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The Lie

The corrupt judge did sign an unconstitutional order after he put the burden of proof on the accused but it didn't stand long.  The Order Vacating his unconstitutional order is in the right column.  Black always seems to forget that when he flaps his gums.  The judge was recused from my case because of his illegal order and he was FORCED to go in and vacate it.  Notice how Liar predator Black fails to list the cause number so anyone who can read and check the file out for themselves?  He is a pervy PUNK.  I wrote it before and I write it again because I STILL HAVE THE PROOF IN HIS PERSONNEL FILE.

The Truth

Laura Prigmore was alone on the case at this point.  It was after her un constitutional antics enticed the judge to sign an illegal order were crammed back up her where the sun don't shine that the the infamous Greenberg Trauaig Attorney, Mary Olga Lovett Warren joined in on the case.  When the case was finally reheard before a visiting judge, He came down on the side of Truth and Justice and reversed the original order and found in my favor.  I could have sued the Punk Black but had more improtant fish to fry (politically speaking that is)



REALITY 5/8/2021


      C.A.T.O. Institute statistics shed a little light on why we get complaints about a small percentage of our cops at The Sentinel.   What the graphic proves is that no matter how many fingers the C.L.E.O.'S (corrupt l.e.o's) want to point at me, there are two to one pointing right back at you my brother in blue.    An incident which occurred a week or so after I first penned this article is illustrated in a Bluebonnett news article.   

      Domestic violence is another category where the stress of the job takes a toll on the home more per 100K in police homes.  Hon's method of conceal and non prosecution for cases brought to him over the years by multiple women and even the ISD has only served to erode trust in the local criminal justice system.   Hon even goes the extra mile to illegally fail to produce requested public documents just to keep us from publishing the proof.

       In reviewing statistics related to criminal justice reform, there is proof of a decline in Hon's 'old school' good ole boy methods and a new trend that recognizes the problem and addresses it openly.   If only they will all learn that an ugly truth is better than a beautiful lie.

ABOVE IS THE OLDEST WRITTEN THREAT AGAINST ME FOR EXPOSING THE CRIMES OF ELECTED OFFICIALS.  2003 IS THE DATE OF IT.  This is a 'before the hammer falls' post.  Lou Rogers, who as constable, harrassed and threatened me and my family was SOUNDLY defeated at every effort to run for public office again.  My guess is the 9 percent vote (or less) from his last effort finally shut his public mouth.  These days he just keeps trying to orchestate a 'come back' for the corrupt that would love to control San Jacinto County again by supporting corrupt candidates.


Steve Journal 10/27/2018

When people are afraid of the truth, they have nowhere to turn.  All they have is censorship and denial. 

Know that history is going to revile them. Enormity of mistake.

They have backed themselves into an ideological corner where their only option is to double down on their insanity and criminalize anyone who talks about it.  

Before the Hammer falls

Laura Hon is sister to Lee Hon
Mary Olga Lovett took part in the lawsuit the corrupt probation officer, Keith Black filed against me and LOST

After the hammer falls


In an email inspired to intimidate The Senitnel, Mary-Olga Lovett has penned a missive promising to use her new blog to counter any ‘falsehoods’ that The Sentinel publishes.  Denying any political motive and assuring she will not defend her baby daddy when he is wrong (our current county judge), Mary-Olga Lovett claims to have developed a new blog for that and only that express purpose.  We will post a link to the site as soon as it becomes available.

Royce and Ruby Wells' efforts to defame me were especially vicious.  

Their grown daughters wrote on facebook that their little girls were afraid that I was going to crawl in their window at night to molest them.   Royce tried to have me arrested and slandered my name all over the county.  As superfly would say, "tee hee hee' big guy.  Where are you today?

A Houston Chron story that tells the tale.

To the Voters,

                As a registered candidate for the upcoming San Jacinto County Sherriff’s race, Royce G. Wells has once again placed himself in a position that demands public scrutiny.  His disgraceful departure from public office as a commissioner from Pct 2 amid proof of his corruption and crimes has never been addressed or answered by him.  Apparently he thinks we forget.

                There are a few things we know.  Dogs bark, ducks quack and the corrupt lie and cheat.  We could ask the old questions again; The same old question refuse to go away.

  1. “Charlie’s Tires”; Voting to approve payment to your own business with our money.  Illegal.
  2. “Walking Quorum” meeting to change a county budget outside Commissioner’s Court.  Illegal.
  3. The “Tale of Two Roads”.  Your supporters get black top.  Non supporters get pot holes.  Ethical?
  4. Pelican Road fiasco.  Still lawsuits hanging and environmental issues. MANY unanswered ???
  5. Retirement ‘Vesting’ change you moved forward for your benefit at our expense. Ethical?
  6. Promoting and voting tax increases of $100,000.00 per MONTH.  6 Million total for your term.
  7. ‘Official Oppression’ for trying to effect public arrest of your opponents on false charges.
  8. The solo ‘Hurricane Damage’ Industrial Rd, ‘FEMA’ road repair just past your back gate and to your former foreman’s church on your donated back lot. 

