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"The case of the triple crown weave that is tied too tight"

Representative Shelia Jackson Lee has long shown her anti American racist hate mongering views but she has gone too far this time.  Legislation the dumbass introduced would make this sentence a federal crime.    What an embarassment for Houston, Texas.  Talk about 'the enemy within'.  To her constituents.  You have been voting this dumbass in for 30 years.   Look around.  Is your neighborhood any better off?

   The article linked to the headline tells the tale.



Satan is a liar and the father of lies.  There is NO TRUTH in him our bible tells us.  There has been NO TRUTH in Pedro Arrendondo since day one.  The ONLY explanation for Pedro's inaction is that he intended to force the body count to be high enough to ENRAGE the American people so that even some conservatives would be ready to pass gun control measures.  It worked and There is NO OTHER explanation.  The door wasn't locked.  They had arms and armor.  Cops were willing to enter.  Pedro disarmed and detained a cop whose wife was shot and bleeding to death in the room.  A mother was able to make entry, save her kids and get out safely.   




AUSTIN 7/6/2022


FORMER legendary country singer, Willie Nelson has betrayed the bulk of his Texas fan base by cuddling with Beto O'Roark (and his son) in a recent public appearance.  "Shut up and sing" has been the general consensus of Texans to this point trying to ignore Nelson's liberal leanings but now a substantial portion of his fan base is just saying "Goodbye".

     Doing the soundtrack for the homosexual agenda movie, "Broke Back Mountain" did hurt Nelson but with a 'live and let live' attitude in Texas, Nelson's career was not wiped out but this communist cuddling caper has finished Nelson off in the eyes of most Texans.

   "You Lost Me Willie!" was the most common theme and statement of the many comments associated with the communist cuddle story shared so widely on facebook.  

  "I just lost all respect for Willie now that I saw him support Beto" said Crystal Lopez.  "I used to love Willie but I wouldn't pay a single dollar to watch him now" added Maxine Kelley.  The list goes on and on and on and on.  

   Many people don't know that Willie Nelson, as a young man, was a Sunday School teacher in his local church.  The "Country Gentleman", Larry Butler hired Nelson for his first gig and he got started on his star's rise in the country music world.  It wasn't long before the church elders gave Nelson the ultimatem to choose between the Honky Tonk and his Sunday School class.  Nelson chose the music and began growing his hair out into the effeminate braids that are his trademark today.  

    We are all created as free moral agents and to each his own but it appears as if the new trade mark for Willie Nelson's 'shooting star' will be "FLAME OUT".

OKLAHOMA 7/18/2022



tHE Ponca Tribe in Oklahoma has filed documents declaring that rivers have rights and these specific rivers named in the story linked to the headline.  As opposed to owning nature as property rights proclaim, the tribe declares that we are nature and do not own nature.   Interesting read.  Climate Justice and the pagan  goddess Mother Nature are named in the goals of the movement.



Another lawsuit challenging the "Quota system" being implemented in DPS was  allowed to move forward by a Federal judge   The lawsuit was settled.  Follow link in headline.


Paxton Launches 9th Border-Crisis Lawsuit Against Biden, Marking 20th Lawsuit Since Inauguration Day


AUSTIN –Attorney General Ken Paxton announced that he, along with seven other state attorneys general, filed a lawsuit against the Biden Administration for its abuse of the Central American Minors (CAM) Refugee and Parole Program.


The CAM program provides certain aliens in the United States the ability to secure protected status after entering the country illegally. Then, the aliens can petition the government to bring in extended family members from Honduras, El Salvador, or Guatemala. There is no authority in federal law for this sort of program.


“The Biden Administration has sown nothing but disaster for our country through its illegal, unconstitutional immigration policies,” Attorney General Paxton said. “Biden’s latest round of flagrant law-breaking includes his Central American Minors Program, which has contributed significantly to many states being forced to take in even more aliens. My fellow attorneys general and I are suing to stop it.”


In addition to its abuse of the CAM program, the Biden Administration has, since it came to power a year ago, attempted to freeze deportations, stop border wall construction, cease arrests and deportations of broad categories of aliens, and terminate the Remain-in-Mexico program. Attorney General Paxton has sued Biden on all these matters—and more.


The states joining Texas are Arkansas, Alaska, Florida, Indiana, Missouri, Montana, and Oklahoma.



After several communications with the Allen West Campaign and requests for an interview and answers to questions on his fight for father's rights, we finally found a speech West delivered recently.  No mention of Father's rights, just duty.  No mention of abuses by the family court and child support enforcment division.  Just rhetoric.  

