthest from here.  "He was railroaded for what he knows and his entire inheritance stolen by the system" one friend claims. 

   A group of local sleuths, friends and family have refused to let the case die.  The reward has been increased and new eye witnesses have come forward with very disturbing but matching stories.   It has long been said that it was a Polk County crime that happened in San Jacinto County.  There is a group on facebook called 'Justice for Natasha' that is keeping the investigation alive, challenging the status quo and invading the heretofore power structure with social media that has become more powerful than the old guard that has kept their secrets so long.   Social media that brings distant witnesses to our very livingrooms. 

POLK COUNTY 3/17/2018


Two Texas Rangers and one Federal official have informed The Sentinel to date that there is no official investigation of the OFBC/FFA embezzlement allegations in Onalaska Texas by them.   The Texas Rangers both gave The Sentinel verbal assurance that there was no investigation on going by them and a Federal agent replied to The Sentinel inquiry in writing assuring us that it would take more than allegations to instigate an official D.O.J. investigation.  

ONALASKA 1/24/2018


   A disappointing result from local law enforcement and the prosecutor's office in Polk Co dragging their feet and giving Linda Vincent, wife of commissioner Ronnie Vincent cover for her crimes has backfired. 

   The Sentinel was challenged by the local Ranger with, "We don't start an investigation on a say so" and then DA Lee Hon totally ignored the issue despite The Sentinel's track record of accurate information.   It is not the only allegation of turning a blind eye to crimes committed by those in power that have been leveled against either man.  But that is another investigation.

   The Onalaska community was miffed and has had a belly full of the good ole boy system and has responded with production of the documents that are needed to prove embezzlement of FFA/4H Buyer's Club funds during Linda Vincent's tenure as treasurer.  A cooperative effort between several members in the community has resulted in evidence that warrants investigation. 

   Not all of the principals are known to The Sentinel.  One had access to actual bank records.  One had access to FFA Buyer's club records.  Another had access to dates and information that has been compiled over several years.  Another knows me and had enough confidence that we would protect their identity and do the right thing with the information that they collected them up and made the documents available to us via courier.   Only one is published above.  It is a bank record that shows the purchase of a cell phone, dinner for the Vincent family and a hotel paid for with the FFA/4H kid's money.   The 100 dollar cash withdrawal was done at an atm. 

   There are quite a few other instances of personal expenditures that had the effect of causing the Buyer's Club to bounce checks and incur many overdraft charges.  Another document is a forged letter on the bank letterhead explaining away an issue where Linda Vincent was questioned about disappearing money and 'the bank' took responsibility.  The only problem is the name of the signer is miss spelled and that person has confirmed that they never saw the letter much less signed it. 

  As is a Sentinel practice when an unsatisfactory answer is given at the local level, we often contact the tallest hog in the trough (no pun intended regarding the Vincent hog selling enterprise) to get some answers.  Why was this ignored?  What is the connection?  How deep does the embezzlement go?  How many organizations that Linda and Ronnie 'Boss Hogg' Vincent were involved with are missing money?  A short list of outfits that the Vincents had their hands in are, Little Dribblers, Texas Junior Livestock Assn, Polk Co Youth assn, Library Board, School Board.  There are others. 

   These documents will be made available to any official investigator that believes it warrants further investigation.  My number and address is posted in the left column.  Come see me.


Steve Watson - Publisher

Linda Vincent fb 'friend'

UPDATE 1/15/2018


A response to an email inquiry was received at The Sentinel offices. We will share that with the readers soon.

UPDATE 1/13/2018


Too Late ma'am.   We already have a sneaking suspicion why no one seemed interested in prosecuting you three months ago when The Sentinel brought the information to Polk County officials.  Stay tuned because we have several more fb tidbits we will be sharing this coming week.

ONALASKA 1/12/2018


Matt 10:26 Fear them not therefore: for there is nothing covered, that shall not be revealed; and hid, that shall not be known.


Linda Vincent, wife of Polk County Pct 2 Commissioner Ronnie Vincent has violated the complete trust placed in her by the FBC Onalaska for many years according to Sentinel sources.  Our investigation has shown a pattern of forgery, fraud, theft and embezzlement that has racked up a total in excess of a quarter million dollars over quite a few years as Ms. Vincent held the position of church secretary.  Sources close to the matter state that church minutes were forged granting Ms. Vincent permission to cash in some FBC Certificates of Deposit in a local bank.  When interviewing an official associated with the Baptist General Convention and the local church and attempting to confirm the initial amount as 60K stolen, The Sentinel was told several months ago, "We don't know what the total will end up being because we are just now beginning an audit of all the books and all the accounts." 

    We reached out to Commissioner Vincent offering to publish any statement he or his wife would make verbatim and got no response. 

ONALASKA 1/8/2018


According to Sentinel sources, The FBC Onalaska has sought help from Polk county prosecutor Lee Hon to prosecute the crimes perpetrated against the church as a combination of stolen CD's, credit card abuse and just plain ole writing checks to family has brought the amount past the quarter million dollar mark.  Reliable sources indicate it may be as high as 300K of stolen money. 

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