Enough of the old, I always say, in with the new. Let us dedicate this letter to my new favorite topic.  ‘Pucker Power’

My new questions Mr. Wells;

9)Should I read anything into the fact that I am having difficulty getting open records from DETCOG since several federal agencies including, FBI, IRS and Homeland Security raided The DETCOG office, home and the pastoral church office of the Administrator?  After all, wasn’t that the source of funding for, what we may as well call, your personal road repair for your personal purpose?  Well . . . . . . . . . . . . and your donated church property of course.

10)Is it coincidence that DETCOG also funded the exploited value purchase from you of a half-acre off of Pine Street for the women’s clinic you try to take credit for establishing here?  Isn’t it fact that the property you sold the non-profit clinic for in excess of $40,000.00 was only valued at 5K on our rolls? 

11)Isn’t it true that your ad is a LIE Mr. Wells, when it claims you worked for HPD for 27 years?  TCLOSE says it is.  They say you worked for HPD for 20 years and 2 months.  Are you trying to hide that 6 years with Houston City Operations department that you resigned suddenly from?  Could it be related to the documents I have obtained but cannot get a straight answer from the City of Houston on?   

Are you feeling the ‘Pucker Power’ Mr. Wells?  The fact remains abundantly clear.  Mr. Wells, electing you to office, no matter where, will lead to the very great possibility that we would have to suffer embarrassment for your actions again.  Forgive us if we decline your offer to ‘Serve’.


Newly elected DA Mark Price wastes no time exposing his corrupt heart when he files the infamous R.I.C.O. suit against 6 un named co conspirators and a more vicious false charge on Dwayne Wright's worst political nightmare, John Nunn.

John Nunn has been the political campaign manager for 25 political candidates in San Jacinto County. His record is 23 wins and two losses. One loss was to Mark Price defeating Faulkner for CDA. A rematch saw Price go down in a decisive defeat. This defeat was after Nunn exposed him using his office making false and untrue accusations for a personal vendetta against Nunn and other political opponents. All his unfounded charges were dismissed or thrown out of court, including his false sexual child abuse charges. 


Mark Price then shielded his judge from prosecution and accused me of putting the child porn on his computers that DPS found.  How convenient for him that I was already registered as a sex offender.  Goes back to that corrupt heart that can ask, "who they going to believe, me or you".  




Steve Watson

 hey Steve, do you wanna add another notch or two to your list of injustices fought??

If you could pull some strings and get that man out of isolation, I would probably change my mind about you and I might even stop protesting in coldspring. Then, if you pulled some more strings and got that rape kit backlog cleared and entered into CODIS, I may even be willing to be your new BFF.  Deal??  

Steve Watson

Lol you flatter me and yourself. What strings? You over estimate me. And as for your proposal of friendship, I don't give a damn who likes me and who doesn't. I thought that showed in my work and my plain language. As far as the inmate you wrote me about, only the courts can have him committed or released. Until then, the jail has the thankless responsibility to contain him. As with any institution such as the jail, the captain has the responsibility to keep the jailers AND the other inmates safe. I support and applaud that effort. I am not going to second guess their decision to segregate this guy without all the facts like you are willing to do. I do know that the SJC jail has an excellent record for years under this sheriff with the Jail Commission. Captain Lovings had a great record with TDC before he took over the jail and Captain Bass was trained by him and has kept the successful policies and procedures in place since Lovings retired. Yes I do keep up with the jail commission reports.