   Abbott does no better on father's rights because it would cost money and wold reduce revenue from collections.  Looks like Texas fathers remain at the mercy of family court bias and lying cheating asst OAG's like Kevin Burchfield.



In his encouraging and challenging speech at the Abiding Fathers Legacy Luncheon 2020, Lt. Col. Allen B. West (Ret.) discusses why America needs godly dads who are connected to the vine and who make sure their kids are also connected and growing. Dads who are building not only a spiritual foundation but all the other great foundations: the foundation of respect for authority, the foundation of the love of country, and the foundation of respect for your elders. Lt. Col. Allen B. West (Ret.) states that if America is to become what it was intended to be 244 years ago, it must restore the family. It must restore that sense and atmosphere of strong godly men.

1 John 2-14    I have written unto you, fathers, because ye have known him that is from the beginning. I have written unto you, young men, because ye are strong, and the word of God abideth in you, and ye have overcome the wicked one.


How fitting that the surge of migrants Biden is wooing now are from Haiti where the AIDS virus is rampant.  How fitting that the HIV virus is the "OTHER VIRUS" Anthony Fauci worked on regarding the 'gain of function' ability HIV gained to be able to enter a human cell.




Paxton’s Election Fraud Unit Makes Arrest



The Election Fraud Unit arrested and booked Monica Mendez into the Victoria County Jail on June 23, 2021, after a Victoria County Grand Jury returned an indictment against her on multiple counts of election fraud: 7 counts of Illegal Voting (a 2nd Degree Felony), 8 counts of Unlawfully Assisting Voter Voting Ballot by Mail (a 3rd Degree Felony), 8 counts of Unlawful Possession of Ballot (a State Jail Felony), and 8 counts of Election Fraud (a State Jail Felony). The Texas Secretary of State referred the case to the Office of the Attorney General after allegations of illegal voting and other election code violations arose out of the 2018 Bloomington Water District Election.

AUSTIN 6/9/2021


Paxton Defends Second Amendment Rights, Sends Letter to ATF 


AUSTIN – Attorney General Ken Paxton today sent a letter to the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives opposing its June 7 proposal to require federal registration of firearms with attached “stabilizing braces.” The stabilizing brace, which attaches to the rear of a pistol and slips around the user’s forearm, may be used for a range of legitimate purposes, including reducing recoil, preventing injury, and allowing individuals to more safely and accurately operate the weapon. Stabilizing braces are used widely, with tens of millions sold throughout the state and nation. To require their registration with federal officials would not only be time-consuming and cumbersome, but would also impose unnecessary and unconstitutional expense on Americans exercising their Second Amendment rights.  


Read more indepth HERE


Linked to the headline is a story that shows until intentional witholding of exculpatory evidence is prosecuted as the crime it is, the practice will continue among the unscrupulous prosecutors just for a mark in the 'win' column come election cycle.   With absolute immunity, disbarment after the fact is about the best you can hope for in a corrupt DA.   It is the accurate ballot box that tells where our heart truely is as a people.  If we can't trust and verify the numbers, we are lost as a nation.  Truth, after all, demands scrutiny because how else will you know it is the Truth?  Cults and occultics love to spew their 'truth' and expect you to accept it without scrutiny.   There is only one Truth and it is the Whole Truth.   


CARROLTON 10/10/2020


Mohamed, a candidate for mayor of Carrollton, Texas was arrested by the Denton County Sheriff for over 100 counts of voter fraud when he was caught red handed with the ballots in his home.   The investigation led to observing a P.O. Box and following the culprit home to identify him before getting a search warrant.   Sheriff Tracy Murphree said, “The fact an actual candidate for public office would engage in these activities is appalling.” Follow the link in the headline to read the full story.   This is just one more incident proving The Sentinel contention that there is NOTHING in orthodox islam that is compatible with American Values.  This is a prime example of 'stealth jihad'. 


An examination of the just the facts ma'am.


On April 7, 1984 at approximately 5:45pm Polk County Precinct 3 Constable Johnnie Raymond "Bill" Garsee was shot 3 times and killed just outside his home in Moscow, Tx.  At the age of 62 Garsee was seeking his third term in the May 5th Democratic primary and was being challenged in the race by former Corrigan Police Chief Joel R. Lambright.
On 05-03-1992 at approximately 10:00 AM, after 19 year-old Natasha Ann Atchley attended a late night / early morning birthday party in Shepherd (San Jacinto County); her car was found burned on a rural dirt road approximately a mile from the party. Natasha’s body was located in the trunk of her hatchback car. Natasha previously attended school in nearby Livingston (Polk County)
Oakhurst resident, Carter White was found murdered on Harrell Rd in the Stephen's Creek area of San Jacinto County.  The killer left him in an area just off of the road but he had taken the time to dig the bullet back out of White's brain.  He was either practicing to be a surgeon or he didn't want to have to get rid of his gun.  One eye witness has claimed to the Sentinel that he saw who picked Carter White up that fateful evening. 

Carl Wills was just 22-years-old when he was killed on September 1, 2011, and his body dumped off Plantation Ranch Road in Liberty County.   He was a son, a friend, and a father.  




AUSTIN 2/27/2019


In a press release from the Texas Office of Attorney General today, the following paragraph really got to the meat of the issue Ken Paxton is defending for the citizens of Texas. 


The Court recognized that there is “unanimity among the parties, counsel and the Court that non-American citizens are ineligible to vote” and the Court found the Secretary of State’s efforts to identify non-citizen voters were undertaken in good faith. However, the order today prevents county election officials from directly communicating with individual voters about their citizenship, and prevents those officials from discharging their duty to remove ineligible voters from the voting rolls for any reason without first obtaining the Court’s permission. The Court also directed the Secretary of State to instruct counties that they may not send notice of examination letters to voters or remove ineligible voters from the rolls without prior Court approval. 


The actual order can be seen HERE

AG Paxton Releases Statement on U.S. District Court’s Final Judgment and

Stay of Ruling That Obamacare is Unconstitutional


AUSTIN – Attorney General Ken Paxton tonight issued the following statement after a U.S. District Court today issued a final judgment and granted a stay of his ruling declaring Obamacare unconstitutional as it goes through the appeals process:


"We are eager to defend the district court's ruling declaring Obamacare unconstitutional. We have no quarrel with the district court’s stay, which provides the states with an opportunity to develop plans to address the health care needs of their residents for the day this ruling is ultimately upheld."

AUSTIN 11/8/2018

AG Paxton’s Election Fraud Unit Arrests Nine Alleged Participants of an

Organized Illegal Voting Scheme in Edinburg


AUSTIN – Attorney General Ken Paxton today announced that the Election Fraud Unit of his office arrested nine individuals accused of participating in an organized illegal voting scheme in Edinburg. The arrests follow an ongoing investigation into a coordinated effort by political workers to recruit people who agreed to fraudulently claim residential addresses so they could vote in specific city of Edinburg municipal races.


Attorney General Paxton’s office arrested Hidalgo County residents Guadalupe Sanchez Garza, Araceli Gutierrez, Brenda Rodriguez, Rosendo Rodriguez, Cynthia Tamez, Ruby Tamez, Belinda Rodriguez, Felisha Yolanda Rodriguez and Jerry Gonzalez, Jr. The nine individuals will be prosecuted by the Hidalgo County district attorney’s office.


According to Texas law, it is a second-degree felony to vote in an election using a fraudulent residence address and, under a new law, it is a first-degree felony for organizers to engage in organized election fraud activity to commit illegal voting.


“Illegal voting, particularly an organized illegal voting scheme orchestrated by political operatives, is an affront to democracy and results in corruption at the highest level,” Attorney General Paxton said. “Each illegal vote silences the voice of a law-abiding registered voter. My office will continue to do everything in its power to uncover illegal voting schemes and bring to justice those who try to manipulate the outcome of elections in Texas.”


More arrests are expected in connection with the organized illegal voting scheme in Edinburg. Individuals with information about the case are encouraged to come forward and cooperate with the attorney general’s Election Fraud Unit and the Texas Rangers, who are assisting with the investigation. In May, four people were charged with voter fraud stemming from last year’s Edinburg municipal election and, subsequently, a fifth arrest occurred.


From 2005-2017, the attorney general’s office prosecuted 97 defendants for numerous voter fraud violations. This year alone, Attorney General Paxton’s Election Fraud Unit – with assistance from a criminal justice grant from the governor’s office – has prosecuted 33 defendants for a total of 97 election fraud violations. In February, the attorney general announced a significant voter fraud initiative and addressed key problems and policy areas related to election law.


FORT WORTH 9/30/2018


"This should not come as any surprise to any longtime reader of the Geller Report. Slavery is sanctioned in Islam. It was only a matter of time before Islamic slavery would come to the United States. The word for a black person in Arabic is abid, or slave. Consider, however, how many African Americans convert to Islam. Or worse yet, Arabic is now mandatory in a Harlem public school. More proof of the epic failure of African American leadership."