From the street and knowledge of this inmate's prior actions in the free world before his last arrest, I do know WITHOUT DOUBT that he is a very dangerous man. I have not sought any official statement from any official source on his incarceration but street talk says the mental institution cannot contain him. I would advise you not take everything the family says as gospel because I have been investigating their fraudulent claims to obtain two, count them, TWO new homes paid for by taxpayers. The last one was funded by hurricane Harvey relief funds when they live on one of the highest hills in Shepherd. Me and the GLO are in a battle for the paperwork on the application and funding. The OAG ordered them to release some but I haven't gotten the first page. What are they hiding? Prior to that, I was investigating the father for animal cruelty. I watched tied up animals die from neglect in his yard. I said all that to say this. I am way more interested in Truth and Justice prevailing than I am your or anyone's friendship. Just so we are plain about that. Have you asked about the rape kits or are you taking Mike Flynt's word on it? Flynt proved himself a liar over and over again with me and he definitely has a political axe to grind. Hypothetical question. If you were elected sheriff and took over the job and found some untested rape kits that are not connected to an active case, what would you do with them? Heather, I admire your passion and appreciate you desire to better our society but you are too willing to run you head without doing your homework. The racial make up of abortion protests FACTS I presented you in lieu of the unfounded comments you made stand as proof of that tendency. If we could channel your enthusiasm on a track of having proof before you throw out accusations, our community would benefit from that. Adhering to that principle is one of two things that have kept me kickin it for over thirty years of publishing proof of corruption in a few of our public servants. The other is fearing God and God only. I am not afraid of you not liking me. Same goes for all the others I have battled. It was me that was investigating Walter Diggles and his fraudulent practices with the money at DETCOG before the FBI stepped in and busted his ass and put him in prison. It was me that was investigating and proving the crimes of Patton Village and their speed trap just before the Texas Rangers arrested seven and shut that operation down. It was me that exposed a fire marshal for selling donated trucks and pocketing the money. It is me that is willing to take ANY public official to task when I have proof of their misdeeds. Two or three times now, you have made a statement accusing me of accepting bribes from Sheriff Capers. NOTHING is farther from the truth. When Capers was first elected and took office, I got complaints about two of his deputies conducting "no knock" entry into citizen's homes. One young man I have known nearly all of his life and whom I took to church often when he was a child and witnessed him coming forward for salvation on his 13th birthday called and told me that he woke up in bed with his wife, a child in the other room at 2 am with two black clad deputies in his bedroom with rifles and a flashlight in his eyes looking for his cousin who was wanted. I was livid! and took Sheriff Capers to task over that and wrote the story. I hoped he would fire them. "Good deputies are too hard to find", Capers said and gave me his word he would pull them in for more training. He did and I have NEVER had another complaint of that nature. He and I went round and round over the gambling raid mass arrests and the judge that issued those no probable cause arrest warrants suffered my wrath at the judicial ethics commission and was reprimanded for her actions because of my complaint. Nothing like that has happened again. We have had more than one run in over policy but there are several things I admire about Sheriff Capers. 1) He loves this county and its people. I HAVE NO DOUBT. 2) He keeps S.O. business close to his vest which is difficult when you have 60 plus employees including one that plans to run against you. 3) He has an open door when it comes to questions about his administration and I have NEVER caught him in a lie. 4) He and his dept have NEVER failed to investigate any accusation of wrong doing by one of his employees when I brought it to him or his chief. Every case was resolved to my satisfaction. Just so you know, I have solicited donations from quite a few public officials or candidates over the years including Capers chief just to see who would pay me. There have been two. John Lovett bought me a new computer and sent me a Christmas card containing cash. I used the computer to twist him up for his crimes. Mike Flynt is the other. Then there is the other side of that coin. Several have filed false charges on me to try and silence me. FORMER DA Mark Price. FORMER Constable Lou Rogers. FORMER commissioner and sheriff candidate Royce Wells. And soon to be FORMER Polk Co DA, Bill Lee 'the kid' Hon. But despite their best efforts, I just won't shut up when I have the proof of their crimes and NO FEAR of them. It is that simple. You have the potential to be a game changer Heather and the intelligence to facilitate that BUT, self control is an asset you lack. Don't get me wrong. I love my friends and have real friends, not fair weather. I have stated it before and will again. My best sources are the honest public servants. I protect them with my life, literally. It takes a lot of patience and persistence to do what I do the way I do it. Don't pray for patience though unless you are committed to the cause because: Rom 5:3 And not only so, but we glory in tribulations also: knowing that tribulation worketh patience; DESPITE the tribulations, there is much reward though Heather. It is in love that I tell the homosexual his sin will take him to hell. It is in love that I tell the muslim that Mohamed died and is still dead. It is in love that I call men to righteousness and point out their sin. It is the world that pats the queer on the back telling him his lifestyle is ok with God. It is the world that tells the muslim his religion is equal. It is the world that tells black folks the BLM movement is good for them and our nation. It is in love that I speak the truth about that anarchy. Yes I am plain spoken and to the point but so was my hero. The most selfless person that ever walked on the Earth.


“Arizona is positioned to lead the nation in protecting our citizens’ civil right to free, fair and secure elections.

“Integrity in our elections doesn’t benefit one political party over another; election integrity benefits every single voter regardless of political party, race, gender or income. Period.

“The Department of Justice’s recent decision to publicly target Arizona lawmakers for excercising our constitutional authority over elections is an abhorrent abuse of power and a starkly accurate representation of the disgusting politicization that has occurred within this federal institution.

“Let us, as Arizona lawmakers, be very clear with the Biden Administration and its minions: The Constitution of the United States expressley authorizes our legislative oversight and control of elections. Stay the hell out of our way.”

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