WACO 6/8/2018


The screen snip at left is taken from the Confederation of Clubs and Independents (C.O.C. & I.) fb page within days of the May 2015 biker shooting at the Waco Twin Peaks 'breastaurant'.  In the comment by Mark Derscheid, he may well have prophetically nailed the reason for the misinfomation and propaganda campaign that has followed the shooting.  Ranging from a DPS bulletin four days after the shooting that stated matter of factly that the motorcycle clubs had declared war on the police "according to sources", to the blatant outright lies that Waco PD, DPS and their trolls have perpetrated and continue to perpetrate against the public, it is obvious that a misinformation campaign is and has been in full swing since that day.   As it pans out, we know the DPS assertion about the bikers declaring war was a lie and it appears that DPS are the ones that have declared war on the bikers with guns AND THE BUDGET!

     As is our style, let us insert a few facts into the discussion.  In March, just two months before the biker shooting, an article was published that proved DPS had misappropriated funds that were designated to be spent on Motorcycle Safety Awareness.  When you pay fifteen dollars for a motorcycle endorsement on your DL in Texas, ten dollars goes to the state and five dollars goes to the fund set aside to promote motorcycle safety.  The article proves that according to State Comptroller documents, for the nine years prior to the Twin Peaks biker shooting, DPS had not spent ONE SINGLE PENNY of that designated fund to promote motorcycle safety.  The fund balance was in excess of 15 million dollars at that time the bikers were gunned down. 

     The COC&I meeting scheduled for that fateful Sunday afternoon in Waco had an agenda that had been dedicated to discussing their efforts at helping write and pushing through legislation to force the DPS to use the money as designated to promote motorcycle safety or move it to TxDoT for proper dispersement.  The article published before the event pointed out that despite a nationwide decline in motorcycle deaths, Texas motorcycle deaths have been on the increase since shortly after the funds had ceased to be used for their designated purpose.

     A couple more facts are that DPS had a heavy presence before, during and after the Twin Peaks incident.  Nearly a dozen other officers besides the snipers were taken off active patrol duty behind the shooting investigation.  Only three sniper rifles out of many officer weapons on the scene were forensically tested to determine what bullets were fired from them.  

     We are all aware of the propaganda campaign that was in play prior to and after the event attempting to paint everyone that rides a motorcycle as a criminal when nothing could be further from the truth.  Many club members are veterans, organ donors and even chl holders.  The leftist statist agenda is terrified of US veterans that are organized.  Nearly all of the men were employed or owned their own business.  State law allows anyone not convicted of a felony to carry a weapon when traveling.  One of if not the first man shot by a sniper had a concealed weapons permit and was standing next to his son.  If he had drawn his weapon (but none said he did), as a father, I know it would have been to protect himself and his son.  He was executed by a sniper that determined him to be a threat. 

     Too many questions remain.  1) Why weren't any more officer guns forensically tested?  2) Why is a biker being charged in the death of Richard 'Bear' Kerschner when the autopsy and forensic ballistic reports PROVE it was an LEO sniper round that killed him?  Why did the same officer that shot Bear prevent his brothers from getting him to an ambulance?  3)  Is it true that the motorcycle safety fund monies were being spent on other things by DPS the whole time the death rates were increasing?  4) Why is Able Reyna still walking around as a free man?  5) Why has ATF allowed the misinformation campaign to proceed unchecked?  6) Why wasn't the magistrate who signed 170 plus cookie cutter warrants prosecuted?  7) Why is Waco PD and DPS allowed to outright lie to the public about the event?  8) Why aren't the civil rights violations being prosecuted? 

     Here is the big question no one will want to answer.  Why does the DPS video show the first sniper shots fired at the 12:24 o'clock mark yet the Waco PD narrative states that the first call of 'shots fired' comes in at 12:26?

     As a quick perusal of this website via the 'Texas' page and sub page, 'Waco' will show, The Sentinel was one of if not the first publications to question the LEO narrative coming out of Waco regarding the Twin Peaks shooting.  It was The Sentinel that, based on forensic evidence, proved and published the proof that there were snipers who fired on the bikers within seconds either side of the first punch and called out Waco PD on their false narrative.  It was The Sentinel that proved and published the fact that a minimum of four bikers were killed by LEO sniper fire.   All of these articles preceeded the dropping of the majoryity of charges against bikers and the defeat of the corrupt DA, Able Reyna by several weeks. 

    There are two aspects of this story that The Sentinel finds odd.  1)  36 minutes before a meeting ensued that would put heat on DPS for misappropriating funds and take 15+ million out of their budget, the attendees are fired on by LEO snipers way outside policy and proceedure for riot control.  2)  Not one main stream media outlet is interested in the story despite PROOF laid in their lap. 

    Once again, The Sentinel will tread the ground no one else dares.

Judge Gattis and Williamson County Sheriff Chody Williamson County Photos

GEORGETOWN 8/17/2018


Dan Gattis, County Judge of Williamson County was suspended by the Judicial Ethics Commission for attempting to stifle the free speech of the county sheriff, according to an Austin American Statesman article.

    Judge Gattis was a former state representative and Williamson County prosecutor according to a Texas Observer article, during the time John Bradley was the Williamson County District Attorney.   Another article claimed the Dan Gattis in the prosecutor's office was Dan Gattis Jr, son of the Judge.  John Bradley was the DA that Polk County Asst DA, Tommy Coleman was training under when it came to light that Coleman withheld exculpatory evidence allowing a man to rot in prison that he knew was innocent accoding to a, "Grits for Breakfast" article written right after the 2010 event.  An excerpt from the article reads:

"Mr. Coleman then told defense counsel the state had been emailed the piece of evidence in question but had not produced it to the defense.  When defense counsel questioned why Mr. Coleman failed to disclose the information during the trial, (defense) counsel was told ‘it’s too late now, your guys already pled.’” (emphasis in original)

Like his boss, John Bradley, says the Watchdog, the same prosecutor openly mocked requests for DNA testing that ultimately exonerated Mr. Morton: "During one of the Michael Morton hearings in September of this year, Coleman was overheard by several people mocking Morton's attorney, John Raley, who had argued for the relevance of a key piece of evidence which played a pivotal role in exonerating Morton.  In a demeaning tone, Coleman said, "Ewwww!  Bloody bandana! Bloody bandana!" in a cynical attempt to discredit the evidence."

    Now  we have a Judge who was removed by the Ethics commission after the Sheriff brought forth the evidence that the Judge threatened him and violated his free speech rights just because the sheriff published some comments the judge did not like.  The evidence indicates that the Williamson County DA's office under Bradley, where Coleman also worked, was a training ground for corruption.  Anyone who denies a man due process and/or squelches free speech promotes a statist agenda, I don't care how many republican labels he hangs on himself.   Based on Hon's recent actions against The Sentinel, Coleman's 'training' has come in handy.


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  • Elderberry (Sunday, June 10 18 11:41 am EDT)

    Second bullet was 0.203 seconds later


screen snip from our you tube channel


Compared to the two photos at left just prior to and immediatly after impact of this bullet to the location of the 'cloud' of dust from the impact in the second snip at left, this close up shows the bullet came from an upward right trajectory and exploded out on a lower left trajectory.  The rust color highlights where the bare metal was left.


Son of first casualty of LEO Counter Snipers case dismissed.


"Looney, who called the Twin Peaks cases “the most bizarre saga in the history of American criminal law,” added that he is happy for Ledbetter but “just repulsed at the system.”

“It looks like they have mishandled this case to the point that nine people died and nobody gets prosecuted. How bizarre. This is an impossible outcome. That can’t be the case, but it looks like they are going to end up there,” he said."



Ron Hosko is president of the Law Enforcement Legal Defense Fund, and former assistant director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation.





The biggest Con:  "Since the American Psychiatric Association does not formally recognize Parental Alienation Syndrome/Disorder, The State of Texas does not provide legal standards to evaluate a parental alienation presence in a child."

That quote is from the article below.  The headline is linked to the page it is from.  We use this under the fair use laws as part of a larger story.  The lawfirm article just gets to the heart of the issues at hand.  This is the beginning of an exploration of the methods the statist agenda employs to destroy the American family.

Parental Alienation by the Alienating Parent : Texas Family Courts are Acting Against Parental Alienation

Parental Alienation are destructive actions by an alienating parent to discredit and sabotage the target parent in the eyes of the child. This will eventually cause increased hostility and decreased contact with the child and the target parent. The alienating parent programs the child to believe that the target parent is mean, unloving, worthless and selfish, and makes the child believe that he/she will be happier if the targeted parent is erased from his/her life.

Since the American Psychiatric Association does not formally recognize Parental Alienation Syndrome/Disorder, The State of Texas does not provide legal standards to evaluate a parental alienation presence in a child. Texas courts have started to act when there is suspected parental alienation. Some of the aids are courts appointing guardians ad litem, parenting facilitators and forensic psychologists used to study the child’s living situations and mental health of both parents and the child. Reports from these specialists have been used in making some very important rulings for the benefit of the child and the families in suspected Parental Alienation cases.

What are some symptoms of Parental Alienation by the Alienating Parent?

  1. Interference with the target parent visits. Giving children unhealthy choices when there is no choice about the visit. Not allowing any target parent visits.
  2. Depriving the target parent from information regarding educational, medical and social activities of the child and excluding or not informing the target parent of all of the school, medical, social activities of the child.
  3. Sharing with the child “everything” about the marital relationship with false information to be “honest” with the child. Blaming the target parent of breaking up the family, financial problems, or not loving the child enough to stay, the alienating parent tries to turn the child and his/her anger against the target parent.
  4. Interference with or not supporting contact between the child and the target parent. Listening into telephone conversation or reading all emails, texting, or correspondence between the child and target parent.
  5. Making major unilateral decisions regarding the child without consulting the target parent.
  6. Refusing to let the child take his/her possessions to the target parent’s residence.
  7. Telling the child, in a time of juvenile crisis, that the target parent has been abusive and the target parent may hurt the child.
  8. By defying the target parent’s authority and supervision, the alienating parent is asking the child to impossibly choose one parent over the other. This causes considerable stress and potential long term emotion scarring for the child and much unnecessary pain, difficulty, and anxiety when trying to love both parents.

The alienating parent will try to program the child to dislike, hate, or fear the target parent. By causing the child to disown or distance themselves away from the target parent, the alienating parent may, in the end, cause a very distrustful and emotionally scarred child. The goal may be achieved, but not with the desired results of the alienating parent. Many times, the child, without hope, will turn on both parents and never be able to have trusting, loving relationships in his/her life.



   A simple perusal of our Election News page starting at the bottom with some stories from last election that escaped the cull show a little more of how the Russians came to target 'The Heart of Texas' in their typical political meddling (all govts do it) efforts in the last election.  It was The Sentinel that wrote about "The Heart of Texas" commemorating the victory at the Battle of San Jacinto in several articles prior to the election season.  Then I published a story about Trump in SJC and Hillary in jail with a picture taken on Oct 24th.   A few days later, Channel thirteen showed up with their irate voter and gave The Sentinel the opportunity to quote Chairman Wright on free speech that the MSM station edited out.   We understand that our publicatioin is not the most liked one around and many would not want the world to know that you read it but we are what we are.  We understand how the chairman, despite his knowledge that The Sentinel was intergal in this story and is being read, would alienate the juvenile portion of his base if he publically aknowledged so.    

UPDATE 11/21/2017


In a brief email with free copies attached, Hunt County Tax Assessor Collector claims he only sent the one official email already published on The Sentinel in trying to help his wife gain employment with an agency he collects taxes for.  The open records laws do promote transparency.  The ten days is only allowed as time to "estimate costs" for a large request and time to retrieve from archives.  The letter of the law is that the documents are to be made available asap.  Why 12 days to find and forward one free email? 

    One local Greenville investigator has already provided The Sentinel with the location of documents indicating a change of law firm was afoot in the Greenville ISD.  Add to that the ISD Superintendent refuses to return a call to The Sentinel so we can ask who wanted the item posted on the agenda.  With full confidence that his staff has relayed the question to the ISD Superintendent, we can only surmise that reports of him, Wineinger and the representative for the law firm being promoted were seen having an afternoon meal together just prior to the first agenda posting may be true and he doesn't want to answer questions.  Supt strategy is to have someone call who doesn't know. 

GREENVILLE 11/17/2017


The so far 'booming' silence of Hunt County Tax Assessor Collector, Randy L. Wineinger speaks volumes about the ongoing investigation into wrong doing in Wineinger's effort to pull some strings and get his wife hired.  The Sentinel has one email sent from Wineinger's official email address to an ISD which he collects for with his wife's resume and application attached.  The O.R. Request below is designed to target proof of any other violations of his office that Wineinger may have committed.  The application Wineinger forwarded proves that Kelly Wineinger has moved and claims Greenville as her present and permanent address. 


DALLAS AREA 11/7/2017


In a corrupt bid to influence a school district that he is the tax assessor collector for into hiring his wife, current Hunt County Tax Assessor Collector, Randy L. Wineinger used his official email representing himself in his official capacity as Hunt County and Greenville ISD Tax Assessor Collector to forward a personal resume to the school district in order to influence them into hiring his lying, cheating and now criminal wife into their school district.  The lying and cheating has been a matter of public record for years but a recently obtained packet of open record request documents from the Greenville ISD regarding the application of Kelly Clark-Glasco-Selmer-Wineinger for a job within the district has brought several facts to light.   Selmer-Wineinger's application to the school district was made 6/26/2017 for  jobs posted on the greenville isd job listings

page for immediate filling.  The two emails below illustrate the corrupt influence that Randy Wineinger attempted to parlay into a job for his most recent honey. 

As the second set of screen shots of Kelly Clark-Glasco-Selmer-Wineinger's application show, she is and has been listing Greenville as her present and permanent address since at least June of this year and she bald face lied on her application to one state agency about her dismissal/resignation/termination from TDCJ for an inappropriate relationship with an inmate.  That is a crime.  The Sentinel calls BS on the medical leave and presents evidence of that fraud being perpetrated against the tax payers of SJC.  An intense perusal of Kelly Wineinger's FB page turned up one posting about a doctor appointment the result of was she had to start on blood pressure meds, period.   Several other interesting nuggets have been gleaned from the records that arrived at The Sentinel offices today.  Sommer Brinkly and Tammy Runnells (wife of 'real republican' Theron Runnells) were both listed as references and gave Selmer-Wineinger glowing reviews.  Mary Wilkerson, wife of failed constable candidate and 'real republican' Haney Wilkerson was also listed and gave a good reference.   The records also show that Selmer-Wineinger listed SJC Republican Chairman, Dwayne Wright as a reference but that he refused to give her a letter of reference.  Sources close to the republican leadership tell The Sentinel that Wright let Selmer know that her efforts to abandon and deceive the taxpayers of SJC would not be taken lightly and that he would have no part of her fraudulent effort.  As a candidate that Wright inherited from former disgraced republican chair, Sean Hanson, Selmer-Wineinger's stench of betrayal will none the less cause a setback in his efforts to grow the local party.  




Randall Scott Gates, who is not so affectionatly known as, "The Minister of Irritance" in his neck of the woods has succeeded in having a corrupt county commissioner prosecuted for his crimes.  Gates and The Sentinel first worked together to obtain the open records on the Waco Biker Shooting at twin peaks that proved several men were "un arrested" via an email he obtained via a prompt open records request submission.  To this day, the law in Waco cannot seem to determine who killed all the bikers even though they hold all of the forensic evidence.  Witnesses claim all but one biker was gunned down by LEO's gunfire. 

AUSTIN 4/3/2017


A constitution violating BILL is before the Texas House that would turn Texas into a full out police state.  Our founding documents and principles REQUIRE probable cause as an element of search and seizure.  Issac's bill, with a simple wording change, joins the ranks of cookie cutter warrants issued with no articulable probable suspicion required to conduct a search of a person's personal effects.  The changes outlined below seem innocuous but carry the weight of eliminating our Constitutional right to be secure in our person and papers.  If this bill is enacted into law, any policeman can stop and demand ID from any person for any or NO reason.  It will be argued as a measure to promote "public safety'.  As said by those who are way more eloquent and meaningful than myself, anyone who will sacrifice their liberty for their safety deserves neither liberty nor safety.  It is a revenue producing move.  As it stands, a driver with a tail light out can be stopped and his ID demanded.  The officer can ask for the other persons in the car to produce ID but not demand it lawfully.  The simple wording change in this proposed law would change that so that every person in any group the officer decides to ID will be obligated to ID and have their name bandied about in scannerville with a warrant check regardless of there being no probable cause reason to ID them.  This is unacceptable.  Issac is lauded as a real conservative yet shows his Marxist colors with this attack against the fabric of our freedom.



85R2629 JRH-D
  By: Isaac H.B. No. 3719
  relating to the prosecution of the offense of failure to identify.
         SECTION 1.  Section 38.02(a), Penal Code, is amended to read
  as follows:
         (a)  A person commits an offense if the person [he]
  intentionally refuses to give the person's [his] name, residence
  address, or date of birth to a peace officer who has [lawfully
  arrested the person and] requested the information from the person
               (1)  has lawfully arrested the person;
               (2)  has lawfully detained the person; or
               (3)  has good cause to believe that the person is a
  witness to a criminal offense.
         SECTION 2.  The change in law made by this Act applies only
  to an offense committed on or after the effective date of this Act.
  An offense committed before the effective date of this Act is
  governed by the law in effect on the date the offense was committed,
  and the former law is continued in effect for that purpose. For
  purposes of this section, an offense was committed before the
  effective date of this Act if any element of the offense occurred
  before that date.
         SECTION 3.  This Act takes effect September 1, 2017.
Dist 92 State Rep U. Sickland

AUSTIN 5/8/2017


Touting himself as a 'Conservative', State Rep John Stickland was quoted with his response to a forum question on marital rape;

"“So, if you feel like you have to educate your wife on how to satisfy your needs, remember that you don’t have to talk to her,” the Republican lawmaker opined. “Just be a man and force her to give you what you want. Be it oral sex, anal, a threesome or the reverse cowboy position – don’t ask for her opinion. Do what you feel like doing and don’t explain your actions. And that’s going to be perfectly fine because deep down, she’s expecting you to act that way. She wants you to be the man in the marriage. That’s why she married you, even though she’ll never openly admit. 

Apparently Rep Stickland thinks conservatism only encompasses money issues as in a fiscal conservatism.  The Sentinel makes a few observations here.  Stickland has hired former Dist 18 State Rep candidate, Keith Strahan to work in his office.  The official website lists Strahan as his, "Legislative Director" but Sentinel sources indicate Strahan may have been promoted to Chief of Staff for the perverted Stickland.  Sentinel readers may remember that Strahan, during his campaign, would never own up to his own sexual orientation.  Rumors of fund raisers in Montrose plagued his campaign.  Now Strahan is onboard with lawmaker Stickland, a man who does not realize that without moral conservatism, you are NOT A CONSERVATIVE.  Per chance that Stickland saw The Sentinel photos of Strahan with the huge proboscis he earned during the campaign with his lies and thought a threesome with that thing might be interesting.  We have reached out to Stickland and Strahan for comment but no reply as of yet.


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In a story that illustrates the principle that our right to bear arms comes from God, a Henderson County resident stood on that right and prevailed.

LUFKIN 12/21/2015


Walter Diggles and family indicted on charges of taking huricane money

"The FBI raided Diggles' home and the DETCOG office, both in Jasper, in February 2014. Diggles said after that raid that they were looking at inner-party transactions "that may have some impropriety."


As a story that The Sentinel has been following for years and an investigation we had partially underway at the time, it will be interesting to see the conclusion of the matter.  There were three incidents that sparked our interest in the case that led to our open records request.  First was Wells paving Industrial Rd and only Industrial Rd with "hurricane money" to a spot just past his back gate.  Then there was Wells negotiating a "ten-fold" profit deal with the non-profit women's health clinic that opened in Shepherd on a one half acre we proved he owned during the Charley’s Tires episode.  Funding for the land deal was sought at DETCOG, a board Wells served on.  Final funding source could never be determined because it is one open records request that went to the state's Attorney General's office that I did not win.  It is still our contention that we proved the Clinic met all the criteria outlined to be called a government body yet the request was denied.  Having worked with and known Walter Diggles personally from 911 addressing work we did in our county, I called him in my search and was assured it was not DETCOG money that paved to road to Wells’ back gate.  He gave me some leads on other possible sources. I followed them all and hit a dead end.  We still do not know the funding source for the repaving that was done.  The third and final thing that peaked our interest was Well’s donation of property for a church.  When we sought these records, it was soon after that when the FBI raided all the offices, including the Reverend Diggles’ church office.  There are allegations that if you really wanted to get your DETCOG funding, it would not hurt a thing if you made a contribution to the church.  With the information out now that there are 28 separate incident charges in the indictment, it remains to be seen if the feds can prove their case.  Wells may end up being the inside guy that brings the house of cards down.  After all, his years of service with HPD and close ties with DHS through his upper management position in the City of Houston reek of public service accolades.   Then there are those other pesky records.  All in all, when you see long term questions that may be answered soon, there is an anticipation of closure if nothing else.  We don’t seek satisfaction or glee from another man’s troubles but rather in truth and justice being done.  Wells may well escape any punishment for the crimes we proved he committed already but he could not escape the ballot box of an informed community.  It is our fail safe protection from the corrupt as long as we use it.


"There is ample and compelling evidence that the Texas-Mexico border is not secure, and this lack of security undermines public safety and homeland security in every region of the state. Crime has become increasingly transitory, transnational, organized, and discreet, and terrorism has become more disaggregated. An unsecure border with Mexico is the state’s most significant vulnerability as it provides criminals and would-be terrorists from around the world a reliable means to enter Texas and the nation undetected. This is especially concerning today, in light of the recent attacks and schemes around the world."





Bikers were indicted for 'organized crime' but none in the death of another biker.  Autopsy ballistic reports still missing in action.  'Leaked' video conviently shows a biker shooting a gun. 


"Essentially, the state of Texas imposed sanctions against an entity whose mission it disagrees with politically and it imposed these sanctions without due process of law. Then it compounded that action by seizing the medical records of this targeted entity."

WACO 10/6/2015


The Sentinel has confirmed that LEO's fired at least 12 rounds that day.  9 Bikers were killed with head and torso shots.  No Biker has been charged in the death of another.  The 'cookie cutter' warrants reveal a premeditated nature of the event.  "Strong presence" and "40 second response time" support that narrative also. 


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